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Author Topic: Tasty's Art and Fan Fic thread... OF DOOM  (Read 33608 times)
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Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #80 on: 09-20-2006 16:24 »
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Right, so I won't post the next bit for a while, give you all a chance to catch up.   :)

PCC Fred

Space Pope
« Reply #81 on: 09-20-2006 16:31 »

Great update TLF.  I still like the way the dialogue largely echoes the original episode, and the second half in particular is much more descriptive.  Now that you've covered the episode itself, it'll be interesting to see what happens.  :)

Brilliant pics too.  KKB's right, you do look great as a Futurama character.  :)
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #82 on: 09-21-2006 21:37 »

Thanks  :) I hope the next part is just as good as well.
I think I do too  :p
Thanks muchly!
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #83 on: 09-25-2006 05:18 »

Hocrap! A double post!
... I have my reasons! Leave me alone![/prof]

Does anyone else have any more comments/reviews or opinions they want to post? I have the next installment ready.

And now to make this post a little more interesting... Chibi!

« Reply #84 on: 09-25-2006 06:20 »

Heh, I love that style!

Bending Unit
« Reply #85 on: 09-25-2006 12:48 »

Those pics are cute!  :D Also, love the story! Tis good  :)

Bending Unit
« Reply #86 on: 09-25-2006 16:47 »

Yeah! This is my first post... Great story! Great pictures! I should really try my hand at this... I'm already accused of being obsessed with the show. It's not true! (or is it?) Anywho, I would just like to say how much your fanfic rocked, and in case you didn't know by my name: I love Fry!!!
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #87 on: 09-26-2006 19:37 »

Yay! Welcome to PEEL! Being obsessed is nothing to be ashamed of.

Thanks all for the compliments!
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #88 on: 09-27-2006 23:32 »

Oh no! Another double post! But I just wanted to show you all a different artsy skill of mine...


Bending Unit
« Reply #89 on: 09-28-2006 05:14 »

These fics (and pics) are really good! Well done!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #90 on: 09-28-2006 11:35 »

Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #91 on: 09-28-2006 22:26 »
« Last Edit on: 09-28-2006 22:26 »

Thanks Cyberphobia

Aww thanks :blush: It's great to have your exitable spirit about      :p

‘Nibbler!’ Leela hugged her beloved pet. Nibbler chattered with elated joy in his owners arms, Amy had been annoying and he had much rather Fry taken care of him, but to see his Leela just made him ecstatic. He chewed happily on her squeaky toy as she beamed down at him.
‘Who’s the most adorable thing in the world?’ she said, gently poking his tummy.
‘Is it me?’ Fry asked hopefully. Leela gave him an unimpressed look.
‘Fry, you smelly idiot,’ said Bender, backhanding him. ‘She means the lovable rascal Bender.’ Leela rolled her eye.
‘Boys.’ She muttered under her breath. Fry dejectedly sat down in usual chair by Leela’s side. Bender started a rousing chorus of ‘Bender is great’. Leela reached over and gave Fry’s shoulder a squeeze.
‘Thanks for walking Nibbler, and sneaking him in here.’
Fry shrugged, ‘T'was' nothing.’
‘It means a lot to me.’ Fry looked up at her to find her smiling at him. A grin crept across his boyish features.
‘…one more time!’ Bender hollered, pirouetting across the floor. He promptly lost his footing and brought a flower display crashing to the ground. Fry and Leela winced as the crashing brought out the nurses as well as Adelai, Jenny and Zoidberg. They stood in stunned amazement as Bender moaned and shot off sparks as the water somehow leaked into his circuits.
‘Zoidberg did it.’ He said painfully, pointing at the red lobster.
‘Vat? This is an outrage!’ Zoidberg spat, ‘Bad robut.’ He shook his claw at him.
‘This is not the behaviour that we tolerate here.’ Said Doctor Jenny threatenely. She pointed towards the door. ‘Get the hell out of here and take that… thing with you.’ Leela clutched at Nibbler as Bender got up muttering under his breath.
‘Someone’s pending for a bending.’ Fry unwillingly tugged an unwilling Nibbler from and even more unwilling Leela.
‘Please, let him stay. He’s house trained.’ Leela protested as Nibbler was pried from her fingers. Fry passed a struggling Nibbler onto Bender whose immediate cast 30% iron grip defeated any hopes of escape. Bender walked out with Nibbler, still muttering furiously and a daisy was still perched on his antennae.
‘Back to work!’ Jenny screeched and watched the nurses as they went back to their stations.
‘Don’t you think that was a bit harsh?’ Adelai stood uncertainly watching Leela dissolve into tears.
‘Don’t tell me how to do my job.’ Jenny barked at him. Adelai fearfully backed out the door.
‘And what the hell are you doing here? You’re not even a proper doctor.’ Zoidberg ducked as she waved her clipboard at him. He gave a frightened whoop and scuttled out the door whooping and spraying ink everywhere. Jenny screeched; she was covered in ink. She tried to walk but slipped over. Fry chuckled.
‘Here, let me give you a hand.’ He walked up to her and pushed, she slid screaming out the door and all the way down the hallway. Fry sniggered as a loud thumping sounded as she descended on the stairs.
Soaked in tears and ink and surrounded by a garden full of fallen flowers, Leela sat curled up on her pillow and wouldn’t speak to anyone, not even Fry who tried to fix everything else up. He managed to save half the flowers and with the help of Scruffy (who mainly did it), mop up the ink. Fry tugged on Leela’s arm desperately.
‘Come on, you have to get up and take a shower.’ Leela jerked her arm away and pushed Fry off the bed who landed heavily on the hospital floor.
‘Please Leela.’ He moaned from the floor. Rubbing his ass, he stood and knelt back on the bed. Leela tensed. He would be sorry if he touched her or spoke again. Acting braver than he felt, Fry wrapped his arms around her stiff frame and pulled her into his lap. Leela was caught off guard and her plans for kicking his butt disappeared as did her anger. She buried her face into his ink soaked t-shirt and a fresh wave of tears took over. Fry gently stroked her hair and they sat in grateful silence.

