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Author Topic: I'll make a picture of you  (Read 17643 times)
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Liquid Emperor
« Reply #480 on: 09-04-2004 04:53 »
« Last Edit on: 09-04-2004 04:53 »

Originally posted by Jade_Gryphon:
TLL, think you can do one of me and Zoidberg or Bender?
Yes, I can do   :)
Originally posted by Jicannon:
I want one!   :D
Yes? Okay: Do you have a photo of yourself somewhere at PEEL or at least a link to a photo?

Edit *does an happy lucky-number-page-13 TotpD*
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Space Pope
« Reply #481 on: 09-04-2004 12:59 »

*bangs on ceiling because occupant of above apartment is dancing too noisily*

[young Yancy]Me too!  Me too!  I wanna pic of me![/young Yancy]  But seriously ... here's a couple links to my pictures:

This one

and this one

They should give you an idea what I look like from the front and side.  And, if it's not too much trouble, could you, umm ... have Leela and Amy in there, swooning over me?  ;)

Space Pope
« Reply #482 on: 09-04-2004 17:39 »

I'm a cartoon! A TLL/Futurama cartoon! Almost all of my dreams have come true!  :)
1 of the gang

Starship Captain
« Reply #483 on: 09-05-2004 22:25 »

Awesome pictures, Daniela!
I wish I had some pictures of myself floating around so you could do one of me.....but sadly I dont.
Guineapig Trick

« Reply #484 on: 09-05-2004 22:41 »
« Last Edit on: 09-05-2004 22:41 »

TLL   :) :
You're right ...
As above said, you can now ask for a scanart picture ...

... which I will do tomorrow (maybe) ...

Hey TLL do you mind if I redeem that prize now, or does it have an expiration date, like my free blockbuster rental?

EDIT: pics

and here

with amy leela, and this chick--she's my friend, yes, I do have friends!
Nasty Pasty

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #485 on: 09-05-2004 23:14 »

Deanna Troi.....

You Bastard.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #486 on: 09-05-2004 23:16 »

How slutty of you to post pics of your friend on the internet. Don't mind if I save it and IM it too unknown people.

« Reply #487 on: 09-05-2004 23:33 »

Originally posted by Guineapig Trick:
she's my friend, yes, I do have friends!
you do?
quick! call the british tabloids! but seriously TLL, so far nice work
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Guineapig Trick

« Reply #488 on: 09-05-2004 23:38 »
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originally posted by Nasty:
Deanna Troi.....

Yep, not that it matters as much, but in october, Im going to see Bret Spiner (Data) Micheal Dorn (Worf) and John DeLancie (Q) in October, I hope to get some pictures.

Anyone up for a trip to Texas?

Space Pope
« Reply #489 on: 09-06-2004 00:53 »

My stepmother's going to Texas in two weeks to see some guy named, coincidently, Tex. He has some sort of disease and before she goes to Tuscany she needs to visit him to say "Goodbye".

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #490 on: 09-06-2004 04:59 »
« Last Edit on: 09-14-2004 22:00 »

    Edit: All this pictures are done:
    • Ryan
    • Jicannon
    • Jade_Gryphon
    • FuturamaFreak1
    • Zoidberg227
    • Guineapig Trick
    • M0le
    • futuramafreak
    • Nurdbot / Speli
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Space Pope
« Reply #491 on: 09-06-2004 05:10 »

Hhhm...Daniela, sorry to interupt your victory over canned eggs in the POTM, but do you think you could do another picture of me, but in anime style?  :) Thanks.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #492 on: 09-06-2004 05:15 »
« Last Edit on: 09-06-2004 05:15 »

Originally posted by M0le:
Hhhm...Daniela, sorry to interupt your victory over canned eggs in the POTM, but do you think you could do another picture of me, but in anime style?    :) Thanks.
Yes   :)
I guess by Anime you do mean that "Girly"-drawing style I use sometimes.
Anyway - yes, I'll do.
*points at list above* ... after I have done those ... but still within this week, okay?


New artwork:


Liquid Emperor
« Reply #493 on: 09-06-2004 16:02 »
« Last Edit on: 09-06-2004 16:02 »

Sorry for the double post:

Edit: @ Jade: I've just noticed you're still really new at PEEL.
For new PEELettes and PEELer my good friend germanfryfan has done this interactive picture below   :)


Urban Legend
« Reply #494 on: 09-06-2004 18:04 »
« Last Edit on: 09-06-2004 18:04 »

oh sorry I forgot to check this page TLL...I emailed you a picture   :)  the subject has my PEEL name in it

edit: I sent it to the address I got off PEEL ( daniela.schad@gmx.de)

Urban Legend
« Reply #495 on: 09-06-2004 18:14 »
« Last Edit on: 09-06-2004 18:14 »

Hey, cool!  I really like it, TLL.  Makes me wish I had a Futurama T-shirt.  Thank you, and congratulations on POTM (I think, has that thread been closed yet?) I finished in a respectable last place on the poll  :D

Nasty Pasty

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #496 on: 09-06-2004 18:48 »
« Last Edit on: 09-06-2004 18:48 »

Originally posted by Guineapig Trick:
  Yep, not that it matters as much, but in october, Im going to see Bret Spiner (Data) Micheal Dorn (Worf) and John DeLancie (Q) in October, I hope to get some pictures.

They dont have tits. They are not hot. I dont care about them.
Guineapig Trick

« Reply #497 on: 09-06-2004 19:00 »
« Last Edit on: 09-06-2004 19:00 »

And these to chicks from Buffy, now will you come visit our huge shitty state?

