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: Everything for her (Fanfic)  (Read 14599 times)
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Bending Unit
« #120 : 10-06-2006 04:27 »

Yaaaaaay! Loved it! Well done!

Liquid Emperor
« #121 : 10-06-2006 04:33 »

Ahhh, I'm blushing *blushes*, you give me too much praise...Don't stop! ;)

I'm working on a sequel...Don't you just know it all gonna go wrong for our fav couple!  :evillaugh:

Liquid Emperor
« #122 : 10-07-2006 08:40 »

Three months later

Part one

Leela was at her apartment with Hermes’ wife La Barbra getting ready for her wedding. As she pulled on her beautiful white, Leela felt her nerves begin to grind.
“I am doing the right thing aren’t I?” she asked.
“What d’ja mean?” queried La Barbra as she zipped up the back of Leela’s dress.
“Marrying Fry.”
“Well now that depends, does he love ja?”
“Yes but…”
“And d’ja love him?”
“Yes I do, but I’m so nervous!” explained Leela.
La Barbra laughed, “Don’t you worry honey, that there’s just pre-wedding jitters. Near’ every woman who’s ‘bout to get married gets ‘em, its perfectly natural. In fact I’d be more worried if ja didn’t get ‘em,”
Leela twirled in front of her mirror and smiled, “You’re sure though?”
“Sure I’m sure girl, look at me. I got those jitters so bad I was shaking, but now I’m happily married with a kid to prove it!”
“Okay then, I just really what today to be special, with nothing going wrong,” Leela sighed happily as she pulled on her veil, “I love him so much,”
La Barbra grinned as she handed Leela her bouquet of flowers, “You love him and he loves you, what could possibly go wrong?”

Fry was waiting at the church with his best manbot Bender as the church slowly filled up with guests. A massive smile spread across Fry’s face as he watched.
“Today’s the day buddy, you’re getting hitched,” said Bender, breaking Fry out of his reverie.
“I know, I still can’t believe Leela agreed to marry me, it’s a dream come true!”
“Yeah, well don’t forget your old buddy Bender when you’re playing happy families,”
“As if I’d forget you, you’re my best robot friend!”
“I’m your only robot friend,”
“All the more reason to remember you,”

The church was full and the wedding march was struck up on the organ. The church doors opened and Leela slowly began walking to the altar and as she approached, she and Fry saw only each other. As she reached the altar they joined hands, both noticing how perfectly they fit together. The Preacherbot started to talk, and Fry and Leela gazed deeply into each others eyes and realised that this really was love.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in the sacrament of holy matrimony. Marriage is a holy bounding and so, if there should be anyone present who can give just cause why this man and this woman should not be joined in holy wedlock, let him speak now or forever hold his peace.”

Suddenly the church doors burst open and a pink hover-car skidded in, and out of the hover-car stepped Michelle. 
“He’s mine,” she screamed. A collective gasp went through the congregation. A look of fury seized Fry’s face as he turned to face her.
“What the hell are you on about Michelle?! I never was and never will be yours. In fact, the only person I will ever belong to is Leela, who I was in the process of marrying before you burst in!” he yelled viciously. Michelle smiled and pulled out a laser pistol, which she proceeded to point at Leela’s head,
“If you don’t get into the car now, there won’t be a Leela to belong to, I’ll shoot her!”
“You’ll have to shoot me first!” roared Fry stepping infront of Leela.
“You can’t save everyone Fry, if I can’t shoot Leela, then how about the Professor, or Bender,” Michelle said calmly, pointing the pistol at various people as she spoke, “Be a good boy and get in the car, now!”
Fry’s face sagged as he saw the hopelessness of the situation. He turned to face Leela, “I’m sorry Leela, but I can’t let her shoot them. You know I love you but I don’t have a choice. I have to go.”
Tears quietly began to fall from Leela’s eye as she pulled Fry into a tight hug, “I understand, just remember to wait for me, I love you Fry!”
“I’m yours Leela, I’ll always wait for you, I promise.” Replied Fry softly
“WELL I’M SICK OF WAITING! GET IN THE CAR OR I’LL START SHOOTING!” screamed Michelle insanely. Gasps erupted from the watching crowd as Fry walked over to the hover-car and got in, tears streaming down his face. Michelle got into the driver side of the car and laughed manically as Fry hung his head in deep sorrow. The car raced out of the church and Leela watched it go through a veil of tears.
“Remember to wait for me Fry, I come for you, I swear I’ll come for you.” She sobbed quietly as a look of determination spread over her face, and tears fell from her eye.