‘I’m going to be fine, Fry. Please stop asking.’ Leela said a bite of impatience in her voice as she unpacked back at home. Fry sat on Leela’s bed holding a very fidgety Nibbler who had been running circles around her feet in excitement until he nearly tripped her up and Fry decided that it would be safer to hold him until Leela had finished organising herself. Fry glanced around the room; he’d only been there once before. Then Leela had loved him, but only because of the stupid stomach worms. Fry wished he’d listened to Leela in the first place and not eaten that infested sandwich. The experienced had crushed him, and everything he’d done since had received nothing but rejection. But with recent events hopefully things may have changed.
‘Right.’ Leela said, straightening up and reaching out for Nibbler who scrambled for a welcoming hug. ‘I’m done here Fry, are you right to get home?’
‘Oh I’m alright for the getting home part.’ He said smoothly. Leela placed her hand on her hip and sighed, she knew what was coming next.
‘But I don’t know about dinner. I can’t go to Elzars by myself.’ He winked. Leela rolled her eye.
‘Take Bender.’ She said forcefully.
‘I was thinking of taking you…’
‘You should never think Fry, you might hurt yourself.’
‘Come on Leela.’
‘No Fry.’
‘No buts.’
‘Tee hee, butts… Wait! Why won’t you come?’ Fry stood his ground as an exasperated Leela covered her eye with her hand. She could feel a headache coming on.
‘I’ve told you before Fry, we’re just being friends ok?’ she walked out of the room. Fry followed, whining at her.
‘What about that day you dumped Chaz’s badge obsessed ass. Didn’t you say you were glad to see me?’
‘Am I not allowed to be glad to see my friend?’
‘And what about the candy hearts – and-and the stupid bee!’ Fry lifted up his shirt to show Leela his still healing wound. Leela turned away, guilt ridden. She had healed unscathed but Fry was scarred for life.
‘Just go.’ She whispered. Fry, knowing that the conversation had ended walked out the door.
‘Goodbye?’ he said tentatively. Leela closed the door without a word. Fry stood, staring at the door for a full five minutes trying to understand exactly why Leela won’t give him a chance.
‘Not fair, not fair.’ Fry scuffed his foot as he walked sullenly along the pavement as ‘just friends, just friends,’ echoed in his head as he walked back to his apartment.
‘Robot Arms Apartments.’ Fry said clearly as he stepped in the tubes, but the usual adrenaline ride was seemingly boring and dull. He stared up at a new sign on their street that lit the whole area. He blinked in the sudden brightness. He had to squint so he could make out what it said.
‘3002 Olympics, New New York…’ He started to read. ‘Oh.’ He said, uninterested. He made his way inside.
(to be continued)

And now for something completely different;

Leela, Fry and a Bending Unit
These were the victims chosen to create an imperfect pi-kea product,
But Doctor Zoidberg purposely gave them a powerful drug to heal their aches;
Miracle Cream! (dundundun)
Thus the New Justice Team was born!
Using their ultra super powers, Clobberella, Super King and Captain Yesterday have dedicated their lives to fighting crime, and the forces of evil!

Fighting crime
Trying to save New New York
They get there just in time
The New Justice Team

Bending Unit
« Reply #92 on: 09-29-2006 00:43 »

Awesome update! Can't wait for the next bit!

Urban Legend
« Reply #93 on: 09-29-2006 01:16 »

AHHH!! They're creepy! But i can't look away! It burns!

Bending Unit
« Reply #94 on: 09-29-2006 06:41 »

Originally posted by Venus:
AHHH!! They're creepy! But i can't look away! It burns!

There is just something so wrong about that... I was never one for the whole "power-puff" thing. :nono:

Great story!!!

Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #95 on: 09-30-2006 00:32 »

I just wanted to experiment with different styles.
Thanks guys.
Two more story updates to go!
And then maybe I'll grace you with a script.

Bending Unit
« Reply #96 on: 09-30-2006 02:21 »

I think the powerpuff ones are extremely cute! Especially Bender! LOL
Liquid Emperor
« Reply #97 on: 09-30-2006 11:33 »

Which one has the squirrel-talk power?   :)

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #98 on: 09-30-2006 11:37 »

Poor Fry, nasty Leela, cool story,ahhhhhhhhh.
I think Captain Yesterday has squillel talk power coz hes blue like Bubbles and Bubbles has squirrel talk power

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #99 on: 09-30-2006 11:42 »

Heehee, love the update and the piccies. Great stuff.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #100 on: 09-30-2006 16:26 »

Futz: Bender, didn't they say in The Bird-Bot of Ice-Catraz that Bender had a squirrel reset mode?
... don't hold me to that... I need to check...

Thanks guys!

Bending Unit
« Reply #101 on: 09-30-2006 17:44 »

They said he had:
something else?(some animal)
children's book author
(although they were probably kidding)
my man-wich!

Starship Captain
« Reply #102 on: 09-30-2006 23:54 »

and ravioli  :D

btw, that powerpuff/justice team picture is too good for a futurama fan art board....

Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #103 on: 10-01-2006 23:50 »

I thought the animal one was squirrel. >.>

Thanks man-wich!
PCC Fred

Space Pope
« Reply #104 on: 10-02-2006 04:56 »

Great update, TLF!
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #105 on: 10-02-2006 17:15 »

Thankinyou  :)
Nasty Pasty

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #106 on: 10-02-2006 17:32 »

Excellent stuff, TLF.  :)
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #107 on: 10-03-2006 21:57 »

Thanks Nasty Pasty!

Next installment coming soon... and then the ending.  :(
But I've got a new story to start with afterwards, Yay!
Also a pic I'm drawing that will be in time for Halloween.

Bending Unit
« Reply #108 on: 10-05-2006 09:52 »

Can't wait!
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #109 on: 10-05-2006 23:06 »
« Last Edit on: 10-05-2006 23:06 »

You don't have to    ;)

EDIT: because I'm posting the whole thing!

