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Author Topic: Everything for her (Fanfic)  (Read 21439 times)
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Liquid Emperor
« Reply #40 on: 09-12-2006 13:08 »
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Originally posted by Ralph Snart:
This is the first fic where Fry has had enough and is serious about leaving Leela behind and starting his life over…
Actually it isn’t the first such fic.
Fry’s Departure, by Slick,
No More Fun and Games, by Wonderbee31.
I think there are a few more at Fanfiction.net, but I hope you’ll ‘scuse me if I don’t dredge through them all…   ;) 
… (I actually started a fic with that idea but after the grueling Spacecase beta'ing, I figured I'd leave the fic writing to people with real talent.)

Damnit Ralph! You have talent - and don’t you dare believe otherwise!   :mad:

[*SC dials thermostat down a thousand Kelvin*]

That would mean... That I... That I...

I... beta’d your story to death?
I... I... killed it?

 Oh     :eek:

 my     :(

Gawd.   :cry:

‘Poor little story never had a chance...
And it's all my fault! WAAAAAAAAH!!   :cry:
It’s enough to make me hang up my marker...

TOTPD? I don't think so...

Urban Legend
« Reply #41 on: 09-12-2006 13:19 »

awwww it's okay spacecase. You may have brutally gutted Ralph's story leaving it curled up alone, bleeding in the fetal position in a ditch in the middle of nowhere sobbing for its mommy, but uh... where was i going with this again?

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #42 on: 09-12-2006 13:34 »

Originally posted by Venus:
awwww it's okay spacecase. You may have brutally gutted Ralph's story leaving it curled up alone, bleeding in the fetal position in a ditch in the middle of nowhere sobbing for its mommy, but uh... where was i going with this again?

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #43 on: 09-12-2006 13:37 »

Update time

Part 8

Leela stared disbelievingly at the blank vidiphone screen, stunned at Fry’s reaction. A single tear escaped from the prison of her eye, she had been rejected again.

“How did it go Leela,” came a voice from behind her.
“He…he said that…he doesn’t love me anymore!” said Leela. Then the full realisation of what he had said hit her.


 “I used to love you, I did everything I could to make you love me too. Every time I tried, you rejected me. Every rejection shattered my heart, and it hurt like hell having to pick up the pieces. So I gave up, I joined DOOP and I don’t hurt anymore, and I’m not about to start again.” 

End Flashback

“I drove him away, he loved me and I drove him away! What am I gonna do Amy?!” wailed Leela breaking down into a flood of tears. In a flash Amy was at her side.
“Shhh, its okay Leela,” soothed Amy
“No it ISN’T. He loved me but I drove him AWAY. He’s given up on me, I told him I love him but he doesn’t believe me. What am I gonna do!?!”
“I don’t know Leela.” Answered Amy as Leela sobbed.
“I just n…never thought h…he leave me!” bawled Leela. Amy was silent in thought for a moment before answering.
“If Fry doesn’t believe you, then make him.” She said slowly.
“How, how Amy?” asked Leela, frantically grasping at any hope that was left.
“You have to show him that you’re serious, that you’re not just using him like before.”
“Hey I never used…” started Leela before realising Amy was right, “How can I show him that?”
“I don’t kno…” started Amy.
“First you have to find the meatbag,” cut in a voice

“BENDER!” screamed Amy and Leela in shock.
“We know where he is, he’s on the Nimbus, heading towards Omicron Persei 8,” said Leela, slowly backing up.
“You can stop edging away from me eyeball, I’m not gonna attack you. If you know where he is, why aren’t you there too?”
“I know I am, what did I say?”
“I’m gonna go to the Nimbus and talk to Fry, so he knows I’m serious!” babbled an excited Leela.
“Err, you two, sorry to burst your bubble, but in case you’ve forgotten, the Nimbus is heading into a war zone, to start a war.
“WHAT?!” hollered Bender.
“It was on the news; DOOP is going to war against Omicron Persei 8 tomorrow.” Said Amy
“Oh your god, Fry’ll be butchered to his base components,” squawked Bender.
“Not if we get to him first!” stated Leela.
“HOW!?!” asked Amy and Bender in disbelief.
“The Professor gave me a spare set of keys to the Planet Express Ship; I was thinking we could borrow it.”
“You mean steal it? I wouldn’t have thought it of you Leela, me maybe but not you.” Said Bender, stunned.
“Borrow, steal, it’s all the same. Now let’s go get Fry!!!” Leela called as she ran to the ship. 
Ralph Snart

Agent Provocateur
Near Death Star Inhabitant
DOOP Secretary
« Reply #44 on: 09-12-2006 15:33 »

awwww it's okay spacecase. You may have brutally gutted Ralph's story leaving it curled up alone, bleeding in the fetal position in a ditch in the middle of nowhere sobbing for its mommy, but uh... where was i going with this again?

I felt... inadequate.  That's why I had to buy a harley - to regain my self-esteem.

