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Starship Captain
« : 11-24-2006 06:15 »
« : 12-18-2006 23:00 »

For some strange reason my last thread for this fanfic got closed, so please don't spam in this one!!, here it is from the beginning, with 'the day before yesterdays' update too.

Part 1, And so the Debauchery Begins
In the closet of apartment number 00100100, lay Phillip J Fry. He wondered. Wondered why his roommate, a drunken Bending Unit had, earlier staggered out of the room, muttering under his breath something along the lines of "Beating Jamie...", he wondered why he was stuck in a robots storage room on a Saturday night, but most of all, he wondered why the one-eyed girl of his dreams didn’t want anything to do with him. Leela. Turanga Leela, with her glowing indigo hair, and soft, soothing smile, was all he could ask for...
A metal arm cracking open his door brought him back to reality; "Come on Meatbag, I'm takin' you out."
"Really Bender...? Wait, why would you do anything nice for me...?
“‘Cause I'm so kind, why d'ya think?, No it’s 'cause I'm sick of you stinkin' up the place, come on" On that note, Fry slipped on a pair of black sneakers and followed his companion out of the room, and into the streets of New New York.
After an hours trek around various shopping facilities, they stopped directly opposite a metal contraption, resembling what we would call a phone box, when Bender said, in a way only as if he had practised it for months on end, "Hey... look its Amy, and who’s that with her...? Oh it’s Leela!"
In a similar tone of voice, Amy uttered the words, "Hi Fry! Hi Bender! Look Leela say hi!"
Simultaneously, the clueless 'blast from the past' and mutant, replied "Uh... hi!"
"So what brings you two here?" inquired Fry,
Amy was first to respond, with the words, "Nothing really just... NOW BENDER!" At that precise moment, without a second thought, Bender grabbed the Cyclops and the moron, and hauled them into the metal compliance.
After closing the door he then bellowed into them, "I put a quarter in their in case you need to go. So let’s see if you two can settle your differences in this twentieth century toilet can! Seriously I've been waiting for these guys to finally get together for years..."
"Uuh, Bender... that’s not a twentieth century toilet can... that's a suicide booth...!"
"...Oh OK, well I'm off"
Amy’s voice had now risen to a shriek, "Bender! Where could you possibly go that’s more important than here, with your friends who we've possibly just killed! I didn’t tell you to put a quarter in there, and I told you, the best, and most private place to take them was a suicide booth, so we had to be careful! I mean we can't just leave them in there!"
"I can! I have to go find a casino that accepts 'Walt Disney Dollars'!"
"But... ooh that sound like fun!"
So off went the filthy rich Martian and the smug Bending Unit, into the distance to the nearest casino, leaving their best friends trapped inside a machine full of thrashing weapons of mass destruction.
Inside such a mechanism, Fry and Leela were huddled together, in a corner, both covered in small scratches and wounds, and both trying not to be killed. Muttering curses under her breath, Leela attempted to get comfortable, resulting in Fry staring horrified at the sight of the top of Leela’s skull being sawed off, and the calm voice of the booth stating that they were dead, and thanking them for participating...
"AARHH!" screamed Fry, mere seconds before dragging Leela’s unconscious body out of the terrible contraption that may have killed his one and only, through sobs, he screamed at passers by to call an ambulance, most of them simply fainted, or walked by without a second glance, but one person stayed to help. She was young, blonde, pretty, 3"4 and at seven years old, she didn't completely understand what was going on, but still, she handed Fry her video phone, and waited for the time that she could get away from the scary Cyclops who’s purple hair had now turned a frightening shade of red. "Yeah we're next to the suicide booth on 24th street, New New York... No she doesn’t want do die... sure I'll hol...I mean NO, she could be dead by now, GAH just send an ambulance!" he returned the video phone to its rightful owner who had started to run down the street to look for her Mommy. Fry turned his attention to Leela. Taking his trademark jacket off of his back, he wrapped Leela’s injured head in its warmth. 'the ambulance is taking too long... why is it taking too long?!' He dismissed the thought from his mind as the hover-ambulance, flashing lights and all, pulled up beside them. He was scared, Fry hoped and knew in his heart that Leela would be alright, but still, he was terrified, Leela was his world, the reason he got up in a morning and the last thing he thought about at night, if she were to die, he'd be lost. The surgeons pulled Leela onto a beige stretcher, which was obviously white when it was first purchased. A crowd of medics huddled around Leela, among them was... "Dr Zoidberg?... What are you doing here?"
"Why am I here? Well, I don't know lets do the math... Doctor plus Injury equals Ambulance, that answer your question?"
"Yeah I guess so" By now Leela was hooked up to a heart monitor, which was bleeping uncontrollably.
"She's alive, but only just," claimed one doctor in a green smock "We might be able to save her, but the chances are slim" Just then, they arrived at the New New York General Hospital. The blood soaked, indigo haired Cyclops was immediately dashed into surgery, leaving Fry to apprehensively wander inside the hospital, and over to the reception desk.
"Umm, yeah, are you, kinda... busy?"
The woman at the desk looked about nineteen, she had dull black hair and a gaze that would scare count Dracula, at that moment, she diverted that ghastly stare from her bright-pink-currently-being-filed-nails, to Fry.
"Well duh, but I've been told to say 'can I help you?'"
"You can actually, I'm looking for a Miss Turanga Leela, she was just taken for a head operation..."
The teenager sarcastically replied "Well, me working in a hospital, I'm no expert, but I'll take a wild guess and say she's in the operating theatre!"
"Err...thanks" answered Fry, slowly backing away, before hurrying down the corridor, still feeling the receptionists gaze burning a hole in the back of his head, when he finally reached the blissful theatre, Fry’s attention was not grabbed by Leela’s open cranium, but by the group of people watching the cranium in question being sewn up. These people were called personally by the deputy assistant surgeon, Dr Zoidberg. Bender, Amy, Hermes and Farnsworth {aka- the Planet Express Crew} gasped in relief as Leela’s single eye fluttered open.
"LEELA!" yelled Fry bolting over to her, and gently kissing her on the cheek “Are you OK, You must have so many questions, I was..."
"I do, I have one question... Who are you people?"
The population of the room gasped, and stared at Leela, dumbstruck.
"You don't remember me? Not even a little?" cried Fry, in disbelief.
"Well no... I don't. Who are you? Tell me. Now!" The Cyclops was quickly becoming agitated.
"I'm Fry," and pointing at each of his companions in turn, said, "and this is Amy, and Bender, and Hermes, and my nephew, Farnsworth, and oh yeah, see that orange thing over there, who's climbing inside of the trashcan? That’s Zoidberg."
This seemed to amuse Leela, as she burst into a fit of child-like giggles, "You must be some jokester! How could that old man possibly be your nephew!"
"Oh right, I forgot, I'm from 1,000 years in the past."
She simply stared at him, before, yet again, giggling uncontrollably, "Don't be fooled, I do believe you, its just so funny!"
Amy jumped in, "Well Leela, honey, it’s really notall that funny to be honest..."
"Well that’s your opinion, for somebody, like me, who has no recollection of over half of her life, it’s pretty damned funny!"
"Come on, we can talk about how funny my life is later, but first we should try and get Leela's head together... figuratively speaking of course" added Fry, stifling an outburst of laughter.
"So, eyeball, that’s what i call you by the way, eyeball, what do you yes YOU want to know about your own life...?"
"Well, I am an orphan, and I was wondering if I ever found out about what happened to my parents..."
"Uh, splu'h of course you did! How could you forget a thing like..."she was cut off by vicious stares from the other members of the PE crew "Err, never mind... What I meant to say was, yes Leela, you did find your parents and they love you very much" adding a warm grin for good measure.
"Oh wow, I always wished I could meet my parents! Can we go now, can we please?" All seven members of Planet Express looked at the surgeons pleadingly."
"Eh, we don't really care take her if you want, just don't tell nobody, OK?"
So all five friends, a mutant with amnesia and Zoidberg, headed to the sewer system, to re-meet Leela’s birth parents.