Bender sat, feeling extremely bored. He didn’t want to admit it, but he missed Fry terribly, even floozies couldn’t fill in his loneliness. He sighed and spun an empty beer bottle on his finger like a basketball. But he wasn’t concentrating and it soon lay in shards on the floor. He pulled a fresh bottle out of his chest and looked at it, the circuits and clogs spun in his head and overheated. Bender’s anger rose quickly.
‘Damn the human race.’ He yelled as he tossed his still full beer bottle at the door. But instead of smashing against the frame, it connected with something much softer.
Bender stared in amazement and then became giddy with joy.
‘Fry! You’re back! This deserves a drink.’ Bender rummaged around in the fridge and produced a six pack of Slurm and a six pack of his beer. He handed Fry the slab of Slurm.
‘I got this for you… with the money I stole from you of course.’
‘Where am I?’ Fry said dazedly, rubbing a new lump on his forehead.
‘Oh yeah, sorry about that.’ Bender said dismissively and tugged Fry over to the couch.
‘All my circuits is going to start, I wasn’t going to watch it, but now that you’re here we can watch it all night long! Until nine o’clock that is because I have rocket skating tickets I won from this guy’s pocket.’ Fry gave a start
‘You took those tickets? I stood in line for hours for those!’
‘Well those hours won’t have gone to waste, let’s say you and I hit a strip joint afterwards.’ Bender winked at him. Fry moaned and buried his face in his hands.’
‘Those tickets were meant to be for Leela.’
‘You weren’t going to take me?’ Fry looked up to see Bender anxiously wringing the tickets and looking with desperate eyes. Fry felt a jolt of guilt shoot through him; he’d been abandoning his best friend in trying unsuccessfully to chase the girl of his dreams. Leela can wait he thought,
‘I was, but I guess now is our night.’ He punched Bender playfully.
‘Woo!’ Bender yelled and did a small victory dance. He stopped and jabbed Fry in the chest, ‘You’re paying though.’

‘Where in Babylon is Bender? And speaking of which, where in Funky town is Fry?’ Hermes sat with a clipboard in front of him and a chart with squiggly lines going which what everywhere behind him.
‘Why are you looking at me?’ Leela asked peevishly, her eye dark from lack of sleep.
‘Because last time we saw him he was with you.’
‘I’m not his babysitter.’ Leela scowled. Hermes cleared his throat in the uncomfortable silence.
‘Any guesses?’
‘Probably still in bed, the lazy slob.’ Leela said, glaring at everyone at the table. They all slid their chairs slightly away from her. Leela was not one to talk to when she was in a bad mood. Only Fry or Bender would be stupid enough to do that.
‘Scruffy’s going back to work.’ Scruffy got up and left, pulling out a magazine and packet of chips as he went. He left behind a tension so think you could slice it with a knife. So it’s not surprising everyone sat up in surprise when a far off voices was heard singing.
‘I’m walking on sunshine, whoa-oh, I’m walking on sunshine…’ Fry appeared in the doorway that was followed by Bender making up his own lyrics and dance to Fry’s song.
‘I’m Bender the great, whoa-oh, who’s great? Me! Bender! Whoa-yeah…’
‘Hey cool cats!’ Fry said cheerfully as he and Bender occupied their seats, failing to notice the tension in the air. ‘What up?’
‘Da electricity bill is, dat’s what.’
‘Well it ain’t me.’ Said Bender as he casually leant back on his chair. He lit up a cigar. ‘I’m past that.’
‘Well then good news everyone!’ said the professor enthusiastically.
‘Aw crap.’ Bender moaned.
‘You’re off to the electrical disturbance in the positively charged sector. Ooh-er, off you go then.’ Leela stood, her arms still crossed and brow narrowed she turned her heel and made for the ship with Bender equally as unenthusiastically trailed behind her. Fry skipped on ahead. Not trusting herself to speak to him, Leela simply sat at her controls and concentrated on her driving. Fry had thankfully stopped singing as he was trying to untangle a piece of string he had found in his pocket. Unfortunately Bender and had taken to another rendition of ‘Bender is great’ with a dance routine to match. Leela’s knuckles whitened on the wheel, she could feel that she was about to explode when…
‘Bender, can you shut the hell up? I’m trying to concentrate.’ Leela looked at Fry in surprise. He was hunched over his string which had more tangles in it than it did to start off with.
‘Hell no.’ was the instant rebuttal. Fry groaned in defeat and threw the string on the floor which Nibbler instantly pounced on.
‘Why? Because he is great! Who? Bender is- oh crap I’m out of alcohol.’ Bender rummaged through his chest. An oversized lamp stand fell out and fell to the floor with a crash.
‘I’m going to raid the fridge.’ Bender marched out, his song thankfully forgotten.
‘Here boy!’ Fry cooed, a new entertainment found. He swung the knotted string above Nibbler’s head; Nibbler tore after it as Fry whipped it around. Nibbler’s chattering and Fry’s snorted chuckles which would have been amusing for Leela to watch and listen to, for some reason irritated her today.
‘Would you two quit it?’ she snapped sharply, speaking for the first time since they left for the mission. It was then she realised how distastefully she had spoken. Nibbler had given a small yelp and leapt into Fry’s arms who in turn had given a squeak of surprise and fear at the sudden tone of her voice. Fry looked at her, his eyes full of fear and concern.
‘You ok? What up?’
Leela turned back to her console, ‘Nothing.’ She said sullenly. Fry stood up, still holding Nibbler and walked over to her. Leela tensed as Fry stood at her shoulder.
‘You sure?’ Fry said cautiously as he deposited Nibbler into her lap. ‘I mean, you look all pale and tired and mad and scary.’ He paused, ‘It’s not the sting poison?’
‘No Fry, I’m fine.’ Leela said, her voice cracking. She cleared her throat,
‘We’ll be there in an hour anyway.’ She informed them. Fry gently squeezed her shoulder.
‘Do you want a rest? I can drive.’ At Fry’s words a great tiredness she had been pushing away all morning overwhelmed her. Fry’s offer had never been so inviting. She gathered Nibbler in her arms.
‘Alright, but wake me when we get there, I don’t want you and Bender getting into trouble.’ Fry punched the air.
‘Yess!’ He hissed. He quickly ran to the front of the ship where there was a panel switch. The labels on it are all the names of the PE crew; the one currently selected was Leela. The display said ‘Qualified’. Fry flicks through all the names slowly to get to his, as he turns the dial to his on the other side of Leela’s. He clicks it to Bender, ‘Qualified’ remains on the screen, as it does for Amy. The Proffesor is ‘Pensioner’ and Scruffy is ‘Learner’. Hermes is ‘Qualified’ and Zoidberg reads as ‘RED ALERT, ABANDON SHIP’ Fry chuckles and turns it to his own name…
‘Probationary’ he said with smooth satisfaction, as a massive ‘P’ plate slides out at the front and back of the ship. He turned to grin at Leela, but she was already halfway out the door, Nibbler at her heels. Fry sat down and checked the coordinates, and while he sat on his own, he formed a plan.

