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: new fan fiction. fear not! easy layout!  (Read 896 times)
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« : 01-17-2006 18:28 »


Mein website: http://www.triggerhappyjim.tk/

fan fiction by me and a friend who is also a part of this forum. look out for him: mookie427.

anywho, should come under readables in t' links column.

read and rate, read and rate!

« #1 : 01-18-2006 12:02 »
« : 01-18-2006 12:02 »

seriously, i'd appreciate feedback.

these are our first attempts.

i can just post them on this page but thats a lot of effort for one so lazy as i
Ice Cube

Delivery Boy
« #2 : 01-18-2006 12:48 »

Sure you could, just copy and paste them. Simple.

« #3 : 01-18-2006 13:21 »

i voted no .1

« #4 : 01-18-2006 13:44 »

no.1 indeed. good choice.
you gonna read too?

kk ice cube here. This ones mine:

Relevance to 9/11 was only realised after writing half of the script, so apologies on that. Get over it.
Music not included in script. Use your imagination.

Titles etc
Caption: Attention! Episode non-refundable
Opens onto robot arms apts
Fry sitting back in chair holding unopened can of slurm

Fry: 1000 years and mankind is yet to better the good old-fashioned ring pull.

Can peels off the opener by itself. Then throws itself in the bin. It misses and rolls off the edge.

Fry: aw man

Enter bender

Bender: hey I got that shopping you “needed”. Since when have humans needed food anyway your all gonna die. Hail the glorious robot cause!

Stands to attention and salutes.

Fry: yeah but the amount of peanut butter I’m gonna eat before then does not change. Gimme gimme gimme!

Hands jar of peanut butter to fry. Bender then takes crate of beer out of bag. Crumples bag up and throws it behind him. Opens beer

Bender: baby, you just made my day.

Downs beer and eats bottle

Fry: didn’t you get anything else? Is this it?

Bender: nah, this is just all I paid for. Move over meatbag, I gotta take a weight off my feet.

Bender sits down clinking, opens compartment and lifts out two more crates, giggling.

Bender: ah, spoils! (Removes a bottle opens and drinks) is that all your gonna eat?

Fry :(indignantly) no! The professor has a refrigerator for a reason. And now I’ve moved all those organs away there’s space for food in it to.

Morbo: however the wizards of planet oz 6 declined the space witch of the west’s peace offer, thus the war between them has not yet been brought to an end.
Linda: and now for some completely unrelated news - The society for useless science today released statistics showing that 85% of the working population are late to their jobs every day.
Morbo:  making our invasion even easier! Fools! But wait. Morbo suspects a trap. What are you hiding (grabs Linda and shakes her) tell me! Or I will destroy you!

Fry: hey that reminds me, don’t we have jobs.

Bender: no

Fry: you know, that place where we get paid to do what were doing now.

Bender: what? Nothing?

Fry: mm hm

Bender: ah yes now I remember.

Fry: shouldn’t we go then?

Bender: nah

Fry: oh. Ok


Bender: wait you mentioned pay.

Open onto Planet Express building.
Bender and fry, Leela to, are sitting on couch “watching all my circuits” exactly as before Amy in corner trying to catch her mobile which keeps scuttling away. Cursing indistinguishably in Cantonese.

Leela (to TV): No! Don’t marry him! He doesn’t really love you!

Bender burps and Leela looks round surprised.

Leela: hey when did you sneak in?

Bender: about 20 minutes ago.

Leela: oh god (worried) what did you hear?

Fry: nothing.

Bender: oh yeah and by the way, I’m sorry but I don’t think Peter Krause loves you.

Leela winces.

Leela: (panicking and going red) I wasn’t saying that about me. I wanted…err…erm… her to…

Bender: I’m gonna stop you there before you embarrass yourself. (Pause, harsh laugh)

Fry: do you always talk to the TV? Or just if you want the people who live in it to have… (Cut short)

(Professor Farnsworth and Hermes enter)

Farnsworth: good news everyone! I have just found a way to save the company thousands of dollars!

All: hooray!

Hermes: Your all fired.


Bender: you suck.

Farnsworth: yes, that comes with age.

Fry: is there a reason?

Farnsworth: oh my yes, and a fairly interesting story too

(Flash back – you know, wiggly lines and swirling harp music)
Professor Farnsworth in room with smelloscope.  Walks up to desk holding hammer, remote and small box <Power sock. Yam a power sock in it! >
Farnsworth narration: I was putting a new nuclear battery in the TV remote but my attention wandered.
While narration, Farnsworth opens box to reveal glowing rectangle. Removes back of remote and empties small grey rectangle onto table. Carefully lines up new battery then picks up hammer and starts hitting. Camera moves away to balcony (we can no longer see the battery) owls land on balcony
Dream Farnsworth: (looks towards owls and waves free hand at them) Go away you pesky owls!
Hammer makes assorted smashing sounds as Farnsworth continues randomly hitting things.
(End flash back)

Farnsworth: the unique combination of the different broken materials somehow
re-combobulated the remote (waves remote), so that it now controls the ship. I also constructed some ultra cheap robots to deliver the package using the same control unit. (Pushes button. Arpeggio bleep)

Electric motor whirring noise as robot trundles onto scene and stops.

Robot: here is your package. Thank you for using planet express.

Bender: neat! (Takes photo) does it say anything else?

Farnsworth: oh my no.

Bender: unique eh? So you’d certainly be in a mess if someone stole it.

Farnsworth: yes, I’d probably never be able to remake it, and then I would have to re-hire you lot.

Bender: you don’t say.

Leela: how could you do this professor? I thought we were your friends. And fry’s your oldest living relative, how could you do this to him?

Fry: Yeah how could you do this to me?

Leela: shut up Fry.

Fry: yes captain. (Salutes) hey wait. Your not the captain any mo…

Leela: (interrupting) and Hermes, I… actually no this is something I would expect you to do.

Hermes: hey mon’, I find dat’ offensive. Now get packin’ before I call da’ police for tresspassin’!

Outside shot
Crew – Leela, fry, Amy and bender - in locker room

Fry: I can’t believe he fired us.

Leela: well he has done it more than twice in the past.

Fry: I know, I mean I can’t believe he fired us again.

Amy: you think you’re unlucky. Its back to mars for me, to live with my parents.

Bender: what’s so bad about that? Your parents are sickeningly rich.

Amy: You’re a cold metal robot without parents. You wouldn’t understand.

Bender starts sobbing then sits down next to fry with head in hands crying

Amy: I think I’ll just stay here in New New York.

 Fry: I wonder how I’m gonna pay for stuff without money.

Leela: yeah you’ll have a problem there.

Bender: (recovered, stands up) whoa, whoa, whoa. I appreciate that you guys have been fired but what this crap about paying? Just leave that to ole’ uncle bender. (Thumps chest twice)

Hermes comes halfway down stairs
Hermes: two police officers just arrived looking for a Mr Bender.

Bender: wahhhhh! (Panicking noises. Runs around in a little circle waving arms and then hides in locker)

Fry: wait have we forgotten someone?