Bending Unit
« #123 : 10-08-2006 01:37 »
« : 10-08-2006 01:37 »

  :mad: I hate Michelle even more than I hate Zapp!

I was expecting this to be like a perfect, mushy, shippy chapter and you surprised me!

Please continue!

DOOP Secretary
« #124 : 10-08-2006 04:39 »
« : 10-08-2006 04:39 by coldangel_1 »


Liquid Emperor
« #125 : 10-08-2006 06:50 »

More more more!

Part two

Michelle’s car was racing through space and the silence was deafening. Fry’s head was hanging down and Michelle was staring straight into the vast emptiness that lay ahead.
“Where are you taking me?” asked Fry tiredly.
“You’ll see,” answered Michelle cheerfully.
“Where are we going?”
“It’s a surprise,”
“You just man-napped me from my wedding Michelle, I not in the mood for surprises.”
“Too bad,”
Fry started getting angry, Michelle had man-napped him from his wedding, and she had the audacity to refuse to tell him where they were going.
“Tell me where the hell we’re going Michelle!”
“Don’t yell Fry, someone might think you didn’t want to be with me,”
Michelle’s foot stamped down on the gas pedal, the increase in speed pushed Fry back in his seat.
“WHAT DOES SHE HAVE THAT I DON’T?!” Michelle screamed.
“MY LOVE!” Fry roared back. Michelle braked suddenly, and Fry was thrown forward.
“That can and will change Fry,” said Michelle in a deathly quiet voice.
Michele’s foot clamped down on the accelerator again, re-throwing Fry backwards again.
They drove on in silence.   

Meanwhile, back in the PE boardroom, Leela was still in her wedding dress and if looks could kill then the corpses would have been piling up by the second. Leela was pacing, and the more she paced the more her rage built.
“How dare she?! HOW THE HELL DOES MICHELLE DARE THREATEN ME AND KIDNAP MY HUSBAND!!!” yelled Leela in a blind fury.
“Technically he’s only your fiancé,” interrupted Bender.

Bender suddenly found himself right over the other side of the boardroom; his inner-clock showed that a few milliseconds had past. There was a dent in his chest plate and Leela was rubbing her knuckles.

“We may not have said the vows yet, but he is my husband. We have to rescue him from Michelle, she’s insane.” Insisted Leela.
“Ouch, yeah fine. How you gonna do that then eyeball, he could be half-way across the universe by now.” Said Bender rubbing his dented chest plate.
“Well, you remember when I hugged Fry at the altar,”
“I slipped a homing device in his pocket so we could follow him,”
“Why did you take a homing device to your wedding,” asked Bender in a tone of disbelief.
Leela blushed, “That doesn’t matter, anyway, now all we have to do is follow him,”
“In what?”
“What did we use last time Bender?”
“The PE ship,”
“Got it in one, so let’s go,”

“Wait for us!” called Amy, as she and Kif ran in.
“Fry made my dream come true when he knocked out Zapp, the least we can do is help rescue him,” explained Kif, looking very out of breath.
“The more the merrier,” shouted Leela as she ran to the PE ship, “Now hurry up and let’s go!”

