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Author Topic: Just an idea for another fan fiction  (Read 1185 times)
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« on: 04-28-2008 07:17 »

This will be my second attempt at a fan fiction. Just wanted to get opinions on what everyone would think about a fan fiction involving Fry/Leela or both getting sent backin time to the pacific theater during WW2. i ve got some ideas, one involves them landing on Guadalcanal and another somehow finds them with General MacArthur...

« Reply #1 on: 04-29-2008 20:01 »

hmmm...interesting stuff...

I've been thinking of trying my hand at writing a fanfic. I read your first fanfic, nice stuff.

« Reply #2 on: 04-29-2008 20:23 »

thanks, yea heres what i got so far.

An Accidental Trip To The Pacific 

While testing the newest version of the professor’s time door, similar to the one mentioned in Ross’s fan fiction From Here to in Country, Fry and Leela end up on the island of Luzon, in the Philippines, during December 1941. This inspiration comes from being a both a World War II and submarine nut.
  _____________________________ _____________________________ ___________________

Chapter 1

Planet Express Building
New-New York
December 7, 3008 11:30 AM

   The hangar inside the Planet Express Delivery Company building was in the process of opening since the Planet Express space ship was returning from another routine delivery and preparing to land inside the hangar. After the ship lands, down the ramp come the crew of the ship – a beautiful women Cyclops, Captain Truanga Leela; an ordinary looking red headed human – Philip J. Fry; and a gray colored beer-drinking robot – Bender Bending Rodriguez.

As the crew is exiting the ship, the rest of the Planet Express employees are gathered around the conference table at the upper level of the hangar, waiting for them to hurry up and get up to the conference table so that they can begin debriefing. As soon as Fry, Leela, and Bender reached the table, Fry and Leela collapsed, exhausted.

“Well it’s about you three showed up.” Hermes said in a judgmental tone.

“Sorry Hermes, the traffic around Earth is just so heavy this time of year.” Leela answered

“Good news everyone!” said Professor Hubert Farnsworth, the founder and CEO of Planet Express and Fry’s great (x30) nephew.

With that mentioned, everyone groaned audibly.

“This time it is good news.” The professor said, he whispered to Hermes ,”What was I going to say again?”

“The professor said that because its Pearl Harbor Day, you all get the rest of the day off, except for Fry and Leela.” Hermes said

Everyone except Fry and Leela shouted various forms of woohoo

“What so special about Pearl Harbor Day meat bag?” Bender replied

   In response to Benders question, the professor went back into his lab pulled a heavy leather-bound book titled “Wars of the Stupid Ages” and opened to the part about World War II.

“Ahh, here we are, World War II, ok now let’s see here it is, December 7th, 1941.” The professor mumbled and then read “ On Sunday, December 7th, 1941, the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was sneak attacked by the Imperial Japanese Navy and brought the United States into World War II.”

“I remember hearing the stories my grandfather told me about the war, and about his time in Philippines as well.” Fry said even though he was exhausted. 

« Reply #3 on: 04-30-2008 07:33 »
« Last Edit on: 04-30-2008 07:33 »

Nice opening.

You had a couple run on sentences (The first sentence especially) and some spelling errors, but it was pretty good. In the future, try to use a little more description.  :D

Also, Fry is his own grandfather. So, his grandfather can't be telling him stories. 
David A

Space Pope
« Reply #4 on: 04-30-2008 07:53 »

Originally posted by Seymour_My_Hero:
Also, Fry is his own grandfather. So, his grandfather can't be telling him stories.

Obviously it's his other grandfather then.  Most people do have two.  Your parents weren't brother and sister, were they?

« Reply #5 on: 04-30-2008 08:03 »
« Last Edit on: 04-30-2008 08:03 »

My bad...

I just watched "Roswell that Ends Well" so it was still in my mind that Fry was his own grandpa.

Thanks David, with your powers of smartness.   :D

« Reply #6 on: 04-30-2008 09:25 »
« Last Edit on: 04-30-2008 09:25 »

yea thats who i was planning on using. thanks for your input. where should i be more descriptive? and i did end up changing that line “Oh who cares, as long as it’s a day off – so long meat bags!” Bender said and left the building.

« Reply #7 on: 04-30-2008 11:26 »

With the characterization. I feel like your just saying...(just a fake example)

Leela turned her head to look at Fry.

Instead you could use,

Leela slowly turned her gaze toward the delivery boy she knew and loved.

I'm not saying you don't use description, you do! I'm just saying that some areas could use a little more description.

« Reply #8 on: 04-30-2008 11:43 »

ok i get it now. thanks for that tip ill keep that in mind

« Reply #9 on: 04-30-2008 12:13 »

Your welcome!

