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Author Topic: Mookie's fanfic, available in manageable chunks!  (Read 1710 times)
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Liquid Emperor
« on: 03-07-2006 14:56 »
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before you read this, it is advised that you read the first part of this story first, as this has many flashbacks to it, and if you don't read it first, this story will seem a little bit strange. The first part can be found here:


anyway, this is chapter one, let me know what you think. The rough draft on paper is 73 pages long, so it'll be about 6 chapters in length, and i'll update as soon as i can!

enjoy!    :D (I know you shippers will  ;)

I’ll Love You To The Ends Of The Earth Pt.2
21st Century Lover


Caption: [Insert Suitable Caption Here]

It is the evening. Fry and Leela are walking down a street, close to Robot Arms Apartments. Fry has his arm around Leela, and they are chatting happily.

LEELA: Well, I suppose that in the morning we should start career chip hunting, seeing as we are both now redundant.

FRY: (Vacantly)…Yeah…

LEELA: Fry, are you okay? You seem sort of, distant

FRY: My mind is just on other things, at the moment

LEELA: Like what?

FRY: Just you and me, and how we managed to got it together like this. Hell, it’s perfect, but just how did it get this perfect? Maybe we’ll never know…

LEELA: Still, it turned out for the best (she kisses him on the cheek)

FRY: So, what sort of job do you think we should try being good at?

LEELA: I was kind of hoping to go back to work in the old cryogenics lab, but then I heard that it had been completely destroyed by an axe wielding maniac dressed as Attila the Hun.  Lets just hope we don’t run into him, as police say he is still stalking the streets, looking for innocent victims to slaughter mercilessly.

FRY: Really? I must get out more.

They pause outside an electronic goods store, playing the news on giant TVs.

LINDA: (On news)…Police say Attila the Hun was last seen in the general vicinity of Robot Arms Apartments. And, in totally unrelated news, the surviving orphans from the HoverTrain crash in South Dakota yesterday have all been found dead. We suspect foul play caused by each other’s species, don’t we, Morbo?



Fry and Leela walk a bit faster away from the shop front, towards Fry’s apartment. Cut back to them.

FRY: Are you feeling what I’m feeling?

LEELA: Like what?

FRY: I feel as if we’re being watched, that’s all.

LEELA: (Sympathetically) There there, don’t let your paranoia shatter our evening.

A shadow flickers across the road behind the happy couple. It begins to rain, and an animal howls in the distance.

LEELA: C’mon, lets get home.

Suddenly, 5 fire engines scream past them, sirens blaring.

Robot Arms Apartments comes into view. It is a raging inferno. Robots are walking down the walls and jumping out of the windows onto parked cars to try and escape, crushing the cars beneath them. Fire fighters are trying desperately to bring the raging inferno under control, but it is just too big.

FRY: (Gasping) Oaaahgh!

LEELA: Oh my God! (They both run towards one of the firemen) What on earth happened?

FIRE CHIEF: Well, as you can plainly see, the building is on fire-

LEELA: No! How did it happen?

FIRE CHIEF: Our first suspicion was a renegade party of owls getting into the wiring, but that was quickly pooh-poohed as we realised that the owls which were previously living in this block were killed a few seconds before the explosion took place. Instead, we are beginning to suspect a simple gas leak. We have a witness here who may be able to tell you more about what happened. He was in the immediate vicinity of the blast.

A curtain is drawn back, revealing Bender lying on a bed. He is heavily dented and scarred, and his antenna has been blown off. He is on an oil drip.

LEELA: Bender!

BENDER: (Weakly) That’s me……

LEELA: Bender! How did you manage this?  (Shaking fist) What sort of poker game were you playing?

BENDER: As far as I can remember, which isn’t very far, seeing as my memory chip got blown into the pond, it went something like this-

Enter flashback sequence

BENDER: (Talking to robot floozy in his apartment) So, yeah, baby, this is my ‘cupboard’ (He opens the door to Fry and Leela’s apartment. The floozy swoons)

FLOOZY: Oh, Bender, what’s it like being the prince of Robonia, an inter-galactically renowned gymnast, and superhero crime fighter at the same time? 

BENDER: Well baby, it’s really not that hard. You just have to learn to multitask. Here, lemme get us a couple o’ beers. (He walks to the fridge, pulls out a couple of beers, and pours them into a large glass with funky straws pointing out the top.)

FLOOZY: Oh Bender, I never knew you were such a surprisingly charming gentleman.

Bender walks back to the sofa, but inadvertently flicks the cookers gas switch to ‘on’.

BENDER: (Inbetween swigs of beer) So, do you mind if I check your ‘circuitry’? (He opens one of the floozies control panels, and fiddles around with the wiring)

FLOOZY: (Laughing) Bender! Stop! I’ve got a- (She suddenly explodes, hurling bits of flaming wreckage everywhere)

BENDER: Hehe…lightweight…oh God! Gas! (The room explodes, catapulting Bender out of the window, and into a firework vendor’s stall. The fireworks are ignited, and they erupt in a spectacular display of light, sound and colour)

End flashback.

BENDER: And that’s how it happened. End of story. Case closed. Bada bing bada-

LEELA: Just a minute, Bender.


LEELA: What were you doing in me and Fry’s apartment, anyway?

BENDER: Ever heard of a thing called first impression? Guess not, seeing as you’ve never had a boyfriend in your life that’s lasted more than a date!

Leela pulls the oil drip out of Bender’s arm, and storms off.

BENDER: (Gasping) Nurse!…Nurse…emergency…

 Cut to Fry. He is sitting by the pond across the street, the water illuminated by the flames from the burning building. A small tear runs down his soot stained face.

LEELA: (Putting her arm around him) Fry, are you okay?

FRY: Does it look it? (He pulls away) Everything I ever owned in the future is gone. Thanks to that one stupid robot and his stupid robotic lust. I hate him!

Leela puts her arm back around him. Taking him by the hand, they walk off slowly.

LEELA: I guess it’s my place tonight, then?

FRY: Seems that way…it’s not like we’re gonna sleep on the streets, are we?

LEELA: (As they walk into the distance) Well you could, it wouldn’t be comfortable, though.

They walk into the distance, arms around each other. In the background, Bender can be heard singing various folk songs, as he is carted away in an ambulance. Fade to black.

« Reply #1 on: 03-07-2006 16:28 »

Its certinally easier to read than the draft.

