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Author Topic: The True Happening After The Opera  (Read 1287 times)
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Bending Unit
« on: 02-28-2009 17:33 »

The True Happening After The Opera

First off, a big thanks to Red_Line who helped me with this.

(Warning) If you are a F/L Shipper (and believe me, I am too) or a fan of Colangel's Fan Fiction The Morning or Red_Line's inspired by The Morning The Evening, or even other “After The Opera” fan fictions, you will not like to read this. What this story is about is what I think really happened.

_____________________________ _____________________ ______

Scene: Metropolitan House of Opera. Leela stares at Fry alone on stage, who sits on chair looking downcast sad, she watching him put down the Holophonor onto the floor and watches him get up off the chair to leave.

[She does not what Fry to leave so she calls out to him.]

Leela: 'Please don't stop playing, Fry. I wanna hear how it ends.

[Fry turns to Leela's voice and sees that she is the only person left here. A small grin comes across his face, sits himself down onto the chair, picks up the Holophonor and starts to play it The smoke whirls around above Fry and forms a crude image of him and Leela who turn to each other and hold hands. They kiss, turn around and walk away towards the horizon.]

[The picture flickers, distorts and then turns to nothingness.]

[Fry stares at Leela who's remains siting in a row of seats not moving.]

[Fry gets down off the stage and walks slowly towards Leela up the in middle of the aisles of seats, when he reaches her, he sits himself down down next to her, he sees that her eye is bloodshot and mist from tears.]

Fry: (nervous) 'What do say if we you...know go for da--

Leela: (crying) 'Fry, you don't understand!

Fry: 'Wha? What?! Don't I understand?

[Leela takes hold of Fry's hand.]

Leela: (crying) 'Listen, you must listen. Fry, I know your heart is in the right place but I don't think it is--

Fry: 'But but I--

Leela: 'Shh! Fry, you always be my dear friend but I want nothing more then that.

[Tears begin to from in Fry's eyes.]

Fry: 'But you have not even, given me one chance. Ever! To go on a real date with you.

Leela: 'Fry! I've had enough bad dates in my life and my last one with Chaz was one of the worst I've ever had in my whole life maybe even the worst in my lif..[She notices him with his hands covering his face.].Fry are you Ok?

Fry: (crying)' Yeah, fine why do you ask?

Leela: 'Do you understand, I can't go out you because...because...I don't know. I'm just not ready to have a serious relationship with you or anybody.

Fry: (crying) 'Why? Is it because I'm immature is that it?!

Leela: 'Um, uh, no, its um, not that...Fry good night! [She stands up.] Fry, I hope you don't hate me. Do you?

Fry: (crying) 'No I don't hate you, Leela, I could never.

Leela: 'Good, because you'll always be my friend, right?

Fry: 'Yeah. But I guess anything I could ever do will never make you feel the same way about me, that I do about you,Leela.

Leela: 'I guess not.

[Leela begins to leave, Fry with tears in his eye's watchers her leave but only till she's gone, does Fry fall off his seat, onto his knees and cry like he never did before.]

Scene: New New York City Street. In the darkness of the night, Fry looking downcast sad and soaking wet from the heavy rain from the thunderstorm. He walks on a pavement in the direction to Robot Arms Apartments witch lies just across the road.

Fry: (quietly) 'I hate my life, I hate my life, I hate my life. [A hover-car drivers pass Fry into a large puddle,water splashes on him making him even more soaking wet.] Why?!

Man: (shouting from hover-car)' Your opera sucked!

[A blowing in the wind newspaper hits Fry in the face, he takes it away from his face and reads the headline.]

Fry: (reading) 'Greatest opera of all time sucks.

[Fry holds onto the newspaper in his right hand,walks across the road and goes inside into Robot Arms Apartments.]

Scene: Robot Arms Apartments: Fry's and Bender's Lounge. There are low sounds of thunder and every so often there is a sound of lightning striking that almost all time felling the room with a flash of light from the storm outside. Bender who is missing his crotch-plate, stands in the doorway of Fry's room. Fry sighs.

