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Author Topic: Top 25 Futurama Moments  (Read 6562 times)
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Urban Legend
« on: 09-12-2004 13:41 »

via FARK.com, a fan listed his top 25 moments from the entire run of Futurama.  These are not the top 25 episodes, or character, but the jokes, scenes, or pathos that made you react the most.

So, what are your top 25 moments?  We can debate his choices, or we can make our own list.  Either or is fair enough.

Starship Captain
« Reply #1 on: 09-12-2004 13:56 »

'A taste of freedom' were there all outside on the steps and Fry spontaniasly comes out with, 'Hey im having one of those things u know a headache with pictures! An idea?  Mmmm mmmm mm!

And War is the H word were Zapp Goes on about his sexy learning disorder- sexlexia

Bending Unit
« Reply #2 on: 09-12-2004 14:06 »

I'll go with Zapp's "Surprise!" in The H-Word, "I'm sending in more trains" in The Earth and Bender's scene in The Orphan of the Stars ("...as for me I must be off to have my doctor check this cough..." ). They made me laugh incontrollably.

Urban Legend
« Reply #3 on: 09-12-2004 14:14 »

*gasp* He doesn't have the ending of The Sting listed among his choices! Tell him i hate him!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #4 on: 09-12-2004 14:22 »

*gasp* He doesn't mention "The Sting" or "Leela's Homeworld" at all! At last! Tell him I think he's the "greetest."
Although the ending from "Love and Rocket" wasn't on that list. I love that ending. Everything else looks good though, except the clown fundamentals though. I didn't think that was that funny.

Bending Unit
« Reply #5 on: 09-12-2004 14:26 »

This sounds like fun. I think I'll make one of my own whenever I've got a nice long block of free time.

Urban Legend
« Reply #6 on: 09-12-2004 14:28 »

*gasp* He doesn't mention Love and Rocket or Leela's Homeworld! Tell him i hate him x3!

« Reply #7 on: 09-12-2004 14:29 »

A very nifty little site there, and I'd completely agree with butting the 'Jurrasic Bark' ending at number one.

Urban Legend
« Reply #8 on: 09-12-2004 14:36 »

The ending to Jurassic Bark shouldn't have even been on the list. Hell, the ending to the Sting was better. Much better. Although I prefer the ending to The Why of Fry. The Origins thing was cool, but clown fundamentals before Bender's pimp walk? Shame.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #9 on: 09-12-2004 14:51 »

Not a bad list at all.

Starship Captain
« Reply #10 on: 09-12-2004 15:20 »

The top 4 are well chosen, but I would have them in a different order and slightly changed (Fryrish, Origins, Jurassic, add in the opera in #4, and then TKOS in #5, in case anyone cared). The rest seems to be 21 moments that made him laugh, some of which I agree with, and some I don't.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #11 on: 09-12-2004 16:50 »

Pretty good list.  Some I agree with, some I don't, and I could never compile a list for myself so good for him.  Considering the challenge of it I think it is a very good list and contains a lot of my favorite moments.

Urban Legend
« Reply #12 on: 09-12-2004 19:06 »
« Last Edit on: 09-12-2004 19:06 »

Excellent choices. I can't really fault them (except for the clown fundementals one, which I never found funny.)
A true fan, clearly. He gets it, man, he gets it!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #13 on: 09-12-2004 19:55 »
« Last Edit on: 09-12-2004 19:55 »

Originally posted by Bushmeister:
A very nifty little site there, and I'd completely agree with butting the 'Jurrasic Bark' ending at number one.
Agreed. That was brilliant.

Yeah, that was a good list of moments. Especially since "The Sting" wasn't mentioned at all.  :evillaugh:

I probably would have put the "Godfellas", "Luck of the Fryrish" and "Devil's Hands" ones higher though. Those were some truly great scenes.
Pitt Clemens

Urban Legend
« Reply #14 on: 09-12-2004 21:36 »

This list is bubkis!

Zapp: As you all know, the key to victory is the element of surprise...Surprise!