Handwriting  :p

Delivery Boy
« Reply #2 on: 03-08-2006 10:06 »

Originally posted by mookie427:
Robot Arms Apartments comes into view.
LEELA: What were you doing in me and Fry’s apartment, anyway?
LEELA: I guess it’s my place tonight, then?

robot arms is frys place not Leelas she even says its not hers soon after also should be my not me

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #3 on: 03-08-2006 10:13 »

have you read the first part of this story, LordZoidberg? I said at the top that this is a continuation of my previous one, so if you want to find out why it is like that, i suggest you read it!  ;)

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #4 on: 03-08-2006 13:30 »
« Last Edit on: 03-08-2006 23:00 »

i think this needs a new post....

chapter 2:


Open to Leela’s apartment. Caption ‘Next morning’.

Leela stirs from her slumber. She is lying alone in her bed. She is quite surprised, because the last time she slept alone at night was before the accident. She gets up, and sees Fry staring out of her newly installed window.

FRY: I’ve made up my mind.

LEELA: About what?

FRY: I wanna go work back at Planet Express.

LEELA: Why? I thought you said you never wanted to see your nephew again, after he nearly killed us and all. Plus, Bender just blew up your home, so I still don’t see why you’d want to go back and work there.

FRY: The only other friends I have here in the future are there. I can’t imagine working for some other low-life alien slob from a galaxy whose name I can’t even pronounce. I want to work with you, preferably back at Planet Express.

LEELA: Well, okay, if you say so. Lets see what the professor has to say for himself.

Cut to the Planet Express building. Fry and Leela walk up to the front door, and knock.

PROFESSOR: (From inside) The doors locked. I want no visitors. If you are delivering something other than my new spleen, dump it in the trash. Go away!

LEELA: It’s us.

PROFESSOR: Us? Who the hell are you? Speak, woman, I can’t hear for all this goddamn raucous in here (various banging and crashing sounds emanate through the door) I’ll open the door.

The door opens.

FRY: It’s us, professor, come to get our old jobs back!

PROFESSOR: Wha? I never fired anyone! At least, I don’t think I did.

LEELA: We quit.

PROFESSOR: You quit? Well, g’bye! (He begins to close the door)

LEELA: No Farnsworth, we DID quit. Now we want you to rehire us.

PROFESSOR: How do you know my name? Who ARE you anyway? Why don’t I have any shoes on? (The camera pans down to show that he is standing in a puddle)

FRY: One, we used to work for you, two, I am Fry, your long lost uncle from the year 2000 turned space delivery boy, and Leela, your spaceship captain. Now rehire us before we report you to the safety board for your frequent and serious security and safety lapses!

PROFESSOR: Okay okay! Come in already, whoever you are! I’ll get the career chips ready.

The door closes behind them.

PROFESSOR: (Turning to Amy, Hermes and Zoidberg) Good news, everyone! I’d like you to meet our new employees-

AMY: (Seeing Leela and Fry) You’ve come back! Now I don’t have to learn to pilot the ship anymore!

HERMES: Fry, is that you? Or is it some robotic government inspector in disguise sent to peruse my records?

ZOIDBERG: Hooray! My friends have returned they might of!

PROFESSOR: Now, as you can most probably se, while you were gone-(He motions his arm around the room, pointing at a filing cabinet tipped over and on fire, the Planet Express ship nose dived into the ground, and various other calamities) The place went quite literally to rack and ruin. And THEN Bender mysteriously disappeared.

FRY: (Muttering) Not that anybody cares…

PROFESSOR: Eh? What’s got into Fry? I thought he loved Bender. Then again, I think a lot of things, and not all turn out to be true…oh my, no…

LEELA; Nah, he hates him now because he blew up Robot Arms Apartments. He was taken off to hospital yesterday evening.

ANNOUNCER V/O: And so, vaguely normal life returned to Planet Express (cut to Amy chasing Zoidberg with a hammer, Zoidberg whoops). As normal as working for a slightly crazy professor, with a one eyed mutant and alien squid as co-workers can be. Little did they know that it would not last!

FRY: Will you shut up?

Caption: ‘A few days later…’

All of the Planet Express crew, minus Professor Farnsworth are seated around the table in the boardroom. Hermes is giving a lecture on ‘boardroom disasters’

HERMES: As you can see, there is a fifty five percent more likely chance that- (Crashing sound, O/S, and the Professor begins shouting)

PROFESSOR: (Shouting, O/S)…Egads! Someone help me! Oh Satan!…(There is a noise surprisingly like a vacuum cleaner) Oh God! It’s got me!……….(Crash)

HERMES: (Trying to continue, more crashes in background. He raises his voice slightly)
Someone will be killed or seriously injured by falling off the boardroom table- (He is interrupted again by the Professor)

PROFESSOR: (Shouting, O/S) Good God I’ve cracked it! Everyone, come here, quick!

They all rush to the laboratory.

AMY: What is it, Professor?

They all stare at a dark cloud in the middle of the room.

PROFESSOR: I don’t know, but a small part of what remains of my brain is suggesting that it is in fact a time machine!

All gasp.

LEELA: How do we know for sure?

PROFESSOR: Well, it sucked my glasses in, for one thing.

LEELA: Why are you still wearing them then?

PROFESSOR: Maybe they haven’t been sucked in yet!

LEELA: Say what?

PROFESSOR: No matter. I know how we can all know for sure! I’ll use the Gizmometer!

He waves the device in the dark clouds general direction, and it pings.

PROFESSOR: By Gods! It really is a time machine, in some form or another!

HERMES: Sweet bananas of Havana!

The dark cloud suddenly sucks the Gizmometer out of Professor Farnsworth’s hands.

PROFESSOR: Damn you! You stupid time machine! I only had two payments left on that thing!

ZOIDBERG: (Jumping up and down excitedly) Well, what’re we waiting for? Lets go back in time already!

LEELA: Oh, I’m not too sure…I mean, someone could get hurt-we don’t even know where we will end up. So, as captain of the spaceship owned by this company, I say no.

FARNSWORTH: And, as I own this company, I instruct you all to disregard anything Leela says, starting…now!

The Gizmometer suddenly reappears above Farnsworth, and falls onto his head.


LEELA: See, I told you someone could get hurt.

PROFESSOR: I disregard that statement!

LEELA: Shut up, Professor.

The dark cloud starts to rotate and expand, sucking various items into it. Everyone grabs hold of whatever they can. Leela loses her grip and is sucked in.

FRY: Nooo! I’m going after her! (He jumps in)

PROFESSOR: Oh lordy lou, I guess we have no choice but to follow them. C’mon everyone. (They all let go, and fall into the dark cloud. The mass continues to rotate.)