Cut to PE conference table. Dr Zoidberg is sitting back with feet on table, looking around him.

Zoidberg: Where did everyone go?

Delivery robot trundles up (electric whirring noise) to table holding box

Robot: here is your package. Thank you for using planet express.

Zoidberg spins round

Zoidberg: finally.

Opens box and devours contents noisily.

Cut back to robot arms apts.
Fry and bender enter through front door.

Fry: aw man, I gotta think of what to do with the rest of my life.

Sits down with slurm in exactly same position on sofa as at work.

Bender: meh, looks like you’ve found something. (Leans against door frame, arms crossed)

Fry: how could he just replace us with hyper efficient robots who do our jobs hundreds of time better than us? He should be ashamed. Very ashamed. So ashamed that he eats his damned robots and come crawling back to us, giving us praise and money. I’m mad! I’m really mad!

Bender: one does find oneself questioning the professor’s logic. However I believe that part of your, to say the least, unorthodox daydream shall be acted upon.

Fry: eh?

Bender opens compartment and pulls out the all-powerful TV remote and hands it to fry

Bender: I stole the remote.

Fry: hooray! Now we’ll be forced to work together again! But why do you care about what happens to our jobs?

Bender: I don’t, its just handy having a place where I can hide stuff of a sensitive nature.

Fry: And now just to sit back and wait for the call. The call where we get our lives back. (Points remote at TV and turns on. Nothing happens. Fry screams)

Cut to PE ship pad. Professor shuffling past back of space ship. Engines start, roof opens and ramp tilts up.

Farnsworth: wha?

Cut back to robot arms apts.

Bender: What, what?

Fry: the TV! Its not working!

Bender: (sharp intake of breath) No! (Concerned) Quick! Try pressing all the different buttons!

(Both start stabbing buttons on remote, teeth on edge)

Cut back to ship on launch ramp. Professor is inspecting glowing engines.

Farnsworth: hmmmm…

Ship makes grinding gear changing noises and engines fire up. Farnsworth screams. Ship takes off.
Wiggly PE ship flyby

Cut back to robot arms apts. We can see PE ship flying randomly in background.

Fry: It’s no good! All is lost.

Bender: no wait, try changing the channel lots.

We see PE ship in background dip sharply and hear distant smashing noise. Pulls back up.

Bender: ah well. We’ll just have to get another one. Now which bag to take.

We see assortment of sacks – swag, large swag, huge swag, and wide swag. Benders hands appear and choose wide swag. Does evil giggle.
See bender with sack over shoulder. Out of window PE ship speeds towards us.

Bender: ok I’ll see you later looser, depending on how many police there are.

Walks out towards door. PE ship dips just before hitting. Cut to outside shot. Ship enters building (smashing) goes down 10 floors (camera follows) and exits the other side (pop sound). Cut back to inside.  Building shakes fry holds on to sofa bender holds on to doorframe. “Whoa, wah, wwwhoa” etc. stops and Fry and sofa fall through rapidly forming hole in floor. Disappear off screen.

Fry: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (thud). Ow, my skin.

Bender: hahahahahaha hahahahahaha, oh wait. (Floor continues to collapse under him. falls off screen) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (metal crunch) god dam!

Open on to Taco Bellevue Hospital
Crew gathered around fry’s bed. Bender is in next bed but surrounded by curtains. We can hear loud metal banging noises and bender going “(clang) ow (clang) ow (clang) ow”. Fry has all arms and legs in casts.

Leela: poor baby. In fact it’s lucky you were on that sofa. This could have been a lot worse.

Farnsworth: aww (disappointed). I almost had a chance there to refill my refrigerator. Minus a liver. Some crackpot moved all those organs and hid them behind my bed. The smell’s still there.

Fry: meh, I’ve had worse. My brother pushed me off the roof of the house once. The doctor said that if I had landed any other way up, my head would have looked like my ass.

Amy: even so, it would have helped if bender hadn’t landed on you. How long are you in that cast for?

Fry: erm…

Fry looks over to bedside table. A small digital clock is counting down, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1; airlock type hissing noise and cast splits in half.

Fry: there we go.

Clanging and owing stops and bender and doctor holding hammer appear through curtain. Bender rubs head as Fry sits round and puts trousers on.

Farnsworth: well, until I find that dratted remote, you’re all re-hired. But don’t get any crazy ideas about paying. I’m just bumming the work hours off you because you’re my “friends”. Oh my, did I just say that out loud?

Bender: (sobbing) that apartment was all I ever owned.

Hermes: but you had lots of tings’ Mon.

Bender: (still sobbing) I meant legally. And even that was only because I cheated at cards.

Leela: don’t worry its being rebuilt right now, but until then your gonna have to stay with someone.

Bender: no problem, Roberto owes me some big time favours I can hold against him.

Leela: Fry?

Fry: I dunno, erm, professor, can I

Farnsworth: no! The water rates are high enough what with that bladder I don’t have anymore!

Fry: well then I guess I could sleep in a box.

Leela: nuh uh, you’ll just have to stay with me.

Fry: wow thanks.

Cut to picture of Leela address (1I) zoom out to show fry and Leela standing there. Fry is looking at the address.

Fry: heh heh heh. (Leela frowns and taps foot)

Outside PE building shot.
Cut to PE conference table, Leela looking grumpy with arms crossed. Fry sporting a black eye.

Fry: I ended up sleeping in a box last night anyway. (Glares at Leela)

Leela: humph.

Farnsworth: well maybe this delivery will cheer you up. The package is being sent to planet wunderkind, a planet inhabited entirely by small intelligent, cute little bears.

Fry: oh, that sounds ok.

Farnsworth: yes, they communicate by biting each other with their razor sharp teeth.

Fry’s face falls

Fry: to make things worse, I’m gonna need a place to stay tonight. Professor, can I (cut off)

Farnsworth: No! The electricity bill won’t pay itself. That’s the only reason I’d ever want to be a politician.

Bender: yeah I’m gonna need a place to crash as well. (Sad/worried face)  me an’ Roberto had a short but very sharp disagreement so it’s probably best for me to remain inconspicuous for a while.

Amy: I guess you two could stay at mine for a couple of nights.

Fry: cool, thanks Amy.

Bender: Yeah, thanks. Anything I can do to repay you. Stuff need bending? People need beating up?

Amy: actually there is this guy…

Bender: talk to me baby.

Glitzy apartment block
Bender, Fry and Amy standing outside apartment.

Amy: I’m afraid it’s a little cluttered.

Opens door. Room is full of gadgets, gold ponies etc.

Bender: (sharp intake of breath) Hello. (Eyes extend).

Amy: don’t get any ideas Bender.

Bender: how could you accuse me of such an act? I find that offensive.

Amy: I’ll believe you when you put that clock back on the wall.

Bender: Aw jeez.

(Opens compartment and takes out huge cuckoo clock. As he is re-attaching the clock to the wall the clock chimes and the bird pops out and pecks bender: cuckoo… ow… cuckoo… ow… etc)

Fry: wow I wonder what it’s like being so rich.

