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: Tasty's Art and Fan Fic thread... OF DOOM  (Read 24752 times)
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DOOP Secretary
« #200 : 10-31-2006 10:01 »

What the fu....arkus?
Writer unit32

« #201 : 10-31-2006 12:05 »

You herd me!Errr... I mean read what wrote!What did you think that I'm human?
PCC Fred

Space Pope
« #202 : 10-31-2006 17:39 »

It's 11:26pm here in Wales, so technically I'm not too late to wish you a Happy Birthday.  :)

I like this beginning.  It seems very Groening-cartoon-esque in the way the crew start out doing something (seemingly) unrelated to the bulk of the story, like the sojourn to the racetrack in "Luck of the Fryrish".

I have a couple of technical points though.  First, you're getting your tenses mixed up when you describe someone's actions.  Example:

The PROF sits down and smiles pleasantly at everyone before tilting his head back and resumed his snoring. LEELA looks at the keys in her hand and then looks questionably at HERMES.

Since in a script all actions are in present tense, it should be "resumes his snoring".

My other nitpick is that maybe descriptions like the above ought to be in parenthesis (or underlined) to distinguish them from the dialogue itself.  I know that in a lot of professional scripts they write them as you've done, but they also usually indent the dialogue, which may be awkard to do when posting somewhere like PEEL.

But on the whole it's looking good.  :)

« #203 : 11-01-2006 15:55 »


Liquid Emperor
« #204 : 11-01-2006 16:07 »

Ooooh...very nice work, TLF! Very funny update!
Hehehehehe...bellyflops  :D
Love it, girl!
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« #205 : 11-01-2006 21:23 »

coldangel_1; I have, they weren't embaressed, just uncoordinated.


Thanks Writer unit32 ... I think...

PCC Fred;
*headdesk* That's what happens when I try to convert from script form to novel form then back to script form again. I'll fix it later.
Thanks for the birthday wishes and compliments, and even nitpicks  :p

Thanks leela_1i and KitKat!

I promise a picture next time!
Apple Tea

Bending Unit
« #206 : 11-01-2006 23:26 »

Originally posted by coldangel_1:
I *like* it.
Heh, he can't swim. I've never met anyone who couldn't swim. How embarassing.

Yea, one of my best friends can't swim, I tried to teach him a couple of times but the dude swims like a brick.

Great Fic by the way, kinda makes me wanna start writing again if I didn't have 3 finals hovering over my head.

Where'd the idea of Fry can't swim come from anyways?  Was it in an episode?  Or did u guys make it up, cuz I read Layla's story and he couldn't swim in that one

DOOP Secretary
« #207 : 11-02-2006 02:26 »

He said he couldn't swim in Fry & the Slurm Factory.
Me, I thought he was only half serious because I didn't think there was any able-bodied adult on Earth who couldn't swim. Apparently I was wrong, though I still can't understand how a person would be unable to at least keep themselves afloat - it should come naturally as instinct. Every mammal can swim. Heck, even ELEPHANTS swim.
Apple Tea

Bending Unit
« #208 : 11-02-2006 02:40 »

Maybe the people who cant swim were traumatized at some point in their life where it made them scared of the water.  Or maybe some people are just too dense and the bouyant force isn't enough to keep them afloat.

I'm sorry I dunno how this turned out to a discussion about people who cant swim.

DOOP Secretary
« #209 : 11-02-2006 02:55 »

My fault.
Apple Tea

Bending Unit
« #210 : 11-02-2006 03:02 »

Yes, let's all blame coldangel...*Shifty eyes*

Bending Unit
« #211 : 11-02-2006 04:23 »

Yay new fic! Awesome work!

And Happy (late) birthday TLF! Sorry, I wasn't online yesterday and the day before because of exams and stuff.
Writer unit32

« #212 : 11-03-2006 01:36 »

Fry said he can't swim in gelly in The Sting(atleast he thought so)

Bending Unit
« #213 : 11-03-2006 05:37 »

Yeah but didnt he say "I cant swim in space honey... as far as I know" or something like that? So he can probably swim in water.