« Reply #15 on: 09-12-2004 22:04 »

Pretty good list. I'm really glad they put Bender's "Shut up baby, I know it!" line in there. That one had me dying of laughter for about 3 mintues.

I also love in "Parasites Lost" when Zoidberg rides in on a sperm and says, "Guess where I've been!" (or something like that). yeah. That shoulda been on there.

Also, I'm appalled that the end of The Sting was not up there. terrible!

Bending Unit
« Reply #16 on: 09-12-2004 22:24 »

The Luck of the Fryrish is the best ep ever and there should be much much more from that ep

Bending Unit
« Reply #17 on: 09-13-2004 07:51 »

I wouldn't consider the ending of Jurrasic Bark to be the best moment of the show. I think it's the cruellest moment.

Urban Legend
« Reply #18 on: 09-13-2004 08:15 »

Yeah, the Jurassic Bark ending wasn't necessarily the greatest moment. When I think of the "greatest momenet in Futurama", I would hope it would mean the one thing that encompasses the essence of Futurama and is generally something that comes to mind when you think of the show. The ending to Jurassic Bark does neither for me.

Delivery Boy
« Reply #19 on: 09-13-2004 16:31 »

I have a lot of favs, but my ten favorite are:

-The ending to Jurassic Bark (very sad :cry :)

-The ending to Love and Rocket where Fry gives Leela her oxygen

-The ending opera (of course)in The Devil's Hands Are Idel Playthings

-The ending in Leela's Homeworld where she finally meets her parents

-The scene in Leela's Homeworld where her parents have to give her away so she could live a different life other than a mutant

-At least the funny Zapp one-liners, including...
"And now for the battle plan. As you all know, the key to victory is the element of surprise...SURPRISE!!!!"  :laff:

-All the funny Scruffy one-liners

-The entire episode of Luck of the Fryrish

-The entire episode of The Sting

-"Yippee-ki-yay! You'll never guess where I've been!" --Guess Who

-The brains arguing about Fry in The Why of Fry...
"Earth, you fat idiot, hurry up!!"  :laff:

-Where Fry has to delete the robot copy of Lucy Liu (also very sad  :cry: )

-Where Zoidberg eats the flag (very, very, very funny  :laff:  :laff:  :laff: )

-All those funny songs they--whoops! This is more than ten things. Oh, well. I'm a fan.

Pitt Clemens

Urban Legend
« Reply #20 on: 09-14-2004 00:39 »

"No fair!  You changed the outcome by measuring it!"

Delivery Boy
« Reply #21 on: 09-14-2004 00:55 »

Well, for the comics side of things, I like Anthology of Interest 2.  The video game segment.  I enjoy games, so that's why I got a real kick out of that segment.  I remember when it first aired, I just thought it was way too hilarious to parody all those games.  "Tom Sawyer" made it even better.  First ep I watched on DVD 3.

As for the more serious side...
Leela's Homeworld, The Sting, Jurassic Bark, Devil's Hands, Why of Fry, and Luck of the Fryfish are right up there.

« Reply #22 on: 09-14-2004 05:37 »

I totally agree with the number 1.
The way he put together the top 25 was good.
Also, the way he put all the pictures of seymour waiting, and then have a movie of him passing away was great!
I even get teary eyes looking at the pictures and movie of seymour.....
Bending Unit
« Reply #23 on: 09-14-2004 10:03 »

"Is there anything sadder? Only drowning puppies. And there'd have to be a lot of them" isn't there? I loved that line.

The Sting would have to be added. The explaination of how the Planet Expres ship works has to be added. And to counter it, Zoidbergs home burning down in the "Deep South" episode. The "Surprise" from War Is The H-Word. "I can tell you where we're not: The universe!" is a great moment. The homeless robots, the gansta robots, the santa robot, and all the other pointless robots. The whole "automocar" scene from "Lesser of Two Evils".