Bender: 'Sorry you struck out, yet again sausage link.

Cut to: Fry's Bedroom. Fry is siting on his bed wearing 20century style light blue boxers and a white t-shirt. The newspaper with the headline "Greatest opera of all time sucks" is on the floor next to his bed.

Bender: 'If it's any consolation, your truly life sucks! You living fossil, however my life is great. Babes! Bucks! I got it all!

Fry: 'Way to rub it in Bender yet again but at least I truly learned that Leela truly is a lost cause. I give up.

Bender: 'Thats the spirit! Now you really given up hope on her,huh? [He yawns.] Goodnight. I gotta go out tonight and get my crotch-plate back in Dr. Jerkberg's dumpster and hopefully I'll get struck by lightning along the way!

[The door closes. Fry picks up both his Holophonor and a book called "My First Holophonor" but then he changes his mind and puts it back down on the floor and then he kicks them both across the room. The book of "My First Holophonor" and the Holophonor it self remain intact and undamaged.]

Fry: 'I don't fell like crying myself to sleep and playing my Holophonor tonight, yet again.

[Fry gets up off his bed and walks over to the window, where there is the sound of rain hitting glass.]

[He places his left hand on the window, looking out with longing in his eyes down below on the city of New New York.]

[Fry: (quietly) 'Someday, someday Leela, someday.]

[A single tear falls onto the floor,Fry walks over,lies himself down onto his bed, gets under the blanket and tries his best to sleep.]

Scene: Outside Planet Express. Bender is looking through a dumpster,where Zoidberg is lying down asleep in the dumpster, who is still wearing his tuxedo.

Bender: (Shouting) 'Where is it?! Where is it?! Where is for oh your God's sake, is my crotch-plate?! Ahhhh!

[Bender hits "sleeping Zoidberg" over the head with a brick and he wakes up.]

Zoidberg: 'Ow! Bender what is it?

Bender: (Shouting) 'Where is it?!

Zoidberg: 'Where is what?

Bender: (Shouting) 'Where is it?!

Zoidberg: 'Again where is what?

Bender: (Shouting)' I have been looking for it, for hours! In this dumpster and I've just lost my temper a few seconds ago!

Zoidberg: 'What is it your looking for in my home?

Bender: (Shouting) 'My crotch-plate!

Zoidberg: 'Why, what happened to it?

Bender: (Shouting) 'I sold it for a air-horn to the Robot Devil so I could be more annoying.

Zoidberg: 'Then why are you looking for it here?

Bender: (Shouting)' Because he through it in the trash, I'm guessing.

Zoidberg: 'You mean this?

Zoidberg takes out Bender's crotch-plate underneath him.

Bender: (happily) 'My crotch-plate!

[Zoidberg hands Bender his crotch-plate,Bender hugs and kisses his crotch-plate while he happily skips away out of sight.

[There is a sound of lightning striking and Bender shouting.]

Bender: (shouting) 'Awww, yeah!

[With that Zoidberg lies himself down and goes back to sleep.]

Scene: Leela's Apartment Building Corridor. Calculon stands outside "Apartment 1I" knocking on the door.

Calculon: ' Hello, anyone home?

[The door opens, Leela is still wearing her Black-Opera-Dress but has a swollen, blood-shot eye from crying and in her left hand she holds her diary.]

Leela: 'Yes?

Calculon: 'May, I have my ears back?

Leela: 'Sure, my hearing is sort of back anyway. Hold on a sec.[Leela closes the door and about ten seconds later she comes back with Calculon's ears in her right hand.] Here you are.

[She hands them back over to Calculon and closes the door.]

Narrator: (voice over) 'Until Fry's time paradox duplicate showed up two years later, things had not really been that much different. Business had been slow at Planet Express since the brainless drones who ran the delivery network canceled their license, so Fry, Leela, and the others really did not have much to do.

The End

Delivery Boy
« Reply #1 on: 03-03-2009 08:22 »

That's pretty hard, I mean cruel. But this version has right to live too. It's plausible.
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