Everyone falls downwards, images of various clocks flicker in the background. All the hands are moving backwards. All scream.

Fade to black


« Reply #5 on: 03-08-2006 15:17 »

Why are people terrified of reading this?

Seriously, Mookie spent weeks on this. If you've got a spare couple of minutes that won't be better spent, read it and comment.

Bending Unit
« Reply #6 on: 03-08-2006 16:24 »

I like it. The characters act as they usually do...

By the way, most people seem to just read fan fictions and then just rush to the next, without bothering to give feedback - if anyone reads them at all. Same thing with mine, really.
Foxxy Gurl

Bending Unit
« Reply #7 on: 03-08-2006 21:29 »

That was great. I read the first part and I LOVED it how the Professor was all "gangsta" like.

Hilarious! Great job, Mookie!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #8 on: 03-09-2006 00:30 »
« Last Edit on: 03-09-2006 00:30 »

Cheers for your feedback, all of you, i'm in the process of typing up chapter 3, so it should be ready later on today, or tommorrow

and THJ's right - i DID spend WEEKS writing this, and i am very pleased with how it came out

believe me, this story takes some surprising twists and turns.....

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #9 on: 03-09-2006 15:34 »

for all that are reading this, here is chapter 3:


Open onto a park. Suddenly, a dark cloud appears above the ground, and one by one the crew get spat out onto the ground, all except Zoidberg, who gets stuck halfway through.

ZOIDBERG: (Panicking) Help! The nomads are after me!

Hermes gets up off the ground and pulls him out. He has an arrow stuck in his shell.

HERMES: Ya silly lobster. I told ya ya shoulda gone on dat mandatory diet camp. But nah! Ya had to only go and eat da forms!

ZOIDBERG: (Sheepishly) I was hungry…

HERMES: Where in Jah’s name are we, anyway?

PROFESSOR: More like when are we?

FRY: I think I can help; my watch has the date as well as the time. (He looks at his watch, and gasps)  Oh. My. Lord.

LEELA: What? What is it? What year is it?

FRY: You’re not gonna believe this, but it is January the 12th, 2006! My parents are still alive!  Nixon hasn’t taken over the world yet! Yahoo!

AMY: Gaah! We’re stuck in the stupid ages!

They suddenly realise that a large crowd has gathered around them.

ZOIDBERG: What? What’re you all staring at?

The crowd recoil in disgust, as Zoidberg looks on, confused. A news van pulls up.

NEWS REPORTER: (Jumping out of the van) We’re reporting live from Central Park, where a strange gang of possible illegal immigrants have just, as some eyewitnesses put it, ‘crash landed’ right in the middle of the park. Remember, what you are seeing here is live feed direct from Central Park, of this extraordinary even-waa! (Fry shoves her away from the microphone)

FRY: There is nothing to see here, people! (Just then, Leela gets up and opens her eye. The crowd gasps.)

CROWD: She’s a Cyclops! Get her! (Some members of the crowd lunge at her)

Leela manages to floor every single person who lunged at her. The Planet Express crew walk off. Police have turned up, and is barricading the crowd.

PROFESSOR: So, Fry; now we’re stuck in your time, what are we going to do?

AMY: Where’re we going to go?

ZOIDBERG: What are we going to eat? (Sheepishly) I’m hungry…

HERMES: Ya always hungry, ya stupid lobster. Lets get some food, I’m starvin’!

FRY: Oh my God! I can see Panucci again! He was my boss, at the pizzeria, before I got frozen. We can eat there!

LEELA: (Looking around her) So, who now is President of Earth? And what are these large car-like machines with hard round things attached to them?

FRY: Oh Leela, so much to learn. (Taking her hand) Firstly, only the U.S.A had a President. Britain had a Prime Minister, France had a gerbil, and that weird country had some sort of laughable ‘democracy’. Secondly, those machines were the modern day equivalent of your futuristic hover cars, they were powered by precious diesel and petrol, and were the only way of getting around without police officers trying to search or arrest you.

PROFESSOR: You say cars in your time ran on petrol and diesel? My, you really were stupid back then.

AMY: Maybe I can find a cute past boy to ‘get to know’?

FRY: What about Kif?

AMY: Oh, my Kiffy! (She sighs)

They arrive at the door to Panucci’s pizza parlour. Hanging on the door is a sign: ‘Out to get lunch at a place better than this dump. Back whenever the hell I feel like it’. Fry tries the door anyway, but it is locked.

ZOIDBERG: I’ll handle this!

He reaches one of his arms through the letterbox, and manages to get the door open. Suddenly, there is a barking sound.

FRY: (Turning round, expectantly) Seymour? SEYMOUR! (The small dog jumps up at Fry, and licks his face. Fry bends down, and strokes him all over) I knew you’d wait for me!

AMY: So this was your dog?

FRY: Yep (amid tears of happiness) sure is! Good to see you, buddy!

ZOIDBERG: Ahem! I believe the door is open. Food is calling. (Sniffing the air) Pepperoni! And anchovies! ANCHOVIES! Lemme at ‘em!  (He shrieks, and runs inside)

LEELA: Quick, get inside before anybody sees us!

They all rush into the pizzeria. Zoidberg and Hermes are in the stockroom, gorging themselves on food. Amy is examining the arcade machine in the corner. Farnsworth walks over to it.

AMY: How does it work, Professor?

PROFESSOR: It appears to work by you inserting a bit of ancient money into this slot here. (He shoves his finger in it, and howls.) It’s got me! It’s got me!

FRY: Hold on, Professor! (He presses the ‘coin reject’ button, and Professor Farnsworth’s finger comes flying out of the slot.) Here, let me show you how it works.

Fry picks a quarter up off the floor, and inserts it into the machine. It lights up, and starts playing 80’s 8-bit game music.

FRY: THIS is Donkey Kong.

AMY: Woooow……people in the 1980’s really knew how to create steamy piles of Buggalo poo!

FRY: This isn’t Buggalo poo, it’s a design and games icon!

PROFESSOR: Say wha? Oh, this is that inferior ‘computer game’ of yours, that you were talking about. I’ve had it! I’m bored! Lets go home!

He turns around to walk out of the pizzeria, but Panucci appears and blocks his way.

PANUCCI: What the bleedin’ ‘ell? Why are all you scumbags in my parlour? (He sees Fry) Good jizzy aunt, Fry, is that you?

FRY: Err…yes.

PANUCCI: Fry! Oh my God! Where’ve you been for six years? Come ‘ere, give your old boss a hug.