I could go on. Man, I love Futurama.  :)

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #24 on: 09-14-2004 11:49 »

That list's a great read.  I don't necessarilty agree with everything, but it's nice to be reminded of all those moments.  And in that spirit, I present my Top 25:

25. "Sweet
  • of [y]!" - If I didn't remember Futurama for anything else, I would have always remembered Hermes' sayings: "Sweet Lion of Zion", "Sweet Gorilla of Manilla", etc.

24. Charlie's Angels 3 - The best parody of the most deserving franchise.  "Don't open that coffin!  It's ticking!"  "I have to, Alex!  It's not going to open itself!"  BOOM!

23. Mom's deleted scene from Raging Bender - This may not officially qualify, but it's my favourite Mom moment.  "Make that bitch your bitch, you bastard!"

22. The Robot Rebellion - Where do I start?  The Marxist greeting card, the blood-drinking soda machine, "You ordered me to rebel, and loot I shall!", and the fact that Bender's love for alcohol is stonger than any signal from Mom's remote control (Does that mean it could override his patriotism chip, too?).  Comedy gold.

21. Single Female Laywer - From Bender's theme song, to Zoidberg's reading of the word "Gracias", to Fry's lesson on the nature of TV.  This'll still be funny when Ally McBeal is long forgotten.

20. "Leela: Orphan of the Stars" - Simultaniously funny and dramatic, all with great music.

19. Fry's advise to Leela - Bender's fighting with Flexo, his "evil" twin, and of course, no one can tell them apart.  Leela, holding the gun, cries out "I don't know which one to shoot!"  Fry's response has spoiled evil twin scenarios for me forever: "Flexo!  Shoot Flexo!"

18. The "I Dated A Robot!" film - Those who know my fondness for puns should not be surprised at this inclusion.  One word: Monrobot. 

17. "I did do the nasty in the pasty!" - Fry makes it absolutly clear what actions lead to him being his own Grandpa.  The line also allows Nibbler to say "Past Nastification."

16. Impulsive Leela - "I killed one person on impulse. Then I had to kill another. And another."  "Well, that covers the first three killings."

15. The Robot Devil's girlish scream - I have no idea why, but this has always stuck with me as the funniest moment of Hell Is Other Robots.

14. Bender's speach to parents - In trouble with the network and F.A.R.T, Bender lets it known where most, perhaps all of the blame belongs.  "Have you ever tried simply turning off the TV, sitting down with your children, and hitting them?"

13. The Hippie starts to kick in - Lrrr's finest hour.  "People of Earth - we've all learned a valuable lesson today.  I realise now that - dude!  My hand are huge!"

12. The Legend of Atlanta - Who knew Donovan had a sense of humour?

11. Morbo and the little man with a hat - When the big brains make all the Earth stupid, it leads to a hilarious newscast.  "Morbo cannot read his teleprompter.  He forgot how to say the letter that looks like a little man with a hat."  "That's a T.  It goes tuh."  "Hello, little man... I WILL DESTROY YOU!"

10. The ending of Time Keeps On Slippin' - *Whistles "Sweet Georgia Brown" and walks away*

9. "Global Warming: or, None Like It Hot!" - "ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!"

8. Sexlexia - All credit to the writers... this line is funny in and of itself, but the fact that Zapp has Kif say it makes it 50 times funnier.

7. The ending of Love & Rocket - And no one could have been happier, unless this was on my list.  What?  It is?  Hooray!

6. The 1940's Military has to deal with Zoidberg - "Why did you come to Earth?"  "There's not a day goes by I don't ask myslef the same question."  And if that doesn't get you laughing, how about Billy West's best reading as Zoidberg ever: "I'm not hearing a noooo."

5. The ending of Jurassic Bark - Had me weeping like a little girl.

4. The ending of The Sting - A perfect example of how to end your episode sentimentally without going overboard with sap.

3. Hermes' Mama - A masterpiece of deadpan.  "Now all the planets are gonna start cracking wise about our mamas."  "I'm just glad my fat, ugly mama isn't alive to see this day."  "Enough about your promiscuous mother, Hermes."

