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Author Topic: Everything for her (Fanfic)  (Read 20564 times)
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Liquid Emperor
« on: 09-04-2006 06:29 »

Yay another Fanfic, I swear this one will be better than my others, please tell me what you think.       

Everything for her
Chapter one

Bender powered down as soon as he had entered the apartment, and Fry was left lying on his bed staring at the ceiling, wondering how the hell his life had gotten so bad so quickly. It all started after he finished the opera.
“Damn me and my stupid hands,” cursed Fry with tears in his eyes, “All I had to do was finished the damn opera, but I couldn’t even do that without the Robot Devil’s hands. I am such a loser; no wonder Leela won’t date me.” At the mere though of Leela the tears he had been holding back began to fall freely and the painful memory of that night washed over him.

Fry finished the opera just like Leela asked him. He set down his holophoner dejectedly and turned to look at her, a solitary figure in an auditorium built for masses, expecting the same look of disgust that everyone else had shown when he gave up the devil’s hands and the musical skills that went with them. All the empty seats seemed to melt away as Fry turned and his heart leapt at what he saw, Leela was smiling. Suddenly the fact that his opera was the biggest flop of the millennia didn’t matter anymore. Leela was smiling at him, showing a smile Fry hadn’t seen since he had the worms.
“Oh Fry, that was so beautiful.” She exclaimed, moving from her seat and onto the stage.
“It would have been better if I still had those hands, I’m sorry if I embarrassed you Leela.”
“You didn’t embarrass me Fry, because even without those hands, to me it was beautiful because it was from the heart.”
“Really?” asked Fry, a faint look of hope crossing his face.
“Really, this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me!”
“Does this mean you still like me, even though the opera was a flop?”
“Of course I still like you, you’re my best friend!”
Friend. The word echoed inside Fry’s head, and the look of hope on his face was quickly replaced with crushing disappointment.
“Are you okay Fry? You look upset all of a sudden.” Asked Leela, genuinely concerned.
“I’m fine, glad you liked the opera. I’ll see you at work okay?” said Fry, his voice hollow. He didn’t trust himself not to break down if he let any emotion into his voice.
“Okay, are you sure you’re alright though, your voice sounds different.”
“I’m fine,” Fry repeated in the same hollow tone.
“Okay then, just remember you can talk to me if you need to. After all, what are friends for?”
Friend, there was that hideous word again.
“Right, friends.” Said Fry, the disappointment creeping into his voice this time.
“Now I know something’s wrong, please tell me Fry, we’re friends.”
That hideous word again, friend. Fry couldn’t take it anymore, he just snapped.
“That IS the problem Leela,” Fry screamed, “we’re FRIENDS!!”
Leela flinched and looked confused, “I thought you liked me!”
“Exactly, I like you too much. FRIENDS ISN’T ENOUGH ANYMORE DAMN IT!!!” he yelled, before he clamped a hand over his mouth and realised what he had said.
“I…I don’t…I mean…Sorry Fry.” Stuttered Leela before she turned and fled the auditorium, leaving Fry alone.
*End Flashback*

“She didn’t have a problem dating me when I had the worms or when I had the Robot Devil’s hands. Why can’t she just like me for who I am, instead of for who she wants me to be. Arrgh, one minute she compliments me and the next she insults me again, she loves my boyish charm but she hates my childishness. I know I’m from the stupid ages damn it, but at least I care, wait no; I love her, which is more that I can say about the rest of the men she’s bedded. ARRRRGH I can’t take this anymore.” Roared Fry, sitting bolt upright in bed, “I’ve told her how I feel time after time, I’ve risked my life for her, saved her from complete jerks, humiliated myself in front of thousands of people, and I’m still not good enough for her. I’m SICK of it.”
Fry got out of bed and slowly counted to ten, trying to calm down. Fry could feel all the pent-up anger and frustration building, all the insults and jibes, all the putdowns and rejections, all the stupid excuses to get out of a date with him, all of it was creeping back to the front of his mind. He rummaged around for a piece of paper and a pen, and he poured out all of his emotions.
“Maybe she’ll finally understand what she’s done to me,” Fry sighed, the anger being replaced with sorrow. “Then again, maybe not, either way, I’m not waiting to get hurt again.”
Fry glanced at the clock, and saw it was 5:30am. He picked up the letter and crept into the front room.
“Bye Bender,” he whispered, even though he knew Bender couldn’t hear. With that, he left the apartment and headed towards Planet Express.

 Fry arrived at the PE building at 6:00am, and he let himself in. He knew the door would be open because Hermes liked to start filing requisitions early. Fry walked through the building until he reached Hermes’ office.
“Hey Hermes!” He called as he opened the door. There was a thud as Fry entered and he saw Hermes and an overturned chair on the floor.
“ARGGGH!” screamed Hermes until he realised that it was Fry, “Sweet Zombie Jesus Fry, ya nearly gave me a heart attack, ya pointy haired loony.”
“Good morning to you too.”
“Yeah yeah, what are ya doing here,” Hermes checked his watch and gasped, “three hours early? Sweet Zombie Jesus, what’s wrong, is someone hurt, is…”
 “Calm down Hermes, no-one’s hurt. I just need to talk to you before everyone else arrives.”
“What about?”
“There are two reasons. Firstly I need you to give this letter to Leela.” Said Fry, pushing the letter onto Hermes’ desk.
“Why can’t ya give it to her yaself? Ya lazy…”
“Actually, that brings us to the second reason. I quit.”
“WHAT? Don’t joke about something like that mon!”
“For once I’m being serious.”
“N…no, ya’ve got to be joking!”
“For the last time Hermes, I’m not joking, I quit!”
“Y…ya’re serious. Look Fry, I know we haven’t always treated ya the best but can’t we work something out?”
“It’s not the job Hermes, I swear. I just need to get away.”
“Then take a vacation, I can fill out the forms now”
Fry gave a twisted laugh, “That’s a good one, where would I go? I barely have the money to pay my rent. Besides, even if I went on vacation, nothing will have changed.”
“What do ya mean Fry?”
“What I mean is I would still just be some kid from the stupid ages, an unsuccessful delivery boy, and a slob that acts childish. I need a clean break, a chance to prove myself, you know, a chance to actually make something of myself, to grow up. I can’t do any of that here.”
“I…I see, and ya’re sure there’s nothing I can say to change ya mind?”
“Okay then mon, I’ll fill out the appropriate forms. I’ll be sorry to see ya go, you brighten up the place a bit, ya know. It’ll be hard to replace you.”
“Thanks Hermes, remember to give Leela the letter.”
“I will, and Fry,”
“Goodbye mon, remember that if things don’t work out there’s always a place here for you. I’ll miss ya,” said Hermes, an expression of regret on his face as Fry turned and left.         
Ralph Snart