Walking along the streets of New New York, Zoidberg stopped. “Ooh one whole cent!” He claimed, looking in adoration at the shiny bronze coin situated on the cold hard tarmac laid floor, “I can put it towards my pet kitty fund!” saying this, he bent over to pick up his one cent closer to happiness, not realising that his ‘friends’ had quickened their pace, and were now half way down the street. The lobster attempted to run, and catch up, but was blocked after ten steps, by none other than one dastardly scoundrel, the one and only (thank God) Zapp Brannigan.
“You! I know you… you’re that ugly *uuuhhh* lobster thing that always hangs around with my sweet Leela. Well, take me to her, I’ve recently discovered that she’s developed amnesia, and I must find her and claim her for my own”
“Erm, how did you find that out?”
“Well, Amy told Kif, who being my faithful companion, told me the urgent news.”
“Really? Wow, I didn’t think that Kif would do such a thing”
“Well… maybe I was exaggerating… maybe, and this is a very small maybe, I was eavesdropping on his video call”
“OK, well, I think she was headed for the sewer system… before they ditched me!” at this very moment, Zoidberg went insane, flailing his pair of bright red claws in the air, running around in a circle, and yelling the traditional ‘Zoidberg is angry chant’ consisting of long wails of “woop, woop, woop, woop, woop!”
This display of anguish frightened Zapp, so slowly, he began to back away, before running into the distance, screaming like a baby with nobody to love, heading towards the girl who has always hated him…
Meanwhile at the underbelly of New New York, Leela was getting ready to finally meet her parents for the second time running.
“Ooh, I’m so excited” the Cyclops exclaimed, slowly running thoughts around her head about who her parents would be… ‘Would they be rich or poor, would they live in a mansion or a shack, were they aliens, like her or just some creepy scientist who made her by mistake…’ these thoughts stayed contained in her conscious mind the whole way on the road towards her parents dwelling. Of course, she only assumed that they were taking some kind of ludicrous shortcut, surely the people who abandoned her as a baby would live in a much more respectable part of town than a mere sewer… Having deduced all of her views down to this theory, she continued to walk alone, unaware of the fact that her ‘new’ friends had already stopped.
“Erm Leela,” said a confused Bender, “Your eyeball parents are in here, not all the way down there…”
“They are… Oh, I thought they’d live somewhere in space, you know, I thought we were headed to a space ship or something, so we could go meet them…”
“Well you must be blind in that one big eye of yours, you’re a mutant eyeball, a mutant, always have been, always will be, and your parents there, in that old, old, old, 20th Century wasted house, well, they’re mutants too, you’re just one small mutated family.”
At that moment, Leela burst into heaps of tears, and seeked condolence in the nearest shoulder to hers, Fry’s.
“What’s wrong? Was the robot here mean to you?”
“Well, I’ll tell you one thing, being a mutant doesn’t make me love you less…”
“Wait, did you say love me?”
“Oh right, you forgot didn't you, what with the whole suicide booth incident”
“What suicide booth?… anyway what do you mean? Are we, like, dating or something…?
“Well, no, but ever since I arrived in the future, I’ve always loved you, but you wouldn't take it, you’d just push me away” It was Fry’s turn to cry.
“Aww, I don’t believe that for a minute…”
“You mean *sniff* we can go out?”
“Don’t push it, I don’t even know you!... But… it is a possibility…” saying this they shared a long kiss, as the knob of Turanga Morris and Munda’s house, slowly turned open.

