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Author Topic: Tasty's Art and Fan Fic thread... OF DOOM  (Read 19453 times)
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Bending Unit
« Reply #240 on: 11-12-2006 08:33 »

Well I just finished school so neerr LOL

Bending Unit
« Reply #241 on: 11-12-2006 16:06 »

Great update!  smile
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #242 on: 11-12-2006 18:32 »

I finished two years ago  tongue

Mmm yesh, the next piece of art is basically Futurama gone wrong goth.

Oh, and you can't see it but Bender has 'Bite Me' engraved on his ass.

Bending Unit
« Reply #243 on: 11-12-2006 21:01 »

I don't know if it's funny, or if it's disturbing...
my man-wich!

Starship Captain
« Reply #244 on: 11-12-2006 21:19 »

 laff that's so awesome, TLF!

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #245 on: 11-13-2006 02:14 »

HAHA!!! AWESOME. That is truly wicked.
Oooh, and Leela's nearly falling out of that dress...  big grin
I love it.
Apple Tea

Bending Unit
« Reply #246 on: 11-13-2006 05:02 »

mmmm, very nice...

Bending Unit
« Reply #247 on: 11-13-2006 05:14 »

Oooh nice drawing! Bender looks nearly the same as he usually does LOL. That shows something about his personality! Leela's facial expression is awesome!

Bending Unit
« Reply #248 on: 11-13-2006 06:19 »

Cool stuff TLF! Lil flames on the boots too!? AWESOME!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #249 on: 11-13-2006 06:31 »

Me Like!
Seriously, that is grrrreat! I love Bender's little booties, and the black around everyone else's faces looks terrfific. Helps add to the 'Goth' mood.  smile
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #250 on: 11-16-2006 04:32 »

Originally posted by LuvFry:
I don't know if it's funny, or if it's disturbing...

How about both?  laff

coldangel; I knew you'd love it  big grin You're becoming predictable.

Thanks all!

More story!

BENDER, FRY, AMY and ZOIDBERG are seated on the floor playing cards. LEELA is piloting and keeps casting glares at them from her seat.

AMY: Blug! Why do you two keep on winning?
FRY: Lots of practise?
BENDER: [stowing away five aces] Yeah, that’d be it.
AMY: Ai-ya.

AMY tosses her cards down in defeat.

AMY: How much longer Captain?
LEELA: Another good five hours, I suggest we get some sleep.

LEELA presses the button for the auto-pilot and turn to the others who are giving the cards to BENDER which he sorts in his mouth and pulls out two packs of sorted cards.

ZOIDBERG: Weren’t we only using one pack?
BENDER: What? Uh, no we weren’t.
FRY: Yeah… that’s just the instructions.
LEELA: [bluntly] It’s Bender’s pack of Aces.
BENDER: [hurriedly] Ace Robot Cookies! [shoots glare at Leela]
LEELA: It doesn’t matter, go to bed.

Grumbling, FRY and BENDER wander off to their dormitory.

AMY: Uh, Leela, where are we going to sleep?
ZOIDBERG: [sadly] I have no bed
LEELA: Sheesh, Zoidberg can go into the corner.
ZOIDBERG: Hooray! A place of my own.

ZOIDBERG retreats to the corner and scuttles in circles until he finally curls up and makes warbled snores.

LEELA: And Amy…
AMY: I’m not going into any corner.
LEELA: The boys might have an extra bunk.
AMY: Can I please go with you?
LEELA: Fine, but keep to your side of the bed.


The PE ship flies through space, a small object on the backdrop of the stars and nebulas.


ZOIDBERG is snoring in his corner. FRY and BENDER are in their bunks.

BENDER: [mumbling in his sleep] … Kill all humans… kill all humans…
FRY: [mumbling in his sleep] … jelly… mmph…Leela… mm melons… [drools]

AMY and LEELA are asleep in the same bed, AMY’S spread out across the middle and is very relaxed, and LEELA is curled up and is tense. Suddenly, the alarm goes off, and LEELA falls out of bed in surprise.