Agent Provocateur
Near Death Star Inhabitant
DOOP Secretary
« Reply #1 on: 09-04-2006 06:53 »

Good beginning.  Although the shippers don't agree with me, I've always felt that Leela will never realize how important Fry is to her until he's no longer around.

Really, how many times can anybody - even Fry - get rejected, lied to, insulted and basicly treated as Leela's 'safe guy' (my wife's description) before resentment builds up and he gives up.

I will now take the flames from Shiny, Xanfor, Hopeless Shipper and Venus for my statements.

Oh, BTW, good start - can't wait to see how it progresses.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #2 on: 09-04-2006 07:19 »

I'm glad you like it so far, I'll try to make the rest good aswell

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #3 on: 09-04-2006 07:35 »
« Last Edit on: 09-04-2006 07:35 »

Actually, Ralph, I had the same idea. I don't believe that Fry will have to disappear in order for her to realize it, but there certainly is a possibility that is what will happen. 'The Sting' proves it.

Wait a second... Idea forming... No, wait, no, yes, no, no, yes, no! I mean, yes! Part III of my saga now has it's shippy underplot!

Oh, yes, and now a flame, since you so nicely axed.

Hmm... Fry being a 'safe guy'? How often does the girl usually fall for the 'safe guy' in the end? In the end, doesn't the girl always realize that the 'safe guy' was right there all along?

I watch too much TV...

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #4 on: 09-04-2006 10:37 »
« Last Edit on: 09-04-2006 10:37 »

Thanks Xanfor, glad you like it too.
It might seem soon after the first chapter, but I've just finished Chapter 2, so here it is.

Chapter two

The clock struck nine and everyone except Fry was in the PE boardroom, even Bender. Leela and Bender were both standing up and were inches apart. Leela’s face was flushed and her hair was slipping from her ponytail.
“Where is he Bender, what have you done to him?!? You’ve never at work BEFORE Fry!!!” screamed Leela.
“I didn’t do ANYTHING to the meatbag; I haven’t even SEEN him since he came home last night looking like his whole world was falling apart. If ANYONE has done ANYTHING to him, it’s YOU!”
“What the HELL do you mean by THAT?!?”
“Exactly what I said eyeball, if he’s upset about ANYTHING it’s because of YOU!!!”
“I never did ANYTHING to hurt Fry!”
Bender let out a cold, mechanical laugh. “You never did anything to hurt him? Why did he come home crying every other night then? I’ll tell you why, it was because you treat him like dirt. You compliment him and insult him in the same breath. You sleep with jerks and when they hurt you, you use Fry as a pick me up! Ha, you never did anything to hurt him; well you can bite my shiny metal ass!”
In a flash Leela had Bender by the throat, “Take it back Bender!” she screeched, as she watched Bender squirm in her grip. She knew that even though she wasn’t able to choke him, due to him being a robot, she was still making him uncomfortable. Hermes decided that now might be a good time to step in.
“Err, Leela, if ya could stop attacking Bender for a minute, I have an important announcement.” He said nervously, eyeing the grip Leela had on Bender’s throat. Leela didn’t let go of Bender but she did look towards Hermes, as did everyone else.
“What is it?” she snapped.
“I saw Fry this morning.”
“WHAT? When, what did he say, where is he? TELL ME!”
“I…I was just about to, I saw him at 6 o’clock this morning. He came in early to tell me that…that he’s quitting.”
“And you LET him go? You LOUSY, NO GOOD BUREAUCRAT!!” Spat Leela. She dropped Bender and advanced towards Hermes.
“I tried t…to stop him but the mon wouldn’t listen. He did leave you a letter though,” said Hermes, backing up and fumbling in his pocket for the letter.
“He what?” asked Leela, suddenly stopping.
“He left you a letter, here.” Said Hermes, passing the letter to Leela.

Dear Leela,
I don’t hate you, I could never hate you. What I hate is the way you reject me time after time, no matter what I do to impress you. I hate the way you always yell at me for all my mistakes and yet you never seem to notice when I get something right. I hate the way that one minute you’re being nice to me and raising my hopes, and the next you’re biting my head off and crushing all my dreams. I hate it when I show you my feelings and you throw them back in my face. I hate it how you’ll sleep with jerks, just because they seem important, yet you won’t even go to dinner with me, even though I care about you more than all those jerks put together. I hate it when you call us friends, because I love you and I have since to first time I met you. Even after all the crap you put me through, I still love you.
But I can’t live like this anymore. Every time I put my heart back together, you come along and shatter it again, and it’s getting harder to pick up the pieces. Every jibe and insult, every dumb excuse and rejection, all of it, it wounds deeper inside then any physical attack, and the pain just keeps getting worse. I’m not sure if I can handle it anymore, or if I even want to try.
You say that we’re friends, but that isn’t enough anymore. I love you and I can’t change that, though god knows I’ve tried. All I wanted was a chance to see if you could love me for me, instead of for what you think I should be.
But now it’s too late, everyone has a limit to how much pain and rejection they can take and you’ve just sent me straight past mine. I can’t handle it anymore, and so when you read this, I shall be gone, as I can’t bear being near you, knowing that you never gave our love a chance. I can’t live like this and I’m sick of trying.
I will love you forever and always, Fry