As they heard the sound of the door creaking open, Fry and Leela separated and smiled wearily at the not-yet-opened-fully door.
“Oh hello Leela, how are you, we haven’t seen you in months!” said Morris.
“MOM! DAD!” exclaimed an awed Leela, stepping forward and hugging her parents one by one as they shared uneasy glances at one another.
“Erm, Leela honey, it hasn’t really been that long…” Munda said with a concerned expression lurking on her face.
“You see,” claimed Fry, starting to talk as fast as a cheetah running for its life, “Bender and Amy pushed me and Leela into a rogue suicide booth, then Leela had her head chopped off, and that’s when I started screaming, and this girl got scared and gave me her phone thingy, and I nearly held, but then said no to the hospital man, who said he was appalled with my childishness…ness, and then doctor Zoidberg said something about math… and…erm… this creepy girl scared me and was all sarcastic, so I ran down the corridor to find Leela after this brain operation thing, and she was all ‘Oh my god who are you?!’ so I figured she must have forgotten stuff, and she said she had never met you and we decided to come down to the sewer to see you, and then we kissed and then you wondered what was going on, so I said ‘You see…’”
Fry was cut off by Amy who said “Okay Fry we get it…”
Who was then cut off by Munda who said “So my baby can’t remember me!” and then burst into heartbreaking sobs.
“Oh mom…” starting to sing she added “I always thought you’d look just like me,
and I would sit on my Papa’s knee,
and you’d tell me stories and sing me songs,
and we would always get along,
I wanted a normal teenage life,
with my parents putting me though strife,
and now I found you and it is clear,
that that’s what would happen if I were here…”
“Wow Leela that was beau…”
“I’ve always been so insecure,
about my eye and my need for more,
love and cherish and hope and faith,
and love that I don’t have to chase,
I knew that you were always there,
when I needed you to heed and care,
and hug me love me till I do too,
‘cause I have to say that I love you…”
“Aww sweetheart that’s a lovely song. We love you too,” said her parents in unison.
“And so do I…!”
Gasps came from all around, as the entire populace of the sewer house stared in horror at the figure in the doorway, with a smirk on his rascally face, as the person staring Leela in the eye was Zapp Brannigan.