Everyone hurried onboard and strapped themselves in as Leela hurried to take off and find Fry.
“Fry always loved watching me blast off,” she sighed, “I hope he’s okay,”
“I’m sure he is Leela,” reassured Kif.
“Yeah, he’s probably kissing Michelle now,” added Bender.
Bender woke and found another dent.
“Fry wouldn’t do that, would he?” asked Leela shakily.
Bender laughed “Of course…”
“Not,” cut in Amy, “Fry loves you Leela, you know that. You saw him at the church; he didn’t want to go with her. He was forced.”
“But he did date her,” worried Leela
Bender groaned, “Don’t remind me, sure he dated her, but all the time he just went on and on about you. ‘I wish I was dating Leela,’ ‘Leela’s so wonderful Bender, why doesn’t she like me?’ ‘Michelle’s got nothing on Leela’. On and on, I had to knock him out before he’d shut up,”
“Really?” asked Leela, disbelievingly.
“Really, he just wouldn’t shut up. You humans and your emotions, you make me sick!”
“Wow, I guess he really does love me,”
“Yup, the meatball has it bad, so you better treat him well,”
“Then I’d better find him, said Leela accelerating towards the point that the homing device said was Fry.

DOOP Secretary
« #126 : 10-08-2006 07:44 »

I carry a few moming devices on my person at all times too. It pays to be prepared. Mostly I plant them on certain persons' cars so that I can find out where I live for the purpose of conducting ongoing campaigns of sociopathic harassment... (but only if they deserve it).

Yes well... very good. Do carry on.

Bending Unit
« #127 : 10-08-2006 08:08 »

Haha good chapter! Can't wait for the next bit!

Liquid Emperor
« #128 : 10-08-2006 08:45 »

“WHAT DOES SHE HAVE THAT I DON’T?!” Michelle screamed.
“MY LOVE!” Fry roared back."

ooooh, burn!

Brilliant opening, by the way!

Bending Unit
« #129 : 10-08-2006 13:05 »

I'm hooked. It's an addiction. I'm gonna go check into "Shippers Anonymous"
Albert 207

Delivery Boy
« #130 : 10-08-2006 19:38 »

c mon c mon c mon

DOOP Secretary
« #131 : 10-09-2006 06:53 »

Originally posted by LuvFry:
I'm hooked. It's an addiction. I'm gonna go check into "Shippers Anonymous"

'Anonymous'? Where's the fun in that? You are a disgrace;)


Liquid Emperor
« #132 : 10-09-2006 09:30 »

Coldangel: You carry homing devices too? I thought I was the only one ;)

Cyberphobia: Glad you liked it, and your wait is over!

Mookie: If you thought Michelle got burnt in that bit...wait and see

LuvFry: No Shippers Anonymous for you, you have to finish reading my story!

Albert: coming coming coming

Xanfor: Sound advice, I don't want anyone going to Shippers Anonymous untill I finish this story!

And Now

Part three

Michelle’s hover car was roaring through space towards a beautiful looking planet, covered in vast rainforest and perfect weather. Michelle took the car down to land in a small clearing, hitting the ground with a small bump. Fry looked up slowly.
“So where are we then?” he asked in bored monotone.
“This is a planet I discovered!” trilled Michelle excitedly.
“Looks nice I suppose,” praised Fry begrudgingly as he studied the landscape through the windscreen.
“NICE!” screeched Michelle, “This place is beautiful, that’s why I named it Beautopia, an untouched plane of natural wonder.”
“Whatever. Where are the locals then?” asked Fry.
“There are no locals,” purred Michelle moving closer to Fry, “There’s just you and me, alone together”
“W…what do you mean alone,” stammered Fry, edging closer to the door and further away from Michelle.
“I mean there’s no-one to watch us,” Michelle whispered softly, running a hand along Fry’s thigh.