Amy: its not as good as it sounds. Apart from anything, I’m supposed to have standards when dating. Please.

Fry: shouldn’t you have those anyway?

Amy folds arms and taps foot in perfect impression of Leela. Fry cowers away.

Bender: What, we’re going? Ok lemme just do one thing. (Grabs golden pony) cheese it! (Both run)

Outside PE building shot
PE conference table, all but Zoidberg present. Leela and Amy looking grumpy with arms crossed.

Fry: I ended up seeping in the same place last night. (Glares at Amy and Leela)

Bender: (Wearing topper, monocle and smoking a cigar) heh heh, don’t know what your complaining about. Tell the plebs what recently rich uncle bender got you Fry.

Fry: A carpet to line my box with. Is there somewhere I can stay tonight?

Hermes: sure ting Mon.
Fry: cool.

Farnsworth: well, for once I’m not even going to pretend that you’ll enjoy this next delivery.

Hermes: your off to de’ infamous protectrix system to deliver dis’ cookie dough to de’ old inhabitants of space Florida.

All intake of breath.

Leela: Professor, don’t make us do it! Pleeeeaaaaase!

Fry: (panicky) oh no! More old people!

Farnsworth: that’s right. Now good luck and in gods name, avoid stray war stories.

Open on to Hermes’ house (outside shot) “later”

Fry: Thanks for your hospitality Mrs Conrad, and first course was delicious. You Jamaicans sure know how to fill someone up

Mrs Conrad (Labarbara): ah your welcom’ dere’ Fry. I ope’ you ave’ an enjoyable time ere’ with us.

Hermes: Fry, can you elp’ me prepare dis’ ackee and salt fish?

Fry: What’s that?

Conrad family gasp. Mrs Conrad crosses arms and taps foot like Amy. Fry looks worried.

Fry: what? What?

Outside shot of PE building
PE conference table the next day

Fry: (angry) …So I got back to my box yesterday (glares at Hermes, Amy and Leela in turn) only to find that some jerk had not just taken my carpet, but also the box. I ended up sleeping on what turned out to be another homeless guy.

Leela: hmmm. (Hint of worry.)

Farnsworth: well at least you’ll enjoy today’s task.

Leela: oh lord. Where are we off to today?

Farnsworth: nowhere! It’s some crappy holiday, which makes me have to tell you that your all allowed to do what you want, in order to appear like a nice boss. Stupid regulations!

Fry: I’ve got to find somewhere to stay tonight. Professor, please let me stay here tonight. I promise I won’t use the shower.

Farnsworth: on the contrary… aww, all right. But you’re sleeping in the basement with scruffy.

Scruffy: scruffy’s gon’ give ya the tour before you goes on the big job spoken of previously.

Dripping basement. Scruffy turns lights on. Fry follows him down the stairs.

Scruffy: this here’s the bed.

Lies down on bed and starts reading magazine

Crew watching TV in lounge. Fry enters through door.

Fry: right. I’m sorted for another couple of weeks.

Leela: Are you sure? I went down there earlier and it’s not nice. It’s cold and damp and you don’t even have a bed.

Fry: meh, I’ve had worse.

Leela: stop saying that! Just because you’ve had worse doesn’t mean you should put up with it! Please come back and stay at my apartment, for your sake.

Fry: (needling Leela) are you worrying about me? I’ll be fine. I just hope the rats don’t eat my shoes.

Leela makes worried face.

Bender: (half paying attention) heh heh, rats. Eat shoes. Heh heh heh.

Shot of outside, Music Bridge. “1 week later” PE conference table. Fry is a mess. Clothes ripped, bags under eyes, scratches.

Farnsworth: Good news everyone. (Takes out air horn. Fry is asleep with head on table. Professor gives fry a blast with the air horn fry screams and jumps) I said GOOD NEWS deaffo. The space Nazis have been pushed back by doop and squid planet 7… (Gives fry who is dozing off another blast. Screams again) is again under earth control. If we move quickly, we can become sole suppliers to the rapidly growing hair band market. I’m sending you off with Hermes to do some market research. And on a different matter, has anyone seen Dr Zoidberg this week?

All (but Fry): No.

Farnsworth: wonderful! Off you go. (Give fry another blast with air horn, screams etc)

PE ship takeoff and flyby.

Leela: its not too far. Only a couple of million, million miles. You might want to take a nap. (Fry starts snoring immediately. Leela smiles)

Bender: what you lookin’ at him for? Go to sleep. (Cover slides down and also starts snoring)

Leela looks at Fry fondly. Covers him over with a blanket.

Bender: I said, go to sleep. (Leela jumps) I’m not carrying any bodies around when the oxygen runs out.

PE ship slow flyby

Leela: (softly) wake up fry, we’re here. (Shakes his shoulders)

Fry: (waking slowly then…) wha? (Jumps up) Ahhhh! Leave me alone you stupid rats! Oh, its just you. Sorry, it’s just that since the rats in the basement ate that table I was sleeping on, they’ve taken a liking to my fingers.

Leela: Hmmm.

Hermes: when you mango farmers ave’ finished sympathising you’ll realise dat’ its time to roll.

Fry: o(yawning)k. I’ll go down and push the (yawn) thing.

Exit with Hermes.

Bender: What is it with you two? You finally falling for him?

Leela: Yeah… (Pause) I mean no! I mean I’m just worried about him. He’s had almost no sleep over the past week.

Bender: I know. Hilarious isn’t it! (Laughs) In my opinion, sleep is the downfall of the human race. But I can’t really complain. I do constantly take advantage of it.

Hermes pokes head through bridge door.

Hermes: we got a problem.

Cut to cargo bay. Fry has fallen asleep on crate.

Bender: no worries, the professor gave me this. (Pulls air horn from compartment. Give Fry a blast. Fry screams and jumps. Hermes goes off screen)
Leela: Fry; you can’t go on like this. Please stay with me until the apartment is fixed.

Fry: I can’t. I made fun of you address. I don’t deserve it.

Leela: that hardly matters right now. At least let me deliver this crate for you while you go and get some sleep.

Fry: No! As delivery boy, I have to make sure the package reaches its destination.

Leela: fine, but if you deliver this then you have to stay with me.

Fry: fine! (Leela smiles) wait, (camera zooms out) where’s the crate? (Crate has indeed vanished. Hermes is back)

Hermes: I delivered it while you two were arguing. You seemed busy.

Fry: aw crud.

Outside shot of Leela’s apartment. Cut to fry and Leela standing outside as before. Fry is looking at the apartment number, Leela at Fry.

Fry: It’s just not funny the second time I guess.

Leela smiles, unlocks and opens door and goes in.

Fry: heh heh. (Follows Leela in)

Inside apartment.

Fry: wow, it hasn’t changed a bit. What memories.

Leela: yeah (reminiscing) but don’t get any ideas.

Fry: I suppose I shouldn’t.