DOOP Secretary
« #214 : 11-03-2006 20:59 »

He said he couldn't swim in 'Fry & The Slurm Factory'. Period. That was in water. Green-coloured fake slurm water, but still just water.
Apple Tea

Bending Unit
« #215 : 11-04-2006 01:51 »

Yea I kinda remmeber that now, he leans over to drink the slurm but fell in or something and Leela had to dive in to save him.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« #216 : 11-04-2006 03:45 »

Yeah, in Fry and the Slurm Factory and The Sting. Leela saves him both times.

Anyways, I promised a pic...

And why not some story...

The Planet Express ship landed heavily on the planet of Geonsis. It creaks in its landing.

LEELA: [stating the obvious] High gravity.

She pressed a few buttons to release the pressure. She turns to where Fry normally sits, but he isn’t there. Leela looks around the room in pleasant surprise.
She pokes her head in the cabin to see Bender and Fry peacefully sleeping and is jealous; she is tired too. She pokes Fry and knocks loudly on Bender’s head.

FRY: [wincing] Ow! Leela!

FRY clutches his podgy tummy where she had poked him. At the sudden knocking, BENDER jumped and falls from his bunk right on top of FRY.

FRY: Ow my earlobe!
BENDER: Hey we were sleeping!
LEELA: Yeah, we’re here so you can get working. It’s my turn to rest.
FRY: But… Those things are heavy!
LEELA: Use the dolly, and stack one at a time, we don’t want another accident. The gravity’s high and the place to deliver them to be a mile away.

LEELA turns away and misses the expressions of utter dismay.

Groaning and sweating, FRY pushes his heavy dolly up to a warehouse door that had a big number 27 on it. It opens.

FRY: [exhaustedly] Planet Express delivery.

He hands a clipboard to the receiver before sinking to the ground weakly.

COACHIE: I’m not signing this until we get all we ordered. Where’s the rest of the booty?
FRY: We’ll get it. [starts to leave]
BENDER: [arriving] What?! Don’t I get a rest?
COACHIE: No rest until your job is done soldier.
BENDER: [mimicking] No rest until your job is done soldier.

COACHIE pulls out a silver whistle and blows on it. It’s shrill and FRY covers his ears in pain.

COACHIE: Drop and give me twenty!
BENDER: [mimicking] Drop and give me twenty!
FRY: Bender, don’t!
COACHIE: I’ll report to your captain…
BENDER: Leela? She won’t do nuthin.
COACHIE: I’ll report to your boss.
BENDER: The professor? Like he will care.
COACHIE: I’ll, I’ll…
BENDER: Face it chump, Bender’s great and there’s nothing you can do about it.
COACHIE: I’ll shut you off.
BENDER: I’d like to see you t- ah!

COACHIE had produced a weapon that is giant in size and has ‘Bot-terminator’ written on the side. BENDER drops to his knees.

BENDER: Alright! Alright! I’ll do your stupid push-ups.

BENDER quickly does his small task with ease. He jumps up and fearfully runs away with one of the dollys.

FRY: [pushing-up] Wa-wa-one
COACHIE: Put your backbone into it!


FRY walks in with a dolly. BENDER is lying in pieces on the floor.

BENDER: I can’t do this anymore! Look at my arms!

His arms are on the floor trying weakly to move.

BENDER: I was built for bending, not lifting or pushing! You’ll have to do it meat-bag.
FRY: Why should I?

You can hear the clogs turning as BENDER thinks. His antennae slowly retracts into his head and shoots up with a ‘ping’ as he comes to an idea.

BENDER: You like Leela right?
FRY: Well, yeah… But that’s none of your business!
BENDER: Whatever. Anyway, she’ll be really opinionated when she finds out that you haven’t done the delivery.
FRY: [tapping his fingers nervously] Yeah?
BENDER: So I’ll stay here while you deliver the weights, give me $50 and I’ll put in a good word for you; deal?
FRY: I dunno.
BENDER: I’ll make it $100.
FRY: Deal!
BENDER: You won’t regret this, great doing business with you buddy.

