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Author Topic: Tasty's Art and Fan Fic thread... OF DOOM  (Read 36974 times)
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Bending Unit
« Reply #440 on: 01-12-2007 05:39 »

I've progressed to page 7, and this

FRY: [worriedly] Yeah, I think I left my chewing gum in the toaster.

has got to be the BEST random line ever.

Bending Unit
« Reply #441 on: 01-12-2007 19:08 »

Toasted chewing gum?


Could we market that? I call dibs!

Great story!
That Person

Delivery Boy
« Reply #442 on: 01-12-2007 20:50 »

I Call Them Toschewies!

Great Stuff Tasty.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #443 on: 01-17-2007 02:31 »

Thanks guys! I haven't been on for so long because I've moved into a unit with roommates because I'm working on a camp and I get to teach kids how to canoe, absail and all that crazy fun stuff! New update coming soon.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #444 on: 01-19-2007 04:21 »

‘Ooh, stop that! Heehee! Oh Bender! I love you.’
‘Yeah, I know it babe, ooh you’ve got kink-ware.’
‘The sexiest boot logon since 1895.’
‘I like that year, now to do some serious bootying.’
‘Oh Bender, you’re such a charmer!’
Bender and the floozy bot kissed, sending sparks into the air and failed to reconise they were joined by a third person.
‘What the hell are you doing with my daughter?’ Bender gave a start as he reconised the smiling bot from the door, only he wasn’t smiling anymore, the big clown like lips were more of an n shape than a u shape.
‘Hey Pal!’ Bender said thinking quickly, ‘How about you turn that frown upside-down!’
‘How about you let go of my daughter?’
‘Your daughter? Oh, this is your daughter.’
‘Daddy please! This is my fault.’
‘Yeah, this is her fault! She’s the one who logged into my interface!’ Bender was quick to lay the blame. Both the robots glared at him.

‘Hey, cutie, what’s the matter?’ Amy glanced up from the sink, her face tear-streaked. Behind her stood a blonde girl who was much older and offering her a tissue. She slowly took it.
‘I-I-wanted to party, have some fun, talk to some guys, but every time I do, I think of my boyfriend Kif… Oh you’re probably not interested in my boyfriend.’
The blonde put her arm around her.
‘Probably not, but tell me anyway.’
‘Okay,’ Amy sniffled and raised her head proudly, ‘Kiffy’s in the army, all alone with his pompous baffoonic boss, doing heroic things. He’s been in jail for me once, and got my parents herd of buffalo back to the ranch so he could get my parents approval. Oh, he’s done so much for me, and I’m here partying while he does his duty.’ Amy broke into fresh tears, ‘It’s not fair.’ She sobbed, ‘I shouldn’tve ran away from my Captain, she’ll be wondering where I am.’ She sniffed and stood up straight.
‘I need to go find her. Thankyou so much, uh…’
‘Sue, predictable Sue.’
‘The inscription giver?’
‘The very same… don’t look into it though, it’s mainly a machine that works in the same way as a clool-o-meter or a gay-radar.’ She lit up a smoke, ‘By the way, your robot pal is about to pass by, you may want to grab him, he’s in trouble.’
‘Oh… alright then.’ Amy peered out the door to be confronted by a panicked Bender running by. Amy reached out and seized his arm and yanked him inside.
‘Oh my God, Amy!’
‘Quick let’s go out the back way and find Fry and Leela.’
‘Good idea.’
Amy bolted out the door crashed headlong into a coffee table set in an outdoor cafeteria setting. She straightened herself and was thankful that is was a well hidden area and there was only two people at the far table and seemed to be more involved with each other than to notice her less than graceful entrance. Bender gasped and Amy soon gasped after as she cottoned on to what Bender was gasping at. Fry and Leela were the couple seated and they weren’t doing much except in the way of staring and playing footsies. They lifted their china tea cups and sipped together in a swift single motion and smiled seductively at each other over the rims. They were so involved they wouldn’t have noticed Amy standing there if she hadn’t cleared her throat.
‘Amy!’ Leela cheerfully placed her cup and saucer back on the table. Fry gave a moan of discontent and shot a death glare at Amy. ‘How nice of you to join us.’
‘And Bender too.’ Bender dragged a chair over and sat by Fry only to be dealt a glare from him as well.
‘Oh, our only romantic moment in ages and you guys had to barge in.’
‘Yeah, well we wanna go.’ Amy said to the floor, ‘I feel bad partying without Kiffy.’
‘Yeah, and I’m being chased by an insane robot… and her father.’ Bender added.
‘I wanna stay,’ Fry whined clasping Leela’s hand that was resting on the table, ‘and spend some romantic time with you, otherwise you’ll get all bitchy again and I can’t speak to you, and then there’s no communication and when there’s no commu-...’
‘Alright, meatbag, we get the picture.’ Bender said boredly.
‘I have an idea.’ Leela said in an almost evil manner. Amy wavered under Leela’s evil grin.
‘You guys got the consequences of partying hard without permission.’ Amy and Bender nodded fearfully, ‘and you want to cut Fry and my party time short.’ Again they nodded in agreement.
‘Right, well here’s the keys to the ship.’ she said to Amy handing them to her.
‘Fry and I won’t be back until morning, and to make sure you don’t leave without us, you’re officially Lucy’s guardians for the next twelve hours.’ She said forcing Bender to clasp Lucy’s pram handle. ‘And don’t forget to feed Nibbler.’ she said, not giving anyone a chance to speak a word, dragged Fry to his feet and out into the busier parts of the party.
‘Blug.’ Amy said staring at Lucy who chose at that very moment to wake up and start screaming hungrily.
‘Whose stupid idea was it to run away in the first place?’ Bender said huffily.
‘Yours!’ Amy cried and picked up Lucy to soothe her.
‘Yeah… well… up yours chumpette.’
‘Let’s just back to the ship before we attract too much attention with Lucy, oh what’s wrong, what does she want?’

