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Author Topic: Share your memories  (Read 769 times)
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Just Chris

Urban Legend
« on: 05-16-2002 22:05 »

For you old-time Futurama web surfers out there, this is for you. Talk about the old Futurama sites you wish never disappeared, esp. the ones mentioned in TFP's museum. I really, really miss the english version of TFO, I think everyone here does.

And what happened to nnyc.com? It was like the Simpsons Archive...for Futurama! This brings up another nasty fact about Fox...they like to send C&D letters to any fansite that seems to have a lot of content. But snpp.com was hardly C&D'd and they still remain. We need a new Futurama Archive, with the same feel and style!

I also miss The Fry File. One of the best character sites around.

Starship Captain
« Reply #1 on: 05-17-2002 23:03 »

Good one Chris
I miss a lot of old Futurama sites, that's why I made the museum :|.
The oldest sites (around 1999) I miss are The Futurama Source (TFS), The Fry File, TFA (nnyc.com), TFO, FrCr and TSAF. I also miss PR and GNE.
Like some of those sites, I recieved a C&D letter years ago, but I never did what the letter said (delete images, wallpapers....).
BTW, The Simpsons Archive for Futurama was "Futurama Chronicles".

Starship Captain
« Reply #2 on: 05-18-2002 14:17 »

 :cry: The memories!!!

I miss Good News Everyone the most, mainly because I wasnt around when some of the others were, as well as it being a great site.

Helpy McHelphelp
DOOP Secretary
« Reply #3 on: 05-18-2002 15:08 »

The Outlet was an incredible good site. Packed with goodies.

Another site that I'd love to still exist is the Futurama Chronicles. That was a pretty thorough info site, covering everything on Futurama.

Urban Legend
« Reply #4 on: 05-18-2002 19:59 »

Futurama Outlet was my favorite site.  I was sad when they went under.  They had the best episodes sounds of any site I've seen.  Speaking of which, I thought the site had some zip files for download that contained all the ep sounds on the site.  Does anyone have this?  I need sounds for my computer.

Space Pope
« Reply #5 on: 05-19-2002 01:15 »

The Outlet was a great site that died far too soon.
Otis P Jivefunk

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #6 on: 05-19-2002 03:47 »

I agree with everyone who misses the Futurama Outlet, it sure was good but died before it's time.
The Baz

Bending Unit
« Reply #7 on: 05-25-2002 00:31 »

The Futurama Outlet of course...

I also miss Planet Roadmap and Futurama Chronicles. 

It is sad to think how many Futurama websites have come and gone.  So many Futurama website?  I can't even remember all the great ones.

Bending Unit
« Reply #8 on: 05-25-2002 13:00 »
« Last Edit on: 05-25-2002 22:00 »

The Top 3 sites I miss the most:

3. Planet Roadmap. It was the place to go in order to get info about new sites, sites that were on the move, sites that were having problems, or just any site to browse through. So far, there have been a few attempts to bring the "PR spirit" back, but they failed miserabily (PR.de didn't last a month, and FNC's been dead since January).

2. The Futurama Outlet. I miss it a lot, too. It was a bit of a mess to browse through but had a lot of content. No matter if you were looking for a fan pic of Beelzebot, icons for your desktop, the best explanation of the alien alphabets or the guitar tablature for the Futurama theme; the Outlet had it.

1. The Futurama Chronicles. That's the site I miss the most... lots of info there. THAT was the Futurama equiv of The Simpsons Archive; The Futurama Archive wasn't that big and didn't focus that much on info. FrCr had so many lists, even now I browse through the content still available at the web.archive.org and I find something I missed two+ years ago.

Other sites I miss... Good News Everyone was a great site and it closed damn too son. The Fry File wasn't being updated when SweeetNet closed, but still was a fairly good site. There's Something About Futurama died a pointless death to "merge" with The Futurama Archive, its content never showing at TFA and then the Archive went down and took TSAF with it. Futurama Latinoamérica was a great spanish site until Marcelo didn't have more time to maintain it and I was too busy with TLZ (which joined the Dead Sites List for 81 days in early 2000, then resurrected into a new era of expansion, madness and layout changes). Futurama Fan Art (FFART for short... Robert Hawks' site) was a funny site (especially the "What if they Mated" section), even if it was crappily done in Homestead. The Planet Express Service Station isn't completely dead since the core sections are still part of ATSTATMAW, but as I've ranted long enough to Andy, I preferred it as a separate site, since it has nothing at all to do with Amy and thus linking to it gets a bit complicated. A Big Book of Futurama! How come it took me this long to remember Reed's site? That was phenomenal; I definitely adored the Flash design. It's a damn shame it's gone. Zapp and Kif-urama: another wonderful site I loved; stopped updating after 2ACV02.

Memory, help me! What other sites did I surf frequently...? Yeah, All You Need Is Futurama and FuturaWeb, but they really don't count. I remember Nothing But Nibbler, but never really paid much attention to it. Mass Hypnosis Hour died far too young, and I've not heard from Josh in ages...

The Futurama Fan-o-rama was a newsletter so it doesn't really count, but I damn miss it. I wonder what are Caitlin and Marissa doing about now. The resurrection attempt propelled by Kristen who had me as editor lasted 10 issues, after that Jason from PR took over and after one issue, PR closed. Dunno if ANY Futurama newsletter could survive with the little new stuff that's happening with the series, but it sure would've been helpful to have a newsletter during the first week of hiatus madness.

Well, that's all I can dig from memory... my 20MB download is nearly done now and I've heard Michelle Branch's The Spirit Room in loop twice already. I better shut up and go change the CD.

Read you later...

Holly J. Fry

Starship Captain
« Reply #9 on: 05-26-2002 12:37 »

I should've known better than to read this thread. All I can think of is how much I've missed through my late connection to the internet.  :(
Just Chris

Urban Legend
« Reply #10 on: 05-28-2002 22:24 »

Oh, :: smacks head :: how can I forget FrCr? That is still the definitive Futurama site, dead or not. Why has no one tried to do a new version or resurrect its domain?
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