LEELA: Ouch! Stupid…
AMY: But mummy, I don’t wanna go to school today.
LEELA: Amy, wake up, we’re nearly there.
AMY: Five more minutes.

LEELA presses a button on the wall that makes the bed tilt and deposit AMY on the floor.

AMY: Splah!

LEELA walks out to the controls and seizes a microphone.

LEELA: This is your 6 o’clock wake up call; Delivery Boy and Bot report to captain, over.

LEELA non-chalantly places the mike back into the holder as a muffled yell and thump is heard in the background.

ZOIDBERG: Oh what a wonderful dream I had, with birds and butterflies. Such delicious butterflies!
LEELA: I didn’t ask for you to come, go back to your corner!
BENDER: [walking in] Why must you do that? You nearly caused Fry a heart attack.
LEELA: I know, and it’s the best way I know of getting him out of bed.
BENDER: You should see the sound system I’ve got set up at our place.
LEELA: That would explain why he has selective hearing… among other things.
FRY: [dishevelled, walking in] Say what?
LEELA: Never mind.
FRY: Who?
LEELA: [ignoring him] Six crates of weapons to be delivered to the Nimbus, please don’t stuff up, I don’t want to give Zapp a reason to arrest us. [Hands a signing plaque to Fry]
BENDER: So now would be a bad time to tell you we’re also carting around fifty grand worth of stolen goods?
LEELA: [unsurprised] Where’s the goods, Bender?

BENDER taps the door on his chest. LEELA reaches for him, but BENDER seizes her by the hand.

BENDER: Touch my stuff and die.
LEELA: Fine, but if they arrest you on account of it, don’t expect any sympathy from me.
BENDER: At least Fry loves me, don’t you meatbag?

BENDER and LEELA look to FRY who’s been staring outside the window, he notices them looking after a moment.

FRY: What?
BENDER: Say ‘yes’
FRY: Yes?
BENDER: Good boy.
LEELA: [sigh] Just don’t get into trouble.
FRY: Don’t worry Leela, you can count on us!

FRY jabs his finger to his chest in confidence, before wincing from poking himself.

FRY: Ow, my ribcage!

PESHIP: Incoming transmission.

The PE crew turn to see the Nimbus floating alongside the PE ship.

LEELA: [groan]
ZAPP: [appearing on screen] Heeellooo sexy Leela! Prepare to be sensually boarded. [disappears]
LEELA: I’ve got a bad feeling about this.
FRY: Me too.
LEELA: Really?
FRY: [worriedly] Yeah, I think I left my chewing gum in the toaster.


A toaster is sitting on the bench; on top of it is a wad of pink chewing gum, causing it to send off sparks. The toast pops; it is perfectly cooked. Then the whole thing explodes leaving the toaster in pieces and everything around it charred.


FRY and LEELA look at each other for a pregnant pause.

LEELA: Okay then…


FRY: Six crates of blasters?

FRY, BENDER and AMY are holding a crate each with three stacked behind them, waiting. AMY is struggling slightly with the weight.

SOLDIER #1: [pointing] Two doors down, follow the hall, then fifth left. Cootie and Fred will take them from there.
FRY: Thanks soldier!

The soldier salutes them; FRY balances his crate with one hand and salutes with the other. BENDER copies him. AMY tries to salute, but the crate is too heavy and she falls over.

AMY: AI! Blug…


FRY BENDER and AMY arrive in a room.

COOTIE: Planet Express?
FRY: Yeah, where do you want these?
FRED: In the storeroom I think.
COOTIE: Up those stairs, go left and then the last door on the right.
FRY: Thanks.


FRY and BENDER enter the storeroom, after a moment, AMY comes in panting.

SOLDIER #2: Hey, you the Planet Express with the new blasters?
BENDER: Why should we tell you, chump?
SOLDIER #2: They want the blasters in the weapons room, use the lift to go two levels up and then it’s the first right, twelfth left and then sixth left.
FRY: Gee, I’m not going to remember all that.
BENDER: Easy, follow me.