I kid, I kid.  I don't want Spacey to feel guilty.  My outline had twice as much red type as black type, so I realized that being the board's cynical shipper (balance to Spacey, Venus, Shiny and Xanfor) was my calling in life.  I will say this at the top of my lungs from the highest building in the world: 

SPACECASE IS THE BEST BETA - EVER!  The beta to Venus, Soylant Orange and may others - there are few, if any, details that get past Spacey.

And Spacey - both 'Fry's Departure' and 'No More Fun and Games' are unfinished fics.  'Fry's Departure' has much more angst on both Leela and Fry's part - a pity that it was abandoned at part 4 - it had great potential.


Now to be on-topic:  Juliet 1993 - another great update.  It's nice to see Leela in the hotseat and asking Amy for advice.

Also interesting is for once Leela is afraid of Bender - she usually stands up to him, but she knows that Fry is the one human that Bender wouldn't kill.

Anyway, you have an e-mail waiting on you

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #45 on: 09-12-2006 15:57 »

Hi ralph, I checked the email but I can't get the attachment  :(
Could you try resending it please?


Liquid Emperor
« Reply #46 on: 09-12-2006 22:44 »

oooh, a nice update! It's Leela to the rescue!
I wanna see how this works out-I'm on the edge f my seat.
*falls off*
crap. Anyways, I'm waiting...

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #47 on: 09-13-2006 11:57 »

Originally posted by Ralph Snart:
... My outline had twice as much red type as black type…
My fault...
... I realized that being the board's cynical shipper (balance to Spacey, Venus, Shiny and Xanfor) was my calling...
Though you seem loathe to accept it, Ralph, you do have genuine talent.
There are a couple of your stories I’d like to see completed.
But this is neither the time nor the place to address them...
You have a gift for inventing compelling plots.
... I will say this at the top of my lungs from the highest building in the world:

SPACECASE IS THE BEST BETA - EVER!  The beta to Venus, Soylant Orange and may others - there are few, if any, details that get past Spacey.
Well, thank you for that Ralph. I hope my humble talents are worthy of your praise.
And Spacey - both 'Fry's Departure' and 'No More Fun and Games' are unfinished fics.  'Fry's Departure' has much more angst on both Leela and Fry's part - a pity that it was abandoned at part 4 - it had great potential.
A pity, I agree.
Still, they were both based on Fry’s absenting himself from Leela, for whatever reasons.
For my next trick, I’ll shut up and refrain from derailing the thread any more.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #48 on: 09-13-2006 15:13 »

You get back on that chair KitKat, heres the update.

Part 9

“How long until we reach Omicron Persei 8 sir?” asked Fry as he strode towards Zapp.
“We’ll arrive in five minutes.” Answered Zapp.
“Good, I’ll organise the first wave.” Said Fry marching to the barracks without stopping or breaking stride.

 “RIGHT, listen up. Everyone in the first attack wave get ready now! We have five minutes until we have to kick Omicron butt!” hollered Fry as he pulled on his armour and picked up a selection of guns.
“SIR, YES SIR!” came the reply. The soldiers respected Fry more than they did Zapp, because they knew that Fry was actually going to fight with them, and more than likely die with them.
“If I don’t make it back, I want you all to know that you’ve been like family to me. I came to DOOP because I thought I was in love, but now I know what love is. Love is caring about each other, helping each other succeed, finding each others strengths and seeing past the weaknesses.  Know this is love the way I know that I love you all; you are my friends and my family. Now, ARE YOU READY?!”
“THEN ITS TIME TO KILL WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE, LETS GO!” called out Fry running towards the airlock followed by the soldiers, his family.

As soon as the Nimbus landed, Fry lead the army out to meet the waiting Omicrons. The air was still and silent, both sides sizing each other up. Fry felt a wave of apprehension sweep over him and he shuddered as his looked at the far reaching Omicron army.
“They knew we were coming a day early. Oh, whatever, CHARGE!” yelled Fry charging towards the Omicrons, laser guns blazing, never looking back.

Then the war began. The dry, barren landscape turned moist with the blood of the wounded, dead and dying. Bodies fell thick and fast as the two sides struggled to gain the upper hand. Fry dodged laser blasts while firing blasts of his own. He fired shot after shot, not stopping to see whether or not they hit their targets, to do so would have been suicide. As his friends dropped around him, Fry felt his eyes dampen.
“You’re killing my family! Die you Omicron scum, die, die, DIE!“ Fry cried as he fired off another round, he shot down two Omicrons for every human he saw fall, and yet the Omicrons just kept coming.

The sun rose higher and the air shimmered. Sweat was rolling down Fry back and every other part of his body, he gasped and wheezed for breath as he dodged lasers and weaved through the dead. Omicrons and humans were dropping like flies, yet neither side seemed to give way or gain the upper hand, like a game played to a stalemate with neither side willing to accept it. The reinforcements from the Nimbus were dying nearly as soon as they stepped off the ship, and the Nimbus’ turrets were cutting down both sides. It wasn’t a war anymore, it was a massacre. The sound of screaming drowned out the gunfire. Fry however, heard nothing. All he focused on was killing as many Omicrons as he could. 

