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Author Topic: That character is bad and you should feel bad! (Worst character thread)  (Read 15669 times)
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PEE Poll: Which Futurama character is the worst?
Guenter   -6 (7.1%)
Susan   -25 (29.4%)
Randy   -2 (2.4%)
Sal   -2 (2.4%)
Hermes   -0 (0%)
Mom   -1 (1.2%)
Zapp   -6 (7.1%)
Zoidberg   -1 (1.2%)
Cubert   -8 (9.4%)
Amy   -2 (2.4%)
Lrrr   -2 (2.4%)
Nibbler   -0 (0%)
Hedonism Bot   -4 (4.7%)
Wernstrom   -1 (1.2%)
Farnsworth   -0 (0%)
Flexo   -6 (7.1%)
Scruffy   -0 (0%)
Hypnotoad   -4 (4.7%)
Nixon   -2 (2.4%)
Other   -13 (15.3%)
Total Voters: 85


DOOP Secretary
« Reply #160 on: 07-03-2017 12:32 »
« Last Edit on: 07-03-2017 12:35 »

If I were in charge of life and for some reason was forced to remove one of the primary Futurama characters, it would probably be Amy.  In my opinion she's the least consistent major character, but that gives a little leeway to the writers when it comes to putting episodes together.

I don't think she's a bad character, just not a terribly well defined one.  The character that annoys me the most is probably Flexo.


« Reply #161 on: 07-03-2017 15:50 »

Agreed there, I think her inconsistency is what bugs me, that and she just annoys me.

Avatar Czar
DOOP Ubersecretary
« Reply #162 on: 07-06-2017 06:29 »

Hey, I made this thread!

I expect you to retract that statement; Amy is almost certainly the best, most realistically portrayed charcter in futrama.
SpaceGoldfish fromWazn

Urban Legend
« Reply #163 on: 04-08-2018 00:29 »

I dunno, I think Amy could do with a bit more consistency but overall I find her quite stable: extremely intelligent and genius level academic, rather slow witted and naive in everyday life, due to being sheltered and rather naive and sometimes a bit... slow there.  And she is usually friendly and sociable but gets very bitchy when she and Leela are competing.

Honestly I think of Amy as being a very underutilised character.   I think that rather then have the whole PlanEx team join the main trio on many a mission or delivery, I think Hermes and the Professor work better as a duo in the office, while Amy and Zoidberg make good additions to the main trio in they bring a lot to the table.  Hermes is much more one note and less entertaining then Amy in my opinion.  He's too much of a straight man, while Amy works better as a comic foil for a number of far more entertaining character traits: her naivite and utter cluelessness with everyday money, her binge eating traits, her relationship with her horrible parents, her profoundly messed up childhood as a target of her parents constant verbal and emotional abuse undershot with lavish gifts and privileges, her nymphomania, her skill in combat and her clumsiness and her tendency to curse in Cantonese when enraged.   

Space Pope
« Reply #164 on: 04-15-2018 06:44 »

I don't know why I put such odd choices on the poll. Who could possibly dislike Lrrr, Scruffy or Nixon?
SpaceGoldfish fromWazn

Urban Legend
« Reply #165 on: 04-30-2018 02:36 »

Well I'm pretty sure  a lot of people involved in the Vietnam War aren't a big fan of Mr Nixon 

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #166 on: 04-30-2018 06:11 »

I joined the military during the American War (as the Vietnamese refer to it). And no, I did not care very much for Nixon. At all. But I must give credit where it is due, and Nixon's overtures to the Chinese and subsequent opening of relations was an achievement that's difficult to overstate. And in the end, his strategy in the war paid off, and brought all the parties to the negotiating table and brought western involvement to an end. His character in Futurama definitely *has* character, for sure. smile

That said, the Flexo character really grates against my nerves, and not in a "good" way, like Michelle. Michelle is a deliberately annoying character, and plays off against Fry in a way that works well. It's difficult to articulate my dislike—he just seems like, idk, like a cheap character.


Space Pope
« Reply #167 on: 05-01-2018 10:13 »

He's the evil Bender.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #168 on: 05-01-2018 16:40 »

If Flexo were simply the Hyde to Jekyll Bender, that would be one thing. But Bender is plenty evil as it is, though he has occasional moments of weakness during which he demonstrates a tiny bit of empathy and/or compassion. It's not a "Mirror, Mirror" relationship at all, as I see it. They're BOTH evil at heart—that's why they get along so well at times!

Sure, initially Flexo is presented in a way which is clearly meant to imply that he's Bender's evil twin, and that made for an interesting plot. But in a general sense, he's not even close to being Bender's opposite.

What am I missing?

SpaceGoldfish fromWazn

Urban Legend
« Reply #169 on: 05-14-2018 00:03 »

Flexo is a character I like when he turns up, he's not a favourite but I enjoy what he brings.  I don't think he's enough of a prominent character for me to feel particularly strongly about him.
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