“What’s all the fuss about?” questioned Leela, as she looked curiously at Zapp.
“He is the one person that you most certainly do not want anything to do with!” claimed Fry, a vein standing out on his temple.
“Really?” Not seeing what all the hoo-ha was about, Leela pondered over who she preferred, the blonde stallion that everyone else seemed to have a grudge against, or the red-headed sweetie, who had helped her find her parents… She thought… and couldn’t decide, so running into the old library down the lane, she curled up in a corner, to accomplish peace at mind.
Calling to her best friend, Amy followed Leela into the library, and crossed her legs to sit down.
“Leela, you’ve got to tell me what’s up, you can’t just run out of your parents house and not even say goodbye! What’s wrong with you?!”
“Like you don’t know…”
“What's that supposed to mean?”
“Well, you saw it all, me and this whole amnesia thing, that red-haired guy, my parents, the blonde guy! I just don’t know what to do… What's going on…?”
After a half hours explanations of Zapp, Leela’s parents, and Fry, Amy stopped talking and waited for Leela's response.
“I still don’t know”
This statement caused the Martian to roll her eyes and ask Leela what she didn’t understand.
“Well, I like them both”
“Who both?”
“These Fry and Zapp guys…”
“Whoa there big girl… You like Zapp?”
“Well yeah, I think he’s cute…”
“You hate him! He’s a pompous ignoramus jerk!”
“He is… Well, I’m just going to have to figure that out all for myself… again.”
“What about Fry?”
“Well, he is sweet, but I don’t really know… it feels like I’ve been putting him on a reserve list…”
“Wait, you think you’ve been doing what with Fry?”
“It just feels in the air, that he’s the sort of guy that… well… I don’t deserve…”
“Aww, Leela that is NOT true!”
“Really. Now you sit right here and make up your little amnesia filled mind about what you want to do with you life.” Amy walked out of the building, and winked at Leela through the window, before muttering “Splu’h, of course, its her that Fry and Zapp like, I’m stuck with worked based Kif…”
‘Who…who…who’ thought Leela, she didn’t understand any of this. Why did these sort of things always happen to her, being used, abandoned, amnesia for crying out loud! That’s when she had an idea, her first real one since she could remember… which wasn’t long.
At this, the full Planet Express crew, and Zapp, walked through the door and up to Leela, hence, pulling her up.
“I’ve got it” she said triumphantly.
They merely stared.
“Zapp…Fry… can the both of you date me?”

Liquid Emperor
« #1 : 11-24-2006 06:18 »

Leela two timing! This is un expected and I love it!

DOOP Secretary
« #2 : 11-24-2006 06:29 »

Wow... okay, I'm guessing there's something else afoot.

Starship Captain
« #3 : 11-24-2006 11:12 »

@CA1; hmm, you think so... like what...

@jle; heh, thatnks glad you love it...  :laff:
Writer unit32

« #4 : 11-24-2006 11:51 »

Heh,heh,Zapp must point out that Leela said his name first.

Liquid Emperor
« #5 : 11-24-2006 11:56 »

Or its a test, Zapp will say yes, but Fry will say that he would rather Zapp had her than for Leela to share herself like that, and Leela will relise that Fry loves her and everyone will be happy!
Writer unit32

« #6 : 11-24-2006 12:01 »

Originally posted by jle1993:
Or its a test, Zapp will say yes, but Fry will say that he would rather Zapp had her than for Leela to share herself like that, and Leela will relise that Fry loves her and everyone will be happy!