The colour drained from Leela’s face and she collapsed onto the nearest chair, trembling.
“What’s wrong Leela?” asked Amy, moving over to Leela.
“Bender was right, this is all my fault!” whimpered Leela, sobs racking her body, “I was so scared that he’d leave me and now I’ve forced him away!”
“What do you mean?” Amy gently asked, not wanting to upset Leela.
“R…read this,” Leela said, pushing the letter into Amy’s hands. The room was deathly silent as Amy read the letter.
“Poor Fry, I guess he really did love you, I just can’t believe he would do something like this, he must have been really upset.” Sighed Amy after she finished reading the letter.
“You can say that again. That eyeball turned my meatbag into an emotional wreck. First it was all, ‘Leela’s great’ and ‘I love Leela’, then it was ‘why won’t she date me’ and lately it’s been ‘I must be a real loser’ and ‘I wish I didn’t love her so much, coz it hurts’. It’s been getting worse and worse lately.” Bender interjected.
“Oh my god, why didn’t someone tell me?” said Leela as she started sobbing again.”
“Would it have made any difference?” asked Amy.
“Of course it would. All this time I thought he would be like everyone else, that if I let him close he’d hurt me. If I’d known, then I could have…have, oh what’s the point. I just never thought he’d leave me before I told him, that I…I…” Leela broke off sobbing. Amy tried to comfort her, but Leela just kept on crying.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #5 on: 09-05-2006 04:05 »

Soz for the doyble posting, heres Chapter 3

Fry was getting tired, he’d been wondering around New New York since he’d left Hermes, and he still hadn’t found what he was looking for.
“Lousy signs, never there when you need them” he muttered to himself, getting more lost with every step he took. Fry was beginning to wish he’d never quit Planet Express, until he remembered that if he hadn’t quit he would have to be around Leela. He felt tears prick the back of his eyes at the though of her.
“I wonder if she’s read the letter yet, I wonder if she’s even noticed I’m gone.” He murmured wiping his eyes with the back of his sleeve. Fry being Fry, he carried on walking while he was wiping his eyes, and subsequently he bumped into someone.
“Hey, where do you think you’re going?” barked a stout looking man.
“Err, actually I’m looking for the DOOP recruitment center.” Answered Fry a tad nervously.
“What are you, stupid? You’ve standing in front of it!”
“What, I am?” asked Fry
“Yeah, you are. You’re also standing in my way!”
“Oh right, sorry,” apologised Fry, stepping out of the way.
“Whatever, dork.” Said the man before striding off. Fry turned and looked at the recruitment center in front of him. The building was a simple two storey design, built from the finest titanium and designed to withstand some of the most powerful alien attacks in existence, Fry thought it was quite impressive.

Being careful not to look back in case the urge to chicken out overtook him, Fry quickly walked forward, through the doors marked ‘No Return’, and made a beeline for the reception counter.
“Err, hi, I’d like to sign up to DOOP,” said Fry.
“Desk or field job?” asked a clearly bored receptionist.
“Field, I think,”
“Earth or space?”
“I know this one, err space, definitely space!”
“Congratulations,” announced the receptionist in a bored monotone.
“What for?”
“You’re our five millionth space recruit. You get to skip basic training and instead you get an apprenticeship under Zapp Branigan onboard the Nimbus.”
“Zapp, that jackass is going to teach me, I don’t believe it, we hate each other.”
“Look, you don’t need to accept it if you don’t want to, but stop whining.”
“Oh I’m accepting alright, there’s no-way Leela will go near the Nimbus if she doesn’t have to. When do I start?”
The receptionist smirked, “Right now.”
Suddenly the ground underneath Fry disappeared and he started falling.

Fry landed with a thud on a pile of pillows in a giant underground room.
“Ouch, man that really stings!” complained Fry looking around; there was a loud humming coming from a variety of shiny metal machines that were dotted around the edges of the room. The room was tiled from ceiling to floor in sterilised, white tiles. 
“Sorry, I really should add more pillows to that pile.” Apologised a familiar voice from behind.
“Arrgh,” screamed Fry as he spun the face the person talking to him. The voice gasped.
“Fry, what are you doing here?”
“I got picked for the apprenticeship, what are you doing here yourself Kif?”
“I was ordered to pick up the apprentice.”
“Okay, but I warn you, I’m quite heavy.” 
“Never mind. What happens now then?”
“First I take you on board the Nimbus, and then I ring Amy and let her know that you’re safe.”
“No way Kif, you can’t tell Amy.”
“Why not?”
“Coz if you tell Amy, she’ll tell Leela, and I don’t want Leela to find where I am.”
“I can’t lie to Amy, just because you don’t want to see Leela.”
“You don’t have to lie, just don’t tell the whole truth.”
“I’ll try my best. Now let’s take you to the jackass…I mean to Captain Branigan.”
“Thanks Kif.” Said Fry, as Kif led him out of the room. They took so many corners and twists and turns that Fry thought they were going in a circle.
“Err; you do know were we’re going don’t you Kif?”
“Of course I do, look here we are now,” said Kif, leading Fry through a door. As Fry stepped through the texture of the ground changed, and Fry stepped into a grassy meadow. Sat in the center of the field was the Nimbus, glistening in the sunlight. Fry followed Kif towards the shining beauty and stared in awe.
“I see my new apprentice knows a good ship when he sees one.” Chuckled Zapp, as he came up behind Fry.
Fry span around, “She’s is very beautiful sir, how could anyone not see that she’s a good ship?”   
“Ah ha, I like your style soldier, what’s you name?”
“Phillip J Fry, sir”
“That name sounds familiar,”
“That might be because up until recently I worked under Captain Leela,”
“OH, hey I remember, you’re the redhead that keeps interfering with my wooing.”
“Yes sir. That would be right.”
“Then I have one thing to say, now that you’re my apprentice, you keep out or get out.”
“Don’t interfere. If you have to be around at all, then just watch and learn, understood?”
“Yes sir. When do I start my apprenticeship sir?”
“You already have, oh and welcome aboard the Nimbus.”