‘Low and slow, baby, oh yeah’ A deep voice echoed across the dance floor of people dancing sexfully in the rain simulation to a slow hip hop song. Fry and Leela in the thick of it, Fry’s jacket and bow tie long gone, both are sodden and water droplets dripped from their hair and trickled down their hot skin, they teased and taunted each other’s bodies in the rhythmic romance of music. Their breath short as they quick stepped around each other across the cobble stones. Leela reached into her hair and tugged on the band until it broke and she shook her wet hair free. It clung to her neck as did Fry’s cheek. He breathed deeply, the scent of her hair, the rain, the warmth of her body in the cold air. He moaned softly as Leela teased him by rubbing up against him and in revenge he snatched for grip on her slippery waist and massaged his fingers into the small of her back.
‘Oh Lordy.’ she whimpered, she seized Fry by the collar and stared as well as a cyclops can into his two eyes. ‘Hotel room… NOW.’

The Planet Express Ship, green and spaceshippy, stands out among the regular small space travelling ships, and although the sight of it alone is irregular, the sound that could be faintly heard from inside it supposed sound proof walls is tremendous despite the lungs that it is dispelled from.
‘Ai ya!’ Amy pressed her hands to her ears. ‘What does she want?’
‘What?’ Bender yelled, his own hands pushed to the sides of his head. Amy groaned and knelt beside Lucy with the baby bag Leela always kept with her and pulled out each item and held it to Lucy.
‘Dummy? Teddy? Car keys?’ Amy rattled them as Lucy fell silent for a split second before bursting into cries again. Amy threw them down in anguish.

Two hours later…
‘To think, she only wanted her bottle.’ Bender said, leant over Lucy, holding the end up to make it easier for her to drain the bottle. Amy murmured in her sleep on her bed of hard floor. Bender chuckled in amusement as the last of the dregs disappeared and plucked the teat from the babe’s mouth, unfortunately for Bender, Lucy still had a mouthful of milk which she spat and Bender sat up straight, spluttering and wiped the milky film from his head.
‘Why you little… squirt!’
‘Benner!’ Lucy squeaked and raised her hands to him to be picked up. Bender paused.
‘Did you say Bender?’ he asked in awe and wonderment.
‘Benner!’ she said again.
‘Eh, close enough,’ Bender shrugged, ‘You’re alright squirt.’ He picked her up carefully as he had seen Leela do it a million times. Lucy sat upright in his arms and began curiously poking Bender’s eyes, which didn’t hurt him in the slightest.
‘Heh, heh, that’s right squirt, I’m Benner.’
[to be continued…]

Bending Unit
« Reply #445 on: 01-19-2007 19:39 »

Aww, Benner!

Urban Legend
« Reply #446 on: 01-20-2007 00:18 »

wow, there's like three months worth of updates here that I need to read...  I read your most recent update though, and granted I had no idea what was going on, it was still really good  :)

Delivery Boy
« Reply #447 on: 01-31-2008 12:15 »

I went through this whole thread this morning. (Hurray for being sick *cough*) TLF - you are an amazing writer. I am dying to read more!!! *cough cough*

Bending Unit
« Reply #448 on: 02-04-2008 13:20 »

Ooooh, I was hoping TLF was back.
(Anyone know where she went?  I miss her style. :/ )

Bending Unit
« Reply #449 on: 02-05-2008 02:05 »

I had never known of this until now.  I've read the first script and it is AWESOME.

« Reply #450 on: 02-05-2008 19:12 »

Aww, I thought TLF had more to share.  :( She's a great artist and writer and it would be great to see her contributing again.

Space Pope
« Reply #451 on: 02-06-2008 05:33 »

Aww, I thought she was here too. I emailed her a few months back and asked where she'd gotten to..I forget now, but she was existing within one of those 'life' things, but hoped to be back once that stopped consuming her so much, if I recall correctly. (Obviously I don't recall very thoroughly..)

Bending Unit
« Reply #452 on: 02-10-2008 11:43 »
« Last Edit on: 02-10-2008 11:43 »

I love the Fry/Leela/Bender picture.  Are you going to make that your signature pic,Tastes Like Fry?    :cool:
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #453 on: 04-17-2008 01:58 »
« Last Edit on: 04-17-2008 01:58 »

Coming soon: my comeback, cause even after I've gone a year I still get comments xD I feel so loved.