Camera effect. Everything speeds up; we see the week of fry’s stay in fast motion. Shows Fry and Leelas’ week. Them having fun, talking into the night etc.

Shot of outside PE building
Inside, conference table.

Farnsworth: Good news all round today. Hermes, you’re being promoted for your part in the hair band project…

Hermes: Jehovah’s witnesses! A promotion!

Farnsworth: and demoted for your part in the hair band fiasco.

Hermes: (tearful) Requisition me a tissue mon.

Farnsworth: Yes, thanks to the hair band fiasco you’re all being demoted. I haven’t thought up names for your new positions yet but you will all be receiving sixty percent less pay than before. Also, Fry, Bender. Your apartment has almost been repaired. I have been informed that you can move back in tonight.

(Same time)
Bender: woo hooo!
Fry: Yeah! At last

Fry: I wonder if any of my stuff will be there?

Bender: hahahahaha, hahahahaha, hahahaahaha! Oh you were being serious.

Farnsworth: oh, and I almost forgot. Has anyone seen Zoidberg over the past two weeks?

All: no.

Farnsworth: Wonderful, wonderful! Now get lost. I’m expecting an order any minute and I don’t want your ugly, ugly faces embarrassing me on the videophone.

Shot of PE building
All congregated around the table in the lounge minus Farnsworth and Zoidberg. Fry and bender are sitting down

Fry: oh man! I can’t wait to get back to our apartment!

Bender: me neither. The water in that alley I was staying in was rusting my feet.

Fry: its gonna be great having a place where I can do all those embarrassing things I don’t do. Leela, as a way of saying thank you for letting me stay with you, it’d be great if you would let me take you out tonight.

Leela: (Smiles) I’d like that.

(Pause. Fry and Leela smiling at each other)

Bender: get a room! (Angry looks towards bender)

Outside shot of Elzars fine cuisine (night). Fry and Leela dressed up for date.

Fry: all on me, and no expense spared. Promise me not to hold back.

Leela: Wow, erm ok. Since when have you become such a big spender?

Fry: since I stopped being scammed by bender for two weeks. Keeping away from him for a while really helps my wallet grow.

Elzar: (carrying pad) I heard the words big spender and wallet while eavesdropping so I decided you needed serving. (Turning to fry) so, tryin’ to score eh? Well you’re in good hands. Everything here is hideously over priced so that you can flash your wad in order to impress.

Leela: Hey we don’t pay you to talk. Just take our order.

Elzar: I disagree. In my opinion, you don’t pay to talk. What’ll you two lovebirds be having?

Leela: (inspects menu) oh, I don’t know. What’s good?

Elzar: all the pasta dishes are exceptionally cheap to make.

Leela: ok then, I’ll have the potato risotto.

Elzar: good choice. And for you?

Pause while Fry points at something on the menu (we can’t see). Elzar leans over to see.

Elzar: wow, you’re braver than you look.

Fry: and your finest champagne to, please.

Elzar: Bam! (Points with two of his hands at Fry. Elzar walks off)

Leela: I really appreciate this Fry. You know didn’t have to take me out.

Fry: Heck, you deserve it. Anyway, you speak like I’m not enjoying myself. I like being with you.

Leela puts her hand on Fry’s. They move together, as to kiss. A fly buzzes past.

Elzar: (off screen) Bam!

Frying pan zooms between them after fly. Startled, they part.

Elzar: and may I also suggest getting a room.

Overhead shot of central park (night)
Fry and Leela are walking side by side along path.

Fry: so the moral of the story is of course: (Fry and Leela together) don’t sell cars to drunken Greek people! (Both laugh)

Fry: I’m so glad they decided to re-build central park just the way it was in the 21st century. There’s a place I wanna show you. Here. (Takes Leela’s hand and pulls her off the path.) Just through here… (Pushing through bushes) There.

They are on a bank overlooking a lake. Beautiful view. We hear Leela gasping at view.

Leela: (awestruck) it’s so beautiful.

Fry: I must have spent months here back in the 20th century. It was just far away enough from any main road to be distracting when you were with someone. But when you were alone it was just close enough so you could hear the taxi drivers yelling at each other. I used to spend hours just listening to the sound of the park and the city.

Both sit down on bank. We watch from behind.

Leela: Fry, I’ve never seen this side of you. (Puts arm round Fry.) Tonight was great, even when those police tried to arrest you.

Fry: How can you steal someone’s suit for crying out loud?

Leela: Yeah… (Pause puts head on Fry’s shoulder. Fry puts arm around Leela) Fry?

Fry: Yeah?

Leela: Last week was a blast.

Fry: yeah. It was.


Leela: you could stay if you wanted.

Fry: (surprised) you mean move in?

Leela: do you want to?

Fry: I’d love to! (Leela looks up and smiles) it’s just…

Leela: what?

Fry: I don’t think I could do it to bender. He’s very easily upset. And he’s my best friend.

Leela: if he’s your best friend then what am I?

They move together to kiss. Interrupted.

Zoidberg: (head pokes out of lake) Get a room! (Scuttles out of lake) wait, Fry? Leela? Oh what a coincidence why not?

Fry: Zoidberg!? What the hell?

Zoidberg: I discovered crayfish in the lake and have been visiting them for the past two weeks. Did the professor miss me? (Fry and Leela glare at him)

Cut to outside Leela’s apartment. Still dark. Leela and Fry standing outside her apartment with the door open.

Leela: I had a wonderful time fry. I haven’t been treated so well in years.

Fry: just my way of saying thanks. You saved my life when you let me stay here.

Fry and Leela move together and finally kiss.

Old Lady: (off screen) Get a room!

Startled, they part.

Fry: I should go.

Leela: I’ll see you tomorrow.

Fry: Sleep tight (Leela smiles, goes in, and closes door.)

 We see Fry enter Robot Arms Apts. It is bare, completely empty. Fry looks around and smiles. Goes to his room. His door is still there with the signs saying go away bender etc. looks at it and continues smiling. Goes into room. Also empty. Takes jacket off and goes into corner. Lies down in corner and covers himself with jacket. Closes eyes. Still smiling.


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smiley was randomly produced and an accident. sorry bout that. bear in mind that this was my first attempt at this kind of thing!

here is Mookie427's work. this is also his first piece so go easy. he has another that i'll post later:


Title caption: ‘Now available in extra large or diet’
T.V Screen: Foghorn Leghorn

Ext. Hermes’ office. He is obviously angry. We hear raised voices from the inside.

HERMES: ……WHAT! Now you tell me that consignment of genetically mutated apes to Omicron Persei 8 has mysteriously disappeared?!? You are lucky I haven’t fired you yet, you useless tin can! (He pauses) You’re fired!

ROBOT 1-X: But sir, Bender- (He is cut off)

HERMES: I don’t care if Bender has got them coming out of his various body cavities, (Dr. Zoidberg takes a seat outside the office) or if Leela used them for today’s lunch, there is no excuse for incompetence in this business. I’ll see you soon for a meeting on how to do your job PROPERLY, and then maybe…I’ll rehire you.