2. Trek Church - I have converted more people to Futurama with this passage then any other line: "And Scotty beamed them to the Klingon ship where they would be no Tribble at all."  "All power to the engines!"

1. The ending of Luck Of The Fryrish - I love my brother and miss him more every day.  Nothing I've ever seen captures this feeling as much as this scene.

Bending Unit
« Reply #25 on: 09-14-2004 12:54 »

Mine is:

"Scruffy's rollin' out a large pill." you really have to watch the episode(The Deep South) to really find it funny.

Space Pope
« Reply #26 on: 09-14-2004 13:11 »

Boingo, I have one thing to say ...

Best.  List.  Ever.

Although I have to show my discontent for leaving one line out of number 6 ... "Hot crackers, I take exception to that!"

Fryday, that line was from "Kif Gets Knocked up a Notch".  Not to nitpick or anything ...

I'll have my own list here soon ... don't know if I can bring myself to number them in order of goodness, 'cause they're all so good.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #27 on: 09-14-2004 13:14 »

Originally posted by Zoidberg227:
Although I have to show my discontent for leaving one line out of number 6 ... "Hot crackers, I take exception to that!"

I wanted to put that in, but I thought I was going a bit heavy on the quotes.  Especially since it's a safe assumption everyone here already knows what scenes I was talking about.

« Reply #28 on: 09-14-2004 13:24 »

I think A LOT of people forgot the about the funniest character in the show Bender. His acheiving moment would have to be in 30% Iron Chef.

When he beats Elzar in the compitition, Chairman Koji replies "Doomo Arigatoo, Mr. Roboto". I still cant stop thinking about that part.
Nasty Pasty

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #29 on: 09-15-2004 11:29 »

Nasty's Top 25 :(in no particular order)
1. Fry having sex with his grandma
2. Robot Hell Song
3. The 'Almost Kiss' from A flight to remember
4. Fry and Leela in the Lunar lander
5. Trying to cry out the Emperor
6. Bender's "Woooo"s in Spanish Fry
7. The Robot Rebellion
9. Nixon winning the election
10. Zoidberg eating the Earth Flag
11. Clawplague
12. Surfin the 30th Century Internet
13. Fry battling the Worm King
14. SNU SNU!!!
15. Grunga Lunga Song
16. Fry's Funeral
17. Fry pushing himself into the Cry-tube
19. Antiquing
20. Fry's 100th Cup of Coffee
21. Bender meets God
22. Fry&Bender: The Odd Couple
23. Professor creates an alternate universe
24. Scooty Puff Sr.
25. "Please dont stop playing Fry. I want to hear how it ends

Starship Captain
« Reply #30 on: 09-15-2004 15:39 »

25 "Welcome to the world of tommorow"
24 Scooty Puff Jr./Sr.
23 Zoidberg in 30% Iron Chef
22 Benders First apperiance
21 Robot Devil's screams/songs(DHAIPT and Hell is other Robots)
20 Nixon/Election
19 100th Cup of Coffe
18 The Why of Fry Ending
17 Farnsworth Parabox Alternate Universe
16 Parasites Lost Ending
15 Love and Rocket Oxygen scene/Ending
14 Bender and Beck's song
13 Bender Folk Singer
12 Futurama/Star Trek Crossover
11 Elazar and Bender
10 Calculon and Bender/All my circuits
09 Seymour/Fry Walking on Sunshine
08 Space pilot 3000 Nibbler's shadow
07 Bender Meets God
06 Hlophner Sequence Parasites Lost
05 Jurrasic Bark Fry deciding not to clone Seymour
04 Fry and Leela Lunar Lander the Moon
03 Destiny has cheated me...The Opera
02 Don't you forget about me...Luck of the Fryish Philip and Yancy
01 Please dont stop playing I wanna here how it ends Fry and Leela The End

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #31 on: 09-15-2004 16:56 »

I'm sure that this list probably isn't right, but it's close enough.