Just glad to help!

« Reply #10 on: 04-30-2008 12:14 »

its very welcome

heres some more

“Well that does it me, I’m outa here.” Amy said and she to got up and left.

“Professor, why do you have to use Fry and me? Why can’t you use Zoidberg?” Leela complained.

“Because not only do I hate that lobster, you two are best suited for this, now come with me.” The professor said in a senile tone as they walked towards the lab.

Soon we find the professor, Fry, and Leela gathered near an ordinary looking door that was set up against a wall. This was no ordinary door however, this door opened the way for time travel and was very unstable. 

« Reply #11 on: 05-01-2008 11:05 »

Heres another update, end of chapter 1 and begining of chapter 2

The professor then opened the door reviling a swirling purple/blue vortex, and soon both Fry and Leela were sucked into the vortex, unwillingly of course and without the special devices they needed in order to get back to the present.

“Oh my. Poor souls, they’re doomed.” Mumbled the professor and walked out of the lab.

Excerpt from Wars of the Stupid Ages: World War II, by Dr. Alexander Welch, New-New York Press, 3005

    On December 7th, 1941 the Empire of Japan attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The Japanese caught the Americans completely by surprise, decimating the U.S. Pacific Fleet, by sinking nine ships, and severally damaging twenty one others. The attack itself was what brought the U.S. into the Second World War. It has been said that the attack itself was a partial failure, since the Japanese left the fuel depot near the submarine intact, and they also failed to hit the submarine base as well. The Japanese had planned the attack in order to safe guard there advances in the Philippines and the Dutch East Indies.  The American and Filipino forces in the Philippines were under the command of General Douglas A. MacArthur, who was later named Supreme Commander, South West Pacific Ocean Areas (SWPOA).
The Japanese had advanced quickly down the island, leaving MacArthur to make the decision to defend the Bataan Peninsula and the island of Corregidor. 

Chapter 2

Subic Bay, Luzon, Philippine Islands
December 10th, 1941 1:15PM

   Fry and Leela soon found themselves out of the time warp and falling towards the greenish-blue water below. As they were falling, they holding each other tightly, because neither one knew weather they’d end up at the same point in history. They splashed down and fell a few feet before finnaly coming to surface.

“Fry! Are you all right?” Leela asked in a concerned tone,

“I’m fine Leela, does that thing have a life raft or anything?” He said, pointing to her Wristamjigy.


« Reply #12 on: 05-04-2008 09:02 »

Interesting story.

I want more!!  :D

« Reply #13 on: 05-04-2008 22:07 »

heres a bunch more

“Good, and let me see if it does.” Leela replied while punching buttons on her Wristamjigy. A

“Here it is” she said and pushed a button. Soon a inflatable yellow rubber raft appeared, and they both managed to climb into it.

“Well at least where’re out of the water. I wonder  where we are, it has to be someplace tropical.” Fry said after they were in the raft.

“Guess it’s time test out the new GPS upgrade the professor put on this. “ she said as she began scrolling through different menu items. “thank god this thing is water resistant. Here it is, say’s here that it’s December 10th, 1941!” Leela said with a look  of horror on her face.

“Well where are we?” Fry said

“Where’re in the Philippines.”

“What’s that humming sound?” Fry said and started looking around. Then he saw what looked like an old prop plane coming in from the ocean.

The plane continued on overhead, not noticing the life raft. “Well what was it?” Leela asked

“It looked like some kind old fighter. “

“Was there any markings on it? Who Did it belong to?

“I did see a red meatball on the underside of the wings, so its Japanese, not American.” Fry said with a worried look on his face

“Well let’s try to get the nearest shore and find out what the hell’s going on.” Leela said as she took out the paddles from the side of the raft, handed one Fry and they began to row to shore. 

Except from Military Aircraft of the Stupid Ages, by Col. Josh Lind, DOOP Military Academy, 31st Century Press, 3008

   The premier carrier-based fighter plane for the Imperial Japanese Navy during the Second World War (1939-1945), was the Mitsubishi A6M Zero. The Zero featured a maximum speed of 441mph, featured two 7.7mm Type 97 machine guns in the nose, and two 20mm Type 99 cannons in the wings. When the war first broke out, the Zero was top fighter in the Pacific. The closest plane the Americans had to counter was the Grumman F4F Wildcat. The Wildcat outperformed the Zero only in a dive. The other advantages was that in order to save weight, the Japanese designers used very little armor and they decided to forgo self-sealing fuel tanks, which when a bullet would strike a Zero’s fuel tank, it would immediately catch fire.
   The Wildcat however was very survivable and could take a beating and still make it home in one piece. What the Wildcat was the speed and maneuverability of the Zero. It wasn’t until the introduction of the F6F Hellcat in September of 1943. The other primary U.S. carrier-based fighter was the Vought F4U Corsair.