FRY picks BENDER’S hand off the ground and shakes it. We see snatches of FRY hurrying back and forth. Soon it is sunset. Finally there is only one weight left. As Fry lifts it onto the dolly, Leela marches in.

BENDER: Uh-oh.

Jumping up from his resting place; BENDER joins FRY in pushing the last dolly out. But they are going so slow; LEELA simply walks around them in front of dolly making it impossible for them to move it.

LEELA: Why aren’t you finished?
BENDER: Fry did it! [scampers back into the ship]
FRY: This is the last one!
LEELA: And I’m making sure you don’t dilly-dally.

FRY follows LEELA back through the track. LEELA is going to fast for him and soon she has to stop and wait.

LEELA: [impatiently] Hurry up!

Despite how tired he is, FRY breaks out into a jog. LEELA jogs ahead and comes to COACHIE who is holding a stopwatch.

LEELA: [extending hand in greetings] Turunga Leela, Captian of the Planet Express Ship.
COAHIE: [not looking at her] Hi, nice to meet you.
LEELA: I’m sorry about the slow delivery.
COAHIE: Slow? [he looks to her in surprise] What you talking bout lady?
LEELA: Fry… and Bender

FRY has broken into a run to climb the last hill. LEELA and COACHIE watch him.

LEELA: They always stuff something up…

Red-faced, FRY reaches them.

FRY: [panting] How’d I do Coachie?
COACHIE: I think you’ve smashed your personal best!
FRY: Wooo!
COACHIE: [friendly patting FRY on the shoulder] You go have a rest.
LEELA: Like hell he will, I need a navigator, the GPS system went kaflooey. Come on Fry.

She goes to grab Fry by the sleeve of his shirt, but retracts her hand; FRY is soaked with perspiration. Grumbling, FRY obediently follows. COACHIE shakes his head.


LEELA is piloting, FRY is stationed at his normal place, BENDER is sleeping in the chair behind him with five empty beer bottles at his feet.
LEELA: I’m sorry Fry for yelling, I just get frustrated with you sometimes.
FRY: I know. And I’m sorry it took so long – but those were really damn heavy.
LEELA: [sighs] Just go have a shower ok? You look like you fell into a swamp and you smell like… [she wrinkles her nose] real bad.

FRY lifts his arm and takes a tentative sniff. He immediately reels backwards; choking. LEELA rolls her eye as FRY leaves the room spluttering.


FRY: I’m walking on sunshine! Whoa! Imwalgabing…

FRY’S song is gargled is the downpour of water. He takes some of LEELA’S scented soap and lavishly covers himself with bubbles. There are lots of LEELA’S things in the shower and FRY amuses himself with the ducky sponge and various soaps and shampoos. He shapes his hair with the bubbles into an Elvis Presley shape.

FRY: [imitating] Thankyou, thankyou very much.

Giggling insanely, FRY rinses off the soap with the last of the hot water. Before turning it off and stepping out and dripping water everywhere. He spots a container next to the sink and goes over to it while wrapping a towel round him.

FRY: [inspecting the container] Man-go-bod-ee-butt-ear. Mmm, butter.

FRY tastes the goo and licks his lips in satisfaction. He goes to dip his finger in again.

LEELA: [knocking on the door] Fry, we’re back on earth. Can you hurry up please?

FRY hastily shoves the lid back on the body butter.

FRY: I’m coming!

FRY pulls on his wet t-shirt, clean underpants and jeans, hopping about on the wet floor trying to get his second foot in. He slips on a stray bar of soap on the floor and falls heavily with a crash.

LEELA: Are you ok in there? Do you need help dressing again? I’ll send Bender in…

FRY moaned; he was seeing double. After cautiously peeking through the door, LEELA stepped in.

FRY: Leela, why do you have two eyes?