BENDER and FRY walk out. AMY groans and follows them.


FRY: Hello? Planet Express Delivery!
SOLDIER #3: About time! Cootie and Fred sent you to the wrong place. Put the crates over there, we’ll sort them out.
AMY: Ai-ya [half drops crate] I can’t carry this thing any longer.
FRY: What? It’s not that heavy.
BENDER: Yeah, if Fry can do it, anyone can… seriously.
AMY: I’m not a delivery girl! I’m a mechanic, now excuse me, I’ve got to go find Kiffy. [going out the door]
FRY: But we’ve got another three crates to bring up here!
BENDER: How do we get back to the ship?
FRY: What? I thought you were keeping track of where we had come from.
BENDER: So was I, but it’s all jumbled.
SOLDIER: What are you going on about? The docking bay is straight down ten levels.
BENDER: Bite my shiny metal…
FRY: Bender, don’t make trouble, let’s get the last three and go.

BENDER and FRY put down the boxes and go straight down to the docking bay.


LEELA: I’m waiting for my crew.
ZAPP: But we don’t need your crew, all we need is each other.

LEELA’S expression softens slightly.

ZAPP: You and the sexilicious Zapper in the lovenasium and we shall vigorously…
LEELA: Ugh, enough! You promised my crew a party…
ZAPP: Right, Kif; bring out the balloon animals and fairy bread.
KIF: [sigh] Yes, sir.
ZOIDBERG: Ooh, fairy bread!
ZAPP: Eugh, who invited him?
LEELA: You did.
FRY: [running up] Leela! Amy stormed off.
KIF: My Amy? What’s wrong?
BENDER: How are we supposed to know? She got all upset and left.
KIF: Oh no, poor Amy.
FRY: And now we’re going to have to do two more trips, unless…

FRY looks at LEELA hopefully. LEELA goes to speak to him, but they are interrupted.

AMY: Kiffy!

AMY runs wearily across the floor and collapses into the green alien’s arms.

AMY: I’m glad you’re here, Fry and Bender were making me…
BENDER: You ran off on us chumpette!
AMY: Splah! How’d you get here before me?!
FRY: We took the lift.
AMY: Well I’m not doing this anymore, Kiffy, we need to talk.
KIF: Suits me.
FRY: But…
LEELA: Let them go.
FRY: We need another person.

Again FRY looks at hopefully at her.

LEELA: If you’re suggesting I’m to take that last crate, then I’ve got bad new for you…
ZAPP: So the party can start?
ZAPP: [emphasising correctly] Champagne?
BENDER: [reading the label, disgusted] Ffloyds?!
ZAPP: It’s got a lot of fizz where it counts, and it ‘Zapps’ you. [winks]
LEELA: D’you know what Fry? I might take you up on that offer.
ZAPP: [as Leela, Fry and Bender are leaving] But, Leela! It’s only just started!
LEELA: It never began Zapp, come on boys, let’s deliver this and blow this joint.
BENDER: Where are you keeping the joints?

LEELA: There’s not enough room for three people and three boxes in there.
FRY: Yeah, Bender and I just fit.
BENDER: Come off it, there was room for another third of a person in there!
LEELA: Well, we’re going to have to take the stairs, which could take three times as long.
FRY: Aw man.
LEELA: Stop whingeing.

LEELA, BENDER and FRY mount the stairs in a single file in that order. About five floors up LEELA comes to a halt, panting slightly.

BENDER: What’s the hold up chumpette?
LEELA: Give Fry a moment to catch up.
FRY: I’m right here.

Surprised and thrown off-guard, LEELA stares at FRY who is slightly red-faced and panting, but he had kept up with them.

LEELA: Oh, right…
BENDER: So let’s move already.

LEELA, BENDER and FRY reach the door marked ‘Weapons’, LEELA opens in with her elbow and sets the box down at SOLDIER #3’s feet. FRY and BENDER set their boxes down beside hers.