25. U leave me breathless - "Love and Rocket"
24. Leela drinks her breakfast - "Spanish Fry"
23. I gotta practice my stabbin'! - "Insane in the Mainfrme"
22. Farnsworth prepares to replace his crew - "When Aliens Attack"
21. Raiders of the Lost Arcade - "Anthology of Interest II"
20. PlanEx crew vs. Star Trek crew - "Where No Fan Has Gone Before"
19. Zapp's attraction to 'Lee Lemon' - "War is the H-Word"
18. The Wheel of Robots - "The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings"
17. 'Oh, I thought you said Romo' - "30% Iron Chef"
16. Robot Nixon - "A Head in the Polls"
15. The Odd Couple - "I, Roommate"
14. The crew takes Fry on a futuristic day out - "I Dated a Robot"
13. Impulsive Leela - "Anthology of Interest I"
12. New Justice Team theme song - "Less Than Hero"
11. The element of surprise - "War is the H-Word"
10. Hermes considers hurling everybody into the sun - "The Farnsworth Parabox"
9. Single Female Lawyer - "When Aliens Attack"
8. Fry saves everyone - "Three Hundred Big Boys"
7. Robot Hell Bonanza - "Hell is Other Robots"
6. The elves are back to work today - "A Tale of Two Santas"
5. Bender meets God - "Godfellas"
4. Fry learns the truth about Yancy - "The Luck of the Fryrish"
3. The opera - "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings"
2. Seymore waits for Fry - "Jurassic Bark"
1. Leela tries to save Bender. (picture) - "Jurassic Bark"

« Reply #32 on: 09-15-2004 17:24 »

i've only got two that i can think of and that where in 'the why of the fry' fry says to the niblonian "so there tryna learn things?" "right!" "those bastards" that was classic and in the farnsworth paradox frys says "whatevers in there its the only thing ive ever wanted" classic moments them   :laff:

« Reply #33 on: 09-15-2004 17:29 »

Originally posted by Fryday:
Mine is:

"Scruffy's rollin' out a large pill." you really have to watch the episode(The Deep South) to really find it funny.

it was acctully in the ep *kiff gets knocked up a knotch*  :)

Urban Legend
« Reply #34 on: 09-15-2004 17:33 »
« Last Edit on: 09-15-2004 17:33 »

Welcome to PEEl, fryslittleangle.  I heartily agree with the trying to learn dialogue...that's hilarious and useful in everyday speech

You: Wanna party?
Your friend: Nah, everyone else is studying
You: So they're tryin' to learn things?
Your friend: Yes.
You: Those bastards!

Well, that was off topic...speaking of which, here's an FAQ

Heeheehee...I feel just like Teral or Nasty Pasty or GFF
Edited to give credit where it is due, to my second welcomer.

The Listmaker
Urban Legend
« Reply #35 on: 09-15-2004 18:01 »
« Last Edit on: 09-15-2004 18:01 »

    Well, here is my list. It's probably not accurate, there are by far more fantastic moments in Futurama than only 25   ;)

    • The Suicide booth in Sp3000
    • The scene in the "eagle" moonlanding ship
    • The odd couple
    • The opera from Hell is other robots and
    • The almost kiss scene in a Flight to remember
    • Bender's emotions from I second that emotion
    • The Mistletoe scene from X-Mas story
    • The battle from Why must I be a Crustacean in love
    • "go bender - go bender" from Raging Bender
    • Fry disturbing the marriage in A bicyclopse build for two
    • Hermes' singing in How Hermes requestionated his groove back
    • "Leela bring fire?" from Mothersday
    • Fry and Bender Flying the PE-ship in The cryonic woman
    • Snu-Snu from Amazon women in the mood
    • Fry beeing polite in Parasites lost
    • Good ol' Maggie from A tale of two santas
    • The very last scene of Luck of the Fryrish (this is my favorite!!!)
    • Fry rescueing earth by writing in the day the earth stood stupid
    • The last scene of Time keeps on slipping
    • The battle from Roswell that ends well
    • Leela meeting her parents in Leela's homeworld
    • the Futurama Kids and Nanny Leela from Teenage Mutant Leela hurdles
    • The last scene of The Why of Fry
    • Leela's coma from The Sting
    • The Opera from The devil's hands are Idle Playthings


    May I also welcome you to Peel, fryslittleangle   :)

    Lurk around (if you haven't already   ;) ) and take part in discussions whereever you like   :)

    Also, take a look at this FAQ N-O-R gave you, because Peeler's have given themselves few rules (they mainly exist to prevent spam), but it also explains a lot about Peel, you might be interested in (like Peel's slang, the usage of UBB-codes, the ranking-system, etc.)