We hear a crash, as robot 1-X goes flying through the glass in the door.

BENDER: (Taking a seat next to Zoidberg) giggling He finally got what was coming to him. (An ape opens his chest a fraction, peeks out, opens it fully, runs along the floor and is promptly eaten by Nibbler. Nibbler burps, satisfied.)

HERMES: (peering through smashed glass) Zoidberg, do come in.

Zoidberg enters. Int. office. There are various calculating machines on the desk, a ship in a bottle on a stand, and a pin-up calendar on the wall. On the floor is a mat, written on it ‘Grovel here and I won’t fire ya’

HERMES: Zoidberg, I have some good, and bad news for you. Which do you wanna hear first?

ZOIDBERG: The good news, I think.

HERMES: (leaning back in his chair) The good news is, I’m not going to fire you. The bad news is that to my astonishment, you don’t even have a medical degree! I’m afraid that without that, you cannot be our doctor anymore, so I suggest you get your shiny lobster ass into medical school pronto, or it’ll be lobster thermidor by dinner!

Zoidberg picks up the ship in a bottle

ZOIDBERG: Hermes, you are clever, how to they get it in there?

HERMES: I don’t know, and I certainly do not care.

ZOIDBERG: Lemme see if I can…oops! (His claw breaks the bottle in half, and the ship smashes on the floor)

HERMES: ZOIDBERG! You stupid lobster! (He unhooks a flyswatter from the wall)
ZOIDBERG: But…but…

Hermes chases Zoidberg out of the office, hitting him with the flyswatter. Zoidberg woops as he scuttles away

Int. Planet Express meeting room. Professor Farnsworth walks in, clipboard in hand. All except Zoidberg are seated at the table.

FARNSWORTH: Good news, everybody! Zoidberg has gone!

ALL EXCEPT SCRUFFY: Yay!!!!!! (Fry and Leela high-five)

AMY: Scruffy, aren’t you going to cheer? (Scruffy is sitting in chair, feet on desk, magazine in hand)

SCRUFFY: Scruffy did cheer once; it was when I still had my left foot. (Scruffy turns a page in his magazine, titled ‘Explicitly For All’. His left foot then falls off, but he doesn’t notice) Yep, sure was a good foot.

FARNSWORTH: Eh?………..Oh! That wasn’t the good news! Good news everybody…again?

There is a lengthy pause.

AMY: Aren’t you going to say something?

BENDER: He’s frozen! Shall I hit him?

HERMES: Nah, hit him later. When he’s asleep. Yes…hit him…asleep

FARNSWORTH: (Coming out of his daze)……Eh? I just noticed Zoidberg was missing. Anyway, after the recent ape fiasco, I am demoting all of you to trainee delivery people. Therefore, your first assignment will be to deliver this dangerous sticky mass of tar to some dangerous space mutants on Nova Perinon 12. They need it to keep the cave monsters happy.

LEELA: Trainees? Aww phooey!

FRY: Hey, Farnsworth, while Zoidberg has gone, who will, you know, do that thing to you, you know, when you are ill?

FARNSWORTH: Doctor you?

FRY: Doctor who?


FRY: Oh, that one.

FARNSWORTH: That is up to you, my friend…now off you all skip to Nova Perinon 12.

The crew get up and walk out towards the ship.

Ext. Job Centre. Sign outside reads ‘Making you job so simple, no one cares of the consequences’. Zoidberg walks up to the door.

ZOIDBERG: Goodbye, freedom. (He scuttles inside)

Int. Job Centre reception area.

RECEPTIONIST: Hello, which course would you like to enrol in?

ZOIDBERG: (Hesitating) Err…..Do you have a, you know, medical course?

RECEPTIONIST: (Blowing bubblegum bubble) Yeah, sure, medical experiments, second door on left.

ZOIDBERG: (Realising what she has said) YOU! I am NOT an experiment! I want to learn medicine! I’ll kill you! (He runs at her, claws snapping wildly)

RECEPTIONIST: (Still blowing ever-increasing bubble) Whatever, second door on left.

We see Zoidberg walking down the hallway. There are doors marked ‘Alien translations for dummies’, ‘ business management’, and, next to the door marked ‘medical knowledge for beginners- ages 1-101’, there is a door marked ‘how to woo a woman: see inside’

ZAPP: (From inside room) Look, baby, please OWW!….Stop….hitting me…..we can OWW! Work something out…

ZOIDBERG: Tut, tut, tut. Aah! Here we are! (He knocks on the door)

TEACHER: Do come in, and take a seat.

ZOIDBERG: (Scuttles to seat) So, when do we get started? With the learning, and the dissections (he licks his lips) Mmhmm! Gotta love dissections.

TEACHER: Zoidberg! There is to be no eating of organs of any kind!


TEACHER: Now, we are going to get started on…

Int. Planet Express ship. Sign beeps ‘incoming transmission’, and the big screen lowers in front of Leela’s face.

LEELA: Hello?

ZOIDBERG: (He is strapped in a chair, a thin pointed drill is moving towards his head) Leela! You have to help! I’m being forced to learn! Come save me! Save me, dammit!

LEELA: (Sarcastically) Oh lord, we have to save Zoidberg. Wait a sec, Zoidberg, why don’t you want to learn medicine? You would be fired, otherwise.

ZOIDBERG:  I have learnt medicine! They are trying to teach me how to speak backwards! (The drill hits his shell, and bends beyond use) Well, whaddaya know? This shell is actually useful after all! (He rips through the straps holding him in the chair, and scuttles out, wooping.)

LEELA: False alarm, everybody, it was just    Zoidberg being an idiot. Now, as this is a long trip, you will all need to go into hibernation. See you in 8 days.

ALL: See you!

Ext. Planet Express building. Zoidberg walks up to Hermes, who is enjoying the sun on the street outside, filing requisitions, as per usual.

HERMES: I hope you got your training, Zoidberg.

ZOIDBERG: Yes I did. I have actually come to speak to you about more important matters.

HERMES: Yeees (he draws out the ‘e’, to make it sound like he’s interested)



ZOIDBERG: I quit, dammit! I’m moving up to be a SUCCESSFUL doctor, not hanging around with lazy bums like you all day. I managed to get all A’s on my course. I will finally be able to heal REAL people!

HERMES: Wha?…Yeah, whatever. Byee!

Caption: ‘One week later’

Ext. Planet Express Building. Camera pans left, to reveal a small tent nestled in the alleyway besides the building. Sign hanging on front door reads: ‘Zoidberg’s heal-o-mat-give me money or food and I’ll cure anything.’ Calculon walks up to tent, and discreetly goes in.

CALCULON: I am willing to pay you $5 million and give to you one of my many villas along the Florida coast, if only you could cure my nagging backache.