 Fry saw a flash of green over the battle field and looked up distractedly. Then he suddenly felt a stabbing pain and he collapsed onto a mass of bodies in shock. Blood ran down his leg and he screamed in agony as the shock subsided, the pain setting in and increasing tenfold when he looked down and saw a hole going clean through his thigh. A tall Omicron officer stood over his fallen figure and pointed a gun at Fry’s heart.
“Die, you Omicron killing scumbag!” yelled the officer.
He keeled over abruptly while simultaneously firing. Shear agony tore though Fry’s torso as he tried to scream, his mouth filling with blood.
“NOOOOO!” screamed a shrill voice; it was the last thing Fry heard before everything went dark.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #49 on: 09-13-2006 17:20 »

  :eek:   :eek:   :eek:

Amazing! Will Fry really die? Will Leela save the day?

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #50 on: 09-13-2006 19:08 »
« Last Edit on: 09-13-2006 19:08 »

Aw, jle, you made my nerves a wreck again. I will follow this story until it is done, no doubt about it. Although Fry seems a bit Out of character what with all the 'die!' stuff, and the war seems a bit dark for Futurama, it adds tension. I love it!   :love:

« Reply #51 on: 09-13-2006 19:13 »

Yeah, I have to agree.  Fry seems way OOC in this chapter. 
Ralph Snart

Agent Provocateur
Near Death Star Inhabitant
DOOP Secretary
« Reply #52 on: 09-13-2006 19:23 »

We've had war several times in Futurama - WITHW, WAA, etc.  We've seen Leela almost get eaten alive and Smelly Hippie get eaten alive, so that's not too OOC.

Fry is a known coward.  He may be almost suicial with grief, but to be a mean-spirited killing machine is a tad OOC for him.

Still, pretty decent update.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #53 on: 09-14-2006 01:32 »

But the thing is, Fry wants to forget completely about the past.

Even so, he might just be putting it on for the other troops, to hide the fact he's actually scared shitless

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #54 on: 09-14-2006 11:28 »

Hi everyone,
Kitkat: Sorry bout your nerves, glad you like the story though.  ;)

Ralph: Glad you like the update, I struggled.

Mookie: Yay, you like the update and you uderstand about Fry.

Crash: Ok, I get the point, you all think Fry is out of character, I will now explain why Fry is out of character. If you remember, in the preveous part, Leela called Fry. Fry thinks that Leela is playing with his feelings again and not only does that make him unhappy, it makes him mad. Since joining DOOP, Fry has come to consider the other soldiers as his Family. Yes he is scared about the war, but he is also becoming increasingly angry as his 'family' gets cut down by the Omicrons. So Leela calling + soldiers dieing = Extremely angry Fry, who doesn't care about dieing..


Bending Unit
« Reply #55 on: 09-28-2006 04:27 »

This is really good but you don't seem to have updated in ages!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #56 on: 09-28-2006 13:31 »

Glad you like it, sorry it took so long but heres the update

Part 10

“NOOOOOOOOO!” screamed Leela as she watched Fry fall. She raced to him and collapsed by his side, “Fry…FRY WAKE UP, no no no, you can’t be dead, don’t die Fry!”

Leela cradled Fry’s head and sobbed, gun blasts roared but the only sound that Leela heard was her heart breaking. She had pushed him away, and now, now that she knew she loved him he was slipping away. The one man who loved her was dying in her arms and there wasn’t a damn thing she could do about it. She cried hard and her chest ached with an emptiness she had never known was there, maybe it never had been until she realised that someone had loved her and she was going to lose out because of her own pride. She had been duped and hurt so many times that she hadn’t known the real thing. She laid her head upon his chest, wishing that she had realised how much she loved him before now. And then she gasped.

Thud thud thud

Fry’s heart was still beating, he wasn’t dead. Leela dared hope, that maybe, just maybe her shot at the Omicron Officer had been enough to change where the shot had hit. She listened again.

Thud thud thud

She hadn’t imagined it, Fry was alive, his breathe was shallow and his heart beat irregular, but damn it all, Fry was alive!
“Thank god thank god thank god,” murmured Leela.

“HEY EYEBALL, HURRY UP BEFORE WE GET BLASTED!” came the indignant voice of Bender, breaking Leela out of her reverie. She carefully picked up Fry’s unconscious body, and rushed towards the PE ship, ducking and dodging as laser shots whistled over her. She breathlessly boarded the ship.

“Quick Amy, get us to the Nimbus, NOW!” she screeched at Amy, as she rushed to her quarters. Her quarters were larger than everybody else’s and she wanted Fry to be comfortable, unconscious or not, she didn’t want to risk him dying, not when she was beginning to hope that they might have a future together. She laid Fry on her bed and sat in a chair next to it, holding Fry’s hand all the time. She felt the ship rumble as the engines started, and prayed that they’d get to the Nimbus in time.

