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Author Topic: intractive fan fic therd  (Read 5561 times)
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Writer unit32

« Reply #40 on: 02-01-2007 15:45 »
« Last Edit on: 02-01-2007 15:45 »

Finally,a update!

Fry was getting nervous(about time!) "I'd like to be saved nw!Is there a hero somewhere here?"
"Silence!" Big G roared,"I 'll have to spare you,but that doesn't meen you wont be tortured!"
Leela raised an eye-brow,"You'll have to spare us?Why,exactly?"
Big G looked at her with a smug."You dont know,do you?"
"Know what?"
It looked like Big G was having fun toying with her"I thought they would tell you.."
"Who 'they'?"
"The Nibblonians, of course."
Now Leela was seriously shocked,"Nibblonians?!...Like Nibbler?But how...What?..What are you talking about?"
Big G was about to answer,when a widem beam hit the earth not too far away from them.
They looked up and saw what was causing the explosions.A space station,strongly resembling a death-star,was aproaching them.
"A DOOP stronghold" Big G said,horrified.

Meanwhile, on Hundcmir 7,a planet so close to Hundchmir 2,that they're athmospheres collided,Writer Unit32, was trying to get done with his paperwork for today,so he could go hunt humans.He looked out of a window,and saw a space station aproacing Hundcmir 2.
"Well that's new..." He said ,before coming back to the paper work.

Do the Writer!
*insert dansing animation here*

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #41 on: 02-02-2007 04:14 »

The DOOP Death Star drew closer launched a small spherical ship with two jutting wings poking out of it.

It descend through the atmospher blasting lasers at all its enemy ships, killing more innocent bystanders then it did enemies.

It flew through the hole in the roof and slid to a halt 10 metres away from Big G.
Big G desperately fired his BBG at it but it's vaporising blasts were stopped by the ship's might 24 kilowatt shield.

A door opened in the side of the ship and a ramp slid out of it. The PE crew stepped back as the doors began to open. A heavy breathing sound was heared as a black armoured figure wearing a strange shaped black visor strode out. The creatures hand was curled around some sort of metal stick with a hole at one end. It thumed a switch on it and it sprange to life emitting a strange red, laser sword.

Big G fired his BBG in vain. The laser sword deflected it and zoomed over Bender's head.
Big G moaned " No! It's my mortal enemy, Darth Deca!
Writer unit32

« Reply #42 on: 02-02-2007 15:57 »

Big G shooted at Darth Deca numerous times,missing each one."To your ship,earthicans!", He yelled to the PE crew,still trying to shoot DD(Darth Deca).Finally he nearly got him.Darth Deca was able to block the beam with his 'lightsaber',but has lost balanse and almost fell over.
Big G took advantage of that and started running after Fry,Bender and Leela.For a creature of his size,he was increadibly fast.Unfortunetly for him,after he catched up with Leela,she made him trip.Taking advantage of Big G's fall,she grabbed the BBG and started running to the ship with it.She was nearly there,when Big G jumped on her back. "Get off of me you...Whatever you are!" She screamed.
Darth Deca tried to stab him while he was on Leela's back.Big G was too fast for him,but unfortunetly,Leela wasn't.She wasn't killed,but her shirt catched fire.
Still in her burning shirt she finally got to the ship.Fry and Bender weren't there yet,so she needed to wait for them.She took of her burning shirt and threw it in Darth Deca,after which she tried to shoot Big G with the BBG.
It was pretty soon(not too soon,but kinda soon) when Fry and Bender finally got there.They,and Leela got inside the ship.
Leela looked where to go.There was a battle starting,so it was obvious that they needed to get somewhere fast.Then she saw a exit out of the DOOP Stronghold that soldiers were coming out through.There wee no soldiers there anymore,but it was still opened.
She started up the ship and flew in there.
Bending Unit
« Reply #43 on: 02-02-2007 15:58 »
« Last Edit on: 02-02-2007 15:58 »

 wirter got there b4 me srry
Bending Unit
« Reply #44 on: 02-02-2007 17:54 »
« Last Edit on: 02-02-2007 17:54 »

and the winner IS
 durm roll plz decapodian for best story now u can start the niext interative FAN FIC
Writer unit32

« Reply #45 on: 02-02-2007 17:57 »

Is it that hard for you to understand that we're still writing the first fic?!