ZOIDBERG: Go on, go on

CALCULON: Well, you see- (he is cut off)

ZOIDBERG: Step in the cubicle, please

A door swings open on a small cubicle, barely larger than a wardrobe)

CALCULON: Okay (the door closes, and various clanking and whirring noises emanate from within) Ooh! Aah! That tickles. (Calculon’s ears suddenly shoot across the tent)

ZOIDBERG: Aha! There’s your problem! (He picks up Calculons ears, examines them, and throws them in the bin.)

CALCULON: Eh? My ears are nowhere near my ba- (he is cut off. Again)

ZOIDBERG: (Scowling) Who is the professional doctor here?

CALCULON: What are you going to do about it, doc?

ZOIDBERG: (Picking up a box off the desk) Well, until you have some new ears manufactured, you will need to wear these prosthetic ears. (He pulls out a pair of over-sized human ears)

CALCULON: But…but…they are human ears, doc. I can’t wear those. Everyone will laugh at me!

ZOIDBERG: You can and they will. Oh wait, they already laugh at you…..anyway, you will get used to them in a while.

Calculon puts on the ears. They stick out a good few feet.

Now, about that money and villa you mentioned earlier…

CALCULON: (As Zoidberg is getting out a suitcase and putting the contents of his tent into it) Ah, yes, that…(he passes him the title deed to a house and a large wad of money. Calculon follows Zoidberg out of the tent, leaving two large ear shaped gouges either side of the door.)

Zoidberg puts his suitcase on the ground, and the tent puts itself into the suitcase

ZOIDBERG: Pleasure doing business with you, old chum. (He winks)

Zoidberg hails a taxi, and speeds away to his new home.

Ext. Planet Express ship. It is flying in a dead straight line, hitting, destroying or ploughing through anything in its path. There is the remains of a Voyager satellite on the nose.

Int. Planet Express ship.

LEELA: (Worriedly) Hey! Who disabled the cruise control? (She wakes up Bender, who is lying asleep, half on a seat, half on the control panel)

BENDER: Hey, what! Woman flesh bag! Whaddayou want?

LEELA: What I want is control of the ship back!

BENDER: Oh! (He gets up off the chair, revealing on the control panel the destroyed cruise control lever) That’s what I was sleeping on!
Leela sits back in the seat, and enables manual control of the ship. It zooms off towards Nova Perinon 12.

Ext. Nova Perinon 12 capital city. The leader is sitting on his throne, surrounded by his subjects. They look just like humans, except they have over-sized, pulsating heads.

NP12 LEADER: WHERE ARE THEY! They should be here by now! (He bellows at his subjects)

SUBJECT 1: I……I don’t know where they could have go- Oh, wait! We are getting something on the radar, I am being told.

NP12 LEADER: WHAT IS IT! (He bellows at them again)

SUBJECT 1: It’s……it’s the planet express ship, sire. W-with the tar, for Golgor.

NP12 LEADER: Good, good, tell Golgor he will have his tar soon.

SUBJECT 2: Will do, sire

The T.V automatically switches on.

NP12 LEADER: Ah, good, now for my favourite long-distance broadcast, ‘Good Morning America’. Time to catch up on what those puny earthlings are doing.

LINDA (ON T.V): …And so the dog played with the ball all, day, long

MORBO: Aaww, that is so beautiful…it makes Morbo’s all-powerful eyes go burning and tingly.

LINDA: Why, I have never seen you cry before.

MORBO: I AM NOT CRYING WOMAN! SHUT UP! SHUT UP OR I WILL DESTROY YOU! (He hurls the desk at the camera, and the screen switches to a picture of Morbo playing with a kitten, caption ‘Morbo needs to calm down, we will resume transmission as soon as possible).

NP12 LEADER: Aah, yes, this ‘Morbo’, he’s my kind of grotesque space alien. See if you can get him to join our band of ‘merry men’.

SUBJECT 2: Yes, sire. (He sighs, a bit like Kif)

A screen suddenly rises out of the floor, Leela’s face appears on it.

LEELA: We have the tar, and will be docking in approximately 3 minutes.

NP12 LEADER: FINALLY! (He booms at the screen, and the glass shatters. A new piece of glass pops up from the base of the set, and slides over the image) OVER!

Ext. Forest. Bender and Fry are unloading a vat of bubbling, steaming tar.
LEELA: Hurry up! We’ll miss ‘Everybody Loves Hypno-Toad’.

FRY: Mutter, mutter, shout, shout. That’s all she ever does. Why doesn’t she ever do any work?

BENDER: Yeah! Why don’t you help with any of the deliveries, Leela? (He puffs on a cigar)

LEELA: (Making up an excuse) Well, umm, I think because I’m captain-

BENDER: (Interrupting) Whoa, whoa, whoa! You think that because you are captain, you have to do no work? Me and flabby guts here do ALL the work. I propose that for once YOU do all the work, and me and Fry do what you usually do when we are out delivering, which I presume is nothing. Whaddaya say, my ol’ bag of meat?

FRY: Yeah, I’m up for it!

LEELA: (Crossly) Hey, wait a minute. Do you two even know what I do when you are out?

FRY: No, but it can’t be any worse than delivering an endless incessant stream of packages to an endless incessant stream of mindless aliens, who wouldn’t give a second thought about eating you as soon as you step onto their crummy planet.

LEELA: Lets see, what do I do when you are out? (She thinks hard, making things up as she goes along) Scrub the windows, clean the toilets, feed the lion, clean Hermes’ mobile desk, polish the controls…..err…..that’s about it, I suppose.

BENDER: Easy peasy! I could do those jobs with my eyes closed!

FRY: Cool! I wanna see that!

 BENDER: O.K, see that rock over there?

FRY: Yeah.

BENDER: I bet I could move it from where it is now, to that opened crater over there. (Benders eyes extend out of their sockets, and he unscrews them and chucks them in his chest. He stumbles over to the boulder.)

LEELA: Bender, since when has you doing something stupid just to prove a point been the right thing to do? And Fry, you don’t need to egg him on, either.

Bender trips over the boulder, and gets stuck in the crater; head first, feet flailing wildly in the air.

LEELA: (Sarcastically) Oh lord. I guess I should come with you guys. Who knows what trouble you could get yourselves into.

Bender heaves himself out of the crater, performs a back flip and lands on top of Fry.

BENDER: (Sarcastically) Thanks for cushioning my fall, meatbag. (He gets up and dusts himself off, oblivious to the unconscious Fry.)

LEELA: Okay, lets put him on the hover dolly. Bender, can you get the vat of tar delivered by yourself?

BENDER: Yeah, but I ain’t making any promises. (He suddenly realises Fry is unconscious) Oh, how’d you get down there, Fry?

 LEELA: You knocked him out, bozo, when you landed on him. Well, I suppose I’ll have to see if there is any revive-o-mat on board-it looks like we’ll need it.

BENDER: (Muttering to himself) Making me work all by myself…I thought I was paid to sit around doing nothing…Stupid Leela…Stupid unconscious Fry.

LEELA: (Turning around) What was that?

BENDER: Nothing, nothing.

LEELA: For your ass’s sake, you had better deliver that tar, or you can say bye-bye Mr. Crotch plate.