Fry ripped open the door and shot out of the car as fast as if he’d been electrocuted.
“There won’t be anything to watch Michelle. In case you’ve forgotten, I’m taken, I am Leela’s,” he yelled.
Michelle slowly stepped out of the car and began walking towards Fry, swaying her hips as she went.
“What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her Fry, besides, she’s sooooo far away,” she temped.
“She’s still my wife no matter how far away she is,” said Fry hoarsely as he watched Michelle’s swaying hips. Michelle stopped and flinched like she’d been slapped.
“You never said the vows, I stopped you!” she whimpered. Now Michelle had stopped walking, Fry managed to regain his composure.
“The vows don’t matter, we were both going to say them and I love her.”
“You could love me to?” whined Michelle.
“Not the way I love Leela. You’re my ex, Leela’s my life.”
“But I love you Fry, you’re the only friendly face I know in this crazy world!”
“I’m sorry Michelle, but I just don’t feel that way about you,”
“Please Fry, don’t do this to me, don’t hurt me.” Whimpered Michelle
“I’m not trying to hurt you, I’m just being honest,” said Fry backing away from her
“Just tell me you love me!” begged Michelle.
“I can’t, I love Leela and it would be wrong to say different.”
Michelle’s face took on a desperate look, her eyes beginning to full with tears, “I don’t care, if the truth is you don’t love me then lie to me, please Fry!”
Fry stood firm, “No Michelle, that’s one thing I won’t lie about.”
“Why won’t you say three little words for me?” sobbed Michelle as the tears began to fall.
“I’ll say three words: I. Love. Leela.”
Michelle looked into Fry’s defiant eyes and felt a rage engulf her, “You jerk Fry, ever since you came to the future you’ve been standing up for yourself!”
“That’s because there’s something worth standing up for, ever since I came to the future I’ve been in love. Real love, instead of the cheap imitation you showed.”
As Fry said this, a glint of pure insanity entered Michelle’s eyes.
“If I can’t have you Fry, then that freaky cyclops sure as hell can’t!” she screamed, pulling out a samurai sword and holding it ‘Kill Bill’ style. She ran at Fry screaming her head off.
Fry took one look at her and yelled, “Awww crap,” before he took off with Michelle at his heels.

Liquid Emperor
« #133 : 10-09-2006 12:14 »
« : 10-09-2006 12:14 »

I always wondered what happened to Michelle after Futurama, I guess that's cleared things up, she went loony and stalked Fry in the shadows  :hmpf:

Liquid Emperor
« #134 : 10-09-2006 12:40 »

Maybe, maybe not. The stories not done yet.
Albert 207

Delivery Boy
« #135 : 10-09-2006 13:08 »

how there she call leela a freak!!!

Liquid Emperor
« #136 : 10-09-2006 13:37 »

Michelle wants Fry, Leela has Fry, ergo, Michelle insults Leela

Part four

Leela was pushing the PE ship to its very limits as she rushed through space towards Fry’s homing device.
“Come on, come on damn it!” she muttered as she struggled to force the ship faster. The ship was getting dangerously close to breaking point as Leela raced on, faster and faster in a desperate rush.
“Slow down Leela!” screamed Amy as red lights began flashing.
“No way, I don’t trust Michelle!” yelled Leela over a siren that had started blaring.
“Spleese Leela, if you don’t slow down you’re gonna blow up the ship!”
“I don’t care!”
“If we get blown up then Michelle gets Fry!” roared Amy, “Is that what you what?”
“NO!” screeched Leela, slamming on the brakes, bringing the ship to a jarring halt.

Leela breathed in deeply and looked around, Amy, Kif and Bender had all been thrown off their feet, seeing as they hadn’t been sitting down.
“Splugh Leela, it I wanted to get killed then I’d have volunteered for the Professor’s experiments!” complained Amy angrily as she stood up.
“Yeah eyeball, what you playing at?” asked Bender standing up.
“Sorry,” apologized Leela
“Captain, incoming transmission,” announced Kif from the corner.
“Who from?” inquired Leela.
Kif gulped “The Nimbus,”
Amy swore in catonise, Leela swore in English.
“DAMN IT, I swear Zapp Branigan has the worst timing in the known universes and the charm of an amoeba! I suppose we should listen to want he has to say then. Let the transmission through Kif.”
“Yes Captain,”