 Chapter 3

Abroad USS Sea Tiger (SS-303)
South China Sea
December 10, 1941 2:34 PM

   The USS Sea Tiger , diesel-electric submarine, was returning from patrol to her base at Cavite. Her crew was at sea during the initial attacks on both Hawaii and in the Philippines. They had heard about the attacks over the radio, and have since been prepared for any action. The watch crew was standing was on conning tower scanning for any enemy ships when one of crewmen shouted “Sir, I have a contact bearing 302, it looks like a life raft.”

The captain of the boat, Commander Matt Sherman, dressed in a khaki uniform, poked his head up through the hatch. He looked very much like Carry Grant, tall medium build, short dark hair.

“Well what do you have Mr. Jones?” Sherman asked as he took out his own binoculars and scanned the horizon.

“Sir, it looks like we have two people in a life raft.” Seamen Jones said

“Well what do you want us to do captain?” asked the watch officer, Lt(jg) Kershaw said.

“Well if they start hailing us, well will see what we can do.” Sherman said. Instead of going back down to the command room, he stayed at the conning tower waiting to see what would happen with the people in the raft.   

Planet Express
New-New York
December 8th, 3007 9:00 AM

   The remaining employees at Planet Express, Hermes Conrad, Amy Wong, Dr. Zoidberg, and amazingly enough Bender; were gathered around the conference table waiting for the professor to come out of his lab. They were all anxious to hear what happened to Fry and Leela.

“Bad news everyone, Fry and Leela have again found themselves stuck in the past.” The Professor said as he shuffled his way towards the conference table.

Everyone gasped at the news of Fry and Leela, even Bender.

“Well where did they end up professor?” Hermes asked.

“I have been able to track them using a sort of homing device in Leela’s Wristamjigy. It said they landed in the Philippines in December 1941.” The professor said.

“Well what are waiting for? Let’s try and get  them back!” Amy said

“Yea Fry owes me both money and booze!” Bender joined in.

“Well you two come to the lab, I think my Time Retrieval Vehicle should be working order.” The professor said as Amy and Bender followed him to the lab.

Chapter 4
Abroad the life raft
South China Sea
December 10, 1941 5:32 PM

Fry and Leela were still pretty soaked, and were still trying to get the nearest shore, when Fry said to Leela, “Do you hear something?”

“Now that you mentioning it, I do. It sounds like a motor or something.”

They looked nervously around trying to find where the noise was coming from when Fry said “Look over there, it looks like some kind of ship!” he was pointing towards a grey object that was rapidly moving towards them.

“Well why don’t we try and hail them, just start waving and shouting and hopefully they’ll see us.” Leela said as both her and Fry began waving and shouting trying to get the ship’s attention.

“Look! They’re coming towards us!” Fry said

USS Sea Tiger (SS-303)
South China Sea
December 10, 1941 5:40 PM

“Sir, the people in the raft trying to hail us.” Jones said looking though his binoculars

“All ahead one third, prepare to take abroad rubber raft.” Commander Sherman said, and the talker reputed. The crew then began to make the necessary predations and the sub began to slow down.

“Mr. Kershaw, can you give me a description of the people in the raft?” Sherman asked.

“Well from what Jones said there’s two people in the raft, a man and a woman. They certainly don’t look like Japs to me sir, in fact the dame has purple hair, and one eye!” Kershaw said.

“One eye? Like with an eye patch?” Sherman said, a little surprised and confused.

“No sir, more like Cyclops. Except for the eye sir she’s not a bad looker.” Kershaw said

“Well what can you tell me about the man?” Sherman asked again

“From here at least, he looks pretty normal.” Kershaw replied

“Get Mr. Holden up here, he can welcome our new arrivals” Sherman said to the talker.

As the Sea Tiger pulled up to Fry and Leela’s raft,  crewmen started throwing them lines, and they had all been staring noticeably at the newcomers, epically Leela. Then there was voice from behind “Well don’t just stand there, help them up side.” That voice belonged to the executive officer, Lt (j.g.) Nick Holden. When Fry and Leela were abroad, Holden greeted them

“Welcome to USS Sea Tiger, I’m Lt. Holden, the executive officer, Commander Sherman will like you to come to the bridge. Follow me, by the way what are your names?” Holden said as Fry and Leela followed him to the bridge.
“My  name is Truanga Leela, my friends call me Leela.” Leela said

“I’m Philip J. Fry, you can call me Fry.”  Fry also said

“Well nice to meet you, here we are, the captain is below.” Holden said as he pointed to the hatch that lead down into the sub. Fry and Leela both descended down the latter, one after the other. They soon found themselves in the command room, where Sherman was bent over a map, marking their present location.