FRY: (Walking over to Panucci) Everyone, this is Panucci, my old boss. (He hugs him)

Zoidberg and Hermes walk back into the restaurant. Panucci gasps.

PANUCCI: He’s….He’s….Hideous! (Pointing at Hermes) G-Get him away from me! Hi, by the way (He shakes Zoidberg’s claw)

ZOIDBERG: A friend!

PANUCCI: Yeah, right…friend…more like pizza, if you ask me…Hey ho! Who’s the beautiful bird? Is she with you guys?

Leela turns around. Panucci gasps, louder this time.

PANUCCI: She’s…She’s a Cyclops! (He backs away)

FRY: No, don’t be scared of her, she’s the only one of her kind in the entire universe.

PANUCCI: Oh…Where’d you say you’d been?

FRY: Well, you know that delivery you sent me on back on New Years Eve, 1999 to the cryogenics lab? Well, it turns out that I accidentally fell into one of the open cryogenics freezer tubes, and it froze me for a thousand years! So, yeah, I’ve been living a thousand years in the future!

PANUCCI: But how did you end up here? It’s only been six years since you got frozen…

FRY: Well, the old man over there-

Professor Farnsworth waves, decrepitly.

FRY: That old man is my great great great times 30 nephew. He is an inventor, and he managed to destabilise the space-time continuum, so we got transported back here.

PANUCCI: Interesting….let me get you all some food, you must be starved.

Zoidberg and Hermes exchange worried glances.

PANUCCI: Oh dear lord! The food! The food! It’s all gone! Get out! Get out! Whoever did this, I swear that if they don’t leave right now, the cops’ll be coming! (He reaches behind the counter, and gets out a baseball bat) Who did this?

Zoidberg whoops as he runs away. Hermes turns to run, but gets whacked on the head with the baseball bat.

FRY: Err…Panucci, I’m so sorry - I promise I’ll repay you some day……come on, you lot! (He drags Hermes’ unconscious body through the doorway) Can we borrow your car? The keys are in it! I will return it, soon!

PANUCCI: Yeah, sure…whatever…my food! My beautiful food!

They all climb into Panucci’s car. We hear Panucci sobbing in the background.

PANUCCI: (Sobbing) My life’s work, ruined!

Fry starts the engine, and drives off.

AMY: It’s a bit cramped in here…Hermes! Get your hand off my breast! You’re a married man, you know! Fry! Stop watching and look at the road!

Suddenly the car crashes into a fire hydrant. All the airbags pop out around them.

LEELA: Agh! It burns! Get it off me (She has nearly been swallowed up completely by the airbags).

ZOIDBERG: I’ll handle this (He pops the airbag) Hooray! I saved someone.

LEELA: Thanks, Zoidberg. Fry, next time, seeing as you cannot drive, please let me do it for you. Now lets go.

Everyone except Fry motions to get out of the car.

FRY: No, wait. We can’t go wandering the streets of New York like this! I mean, the people outside are turning nasty. (He points out the window, towards a person walking along the street with a ‘Have you seen this Cyclops?’ t-shirt on.) If you go out there, you and Zoidberg will be killed! We need to hide out somewhere, until the Professor can figure out a way to get us back to the future!

PROFESSOR: Oh sure, you had to bring me into it, didn’t you. Anyway, he does have a point, you know. We should all go somewhere safe. I suggest a nice, friendly, broth-

Suddenly, a chair is smashed onto the front windscreen of the car.

Fade to black.


Bending Unit
« Reply #10 on: 03-09-2006 15:49 »

Nice. When does George W. Bush's head show up?  ;)

Seriously: quite well thought out, I had fun reading this.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #11 on: 03-09-2006 15:54 »

Originally posted by Chrys:
Nice. When does George W. Bush's head show up?   ;)

i'd thought about putting him in, but there was just no space for him in the story....but, y'never know, stranger things have happened....he might appear in another story....

Foxxy Gurl

Bending Unit
« Reply #12 on: 03-09-2006 16:20 »


Bending Unit
« Reply #13 on: 03-09-2006 16:32 »

You're right, would be no good as head-in-jar... not worth preserving. Plus he'd probably float on the surface, with that IQ of his.

Keep up the good work.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #14 on: 03-10-2006 12:20 »

good news! Here is chapter 4!

as always, read and comment


Fade from black.

PERSON OUTSIDE: Everyone! They’re in here!

Cut to outside of the car. A large mob has gathered outside the car.

LEELA: Quick! I’ll take the helm of this Earth ship!

Fry and Leela quickly change places. She guns the engine in reverse, scattering the crowds. The car revs, and speeds off, leaving the mob in a cloud of dust.

FRY: Leela! Turn off here! (He points to a small side street) This is where my house was. I wonder if it’s still there?

LEELA: There’s only one way to find out.

The car pulls down the side street.

FRY: There it is! My old house. (He points to a ramshackle building)

AMY: Eurgh! What a dump!

FRY: It’s exactly as I remember it…

LEELA: This is where you lived? God I’m so, so sorry…

The car passes Fry’s house.

FRY: Wait! I need to see if my parents are still here…I’ll be back in a second!

He gets out of the car, and runs over to the house. He knocks on the door, and the door falls out of it’s frame. Fry glances at a neighbour sitting in her front garden.

FRY: Hi…do you by any chance know where the people who lived in this house went?

NEIGHBOUR: Why yes, I do. They moved to New Mexico, 5 years ago. They just left, never gave a reason, just upped and went. Gave me their new address though, should their son ever return, they said.

FRY: Can I have it?

NEIGHBOUR: Of course, I’ll just get it for you (He fumbles around in his pants) I kept it in a safe place all these years…here ya go. (Fry takes it, and holds it by a corner. He runs back to the car, Leela guns the engine, and drives off in a cloud of smoke)

NEIGHBOUR: Pleasure doing business with you.

Cut back to the future. Bender walks up to the Planet Express building. He enters, only to find it deserted. He tuts, sits down, gets a beer out of his chest, and starts to watch TV.

BENDER: Lousy crew, where are they, anyway? I thought I was supposed to be the always late one…

LINDA: (On TV)…The Omicronians are still awaiting delivery of their top-secret ransom.

BENDER: So THAT’S what this is

The camera pans to Bender’s right, to reveal a huge crate placed next to him.

LINDA: All faith in the human race has been placed on a small time delivery company in New New York.