Delivery Boy
« Reply #46 on: 02-02-2007 18:12 »
« Last Edit on: 02-02-2007 18:12 »

I guess I'll continue with this.

"That was a close one," Fry said.  "I wasn't scared at all," Bender said heroically, just then a space ship for one started to fire at them. "HUWAHAWAHUWAPLIJABIT," Bender yelled(He screamed ok.) Darth Deca stepped into the control room and said "Give me the droid,"  "Sorry but I'm nothing but a bending unit not a droid," Bender said.  "Oh, ok see ya," Darth Deca replied.  Just then he fell to the ground in ashes.  "You fools you thought you could defeat me?" Big G said.  Just then Nibler came and ate him.  "That was interesting," Leela said.  As they where going home a taxi cab went by them, in it was Hermes.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #47 on: 02-03-2007 06:09 »
« Last Edit on: 02-03-2007 06:09 »

Originally posted by Bender_the_Grea:
  Just then he fell to the ground in ashes. 

Oh sure... kill off my character will you!
Why dont you kill off WU32's charachter!

Anyway I guess I'll finish off the story.

Just then Big G burst out of Nibbler's stomach! " Nooooo!" cried Leela as scraps of Nibbler splattered everywhere.
She jumped up and karate kicked him off the ship.

As the ship began to lift off, Hermes saw Big G attach something to the ship.
" Sweet Jah!" He yelled but it was too late. The ship exploded in a mighty explosion.

The fireball traveled down a steam pipe and overbalanced the core of the planet.
The planet blew up in a spectacular explosion and debris rained down on Hundchmir 7 and by a curious coincidence one of the pieces hit Writer Unit 32 on the head and killed him.

The screen widened and it turned out the entire episode had just been a stimulation on the What-if machine.
The Proffessor watched as the screen went blank.
"They would all die if I send them to Hundchmir 2?" he said in astonishment. " Hmmmm, I could use a new crew.."

The next day the Proffessor annonced to the crew " Good news everybody! You have a delivery to Hundchmir 2, the Bank Planet"
In his head he was thinking
"They're all going to die. And they'll also kill Decapodian and Writer Unit 32 as well! Oh my yes....
Tell me what you think of the ending..
Time for Bender19 to judge the winner..


Writer unit32

« Reply #48 on: 02-03-2007 09:24 »
« Last Edit on: 02-03-2007 09:24 »

Just a small run-on joke/sequel that will show WU32's stupidness.Dont worry,I'll still die    :p

The proffessor watched the ship,when someone tapped him on the sholder.He turned around and saw Writer Unit 32 giving him a evil eye.
"I was watching that too,old man!",He pointed at the What-If machine,"Were you trying to kill me?"
"Oh crap,he knows!",The Proffesor thought to himself.
"Anyway,I'm gonna go home do my paperwork for today",He stepped into the proffessor's teleporter,waving.
Farnsworth watched him teleport himself to a distanrt planet in mere seconds and thought,"Why didn't I come up with that?..."

There.Nothing chyanged anything and everyone will still die    :D

By the way,awesome ending,Decapodian!
Bending Unit
« Reply #49 on: 02-03-2007 10:59 »
« Last Edit on: 02-03-2007 10:59 »

the winner is WRITER UNIT 32  for the funniset chariter ive ever seen your cariter and the funnist scene ive ever herd well thats new lol
Bending Unit
« Reply #50 on: 02-03-2007 11:07 »

well i dont think every one dies on hunchmair 2 fry and leela are dead but bender gets up what will hapen next find out in more tales of intrest
and thats what what would happen if bender was the owner of planet exp the prof said do any of you have more qustions for the whatif machine  this is the start of anlogy of inrist 3 by the way
Writer unit32

« Reply #51 on: 02-03-2007 11:45 »

Me?Are you sure?Weren't you gonna make Decapodian the winner?Did you read everything to the end?You're not picking Decap after something as funny as the last bit he wrote?
Bending Unit
« Reply #52 on: 02-03-2007 12:04 »

wirter i like decaps story and yours a clud not decside but decap is the runnerup

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #53 on: 02-04-2007 04:11 »

Alright WU32! The slightly senile judge has spoken! You can start the new story in this thread
Writer unit32

« Reply #54 on: 02-04-2007 06:34 »
« Last Edit on: 02-04-2007 06:34 »

Lets see,plot ideas,plot ideas...