The transmission started and Zapp’s face filled the screen.
“Ah, the sexliously charming Captain Leela, you couldn’t keep away could you? You came to ride to Zapper again didn’t you? Of course you did, what seductively sensible woman wouldn’t. Well why don’t you come on board my Lurve-ship and head to the Love-nasium for some cham-pag-ne and a free ride,” said Zapp suavely with a wink. Leela shuddered.
“Actually Zapp, I should be on my honeymoon right now. My wedding was this morning.” Smirked Leela, watching for Zapp’s reaction. She wasn’t disappointed. A look of crushing defeat mixed with absolute rage with just a tinge of bafflement spread across Zapp’s face.
“Wha…Ho…When…who to?” stammered Zapp disbelievingly. Leela turned to Kif.
“You didn’t tell him?” she asked. Zapp looked from Leela to Kif and screamed like a five year old.
“OH MY GOD, I give you the day off and you marry my woman! How could you Kif!”
Kif’s camouflage kicked in as he attempted to answer, “I didn’t …I mean…I…”
“He didn’t marry Leela. Leela was getting married to Fry,” interrupted Amy, feeling quite disturbed by the idea of Kif and Leela.
“Fry?” said Zapp stupidly. Leela sighed.
“Phillip, the man who you apprenticed,” she explained exasperatedly. Recognition dawned on Branigan’s face, quickly followed by outrage.
“You married my apprentice, how could you Leela!” he roared.
“Easily, just as easily as I’m going to murder Michelle, now if you’ll excuse me I have to go.”
“Wait, under section 6.74 of Branigan’s Law, you just admitted intent to murder. I have to arrest you unless you can produce a valid reason.” Stated Zapp.
“I have plenty off reasons,” started Leela, getting progressively louder with each syllable, “Michelle is insane. She interrupted my wedding, threatened me, and to top it off she’s man-napped Fry and flown him off to God knows where.  Now you can just bite my fleshy pale ass and try and stop me, if she’s hurt Fry I’ll kill her, law or no!” screamed Leela, roaring off, leaving the Nimbus in a cloud of space dust.

Bending Unit
« #137 : 10-09-2006 17:31 »

Looking great...I've probably chewed my nails down to nothing.

DOOP Secretary
« #138 : 10-09-2006 20:14 »

Hehe, samurai sword... suddenly Michelle doesn't seem so bad to me.

Bending Unit
« #139 : 10-09-2006 20:44 »

Alright, I'll hold off on the whole "Shippers Anonymous" thing until after your story...

Hello, my name is LuvFry, and I'm a shipperholic...

Liquid Emperor
« #140 : 10-10-2006 12:49 »

No shippers Anonymous. Heres the next update, short but sweet.

Part Five
Fry was running as fast as his legs would carry him and then some, with Michelle hot at his heels. The samurai sword was being swung back and forth, each swing only just missing Fry.
“Come on Fry, stop running, I don’t want to hurt you. I WANT TO KILL YOU!” screamed Michelle.
“That would hurt, a lot,” yelled Fry panting hard.
“I’m gonna rip your heart out and break it, just like you broke my heart!”
“Can’t we resolve this peacefully?”
“We’re going to, I’m gonna chop you into pieces!” roared Michelle, cutting the back of Fry’s jacket. Fry felt the edge of the blade and ran faster. He dodged through trees and over roots, trying to evade the increasingly desperate blade that was aimed for him. Each step he took Michelle was behind him, getting closer and closer. As Fry began to tire, Michelle remand strong, fuelled by a burning hatred and a deep agony.
“I love you Fry!” yelled Michelle as she drew closer.
“Then why are you trying to kill me?” asked Fry looking over his shoulder as he ran, straight into a tree. Michelle approached Fry and stood towering over Fry. She raised the blade of the sword.
“Now it ends,” she said, almost sorrowfully. The blade began its descend when a sudden green blast knocked the blade out of Michelle’s hand and buried it into the tree truck beside Fry’s head, Fry fainted.