Urban Legend
« Reply #498 on: 09-06-2004 19:22 »
« Last Edit on: 09-06-2004 19:22 »

   :eek: ....Nasty quit tryin to be cool    :p

I wish I was meeting Data and Worf   :(

edit: GPT, get me some pics  ;)

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #499 on: 09-07-2004 11:38 »
« Last Edit on: 09-07-2004 11:38 »

New artwork:

Futurama Freak1

Bending Unit
« Reply #500 on: 09-07-2004 13:29 »

Cool Picture Of April I love it Thank you so Much TLL!!! :)

Urban Legend
« Reply #501 on: 09-07-2004 15:32 »
« Last Edit on: 09-07-2004 15:32 »

That's awesome TLL!   :D

thanks a ton   :)

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #502 on: 09-07-2004 16:16 »

... and the good artwork goes on  :)


Urban Legend
« Reply #503 on: 09-07-2004 17:38 »
« Last Edit on: 09-07-2004 17:38 »

Cool!     :)   A little...different than what I would think someone would perceive (sp?) of me, but cool nonetheless.   :D

[edit] For those of you who don't know what I look like, this is me.

Urban Legend
« Reply #504 on: 09-07-2004 17:45 »
« Last Edit on: 09-07-2004 17:45 »

Crap, I did quote instead of edit.  Ignore this.
Guineapig Trick

« Reply #505 on: 09-07-2004 21:44 »
« Last Edit on: 09-07-2004 21:44 »

@TLL: futuramafreak looks like kintaro from golden boy, when he's really happy.

@FF: You have really nice eyes.

Delivery Boy
« Reply #506 on: 09-08-2004 00:49 »

Oh, thanks TLL! I love it! Hehee, yes i'm somewhat new (obviously). Hopefully that'll change after awhile. ^^; Love the newbie rule list too, but the links on it doesn't seem to work...at least, they don't on my end.  :hmpf:

The Listmaker
Urban Legend
« Reply #507 on: 09-08-2004 03:22 »

Aww, some more quality pictures from Daniela! They are really fantastic as usual.  :)

Hi Jade, let me welcome you to Peel as well  :)

I just checked out why the link don't work. It's simply because the site, this picture is linked to, moved to another webspace, last week  ;).
Try this one.

The most important thing: Enjoy your stay here at nerd world!  :)

« Reply #508 on: 09-08-2004 04:50 »

Originally posted by futuramafreak:
[edit] For those of you who don't know what I look like, this is me.

I clicked on my link, and my eyes melted. :p

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #509 on: 09-08-2004 05:03 »
« Last Edit on: 09-08-2004 05:03 »

Originally posted by germanfryfan:
Aww, some more quality pictures from Daniela! They are really fantastic as usual.    :)
Thanks   :love:
I just checked out why the link don't work. It's simply because the site, this picture is linked to, moved to another webspace, last week    ;).
Try this one.
Oh, I didn't notice that yet.
Thanks for telling us and posting the new link   :)

Art news: New art!


DOOP Secretary
« Reply #510 on: 09-08-2004 10:15 »

Yay! Hey, LL can I ask you something I've wanted to be done for a long time?

Can you draw me and Speli dressed as Soviet Soldiers with rifles amongst the rubble of Stalingrad? Thanks.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #511 on: 09-08-2004 12:57 »

Valary Kay Fry.
To read more about FF1's new character, you may visit her art thread  :)

Originally posted by Nurdbot:
Yay! Hey, LL can I ask you something I've wanted to be done for a long time?

Can you draw me and Speli dressed as Soviet Soldiers with rifles amongst the rubble of Stalingrad? Thanks.
Yes.  :)
In Futurama-style or more Anime-like?
You in your robotic or humanoid appearance?
Futurama Freak1

Bending Unit
« Reply #512 on: 09-08-2004 13:20 »

Cool Picture of my new character Valary Kay Fry I just love it I like your art alot Keep up the great work TLL!!!!! :)  :)

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #513 on: 09-08-2004 17:24 »

Futurama style, Robo Nurdy if you please.

Space Pope
« Reply #514 on: 09-09-2004 00:01 »

Cloolsome, Daniela!  Thanks!

Delivery Boy
« Reply #515 on: 09-09-2004 03:25 »

Originally posted by germanfryfan:
Aww, some more quality pictures from Daniela! They are really fantastic as usual.   :)

Hi Jade, let me welcome you to Peel as well   :)

I just checked out why the link don't work. It's simply because the site, this picture is linked to, moved to another webspace, last week   ;).
Try this one.

The most important thing: Enjoy your stay here at nerd world!   :)

Thanks, GFF, and I will.  :)

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #516 on: 09-09-2004 07:59 »

... drawing styles ...

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #517 on: 09-10-2004 08:42 »

Here I'll post the first chapter of a Futurama/Perry Rhodan-crossover I'm working at. (It's a lot text so it'll probably need a triple posting, sorry for that.) Comments, Critics and Congratulations are welcome.

Between the Universes!

The "Perry Rhodan" meets "Futurama" Story!
by Daniela L. Schad (TheLesbianLeela)
many thanks for all who helped me with grammar, spelling and ideas and as well a lot
thanks to all the great singer and songwriter who's music I've heard while writing this
(Futurama is property of Fox Television and the Curiosity Company. Perry Rhodan is
property of the Pabel-Moewig-Verlag. This story below is just a piece of fan-art.)