It was a normal day at Planet Express.Almost normal...
And professor Farnsworth was about to find out in what way it was almost normal

"Good news,everyo--What the?!Where the Hell is everybody?!"

Title: The Day After Fry-Day
Caption: Today everyone can relax.Except you,humans!

Today,Proffessor Farnsworth was going to send his crew on another suicidal mission,then go to his lab and conduct experiments with his highly unstable teleporter.But,as every senile scientist knows,plans change!
The professor was walking down a road thinking to himself,"How could I forget that it's Saturday?..."
Suddently,a robot with a knife jumped out of an alley and yelled,"Give me your money old man!"
The Professor just grabbed the robot's knife,shoved him and said "Get outta my way,Roberto!"
The robot,who turned out to be Roberto,just watched the professor go,with a confused look on his face."Was it something I said?..."

Meanwhile,on the roof of Robot Arms Apartmens:
Leela was about to go when Fry finally found what he and Bender were trying to find."Leela,found it!"
Leela came,looking rather annoyed,"OK where is it?"
"Fry,I dont have time for this!"
"But Leela,you can see your apartment here,from our roof.Your apartment,Leela!"
Leela just sighed."OK,Fry,but I'm going!",She said turning around and trying to open the door to the ladder(nope,no elevators.Poor Fry and Bender   :p ).
Unfortuneltly for her,someone locked the door from the inside.

Hehe,yeah,Saturday...Just wanted a little more humorous fan-fiction,with characters staying in tact.
Anyway,you can write about what any character is doing on a Saturday.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #55 on: 02-04-2007 07:12 »

"FRY!" shouted Leela, "Open this door right now!" Hearing Leela yelling, Fry clambered down from the roof.
"Whatta you mean 'open the door'? I didn't close it."
"I'm not in the mood for your games Fry, open the door!"
"But I didn't shut it!"
"Fry I swear if you don't open this door right now I'll..." Leela faltered, "...I'll do something nasty to you,"
"Fine, but I still say I didn't close it,"

So Fry walked over to the door and attempted to open it, when he also reliesed it was locked from the inside.
"I can't open it Leela, its locked," announced Fry.
"Fry! You may not be busy but I am, unlock the door!" demanded Leela.
"I would but Bender has the keys, and its locked from the inside so we can't ask someone to open it from the outside either." said Fry logically, earning a slightly surprised glare from Leela.
"For god sakes Fry, ask Bender to unlock the door!"
"Can't you do that yourself?" questioned Fry
"I could but I'm asking you too," said Leela, smiling sweetly. Fry took one look at the smile and melted.
"Okay Leela. HEY BENDER, UNLOCK THE DOOR!" he called. Leela sighed, she had meant for Fry to go and ask, but it didn't really matter as long as Bender had heard, which he had. Bender had stuck his head down to talk to them.
"Haha Meatbags, gotcha now!"
"Bender, unlock the door. NOW!" ordered Leela.
"No can do one-eye, my and Amy up here have gotten bored of Fry's annoying late night holophoner sessions and your grumpy denial. So we're leaving you in here till you've sorted it out. Later meat wads!" called Bender, slaming the roof door, and trapping Fry and Leela together.
Bending Unit
« Reply #56 on: 02-04-2007 08:59 »
« Last Edit on: 02-04-2007 08:59 »

im gona add some new careiders to fututrama you can use them in anyway rick a friend and co-worker of fry he got frozen 2 he as spider-abiltes from the sewer he barly mutad but he got out of there he as blond hair he as red and blue jacket like frys and a tshirt with a spider on the front
 u can see im a major spider man fan    :D
o and by any way dont have him die ok or torchered i dont like that have him work for planet ex
Writer unit32

« Reply #57 on: 02-04-2007 09:30 »

@Bender19; Ummm...Maybe later...
I'm not sure if I'm suppose be writing the fan-fic I started,but a shortie never hurt'd anyone,right?