LEELA surveyed the room. All her shower things were everywhere and half used and there was water all over the floor.

FRY: Leela?

FRY tries to get to his feet but trips on his jeans and falls again.

FRY: A little help?
LEELA: [snapping out of a shocked state, into one of ferocity] Right.

LEELA catches FRY by the back of his pants and pulls him to his feet at the same time as pulling up his pants; perhaps a little too high. FRY yelps in pain and grapples with her. LEELA’S hair-band breaks and her hair cascades over her shoulders. FRY catches her hands and holds her away.

FRY: Not so rough!
LEELA: You used up all my stuff!
FRY: Not all of it!
LEELA: [trying to make a bid for freedom] Look at this bathroom! Look at it! It’s a mess!

LEELA gives up trying to struggle against his grip and using her boots, starts to push the bare-footed FRY across the wet floor.

FRY: I’m… [pant] sorry… [pant]


FRYBRAIN: Must. Not. Let. Her. Go… wait a sec, how come I’m able to hold on without her slipping out of my grip? … How did I get a hold in the first place? This is awesome! Maybe I can… oh crap…


LEELA pushed FRY into a corner.

FRY: [panicky] Maybe… we can talk?

LEELA: [glaring] Maybe…I can kick your ass.

LEELA’S boot connects with FRY’S shin. Both players stumble and fall over and land in a somewhat suggestive position. [yeah, like that  ;) ]

BENDER: Y’know, you should really get a room.

LEELA places her hand on FRY’S chest to lift herself off him.

LEELA: [blowing her fringe] We are in a room! …And this isn’t what it looks like!

LEELA’S hand slips and she falls on top of FRY again.

FRY: [whimper]
BENDER: Sure. Do you want to be left alone?
LEELA: Puh-lease, that’s the last thing I want.
BENDER: Good, because I want to get some bargaining dirt.

BENDER whips out his camera and starts taking pictures.

LEELA: Get the hell outta here!
BENDER: Fine, I’ve got what I needed.

BENDER laughs dirtily and jauntily struts out of the room, closing the door behind him leaving FRY and LEELA alone.
(to be continued)

Bending Unit
« #217 : 11-04-2006 05:01 »

Aww Leela was way harsh in that update! But awesome! Can't wait for more!

DOOP Secretary
« #218 : 11-04-2006 05:39 »

Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh.... heh heh...  :flirt:
PCC Fred

Space Pope
« #219 : 11-04-2006 18:50 »

Best line - "LEELA: Are you ok in there? Do you need help dressing again? I’ll send Bender in…"  Nice one TLF.  :laff:

Bending Unit
« #220 : 11-04-2006 19:18 »

Originally posted by PCC Fred:
Best line - "LEELA: Are you ok in there? Do you need help dressing again? I’ll send Bender in…"  Nice one TLF.   :laff:



Keep up the good work!
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« #221 : 11-05-2006 15:48 »

Cyberphobia; I know, but she'll come around, you'll see  ;)

coldangel_1;  :flirt:
Oh, the pic you made for me goes with this section.

PCC Fred and LuvFry; Thanks!  :D  :love:
Apple Tea

Bending Unit
« #222 : 11-05-2006 22:44 »

hey it looks like buff fry is back!

DOOP Secretary
« #223 : 11-05-2006 23:38 »

Slippery when wet.
Apple Tea

Bending Unit
« #224 : 11-06-2006 00:02 »

Gets wet when excited.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« #225 : 11-06-2006 16:08 »

He's not as muscly as parasites!Fry.