Part 1: A Roaring Time on the Town
"When women are depressed they either eat or go shopping. Men invade another country." (Elayne Boosler)

Far away from what humans would call time and space, two beings meet. Based on the strangeness of their meeting-place, everything around them looks quite normal: The two people wander through a garden most species would call paradise-like.
Colourful tropical flowers and fruits hanging from trees dominate the landscape. A bright yellow sun hovers in the turquoise sky above the garden. Just a few small clouds are visible.
The two people are very different in their obvious looks, but in another way more related than a human could understand.
One of them, who is a guest in this garden, is small. He does not even reach the height of a normal human's knee. Mostly covered with black fur and with sharp fangs in his mouth, he looks a bit animal like. The light orange uniform and the intelligent looking three eyes, one of them on a kind of tentacle, are a complete opposite to the animal appearance of the being.
The host of this meeting looks like an old man from Earth. Long white hair on his head, as well as a long white beard dominating his look. He wears a long and light coloured toga, like an ancient Roman would have done.
The old man's name is IT, also known as The Wanderer. His guest is named ETERNIUM.
Both of them are what is known as 'super-intelligences', entities highly ranked in the system of cosmic evolution.
ETERNIUM speaks/thinks. "So we can not change the way things are going? Our worlds will ..."
IT answers. "They will and our only hope is that the two 'important ones' will come together. They may be able to save what is able to be saved."
ETERNIUM explains. "As you know, I've separated some minds out of my mental collective. I gave them physical bodies to send them on missions. One of them has found the 'important one'."
IT asks. "Do you think he's prepared enough for what will happen soon?"
ETERNIUM thinks for a while. "I'm not sure. He is still like a young one. A kid somehow, but ... yes, I think he may be able to do what he's prepared for. So, what is with your world's 'important one'?"
IT laughs silently. "He is prepared, no question. I just hope he will not risk his life too much soon. I will need him in the future as well."
Both entities go along for a while without saying a word.
"We'll meet again", announces ETERNIUM before he disappears.
IT is alone in the garden now.
He decides to send a message to both, both 'important ones'.
Night falls over New New York, after the last sunbeams of the reddish gleaming evening sun disappear behind the silhouette of the great metropolis along the Hudson river, pulsating full of life and shining in the lights of the million-people town.
Among several other people, four very good friends walked along the sidewalks.
Turanga Leela, clothed in her usual clothes, white tank-top, black pants and combat boots is walking along near Philip Fry, who is also wearing is usual attire, just a dark green shirt with an advertisement printed on it instead of his usual white T-shirt.
Amy Wong is wearing an expensive look-alike glittering pink top and light red skirt, while her boyfriend Kif is in his usual DOOP uniform. He has to leave New New York again tomorrow and go to work on the Nimbus, commanded by his captain Zapp Brannigan. But since this is not yet, the four friends would like to enjoy the night in one of NNY's famous night-clubs, bars or discos. Finally they have decided to stay in the nearby Saturn's Moon, a popular disco. Also a place where lonely people go to, to find the love of their life. In other words, a 'dating-disco'.
Amy decided to visit this place, well knowing that Leela and Fry are both still solo. And since there is not a chance that those two will date each other, even if Fry tries hard, but without success, Amy thought this disco might be a good idea.
'Hopefully better than the last one,' she thinks.
Some moments after they had entered the disco, Fry is dancing, watched by curious people who never saw someone dancing like this way. His repertoire includes break-dancing in several variations.
He obviously enjoys the attention other guests pay to him.
Meanwhile Leela, Amy and Kif are sitting around a table. The purple-haired woman is looking down on a glass full of cold water, while Amy and Kif are busy kissing and hugging each other.
"Hey, Kiffy," whispers the young Martian woman in her boyfriend's ear. "Would you please bring us two glasses of champagne? I've heard Akronian champagne contains a rare and amazing good working aphrodisiac .. and you know, we have still some hours tonight to do ..."
"Eh, eh, ehem, of course my dear," answers Kif. If he would be an Human and not of alien origin he would blush now for sure. "I'll be right back". He walks away, smiling shy, followed by a seductive look in Amy's face.
"This will be a long night", mumbles Leela. She is still in a pissed off mood and wondering why she joined her friends to party this night.
Amy grins at her. "It sure will be a long night," she says winking, but without causing any reaction of her co-worker.
Leela stands up. "I'll be right back. I'll go and get me a beer. Maybe a German beer, they're good." And so she goes, searching one of the always-present robots who are selling drinks.
Sitting alone now, Amy thinks about what she will do tonight with her Kiffy and that thought makes her smile.
Minutes or just moments later, there is suddenly a beeping sound from her wristband that wakens her from her dreams rudely. She mumbles a Martian curse and switches on the small screen in her wristband. The face of her mother, Inez Wong, appears. "Amy! Come home, we got to tell you something."
"Aw, Mom. I'm out in the town with Kiffy tonight and ...", but Inez Wong is a strong woman and knows how to order people to do things. "Come back", she says angrily "or you not get any pocket-money any more," she warns, speaking in Martian dialect.
"Amy, what happened?", asks Kif as he comes back to the table. He is carrying two glasses full of champagne. Leela is also is already back, holding a bottle of beer.
Noticing that every one of his friends is about to meet, Fry walks over, looking curiously at Amy now.
Amy mumbles, "okay" in her wristband and turns it off. "I have to go home."
She takes both champagne glasses and drinks them fast.