FRY: [handing paperwork to the soldier to sign] That’s all.
SOLDIER #3: [is openly gaping at LEELA’s eye]
FRY: [snarling] Hey, what are you staring at?
SOLDIER #3: [flustered, starts signing papers] Right, that seems to be in order.
BENDER: Well I’m sick of all of you; I’m going to the ship. [exeunt]

LEELA doesn’t notice the soldier’s stare; she is more enthralled by the fact that FRY isn’t any more exhausted than she is. FRY snatches the papers back from the soldier once he has finished signing them.

FRY: C’mon Leela.

FRY takes LEELA by the hand and leads her to the lift where they barely fit in together without touching each other. FRY has to put his arm around her waist to press the ‘docking bay’ button. The door closes them in.

LEELA: [flustered] I think this lift is designed for a one-man trip.
FRY: Well we proved them!
LEELA: Fry, I’m going to have to get off and let you by yourself first.
FRY: What, why? We both fit… plus it’s nice and comfy and warm.
LEELA: Fry, I don’t think this is a good idea… I… uh…I’m feeling claustrophobic.
FRY: Whataphobic?

LEELA reaches behind her back and tries to press the ‘Doors open’ button, but the lift has started to move and jerks her hand to accidentally push five buttons at once.

LEELA: Crap.

The lift drops fast for a few feet and then jerks back up causing LEELA to be thrown against the control panel and her elbow slams against the emergency stop button. The lift comes to a complete sudden stop. LEELA slides down the wall, but doesn’t hit the ground as FRY grabs her and pulls her unsteadily to her feet.

FRY: You alright?
LEELA: [trying not to cry] I’m fine.
FRY: No you’re not, what wrong?
LEELA: [bursts into tears]
FRY: Shh, come here.

FRY uncoordinatedly pulls her into his arms and starts to gently rub her back.

LEELA: Oh man, it hurts.
FRY: What does?
LEELA: My back.

FRY immediately stops rubbing LEELA’S back.

LEELA: Nonono… don’t stop, you’re helping the pain go away.

FRY resumes his rubbing, but it’s much softer.
LEELA: [softly growling] Harder… harder… [FRY rubs harder] Ooh yeah, that’s good.

LEELA purrs softly into FRY’S neck as his fingers work their magic.

INTERCOM: Hello? Elevator 605 single?’
INTERCOM: Yeah, um, it’s going to take three hours to reprogram the lift to operate again…
LEELA: [lazily] Yeah, yeah, take your time.
FRY: [whispering in disbelief] Oh boy…
LEELA: [snapping out of drowsy contentment] Wait, three whole hours? [pushes away from FRY]
INTERCOM: Yeah, we’d normally do it straight away but there’s been a string of accidents and they’re higher on the priority list according to the Captain.
LEELA: Yeah? Well you can tell Zapp he’s a…
INTERCOM: Buffoon, yeah we know, but our job’s worth more than that. I’m sorry, I hope you like small enclosed spaces. [static then silence]
FRY: Now what?
LEELA: I suppose we wait.
FRY: Together…
LEELA: In this small enclosed space…
FRY: All alone…
LEELA: [startled] Hey, don’t get any ideas mister.
FRY: [sexfully] Too late, babe.
(to be continued…)

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #251 on: 11-16-2006 04:47 »
« Last Edit on: 11-16-2006 04:47 by coldangel_1 »

Ooh, This is GREAT.
Writer unit32

« Reply #252 on: 11-16-2006 05:09 »
« Last Edit on: 11-16-2006 05:09 »

Fry played the push girl in lift for girl to push the emergency stop button trick.Now that's classic!When I got in a full lift in the year 1987 because of a time machine goof I used that trick.The problem is you dont get the chance to do it every day.And it's pretty hard too.When I got in that lift in the year 1987 I needed to make all the people in the lift un-councious...But it was worth it!
Great fic!  big grin

Bending Unit
« Reply #253 on: 11-16-2006 08:10 »

Yay nice chapter! So shippy!   love

Bending Unit
« Reply #254 on: 11-16-2006 22:03 »

Very interesting... Can't wait for the next chapter. Alot can happen in three hours... wink
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #255 on: 11-16-2006 23:21 »

Remember the conversation we had about putting Fry and Leela in a small space together and seeing what happens? I had already written this bit (and the bit to come) and thought it highly amusing how foreshadowy it was.

writer unit; Fry didn't push her; the lift threw them about and she just landed (coincidentally) on the stop button.

