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Author Topic: Top 25 Futurama Moments  (Read 6497 times)
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The Listmaker
Urban Legend
« Reply #40 on: 09-16-2004 09:23 »

Originally posted by

thanks germanfryfan   :) nice to be welcomed   :)

That's what I do!  :)

Originally posted by Nerd-o-rama:
Blast, my plan to offtopic my way to a TotPD has failed once more...I really need to learn how to count.

Sounds as if you try to copy me  ;). The first months at Peel, I was known to be the one welcoming every new Peeler and collecting as many TOTP's as possible.
Some Peelers even suggested that I would be a program/virus coded by [mArc] to do that, because I was around and did it nearly 24/7.  ;)

Bending Unit
« Reply #41 on: 09-16-2004 10:36 »
« Last Edit on: 09-16-2004 10:36 »

Now it’s time for my list! There were too many moments that I couldn’t stand to leave out, so I’ll take the easy way out and make it a strictly humor oriented list. I have phrased things in such a way so that the joke is out of context and unfunny. People who have seen the episodes will know what I'm referring to, but the newbie's won't have anything spoiled.

So here’s the moment that were great from an emotional or action standpoint that I removed.

-Fry and Leela in the Lunar Rover.
-Fry learns the holophoner.
-The escape from Santa’s Ice Fortress.
-TDTESS opening. (I was pleased to here David X. Cohen also thinks its Futurama’s creepiest opening)
-Time Keeps On Slippin’ Ending
-The Roswell Attack
-Sad dog
-Devils Hands Ending


25. That Guy’s Death/Falling Stock: A more disgusting scene then That Guy’s death doesn’t exist in the show. And the stock instantly falling with Fry’s stupid comments were hilarious.

24. Fry’s anchovy nightmare: Bender’s “Wheeeeee!” really sold it.

23. Destructor: All right, it’s a big robot who busts through a wall. I chuckle. He yells in a deep voice “I AM DESTUCTOR!” I groan. Then he waves his arms around making a ridiculous noise. I’m taken completely by surprise and I laugh uncontrollably. A great joke that sneaks up on you.

22. “The Titanic!”: The professors casual announcement, the montage of reactions, and Fry’s blissful ignorance was worth the ship’s blatant name.

21. Helper: The rapid talking, his getting Fry’s hopes up, and those bizarre noises he makes as Fry glares at him. Great.

20. Robo Puppy: We must remember that Jurassic Bark has some great comedy in it too, Robo Puppy chief among them. “Robo Puppy preparing to lick cheek!”

19. Roberto’s defeat: Everything from Dave Herman’s great delivery of “HOSTAGES!” to the “Hey, baby! Wash that off before you put it back.” The later line in particular is great because of the casual way it’s presented to us. 

18. Love and Rocket ending: I guess I’m cheating by sneaking in the sweet little moment when Fry saves Leela’s life, but I’m just lumping it with the Zoidberg voiceover, and indifferent way that we learn a lot of the universe was destroyed.

17. WESSELS! SAY WESSELS!: I don’t have to know anything about Star Trek to find this funny. Fry’s orgasmic little squeal really sells it.

16. Headless body of Agnoo: I don’t know who Agnoo is, I don’t know why he’s headless, and I don’t know why his constant grunting is supposed to be funny. All I know, is that it is.

15. “An entire planet can seem utterly insignificant.”: Credit this one as the first time the series made me really laugh hard. A great way to start the episode.

14. Angry Dome: An example of a joke done strictly for comedy that otherwise makes no sense. But lets face it, when the Professor is angry, laughs will follow.

13. “Do a flip!”: I name this, the funniest act ender in Futurama history. 

12. “Whose the tough guy now, Vinnie?”: Funny for so many reasons, chief among them being the way Zoidberg says “Vin-nee.”

11. Fry drinks Coffee: Not just his Matrix-esque hyperness at the end, but the way he steadily lost his mind throughout was the highlight of an otherwise hit and miss episode.

10. “Hermes! Don’t press that button!”: Easily Hermes best moment. The pause was exactly right length of time. It’s true, he is one of Futurama’s most underrated characters.

9. Robot Hell Song: This was the first part that made me realize just what clever writers this show has. The lyrics were great, and the song caused me to stop taking all Disney bad guys seriously.

8. “Scruffy’s gonna die the way he lived.”: I’m guessing it was this line that made Scuffy so popular. Although in other episodes, he would say things that were supposed to be funny just because he was Scruffy, this was genuine comedy gold.