BENDER: Hehehe, I’d sure hate to be those guys…Oh wait, we ARE those guys. And there goes my plan of an ideal future out of the window completely! (He chucks a sheet of paper, titled ‘My plans of an ideal future, by Bender’ out of the window)

LINDA: The Omicronians say, that if they don’t receive their ransom by noon tomorrow, they will wipe out the human race in its entirety! I’m already packing.

MORBO: Once the Omicronians wipe out Earth, our job will be made even easier!

LINDA: Eh? That made no sense at all! Morbo, are you felling okay?


LINDA: Ahaha…you’re so sweet when you’re mad.

Morbo lunges at Linda, and manages to get her head firmly in between his jaws, before the production crew rush on stage to separate them. They give Morbo an injection, and he slumps to the ground.

BENDER: Ahahahahaha! Now THAT’S comedy!

Nibbler peeks his head over the top of the sofa. Bender continues to laugh as Nibbler creeps along the sofa and steals the TV remote.

BENDER: Ahahaha-eh? Nibbler! No! Come back here! Bad pet!

Nibbler runs off, and Bender follows him.

BENDER: When I catch you…I’ll bake you into a cake and feed you to the orphans, especially Leela. Now come back here!

Bender chases Nibbler to outside the door to the Professors laboratory. Nibbler pushes it open, and shakes, flinging the remote into the laboratory.

BENDER: Aha! (He pushes past Nibbler, and enters the laboratory.) What the?

In the laboratory is a large, pulsating, swirling mass, in the middle of the table.

BENDER: Neat! (He takes out his camera, and snaps a photo of it. The camera gets sucked in.) Nooo!

Suddenly, the mass starts to rotate faster, as it does, the suction rips Bender’s door off, and Lucy Liu’s head goes flying out.

LUCY LIU’S HEAD: I love you, Bender! (She disappears into the dark mass)

BENDER: Life’s too unfair!…Oops!

He slips on a carelessly discarded banana peel, and tumbles head over crotch plate into the cloud.

Cut back to 2006. Fry, Leela, Professor Farnsworth, Zoidberg Amy and Hermes are travelling along a barren, dusty road. Suddenly, something shimmering appears ahead of them.

AMY: What…The..?

The car hits something hard. It skids out of control; and comes to rest by a large boulder, smoking slightly.

LEELA: What did we hit?

PROFESSOR: Well let’s find out already! No use just sitting in this prehistoric death trap like imbeciles! Lets get out and look!

They all exit the car, and walk over to the large thing in the middle of the road.

LEELA’S MIND: I couldn’t have done anything….I wasn’t going that fast…

FRY: Bender? Bender! What the hell are you doing here?

BENDER: More like what the hell are you doing here, meatbag? Aren’t you supposed to be at work? And where are we, anyway?

FRY: Well, we were supposed to be at work, but Professor Farnsworth managed to destabilise the space-time continuum again, so we got whizzed back to the year 2006!

HERMES: We’re on our way to New Mexico, to see if we can track down Fry’s parents. Then, somehow, we’ve gotta get back to de future.

BENDER: There’s a New Mexico? I’m Mexican! I can meet my parents too!

AMY: I thought Mom was your only parent?

BENDER: Yeah, well I’ve got a lot of them, okay!

LEELA: (Walking back to the car) Lets see if we can get this death trap going again. Come on, Fry, you lived in the 20th century, you can fix these things, right?

FRY: Err, yeah, sure. (He walks over to the car) Try and start it, would you?

LEELA: Here goes! (The engine whirrs, but dies.)

FRY: Batteries flat. We don’t have any jump leads, though, or any working phones, so we can’t phone a rescue service.

PROFESSOR: (Walking over) I know how we can start it! Bender, sit on the battery.

BENDER: Okeedoke. (He gets up and sits in the engine bay)

PROFESSOR: Start the engine, Leela!

She starts the engine. It whirrs, and starts. Bender starts vibrating, and charges of electricity zip up and down his body.

BENDER: Oh…..yeah…..(He falls off the battery with a clunk, and lies motionless on the ground.)

AMY: Is he dead?

PROFESSOR: Of course not! He simply had an electricity overdose. He charged with enough electricity to kill Zoidberg there!

ZOIDBERG: (Dropping a rock.) Did someone mention my name perhaps? (He shrugs and goes back to slobbering all over a rock)

HERMES: Zoidberg, you silly squid! What d’ya tink you’re doin’?

ZOIDBERG: (Dropping the rock) I was hungry…

Unexpectedly, Fry suddenly gasps.

LEELA: Fry, are you okay?

FRY: Yeah, yeah I think so.

LEELA: It’s just, you look all shook up.

FRY: Is it okay if I talk to you for a second? I think I need to tell you this. (The rest of the crew are staring at them. Fry notices) IN PRIVATE? (He glares at the rest of the crew. They back away)

Fry leads Leela behind a rock, where they won’t be overheard. They sit down in the shade.

LEELA: What was it that you want to talk to me about, Fry?

FRY: I, I think I’ve finally worked out what got us together…..

Fade to black.

by the way, chrys, i just remembered an original idea was to have Bender appear in a presidential office, and become GWB's secretary...it didn't work out, though
Foxxy Gurl

Bending Unit
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OOOOOOooooo.... You know, you ought to submit this at www.fanfiction.net

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #16 on: 03-10-2006 16:20 »

i might, people seem a tad harsh on that site, though

y'never know, though, i might decide to post it on there, when it is all typed up  :)

Bending Unit
« Reply #17 on: 03-10-2006 16:56 »

Oh don't worry about what those people say. You should submit it. It's better than a lot of the stuff on there.

Keep it going!  :)
Cerulean Shadow

« Reply #18 on: 03-10-2006 17:39 »
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I like this fic!!!   :love:   :love:
Cerulean Shadow

« Reply #19 on: 03-10-2006 17:43 »

Are you gonna register? That would be cool! Plus, I've had bad reviews like that, too. But Arkan is right. DONT WORRY ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE SAY.

I used to have a story about bad reviews and flames on my profile, but I somehow deleted it off, 'cause I got tired of it...

Well, if you're thinking about regestiring, and if you need help, you can ask me!  ;)
Foxxy Gurl

Bending Unit
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I registered, but with a different penname... *coughs* TeamRocketGurl330...

Cerulean Shadow

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Originally posted by Foxxy Gurl:
I registered, but with a different penname... *coughs* TeamRocketGurl330...


Ya. She likes Team Rocket...

« Reply #22 on: 03-10-2006 17:56 »

For the time being I think you should concentrate on typing it Mookie.

We're at about page 50 now aren't we?

Long way to go yet!