“Hey Kif, you got a call!” called a soldier. Kif looked at Fry and Zapp talking and decided that it wouldn’t hurt to leave for a few minutes.
“I’m coming.” He called back, rushing to the phone.
On a screen was Amy, and she looked upset.
“Amy, what’s wrong?”
“Have you seen Fry?” she asked, sounding desperate.
“Err…I can’t tell you.”
“So that’s a yes. Thank God, now I can get Leela to calm down.”
Kif panicked, “NO, you can’t tell Leela that Fry’s here.”
“Splugh, of course I can, she’s been crying since he disappeared and if I tell her he’s not there, she think he’s gone to a suicide booth.”
“Why would she think that, there’re plenty of places he could be?”
“She’s made us search the city, this is her last hope.”
“But Fry doesn’t want her to know.”
“What’s he doing on the Nimbus anyway?”
“He has an apprenticeship under the jackass”
Amy let out a string of catonise curses, “Damn, if I told Leela that she’d go postal.”
“Then don’t tell her, if not for Fry then for me, please?” Kif implored.
Amy swore again, “Fine but you owe me Kiffy,” she said smirking in spite of herself.
“Oh my,”     
Futurama Llama

Starship Captain
« Reply #6 on: 09-05-2006 18:44 »

Well you praise the crap out of my fanfics, so...
There you go. Great stuff. Keep going.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #7 on: 09-05-2006 19:06 »

Wow, jle. Nice stuff. Amy's not gonna tell? Oh no!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #8 on: 09-06-2006 10:15 »

Hi everyone, It means alot to me when you tell me what you think so heres my appreshetion

Futurama Llama: Glad you like it, I'm just trying to live up to your standards.

KitkatBar: Your right, Amy's not gonna tell whahahahaha and just wait and see the results, muhahaha *cough*, anyway, I hope you'll like the rest of it, which I'm writing now, sortof.

Urban Legend
« Reply #9 on: 09-06-2006 10:27 »

good work jle1993.  Hopefully Leela doesn't kill Amy when she finds out she's been keeping Fry's location a secret from her  ;)

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #10 on: 09-06-2006 10:33 »

Hi soylentOrange, glad you like it. As for Leela killing Amy, maybe she will, maybe she won't, she has to find Fry first though  ;)

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #11 on: 09-06-2006 11:28 »
« Last Edit on: 09-06-2006 11:28 »

Sorry for the double post, just letting you know that I might take awhile to finish part 4 coz Im back at school now

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #12 on: 09-06-2006 14:00 »

Sorry, that this is a triple post, but I finished part 4, even though I had to finish a boot load of homework and I wanted to post it now I have to chance.

Part 4

Amy braced herself as she walked into the boardroom; Leela was sitting slumped at the boardroom table, gripping a picture of Fry with shaking hands, sobbing softly. Her eye snapped towards Amy.
“W…well, was h…he there?” she asked, her voice shaking as badly as her hands.

Amy looked down at the floor; she knew that if she looked Leela in the eye she wouldn’t be able to lie.
“Err, the only new news is that Branigan got a new whipping boy, I mean apprentice,” she said carefully, trying not to sound as guilty as she felt, even though it wasn’t a lie it wasn’t the truth either and Amy’s conscience was screaming blue murder .
“Oh,” Leela whispered, “but if he’s not in DOOP then that only leaves a sui…”
“Don’t say it Leela, there plenty of places he could be other then…there.” Cut in Amy, trying not to let Leela get to upset.
“Where Amy? He isn’t in New New York, he doesn’t even have a car let alone a spaceship and he hasn’t joined DOOP!” said Leela, her voice rising in volume and pitch. 
“He could have brought a ticket to someplace,” tried Amy hopefully.
“Bender has his wallet,” cried Leela
“Oh,” was all Amy could manage
“He must have used a booth,” whimpered Leela, “God what have I done?”
“You as good as murdered him,” fumed Bender, stepping from the shadows.
“Bender leave her alone, can’t you see she’s upset,” snapped Amy.
“Well she’s not upset enough, not by a long shot. She’s the reason the best buddy I ever had has run off and could be dead.” Bender snapped back
“Bender don’t!” panicked Amy, worried that Bender might do might do something rash, and it’d be all her fault.
“She killed him; I think its time for a few home truths, don’t you?”
“Wait till she’s calmed down, please, she’s already upset enough!”
“SHE’S upset,” roared Bender indignantly, “What about Fry, what about all the times she upset FRY and then made everything out to be his fault, HE was hurting every time she did that but it didn’t stop her, wasn’t Fry upset enough until he did this?”
“Bender, ple…”
“I just wanna hear why? I wanna hear straight from eyeballs mouth why she was so driven to destroy Fry? I wanna hear why she dumped Fry after the opera. Come on Captain Killer, why did you do it?”
Leela looked away, “I don’t know, I was so confused. One minute Fry was a talented musician and the next he was the same dumb old Fry he’s always been. I didn’t know what to do, I panicked,” she said, she had stopped crying and was staring vaguely at the wall, as if she was just remembering.
“You dumped him because he lost the hands. You VICIOUS
 LITTLE FLESH PILE. Well listen up CHUMP, Fry loved you, even without those god damn hands. The only useful thing those hands ever did was help Fry show you and the rest of the world just how strongly he felt.”
“SHUT UP FREAK, I’M NOT FINISHED,” yelled Bender hoisting Leela out of her chair, forcing her to stand up and look at him, causing Leela to filch. “When Fry wrote that opera he put everything that his fleshly human heart felt into it. He had the chance to be famous, but he gave up EVERYTHING, just to save you from having to spend the rest of your selfish, pathetic life married to the Robot Devil and living exactly where you belong, HELL. And HOW did you repay him, by throwing his feelings back in his face and forcing him to this!”
“YOU THINK I DON’T KNOW THAT!” roared Leela, launching into a sweeping spin kick at Benders legs, knocking him off his feet. She then booted the fallen figure half way across the room, causing a massive dent to Benders chest compartment. She ran over to where Bender had landed and started to kick him fast and hard, tears streaming down her face, her kicks getting slower and weaker until she fell to her knees crying harder than she had ever before in her life. Bender slowly raised his dented body up to stand over Leela.