"Awww, that's sad for you." Leela looks at Amy, then back to her beer bottle. "Well, since I'm not in a great mood tonight, I'll think I'll take the next taxi home."
"Can I come with you?" asks Fry.
"Okay," answers Leela slowly. "It might be a good idea to share the taxi costs."
That answer leads Fry to a certain grin.
"Forget what you thought, or I'll ...", mumbles Leela looking angrily at him.
Both leave the disco.
Mumbling Martian curses, Amy leaves the 'Saturn's Moon' too, followed by Kif.
"Amy, should I drive you to Mars? I've parked my hover-car not far from here." says Kif, acting very gentleman-like now and not as shy as usual. "Yes, that would be nice", says his girlfriend, still wearing a sad look on her face. Both walk along the sidewalk to a parking area and take Kif's hovercar, and minutes later, they are on their way to the red planet Mars, the home of the Wong dynasty.
Finally arriving, Kif parks the hovercar next the house on the Wong Ranch.
Meanwhile Fry has arrived in his and Bender's apartment. Tired as he is, the young man lies down on his bed. He yawns loudly and quickly falls asleep, still wearing his clothes.
As if he would care anyway …
Falling asleep, Fry soon 'awakes' in a dream …
First, darkness is everywhere around him. Then, slowly and mysteriously a strange, yet real looking, kind of dream begins.
Philip J. Fry notices that he is standing on a...
"Aaah", he cries surprised, as he finally realizes that what he stands on is a galaxy. Billions of starts, galactic nebula and the spirale-arms of the Milky-way surround his shoe-protected feet.
Curiously he bows down and touches the galaxy's core, just to burn his finger a bit.
"Awww, what's going on here? I want to go home!"
Suddenly loud laughter fills space and time around him. The strange voice sounds amused.
An old man walks straight to Fry. His long hair waves in an imaginary wind.
"Uh, hey grandpa. You know what kind of freaking show this is?"
The old man laughs again. "You will see, young friend, you'll see."
Fry wonders a lot and does not know what to do as a small planet hovers past his head. He can see that the planet is just half a world. A beautiful garden, saved by an energy field, grows on round ground. It just looks like how mediaeval people thought Earth would look like.
"May I touch that?", he asks wondering.
"Philip", the old man speaks again, not answering to Fry's question. "This is just a dream, but there will be times when we'll meet in the real reality and I'll need your help! You may not think you are mighty, but you can do things you never would assume."
Fry just stares, gasping at the other man. "... and what now?", he asks with a stumbling voice.
"You may wish something," answers the old man still laughing.
"Oh-kay," says Fry grinning. "If I'm that mighty, I wish to have a royal breakfast when I wake up. Can you do this, Mr ... uhm, what's you name again?"
"IT", is echoes in Fry's mind as the young man awakes shocked.
He looks around himself:
Dust, old Slurm cans and something from yesterday's dinner on the floor. The total chaos. In a corner Bender, Fry's robotic friend, sleeps. Several booze-bottle's on the ground and the bill of an hooker-bot, pinned on Bender's chest, do show that the robot had a great night.
"What a stupid dream", Fry giggles while standing up. In that moment he realizes that his right hand hurts. He looks at it and notices that he burned his fingers a bit.
"What the ...", he yells surprised. "Oh wait, Bender must have felt bored and burned my fingers. Yes, that was him and not ..."
He tries to make himself believe that, but he fails.
At that moment the doorbell interrupts his discussion with himself.
As he opens the main-door a noble clothed waiter stands outside the apartment. "Mister Fry", he asks, speaking with an old English accent.
"Yes, ... I mean, what do you want. I didn't do anything and if ..."
The waiter grunts in anger. "I've come to bring you this," he points to a package next to him. Then he leaves as if he never had existed.
Fry needed some moments (to be precise - 3 minutes) to realize it all, which was enough time for Bender to wake up, realize the situation and pick up the package.
"What you've there, meat-bag?" he asks while opening the box in question. "Whoa, whoever has send this to us has good taste."
Fry comes back into the living room to see how Bender takes more and more contents out of the package. Wine, croissants, honey, rolls, liqueur, fresh fruits...
"So, buddy, who's Mister Big Spender? You'll introduce him to me, eh?", Bender asks while lightening up a Zuban-cigar.
"Some weird old guy calling himself ... uhm ... It or something... who cares?" Fry answers while chewing a roll with cheese.
Some time earlier on Mars:
While Amy and Kif walk to the great house on the Wong Ranch, the young woman notices a small dark-purple tent standing near the main door of the building.
"Ayah! Not her! I can't believe it ..." she yells with an angry voice.
Kif looks in a shy way towards her. "Amy, what about this tent?"
She is already using the door-bell. An old Western melody sounds up instead of a ringing bell. "You'll see soon," Amy mumbles.
Then everything goes very fast. Both can hear the sound of running boots from inside the house. Then the door opens and a woman appears. She is a little taller than Amy, but just a few inches. Her dark-grey hair is cut very short, besides some streaks hanging down beside her face, which is, like Amy's, Chinese-like.
The strange woman's nose is broken in half and looks bent to the side.
She is wearing a dark jacket with silver shoulder applications and a purple double women-symbol on the left shoulder. Green pants and light blue boots complete the look.
Kif has just a few moments to notice this.
The woman has already given Amy a warm hug and then taken her at the hips to hold her some inches above the ground.
"Aunt Ija, please put me down!" yells Amy from above. Ija just grins.
"You wish?" she asks, still grinning, while letting her niece back on the ground.
Another warm hug is following.
"Aunt Ija", Amy is talking carefully "this..." She goes a step aside. "This is my boyfriend, Kif."
Ija is looking curiously at the Amphibian.
Before she is able to say something, Leo Wong, Amy's father appears in the open door. "You know what happen, when you not do what we say."