As the ship took off Bender hurried to talk to Leela.
“How is the skintoob?” he asked cautiously. Nobody really knew it, but Fry had forced Bender to evolve emotions, and right now Bender was extremely worried.
“He’s alive Bender. But if he’s gonna stay that way we have to get him to the Nimbus. It’s the only place close enough to have a shot at saving him,” Leela said, never taking her eye off Fry’s face, which was taking on a slight bluish tinge.
“Right!” said Bender rushing to tell Amy to hurry the hell up, “Oh and Bigboots,” he said stopping suddenly.
“Thanks,” he said before hurrying out.

Leela would have been surprised if she hadn’t been so worried about Fry.
“Hold on Fry, we’re gonna save you, you just gotta hold on for me. I know you didn’t believe me but I love you Fry. You’re the first person that hasn’t used me or duped me or hurt me, hell you saved me most of the time. I was just so afraid Fry, afraid that you’d leave me if I let you close. But I pushed you away, didn’t I, I hurt you and in doing so I hurt myself. I forced you away time after time. I don’t want to push you away anymore; I want to be with you. But you have to hold on, don’t leave me Fry, please…” Leela sobbed.

Amy was flying as quickly as she dared when Bender came back in.
“Hurry up rich girl!” Bender yelled.
“I can’t, I’ve never flown any faster than this, I don’t know if I could handle it!” she yelled back.
“Well you better damn well find out. Fry’s dying in there, do you understand that, he’s dying, and getting to the Nimbus in time is our only hope. Damn it, I know you don’t care…”
“That’s not true,” cut in Amy, thinking of her brief relationship with Fry and simultaneously speeding up. The ship strained against the increase but Amy wrestled the controls so that they were on a direct course for the Nimbus, which had retreated as soon as it had dropped off the soldiers.

Soon after, Zapp’s face appeared on screen.
“Ah the lovely Lady L…”
“Shut up Zapp, this isn’t Leela; this is Amy Wong requesting permission to dock.”
“Where is you sex-lusciously amazing captain?”
Amy stiffened, “Leela is tending to an injured solider we managed to rescue, he was shot and seriously injured. He needs medical attention right now!”
“Soldiers come and go, the Zapper remains. Who is it?”
“Your apprentice you thick-headed numbskull!”
“Phillip, you managed to save Phillip, why didn’t you say so? Hurry up and dock so he can receive medical attention. Hurry!” said a concerned Zapp, signing off.
Amy was shell shocked by the concern Zapp had shown, but she shook her head and bulleted the Ship towards the Nimbus.
“Go tell Leela to get Fry ready, we’re docking in 10 seconds.” Amy commanded Bender, who for once, did what he was told without question.

“Hey, Captain. You might wanna get Fry ready for transport, we’re docking.” Stated Bender, casting a worried glace at Fry before walking out. Leela slowly and very carefully picked up Fry again. She waited until she felt the ship powering down before she walked towards the airlock and onto the Nimbus                       

“Phillip! PHILLIP! What’s wrong with him, why won’t he answer?!” cried out an alarmed Zapp, staring desperately at Fry, and to everyone’s amazement, completely ignoring Leela.
“He’s been shot, the gun was aimed at his heart but I managed to shoot the person aiming at him so the shot missed.” Explained Leela.
“If it missed, then why isn’t he answering?”
“While the shot missed his heart it still hit him, he’s fading fast,” Leela’s voice broke as she said the last bit.
“You mean he’s dying…No, he can’t, not Phil! Someone take him to the medibay quick.” Yelled Zapp, flapping his arms about in blind panic.
Everyone rushed to the medibay and Doctors crowded around Fry, whisking him away from Leela and putting him into intensive care.

Everyone waited, and then after an hour Amy announced that she was going.
“I’m going to find Kif, waiting here isn’t helping and I need to talk to him,” she said walking out.
“I’m with the rich girl, waiting here isn’t gonna help and I want to find Fry a waking up present.” Announced Bender also walking out. Leela just ignored them and stared painstakingly at the door to intensive care. She’d been forbidden to go inside, and as much as she hated it, she knew she wouldn’t be able to help. She glanced over to Zapp and saw him with his head in his hands, and sounding like he was in tears.
“Why do you care so much?” she asked him.
He looked up, and Leela saw that he was indeed in tears.
“You’ll laugh.”
“No I won’t, I promise.”
“Well, you see he’skindalikethesonIneverhadandIdon’tknowwhattodoandI’mscared.” Zapp babbled.
“I said he’s kinda like the son I never had and I don’t know what to do and I’m scared.”
“YOU think of Fry like a son? Why?”
“I don’t know, he came and I had to apprentice him and I guess I started to like him.”
Leela was about to say something else when the doctor walked in.   


DOOP Secretary
« Reply #57 on: 09-28-2006 13:46 »

I call what you've done here the Kenneth White Effect. You've taken a canon character and changed him gradually and in an in-character manner into a different person. Congratulations. I can't wait to see what happens next!


Bending Unit
« Reply #58 on: 09-28-2006 15:55 »

Hey Xandfor,
you talkin' 'bout Zapp or Fry?