7. “You win again Gravity!”: I had to pick out the funniest part in this episode, and Zapp’s flying the restaurant has to be it.

6. “NONE LIKE IT HOT!”: The global warming video. What part of it doesn’t work?

5. Lrrr being confused and infuriated: I’m a big fan of people getting angry for no good reason, and this was the best of all those scenes. Nd-Nd’s “Behold!” and the sudden cut to the crew flying away with the whole Omicronian army pursuing sold it.

4. “Now here’s a course with some chest hair!”: My favorite Zapp line.

3. Fry vs. the Pineapple: Guh, it’s my freakin’ avatar.

2. Zoidberg in Roswell: “Not a day goes by when I don’t ask myself the same question.” “Oh, if I only I had my wallet with me.” “Are you coming on to me?” “Deviled Egg?” “Hey, don’t cut that! I need that to speak!”

1. Fry’s Funeral: This is a part for the long time fans. So many nods to past episodes. Not one joke clunked. A very small slice of emotion. Farnsworth’s “I’M LYING TO MAKE HER FEEL BETTER!” was the icing on the cake. Hermes’ nearly inaudible line during the Clergyman’s eulogy, “Soothe us with sweet lies.” was the cherry.
Prof. Wernstrum

Starship Captain
« Reply #42 on: 09-16-2004 13:54 »

So it's a list you want? I'll give you a list you instantly forget...

25) Urectum - An old joke made funny again with a second punchline.

24) "Isn't that the machine that makes noses?" "It can do other things! Why shouldn't it?" - Why indeed, also of note is the "Two beeps means it's finished..." scene.

23) "...And I'm his friend Jesus!" - Some random wierdness that never fails to crack me up, especially the way Mayor Poopenmeier seems to believe him.

22) "Hermes! Don't press the button!" "Umm... Okay"

21) The neutrals - "I have no strong feeling one way or the other!", "If I don't survive, tell my wife 'Hello'".

20) "...Scruffy, Katrina, Zanthor?" - Just bring in two new characters for the hell of it.

19) "Are your intentions pure?" "Of course." "No, you didn't let me finish. Are your intentions pure EVIL? To be carried out by a race of atomic man-apes that obey your every wish? Because mine are." - Why the hell was this cut?

18) "You win again gravity!" - Zapp's best line.

17) The Planet Express advert - "Our crew is replaceable, your package isn't!"

16) "...And so I gave the cookies to Fawn and the kids and they loved them, they were delicious. But I digress... TREMBLE PUNY EARTHLINGS! ONE DAY MY RACE WILL DESTROY YOU ALL!"

15) The hidden message on the season 4 DVDs (Does this count?) - I was in absolute hysterics round about the phrase "...BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO LIFE AND ARE A COMPULSIVE NERDLINGER..."

14) "Past nastification" - I love this phrase.

13) Fry Tricks the Brain - Largely for the brilliant delivery of "For no raisin!"

12) Fry's funeral - what j_ohanley said, plus "I hardly knew Fry, but as a clergyman I have no problem telling his most intimate friends all about him."

11) "Another classic science-fiction show cancelled before its time..." - Gallows humour.

10) The Slurm contest advert - So many disclaimers...

9) Bender lands a TV role - "BOO! NOT AS GOOD AS BENDER" "Well, I liked it but the crowd turned against you" "But I don't think..." "NEXT!"

8) Single Female Lawyer - What part of this scene isn't great?

7) "No fair! You changed the outcome by measuring it!" - Written by nerds, for nerds.

6) "I want my hands back..." Great song, and a great (if premature) ending.

5) The Star Trek fanscript, in particular "Look, Melllvar will help us..." *Points to door about 5 seconds before anything happens*

4) "We'll have to convince them we're not bitter husks of human beings who have long given up all hope of romance - Leela, you'll have to do some acting here." - I love the way that Leela has no problem whatsoever with this comment.

3) Fry "protecting" Enos - Ensure your grandfather's survival be pushing him into a pile of rusty bayonets, leading him onto a bombing range (Formerly minefield) and eventually nuking him.

2) "Why should I believe you? You're Hitler!" - This whole Scary Door episode is pure genius.

1) The whole Raiders of the Lost Arcade segment - All those '80s gaming references, if I was a nerd, I'd be in heaven... Hooray!
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