Today,Turanga Leela was going to visit her parents,two mutants in the sewer.Instead she gor stuck on a roof with the one force that could spoil any plan ever - Phillip J Fry
Leela was sitting near the edge of the roof looking at the ground."Nor rain,nor sleep,nor giant man-eating birds..." She remembered the Planet Express matto,"How about getting stuck on the roof of Robot Arms Apts..."
Bending Unit
« Reply #58 on: 02-04-2007 10:29 »

you can only wirte the fanfic you started twice

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #59 on: 02-04-2007 11:09 »

Any other day Fry would have been forever grateful to Bender, but pure bad timing meant that Fry was fuming.
"Damn that robot! Damn Amy too, alway interfering, and they wonder why I'm gonna quit Planet Express." seathed Fry, catching Leela's attention immediatly.
"You're going to quit?"
"Yeah, and Bender and Amy's wonderful plan means I'm gonna miss my interview with MOM!"
"WHAT!" screeched Leela, standing bolt upright and glaring at Fry with more anger than normal, "You're leaving PLanet Express to work with MOM, after everything she's done?"
Fry's temper flared, he was sick of Leela yelling at him all the time. He stood up and decided enough was enough.
"Why the hell shouldn't I!?! If I work for MOM I'll get a decent wage and maybe some career prospects. Plus I won't have to see YOU everyday!" shouted Fry, and the last comment made Leela recoil like she'd been slapped.

"What do you mean Fry?" she demanded, her voice now showing how much that last comment had stung.
"I am so sick of you Leela! Nothing I ever do is good enough, NOTHING!! You shoot me down and always yell at me, you never give me a chance, I'M SICK OF IT AND I'M SICK OF YOU!!!"
Writer unit32

« Reply #60 on: 02-04-2007 11:35 »
« Last Edit on: 02-04-2007 11:35 »

Originally posted by Bender19:
you can only wirte the fanfic you started twice

So,that meens I can write another bit?
Anyway,I'll just make another narration.

Yes,plans change.From plans of visiting your parents,to plans of leaving all your life behind and starting a new one.But where you can get shocked the most,is where you dont have a plan.Turanga Leela didn't have a plan with Fry.

There.That's the last you've heard from the narrator.You can use him/her/it if you like,though.It's actually a spoof of a certain show I dont usually watch,but catched a episode of yesterday.
Now,I only need to wait and  then pick the winner.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #61 on: 02-04-2007 11:53 »

No Leela definatly did not have a plan for Fry anymore. She had wanted to meet her parents so she could ask for advise, advise on her feelings

"Fry I...I don't know what to say," stammered Leela.
"I don't want you to say anything, you've said enough already."
"SHUT UP!" screamed Fry, making Leela flinch, "I don't wanna hear you say anything to me. When Bender and Amy come back I'll tell them we've sorted things out. Then I'll go and tell Hermes I quit and I'll go get a job with MOM, and away from you."
"But Fry...I don't want you to go..." admitted Leela, as much to herself as to Fry. Fry turned away.
"People don't always get what they want."
Writer unit32

« Reply #62 on: 02-04-2007 12:24 »

Yay,he/she/it is used!
Now we only need atleast one more person.Anyone?

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #63 on: 02-04-2007 12:36 »
« Last Edit on: 02-04-2007 12:36 »

"What the hell are you doing, she just said she doesn't want you to go!" screamed Fry's mind, forcing Fry to cringe, "Why the hell are you doing this?!?"
"I don't wanna be rejected again," Fry muttered quietly, but it was loud enough to draw Leela's attention. She went to answer when she realised he wasn't talking to her.
"Okay I still love her but I can't take it, I need to get away,"

"Coward! You're running away!"
"I am NOT running away!" yelled Fry, startling Leela, "I'm not running away, I'm just starting over, without Leela!"
"She doesn't want you to"
"I don't want you to start again without me," whispered Leela, tears forming in her eye, "I want you to start again with me,"
Writer unit32

« Reply #64 on: 02-04-2007 12:49 »

Heh, nice update, Jle, but, seriously, we need some more people.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #65 on: 02-04-2007 12:51 »

I know, but I'm on a roll here WU32, a creative roll like I've not had in ages
Writer unit32