Zapp'll still point out that Leela said his name first.Then I'm happy too!

Bending Unit
« #7 : 11-24-2006 14:49 »
« : 11-24-2006 14:49 »

Originally posted by jle1993:
Or its a test, Zapp will say yes, but Fry will say that he would rather Zapp had her than for Leela to share herself like that, and Leela will relise that Fry loves her and everyone will be happy!

I'm not sure that Fry would want her to date a pig like Zapp, alone. I think he'd tag along, conspicuously or otherwise, just to make sure Zapp doesn't take advantage of her.

I agree that this is a test. I'm eager to see how Fry fairs.

Yes, Zapp will point out that she said his name first. And on a slightly related note: Leela thought Zapp was cute? He was obviously wearing his girdle...


Bending Unit
« #8 : 11-24-2006 20:34 »

I really like your fanfic a lot x-number1fan-x

Starship Captain
« #9 : 11-25-2006 08:33 »

@Jle & WU32 & LuvFry; Maybe...  ;)

@BSF; thank you, I do try  :D

Bending Unit
« #10 : 11-30-2006 06:10 »

great fanfic

Liquid Emperor
« #11 : 12-05-2006 15:08 »

Hi N1F, any more update coming soon? I'm not rushing you, I know homeworks a pig but I'm looking forward to seeing what happens

Starship Captain
« #12 : 12-05-2006 15:13 »

Originally posted by jle1993:Hi N1F, any more update coming soon?

It's coming, not very soon, but soon at the least!

Originally posted by jle1993: I'm not rushing you, I know homeworks a pig...

You're too right!

Originally posted by jle1993:
...but I'm looking forward to seeing what happens

Me too actually... I've only got a very scetchy iea in my head, so I'll be working on it...


Delivery Boy
« #13 : 12-09-2006 13:11 »
« : 12-09-2006 23:00 »

omg that must of took you ages!i aplaud you (not too much though that might ruin my ego!)

Starship Captain
« #14 : 12-19-2006 06:47 »

I havn't posted my fanfic in ages! I'll work on it later...
Writer unit32

« #15 : 12-19-2006 10:40 »

Originally posted by kisskisskiss!:
omg that must of took you ages!i aplaud you (not too much though that might ruin my ego!)

Not ages actually(yes,I know that 'ages' means days.If you have a idea than you can don it pretty quick [smug note about personal record deleted].
x-number1fan-x,dont worry,I haven't post in my fan-fic thread a long time too.

Starship Captain
« #16 : 12-19-2006 12:31 »
« : 12-19-2006 12:31 »

@writer: I know but I'm doing now so you know! And I am tak9ing up some of these ideas that everyones having...

anyone one a funnier of teasers for the next section?, or just wait and find out?

Starship Captain
« #17 : 12-19-2006 15:03 »
« : 12-19-2006 15:03 »

dosn't matter, sorry for double posts, but I finished the first part of the new section. (You'l understand the title later, feel free to translate, its French)Anyway, shippers might enjoy this section, but I hope you'll all enjoy it:

Part 2, Un Nouveau Genre de Désir


   “Yes!” cried Zapp, now sporting an overjoyed expression, and kneeling on the floor as though in a church “Oh thank you merciful God! I knew this day would come… I just knew it.”
“Huh?” Fry said, as bemused as a blind dog in a meathouse “I don’t get it, run me through one more time”
“Get it through your thick skull Fry!” yelled Amy, tapping him on the head with her fist, “I’m gonna say this real slow OK? She l-i-k-e you… she l-i-k-e him” Emphasizing her disgust at this last word.
“Oh, OK cool… w-h-a-t?! Oh my God is this real… Whatchoo talking about Amy?- She likes Zapp too? I don’t understand this, it’s like that dream I had one time where this pig came up to me and said ‘Hey you! There’s a giant ice-cream cone licking your head,’ and I said…” Leaving Fry to his ramblings on, Leela said, to no one In particular “So is he game or is it just going to be me and Zapp?”
“I think he’s game” claimed Bender “Hey Meatbag you game?”
Suddenly calm, Fry declared that he was cool with going, just so long as Zapp and his object of desire didn’t get too friendly, and he didn’t take advantage of her. After this was agreed, with a few objections from Zapp, including “… but she said my name first so it obviously means…” and “… but that’s not fair, I should be allowed to touch her anyplace I want…”  they said their goodbyes to Munda and Morris and headed back up to the surface.