“Not yet Michelle,” called Leela stepping off the PE ship. Michelle whirled around in a blind fury.
“You freak, why the hell can’t you keep away? Not only do you stop me getting back with Fry, you stop me killing him!”
“I have plenty of reasons, but none of them are to do with you.”
“Not to do with me? NOT TO DO WITH ME! I was with Fry before your parents’ parents were born. He won’t get back with me because of you and you won’t let me kill him, and yet you won’t tell me why!”
“I’ll tell you one reason, you’re a user. You use him to bounce back and make yourself feel better, and as soon as the next hot man comes along, you’re off again, leaving Fry alone and hurt.”
“Like you didn’t.”
“Yeah I did, but I love Fry and he loves me. You’re not even part of the picture now!”
“I will be when you’re dead!”
“What, you’d kill someone who Fry loves and someone who Fry will love, just to get with him?”
“Someone he will love?”
Fry was just waking up as Leela spoke.
“I’m pregnant,”
Fry fainted again.
Albert 207

Delivery Boy
« #141 : 10-10-2006 14:15 »

ohhh ohhhh ohhhhhh leela preag oohhhh ohhhh

nice work ohhhh ohhh ohhh

let mr calm down now3... ohhhh

Nice work!!!!

Liquid Emperor
« #142 : 10-10-2006 14:29 »

 :D So you like it then? ;)

Bending Unit
« #143 : 10-10-2006 16:34 »

Nice curve ball, I feel like I'm watching "All My Circuits"

DOOP Secretary
« #144 : 10-10-2006 17:01 »

A one-eyed purple people-producer, eh? I've always thought Leela would make a good mother.

Liquid Emperor
« #145 : 10-10-2006 23:44 »

WOW.........a little ginger baby with one eye! Or a two-eyed Leela clone! Both are good!

Bending Unit
« #146 : 10-11-2006 09:11 »

Oooooooh LOL! That was a good twist! Haha!

Liquid Emperor
« #147 : 10-11-2006 13:15 »


Part six

Michelle took a step back, her face contorted into stunned disbelief, twinned with an agonised rage.
“You’re not!” she screamed in a desperate hope.
“I am. I’m pregnant with Fry’s child, almost three months gone in fact.”
“Three months gone, and you didn’t tell Fry?”
“I was planning to after the wedding, but you interfered before I got the chance!”
“You didn’t deserve Fry! You still don’t!”
“And yet Fry is still with me and I’m the mother of his child, what does that tell you Michelle?”
“That you’re clever and manipulative,”
Leela sighed, “Fry loves me Michelle, not you, me. I am having his child, you’re not. I intend to marry Fry, he’d never propose to you. Just give up Michelle. Fry’s mine,”
Michelle froze and stared at Leela, “Give up?” she whispered. Leela nodded her head. Michelle was silent.

Suddenly Michelle lunged at Leela, whirling her arms and clenching her fists. Leela sidestepped just in time, Michelle’s flying fists missing by a mere centimetre. Michelle rolled as she landed and flew into a jumping head kick as soon as she came out of the roll. Leela was just recovering from the first attack and was hit squarely in the head, and sent flying backwards.  Leela’s reflexes kicked in and she landed in a backwards roll before jumping up.