Liquid Emperor
« #226 : 11-06-2006 16:24 »

Lol, funny update, girl. That last part had me almost in tears, what with Bender whipping out the camera and all. Love the pic coldangel_1 made for ya, too. The cheeky little devil.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« #227 : 11-07-2006 16:13 »

Thanks KKBF! <3
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« #228 : 11-08-2006 17:17 »


Fry lay speechless, staring dazedly up at Leela while she roared at Bender. Her loose hair spilled over her shoulders like a violet erotic waterfall, her now wet t-shirt barely concealed her bosom and the dominant weight holding him down; her hand on his wet shirted chest. Fry mentally shook himself, trying to clear his head. But the closeness and touch of her body against his was not easily ignored. He trembled in anticipation and fear of her reaction once the attention was diverted back to him.
Leela was relieved at Bender’s departure, but now to deal with Fry. She went to glare at him, but her anger diverted the moment she looked into his seduced expression. She blushed and quickly removed her hand from its hold and rocked back to a sitting position on the floor. Fry let out the breath he had been holding, and feeling somewhat disappointed sat up and waited for his consequence to fall. Leela watched him with curiosity; there was something different about him that she couldn’t quite work out, and she couldn’t understand why she wasn’t feeling mad. Fry traced the tiles on the floor, watching as the puddles reshape as he ran his fingers through them.


FRY: Yeah?

FRY looks up at her and tries to focus on LEELA’S eye and ignore the edge of her bra that’s visible at the top of her wet shirt.

LEELA: I need you to clean this up.
FRY: Yep
LEELA: You know where the cleaning things are?
FRY: Uh-huh
LEELA: [coldly] My eye is up here.
FRY: [cringing] Sorry?
LEELA: You will be.


FRY: This is awesome!

FRY and BENDER are examining FRY’S slightly buffed body. BENDER poked a bicep.

BENDER: What the hell is this? That’s never been there before. Are you sick? Are you dying? Cause I want your CD player!
FRY: Bender, you are a CD player.
BENDER: So? [pokes FRY in the belly] You’re not so squishy. Does this mean I can’t use you as a trampoline anymore?
LEELA: Would you two hurry up? I’d like some mirror time of my own.

LEELA stood in the doorway, hair down with just a towel wrapped around her, holding her contact lens kit and a hairbrush. FRY blushes as the previous experience was still fresh in his mind. Wanting to impress this time, he puts his hands to his hips, and sticks his chest out. But Leela’s depth perception and lack of contact lens made her overlook the attempt for attention and continue with her routine. FRY sighs dejectedly. BENDER looks through a monocle at his pocket watch.

BENDER: [British accent] All my circuits should be on. To the sofa, thither!

FRY follows BENDER out, but glances one last time at LEELA. LEELA who stood brushing her hair lovingly. Without looking where he was going; FRY promptly walks into the doorframe.

FRY: Ow! [rubbing his head] What are door frames for anyway?

FRY walks through the doorway, only to have the door slam down onto him.

BENDER is shoulder deep in LEELA’S swim bag which FRY is holding when she walks in.

LEELA: What the hell do you think you’re doing?
BENDER: Trying to find the damn remote control.

LEELA snatches the bag. BENDER’S arm comes off and is left inside the bag.

BENDER: [angrily] Hey!

LEELA pulls out BENDER’S arm; the remote in his hand. BENDER snatched it back and turns the TV on.

TVSET: kssh- And that concludes today’s episode, and now we turn to everyone’s favourite show!

A familiar buzzing sounds as the Hypno Toad appears on screen.

FRY: Crap we missed it!
BENDER: Awww! [throws and breaks the remote in his frustration]
HERMES: [from nowhere] That’s coming out of your pay!


FRY: Ow! What’d I do?
BENDER: You existed you useless pile of fle-

Suddenly BENDER is thrown across the room with a tremendous force and lands in pieces.

BENDER: [indignant] Leela!
LEELA: [surprised] That wasn’t me.

LEELA stared at FRY in alarm. FRY was staring at BENDER in disbelief.

FRY: [shocked] Oh my god… I did that?!
LEELA: [in admiration] How’d you do that?
FRY: [taken aback] I-I… dunno. I got strong?

LEELA starts to edge toward him.

LEELA: Come again?
FRY: Those weights I suppose…
LEELA: Did you some good.