   “So we’re agreed”, said Leela, as she Fry and Zapp were on three-way-video-phone-calling, and had just finished exchanging recent addresses, “Saturday night, Starfishbucks Coffee, pick me up at 6:30” Leela was lying face down on her bed, one leg bent in the air, with one hand on her chin, and the other using its fingers to twirl her violet hair into curls. Just about to hang up the video phone, Leela suddenly realized that her words had had a somewhat displeasing effect on her two considered boyfriends, as looking at the screen the both of them seemed to be in some kind of an argument…
“No” said Fry “I’m the one who’ll pick Leela up, she’s known me a… few days longer than you, and I truly love her, you just lust over her”
“That is not true!” Zapp claimed, his face turning a light shade of beetroot, “…I erm like her… smartness…?”
“Yeah right Zapp, I’ve known it from day one, you’re a user, a user and a cheat, you don’t deserve Leela!”
“Pfft, and you do? A guy, living in a robots closet, only date that didn’t dump him is a radiator, yeah, a guy like you really deserves her”
“Are you being sarcastic? You are, aren’t you? Well, you are right, neither of us deserve her… she should be with someone… someone who isn’t a cheat like you, and someone who isn’t a complete loser, like me”
With these words Fry hastily hung up, leaving Zapp to say “What's his problem?” and also hang up.
Feeling slightly perplexed, Leela pulled on a tight grey coat, and left her apartment, wondering how she could go from feeling completely sprung, to confused and bombarded with an array of different emotions, within a matter of seconds. She walked down the street, not knowing which way to turn… where to go… where to go she thought, blinking back the tears that seemed to force their way into her eye, when suddenly a thought rose into her head… should she? The pace of her heart rose, as she briskly ambled across the street and into a tall building, up the stairs… all the way up, and into room number 00100100. She knocked on the door, the tears that she had tried to prevent had now began to roll down the middle of her face,
“We don’t want any” came the callous voice of Bender as the door closed, yet again. Knocking for the second time, Leela sighed and wondered whether this robot was always this hardhearted.
“I said we… oh hi Eyeball! Come on in, I expect you’re here to see the King of dim-wads, yeah he’s there in the closet"
so that’s what Zapp had meant by living in a robots closet thought the Cyclops. She slid the door open, and ran up to Fry, wrapping her arms around his neck to hug him.
superfairy fan

Delivery Boy
« #18 : 12-19-2006 15:37 »

wow really good ive got to go now im sorry i'll comment more later  MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR
from superfairy fan x-x

Starship Captain
« #19 : 12-20-2006 04:24 »

Merry Chris,as and a Happy New Year to you too, and thanks for the saying-it's-greatness

DOOP Secretary
« #20 : 12-20-2006 05:55 »

Oooh, I like where the story's going.

Starship Captain
« #21 : 12-20-2006 11:12 »
« : 12-20-2006 11:12 »

Thank you good sir, I just used my fic time to write a fairly sad poem, but happy too, it's like the sort that one of my good friend writes, I may post it on sooner or later if people want me to, just so long as nodody calls me 'emo' or anything because of some of the more poignant lines... if you can call them that...
Writer unit32

« #22 : 12-20-2006 11:36 »

Huzzah,Zapp pointed out the name thing.Great update.

Starship Captain
« #23 : 12-20-2006 13:23 »

Yeh, I told you that I took a few ideas on board, and I'm glad you like it

Liquid Emperor
« #24 : 12-20-2006 15:27 »

I like the bit where Fry says that Leela should be with some whos not a cheat like Zapp or a loser like Fry, it was so sweet, if I was Leela I'd pick Fry just for that. Also, LEELA HUGGED FRY!!!!!!!!! My day is complete

Starship Captain
« #25 : 12-21-2006 04:19 »
« : 12-21-2006 04:19 »

Aww, if I can make somebodys day complete by making fictional characters sweet, then my day is also complete (even if it is inly 10:23 am)

Starship Captain
« #26 : 12-21-2006 07:51 »
« : 12-21-2006 07:51 »

sorry, double posts yet again, finished next section (wooo I'm on a roll!) shippyness all around and a good scene for Zapp haters. Enjoy! (footnote at the bottom)