    The most important: Enjoy your stay here at nerd world   :)

    @N-o-R: Doesn't it feel good? Though I haven't seen Nixorbo doing it, for a long time   :hmpf:

Urban Legend
« Reply #36 on: 09-15-2004 18:12 »
« Last Edit on: 09-15-2004 18:12 »

Originally posted by germanfryfan
Though I haven't seen Nixorbo doing it, for a long time

Good point, I actually meant to say Nasty Pasty and my statement has been amended.

Blast, my plan to offtopic my way to a TotPD has failed once more...I really need to learn how to count.

« Reply #37 on: 09-15-2004 18:23 »

thanks germanfryfan  :) nice to be welcomed  :)

Urban Legend
« Reply #38 on: 09-15-2004 21:33 »

My Top 25 in no particular order:

1 Moon farmer throwing down his helmet
2 I am Bender, please insert gerder
3 Why didn't I break his legs?!
4 My mother was a saint!
5 Shut up baby, I know it
6 Fry saves everyone
7 Windmills do not work that way!
8 Farnsworth driving the PE ship in TMLH
9 I Hate Bottles
10 Robot Hell
11 I'll always remember you Fry....Memory Deleted!
12 The lizards/parrot decision
13 The almost kiss
14 The story of the grasshopper and the octopus (MTS)
15 And then we'll eat pancakes to celebrate and I'll be all like... *munch* *munch*
16 Seymour's death
17 The scene where Morris tells everyone that Leela is Cloberella
18 The Elves are Back to Work
19 T'aint no need to fear me....BuCawk! (ATOTS)
20 Zoidberg's slinky explodes
21 She also liked to shut up
22 Fry's jay walking in Old New York
23 You didn't have to draw attention to his speech impediment
24 Hermes don't press that button!
25 I'll be in the Holo Shed
Tongue Luck

Starship Captain
« Reply #39 on: 09-16-2004 00:26 »

I think I've forgotten some great moments, and I couldn't for the life of me pick a number one that actually deserved the top spot, but here goes...

Honorable Mention (because I somehow ended up with 26): "Very serious, Mayor Poopenmeyer."
25. Leela's Homeworld end montage
24. "Oh sure. Blame the wizards."
23. "Silence! I concur."
22."The big brain am winning again! I am the greetest! Now I am leaving Earth for no raisin!"
21. "Then we'll have pancakes to celebrate," and the faces and sound effects that come with it
20. robotic Nixon wreaking havoc and "arooo"-ing
19. "And I'm his friend Jesus!"
18. Radiator woman callback in The Sting
17. Single Female Lawyer
16. The end of Parasites Lost
15. The whole sequence leading up to running out of gas on Mercury
14. The end of Luck of the Fryrish
13. Fry's and Zapp's faces after being sentenced to death... by snu snu
12. The Scary Door episode from I Dated a Robot
11. the Parasites Lost holophonor sequence
10. Bender putting an empty sack in his chest compartment, closing it, opening it, taking out a piano
9. Impulsive Leela (this may be too broad, but--oh well--this is all just for fun, right?)
8. "I want to hear how it ends."
7. Naked conga line
6. My hands are huge. They can touch anything but themselves. Oh wait..."
5. The end of Time Keeps on Slipping
4. "With my last breath, I curse Zoidberg!"
3. The angry dome
2. "No fair! You changed the outcome by measuring it!"
1. "You watched it--you can't un-watch it!"
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