Leela tumbled on her bed still dressed. She only had just kicked her boots off before sleep pulled her in. Nibbler scrambled onto her bed and concernedly stared his mistress over. When satisfied that there was no immediate need for worry, Nibbler slipped under her arm and nestled into the comfy space, glad for her closeness and that she was resting.

It wasn’t long before Bender non-chalantly slipped in and surveyed the scene before him. Cheerfully rubbing his palms together he reached for Leela’s wallet on the floor, but to his disappointment there was nothing of real value. He stashed what little cash he found and made his way around to the dresser beside the bed. He went to search through a draw, but paused. Nibbler had sat up and was glowering and baring his teeth in a threatening manner. Bender automatically retracted his arm from the drawer, shrugged, and got the hell out of there.
‘How’d it go?’
‘Well, she’s broke, and there’s that manic guinea pig…’
‘I meant is she alright?’ Fry said frustrated,
‘If you mean making thunderous breathy noises and looking like a haystack alright…’ Bender flicked uncaringly through one of his playbot magazines. Fry made an indistinct noise with his throat, but Bender had found a rather interesting page and began stroking the paper lustfully.
‘You’re a naughty girl aren’t you?’ Bender cooed. Fry sighed, as much as he was used to Bender and his mannerisms, he had been looking for a more reassuring answer. The autopilot looked inviting, but there was no real point as they were only twenty minutes away from their destination and he didn’t want to wake her any earlier than he needed to.
The electrical storm loomed before them, Fry stopped the ship at a safe distance and turned the power off, and they needed to avoid any failures or surges that could possibly be inflicted by the disturbance. Fry slipped into his space outfit and grabbed Leela’s for her. He carefully crept into her bedroom and stopped at the sight of her; collapsed and exhausted. Nibbler happily bounced over to Fry as he put her things on the ground.
‘Down boy, shhh.’ Fry petted the Nibblonian before stepping over to Leela’s bed. He didn’t have the heart to wake her, she lay so peacefully. He reached to her and gently coaxed her into a more dignified and comfortable position, and then tucked her in. Nibbler whined and tugged at Fry’s jeans; he was supposed to be waking her, not tucking her in. Fry misunderstood the tugging and picked up and placed Nibbler on the bed. After a moment of tickling the confused Nibblonian under the chin, he planted a soft kiss on the sleeping girl’s forehead and crept back out of the room. Nibbler sat on the covers, blinking his three eyes trying to piece together what Fry could possibly be doing.
‘Fry, what the hell are you doing?’
‘I’m getting the electricity.’ Fry said. He stood unsteadily with a heavy container on his back and what looked like a cattle prod in his hand. Bender rolled his eyes at Fry’s ridiculous getup before reaching for a pack of his own.
‘Wait a minute, Bender you can’t come.’
‘What?!’ Bender stood with his electricity gathering pack in his arms.
‘You’re a robot.’
‘And therefore my opinion counts.’
‘It’s not safe for you to be out in electricity… you could be electrocuted!’
‘Hey, I’m made of metal, I absorb electricity.’ Fry stood determinedly between his friend and the door.
‘Isn’t that the equivalent of jacking on?’
‘No, now get out of the way, lemme at it!’
‘I won’t let you.’ Fry snarled, fists clenched. He knew it wasn’t wise to take on a robot, but he didn’t want Bender to be caught in another religious trip.
‘Stay here.’ He said firmly.
‘Make me.’ Bender said, with equal determination. But that determination faded as Fry produced a Fifty dollar note and waved it in front of his face. Bender made to snatch it, but Fry held it firmly.
‘You coming or staying?’
‘Staying’ Bender said, dropping to his knees with pleading eyes. Fry slapped the fifty into his hand. Which Bender proceeded to kiss and promptly shoved it into his mouth.