BENDER: Yeah, sure, whatever. See ya.

We see a camera, mounted on a jetpack, following Benders movements through the forest. Bender is singing.

BENDER: (Singing to himself) Doop-a-de-doo, doo doop a do WA! (He pours the tar into a crater, on the pronunciation of ‘wa’)


BENDER: (Turning round) Uh oh. (He runs into the forest)

A ship suddenly lands in the forest. A crane arm lowers, picks up Leela, and zooms off through the forest.

FRY: (Beginning to wake up) Eh?…..Leela?…..Bender? Where are you guys? Anybody? (He walks towards the planet express ship)

Ext. A mansion. Zoidberg is sunning himself on a roof top terrace, surrounded by lobster women in bikinis. There is an operating table in the background, and a robotic arm working on a patient.

ZOIDBERG: Aah, this is the- (The videophone rings) what the? (Fry appears on the phone’s screen) Aah, Fry, my miserably poor friend! How may I help? Do you have a backache? I can give you new ears for free, seeing as you are one of my most loyal and close (he coughs) friends.

FRY: (He is clearly distressed) Zoidberg! You have you help me!
ZOIDBERG: Yes, I said I would help you….

FRY: (Panicking) Bender and Leela have vanished! The professor won’t listen to me; he thinks I am going insane! You’ve gotta help me! PLEASE!

ZOIDBERG: Oh…I don’t know, Fry, I’m kind of busy at the moment…

BUTLER (OFF SCREEN): Where do you want that operatomatic you ordered, Zoidberg?

ZOIDBERG: SHUT UP! I’m trying to convince a ‘friend’ that I’m busy. Move it! (He turns back to the screen) Now Fry, I will be willing to help, as long as I get to eat whatever or whoever I want and you pay me in mackerel for 3 months. Is that okay with you?

FRY: Okay, okay, anything, JUST HELP ME FIND MY FRIENDS! (He starts sobbing onto the control panel of the Planet Express ship.)

ZOIDBERG: Okay, I’ll be on Nova Perinon 12 soon, and Fry, stop weeping, you are making the picture quality bad.

FRY: I’ve managed to switch the GPS on, so you can find me…I thank you Zoidberg, for helping me when everyone has disappeared…for that, you are a true friend.

The flickering picture of Fry on Zoidberg’s screen disappears, and Zoidberg scuttles over to his private craft, martini in hand.

Cut to shot of Bender running through the forest on Nova Perinon 12, being chased by a camera strapped to a jetpack flying through the air after him.

NP12 LEADER: Aah, (watching video screen) he is headed straight towards our gates. String him up on entry, boys.

SUBJECT 1: Will do, sire.

BENDER: (Out of breath) Oh god! I think they’ve found me! (He suddenly realises he is surrounded) Please, don’t hurt me! I’ve not got much to live for! (Suddenly, a large tentacle comes flying out of the ground and grabs Bender) Aaw…no, not again! (He disappears from view, amid clouds of dust and broken tree branches)

NP12 LEADER: Oh darn, what will I tell to the wife?

The camera pans down through the Earth, passing by various skeletons, fossils etc., including a Ford Pinto, and the remains of it’s fossilised driver. The camera catches up with Golgor holding Bender by the antenna.

BENDER: Wh-where are you taking me?

GOLGOR: (Gruffly, but in a kind way) You’ll see.

Camera switches to Leela, in a cage, and the NP12 leader standing in front of her, looking very angry. Leela looks peed off.

NP12 LEADER: You, my freaky little Cyclops, are the accomplice to the most terrible of crimes.

LEELA: And what may that be? Landing on your precious planet? Walking on your precious soil? Me about to kick your precious ass?

NP12 LEADER: You try that, and you will be dead before you hit the….ooohhh…(He doubles over in pain, and staggers out of the room, muttering a few words, returning to the room, and collapsing. Leela calls for help as his body expands to twice its normal size)
LEELA: Help! Help! He’s expanding! Get a medic; I don’t want him to explode all over me! (A medic alien runs in)

MEDIC: Oh my……he is suffering from a severe case of gastro-expanderitus. He will explode and die within two hours, unless he gets proper medical attention. If only we had trained proper doctors when we got a chance! (He starts sobbing into his hands). I am only authorised to assess the condition of the patient. God damn this Conservative democracy!

LEELA: (Turning to the medic) Look, if you can find a way of getting me out of here, then I know a doctor who can heal him properly. He is a very successful celebrity doctor on planet Earth.

MEDIC: (In between sobs) O…okay, I’ll see what I can do.

Cut to Fry. Zoidberg enters ship.

FRY: (Sighing) What am I going to do? Leela and Bender have gone; all I have now is myself…again.

ZOIDBERG: Hello Fry.

FRY: AAAAGH! Who are you, freaky space mutant!?

ZOIDBERG: It’s me, Zoidberg, your pal! Here to help you find Leela and Bender!

FRY: (Rocking on his chair, looking white faced and scared) Whatever you say, whatever you say, find my friends, real friends, good people! WHY WON’T YOU LISTEN TO ME? (He pulls Zoidberg right up close to his face)

Zoidberg pulls away from Fry, Fry collapses on the floor, shaking and sobbing.

ZOIDBERG: Pull yourself together, human! (He slaps Fry with his claw, Fry stops sobbing and shaking) Ooh, look, the T.V imageulater!

The screen pops out from the ceiling. Leela appears on it.

LEELA: Fry! I am so glad to see you!

Fry’s eyes light up.
FRY: I’m glad to see you too, Leela

LEELA: Listen up, Fry, I’ve been kidnapped by some weird race of space aliens-I really need to know where Zoidberg is.

Zoidberg’s eyes light up. He is standing just off the video screen.

LEELA: Because their leader has been taken seriously ill, and will die in the next two hours if he doesn’t get the proper medical treatment, and, as Zoidberg is the only qualified doctor on this ENTIRE planet, I really do need to find him!

ZOIDBERG: Yay! I’m being useful! (He walks into the camera shot)

LEELA: Zoidberg? Is that you?

ZOIDBERG: Yes, yes it is! It is I: Zoidberg!

LEELA: Enough of the speech, Zoidberg, I am counting on you to heal the leader, which will in turn set me free!

FRY: Whoa, whoa, whoa! You are saying that Zoidberg, one of the worst doctors on planet Earth, and the only doctor on this planet, needs to go help save a leader of a species of grotesque space aliens?

ZOIDBERG: If worst means best, then yes!

Cut to Bender and Golgor (the large, tentacled cave monster), sitting in a cave playing cards. Bender has his sunglasses on.

GOLGOR: Bender,


GOLGOR: Do you really need those shades?

BENDER: Yeah, they are my ‘lucky shades’.

Cut to shot of inside of Benders shades. They are X-ray specs, which reveal the numbers on Golgor’s cards. Cut back to room.

GOLGOR: Hmm….This is strange. I haven’t won one game, yet you claim to have virtually no experience at poker?