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #59 on: 09-29-2006 07:35 »

More so Zapp than Fry, but I can tell you, that ain't easy to do.  ;)


DOOP Secretary
« Reply #60 on: 09-29-2006 07:50 »

Oh, this is cool. Jeez, Bender really went nuts back there. And now Leela gets to do the Florence Nightengale trip.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #61 on: 09-29-2006 15:37 »

Thanks everyone, heres an update,

Part 11

The doctor’s face was expressionless as he approached Zapp and Leela.
“I have good news,” he said, “Mr Fry is awake!”
Zapp and Leela broke into near identical smiles.
“Can I see him now?” asked Leela.
“Err, are you Miss Leela?” inquired the doctor nervously.
“Yes, yes I am,”
“Then it might not be such a good idea for you to see him.”
Leela’s smile slipped of her face and was replaced with a confused frown.
“Why not?”
“Because he’s been talking about you for the last five minutes, and none of what he said was good.”
Leela’s frown deepened, “I don’t understand. Look, I need to talk to him, right now!”
“I don’t think…”
“I don’t give a damn what you think, take me to him now!” yelled Leela.
“Fine, if you’ll both…”
“Alone!” cut in Leela.
“Hey!” roared Zapp, “I demand to see my apprentice!”
Leela turned to face Zapp, “Look Zapp, I know you care about Fry, but I need to talk to him first, okay?”
“Kay,” sniffed Zapp, “But hurry up, I want to see him.”

Leela followed the doctor into the Nimbus’ medibay.
“We gave him a private room because of the seriousness of his condition; if you like I’ll leave you alone with him,” said the doctor in monotone.
“Thank you doctor,” replied Leela, slowly creeping into Fry’s room, so she didn’t disturb him.

Fry was sitting up in bed, wearing a hospital gown, and ranting loudly in a half-sob half-indignant rage.
“Damn Leela, it isn’t enough she wrecked my life at Planet Express, nooo, she has to wreck my DOOP career as well. Damn it, now the soldiers won’t respect me, they’ll think I’m a coward like that jackass Branigan. Why the hell couldn’t she just let me die? Does she want to gloat, ‘Look at me, I’m Leela and I’m gonna save your ass whether you want me too or not’,” Fry broke down for a minute, still not noticing Leela, “Those soldiers were my family, I loved them damnit, and now their dead and she had to stop me dying with them! Why does she torture me? If she can’t love me then why can’t she let me die?”
“Because I do love you Fry!” said Leela, stepping into Fry’s view
“Ah, the woman herself. You know Leela, the Devil is the prince of lies, maybe I should have let you be his princess!” spat Fry, turning away.
“I’m not lying to you Fry!”
“Probably lying about that too.”
“Damn it, what do I have to do to prove I’m not lying!”
“Hmmm, how about threatening to kill yourself to get rid of something that makes you better, just to see if I love you for you, or what they made you. How about spelling a love note in the sky and watching it get blown up. What about staying by me for two weeks when I’m in a coma and not getting a thank you. FIND my parents for me. HOW about getting your hopes and dreams crushed, or doing EVERYTHING YOU CAN AND STILL GETTING REJECTED!” roared Fry, facing Leela with years worth of hurt and rejection in his eyes.
“I’m sorry,” apologized Leela softly, looking at her feet guiltily.
“Yes, all I can say is sorry,”

Fry took a deep breath and counted to ten, “At least give me an explanation. You say you love me, why did you push me away?”
Leela braced herself, “I was scared okay, I thought that if I let you close to me then you’d use me, or hurt me or something. I thought that if high ranking people were jerks then you’d be worse.”
“So you only love me now I have rank and title, jeez…”
“NO! I loved you before, but I didn’t realise how much till I thought I lost you!”
“All those times I said I love you, showed you how much I cared, that I’d never hurt you, you loved me? I don’t believe you; you wouldn’t have pushed me away if you did.”
“Why won’t you understand? I was confused, I’d been hurt so many times that I was being cautious,”
“Cautious enough to jump into Branigan’s bed?”
“That was a MISTAKE, I LOVE YOU DAMNIT! I was confused, I was feeling all these new feelings that I’d never had before, feelings so strong that they scared me! You said you loved me but so many people had said that and been lying that I didn’t recognise the real thing until it was too late. I don’t want to lose you Fry, not when I’m just finding you!” cried Leela with tears streaming down her face. Fry looked away.
“Just leave me alone, I can’t deal with you anymore. You treat me like dirt one minute and gold the next, I couldn’t handle being with you and you changing your mind again.” He said quietly.
“Now who’s not giving our love a chance?” asked Leela softly, the tears falling from her eye thick and fast.
“The chance past, I want to move on now.”
“You can’t! You said in the letter that you’ll love me always and forever, don’t change that,”
“DAMNIT LEELA, Of course I love you, but I refuse to be a pick-me-up or whipping boy. I want someone to love a respect me, and you can’t do that!”
“I can, I swear I can, just give us a chance!”
“I’m sick of giving chances, I took a chance when I gave you my heart and you ripped it up, I can’t take always having to pick up the pieces!”
“But you won’t have to Fry, it’s different now. I know I love you…”
“You’ll love me until another high ranking official sweeps you off your feet!”
“That’s not true! I love you, I NEED you,”
“I needed you, but you know something, it’s like fighting an addiction, you get over it.”
“I don’t want to get over it, I want you realise that I love you the way I know you love me!”
“My mother always said ‘I wants don’t get’,”
“STOP IT, you’re being irrational,”
“Then I’m being like you, hurts don’t it. Hurts deep inside, to know that you’re giving your heart away and having thrown back in your face.”
“Is that want this is all about? Showing me what it’s like to be hurt, I went through that when you ran away!”
“I didn’t run away, I made myself better,”
“You forgot what’s important, loving enough to forgive! You always forgave me before, you kept on trying!”
“I got sick of trying, it never worked before!”
“So now that it’s working you’re giving up?”
Fry sighed wearily, “Just go Leela; I want you to leave me alone. I love you but I don’t want or need you now. You hurt me before, nows your turn to see what it’s like. If you love me you’ll go before you hurt me again.”
“But Fry…”
“I do love you, you know.” Whispered Leela before leaving Fry, perhaps for the last time.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #62 on: 09-29-2006 16:20 »