Michelle and Leela began slowly circling each other, glaring with a heat that would have melted Bender. Michelle threw a fierce punch at Leela’s stomach, only to find her arm being grabbed and her whole body being flipped over. Michelle twisted her body and managed to get in a kick before she landed flat on her back. The kick had connected with Leela’s legs and she went sprawling onto the ground. Both women flipped upright and lunged at each other, missing each other by inches. Leela launched into a spinning head kick and knocked Michelle down. Leela stepped lightly on Michelle’s windpipe, slightly lifting her foot when Michelle seemed on the verge on passing out.
“YOU LITTLE…” Leela breathed in deeply to calm herself before continuing. “Fry does not want you anymore, Fry wants me, and Fry has me. Fry is going to be a father. You are going to die,” stated Leela, re-pressing down on Michelle’s windpipe, “Now it ends,”

“NO!” Fry yelled. He had bolted upright and had begun to try and pull Leela off Michelle. “Don’t do it!”
Leela struggled against Fry as he pulled her into his arms and stopped her crushing Michelle’s windpipe.
“No, let me kill her! She tried to take you away!” yelled Leela, gradually breaking down into sobs.
“Shhh, it’s okay Leela, I’m here now. I’ll tell you what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna get on the ship and go and get married like we were going to. Then we’re gonna go home and relax, and when the time comes, I’m gonna be a Daddy and you’re gonna be a Mommy, and we’re gonna be happy together.” Soothed Fry as he hugged Leela gently.
“But Michelle?”
“I’ll tell you what; before we leave we’ll wreck her car so she can’t leave ‘her’ planet, okay?”
“Okay,” sniffed Leela burying her head in Fry’s chest.

Michelle was still lying in a heap and her car was a wreck as Fry and Leela boarded the ship. Everyone surrounded them as soon as they got to the bridge.
“OH MY GOD!” squealed Amy excitedly, “I heard you outside, I’m gonna be an aunty!”
“How’d you figure that rich girl?” asked Bender snidely.
“Well, I always considered Leela as an older sister…”
“Really?” cut in Leela.
“Really,” continued Amy, “So by that logic I’m the aunty.”
“Er, hopefully then, I could be the uncle,” stammered Kif.
“What? You consider Leela a sister too?” asked Bender.
“N…no but if Amy does, what I mean is…” Kif turned to Amy, “Will you marry me Amy?”
“Yes yes yes, I thought you’d never ask!” yelled Amy excitedly. Kif’s worried face broke into a smile.
“Thank God,” he sighed happily. Fry was deep in thought, when he clapped his hands together in glee.
“I have an idea,” he declared, “Seeing as Leela and I never actually got married, why don’t we make it a double wedding.”
“Yeah, that sounds like a great idea,” agreed Leela.
“Sounds good to me,” said Amy.
“And me,” joined in Kif
“So let’s go then,” said Bender, firing up the engine and blasting off into space.         

Albert 207

Delivery Boy
« #148 : 10-11-2006 14:53 »

is it over..?
 I hope not. I m in love with this fanfic so excellent

DOOP Secretary
« #149 : 10-11-2006 20:09 »

Aww, sweet.

Liquid Emperor
« #150 : 10-12-2006 04:44 »

Glad you all like it, it's not over yet though!

DOOP Secretary
« #151 : 10-12-2006 06:24 »

It'll never be over. Not while a few people still remember the show.

Ooops, stupid philisophical circuit's still activated.

Liquid Emperor
« #152 : 10-12-2006 06:31 »


Liquid Emperor
« #153 : 10-12-2006 07:29 »

After 3...1....2......3....Double wedding! Double wedding!

I love this fic!

Liquid Emperor
« #154 : 10-12-2006 09:46 »

Yay, you still like my fic, heres...

Part seven

The PE ship was coasting through space at a steady pace and everyone onboard was gleefully happy.
“I can’t believe I’m gonna be a daddy,” gushed Fry, placing his hand on Leela’s belly.
“And I can’t believe it either, who’d thought you’d have it in you skintoob,” smirked Bender.
“I did, and you can take your hand off my belly Fry, the baby isn’t kicking yet,” smiled Leela.
“Right, sorry Leela,” apologized Fry, embarrassed
“Don’t be,” she said softly. Fry and Leela looked deep into each others eyes and Fry gently pulled her into a hug.
“Humans,” Bender sighed in disgust as he went back to piloting the ship.
“I still can’t believe Amy agreed to marry me,” Kif grinned, gazing at Amy with a deep longing.
“Of course I did Kiffy, I was just waiting for you to ask,” giggled Amy returning Kif’s gaze with one of her own.
“Which reminds me, can we stop off at the Nimbus please Bender?” asked Kif. Everyone stared at him.
“Are you out of your ever-loving mind? After what happened on the way here you want us to go back!” yelled Bender.
“I have something I need to do, trust me on this.” Said Kif.
“Leela?” Bender asked.
“Fine, but only because Fry’s with me and Zapp won’t try anything with his ex-apprentice around.” Leela said, still hugging Fry tightly.
“Aye aye Captain one eye,” sang Bender as he steered towards the Nimbus.