Amy nods. 'Heavily cut pocket-money,' she thinks.
"Now go and bring my sister to Earth. You now care for her," mentions Leo Wong with an angry voice. He slams the door, letting the three staying alone outside.
Amy storms away followed by Kif. "Amy, dear, I don't understand anything ...
anymore. Why are you all angry?"
Amy does not answer, but Kif can hear the voice of the person introduced as Aunt Ija from behind him. "I'm not angry", she says.
It seems as if Amy is about to run away, but then she stops and goes back to her aunt.
"Ahhh ... sorry Ija, but I ... that's all so surprising. I mean I have a lot to do for university and also I've a job and ..."
Nervously she strokes through her hair.
Both, Kif and Ija don't say a word, as if awaiting the youngest woman from the Wong family to say something else.
"Okay ... not that even I myself believe that with university, but ... but ...
ah, Ija you know what always happens when you're around ..."
"What?", Kif asks with more courage than most people would think about him.
Ija lays an arm around her niece's shoulders and laughs up with a warm and deep voice. "I think Kitty is referring to my old dispute with my dear brother."
Kif's face is now just like a question mark. He does not try to ask again, about what those events were.
"Don't call me Kitty", Amy protests. "Anyway, if you're going to live at my place you should collect your stuff soon", she points at the tent outside the Western-styled building, "or ... Whatever - just do it!"
Without any response Ija is going to said tent. She pushes a flat button at its side and it shrinks till it reaches the size of a normal back-pack. The woman picks it up and walks straightaway to Kif's hovercar.
Far away, in the streets under New New York:
A shadowy looking person hushes from a dark alley to another.
Her new clothes show that she is not from the sewers, but she seems to know every cave, every ruin, every dark alley down here.
The fire of a small torch, attached to a wall, reveals how she looks like - even if it's just for a moment.
Fast as a shadow can be, she is away from the spot of light.
A few seconds only to notice her pink-purple hair.
She does wear a long and dark-blue coat.
That's all someone could have seen in that moment … Her hair, her coat … and the fact that there is only one eye on her face.
Ija, Kif and Amy are on their way to Earth. Kif's hover-car is not slow, but still not a real space-ship and so it'll take some time for the three people to reach the 'blue Planet'.
Kif activates the auto-pilot and looks to Ija, carefully as if she would a an appearance from another sphere of existence. "Uh… why is it exactly that Amy's father doesn't like you? See, … ehem … they don't really like me as well, … at least until, … whatever…"
"Not that nervous 'greeny"", Ija says. She leans back on her seat, relaxing. "So you would like to know the story?"
"Could we wait with that till Earth … better even, till we both are away again?" Amy obviously is not in the mood for listening to Ija's story, but her aunt already started to tell them …
Flashback to Mars - Wong Ranch - 2955:
A young Leo Wong, 5 years old and dressed in a dark suite awaits some friends at the gates of the ranch.
His wristband-phone rings and he answers. "Yes, you can come to visit me … really, my twin-sister is save behind the closed doors of the store-room and she will not escape without this." Grinning he holds an electronic key in front of the phone's screen.
The friend on the phone laughs and then the connection is cancelled.
A few minutes later a car appears in front of the gates. Three boys, everyone in the same age as Leo, jump out of the car and run to the gates.
A few metres before reaching it, they all suddenly look upwards and start laughing. They laugh and point amused at Leo.
One of them - the one who was at the phone - even says "… yes, save away … can not escape …"
Leo looks upwards to the gate's highest point. His sister is sitting up there, only wearing a pair of his expensive silk-boxers.
Not alone that she did escape from the store room and stole his underwear - she also found a holographic spray-can somewhere and now the sign at the gate's top is changed to 'You've come to the WRong place'.
Ija giggles, while Leo shakes a fist in her direction.
Time-jump to Mars University - 2977:
Leo and his best friend Randy II., both young men from rich families, walk along the rarely lighten up, dark alleys in the great complex known as Mars University. It was a great night, they did visit almost every bar and disco around the campus.
Randy II. looks at his friend with a drunken look. "Will you ask her now?"
The young Wong nods. "I will! Tonight she'll surely will agree to .. what's-the-word - marry me, yes!"
Eventually both men reach an luxurious looking apartment. They search and find the door-bell with the right name.
Leo uses the bell, but nothing happens.
"Oh, she probably sleeps already …", he thinks loud. "… luckily I have this electronic key here!"
Randy II. laughs "… remembers me the day, years ago, when your sister stole your boxers and climbed up the ranch's gate." Back then Randy was the friend talking with Leo at the phone.
"Argh!", Leo comments. "Smart of me to put her name on the recruiting list of the DOOP-army, eh? Now she is away, far away … since a year now …"
He opens the main-door and walks directly to the bedroom of his girlfriend. "Annabell? Annabell?", he asks, but no-one answers him. he sneaks to the door and slowly opens it. What he can see there shocks him.
Annabell, dream of every women-loving Mars U student - long blond hair and deep blue eyes - is in the room, but not alone.
Next to Annabell, naked beside of silken boxers, is …
"Iiija!", Leo yells, running out of the room, hearing his sister and Annabell laughing.
Back in the 31st century:
Ija laughs. "… honestly, how could I know that he was about to marry that girl I was in love with, too!"
Amy grunts angrily.
Kif tries to de-escalate: "Amy, see it from the other side. If your aunt didn't do that, you would have now blond hair, instead of your beautiful dark one."
Amy nods, still not really in a good mood.
"Well, enough old stories now, we have to look for an apartment now", she points at her aunt. "… for you!"
Meanwhile in New Jersey in the headquarters of the Democratic Order of Planets:
Glab, the chairperson of the Order, is sitting behind a heavy desk, made of stone-imitate that resembles Amphibian granite.
Some small holographic note-pads and a keyboard show that the table is more useful than to just sit behind.
A few tropical plants and some traditional Amphibian art give the office a personal look.
The Amphibian chairperson lays her head and arms on the desk to relax for a moment.
She enjoys the fresh, dry air and the cool temperatures. For some moments she escapes the cruel reality.
'Somehow,' she thinks, 'those Humans were very nice to make my office that comfortable.'
And just to think of her office at the New Headquarters at the Neutral Zone...
She awakes back to reality as she remembers how Zapp Brannigan had destroyed the new commanding central of the DOOP.
Brannigan! She stands up and takes some small darts from a drawer in the desk.
Carefully she holds one dart not far from her face. With a concentrating look she sizes up the opposite wall.
Giving a victorious sound she throws the dart at the wall in exactly the moment as a silent light-sign tells her that someone's waiting to be let in into the office.
Glab leans back in her chair and searches for her glasses. After she has found them and put them on she gives the order to open the doors.
The artificial intelligence of the doors opens the room's entrance, followed by the sound of a friendly purring cat.
A young humanoid man walks into the room, unsure what to say. As he made some steps towards Glab, the doors are close behind him, again followed by a robotic sound of satisfaction.
He is not much taller than a usual human and his pale skin is also not unusual under the light of Earth's sun. His short black hair is already a bit rare around his forehead.
"Madam", the man says slowly. Not that he was too shy, it was just the temperature and the wet air that took his breath for some seconds.
That's what Glab enjoyed as refreshing, in a human point of view more like 85 % humidity and 40 degrees C (104 F). To be precise, a very hot and wet climate, which is the best for a species descending from amphibious animals, but not for those who's ancestors were mammals.
DOOP Captain Kent W. Black as an Earth-born human is one of those, and so he starts sweating heavily already.
Looking for a chair Kent notices a picture next to the entrance. It shows Zapp Brannigan, but with concentric circles on his face and a dart sticking in his nose.
"Captain Black, I assume we both agree that we never saw that ... picture. Anyway, you were about to tell me something?"
Kent nods with a slight smile on his lips. He finally finds a stone-made chair and sits down on it.
"Ms. Glab, we've received alarming news from a certain system near to the Omicronian border ..."
The Amphibian shakes her head in disbelieve. That was not typical of her species, but she has had learnt this gesticulation on Earth. "Did they attack again? Not even 100 days since they had plundered the Cineplex-System..." She sighs heavy, " ...just because they didn't have enough popcorn anymore and are too lazy to cultivate corn on their worlds."
Kent lifts his uniform's collar a bit, but still sweats. "Luckily not, Ma'am", he reports. "It's more like this..."He takes a small holographic chip from one of the pockets in his red DOOP uniform. He gives it to Glab.
She uses it with a hidden holographic projector at her desk and soon a picture, not much greater than one foot, appears between the two DOOP people.
It shows a deserted landscape, grey and lifeless. Greyish stones and dark ash are dominating the view. The dark clouds at the sky hardly cover the shine of a yellow sun.
"That was ... I mean ... that still is Amphibios 10!", Kent explains.
Glab gasps surprised. "Amp... 10? Who did that? What happened to the other planets?"
The man hands another chip to her. This time the holographic projector shows a view on a yellow star's system. 8 small planets, more like planetoids, are circling in only one small orbit near to their sun. In a distance that is not much less then
Earth's to its sun is Amphibios 9, the home-world of Glab's species.
Not far away is the mars-sized world Amphibios 10.
"During the attack the tenth planet was at the opposite side of the System so ...
Ma'am, the shocking fact is that the planet wasn't even attacked! Alone the use of the enemies' weapons produced such violent shock-waves that the planet was hit with an enormous power, just to compare with the impact of a 10 kilometre asteroid!"
A third chip changes the image.
A holographic video: A small mars-sized world with dark green woods and some small, blue ocean hovers in space. Dozens space-ships start and land, obviously most of them are delivery-ships.
Suddenly hundred of ships appear around the small world. Not unalike after a hyperspace-flight, they indeed appear from one moment to another. An automatic counter announces that exactly 230 ships have arrived. 200 of them are looking like balls, sized between 200 and 500 metres. The remaining strange ships are also ball-shaped, but gigantic 1,500 metres in diameter!
As soon as they appear they shoot on the next ships. Heavily damaged delivery ships are hovering out of the camera's angel. In that moment an obviously Omicronian battle-ship appears next to the attackers.
With those impressions the short film ends.
Glab and Kent do look at each other in shock.
Finally the chairperson uses a red button on the desk before her.
"Hereby I order alarm zero point-O for all main-systems of the Order. Every attack of strange ships should be reported immediately. All high-ranked officers and captains in this system should attend a meeting in exactly 3 hours in the DOOP HQ. - Chairperson Glab; End of message!"
A few hundred light-years away from the Amphibios-System is an old red dwarf star. Invisible for a human's eye, in its atmosphere a fleet of 230 ships hides. 230 ships of the kind Captain Black called "ball ships". The crews however would say "spherical ships". The HQ of the small fleet is one of the greater spherical ships, one-point-five kilometres in diameter. Great letters in a strange font to show the ship's name.
This name was never heard before in this galaxy, neither in this universe.
In a parallel universe this name is well known and popular or feared, depending on the point of view. It's the flag-ship of the Fourth Imperial Fleet of the Huhany'Tussan, the Godly Empire of the Arkonidians.