Oh.My.God. This is even more scary than all those other parts. Seriously, I'm wetting myself right now, I'm so scared of what's happening. That is some awesome cliffhangar writing you've got there, sister. I LOVE it, yet it's so unshippy at the same time...But I just know the ending will be a delicious slice of shippy pie. :)

I had better be. Oh, it had better be. Or else a certain teenager might just have a nervous brakdown, fail classes...you've got a lot at stake if you don't finish this story happily.  But for now, I wait with much anticipation!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #63 on: 09-29-2006 16:38 »

Hold tight KitKat, you should know by know that I'm a massive Fry and Leela shipper, and I'm working on the next part now.

Although, maybe I'll be evil, I can't decide how it should go next, shippy or not, hmmm

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #64 on: 09-29-2006 16:44 »

My very life depends on the shippy. You'll be reading about it in the headlines; "Canadian teen dies from heart attack" And in smaller print; 'It was all the fault of someone with the screen name jle1993.'
Go for it, girl!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #65 on: 09-29-2006 17:04 »

I promise nothing ;)

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #66 on: 09-29-2006 17:12 »

Holy mother of all-creation! This is the best Fanfic I've read in a long, long time! Well worth the long wait, keep it coming

I really like this bit:

"Leela would have been surprised if she hadn’t been so worried about Fry.
“Hold on Fry, we’re gonna save you, you just gotta hold on for me. I know you didn’t believe me but I love you Fry. You’re the first person that hasn’t used me or duped me or hurt me, hell you saved me most of the time. I was just so afraid Fry, afraid that you’d leave me if I let you close. But I pushed you away, didn’t I, I hurt you and in doing so I hurt myself. I forced you away time after time. I don’t want to push you away anymore; I want to be with you. But you have to hold on, don’t leave me Fry, please…” Leela sobbed."

Talk about a huge rush of emotions, this story'll make you laugh, cry, and generally sit shell-shocked!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #67 on: 09-29-2006 17:19 »

Thanks mookie! I'm glad you like it  ;) I just hope you will when I finish

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #68 on: 09-29-2006 18:22 »

Update time

Part 12

Leela rushed into the waiting area with tears rolling down her face.
“What’s wrong is something wrong with Phil?” asked Zapp, concern filling his face.
“I’ll say there is! He doesn’t love me anymore!” wept Leela, pain filling her face.
“So?” questioned a confused Zapp
“I love him!” sobbed Leela bitterly
“WHAT, you’re supposed to love me!” spluttered Zapp indignantly.
“I love Fry, but I pushed him away, oh god, he’s given up on us!” wailed Leela, completely ignoring Zapp
“Y…you love Phillip, you love my apprentice, oh God no!” moaned Zapp as the realisation hit him.
“He’s given up on me, I waited too long, and I hurt him too badly. But I love him!” babbled Leela.
“WHY THE HELL PHIL, WHY NOT SOMEONE ELSE?!” screamed Zapp enraged
“What?” asked Leela, shocked enough to stop crying.
“Damn it, I want you but you won’t come back to me, instead you fall in love with the one person I care about. DAMN!”
“It’s just, he was so honest, so sincere, and he said he loved me. But I pushed him away, and now I realise that love him, it’s too late!”
“So it’s his fault you won’t come back to me! We’ll see about that!” yelled Zapp, storming towards Fry’s room, his chest heaving.

Zapp burst into Fry’s room just as Fry had finished getting dresses.
“HOW COULD YOU?!” Zapp roared.
“What?” asked Fry, mystified.
“You know what! You stole Leela!”
“No I didn’t!”
“Then why was she crying that she loves you!”
“She was what?” asked Fry, completely stunned.
“She came in crying and going on about how she’s pushed you away, and she loves you but it’s too late!”
“She was serious,” gasped Fry in awe.
“What?!” barked Zapp
“All this time I thought she was lying, trying to trick and hurt me again, and she was actually serious. Oh God, what have I done!?!” moaned Fry in anguish, as a realisation that the love of his life had admitted she felt the same way, and he had pushed her away. His face contorted in agony and pain filled his eyes, “I’ve ruined everything, she finally says she loves me, and I pushed her away. I gotta find her!”