He looked down at her, feeling a pang of sympathy before remembering what she had caused. He turned the sympathy meter onto venom mode.
“Maybe you did know, but you obviously didn’t care until it was too late, did you? Maybe you needed to be told by someone how actually cares about Fry, and don’t you DARE tell me you care.”
“But I did care, I just didn’t know how much until now.”
“You were confused, you didn’t know,” Bender mimicked, “Well I don’t care, you’re a worse idiot then Fry ever was, at least he knew how to treat people. You just build your walls and won’t let anyone who cares near you, you just let in the jerks who use and abuse you, how the hell do you think Fry fell about that, you piece of mutant filth?”
“I…I don’t know,” sobbed Leela.
“I’ll tell you exactly how he felt. He thought he wasn’t good enough for you; ha you’re the one who’s not good enough for him. He though that you only went for the high ranking jerk types. That it wouldn’t matter what he tried, that you would never love him. He tried everything he could, everything. Every single time you rejected him, I had to hear my best friend cry himself to sleep. Do you know something; he even threatened to kill himself to get the worms to leave, just to see if you could love him for who he really was. And you rejected him again, he would have killed himself over a piece of unfeeling trash like you, he already might have. He didn’t leave your side once when you were in a coma, in fact you’d be dead if it wasn’t for him. He’s told you how he feels time after time, he’s risked his life to save you, he’s saved you from complete jerks like Alkazar and Zapp, and for hell’s sake , he even humiliated himself in front of thousands of people, just to finish that damn opera even though he knew he wouldn’t be able to play well. But HE STILL WASN’T GOOD ENOUGH, WAS HE?”
“Bender, please, I don’t want to…”
“Please!” sobbed Leela.
“STOP CRYING!” shrieked Bender, moving to kick Leela.
“BENDER, STOP!” screamed Amy, running to restrain Bender. He struggled but Amy was using every ounce of strength she had.
Amy dragged Bender forcefully from the room, leaving Leela sobbing in a heap.

When they were outside the office building Amy whipped Bender around to face her.
“Calm down Bender, Fry’s not dead.”
“WHA…wait, he’s not dead? How to you know?”
“He’s in DOOP, Kif told me.”
“But you said to Leela that he wasn’t.”
“Actually, I said there was a new apprentice, if you eavesdropped properly.”
“You mean Fry’s the apprentice. Why the hell didn’t you tell her or me for that matter?”       
“Fry doesn’t want her to know?”
“I don’t blame him; she’s a cold hearted, selfish, ungrateful…. Look Amy, even if Fry is alive, I blame Leela for him leaving. I’m going home to cool off before I do something Fry’ll regret.”  Sighed Bender, walking away leaving Amy to wonder just how much worse things could get.
Ralph Snart

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« Reply #13 on: 09-06-2006 19:36 »

Wow.  I mean wow.  Bender went into almost meltdown mode.

So will Leela take Bender's tongue-lashing to heart?  Will Amy break down and let Leela know where Fry is (Bender will probably let it slip).  Will Leela kill or just severely injure Amy for not telling her that Any knows where Fry is?

I shall be checking this thread daily for updates.


Bending Unit
« Reply #14 on: 09-06-2006 22:36 »

Wow indeed. You did a marvelous job of pulling off Bender's tirade. It wouldn't be believable under most circumstances, but if he thought that someone killed Fry he would go that far.


@Ralph I agree totally - "Really, how many times can anybody - even Fry - get rejected, lied to, insulted and basicly treated as Leela's 'safe guy' before resentment builds up and he gives up."

Didn't they do that basic thing with "The Sting"? - "I've always felt that Leela will never realize how important Fry is to her until he's no longer around."

I hope you don't take this as a flame, I agree with you - mostly. Something drastic has to happen for Leela to have any type of epiphany regarding Fry, and it can't come from something that Fry does for/to her directly (Why should that work next time, it hasn't in the past.)

Bending Unit
« Reply #15 on: 09-07-2006 02:03 »


Bender almost went KAPOWEE!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #16 on: 09-07-2006 09:18 »

Hi everyone, heres my shout out

Ralph: Glad you enjoyed the update, I hope you noticed that I included your advice in the Bender bit, thanks fro the help. And as for your quesions...wait and see.

Hopeless Shipper: Welcome to my thread, glad you like it so far, I'll try and keep up the standard.

ZoidZoid: KAPOWEE's right, the Bender bit took the longest so I though I take it that little bit farther.

And lastly, thanks to everyone for reading, I try to update again soon.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #17 on: 09-07-2006 11:59 »
« Last Edit on: 09-07-2006 11:59 »

Soz for the double post. Heres comes the update, sorry it's short but the plot bunny's holding out on me today.

Part 5

“What do you mean you TOLD Amy, I deliberately asked you not to!” yelled Fry, Kif had just finished telling him about his conversation with Amy.
“I…I tried not to, I swear, I j…just couldn’t lie to Amy,” stammered Kif, shaking as his camouflage reflex kicked in.
“Why not, all you had to say was ‘Fry isn’t here’, but noooo, you had to tell her the truth didn’t you. She’s probably telling Leela right now. I asked you to do one little thing, you’re meant to be my frie…” Fry stopped suddenly, his own voice reminding him of the one he had run away from and Kif reminding him of himself, “Sorry Kif, I just really didn’t want Leela to find where I am, I couldn’t take seeing her again after everything that’s happen,” apologized Fry, sighing deeply.
“T…that’s aright Fry. I am sorry that I told Amy, but I love her too much to lie to her.”
“And she loves you, I’m sure you’ll be very happy together,” said Fry in a hollow voice, his eyes clouded over as he blinked back tears. Kif realised what was wrong immediately.
“I’m sorry Fry; I didn’t mean to upset you.”
“Upset, who upset? Not me, I’m hunky-dory. Why would I be upset? Just because everyone else gets to be with who they want.” Said Fry, his voice brimming with pent-up emotion more than his eyes were brimming with tears.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to…”
“STOP APOLOGIZING!” cried Fry, Kif was reminding him of himself again and it hit home hard. “Damn it Kif, stand up for yourself. You’re not me!”
“I’m not Leela and you’re not me, so stop apologizing to me when you haven’t done anything wrong! Damn it, I joined DOOP to get away for all that!”
“To get away from all what,” came a voice behind Fry, the voice of Zapp Branigan.