   “Leela?” said a baffled Fry, holding her at arms length, and staring deep into her eye, the same eye that had never shined as bright as they were at this moment in time. His arms dropped to his sides as he sighed while sitting back down do where he had been moments before Leela’s arrival, “Why?... Why now Leela, why not when I asked you, nearly every day since I arrived from the past, why? You said it yourself ‘…Zapp’s cute…’ so why not him, why me?”
“Because” Leela said, sitting next to Fry, who had moved from a chair in the corner, to his bed “you kept on repeating ‘he’s a cheat… a user’ I don’t care how cute a guy is, when an honest guy like you says something like that.”
“You think I’m honest… wait, is this all a big plot, to humiliate me in front of everyone, leaving me forlorn, and looking like the biggest idiot who ever walked on earth?”
“Why would I ever want to do that do you? Look, amnesia may have changed my ways slightly, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve turned into a liar… If I wasn’t already a liar before I had it…”
“Your serious aren’t you, you really want to give me… us a chance”
“Of course.”
“What about Zapp, you saw his face when he found out you were willing to date the both of us”
“Well, I’ll break the news to him gently”

5 hours later, Zapp’s Lovenasium

   The room was dark, the pink linen and walls had now turned a frightening shade of maroon. On the radio, a song was playing, supposedly from the year 2003, there was static, though you could here the words ‘Will I be, denied, Christ, Tourniquet, My suicide’. Only the man himself, Zapp Brannigan knows why he was listening to such a song, as we can only guess. Whilst sobbing he let out the muffled words “Leela…Why choose him… Why not me… Leela!”

   Walking back through the door, Leela said to Fry, “Wow, he took it better than expected”
“Good” stated Fry “Now we can all be happy”
“Yeah, everyone but Amy, that green alien…”
“You mean Kif?”
“Yeah him, well, for some reason he had to work double hours, something about Zapp’s manhood being thrown down the drain, no idea why…”
“So… are we still on for the date?”
“Well, I guess, unless you don’t want to”
“I do!” he protested, almost immediately.
“Then yeah, it’s still on” claimed Leela, who had a faint smile playing around her lips, her eye, which still seemed to be shining, staring down at her feet. “I’d best be off, need to get ready for tomorrow don’t we…”
“Yeah, well, see you tomorrow, 6:30”
They shared a short glance at one another before Leela started out of the door. She thought better of it, and so turned around, sauntered across the room, her eye still remained fixed to the floor, but they soon looked up when she was standing inches away from Fry, who in turn was looking straight forward at her. It didn’t take a genius to work out what happened next, kissing slowly, they stumbled towards the door and shared one last hug, before the door closed behind Leela with a thud.
An enlightened look spread across Leela's face, as she strolled confidently down the deserted road. That is, it would have been deserted, if not for the handsome young man striding the opposite way to Leela. She noticed this man, and could not help but stare; he had dark brown hair, in a similar style to Fry’s, though done by a professional stylist, deep blue eyes, and a smile that could sink a thousand ships. So distracted she was, that she did not catch a glimpse of the lamppost in front of her, and unconsciously walked straight into it. The blue eyed man witnessed this however and dashed over to her, to help her up. Closer, Leela noticed, he looked even more attractive, and how kind to help her up.
“Shall I walk you home, miss…”
“Leela… I’m Leela, and you are…?”
“Lennon* Booker**”
“OK, you can walk me home, so long as I’m not keeping you from anything…”
“No, it’s fine, I can make my way to the library later”
And smart… “Thanks” She felt guilty underneath it all, she loved Fry… but this, Lennon was all she looked for in a man, smart, kind, gorgeous… she was in the dilemma all over again.

footnote: name meaning
*American-English -- Lover (aka- leela/lennon)
**English -- book lover (aka- goes to library du'h)

DOOP Secretary
« #27 : 12-21-2006 08:15 »

That's great writing, and I love the direction you're going.

One thing you should note to edit: Early on you referrd to Leela's eyes plural. She's got only one, kiddo. I'm not suggesting that you've taken a pre-existing story and merely changed the names or anything like that; it's an easy mistake to make.