Fry started towards the door, but Zapp stepped in his way.
“You’re going nowhere son!” said Zapp angrily.
Fry looked at Zapp and felt a rage surge through him,
“Don’t call me son you damn coward!” Fry screamed, punching Zapp straight on the nose, and Zapp dropped to the floor, staring in shock at Fry,
“What the hell!?!”
“You sent me and all of those soldiers, my family, on a suicide mission just to boost your publicity, and you have the nerve to call me son! You jackass, you’re useless. How the hell you got to be Captain I don’t know!”
“Phil, please!” pleaded Zapp, seeing a scary anger building in Fry.
“You have the nerve to stop me finding the woman I love, just coz she won’t come crawling back to you!” Fry bellowed.
Zapp decided to try and defuse the situation by trying to humiliate Fry into submission, “At least I got her into bed in the first place!"
Fry went berserk, he kicked and beat the fallen figure of Zapp, his rage and anguish venting into each blow, all the fear and pain, everything went towards the effort of beating up Zapp Branigan until he realised Zapp was losing a lot of blood and had lost consciousness completely.

Fry rushed out of the room to find a doctor.
“Medic!” he called, almost immediately a white robed doctor appeared. 
“What’s wrong Mr Fry?”
“It’s the Captain, he’s collapsed and appears to be losing blood fast!” explained Fry, missing out the part where he had beaten the crap out of Zapp.
“What happened?”
“I don’t know, help him, please!”
The doctor rushed to find Zapp, and Fry smirked before quickly pelting into the waiting area. Leela was gone. The smirk fell off Fry’s face and crashed hard into a grimace of misery.
“LEELA…LEELA!” called out Fry, hoping that she might be close enough to hear, but she wasn’t, she was long gone. Fry rushed out of the waiting area and began searching the Nimbus as quickly as he could, calling Leela’s name as he went.
“Leela, where are you, please, Leela, LEELA!” he cried, running from area to area, a flame of hope that it wasn’t too late burning inside of him and a nerve racking despair creeping in through the cracks.

After about ten minutes of searching, he ran into Kif and Amy, both of whom looked ruffled.
“Fry, you’re alright!” exclaimed Amy happily.
“Yeah fine, have you seen Leela?” asked an anxious Fry
“Yeah, but I didn’t talk to her, she ignored me!”
“My fault again, which way did she go? Hurry up Amy!”
“Spleese, what’s the rush?”
“Damn it Amy, which way did she go?!”
“That way,” said Amy pointing out a direction, “But what’s the rush,”
Fry didn’t answer, he was already gone.

Fry’s feet pounded the floor as he ran, faster and faster, each footfall carrying him closer to his goal, his love. He saw a flash of purple disappear round a corner, and he sped up even more, his lungs screaming in protest, but Fry wouldn’t give up.
“LEELA WAIT!” he screamed, his lungs burning from the running and calling Leela’s name. He rounded the corner and saw Leela rushing away from him.
“WAIT!” he screamed again, his voice breaking as a stream of tears began to fall. Leela carried on running, silently getting further from Fry.
“PLEASE! STOP LEELA, I’M SORRY!” his voice uneven, his legs carried on following Leela, who still hadn’t stopped.
“I LOVE YOU!” he sobbed, falling to his knees, unable to run any further. Leela halted, and slowly turned round. Tears were streaming from her eye too and she looked like hell.
“What?” she asked quietly, a faint flicker of hope in her voice.
“I love you, I’m sorry I didn’t believe you. I need you Leela!” Fry wept, scared that he was too late, that she had chanced her mind, that he had lost his only chance.
“You do?” Leela asked, her voice shaking from crying, her face shone with hope.
“I do!” confirmed Fry, relief sweeping over him. He wasn’t too late after all, she still loved him, and he hadn’t lost his chance.
Fry rose to his feet and shakily started towards Leela, and she did the same. Just as they were about to embrace, a blast rocked the ship, knocking them both off their feet and the lights went out.   

Bending Unit
« Reply #69 on: 09-29-2006 21:50 »


What now?


DOOP Secretary
« Reply #70 on: 09-29-2006 22:11 »


Bending Unit
« Reply #71 on: 09-30-2006 00:46 »

From what I've read - nice job so far.

I had a feeling Zapp getting a major smackdown was in the cards.

Keep up the good work!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #72 on: 09-30-2006 03:26 »

Wow! So full of twists - Leela pushing Fry away, then Fry pushing Leela away - I think I might have a coronary!

That isn't the end, is it??????