“Err, to get away from temptation to slack off?” tried Fry.
“I see, and was Kif temping you,” asked Zapp.
“NO, err I mean no sir, I was talking about before I joined DOOP and I got carried away again, sir.” Said Fry, trying to sound honest
“Ahh, I see. Good to see a soldier with a fire in his belly, maybe you should take note Kif.” Zapp said.
“Actually sir, the same fire you talk about was sparked by watching Kif’s loyal devotion to DOOP and to you, I only hope that one day I can become half the man he is.”
“A stirring speech, no doubt you learned the style from me, you’re a good solider, brave, cunning, just like me!” boasted Zapp, feeling more than a tad of fatherly pride 
“Come now my young apprentice, we’re about to announce the fact that we’ve declared war on Omicron Persei 8, we’re going to be live on every TV channel on earth.”
“We’ve what?” asked a stunned Fry
“Declared war on Omicron Persei 8, I’m about to make the announcement on TV, and as you are my apprentice, you get to stand next to me and bask in all my brave glory and fame as I get even more famous and glorious.”
“But sir, the last time you tried to attack Omicron Persei 8, we, well we got completely crushed sir, how will losing make us glorious and famous.”
“Ahh, yes, but this time we won’t lose, we have more men to send wave after wave of. Plus there’s the fact I have a secret weapon.”
“What’s that then?”
“YOU! I trained you myself; there is no better soldier or apprentice willing to die for his planet than you.”
“D…d…die, sir?”
“But of course, you will be honoured as my loyal apprentice, who died to save me and I will be famous for being the brave captain that led Earth in a great attack and victory against our most hated enemies.”
“Oh,” managed Fry before collapsing into a dead faint.
“Ahh, he seems a bit nervous, must be the idea of going on live TV with a man as magnificent as me. Wake him up Kif; we’re on live in 10 minutes and war waits for no man, even one as sex-tastily wonderful as me!” Zapp ordered, walking to the bridge of the ship as Kif sighed.   

Leela and Fry belong together, why can you people see it, goddamn you!!!!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #18 on: 09-07-2006 15:16 »

Wow, just w...ooooo.....wwwww jle, you certainly have an amazing talent for writing great fan fics!

I'll be following this one right to the end!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #19 on: 09-07-2006 15:17 »

Me, too. Keep it up!

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #20 on: 09-07-2006 15:45 »

Don't apologize for double posts anymore. If it means less updates, then ** **** with the PEEL rules. I wanna see what happens next!

(Sorry, I'm still in sort of an 'off-topic' demeanor. Please continue.)



Urban Legend
« Reply #21 on: 09-07-2006 19:14 »

Great story!  Keep up the good work!  That reminds me, I'm going to write a new fanfic soon!  Anyway, I really like yours.  Very shippy!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #22 on: 09-08-2006 10:14 »

Wow everyone, tanks for all the replys, I never expected so many.

Mookie427: I don't really have a talent, I just have a good plot bunnie at the moment, there are plenty of people better than me. Glad you like it though!

Kitkat: I'm glad you enjoy it too, just hope I can keep thinking of good ideas to keep everyone entertained.

Xanfor:If you say I'm not to apoligize anymore, then I won't, and I'm working on the next bit now.

KurtPikachu: I'm glad you like shippy, I might add some more, maybe. Glad to hear you're writing aswell, I'll try and read it.


Liquid Emperor
« Reply #23 on: 09-08-2006 13:42 »

I'm not apologizing for the double post, on a count of Xanfor told me not to. Here comes the update.

Part 6

Leela was sitting dejectedly in the PE lounge watching ‘All My Circuits’. She wasn’t concentrating on it though, she too busy thinking about what Bender had said, well screamed at her.


“He tried everything he could, everything. Every single time you rejected him, I had to hear my best friend cry himself to sleep. Do you know something; he even threatened to kill himself to get the worms to leave, just to see if you could love him for who he really was. And you rejected him again, he would have killed himself over a piece of unfeeling trash like you, he already might have. He didn’t leave your side once when you were in a coma, in fact you’d be dead if it wasn’t for him. He’s told you how he feels time after time, he’s risked his life to save you, he’s saved you from complete jerks like Alkazar and Zapp, and for hell’s sake , he even humiliated himself in front of thousands of people, just to finish that damn opera even though he knew he wouldn’t be able to play well. But HE STILL WASN’T GOOD ENOUGH, WAS HE?”

End Flashback

Leela sighed, it was true, Fry had done all that stuff for her, if not more. And yet, she had still kept rejecting him.
“Just because I couldn’t accept him for who he was,” Leela sighed.
“And you didn’t trust him,” her mind hissed at her.
“You thought that he was like every other scumbag that ever bedded you, you thought that if you let him close then he’d leave you when he got bored, that he’d hurt you,”
“No I didn’t! Fry would never hurt me like that,”
“You say that now but you didn’t believe it, I should know, I am your mind after all.”
“No, you didn’t trust Fry, you thought he wasn’t good enough to trust, it’s your fault he’s dead, you’re a murd…” Leela’s mind started, but was cut off.
“And now we bring you an announcement from DOOP!” said a voice from the TV.”
Leela watched in stunned disbelief as Zapp Branigan walked on stage followed closely by Kif and a red-head.
“Hello everyone! I am here to announce the fact that first thing tomorrow morning we will be going to war against Omicron Persei 8. Now I know that last time they beat us, only due to despicable cheating on their part, but this time we’re ready. We have more men and one in particular. I would like to introduce my apprentice, Phillip J Fry.”
Leela switched off the TV and stood up, fists clenched.