« Reply #66 on: 02-04-2007 12:58 »

OK,Jle,carry on!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #67 on: 02-04-2007 13:10 »
« Last Edit on: 02-04-2007 13:10 »

Hearing is a funny thing, some times we can't hear a shout and others we hear a whisper that was meant to go unheard...
"Did you hear what she just said you moron, she wants you to start over with her! This is what you've been waiting for, don't just sit there you idiot! Say something to her!"
"Are you really sure about that Leela?" asked Fry
"Moron, what sorta ques..."
"I'm sure Fry, I guess I needed to realise I might lose you before I could admit it,"
"Even if I decide to work for MOM?"
"I don't care what you do as long as you're with me,"
"Even if I do this?" said Fry moving forward to gently kiss Leela, who responed with gusto.
"What the hell, you did something right for once Phil...well done."
Writer unit32

« Reply #68 on: 02-04-2007 13:29 »

Nor rain,nor sleep,nor giant man-eating birds...Nor getting stuck on the roof of Robot Arms Apts!
So,is this the end,Jle?

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #69 on: 02-04-2007 14:02 »

I dunno, maybe not, unless you want it to be. I could carry on but its at an okay ending right now. You decide.
Writer unit32

« Reply #70 on: 02-04-2007 14:04 »
« Last Edit on: 02-04-2007 14:04 »

Umm...Sure,why not.
It's the ending.
The winner is...Hmmmm,let me think...  :p
Seriously though,you're he winner,Jle

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #71 on: 02-04-2007 14:30 »

YAY, oh right, I have to start off the next one, so...

"GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!" screamed Fry, manical anger rushing through him.
"Fry please!"
"How could you Leela! Am I so bad you have to resort to him? ANSWER ME!" demanded Fry, advancing on Leela, a mad light in his eyes.
"It was a mistake, I swear!" yelled Leela backing away from Fry, he was scaring her badly.

Leela stared at Fry as he advanced on her, shrieking in insane rage. It had all been a mistake, but Fry had been so distant and the other man had offered relief. Leela told Fry that.

"One, I did not sell myself, and two, its both our faults."
"I HATE YOU, I HATE AND I WISH I'D NEVER MET YOU!" roared Fry, and with that he fled their apartment into the cold New New York night. He words to Leela hurt as much as if he had hit her, and she cried.
Bending Unit
« Reply #72 on: 02-04-2007 20:37 »

good good guys  :D
Writer unit32

« Reply #73 on: 02-05-2007 11:53 »

Leela watched the place where Fry was standing,feeling like if her heart was ripped to shreads.She tried not to cry,but tears were still poaring out of her eyes uncontrolably.
After a couple of minutes of crying and sobbing,she finally got up."What am I doing?,She tought to herself."I'm Turanga Leela,for God's sake!.She ran out of the apartment,trying not ot start crying again."Fry!" She called."Oh man,he could be amywhere in the city!", She started talking to herself."Where would I go if I was in Fry's place?..."

Hehe.I always thought it was kinda hard to write Leela 'out of character',but we pulled it of!  :p  ;)
Seriously,I never thought that it would be so hard to write shippiness!The mental anguish from only trying tro find the right words,was killing me!That's why I couldn't write more.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #74 on: 02-05-2007 12:06 »

Wicked update, my turn

Ok Turanga, think logically. This is Fry we're talking about. If he was upset, the first he would go would be to see...
"Bender!" yelled Leela outloud. She took off running towards Robot Arms, her feet pounding the pavement, faster than she'd ever run before.

Right Fry, think about this. Leela cheated on you, and you left. Where would you normally go? Okay to Bender's, so where are you gonna go to avoid her...
"To Amy's!" shouted Fry, running towards Amy's earth apartment.
Besides, if Leela can have some fun, then why can't I?

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #75 on: 02-06-2007 01:07 »

Leela ran up to the lift for Robotic Arms Apartment.
It took several minutes for her to get up there so she took the time in the lift to think. She was finding this difficult because Fry had made her lose her concentration and also because there was a virtual advertisement hanging around the elevator badgering her about it's product.
Hmmm, if Fry was mad he'd run to Bender but what if he knew she was following him...? Hed run to another persons house... but who?[/I}"NO FOR THE LAST TIME I DONT WANT TO BUY YOUR STUPID ARACHNO-SPORES!" she roared at the advertisement that had not only derailed her train of thought but also smashed it up and robbed the passengers.