With remorse Bender watched Fry bobbing about the electric clouds, carefully touching the lightning with his prodder, and on the odd occasion, being shocked if he accidentally drifted into an unsuspecting charged cloud. Nibbler joined Bender at the window.
‘He gets all the fun.’ Bender said depressively as Fry screamed in electrical pain. Bender pulled out the fifty and glared at the head displayed.
‘Curse you Al Gore.’ He said before greedily devouring it again.
Nibbler chattered anxiously as an exhausted Fry was filling up the last of the tanks.
‘Whoa man.’ Fry smelt of frying and burnt rubber. He had to yank his helmet off his head because of his static hair. Bender watched as he weakly slipped out of his protective suit.
‘Can I go out now?’
‘No! I need you to pilot back home. I don’t feel well.’ He tiredly shuffled past Bender. With an evil look in his eye, Bender leant forward and touched Fry on the ear.
‘YEOWCH!’ a (literately) shocked Fry sat on the floor in tears, clutching his ear in pain. Bender laughed and saluted him.
‘Right on meatbag.’ And he clunked out. Fry moaned and pulled out a partially sticky melted and burnt object from his pocket.
‘Oh, so that’s where I left my toffee apple.’ He said and without second thought shoved the remaining gooey mess into his mouth.
Leela slept peacefully, the shadow of a smile on her face and her faithful pet slept alongside her. A slight shudder and a sound of the engine breaks stirred her. She sat up rubbing her eye and stretched. Never had she felt so refreshed; ‘it’s amazing what an hour’s rest can do, I wonder when Fry’s going to come get me.’ She checked her wrist console.
‘That can’t be right.’ She shook her wrist and tapped on the console. ‘Surely not.’ Panicked she got up on shaky legs and threw herself at the door, and would’ve crashed straight into Fry had he not caught her.
‘Oh good, you’re awake, another hour and I would have sent Bender in with the volume turned up to the max.’
‘Why didn’t you come wake me when you were supposed to?’ Leela said, wrenching herself out of his grip.
‘Uh, yeah, bout that.’ Fry nervously tapped his fingers together, ‘I didn’t wake you.’ Leela groaned in exasperation.
‘Let’s get this electrical storm packaged and go.’
‘Uh, there’s something else about that too.’
‘Tell me later, when we’re not running behind on time.’ Leela stormed out onto the bridge and stopped in surprise. The ship was parked back in the planet express building.
‘You came back without getting the electricity?’ Leela rounded on Fry.
‘Not exactly.  I went and got the electricity and Bender drove us back.’ Fry stood fidgeting, waiting for an explosive of insults and lectures usually full of big words like ‘immature’, ‘unimpressed’ and ‘disappointing’. But Leela just stood in surprise and shock as the delivery boy automatically winced.
‘Fry, I-I…how…’
Stealing the moment, Bender strolled in dusting his hands.
‘The electricity’s in the capable hands of the professor. Bender signing out.’ Bender sarcastically saluted and walked out. After a moment, Fry sidled to where Bender had just disappeared, hoping that the momentarily distraction meant that he could escape.
‘Stay where you are young man.’ Leela found her commanding voice and seemingly stood over him even though he was half a head taller.
‘That was reckless, you could have been seriously injured; you could have died.’ Leela’s voice broke and she took a shaky breath. She hadn’t told Fry about her ongoing dream while she was unconscious in the hospital, ‘it’s best that he doesn’t know’ she thought to herself as she watched him shuffle his feet guiltily under her gaze.
‘Better me than you.’ Came the ashamed reply. Guilt hit Leela like a cannon.
‘Don’t say that.’ She said her face ashen. Fry shrugged his face downcast. Leela took his hand with hers and pressed one hand to his cheek to make him look at her.
‘Don’t say that.’ She echoed, looking him squarely in the eyes, which was hard for her seeing as she only had one. She felt his cheeks warm beneath her fingers as he blushed. It made Leela realise how close in proximity they were and the physical touch insinuated by her. Part of her was telling her to pull away, but Fry’s hand holding hers, tingling as it were, was warm and inviting. Caught by his longing gaze, she leaned in slightly as did he…

‘LEELA! WHERE ARE YOU?’ Leela snapped back into reality and pulled away to the frustrated moan of Fry.
‘Damn you, Amy.’ He muttered as Amy threw herself into the room and immediately stopped. She looked at the pair standing hand-in-hand.
‘Am I interrupting something?’
‘No!’ Blurted Leela, and tugged her hand away from Fry’s.
‘Oh good.’ Said Amy, brightening at once, ‘I wanted to show you the new present Kif gave me.’
‘Okay.’ Leela said, barely able to fake her interest. ‘Fry can you lockdown? Thanks.’ Leela allowed herself to be led out by Amy. Fry scowled and kicked at the wall which contacted with a satisfying crunch. He grumbled to himself as he closed down the ship. Leela stood in front of Amy who was showing her all the fine details of her new party board. It all seemed to go through one ear and out the other, she shook her head to clear it trying to rid herself of the thought that Fry had seemingly hypnotised her like that. She kicked herself that she fell into his gaze so easily and frustrated that it had happened before and she hadn’t done anything about it. She didn’t want Fry to feel rejected but nor did she want him to get any ideas about a closer relationship. Her mind a blur she just nodded at Amy who was describing the intricate manoeuvrability of the rocket jet boosters. Fry slouched in, shot a dark glare at Amy, and resumed his place next to Bender on the couch.
‘Monique, what a picturesque tranquillity there is about this iron garden.’
‘Oh Calculon! You do go on.’
‘No really!’ Calculon walked to an iron statue of himself. ‘Such beauty enriches this creative art.’ Suddenly an out-of-control ride on lawn mower crashes into the statue and it topples in slow motion.
Bender and Fry are literately on the edge of their seats when the power surges and the screen go blank. Fry and Bender gasped.
‘What’s wrong with this stupid thing?’ Bender gets up and bangs on top of the TV to no avail. ‘Stupid, lousy, piece of junk.’ The power surged again and all the lights came back on, but the television started to smoke. Fry stood up next to Bender and began fiddling with the knobs on the TV. A bang went off inside the box and black smoke started to pour out. Bender stepped back worriedly but Fry kept pressing buttons.
‘Fry no!’ Leela grabbed the back of his collar, but it was too late. Bender hit the back wall with a slam from the force of the explosion. Warily he got up and looked at his now charred body.
‘Aw crap, I just cleaned up.’
‘Splug, My new party board’s all dirty.’ A dishevelled Amy held her once clean board, she promptly burst into tears. ‘What am I going to tell Kif?’ she ran out of the room crying with an angered Bender right behind her. Fry sat in surprise, his hair blown back, his eyes wide with shock. He wasn’t the only one, but Leela recovered quickly.
‘You moron.’ She criticised as she untangled herself from the table, ‘You could have blown up the entire building!’ Fry looked at her from the floor with the surprised look that seemed to be frozen on his face. Leela had to bite her lip to keep herself from laughing.
‘Meeting!’ Hermes called through the door.
‘C’mon.’ Leela heaved a still dumbfounded Fry to his feet and pushed him out the door.
‘Good news everyone! I have harnessed the electrical power!’ The professor laughed in manic triumph. Hermes drew happily on his chart a line going down from the high critical point.
‘Now is there anything that needs fixing? Cause the professor can take it if there’s not.’
‘Fry blew up the TV.’ Bender interjected. The rest of the witnessing crew nodded and glared at Fry who suddenly felt very small.
‘You can live without it.’ Said Hermes dismissively. An immediate cry of protest went around the table.
‘But I don’t want to miss the pageant!’
‘The Olympics are coming up!’
‘Bender shall have his TV back!’
‘This is an outrage!’
The shouts continued, Zoidberg’s angry whooping and clacking of claws distributing to the noise.
‘Alright!’ Hermes had to shout to make himself be heard. ‘We’ll get a new TV, but it’s coming out of your pay.’
‘But you said…’
‘We have other things to invest with this money. The water bill, perhaps.’ He sat down, and for a moment, Fry felt like the spotlight was on him; a very mean spotlight which glared from every angle. Bender slapped him across the back of the head.
‘Now incidentally, Hermes has some good news to distract us from this pitiful excuse for a… uh…’ The professor stared at Fry, ‘What are you again?’
‘A moron.’ Said Leela pointedly,
‘A meatbag.’ Suggested Bender helpfully,
‘A lovely scent of burnt apple and sugar.’ Zoidberg said dreamily.
‘Shut up, who cares?’ Farnsworth yelled at them, he diverted his anger to Hermes, ‘Tell them already.’ Hermes stood once again and cleared his throat.
‘I have been asked to step in to replace the Jamaican limbo team.’ The crew gasped.
‘Yes, and incidentally, I got free tickets for all of you.’ He pulled them out and handed around to everybody.
‘A ticket!’ said Zoidberg and held it to his cheek, ‘a delicious ticket.’ He caressed it lovingly.
‘Wow.’ Said Fry looking at his in delight, the seat number on his read ‘47’. He stole a glance at Leela’s. ‘46’
‘Yesss.’ He hissed under his breath.
[le end]