As the Nimbus came into view Leela stiffened in Fry’s arms.
“What’s wrong beautiful?” Fry asked concernedly.
“I just don’t like being near Zapp is all,” answered Leela stiffly.
“Don’t worry about him Leela, I’m here now,” soothed Fry softly kissing Leela’s soft lips. Leela relaxed in Fry’s gentle embrace and closed her eye, letting her lips show Fry just how much she loved him. Fry pulled back after a minute or so and breathed deeply, staring lovingly at Leela, before completely releasing her from his embrace. Leela’s eye opened.
“Thanks Fry,” she whispered.
“What for?” asked a confused Fry
“Just for being you,” she replied tenderly. They were just leaning in for another kiss when Bender spoke.
“Incoming transmission Captain,”
“Damn Zapp,” she cursed under her breath, “Let the transmission through then,”
Zapp’s face appeared onscreen.
“Ah the seductive Captain Leela…” began Zapp
“Shut your face you coward,” spat Fry, surprising everyone. “We’re not here for you to try and fail at seducing my fiancée; we’re here because Kif asked us to come so he could talk to you. If you say one more word to Leela then I will board the Nimbus, and God help me, I will kick your ass again. Do you understand me you stinking piece of filth?”
Zapp nodded his head in a stunned silence.
“Good. I think you wanted to talk to Zapp didn’t you Kif,” asked Fry.
“Y…yes,” stammered Kif as he stepped in front of the screen, “I’m getting married sir, and in order to focus on my life I’m quitting sir.”
“WHAT, but who’ll lay out my underwear, who’ll WASH my underwear. Who’ll bath me and look after me!” sobbed Zapp.
“I’m sure you’ll find someone sir.” Said Kif simply before turning the PE crew, “Does anyone else have anything to say?”
“I have something else to add,” said Fry turning to the screen, “Leela is no man’s possession Zapp, but I love her and she loves me, and she’s pregnant with my child. So you just keep the hell away from us, got it!”
Zapp’s veins bulged and his face contorted into disbelieving and terrified.
“You’re lying!” he screamed. Fry ignored Zapp’s comment and repeated himself.
“You just keep the hell away from my family you cowardly jackass,” he said before turning to Bender, “Let’s go, we’ve got a double wedding to organize.”
Bender powered up the ship and they blasted off into space, headed for home.   

DOOP Secretary
« #155 : 10-12-2006 10:01 »

Heh heh, good shit right there. See this was what I meant about confidence and assertiveness. About being a MAN. Loving it.

Liquid Emperor
« #156 : 10-12-2006 10:18 »

See, I do listen to you

DOOP Secretary
« #157 : 10-12-2006 10:32 »

Excellent. Another minion to do my bidding...

 :D Seriously, cool stuff. I like tough manly Fry. Reminds me of a younger version of me. Not much younger though... perhaps even a few years older.

Heh, well actually Fry's 29 at the end of the series by my reckoning so he's six years older than me.

Keep up the good work. And I'll fumble those pictures together.

Liquid Emperor
« #158 : 10-12-2006 10:35 »

Thanx coldangel, you're such a gentleman

Liquid Emperor
« #159 : 10-12-2006 14:14 »

Woooow, You have a seriously good talent for this fan-fiction malarky, keep it coming!
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