Liquid Emperor
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a bit less than that - the draft on paper is 73 pages long, i've typed up only 32! (I'm about a quarter of the way through chapter 6)

AND HERE IS CHAPTER 5: (This chapter has a flashback to the end of pt.1)


FRY: You know on the ship, drifting towards that black hole……

Enter flashback sequence:

LEELA: Oh Fry; I don’t know what to do! (Tears start rolling down her cheeks)

FRY: Leela, I would go to the ends of the Earth just to see your smile every morning…I don’t know what I would have to do to make you feel the same way about me as I do about you.

Fry puts his arm around Leela’s shoulder.
She instinctively pulls away, but immediately reconsiders, and pulls in closer to Fry.

LEELA: That’s one of the most beautiful things anyone has ever said to me. Look Fry, maybe one day-

Another explosion rocks the ship. Panels are falling off the walls, and wires are sparking electricity everywhere.

FRY: I’m scared, Leela, I don’t think we’ll have another day

LEELA: I’m scared too, Fry.

They slowly pull away from their hug. They look into each other’s eyes. Fry has a small tears running down his face. They hug tighter, and their hug slowly transforms into a long, sad, regretful kiss.

End flashback.

FRY: This is when it happened.

Enter flashback again:

FRY’S MIND: I wish it –

Suddenly, a ceiling girder detaches from the roof, and swings down directly at Leela.

FRY: Oh God! Move!

He pulls Leela to one side. The girder swings by, and smashes into the wall, directly behind where Leela was sitting.

LEELA: You…..you saved my life…

FRY: Just…just don’t die on me…I can’t face this alone….please…

LEELA: All this time I doubted you Fry…But now I know…I can’t live without you…I love you, Fry…

FRY: I love you too, Leela (They hug)

FRY’S MIND: I wish it wouldn’t end here.

Suddenly, the ship, Fry and Leela start to flicker, and slowly disappear.

End flashback.

LEELA: My God…hey, how come we forgot everything? But now you remembered it?

FRY: I have no clue why, but I do know that something happened to me in that split second when I saw that girder flying towards you, and it made me just, not…dumb, and in that moment I was able to not only save your life, but secure your heart, as well. And it means a lot to me, that. (Zoidberg interrupts them)

ZOIDBERG: Hurry up, you two! The professors about to have a stroke!

PROFESSOR: Oh you and your compliments!

They hurry back to the car. Leela starts the engine, and drives off.

Caption: ‘Some time later’…

ZOIDBERG: Fish farm! Stop! Stop the car! (He points out of the window towards a building, and a sign that reads: ‘Marv’s Fish Farm – Small fresh fish 50 cents each’)

HERMES: No, you silly lobster. We need to get to Fry’s parents house.

ZOIDBERG: (Desperately) But I’m soooo hungry!

He dives out of the window, rolls along the ground, gets up, and whoops as he scuttles towards the fish farm.

LEELA: Oh lord. (She stops the car. Everyone gets out, and chases after Zoidberg)

AMY: Lets just hope the owners like sci-fi movies.

PROFESSOR: Zoidberg! Come back!

FRY: You’ve not got much to live for! Wait, that won’t bring him back. That won’t bring him back at all!

PROFESSOR: (Miserably) Now what shall I do when social services comes round asking to see our doctor? Fry, you’ve cut things up before haven’t you?

FRY; Well, I, err, no, not really.

PROFESSOR: (Narrowing his eyes) Haven’t you?

Cut to Zoidberg. He runs straight through the chain link fence surrounding the fish farm, and dives into the giant breeding lake. The crew run to the side of the lake.

PROFESSOR: Bad squid! (He hurls his shoe at him. Zoidberg squeaks, and dives below the surface)

MARV (The owner): Hey…Who are you people? What the hell is going on? (Looking at Leela) Gleeeh! Get away! Mary, get me shotgun, we got intruders!

LEELA: No wait, we can explain!

MARV: Humour me and explain yourself! Do it!

FRY: Knock knock

AMY: Who’s there?

MARV: Not that kind of humour, dammit!

MARY: (From inside) Here’s your shotgun, deary!

MARV: Just chuck it on the floor; these intruders have got some explaining to do.

Bender appears.

BENDER: What up?

MARV: Gaaah! (He backs away further, to the door of the house) R-R-Robot!

BENDER: Yeah, I’m a robot (He belches, fierily). Don’t cower. I hate it when people cower, they look so cuddly and sweet, makes me want to puke.

MARV: D-D-Don’t hurt me, robot.

BENDER: Hurt you? Of course I’m gonna hurt you. I’m a big, bad scary robot!

LEELA: Bender! Calm your circuits! (She switches his volume control to mute. He continues to make violent hand gestures.)

FRY: (To Marv) You and me might want to go for a little walk…

Fry and Marv walk off around the lake.

MARV: (Calming down) So, I wanted an explanation as to why you are broke into my fish farm.

FRY: Well, you see, six years ago, I got accidentally cryogenically frozen, in a freak accident, see.

MARV: Right…

FRY: Anyway, I unfroze in the year 3000, so all the other people you saw back there are my friends and co-workers.

MARV: (Unsure) Right…even the Cyclops? So why are you only in the year 2006?

FRY: The old man back there, he is my great times 30 nephew. He’s an inventor, but he accidentally destabilised the space-time continuum, so we got transported back to 2006!

MARV: But that doesn’t actually explain you being HERE. Why are you all in my fish farm?

FRY: The only reason we are here is because-

Suddenly, Zoidberg resurfaces from the lake.


MARV: Agh!…Agh! Aaaagh! (He runs off, screaming)

FRY: Damn you, Zoidberg, I was going to say that!

MARY: (Running after Marv) Marv! Come back! (She stops when she gets to where Fry is standing) By the time I’m back, I want my entire fish stick REPLACED!

FRY: How long will that be?

MARY: Could be a couple of hours, could be days…who know?

FRY: (Sarcastically) Oh man! Thanks, Zoidberg!

ZOIDBERG: You’re welcome! Oh…

Cut back to the crew by the lake. They all gather around the professor.

AMY: Hey, Professor, couldn’t you just invent something to put the fish back?

PROFESSOR: What? Who do you think I am, some sort of professor?

HERMES: (Whispering in Professor Farnsworth’s ear) You are.

PROFESSOR: Gadzooks! Lets get inventing!

Cut to the house. Various crashes, bangs and shouts come from within. All the windows get blown out, and the door is blown off its hinges.

Cut to inside of house, in the kitchen. Everyone is covered in dust and grime.