And now, Halloween is on our tail! I'm excited cause it's also my birthday!
Huzzah, a reason for dressing up Bender;

A guy doesn’t take a stinger in the spleen for any old gal.
Yes, the Bible is the real good news! - Prof F, 4ACV15

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #110 on: 10-06-2006 03:43 »

Everything in this thread should be declared a holy relic and put on display in a shrine for pilgrims to visit.

Bending Unit
« Reply #111 on: 10-06-2006 05:11 »

Originally posted by Tastes Like Fry:
Leela took his hand with hers and pressed one hand to his cheek to make him look at her.
‘Don’t say that.’ She echoed, looking him squarely in the eyes, which was hard for her seeing as she only had one. She felt his cheeks warm beneath her fingers as he blushed. It made Leela realise how close in proximity they were and the physical touch insinuated by her. Part of her was telling her to pull away, but Fry’s hand holding hers, tingling as it were, was warm and inviting. Caught by his longing gaze, she leaned in slightly as did he…
Awwwww sooooo cute!!

That was really good! And the romantic moment was quite believable and in character I thought too!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #112 on: 10-06-2006 05:22 »

Fantastic, TLF! Cyberphobia beat me to the punch, so I'm gonna make this quick.... :cry: Waaaah! Why the near misses? *sniff* But a great new piece, nonetheless. Very nice on your part.  :)

Bending Unit
« Reply #113 on: 10-06-2006 07:45 »

Love your story! Love your pic!

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #114 on: 10-06-2006 07:58 »

Damn interfering Amy... I'll dance on her grave.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #115 on: 10-08-2006 03:31 »

coldangel_1: Thanks! ... no worshipping though, I don't like the whole making shrine things...

Thanks Cyberphobia, I try and visualise my stories as an actual show and try write down as close to character as I can.

KitKatBar-Fry; *lovelovelove* The near miss? to keep the story canon, I'm trying to slot it into The Sting and Bend Her.

LuvFry> Love your story! Love your Pic!
TLF> Love you! LuvFry!  :D

coldangel_1; I'd join you but my brother would hate me forever; his fave character is Amy.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #116 on: 10-09-2006 18:04 »