Thanks all!

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #256 on: 11-16-2006 23:46 »

More back-rubbing  big grin. That bit was sweet.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #257 on: 11-18-2006 02:33 »

Yesh, I love musician's hands, even if they do have stupid fingers...

Anyways, I'm posting this quickly cause I won't be able to post any more until Wednesday.


BENDER: Where the hell are they?!
ZAPP: If one of my men lay a hand on her…
BENDER: She’ll kick their ass, then she’ll probably will come kick yours.
ZAPP: And it shall be the most erotic…
BENDER: How about you stop there before I kick your ass.
ZAPP: The only ass-kicking will be done by seductive forces and doop commanders.
BENDER: Bite my shiny metal ass.
ZOIDBERG: If I may int…
BENDER: No you may not, go to your corner!
ZAPP: I’m off in the direction that seems most erect, if you see the directive lady Leela, direct her in my direction.
BENDER: Fat chance.
SOLDIER#4: [running up] Sir, there are two people trapped in the one-man lift.
ZAPP: Yes, leave them there; I have other sexy matters to do deal with. Now where did Kif go? [EXUENT]
BENDER: [alone] And then there was Bender and he is great [starts to sing]


KIF and AMY are embraced and kissing whilst sitting on the bed. ZAPP enters.

ZAPP: Excuse me Kif, it’s official bath time, come and don’t forget the tweezers. [EXUENT]
KIF: Sorry Amy…
AMY: That’s alright, Leela will be wondering where I am… Or they’ve left without me, I’ll call you snookems.

AMY gives KIF a last kiss before they stand up and leave the room together.


An hour has past, FRY and LEELA are sitting, squished and worried as they glance about their enclosure.

FRY: I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with… um…
LEELA: You have two eyes and there’s nothing to spy in here, Fry, just be quiet.
FRY: I’m bored.
LEELA: Be quiet...
FRY: [whimpering] You’re sitting on my feet.
LEELA: Fry, shut up.

FRY obediently shuts up. After a moment of silence, LEELA runs her hands down her arms and shivers.

FRY: Are you cold?
LEELA: No, I’m freezing.
FRY: They musta turned the heater off. Here…

FRY shrugs himself out of his jacket with difficulty before trying to put it on LEELA’S shoulders.

FRY: Put this on.
LEELA: [resisting] But what about you?
FRY: Put it on.

FRY forces it around her shoulders, LEELA gives in and lets him wrap it around her. It’s on her quickly, but FRY keeps rubbing her shoulders and soon LEELA has crawled into his lap for a warming hug.

LEELA: I hope they come soon.
FRY: [after a pause] Me too.
LEELA: [snuggling]This is comfy though.
FRY: Yeah, I could get used to this.
LEELA: Don’t.
FRY: Don’t what?

LEELA blushed as she remembers the moments between them in the changing room when she had discovered FRY’S new attractive body. FRY’S fingers are working firmly down her back which is causing her to relax into his body and consequently her senses to his mercy. FRY’S breath immediately changes from normal to fast and shallow. LEELA blushes at the effect she has on him. A soft kiss is planted on LEELA’S forehead by FRY. It causes her to retract.

LEELA: Don’t, just don’t.

FRY just looks at her, confused.

LEELA: Don’t start taking advantage of me!
FRY: Why would I do that?

LEELA’S bottom lip trembles as she realises FRY’S sincerity is genuine. She pulls his jacket firmly around her shoulders.

FRY: You can trust me.
LEELA: I know, but I don’t know if I can trust myself.
FRY: What do you mean?
LEELA: I don’t know if I can tell you, I don’t want to hurt you.