Amy heard Leela shout and sat bolt upright, banging her head against the underside of the PE ship in the process.
“Oh my god, she knows,” Amy gasped. She slowly came out from under the PE ship and stood up. She braced herself as she walked towards the lounge, hoping that she was wrong. One look at Leela’s flushed angry face told she wasn’t.
“W…what’s wrong Leela?” she asked.
“As if you don’t know!” Leela spat
“I…I, what do you mean?” Amy said, attempting to sound shocked and innocent.
“You said Fry wasn’t in DOOP!”
“Actually, I said there was a new apprentice.” corrected Amy.
“Why the hell didn’t you tell me it was Fry? I’ve been feeling guilty because I thought Fry was dead, I’ve been crying my heart out, and you knew he was ALIVE!” screeched Leela, advancing towards Amy.
“I wanted to tell you, I really did,” Amy whimpered, backing up.
“Then why didn’t you? You have 10 seconds. 1-2-3-4-5…”
“Fry didn’t want me to; I swear I would have told you otherwise!” rushed Amy. Leela stopped counting.
“What, why?”
“Kif told me that Fry didn’t want you to know, and I think we both know why.”
“Because I kept rejecting him and he wanted to get away from me. If he’d told me I would have told him to stop being stupid and nothing would have changed. He’d still be getting hurt and I still wouldn’t be sure how I feel about him.” Leela though aloud with a stifled sob.

Amy noticed and after quickly deciding that Leela wasn’t about to attack her, she put her arm around Leela.
“Shh, it’s alright Leela,” Amy comforted.
“No it isn’t! I pushed him away and now he might die in this damn war,” wailed Leela, sobbing into Amy’s shoulder. Amy was shocked.
“War, what war?” asked an astonished Amy.
“The war against Omicron Persei 8! They’re going tomorrow!”
“WHAT!?” yelped Amy, “They’ll be completely obliterated.”
“I know!” Leela cried.
“We’ve got to do something,”
“What can we do? They’re going to war and I’m gonna lose Fry before I’ve got him!” stated Leela with noisy tears rolling down her face. Amy couldn’t handle it, Leela, safe and strong reliable Leela, was breaking down. Amy grabbed Leela’s shoulders and shook her.
“SNAP OUT OF IT LEELA!” she yelled, Leela just hung and shook her head.
“Why bother?” was all she said. Amy let out a string of catonise curses.
Leela shook her head again, “What can I do?”
“L…love? You’re right; I think I love him, why didn’t I realise that before?” said Leela perking up.
“Probably because you’ve never been loved like that by a man before Fry and you didn’t know that it wasn’t just an act like the rest of those jerks.”
“How do you know all that?”
“Hey, I spent my whole life dating men; I know a thing or two about love alright.”
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you,”
“Don’t worry ‘bout it, now what are you gonna do about Fry?”
“I have to tell him how I feel, I love Fry, I lov…”
“Right, but how?” cut in Amy
Leela’s eye sparked at the thought of a challenge, “Leave it to me.”       

Urban Legend
« Reply #24 on: 09-08-2006 14:15 »

yey, Leela's gonna come riding to the rescue!  I gotta say, you do the emotional thing really well.  Keep it up!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #25 on: 09-08-2006 14:19 »

Thankee soylentOrange, glad ya like it, *smiles sweetly*.
Chug a Bug

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Originally posted by Ralph Snart:
Good beginning.  Although the shippers don't agree with me, I've always felt that Leela will never realize how important Fry is to her until he's no longer around.

Really, how many times can anybody - even Fry - get rejected, lied to, insulted and basicly treated as Leela's 'safe guy' (my wife's description) before resentment builds up and he gives up.

I will now take the flames from Shiny, Xanfor, Hopeless Shipper and Venus for my statements.

Oh, BTW, good start - can't wait to see how it progresses.

No flames here, just a hopefully reasoned argument. You don't have to a diehard shipper to see that as a fundamental misunderstanding of their relationship. She'd probably be quite glad if he gave up it'd be a relief from his constant badgering.

And thats not being mean, why should she automatically feel the same way as he does about her? Afterall she never asked for his attentions in the first place. What part of 'I'm Not Interested' does he not understand anyhow? Everyone hates her for it and calls her a bitch etc but I think she's a saint. I'm not sure I'd have her patience in dealing with him I'd probably have lost my rag by now. But she doesn't because she cares about him too much.

She cares about him deeply as a friend she's not interested in him romantically and theres nothing wrong with that.


Liquid Emperor
« Reply #27 on: 09-09-2006 04:08 »

Hello chug-a-bug: I like your arguement, it does make sense, but then again, I still like the idea of Fry and Leela getting together. You've just confused everything shippy I believe in.

I believe that Leela does have feelings for Fry, but shes been scared that if she lets him close he'll treat her the same way Zapp did, just another conquest.
Also, she probably believes that if he doesn't do that then he'll leave her when he gets bored.
She can't quite believe that a guy could love her because of all the times shes been hurt before. So when Fry asks her out, she puts up the protective wall, not relising that its hurts Fry.
I think that should Fry dissapear, then she might just relise that he was seroius and that shes been hurting him, and herself.
She tells herself that he's not right, hes too slow and unfit and he hasn't got a high enough rank. But she doesn't let herself understand that he loves her and thats what really matters.
When she finally sees that Fry truely and honestly loves her, then we should see her true feelings instead of the cold front she puts up. If its not to late.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #28 on: 09-09-2006 04:50 »

Love it! Keep it coming!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #29 on: 09-09-2006 07:18 »

Will do mookie427

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #30 on: 09-10-2006 08:26 »

Heres a nice short update

Part 7

Fry was shaking, his heart was pounding twenty to the dozen and his head was spinning. Zapp was finishing off the declaration of war and Fry was standing next to him, trying not to throw up.
“And so, there’s no need to panic, we have everything under control,” finished Zapp smiling broadly.
“Easy for him to say, he’s gonna be safe on his ship, I’m the one risking my neck” thought Fry, his face paling. He followed Zapp and Kif off stage and collapsed into the nearest chair.