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #73 on: 09-30-2006 07:12 »

Glad eveybody likes it, don't worry, more will be coming soon.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #74 on: 09-30-2006 09:10 »


Liquid Emperor
« Reply #75 on: 09-30-2006 09:41 »

Uh oh Part 13

A siren blared in to pitch blackness.
“You okay Leela?” Fry called.
“Ugh, I’ve been better, what about you?” came the reply. Fry sighed in relief, Leela was okay.
“Me, I’m fine. Leela, is losing blood from the chest normal?” asked Fry, feeling a damp patch spread from the stitched up area where they had operated on his wound.
“WHAT? No it isn’t why?”
“Er…never mind,”
“Err; I think maybe I broke my stitches,”
“Oh CRAP! Okay, you wait there, I’m coming. Keep talking to me so I can follow the sound of your voice.” Commanded Leela.
“Can do Captain, what should I talk about though?”
“Okay, I’m sorry that I didn’t believe you in the medibay, I thought you were trying to trick me again,”
“What changed you mind?”
“Zapp, he came in shouting that I’d stolen you, and that you were crying that you loved me. I knew you’d never cry in front of Zapp unless you were serious.”
“So then you came and found me right,”
“Er, no. Zapp wouldn’t let me go, and we had an argument. Your name got brought up and I beat the crap out of him. Then I came and found you!”
A deafening silence, apart from the siren, overtook the blacken corridor. Fry listened out for a sign of Leela, anything.
“Leela, are you okay, LEELA!” Fry yelled in a frantic panic. A hand grabbed one of the arms he had been flapping about in his panic attack.
“I’m fine; it’s you I’m worried…” Leela was suddenly cut off by Fry drawing her into a smouldering kiss.

After a few moments, Fry drew back.
“Wowowowowow!” murmured Leela, “What was that for?”
“Don’t you ever scare me like that again, you didn’t answer me and I thought something had happened to you!” admonished Fry, holding Leela in a crushing hug.
“I’m…I’m fine, I think we should be worrying about you.”
“Meh, I’m feeling fine, besides, what’s the use in worrying. It’s not like we could do much in the dark,”
Even in the dark, Leela could just imagine a smirk appearing on Fry’s face from the last part of that sentence.
“I think we should find the medibay and get your stitches sorted,” she said starting to get up.
“What in this darkness?”
“You’re losing too much blood Fry; we need to get you to medibay!”
“Look Leela…” Fry was cut off as another gut wrenching blast hit the Nimbus.
“DAMN!” cursed Leela, the force of the blast knocking off her feet again.
“As I was saying there’s no-way to find the medibay in this darkness and the way things are going, I won’t need it.” Continued Fry.
“Don’t talk like that!”
“It’s true, either I’m gonna lose all my blood or the ships gonna get blasted to pieces, either way I’m dead,” stated Fry calmly.
“You are NOT gonna die, I won’t let you!”
“Leela look, the chances of me getting out of this corridor alive are slim, and if I die, at least I’ll die happy in the knowledge that you love me,”
“Stop it Fry! You are not gonna die, you know why? Because I love you and I’m gonna have a family with you and I’m gonna grow old with you, and that isn’t anything you can do about it!”
“Leela,” began Fry, his voice sounding weaker, “I love you with all my heart, and there is nothing I would rather do that all that stuff you just said, but I don’t know if I can hold on.”
“Try damnit, I love you Fry, you can’t die on me, not now!”
Silence, Fry didn’t answer.
“FRY!” yelled Leela, “FRY! Damnit, now is not the time for jokes…FRY!”
Still no answer.
“God no,” whispered Leela, “No, not now, please no!”

A flashlight lit up the hallway, showing Leela hunched over the still figure of Fry, she was weeping.
“Amy, I found them!” called Kif.
Kif and Amy raced towards Leela and Fry, until they saw that Fry wasn’t moving.
“Oh my…” mumbled Kif. Leela looked up and saw them.
“Thank god you’re here!” she exclaimed shakily, “Fry’s lost a lot of blood and he’s unconscious. We need to get him to medibay!”
Kif and Amy exchanged glances, before Amy went to Leela’s side.
“Leela, are you sure Fry’s alive?” she asked gently.
“Of course he is, he still has a heartbeat, and besides, he loves me!” babbled Leela.
“Okay then, the Omicrons have stopped attacking the ship so it should be safe to move him,” stated Kif, “Leela if you get the legs…” Kif stopped as he saw Leela had picked up Fry and was cradling him in her arms.
“See Fry,” she whispered, “I told you I wouldn’t let you die, we’re gonna take you to the medibay, you just have to hold for us,” she was murmuring softly into his hair.
“Lets go,” stated Kif simply, leading the way to the medibay and to hope.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #76 on: 09-30-2006 09:54 »

She said 'family'. That's why he pretended to die. Family is a bad word to use with a man.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #77 on: 09-30-2006 09:56 »

This is Fry we're talking about, he loves Leela and He didn't *pretend* to die... er that is, he past out...erm er...*runs away*

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #78 on: 09-30-2006 09:58 »

Male commitment issues joke. Too dry perhaps... I need to re-write it...

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #79 on: 09-30-2006 10:20 »

*looks for people with pitchforks*
Oh a joke, that alright then.
Just ignore my previous post then.
*runs at the site of a crowd*
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