LEELA reaches out for a comforting hug.

LEELA: I know I’ve done that too many times already.

(to be continued)

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #258 on: 11-18-2006 02:41 »

Very gripping. You have a strong sense for realistic human emotions. You must be one of those humans I've been hearing about.

Bending Unit
« Reply #259 on: 11-18-2006 03:52 »

Awwwwww Fry Is just soooo romantic! I wouldn't mind being Leela in your fic about now.

Also, I love the repetition of the "Don't" "Don't what?" thing.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #260 on: 11-18-2006 03:54 »

Also, the console in the lift resembles HAL in 2001... (or the PE ship in Love and Rocket).

Bending Unit
« Reply #261 on: 11-18-2006 06:13 »

Originally posted by Tastes Like Fry:
I finished two years ago   tongue

Mmm yesh, the next piece of art is basically Futurama gone wrong goth.

Oh, and you can't see it but Bender has 'Bite Me' engraved on his ass.

Hehe... not bad - all so blasé...

As for your story... I have not read the entire thread but yes, what happens in that tight space sounds about right. Still I won't expect that episode would change their relationship much afterwards even if they kiss (I don't know about that, also I was not convinced abt that kiss on forehead business) - it would take a significant event for that... but I can imagine your story in an animated form and that means it works!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #262 on: 11-18-2006 07:59 »

Thats so beautiful, Fry's so wonderful and I think I see Leela begining to crack out of her emotional shell. THis is wonderful

Bending Unit
« Reply #263 on: 11-18-2006 12:23 »

Awwwwwwwwwww!  This fic is soo cute!  I love it!  It's close in character, it's funny, and best of all it's shiiippppy!!!   love

I love your art as well.  Keep up the good work and update soon! 
Writer unit32

« Reply #264 on: 11-18-2006 13:22 »

Great update and you know what'll be funny?If the same guy who was draging Amy's car in PYHOMS opens the lift with the same 'Yohoho' and finds Fry and Leela playing sometyhing like cards or something.

« Reply #265 on: 11-18-2006 13:53 »

Fantastic story, full of sexual tension and so true to human feelings. It's a great idea to stick Fry and Leela in a confined space for 3 hours as it would be impossible for Leela to avoid confronting her feelings for Fry like she can in normal life by getting on with her job and/or avoiding him. Stuck in a tiny lift with Fry she is totally out of control and with Fry so physcially close to her it would be agonising for her to keep her true emotions hidden. I was once in similar situation as Leela where I had feelings for someone but didn't want to admit it and I know for a fact if I was stuck in a lift with him for 3 hours I would have every ounce of emotional strength tested, and I would fail!
Anyway great stuff! I can't wait to read the next part!
Writer unit32

« Reply #266 on: 11-18-2006 14:03 »
« Last Edit on: 11-18-2006 14:03 »

Originally posted by Stezzy:
 I was once in similar situation as Leela
Somebody used the push girl for girl in lift to push emergency stop button trick?

[QUOTEOriginally posted by Stezzy: 
where I had feelings for someone but didn't want to admit it and I know for a fact if I was stuck in a lift with him for 3 hours I would have every ounce of emotional strength tested, and I would fail!

Pfff,and Jle sais she relates to Leela!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #267 on: 11-19-2006 13:06 »

I do, I get emotional about certain things but I mainly kickass. Of course, being stuck in a lift with Fry is a whole new ball game. Leela would probably try to resist Fry for a bit, I wouldn't  wink The piccy goes well with the story me thinks.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #268 on: 11-19-2006 17:54 »

Fry has always been romantic, it's just slighty spoiled by his cockiness.

Bending Unit
« Reply #269 on: 11-19-2006 20:41 »

^Yeah I know! I hope I can find a boyfriend as romantic as Fry one day...

Originally posted by Fry_B:
Hehe... not bad - all so blasé...