The fourth fleet normally contains several thousand ships, but only 230 of them are here, around the old red star.
Near the centre of the AUMOKJON some officers report to the Mascant, the Admiral of the fleet.
"... we still have no contact to any other Imperial ship or one of the other species of the Great Island. Since the battle in the system called Amphibios we do know the enemies engine-frequencies, but we couldn't detect their home system yet."
Kraschyn, Mascant of the Fourth Imperial Fleet and therefore just one rank below the Emperor - the mighty - himself, listens carefully to every word of the officers. He strokes through his shoulder-long and white hair sometimes, but his face shows not even a single reaction.
"During the heavy fight in the system a small world was hit by gravitational waves. We assume that great parts of the surface are destroyed by now."
Kraschyn makes an angry gesticulation. "We have to be more careful in future. Alone the war against the Orrr will take more time as we thought, so we should prevent every possible conflict with the other species of this universe. ... That leads me to the question how much we already know about this world? Where is Arkon's place here? Do they need our help?"
A small-boned old man with just a few white hairs on his head goes a step towards him. It's the chief-scientist of the AUMOKJON. "Mascant, as far as we know this galaxy is indeed the similarity to the one in our universe. Sadly we didn't find any hint to Arkon or Arkonidian culture in the intergalactic communication-channels. They do not even speak Interkosmo."
"Go on", Kraschyn orders.
The old scientist gesticulates as he had to lead an orchestra. He looks very nervous. "We now know that the Orrr are as well known as Omicronians here. The most important counterpart to the Empire of Orrr is the Democratic Order of Planets. One of the dominating species ... and even the founder of the most used language..."
Kraschyn stands up from his commanding chair and goes to the scientist. "Who ... ?", he asks, only this word spoken with a sharp and cold voice.
"The call themselves Humans, but ...", the old man explains, "it's obviously that they are Terrans!"
"Terrans!" Slowly the Mascant walks back to his chair and sits down. The whole crew in the central-room and all officers look at him curiously. All Arkonidians, red-eyed and with white hair. Humanoid.
"We have to prevent these Terrans from ever contacting the League of Free Terrans.
The Huhany'Tussan shall always stay the only nation that controls the inter-universal transit-points." He activates the contact to the radar-and-communication-station in the AUMOKJON. "Increase the search for the other parts of our fleet."
'Terrans,' he thinks. 'We shall calculate to conquer this DOOP as well. Emperor Bostich I: would never accept that the LFT can have use of its parallel similarity.'
The LFT, the League of Free Terrans, administrated from Terra, also known as Earth, has enough different problems than to care about parallel universes they do not know about.
The scientists in Volcan-centre on Mercury have noticed that the laws of space and time themselves are changing.
It's 1341 New Galactic Calendar, the late 5th millennia on Earth.
Two people are at a top-secret meeting on Earth. To be precise in Terrania, the capital of the LFT. To be even more precise, in the Solar Residence, the governmental building.
The two people are far older than every Human ever could be. They will still live in thousands of years. Until a day will come when their mission, they don't know anything about, will be done.
One of them is Perry Rhodan. The charismatic man with grey eyes and dark blonde hair was the first man on Earth's moon. He has lead humankind on it's way to be a space-travelling species. He does care for peace in this galaxy. He tries at least... He is the Terranian Government-Resident of the LFT.
The other person is called Myles Kantor and is Supreme Scientist of the LFT. He is much younger than Rhodan, but as well older than every "normal" human. A streak of his dark hair falls in his very pale face.
Both wear light blue combinations.
"Well, you will be the first one outside of Volcan-centre to be informed about the full truth." He clears his throat. "You remember the events of 1331 New Galactic Calendar when the Hyper-physical Resistance did raise. That's 10 years ago and we still feel the results of this ... catastrophe. Most of our once great hyper-physical technology does not work anymore or needs much more energy. Ships are enormous much slower than before."
Rhodan scratches at the little scar on his nose. His looks to Kantor and then back to a small package on a table near to the two men. "So far the well known points, but that's not all ..."
"Indeed, Perry. Since at least three weeks the hyper-physical laws are changing again, but not like in 1331. They change in every possible way. Transmitters do work better, space-ships reach higher maximal speed ... on the other side, paralysing rays do not work with full efficiency anymore. And now to the really shocking information."
He breathes deep and loud. "We detected something new in the universal background radiation. It's not very strong, but still noticeable. It's a variation of strangeness-radiation! To be precise: The most popular theory currently is that another universe is about to merge with ours to form an new one. Therefore the laws of time and space do change till there's a balance between both worlds."
One streak falls again into his face.
"Anyway, till this will be completed, the universes will near each other more and more. Yet there should be already transmission-fields that could allow contacts between both worlds."
Both men just look at each other without saying a word too much.
Finally Rhodan breaks the silence.
"That package there, Myles. What does this have to do with your news?"
"Oh that", Kantor replies sighing. "That's ..." He stands up and goes to the table.
There he opens the package, just to show the two contents: a dark blue space suit with a silver girdle and a silver miniature figurine attached to it's right side.
Also a small book. A real book, not a data-crystal as it would be usual.
"The Galorn-suit", Rhodan remembers his former space-suit. "You think it may work again? Also Moh?"