“Are you okay Fry?” asked Kif.
“Not rea…” started Fry only to be cut off by Zapp.
“Of course he’s okay, he’s my apprentice, right Phil,”
“Er yes sir, and the name’s Fry, I don’t like being called Phil,”
“Yes, whatever you say Phil.”
Fry sighed, “What time do we go to war sir?”
“Oh, in about half an hour.”
“WHAT!?! You said we were going to war tomorrow!”
“I know, but if the Omicrons were watching then they’d know, so we’ll go today and surprise them,”
“B…but we’re not ready sir!”
“Of course we are, all we have to do is get to Omicron Persei 8 and send wave after wave of men.”
“But we need more time to prepare,”
“I am the sex-tastily brilliant Captain of this ship, and I say we’re ready.”
“If you say so sir,”
“By the way Phil, I’m sending you in with the first wave to inspire the common soldiers,”
“Excuse me for a minute.”

Fry ran to the nearest toilet and threw up. He dragged himself from the cubicle and washed his face in the basin
“Fry you have a phone call,” came a voice from the corridor.
“Who from,” Fry called back.
“Some chick,” came the reply. Fry was confused, what woman would be calling him. Amy would have called Kif and Leela didn’t know where he was.
“Coming!” yelled Fry, trudging from the toilets, still feeling sick. He arrived at the vidiphone and didn’t bother raising his head to look at the screen, “Phillip J Fry speaking.” Was all he said.
“FRY!” came a voice from the screen
“LEELA! What the hell? How do you know I’m here?” babbled Fry, his head snapping up so he could see the screen.
“I watch TV,” said Leela, in a soft tone that Fry recognised from the opera, before she had broken up with him. He instinctively put up his guard.
“What do you want?” he asked, accusation lacing his voice.
“I wanted to talk to you, to see your face,” Leela whispered in a soothing voice. Fry’s guard rose higher.
“What do you really want Leela?”
“Do you still love me?” Leela asked softly
“WHAT!” yelped Fry.
“Do you still love me?” Leela asked again, in the same, silky soft tone
“Why? Why do you want to know?”
“I just need to know,”
Fry was silent for a minute before replying, “No Leela, I don’t love you anymore,”
“Why not?”
“I used to love you, I did everything I could to make you love me too. Every time I tried, you rejected me. Every rejection shattered my heart, and it hurt like hell having to pick up the pieces. So I gave up, I joined DOOP and I don’t hurt anymore, and I’m not about to start again.”
Leela looked crushed, “But… I…”
“Don’t Leela; I don’t have time for this. I have a war to get ready for and I don’t need you playing about with my feelings anymore,”
“But I love you!”
“Too late!” Was all Fry said as he hung up.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #31 on: 09-11-2006 12:30 »

Hows that for Leela getting owned!

Bending Unit
« Reply #32 on: 09-11-2006 12:33 »

Originally posted by jle1993:
Leela looked crushed, “But… I…”
“Don’t Leela; I don’t have time for this. I have a war to get ready for and I don’t need you playing about with my feelings anymore,”
“But I love you!”
“Too late!” Was all Fry said as he hung up.

An unexpected twist! Loving it! Great read 1993!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #33 on: 09-11-2006 12:56 »

Mookie: Yeah, I was sick of Fry getting trappled on so I decided to turn the tables. I still feel bad for Leela though...

Ol'coot: Thank goodness you liked the twist, I was worrying that maybe I went to far on that one.


Urban Legend
« Reply #34 on: 09-11-2006 13:16 »

yey, Fry's sticking up for himself!  I've always wanted to do a 'turn the tables' thing and have Leela end up having to deal with Fry rejecting her, but I was always afraid to have Leela use the 'love' word.  I was afraid PEEL would rip me to shreds.  :D  You made it work nicely though.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #35 on: 09-11-2006 13:41 »

Thankee soylent, glad you like!  ;)  :)

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #36 on: 09-11-2006 15:25 »

Originally posted by jle1993:
“But I love you!”
“Too late!” Was all Fry said as he hung up.

*Puts hands over eyes*
*peeks out and sees that it's still there*
Oh, no...You'd better be good at writing surprise twists, or you will be the cause of my death. :cry:
*spontaneously combusts*
Too late.....

Ralph Snart

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« Reply #37 on: 09-11-2006 16:03 »

Great!  I love it!

It would have been a generic "Fry runs away.  Leela finds Fry.  They make up and stay friends.  Leela is still the dominant person.  Nothing has changed." fic.  Believe me, TLZ is full of fics, finished and unfinished with that premise. 

This is the first fic where Fry has had enough and is serious about leaving Leela behind and starting his life over (I actually started a fic with that idea but after the grueling Spacecase beta'ing, I figured I'd leave the fic writing to people with real talent.)  GRanted, his new life is going to be short if Zapp goes through with his plan.

So, will Leela feel guilty and try to save Fry by 'bribing' Zapp to release Fry from the DOOP?  Will Fry prove the saying that 'Fortune favors drunks and fools?'  What will happen next?

« Reply #38 on: 09-11-2006 18:16 »

God, its like some overly melodramatic Australian soap opera on speed! Needless to say, I loved it. Just don’t stop writing!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #39 on: 09-12-2006 10:16 »

Hello everyone,

KitKat: Oh dear *sweeps up ashes*. Sorry, didn't mean to cause your death. As for twists, wait and see!

Ralph: Good to here from you again, glad you enjoyed the update coz I was worrying that I went to far.

THJ: I don't intend to stop writing, if I did the plot bunny would eat me *shivers*
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