As for your story... I have not read the entire thread but yes, what happens in that tight space sounds about right. Still I won't expect that episode would change their relationship much afterwards even if they kiss (I don't know about that, also I was not convinced abt that kiss on forehead business) - it would take a significant event for that... but I can imagine your story in an animated form and that means it works!

The beauty of fanfiction is that you can make any situation change their relationship, even if you don't see it happening in the real series. You can also change the characters slightly to make them more how you want them to be. Even if the kiss on the forehead is unrealistic in the real series, it's irrelevant here because TLF can make anything happen to satisfy her imagination. Leela's a lot more impulsive in the fic but it works because it easily leads to shippyness. And I love shippyness!
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #270 on: 11-20-2006 17:16 »


ZAPP: Where is she?!
BENDER: Buggered if I know, oh, and if you see Fry…
ZAPP: I don’t care about that pointy haired loony!
KIF: Sir, we have pirates on our radar.
ZAPP: DVD pirates or space pirates?
KIF: Space Pirates, sir.
ZAPP: They won’t notice us; I want every soldier on the ship to search for my lady.
AMY: But what about the pirates?
BENDER: [nervously] Um, I’ll just be going…
AMY: I’ll come with you, Leela might be at the ship already.
[They leave]
KIF: Incoming transmission, sir.
SPACE PIRATE CAPTAIN: Arr, Er, respectable Captain sir, we are humble sailors, sailing for booty… I mean, for education, sir, and we were robbed…
ZAPP: Why should I help you?
SP CAPTAIN: The criminal is onboard your ship.
ZAPP: What?! We have a thief among us, Kif; page for him and we shall deal with him in the most painfully humane way possible.
SP CAPTAIN: He’s not a human, he be silver.
ZAPP: There’s noone here that’s silver… wait, where’s that silver man?
KIF: [sigh] I do believe he’s made for the ship via the stairs.
ZAPP: Then we shall go by the elevator and beat him to his own game… uh, Kif? What is his game?
KIF: [sigh]


FRY: He gave you the Veronica set? That bastard! … What’s it like?
LEELA: I don’t know it was two sizes too small to start with.
FRY: What did you do with it?
LEELA: Gave it to Amy, I think she appreciated it more.
FRY: What about that two piece set you wore at Amy’s birthday?
LEELA: You saw that?
FRY: Not all of it, I heard you and Amy talking about it… and I kind of accidentally peeked into the change room.
LEELA: Accidentally my ass… speaking of which, hands off before I smack you one.
FRY: [hurriedly moving his hands back to her waist] Sorry, must’ve slipped.
LEELA: [sarcastically] Right. Now what were we talking about?
FRY: Amy’s birthday?
LEELA: Oh yeah, that was the Hartwell store stuff, Amy and I had been shopping together.
FRY: Is it hot?
LEELA: [pause] Why are we discussing my underwear?
FRY: I dunno… is it hot like that pink frilly thing?
LEELA: Have you been into my underwear drawer again?
FRY: [non-chalantly] No
FRY: Did I say pink frilly thing? What I meant to say was green flowery thing.
LEELA: You have been in my drawer.
FRY: No, you were wearing the green stuff yesterday.
LEELA: [after a moment of thinking] How the hell did you know that?
FRY: When your top got wet, it was really easy to see.
LEELA: [coldly] Pervert.
FRY: I couldn’t help it! You were right on top of me!
LEELA: [blushing] That’s not my fault.
FRY: I’m not saying it was, I’m saying it was really hard not to look at such… a… perfect...
LEELA: [bitterly] I’m not perfect Fry.
FRY: What? Yes you are!
LEELA: I’m not! Can’t you see the obvious? I thought I was the one with the depth perception; look one eye. Haven’t you noticed? Or are you more interested in my underwear?
FRY: [hurt] Of course not.
LEELA: I’m not perfect.
FRY: I think you are.
LEELA: Really?
FRY: Sure.
LEELA: [unconvinced] What about my ugly eye?
FRY: It’s not ugly, I think it’s pretty, it makes you special.
LEELA: Really really? That’s so sweet. [giggles nervously] No one’s ever said that.
FRY: That’s because they’re the losers with the depth piecep… pertept…
LEELA: Perception?
FRY: Yeah, perpetration!
LEELA: Perception.
FRY: Policeman?