“Sir, our guest are here.” One of the crewman in the room said.

“Welcome to the Sea Tiger, follow me. Mr. Holden has the con” Sherman said and led them down a narrow corridor toward his cabin.

“Well let me introduce myself, I’m Commander Matt Sherman, the captain of the Sea Tiger. What brings you two our neck of the woods?” Sherman said once the three of them were in the cabin, which seemed pretty small with the three of them in there. There was steel bunk along the back of the cabin, and to the left of door was a small desk with a lamp on it. Sherman was seated in the desk chair facing Fry and Leela who were sitting on the bed.

“Well, my name is Truanga Leela, and this is Philip J. Fry.” Leela said nodding her head towards Fry. They were both holding hands, not sure what was going to happen. She then went on explaining how they were from the future, and how they ended up here.

“So let me get this straight, your form the 31st century, and when one of this Professor Farnsworth’s went wrong and you  two fell through some type of portal and wound here.” Sherman said slowly, not sure what to believe.

“ Yea that’s right, do you have a place where we can catch some sleep, before we fell through the time portal, we were already tired, that is if it wouldn’t be too much trouble.” Leela asked

“I’ll talk to the chief petty officer, see if he’ll let you use his quarters, and we’ll get you some dry clothes.” Sherman said.

“Sir, would mind telling us what kind of ship is this?” Leela asked

“Why certainly, this is USS Sea Tiger, SS-195. She’s a Sargo-class diesel-electric submarine. She’s capable of 21 knots on the surface, and about 8.75 knots submerged. And by the way where’re on our way back to Cavite.” Sherman answered as he left the room, leaving Fry and Leela to themselves.

“Well Leela, looks like where’re safe for now at least.” Fry said

“Yea I just want to get this over with and go home.” Leela replied as she hugged Fry and started crying lightly.

“Me too Leela, Me too.” Fry said and comforted her.

   Soon they heard rumble of the diesels start up, then they heard a klaxon going off and over the 1-MC, “Prepare for dive, prepare for dive.”

“Fry, I’m going to talk to the captain, you wanna come?” Leela asked

“Sure, I’ll come.” Fry said and they headed towards the con, turning against the wall to let crewmen pass them.

When they entered the con, they saw that it was almost dead silent.

“Mr. Smith, take to 150 feet.” Sherman ordered the diving officer

“Aye, Aye sir, make my depth one five zero feet.” Smith  repeated.

“Can I help you two?” Sherman asked turning towards Fry and Leela.

“Yes, we were both wondering what’s going on.” Leela answered

“Well, one of the watch crew  spotted a Jap destroyer, so I’m taking the boat down to 150ft and try and evade.” Sherman said “And keep the noise down to minimum, where’re at silent running. I suggest you go to the Chief’s quarter’s and get some rest, you two look beat.”

“We’re bout a day out of Cavite ma’am.” Replied the navigator who looked up from his map table.

“Thank you, we’ll be going now.” Leela said as her and Fry left the con, heading towards they’re temporary quarter’s.

Chapter 5
USS Sea Tiger
Manila Bay
December 11, 1941 8:35 PM

 Fry and Leela were asleep when there was a knock at the door. Fry got up to answer it, when he opened the door, he saw a young seamen holding a stack of clothes.

“Here are those clothes that the captain promised.” The seamen said and handed Fry the stack of clothes.

“OK, thanks.” Fry said as he took the clothes from the young man and shut the door and went over to the bed where Leela was sound asleep. 

Fry sat on the bed gently shaking Leela “Leela, we got those clothes, and we’re almost to Cavite.”

Leela slowly rolled over and rubbed her eye “What did you say Fry?” she mumbled.

“Here are the clothes that we were promised, and we’re almost to port.”

Fry then handed her clothes to her, which were standard Navy enlisted men uniforms; which consisted of a light blue t-shirt and jeans. Both of them had finished putting their new uniforms, when they heard a knock at the door. “Come in” they said in unison. The door opened to reveal Commander Matt Sherman.

“We’re just about ready to put into port. What I want you to do is stay here on the boat until I get back. I’m going to talk to talk the base commander, Captain Henderson, about what to do with you.” Sherman said, then he turned and left the room heading towards the con.

“Well looks like we’re stuck here until this is mess is figured out. Or the professor figures out something” Fry said.