Starship Captain
« #28 : 12-21-2006 08:30 »
« : 12-21-2006 08:30 »

ah, thanks coldy, I completely forgot about that I've changed it now, thanks   :D
superfairy fan

Delivery Boy
« #29 : 12-21-2006 15:04 »

that was really good. So dramatic...i want more hear me MORE!!!! ~ crazed look in eye ~

Starship Captain
« #30 : 12-22-2006 04:29 »

OK, maybe I'll do part 3 later... And thanks I think

Liquid Emperor
« #31 : 12-22-2006 08:50 »

You raise my hopes then dash them on the cruel rocks of your imagenation! Fry and Leela were perfect and now you introduce this ace of spades, this smart wonderful guy for Leela to stray to! Woe is me, woe the day I read the well strutured, well written brilliant update!

Starship Captain
« #32 : 12-22-2006 09:27 »

thanks I think  :confused:  :D

more coming soon i hope

Liquid Emperor
« #33 : 12-22-2006 09:28 »

I did compliment the update but I probably hid it under my sorrowful ranting

Starship Captain
« #34 : 12-22-2006 09:38 »
« : 12-22-2006 09:38 »

Thank you, I can tell  that you complimented it, but many tests I take say that I am ditzy, but usually it is hidden under my smartness. **puts on einstein face**

edit: I just realised; I'm a starship captin... wow

Liquid Emperor
« #35 : 12-22-2006 09:41 »

Wow, well done N1F, whats your ship called?

Starship Captain
« #36 : 12-22-2006 16:10 »

I will be very uninventive, and name it after a famous pirate (we will have to pretend that he is a space pirate now won't we)Khair ad Din, : S.S.Barbarossa

(Barbarossa was his nickname)

anyway, more update tomorrow maybe?

and also, off topic I know, but it's not worth making a topic about, I have a big piece of H-wrk for 12th of Jan, should I leave it for a bit and have fun, or should I do it ASAP and enjoy the rest of the holiday? (It is life in the Tudor times).

Liquid Emperor
« #37 : 12-22-2006 16:13 »

Do the h/wk now so you can enjoy the rest of the hols without its shadow hanging over you.
Hoping for more update tomorrow
Nice ship name

Starship Captain
« #38 : 12-23-2006 07:44 »
« : 12-23-2006 07:44 »

here we go, it's Lennon, I think he looks OK, tell me your thoughts, (update on the way)

he looks like fry.... a bit

Starship Captain
« #39 : 12-23-2006 09:10 »
« : 12-23-2006 09:10 »

sorry for double posts, I have a short but sweet chapter, try and work out whats going on, it should be easy... [cough]Lennon[/cough]


    “You… aren’t American… are you?” said Leela, noting Lennon’s strange accent as they were nearing the door to her apartment room.
“No, I am not, I was English…”
“Was… what do you mean, was?”
“You see, my family was in trouble with the government, I don’t remember why exactly, as it was so long ago, so in a struggle to survive we took a boat to France. Soon later, my parents died mysteriously…” Lennon took a few seconds to suppress the memory, before continuing ”…I hated it there since then, so a few years back, I moved here, to New New York, and I’m finally happy… well, almost”
“Yes, you probably don’t understand Leela, as a pretty girl such as yourself is probably taken, but, I… I am still searching for love.”
“Well, I’m not, as you put it, completely taken, it’s just one date…”
“So, you are free?”
“For the next 19 hours I am, yeah”
“Well, I am not one to break up budding romances for my own benefit, so please call me if it does not work out” handing Leela a piece of paper, with a number scrawled on it in what appeared to be blue fountain pen , he lifted her hand and kissed it gently, turned around and disappeared into the night.
Leela was left in her doorway, a mystified, yet contented look over her face as she wondered how someone as perfect as him, could still be single.

   Smirking, a shadowed figure roamed the streets. He took out his cell phone, dialled a number and waited for a voice at the other end;
“…Yeah hi… Yeah it worked perfect like, believed every word… sure, I can make that work… it’ll be done by tomorrow, 6:30 at the latest, trust me… OK bye”

   Leela stared at the paper in her hand, and decided to phone, just in a friendly way, to see if he made it back OK;
“…Hiya Lennon… You were just thinking about me, that’s so sweet… So did you make it back OK… good… you want to take me out tomorrow, I can’t at 6:30 I’ve got a date, remember… oh, at 2:00, I think I can make that… OK, see you, bye” Leela sighed, and thought that Fry would be OK, if she went on just one date with Lennon… at least she thought I like him more than that Zap guy, that would have been a disaster.
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