PROFESSOR: Well, that was pointless. Good news, everyone! I figured out how to get the fish back! (He pulls a small phial from his lab coat.)

Everyone gasps. In the jar, are chronotons, the very things that destroyed an entire civilisation.

FRY: Are those…

LEELA: Chronotons?

PROFESSOR: Chronotons? Oh my, no!

LEELA: Then what are they, then?

PROFESSOR: Chronotons!

AMY: How’ll we use them to restore the fish stock, professor?

PROFESSOR: Simple, really. (He removes a blender from a shelf). We use a tiny amount of the chronotons in this jar, smush them up into a thick paste with some fish food, add a hint of jalapeno, and a pinch of love dust, and hopefully the remaining fish will mutate, making them ultra fertile breeding machines, able to produce fish eggs extremely quickly! What are we waiting for? To the lake!

Cut to the lake. Professor Farnsworth grabs a fish out of the water. Zoidberg snatches the fish out of Farnsworth’s hands, and eats it, noisily.

PROFESSOR: Bad lobster! (He removes a hammer from his pocket, and hits Zoidberg in the jaw with it.) Someone shut this oaf inside, please.

Hermes leads off Zoidberg towards the house.

FRY: Bender (Bender turns to face him) Can you keep a secret?

BENDER: I think it’s pretty obvious that I can’t.

FRY: Can you keep this secret for me – promise not to tell anyone.

Fry leans in closer to Bender’s face. Enter Bender Vision.

 FRY: Me and Leela, we’re gonna go and find my parents without you lot.

 In Bender Vision, we see the text appearing on the screen. A cursor hovers over ‘Blab to all’, but instead clicks ‘Keep secret forever’

BENDER: (Whispering) I won’t tell another soul.

FRY: Thanks; you’re a true friend.

Cut back to Professor Farnsworth. He is holding another fish. In the other hand, he is holding a syringe with the deep blue mixture chronotons and spices inside it. He injects it into the fish. Immediately, the fish’s eyes bulge, and it begins to produce eggs at an alarming rate.

BENDER: Neat (He takes out a new camera, and snaps a photo)

Cut to Fry. He and Leela are standing together, away from the group.

FRY: Listen, Leela, I need to find my parents. I can’t afford to waste anymore time here…you wanna come with me?

LEELA: Only if you don’t want to go alone.

FRY: Of course I don’t! I want to introduce them to the most wonderful girl in the world.


FRY: You!

LEELA: Oh, in that case, of course I’ll come with you.

FRY: I told Bender to keep it a secret that we’ve gone.

LEELA: You told BENDER to keep a secret?

FRY: Well yeah…but-

LEELA: But he’s the king of lies! How can you trust him?

FRY: Well he did promise…anyway, could we get going?

Fry and Leela climb into the now badly damaged car, and drive off.

Fade to black.

I'm really glad you people are liking it- i knew that members on here would either love it or loath it, but it seems to have won you all over!
Foxxy Gurl

Bending Unit
« Reply #24 on: 03-11-2006 09:58 »

Love it! Love It! Love it!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #25 on: 03-11-2006 10:02 »

i'm very glad you do! chapter 6 should be up either later today (UK time) or tomorrow

« Reply #26 on: 03-11-2006 11:09 »

I reckon its all the shippilicious goodness.
Foxxy Gurl

Bending Unit
« Reply #27 on: 03-11-2006 13:52 »

Originally posted by mookie427:
i'm very glad you do! chapter 6 should be up either later today (UK time) or tomorrow

I hope so! I LIKE IT!   :love:   :love:   :love:   :love:   :love:

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #28 on: 03-11-2006 15:50 »

here is chapter 6, and from now on, i am splitting the action into two parts, Fry and Leela, and the rest of the crew. This means the chapters will be shorter, but no less exciting!


Cut to Professor Farnsworth. He is still holding a fish, and is ankle deep in fish eggs. A few of them are beginning to hatch.

PROFESSOR: Now, to carefully apply…Amy, can you help me?

AMY: Sure.

She steps forwards, and slips on some fish eggs in a comical fashion. Her arm shoots out, and knocks the blender full of chronoton mixture into the lake.

PROFESSOR: Dear lord! They’ve overdosed! Who knows how many fish we’ve created now!

Sure enough, there is a deep rumbling from within the lake, and suddenly, a giant mountain of fish shoot up, filling the lake. They flap everywhere, and are flying off the top of the pile. Everyone gasps, horrified.

BENDER: Err…Professor, this may not be a good time to tell you this, but Lrrr, from Omicron Persei 8, is going to destroy Earth at noon tomorrow, if he doesn’t receive his mysterious ransom.

PROFESSOR: Oh Lordy Lou, now we’ve only got 12 hours until the world is destroyed. I could invent a time travel device – Possibly involving chronotons…and a blender.

Hermes and Zoidberg rejoin the crew outside.

HERMES: I heard a rumblin’, and- (He sees the giant pile of fish) Sweet bananas in pyjamas! What have you done?

ZOIDBERG: Lemme at ‘em! (He runs towards the pile, but Professor Farnsworth calmly places a net over his head, and carries him to where the car was) Aww…

PROFESSOR: C’mon, everyone, we’d better get going!

Marv and Mary reappear. Mary fires the shotgun, and the pellets hit Bender’s head. It goes flying off.

BENDER: Hey! (He walks over, and picks his head up)

MARV: Stop right there. What’ve you done? There are too MANY fish now; you are going to stay here until I have a NORMAL stock back! Get eatin’!


MARV: Not you, piggy, you’re a liability. You’re going in the kiddie fun zone!


MARY: Take him inside, Marv.

Marv hauls the netted Zoidberg inside again.

MARY: I want every one of you to eat every single extra fish, alive or dead, hat we have acquired due to your stupidity.

BENDER: And how many fish is that?

MARY: I’d say, roughly half a million, at the very least.

BENDER: Look lady, I came here to live the Mexican dream, not to eat fish for the rest of my life.

MARY: (Pointing the gun at Bender) You WILL eat them.

BENDER: No! Don’t shoot me with you prehistoric weaponry! I’ll eat them, I swear!

MARY: I want everyone to start…now!

She points the gun in their direction, and they move slowly towards the fish.

MARY: Move it, you bastards!

PROFESSOR: Listen lady, we cannot eat these fish! For you see, the very reason they came into existence is-

MARY: Quit yapping and start eating! Get to it!

PROFESSOR: But we can’t!

MARY: (Narrowing her eyes) Why not?