Planet Express
New-New York
December 9, 1941 12:00 PM

Back at Planet Express, the Professor, Bender, and Amy were gathered around a vehicle that looked like an ancient V-22 Osprey from the Stupid Ages. Like the original Osprey, this one featured engine nacncells on the wings, which allowed the Osprey to change from vertical flight to horizontal flight. The difference with this one was that instead of propeller blades, there were more modern lift jets. The Personnel Retrieval Vehicle (PRV) was painted a dark gray and on the tail assembly had the Planet Express logo. Also the PRV had time machine installed in it, and it had a variety of sensors that allowed the crew to locate the people they were trying to find. It also had a camouflage feature, similar what the Amphibians like Kif have.

“Good news everyone! The Personnel Retrieval Vehicle is ready to go.” The Professor said

“Are you sure we’ll be able find them professor?” Amy asked

“Oh my yes, since I have got the DNA samples from Fry and Leela already in the system, locating them shouldn’t be a problem.” The Professor said
“You better be right meat bag, now let’s get going before Fry ends up dead and me without his fifty bucks.” Bender said and boarded the PRV from the rear ramp., with a beer in hand.

“How does this thing work Professor?” Amy asked as she sat in the right seat, looking at all the digital displays.

“The screen here displays all of the engine information” the Professor said pointing to the large black screen farthest to the right. Pointing to the center screen “this one displays your navigational information, as well as where the target is and estimated time of arrival. The center one acts as both a videophone and gives you the drone display. To control the drone, you press the ‘activate drone’ icon and it will launch off the wing. You use the same controls as the aircraft, the drone can only be activated while in hover and it can be automated too.”

“Ok thanks professor, Bender you ready to go?” Amy asked when Bender was seated in the left seat.

“Sure thing skin-tube, let’s get this baby rolling.”

The professor left the PRV and pressed a button on a nearby wall that produced the same vortex that had sucked in Fry and Leela. Amy set the correct point in time, December 10, 1941 and the PRV was sucked into the vortex.
Chapter 6

USS Sea Tiger
Cavite Naval Base
Luzon, Philippines
December 12, 1941 8:30 AM

   The Sea Tiger was docked alongside a wharf, and men were scurrying around her, making any repairs and loading and off loading equipment. Fry and Leela were on the bridge watching the flurry of activity. Leela had on a hat to conceal her hair and was wearing a pair of aviator sunglasses to help conceal her single eye. Suddenly, a pitch wine sounded and one of the men shouted “AIR RAID! HIT THE DECK!” Fry immediately grabbed Leela and shouted “We have to get to shore!” and then they both scurried down the latter and down the gangplank, when one of the planes over head dropped its bomb load, hitting the Sea Tiger and heavily damaging it.

By instinct, Fry had pushed Leela to ground as soon as they got off the Sea Tiger to put himself between Leela and the flying pieces of burning hot shrapnel.

“FRY! FRY! Are you all right?!” Leela said as she was trying to get Fry off of her. Fry only moaned in response. When Leela put her hand on Fry’s back, she felt it was wet, when she saw her hand, it was covered in blood. “MEDIC! I NEED A MEDIC!” She screamed as she shifted Fry off of her. A medic soon arrived and began to tear off the uniform Fry was wearing.

The medic then began to remove the pieces shrapnel that had been lodged in Fry’s back. “He’s going to be OK Ma’am, he’s lucky that none of them hit his spine, or else he would have been paralyzed.”

Leela then held up Fry’s head and began to say “Oh  Phil, I thought I would lose you, I don’t want to lose you, or your love. That’s right Phil, I love you.”

“I love you too Leela.” Fry said 

  The medic then injecting him with morphine. “Ma’am, could you help me carry him to the base hospital so that they can finish this?” the Medic said as began to lift Fry’s arm in a fireman’s carry. “Sure.” Leela said as she was wiping a tear from her eye. She then helped the medic carry him to the hospital.

When Leela and the medic entered the hospital, they saw that it was almost to capacity with wounded men and their buddies. The nurse then entered from the operating room and announced “Which of you is the most seriously wounded?” then the medic who was holding Fry said, “This man here, he’s got some shrapnel in the back, with some near the spine. He needs to see a surgeon. “

“OK follow me.”  The nurse said and lead then down a corridor toward the operating room.

“Next!” one of the surgeons said as an orderly was removing a patient. The surgeons name tag said ‘Potter’. The medic and Leela then dragged Fry over to the surgeon and laid him on the table.

After Fry was put under the knife, Leela left the OR and went stood in the door watching as the surgeon operated on Fry.

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