LEELA cornered a now frightened FRY and seized his shirt. FRY reflexively puts his hands up but LEELA yanks his shirt off and starts circling him.

FRY: [nervously] Please don’t.
LEELA: [mesmerised] Don’t what?

Leela takes him by his shoulders and turns him so she can see him from behind. Impulsively she slides her hands down his back. FRY shivers and closes his eyes.

FRY: [sexfully] Don’t stop.
LEELA: [sexfully] Mmm?
BENDER: Oh dear god, not while I’m in here!

LEELA jumps at BENDER’S voice and quickly retracts her hands from FRY’S erm… shall we say lower back?  :flirt:

FRY: I said; don’t stop!
LEELA: Fry, I didn’t mean to… I mean to say that I-I…wa… oh for the love of… put your shirt back on!

Blushingly, LEELA walks out of the room. FRY stares longingly at the spot where she disappeared.

BENDER: Yo! Romeo! [whistles]
FRY: [distracted] Mmm?
BENDER: Stop gaping and make yourself useful! I need my arm so I can smack you again.
FRY: [distracted] Ok.
HERMES: [from intercom] Can everyone please report to the table; we have a new delivery to make.


ZAPP: [on phone] So, as I was saying, we need this new… what was it Kif?
KIF: [on phone] *sigh* Laser blasters, sir.
ZAPP: [on phone] Right, right. Laser blasters; the deadly weapon of love and peace.
KIF: *sigh*
ZAPP: Now, in meeting. I feel it my equity to entertain my fellow captain the luscious…
ZAPP: Ah, there she is. The luscious lady Leela.
AMY: [walking in] What’s this meeting about?
HERMES: You’re not needed.
AMY: Kiffy?! Oh I want to come!
HERMES: I said you’re not needed.
LEELA: She can go instead of me…
ZAPP: There’s enough room for everybody in the main ballroom! Though in the main bed chamber there’s only room for two.

ZAPP waggles his eyebrows at LEELA. She just rolls her eye and sighs.

BENDER: We’re having a party?
FRY: Ooh, I wanna go!
LEELA: Alright, but no bed chambering.
ZOIDBERG: Hooray! I’m going out with friends!
AMY: I’ll see you soon Kiffy!
BENDER/FRY: We’re going to a party! We’re going to a party!

AMY and ZOIDBERG join in the singing and they form a conga line and conga to the ship.

LEELA: This is all going to end in tears.
(to be continued)

Starship Captain
« #229 : 11-08-2006 18:00 »

Originally posted by Tastes Like Fry:


DOOP Secretary
« #230 : 11-08-2006 19:24 »

Great fiction there.
Apple Tea

Bending Unit
« #231 : 11-08-2006 23:21 »

Oooooo I like where this is going

Bending Unit
« #232 : 11-09-2006 03:40 »

Great update! I had to read the part from
"LEELA starts to edge toward him."
"Blushingly, LEELA walks out of the room. FRY stares longingly at the spot where she disappeared."
like five times. LOL! Because it was really good!
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« #233 : 11-09-2006 16:56 »

Thankyou all! <3

Cyberphobia; Yeah, I fun writing that part  :p
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« #234 : 11-11-2006 22:44 »


DOOP Secretary
« #235 : 11-11-2006 22:48 »

Awwww!! Sweet.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« #236 : 11-11-2006 23:14 »

Yeah, don't think I'm going all mushy though... I have a have complete 'goth' Futurama crew picture I am currently working on.

Oh, and now that I have a job I won't be updating as much... but I'm not leaving, I love you all too much.

DOOP Secretary
« #237 : 11-12-2006 00:13 »

Yeah, I'll be here less often after January too, when I go back to work full time.
Apple Tea

Bending Unit
« #238 : 11-12-2006 04:36 »

Yea, I'll be here less too when I get a life...which isn't anytime soon...j/k school starts again in January.

DOOP Secretary
« #239 : 11-12-2006 05:33 »

Haha. I don't go to school! NERR!! I finished... err... Jeez, four years ago.
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