An eerie light was set upon the street of New New York; Halloween drew near. Priests filled the streets shouting something about repentance, or maybe it was re-pent ants. Sales in garlic and wooden stakes increased as well as sabotage to ladders and inside umbrellas. But people still flocked to get pumpkins, real, plastic and illegally produced. Excitement built in the average family, the prospect of sweet gifts and a chance to pull a prank without worry of any dangerous holiday mascots such as Robot Santa Claus or the Zombie Easter Bunny.
Though no one could have been as exited as Professor Farnsworth; he had been growing pumpkins with a growth enhancement and was about to make a breakthrough in pumpkin technology. What disappointed him though, was the fact that nobody cared.
‘I’m sick of pumpkins!’ Fry whined to the professor. ‘Can’t you use something like peaches or hamsters or sugar?’
‘Incidentally, I did use some sugar.’ He said as he dug through his pockets and produced a bag of sweets. ‘Here, try these pumpkin flavoured sweets I made.’
Fry eagerly held out his hand for them, but spat them straight back out.
‘Ew, those taste like pumpkins!’
‘Yes, ingenious don’t you think?’ But the professor didn’t get to hear what Fry thought as Leela walked in and Fry was glad for a different person to talk to.
‘Hey Leela, what are you going as?’
‘For what?’
‘Duh, for Halloween of course!’
‘I don’t think I’m going out on Halloween; I don’t see the point.’
‘Aw come on Leela. You can come with me.’
‘That gives me more the reason not to go out.’
‘Fine, I’ll take Bender then. He appreciates me.’
‘It’s not that I don’t appreciate you…’
‘I heard my name, what’s going on?’ Bender had poked his head in the door.
‘Nothing that concerns you.’ Leela said sitting down beside Fry on the couch.
‘I heard my name.’ Bender repeated forcefully as he walked in and stood before them. Fry made an incomprehensible noise.
‘Halloween.’ Leela translated for Bender.
‘I know, I heard him.’ Bender retorted. He glanced from Leela to Fry and took note of Leela’s hand rested on Fry’s knee.
‘Is he taking you out or am I to put up with him for the night?’ he quipped. Leela was startled and she glanced between Bender’s merely bored expression to Fry’s hopeful stare. How she had been so easily cornered with this decision, she had no idea. Normally she could evade Fry, but when Bender stepped in it seemed so cruel that she turned him down every time. Bender had this power to make a situation three times as bad as it seems.
‘Stay out of it.’ She said hotly. Bender shrugged.
‘You’re on your own buddy.’ He slinked out casting a disappointed look at Leela. She ignored him.
‘Fry, I can’t…’
‘Why not?’ the delivery boy’s voice was full of upset. Leela could almost hear his heart break, and not just break, but a shattering. And she could tell that it was on the way to mending from last time; why must he always ask her? Leela felt crushed with guilt.
‘Because, I-I…’ her brain was not working; she was out of excuses. She fought the tears that suddenly rose up in her; she was breaking her own heart.
‘This is just stupid,’ she yelled at him in frustration, ‘Halloween is stupid, you’re stupid!’
‘Leela!’ Amy called from somewhere in the building. Leela shot up from the couch.
‘Coming!’ She hurried across the room without looking back.
‘Leela.’ Fry’s voice was choked and soft, but it didn’t evade Leela’s ears.
‘Leela, you ok? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.’ Amy stood in the professor’s lab, her look one of curiosity and concern.
‘Nonesense! Ghosts aren’t real you Martian!’ roared the professor. They ignored him.
‘I’m fine.’
‘Well brace yourself for the worst.’ Amy said fearfully, ‘We have an infestation.’ She held up a little black bug that had been squished. Its pincers were sharp and dripping with what Leela to perceive as poison that was coloured purple.
‘Great, just great. Now I have to worry about getting bitten as well.’
‘Not necessarily.’ Said the professor as he bent over a contraption. ‘It doesn’t seem to be poisonous, but it could do other things like cause a deadly disease that will put you in peril forever!’
‘That’s stupid.’ Leela said bitterly,
‘No it isn’t!’ the professor said angrily at her.
‘Well compare it to something that’s stupider than it then!’ Leela said darkly, the professor was far from put off.
‘Fry is stupid; in comparison, these bugs are something that is explained by science, and obviously has a brain.’ Leela flushed,
‘How could you say that about him?’
‘Easily!’ the professor said smugly, ‘You would.’ He turned to tinker with his toys leaving Leela standing as if someone had emptied a bucket of cold water over her.
‘Oh, and by the way,’ Amy interjected, ‘We’ve got an invitation to go to a Halloween party.’
‘Take Fry,’ Leela said disheartened, ‘He could use more of a celebration than I.’
‘But Kif’s taking me; I thought you would like something to do.’
‘What am I supposed to do? Stand around talking and sip champagne?’
‘That’s the general idea, yeah.’
‘Alright then,’ Leela sighed, ‘I’ll come, and if I don’t like it I’ll leave.’
‘Five o’clock, Madison Cube Garden, don’t forget fancy dress. It will be cloolriffic!’
‘Sure.’ Leela turned around and came face to face with Bender. They stared at each other for a moment. Leela dropped her gaze first.
‘So I’m going with Fry?’ he asked. Leela didn’t answer, but Bender knew already.
‘Fine, whatever.’ He puffed on his cigar and walked. Leela stared at the floor, and she wondered how Bender could make it worse without showing any emotion at all. Her vision suddenly became blurry, the tears were welling up in her eye. She blinked and watched as the tear fell in seemingly slow motion and land with a splash. A black bug appeared and scuttled to Leela’s feet, it’s intention to bite clear. But it was no match for Leela’s boot, pounded on it.
‘Nice reflex.’ Leela looked up to see that Fry had appeared in the doorway; he looked how Leela felt. But he cracked a weak grin, apparently trying to get things back to normal. He was clutching Nibbler who excitedly jabbered when he saw his mistress.
‘He got stuck under the TV.’ Fry explained, depositing Nibbler into her arms. ‘He panicked and made it tricky for me to get him out.’
‘Aw did Nibblykins get stwuck?’ she asked her pet. Nibbler chattered affectionately.
‘What do we say to Fry?’ Leela paused before she turned and without thinking, pushed a soft kiss to Fry’s dusty nose. ‘Thank you.’ Fry grinned embarrassedly,
‘No problem. Anytime… seriously.’ Leela grinned back, all was forgiven. But her grin soon faded.
‘Oh… Fry, you’re bleeding!’
‘What?’ Fry lifted his hand to touch the right of his chin. ‘Yeowch.’
Leela put Nibbler on the floor before lifting Fry’s chin for a better look, it was a clean cut and it looked normal besides the fact that it was oozing purple.
‘Oh my god, you’ve been bitten! And by the size of it, you’re going to need stitches.’
‘Stiches you say?’ Doctor Zoidberg appeared seemingly at the right time. Fry paled.
‘Don’t let that monster touch me!’
‘It won’t hurt a bit.’ Zoidberg said, pulling a collapsible sewing machine out. The dreadful machine had pointy bits sticking out from it, and it roared like a chainsaw when he turned it on. Fry whimpered; he couldn’t run as Leela had such a grip on his head. He could feel the liquid running down his neck, and for the first time a stabbing pain. Leela scowled at Zoidberg.
‘Don’t you dare touch him.’ She said distastefully. ‘He needs caring for, not dismantling like some robot.’
‘Hey, I resent that!’ Bender had reappeared, ready in his Halloween outfit. His Napoleon hat complimented by a gathering of medals set on his chest. An out of tune banging sounded every time he moved which led Leela to believe he had his banjo with him.
‘Leeba, jour hurking bee.’ Fry’s eyes stung with tears as the pressure Leela applied on his chin became too much.
‘Fry, I’m going to give you two options; we rush you to the hospital and then we’ll have to wait for who knows how long. Or I’ll patch you up with my sewing kit, and hope the venom isn’t fatal.’
‘Or Zoidberg will help!’ the doctor interjected.
‘I’ve got some sealer back at our place.’ Bender put in helpfully.
‘Leeba!’ Fry said in a panic; Zoidberg was standing with his scary contraption and he had experienced Bender’s sealer before.