ZAPP: What does that mean by the elevator’s broken?
KIF: [sigh] It means the elevator’s broken.
ZAPP: Your ignorance astounds me Kif! Why wasn’t this fixed?
KIF: You said plunging your bathtub was more important.
ZAPP: You, soldier, see that this elevator is fixed.
SOLDIER: When would you like it fixed by?
ZAPP: Now you numbskull!

The soldiers scramble around on the computers.

ZAPP: Hurry up! We’re losing precious bathing time.
KIF: [shudder]
SOLDIER: Sir, we’ve found the problem, the lift will arrive in approximately 30 seconds.
ZAPP: Make it ten.
SOLDIER: There are people in there sir and they have not reached their destination.
ZAPP: I don’t care; I want the lift up here now.


LEELA and FRY are huddled together. The elevator gives a slight shudder and starts to move.

LEELA: We’re moving.
FRY: Does that mean we can’t stay in here anymore?


ZAPP: 10 seconds? Make it 1!
KIF: [sigh] That’s impossible sir.


The display shows that they are nearing a destination.

LEELA: Oh well, it was nice spending some time with you Fry.
FRY: Yeah, can we do it again sometime? Like at Elzar’s or something?
LEELA: Yeah, that’d be nice.

They hug as they stare at each other with loving eyes.


The display above the elevator says ‘Bridge’ and a loud ‘ding’ is heard.

ZAPP: About time.

The elevator doors open…
(to be continued…)

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #271 on: 11-20-2006 17:29 »

Damn, sister.
Gotta leave me hangin' like that, eh?  wink
Great update. A real 'dundundun' at the end. Me like.

Bending Unit
« Reply #272 on: 11-20-2006 19:04 »

Great update! Really well done!

Originally posted by Tastes Like Fry:
LEELA: Perception?
FRY: Yeah, perpetration!
LEELA: Perception.
FRY: Policeman?
LOL! That's so Fry-like!

So they're out of the lift... I hope there's many more chances for more private shippyness...?

Bending Unit
« Reply #273 on: 11-20-2006 20:18 »

However Zapp responds, I know it can't be good for the crew, especially Fry!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #274 on: 11-20-2006 22:46 »

In relation to Cyberphobia's post up thee-how could I possibly forget to comment on that line? I swear I squirted my Kool-Aid out my nose when I read that. Lol, policeman.  big grin

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #275 on: 11-20-2006 23:53 »
« Last Edit on: 11-20-2006 23:53 by coldangel_1 »

"LEELA: Perception?
FRY: Yeah, perpetration!
LEELA: Perception.
FRY: Policeman?"

THAT mad me laugh out loud... something I rarely do because I fear demons might fly into my mouth and possess my body during such a moment of weakness.

Great stuff. Love to see Zapp's reaction.
Apple Tea

Bending Unit
« Reply #276 on: 11-21-2006 03:17 »

Great story so far, you got a real knack for those Futurama-esque jokes.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #277 on: 11-21-2006 12:53 »

Ohhhh, cliffhanger. Fry and Leela are getting closer emotionaly and now Fry being sweet(er than normal) and I love this fic. Its so in character I can see it in my mind playing like an episode. Keep up the good work big grin

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #278 on: 11-21-2006 18:44 »

@coldangel: You might be the only person I've ever met that's even more insane than me.
I like it.

TLF, you simply must post more soon-or I fear I shall crumble and wither away into dust and be swept up in the wind and blow away all over the place and then land in America and travel over the Rocky Mountains and up and down and up and down then go into the city and settle on Michael Jackson's front porch and alert him accidently and he'll follow me back home and my mom and dad will be really angry.

Now, we wouldn't want that, would we? So post.  tongue

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #279 on: 11-21-2006 19:01 »

Just because I have a duck on my head, people automatically assume I'm insane.
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