Kantor nods. "I think it would be worth a try." He picks up the book and shows it to Rhodan. "We've found that in Volcan-centre. It appeared with a heavy hyper-physical emission. ... While you dress up, I'll tell you what we do know so far."
Following the advice of his friend Rhodan does so and Kantor begins to explain.
"This book, a diary, is from the other universe. It's written in a variation of ... English! The owner seems to be a woman - we assume at least it's a female person - living in a nation called DOOP in the year 3004. The diary-owner's name is Turanga Leela."
After Rhodan has dressed up, Myles reaches the book to him. Perry looks at a few pages. "Dear Captain's diary ...", he reads. "So Ms Leela is a Captain ...Anyway..."
He looks at the small silver miniature figurine attached to the right breast-side of his suit. It does looks like an old Indian Buddha-statuette. "Moh, active-modus", Perry says.
As if magical, the small figurine stands up and hovers through the air. "I'm alive again", it speaks with an high voice. It sounds happily and thankfulness. Moh sits down on Rhodan's right shoulder.
"Reunited", mumbles Kantor smiling while he looks at the Human and the biological robot.
He isn't able to say any other word to Rhodan, because in exactly that moment the Government-Resident disappears.
Together with this, a heavy hyper-physical emission hits the Solar Residence and a few smaller positronic computers shut down.
A few hours earlier:
Turanga Leela herself can not know about the events in the other universe.
She is at the daily 10 a.m. meeting in the office of the delivery-company Planet Express. Next to here sitting clockwise around a round table are Fry, Bender, Amy, Hermes, Professor Farnsworth and finally Doctor Zoidberg.
There is some distance between the Decapodian Zoidberg and Leela, but the woman is sure that everything around her smells like rotten fish. 'Who knows what Zoidberg ate recently,' she thinks while her stomach hurts.
"Welcome everyone", the bureaucrat Hermes Conrad starts the meeting. "Following me ageenda, yo' have some deliveries to do doday."
Fry raises his hand.
"Yes, Fry mon?"
"Uhm, what about that 1.0 alarm we have?"
Hermes looks at a small notepad and then again in Fry's direction. "Good poind, mon. According to federal DOOP law it's mandatory to do every'ding that de order's economy does not collapse. As a delivery company we are economy, too."
Amy looks up slowly. Dark rings are around her eyes and she looks very tired.
"What", she yawns, "what about this alarm thing that was in radio earlier."
Everyone's looking surprised at the young woman from Mars.
"What de poind womon? You didn't get enough sleep last night, did you?", Hermes asks.
"I had to look for an apartment for my aunt in the town. And as we did, she had to tell Kiffy her whole life-story and ..." Amy falls asleep on the desk.
It's exactly the same moment as the room's main doors are opening automatically.
Two people enter the office. A very tired DOOP Lieutenant Kif Kroker and Glab herself, the DOOP chairperson.
"Professor Farnsworth", she begins. "I have to borrow your crew for a very important mission. The Order would give good money for this, as well we would never again mention your law-breaking experiments with parallel universes."
Farnsworth jumps out as fast as his more than 100 years old bones do allow. "Who told you green one?! Who?!" He looks angrily at his crew. "Who?"
"We have our sources, Professor", Glab explains while Kif is going to Amy and sits down next to her. Carefully he strokes through her black hair.
"Will there be rewards?", Fry is asking nearly stumbling over his own words.
"Of course there will be." Glab is standing near to the office-table now. "Captain Leela, if you and your crew would check these co-ordinates. That would be all."
"Wait, squishy!" Bender the robot of the crew interrupts. "What's the point in looking at co-ordinates?"
Glab exchanges a look with Kif, at least she tries. Kif is hugging his girlfriend and does not notice the chairperson anymore.
"That's top secret. Anyway, you and some other crews who will not fear death and suicidal missions will have a closer look at those places. Any unusual event shall be reported as soon as possible. Especially those involving great spherical or ball-like ships who may attack you. In that case you can of course just report if you're lucky enough to survive."
"Survive?!", repeats Leela with a hostile, angry voice.
Glab does not react, she just hands a check to Professor Farnsworth. The old scientist reads the numbers on it and is suddenly very happily.
"Fry, Leela, Bender ... off you go to your adventure", he says to the three employees waving bye-bye.
Meanwhile IT and ETERNIUM meet again. Last time they met on the world Wanderer - IT's home - and this time on the planet Eternium.
ETERNIUM reports. "One of your galaxy's species, the Arkonidians, have discovered a transmission-point and activated it. Sadly this field leads directly into the Omicronian Empire and now the two empires fight a secret war against each other."
IT answers. "That is bad news indeed, but we can not help the species directly with their problems. We have to be careful that the merge of both universes will not cost too many lives."
"It's worse than we thought?"
"It is. Someone and I'm sure it's someone and not a natural law, is speeding up the merge. At this rate both universes will unite within a month and then they'll collapse in a Big Crunch."
"So we have to send the 'important ones'", announces ETERNIUM.
IT nods. "Perry Rhodan should have arrived in your galaxy already. Let's hope he and Fry will understand what they've to do. We cannot help them anymore. We have to search and find our enemy. Otherwise in circa 30 days an unaccountable amount of life will cease to exist."

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That is too much text to read  :p I like your time-line picture though  :)
Nasty Pasty

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Originally posted by Tweek:
That is too much text to read   :p I like your time-line picture though   :)

yeah, FemJesse did something similar a while back.

And by the way, nice crossover fic TLL.

Tweek might not have read it but i did.   :D
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