PROFESSOR: You see, we mutated the fish you had left, to produce ultra fertile super fish! If anybody eats those fish, they would die! Or, at the very least, mutate into horrible child birthing machines!

MARY: Look; we all know the doddering fool is lying….

BENDER: Listen. If you really think we’re lying…then take this!

Bender reaches into Farnsworth’s lab coat, and pulls out the jar of chronotons. He hurls it at Mary. The jar hits her in the stomach, the lid flies off, and the jar spills it’s contents onto the floor. Some of the liquid seeps onto Mary’s fingers.

PROFESSOR: Dear God, Bender! You mechanical imbecile! You just destroyed the only hope we had of ever getting back to the future and saving the planet!

BENDER: Ooops!

PROFESSOR: Hold on a second, we can still save a few. (He bends down and scoops up a small amount from the ground.)

Suddenly, Mary begins to mutate.

BENDER: Cheese it!

Everyone runs off, and in the background, there is a pop, and the sound of lots of babies crying.

Cut to Zoidberg. He is sitting in a spongy playpen. There are lots of balloons and foam shapes surrounding him.

ZOIDBERG: Bah! (He pops a balloon with a claw) My friends always have all the fun. (He pops another balloon. Everyone runs into the house.) My friends! They’ve come to save me!

HERMES: No, Zoidberg, we’re escaping!

ZOIDBERG: An escape! Finally, may I save the world. (Shouting) And all the puny humans will look up to ZOIDBERG!

HERMES: Err…no.

PROFESSOR: Let’s get out of here already! I’ll get DVT* If I stand here any longer!

Zoidberg leaps over the very low playpen wall, and joins the crew.

AMY: Where are Fry and Leela?

PROFESSOR: They’ve gone? I mean, they’ve gone! Now we’ll never save the planet on time! We don’t know where they’ve gone, for starters!

AMY: Yes we do.

PROFESSOR: We do? Oh of course, yes! Now, we need something to hotwire that car in the yard outside, so we can find Fry and Leela. Perhaps some sort of robot. Hermes, you’ll do it, won’t you?

HERMES: I’m not a robot, mon. ‘E is over dere. (He points at Bender)

PROFESSOR: Really? I could have sworn you were a robot.

BENDER: Yeah, I’m a robot, what are you gonna do about it? (Fiery burp)

Fade to black

*DVT = Deep Vein Thrombosis
Foxxy Gurl

Bending Unit
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Liquid Emperor
« Reply #30 on: 03-11-2006 16:27 »


Cut to Fry and Leela. They are driving through the desert in the badly damaged car. Fry suddenly and unexpectedly has a revelation.

FRY: Nibbler!

LEELA: Where? (She slams on the brakes)

FRY: No, Nibbler helped me to save you on that fateful mission.

LEELA: How could he? He’s just a dumb pet.

FRY: No he isn’t. Just let me explain.

LEELA: Okay, but I still think you’re lying.

FRY: You know the giant brains?

LEELA: (Puzzled) No.

FRY: Oh darn…never mind, I think it went something like this…

Enter flashback:

FRY: I wish it-

Suddenly, a girder detaches itself from the ceiling, and swings down, directly at Leela.

FRY (Outside F/B): This is when it happened…

Cut to Planet Eternium. Caption ‘Simultaneously’

NIBBLONIAN LEADER: Quick! Lord Nibbler! Now is our time.

Nibbler runs over to a control panel. On a large TV screen, there is black and white CCTV style footage of Fry and Leela. The girder swings down, on it’s voyage of death.

NIBBLER: 3, 2, 1, Fire!

A small beam of light shoots out from below the camera. It enters the side of Fry’s head.

NIBBLONIAN LEADER: Everyone! We’ve succeeded! By making Fry temporarily extremely instinctive, smart and a tad witty, we are sure to bring the chosen ones together, thus ensuring the safety of the universe, forever!

NIBBLER: Let the feast of a thousand hams begin!

Caption ‘Simultaneously’.

 Cut back to Fry and Leela. The small beam enters Fry’s head, and the girder swings down, ominously.

FRY: Oh God! Move! (He pulls Leela to one side. The girder swings by, and smashes into the wall directly behind where Leela was sitting.)

End flashback.

LEELA: Wow, that’s…incredible. You’re saying that Nibbler is a super-intelligent alien from another planet? Well, he was an alien already, but-

FRY: Yep.

LEELA: So why does everyone forget everything except you?

FRY: It’s just my brain, I suppose. (Glancing out the window) Hey, we’re almost here!

They now enter a more heavily built up area. People are turning and staring at the severely beaten up car, and it’s occupants.

LEELA: We need to get something a teeny bit less obvious to travel round in, I think.

FRY: (Reaching into the glove box) Here, put these on. (He passes her some sunglasses.) They’ll make you look almost normal, so people don’t try to burn you, or shoot you, or both.

LEELA: Thanks. Now we can get somewhere.

She puts on the sunglasses, and they step out of the car.

LEELA: To think, six hundred years from now, and this whole place will be destroyed in a weapons test gone horribly wrong.

FRY: How’d you know that?

LEELA: Got taught it in history, back in the orphanages class. Anyway, how will we get to your parents?

FRY: Easy, we do it the twenty first century way! Taxi!

A taxi screeches up beside them, and they climb in.

Fade to black.
Cerulean Shadow

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« Reply #32 on: 03-11-2006 18:56 »

Bloody hell, this page is getting rather daunting isn't it?

Keep it coming Mookie.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #33 on: 03-12-2006 01:22 »

how many posts is it per page? 40? i bloody well hope so!

Bending Unit
« Reply #34 on: 03-12-2006 07:39 »

Stop bloody swearing!

*Ahem* Uh, keep going!  :)

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #35 on: 03-12-2006 08:03 »

don't wory, all you shippy/time travel fans, the next part will be up soon (later today, although i do have maths coursework, maths homework and some crap about the weimar republic to do as well  ;))

« Reply #36 on: 03-12-2006 08:14 »


Weimar Republic.

Hyperinflation is so interesting.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #37 on: 03-12-2006 09:33 »

hooray! i just realised i'm exactly half way through typing it up! 36 and a bit pages out of 73!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #38 on: 03-12-2006 13:57 »
« Last Edit on: 03-12-2006 13:57 »

screw the shorter chapter ideas. From now on, the chapters will have two parts, one part from Fry and Leela, the other part from the rest of the crew.

second part of 7 up soon (I am typing it up right at this very minute!)


« Reply #39 on: 03-12-2006 14:22 »

Just make sure you edit next time. No double posting.
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