Yeah... life, I still have one (and consequently there will be slower updates) but I have time for myself now *huzzah*
Have I posted this before? I don't know if I have, but it goes with the current story so...

I prefer the pencil... clicky if curious

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #454 on: 04-17-2008 21:59 »

Huzzah! TLF has returned to us and come to inspire us to glorious victory with her shiny, colorful art.

Anywho, does this mean your going to finish that story up there? I hope so for your sake.

No, seriously you're alright.

Urban Legend
« Reply #455 on: 04-17-2008 22:41 »

like the pic TLF, good to have you back

Bending Unit
« Reply #456 on: 04-18-2008 14:56 »

TLF has returned.   :D  This was one of the first handful of fic threads I began reading when I stumbled over the site last January.  Always was hoping she'd come back to update this latest one.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #457 on: 04-18-2008 22:24 »

Last installment, and yesh ish very short, but there's still part three to go afterwards.

A golden moon shone bright enough to be a sun. Golden moonshine rays peeked through the white thin curtains and bathed the room in golden light. The light fell upon the soft skin of an uncovered leg that stood contrast against the white sheets that were crumpled around Leela’s shapely figure to hide her obvious lack of clothing. Framed in the wild tangle of hair, Leela slept peacefully until the light became brighter and she slowly opened her eye to reality.
Her eyelid fluttered as her eyes adjusted to the warm light and a satisfied sigh escaped her full lips.
Beside her Fry gave a groan and pulled the sheets over his head to block the light, he had the best night of his life that included a baby-free full night’s sleep that was rudely interrupted by the offending light. He squeezed his eyes shut under the sheets that were providing little to shield from the growing light. He was thinking about burrowing under the pillows when a warm body pressed against him and found himself entangled in a hug.
Torn between pushing Leela away and turning to return the gesture, he lay and decided that he was rather comfortable where he was besides the fact that the light was becoming lighter and destroying all chances of going back to sleep.
‘Fry.’ Leela breathed in his ear.
‘Mmph.’ Was the grunted reply.
‘Come on, babe, we gotta go.’ Leela pushed a kiss to his ear and disentangled herself from the sheets.
‘I don wanna.’ Came the disgruntled moan.
‘We’ve got to, I’m sure Amy would’ve had enough of Lucy by now.’

‘There’s no way in hell am I doing it.’
‘I’m a freaking robot, I don’t know how!’ Bender threw an empty beer bottle dangerously close to Lucy who was crying wearily, tears steaming from her eyes reaching out for attention.
‘I don’t do dirty nappies!’ Amy hissed.
‘Ooh, my baby.’ Fry appeared in the doorway, pale from hearing her cries from just outside and scooped the tearful girl up in his arms and almost retracted from her at once.
‘Oh man, stinky Lucy!’
‘Daddadadda.’ Lucy choked through her cries and tried to bury her head in his neck.
‘How long has she been like this?’
‘Three hours.’ Amy moaned, rubbing her eyes.
‘You haven’t changed her at all!’ Leela snapped having just walked in.
‘Hell no.’ Bender retorted, ‘I don’t know the hell how!’ He stood with his hands on his hips, glaring at Leela.
‘I’ll teach you.’ Fry said hastily, taking one look at Leela’s profile and dragged Bender to the bathroom leaving Amy alone to explain things without the inconvenience of Bender.

‘That’s disgusting.’ Bender winced away as Fry disposed of Lucy’s nappy.
‘You get used to it… sort of.’  Fry quickly cleaned up, Lucy was still crying and making it difficult for Fry to put a new nappy on her as she squirmed. Fry frustratedly talked to himself as he deftly got his fingers caught in the sticky tabs.
‘Lie still!’ he placed his elbow on Lucy’s legs as he worked to get his finger out. Five minutes later, the nappy was on properly but Lucy still wailed until Fry picked her up and cuddled her. Lucy was immediately reduced to bubbled ‘dadas’ and promptly fell asleep. Bender scowled angrily.
‘You could have told us that all we had to do was…’ But Fry was gone. Bender hurried out after him. They passed an upset Amy, who looked in amazement at the small bundle curled up in Fry’s arms.
‘How the hell do you stop her from screaming?’ Fry shrugged and continued on down the hall to the bridge where he sat in his usual seat. Leela glanced over to him as he gently leant back in his seat, Lucy cradled in his lap, a big grin stretching across his face. Leela smiled back, he made her feel such at home.
Le end. (finally)
But wait! There's more! (yay or boo; you decide)

Next week (hopefully):
Family Fry Part 3: Aeronatic Assasins Attack!

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #458 on: 04-18-2008 23:09 »
« Last Edit on: 04-18-2008 23:09 »

Excellent work as always TLF. Good to have you back.
Nibblonian Leader

Urban Legend
« Reply #459 on: 11-16-2011 22:38 »

The thread is no longer dead. Call me if you need more thread rezzes.
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