Meanwhile at the PE biulding the Prof. was trying out  one of his unfinished inventions
" Ah, my Superpower pills. If they work I'll have Superpowers and then I'll rule the world!"
Quickly he popped them into his mouth.
He raised his hands in antancipation for the powers that will let him rule the world!
Nothing happened.
"Damn it!" swore the prof. as he ran the pills through his Spectro-Anyolyser." According to this they would only work on some kind of disgusting lobster creature! They're no use to me" he cried as he threw the pills into the garbage chute

Meanwhile Zoidberg was in the PlanEX dumpsters when some red pills came flying out of the garbage shoot.
"Oooooh, candy" he exclaimed. He gulped down the pills and a strange tingling ran down his exoskeleton.
His eyes dilated and shot lasers, melting the Dumpser. "Superpowers!" Zoidberg yiped in amazement." Lets see what else I can do, eh?"
He then ran with supersonic speed to a resturant.
he used his superstrength to smash down the walls and stole the food.
He then flew to Mars in a few seconds with his flying powers, as he ate his sandwhich.
As he was finishing his sandwhich, he was struck by a thought." I can become a superhero!" he said happily.
" It is now time to begin my crimefighting career as... SUPERCLAM!"
(Them song starts)
Superclam, hes the man,
If he can do noone can!
He catches our crooks and steals our food!
with his laser eyes and his superstrength, dude!

He can fly through space!
Hes better then the Human race!

(Theme Music ends)
As he was flying throught NNY, a strange tingling went through him.
" My lobstey sense is tingling! And it isnt mating season so it can mean only one thing!
My friends are in danger!"
"Superclam away!"
Zoidberg just arrived at Amy's earth apartment to see Leela fire her laser gun at Fry who appeared to be engaged in a mating ritual with Amy.
"Nooooo!" cired Zoidberg as the laser blast shot from the gun and headed towards Fry!

Writer unit32

« Reply #76 on: 02-06-2007 01:45 »

"Stay back,Doctor Zoidberg!" Leela cried starting to crack up.
"No!I have a piece of metal on my body,the size of a bullet!If you hit it,I will remain unhurt!" Zoidberg exclaimed.Leela shot him,causing him to fall down in a puddle of blood.
"Leela,it's not what you think it is!" Amy cried.
"Leela,please!Do you honestly think that I would not only let Fry cheat on you,but let him cheat on you with me?"
"I never thought that you could,but you did!And for that,you're gonna die,you bitch!" Leela yelled switching the laser pistol from Stun to Kill.
"Noo!" Zoidberg yelled,jumping on Leela and grabing her.Amy took advantage of this,grabing her own laser pistol.Now,Amy wasn't the best shooter in the world,so she acsidently gave Leela a chance to save herself,which Leela used.She ducked and the laser beam from Amy's pistol shot Zoidberg in the chest.
Zoidberg fell on the ground. "Aaahhhhhhhh--Hey,you shot my bullet-size medal!I'm saved!"
Leela and Amy were circling each other again.It seemed like it'll never end...

« Reply #77 on: 02-06-2007 04:43 »

Awesome fanfic!

Delivery Boy
« Reply #78 on: 02-06-2007 06:44 »

Fry stood like a statue in overwhelming disbelief to his surroundings. The two females continued to gladiate with Leela eventually getting the upper hand. She straddled Amy with one hand around her neck as she fumbled around with her right hand for a weapon.

The only thing within reach was a peculiar laser of some sort with lots of random commands appearing in quick succession such as "kill", "induce seizure", "alter nightmares", "immobilise limbs" appearing on the small screen in a mysterious alien language. Leela's mother had taught her to read this so understanding it was hardly an issue, but the cycle was speeding up making it harder to use accurately

Now Leela was panicking. Fearing something horrible would come up as she pressed it was trebling her anxiety. What was one doing in Amy's apartment anyway?

She then looked at her attacker again to find she was unconscious.....

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #79 on: 02-06-2007 10:08 »

This is getting good, can't wait for more
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