Swollen and sore, Fry had a neat wound to show off. The stitching was rough, but adequate and Leela was quite satisfied with her work. The wound and the surrounding skin was bruised purple, but Fry had not been concerned about it. She and Fry were the only two in Zoidberg’s surgery room as she had kicked out the decapodian and Bender had wandered off for somewhere to play his banjo. Fry sat still as Leela carefully sponged off the now dry blood off his neck.
‘Well there goes my plan for going as Captain Kirk.’
‘You’d be arrested anyway. Maybe don’t go as something spacey.’
‘But I like spacey stuff, I don’t want something dorky like a vegetable.’ Leela chuckled.
‘Goes as a pumpkin.’ She said, playfully tugging on his orange hair.
‘Hell no.’ he said repulsively. He tentatively touched his cheek.
‘Don’t play with it.’ Leela said pulling his hand away from his face. ‘I didn’t ask you, how’d you get bitten? I mean, those things obviously don’t have wings.’
‘What things?’
‘Those things.’ Leela said, spotting one on the floor trying to bite through her boot. Fry quickly lifted his legs out of the way.
‘Kill it! Kill it! Kill it! Kill it!’ he said in a panic. She lifted her foot and brought it down heavily with a satisfying crunch. Fry relaxed and gratefully grinned at her.
‘Maybe when I was trying to get Nibbler out.’ he said, his hand automatically came back up to touch his cheek. Leela slapped his hand.
‘Don’t touch it!’
‘It’s itchy!’ Leela clasped his hands.
‘Don’t touch it.’
‘It’s itchy!’ Leela sighed; she needed to distract him from it.
‘Go as a vampire, that way you have an excuse for a cut where it is.’
‘It’s itchy!’
Leela was saved by the PA system.
‘Everyone to the meeting table! Now!’
She did as was ordered, with Fry in tow.
‘It’s itchy!’ Fry’s hands fidgeted under Leela’s grasp, but she wasn’t about to let him undo all her work.
‘I’m going to clobber you one if you don’t stop.’ She threatened. Fry whimpered in response.
Half the crew were there when they sat down; Leela still holding Fry’s hands. Bender shot her a sceptical look across the table. She sent back a glare. Fry whimpered quietly; his face was painfully itchy and he suspected that Leela had cut off the circulation in his hands. He tried to rub his wound with his shoulder. Leela stepped on his foot.
‘Stop it.’ She hissed.
‘Attention please!’ Hermes called as the last person; Amy sat down. ‘I would like to call attention to the crate to my left. It was to be our last delivery for the day, just down the street, but they cancelled and now we have all these decorations and costumes.’ He smiled warmly at them, something that rarely happened. A silence fell over the crew, they were afraid that someone would be fired.
‘You can take from it what you want and then it goes to the professor for his experiment.’ The professor grinned at Hermes.
‘Oh, and Bender’s not allowed.’ Everyone blanched and stared expectedly at Bender waiting for an angry outburst. But Bender lay back in his chair and strummed on his banjo.
‘Eh, I already got my costume.’
‘Very well.’ Said Hermes, ‘And it has been brought to my attention that we have a…’
‘Infestation, yeah, we know.’ Bender said, bringing his foot cup down heavily on a bug that was scuttling across the floor.
‘Don’t get bitten, it turns out that you turn green and turn into a giant gelatinous idiot!’ the professor announced, with hand actions to suit.
‘Am not!’ Fry said angrily
‘Well some could argue you are, but you haven’t been bitten have you?’
‘Actually, he has.’
‘Huh-wha?’ Leela let go of Fry’s hands and seized his head to show the professor.
‘Ouch! Leeba! Lebbe go!’ Fry hands uselessly pushed against her shoulders.
‘Oh my.’ Said the professor disappointedly as he shuffled over to them and poked Fry’s cheek.
‘Owie! Dop boucking be!’ he whimpered. They ignored him.
‘It seems all it produces is a purple rash that irritates the flesh when provoked.’
‘It’s hurbing!’ Fry feebly attempted to wriggle out of Leela’s grip, noone noticed his rising panic. Leela tightened her grip, intent on the professor’s words.
‘I’ll have to do some tests, but it could be…’ the professor was interrupted though, when Fry unexpectedly burst into tears. Leela’s painful grip around his head had disabled him from using his voice. He struck Leela’s shoulder weakly, not with the intention to hurt, but the intention for attention. Leela let go in her surprise. Fry collapsed on his chair and buried his head into his arms, sobbing quietly. Everyone stared at him in alarm.


‘Yancy, let me go!’ Philip struggled to breathe as his brother Yancy had him in a headlock like a vice and was forcing him around in circles.
‘Where’s Snowy?’
‘I didn’t take your stupid hamster!’ Philip gasped, Yancy tightened his grip, Philip started to turn blue.
‘I didn’t.’ Philip choked. ‘You’re hurting!’
‘Tell me where he is and I’ll let you go. And if not, I can make this tighter.’ Yancy threatened.
‘I don’t know! Yancy, stop it! I can’t- c-can’t-br-b-rea-…’
‘YANCY FRY! LET YOUR BROTHER GO!’ Their mother stood on the balcony in shock as Yancy reluctantly released him. Philip fainted before he hit the ground.
(to be continued)

Bending Unit
« Reply #117 on: 10-09-2006 19:53 »

I love you too, TLF!  :love:

And I LOVE this story!!! Gotta love a flashback to Fry's childhood, and lots of Fry/Leela contact to boot!

You rock my otherwise dull existence! (not that my existence is dull, you're creativity just lends my boring day some hard-core sunshine) :)

Alright...I have to get back to work, now. (lousy necessary education)  ;)

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #118 on: 10-09-2006 20:06 »

Awww, he cried like a little pansy girl... apparently chicks dig that.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #119 on: 10-10-2006 00:48 »

Thanks LuvFry! There's plenty more Fry/Leela coming!

coldangel_1; Crying doesn't make you a pansy, it shows you're human because you feel pain.
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