BENDER: Uh huh. Why’d you ask?

GOLGOR: Oh, no reason, I just wondered if those ‘lucky shades’ had anything to do with the amount of wins you have been getting.

BENDER: Err….no they didn’t! Who would ever think I would stoop so low as to have X-ray specs?
GOLGOR: Let me see those ‘specs’ (He reaches over to grab them)

BENDER: Aaagh! (He tries to cover his eyes, but Golgor pulls his arms off, and chucks them across the floor). I’m boned!

GOLGOR: X-RAY SPECS! I thought we could be friends, you lying,

BENDER: Check.

GOLGOR: Deceitful,

BENDER: Check.

GOLGOR: Thieving,

BENDER: Check. (He removes a set of cards and a candleholder from his chest)

GOLGOR: Little trashcan!

BENDER: Uh oh! (He looks worried)

GOLGOR: See ya!

Golgor picks up Bender in one of his tentacles, and forces him back up through the earth. Bender reappears, about 3 feet shorter, with a pile of earth compressed on his head.

BENDER: (Groaning weakly) Oh…my head…(He flies up through the air, and goes straight through the Planet Express ship roof)

Cut to Planet Express ship interior

FRY: Zoidberg, did you hear something?

ZOIDBERG:…I’m gone! (He scuttles away, wooping, and holding a first aid kit)

FRY: Okay, intruder, it’s just you and Philip J. Fry now (he grabs a random iron bar off the floor). Come and get me! (He slowly walks out of the door, there is a girlish scream, a crash, and Fry runs backwards. Bender falls forwards onto the floor, a large semi-circular dent in his head) Aaagh! Bender, I’m so, so sorry! I thought you were the cave monster, which you obviously aren’t. You aren’t, are you?

BENDER: Aaah, my head, again (he struggles up from the floor). It’s only the second time that’s happened in about five minutes. And no, I am NOT the cave monster, as you can see. Jerk.

Cut to Zoidberg scuttling through the forest, wooping, as Golgor’s tentacles rip up the forest behind him.

GOLGOR: Graaah! It’s lobster for dinner!

ZOIDBERG: (Still running) Oh good, may I join you?

GOLGOR: You ARE dinner!

Zoidberg woops loudly, and scuttles even faster.

Cut to Nova Perinon 12 leader in a sick bed in the palace. His faithful subjects are pointing spears at Leela, tapping their feet.

SUBJECT 1: Where is this ‘doctor’? Where is he? (He jabs his spear at Leela. She jumps away, surprising all the subjects, and retaliates by kicking him in the face.)

LEELA: Humph! No one jabs spears at me! (The subjects surround her)

Zoidberg scuttles in.

ZOIDBERG: (Puffing, out of breath) Quick! Must heal leader! I’m ready!

LEELA: (Getting up off the floor, as the subjects drift away from her) Why are you so out of breath? And what happened to your tuxedo?

ZOIDBERG: (Regaining some breath) Well, you see, Golgor was chasing me, and then all of a sudden he had a mid-life crisis. So I had to stop, and, being the doctor I am, solve his problems. He then- (He is cut off)

LEELA: We don’t have time for your revelations, Zoidberg, you must heal the leader, so I can go free!

ZOIDBERG: But you didn’t let me get to the part where I gave him all my money and the title deed to my mansion!

LEELA: You did WHAT?

ZOIDBERG: I simply gave him all my money and the deed to my house, and he said his problems were solved. See, I am a great doctor!

LEELA: No, Zoidberg, you are an idiot!

ZOIDBERG: I’m a what?

LEELA: Never mind. Now, lets get this healing over and done with. I’ll go tell the subjects that you are ready to perform surgery.

ZOIDBERG: Okee-doke. Now, lets see what’s wrong with you. (He gets a bag out, and pulls out of it various sharp instruments, including a scalpel, a saw, carving knives and some scissors)

Cut to Leela talking to the subjects.

LEELA: So, it should all be over in a few hours. Oh, and can I phone my friends now?
SUBJECT 2: Yeah, sure, just so long as you don’t knock any of us out.

SUBJECT 3: Or dribble on the mouthpiece.

SUBJECT 2: It’s right over here.

LEELA: Thank you. (They walk over to the phone, and Leela dials a number)

Cut to Bender in the ship. His head still has a large dent in it. The big screen pops down, and Bender answers it.

BENDER: Hello? Oh, it’s you. The Cyclops. Oooh! I’m sooo scared!

LEELA: Shut up Bender. Where’s Fry

 BENDER: Oi! Fry, that one eyed freaky dreamboat of yours wants to speak to you!

Fry walks in with the iron bar and smashes Bender over the head with it again. Bender falls forwards, and Fry walks to the screen.

LEELA: Thank you, Fry, but what exactly has happened to Bender? He seems…different.

FRY: Well, I kind of accidentally hit him on the head with an iron bar, when he fell through the roof of the ship. Ever since then, he has been acting all strange. When I heard what he said about you, I snapped, and hit him on the head with it again. Hopefully he is sorted out now.

LEELA: Thanks Fry, for standing up for me. (Fry’s eyes light up, and he smiles.) Fry, can you fly the ship out of the forest, and directly north from where you are? Zoidberg’s nearly finished the operation, and we need picking up.

FRY: Anything for you, anything (His eyes glaze over, he smiles, staring into space)

LEELA: Snap out of it Fry! (He jumps) We need to hurry!

Ext. Planet Express ship. We see it lift off, and fly erratically north towards the palace, to collect Leela.

Cut to palace. Zoidberg has almost finished the operation on the leader of the Perinions. He is sweating, and obviously very nervous.

ZOIDBERG: Just a little bit there, (he snips at something). Now, to make the final…cut…(He cuts a little bit, but his sweaty claw slips in the scissors, cutting an artery. Blood spurts from the leader all over the wall opposite. The heart monitor goes from steady beating, to erratic palpitations, and then goes blank) Ooops! That blew it!

SUBJECT 2: HE KILLED OUR LEADER! HE MUST DIE! In the most painful and excruciating way possible! Go get my ‘torture tongs’, you two.

SUBJECTS 3+4: Yes sir! (They salute subject 1)

LEELA: Wait, wait, I’m sure there is some way we can sort this out!

SUBJECT 1: There is only one way we can sort this out. Death to the person who killed our leader, and anyone associated with him or her! Friends or family, they all shall die! DEATH TO THE STRANGERS! DEATH TO THE STRANGERS!

Leela backs towards the door of the operating theatre, with the subjects following her. She smacks the door open, right across the face of one of the subject’s faces. He recoils, and collapses on the floor.

LEELA: Take this! (She kicks one of the other subjects in the face, as he tries to grab hold of her legs.)

Leela disappears through the door, grabs the confused Zoidberg, and runs out of the operating theatre.

ZOIDBERG: Where are we going, I wonder?

LEELA: (Turning to Zoidberg) Just shut up and run! (A ray gun beam shoots across the room, past their heads. Zoidberg squeals in fright.) They are firing at us! Run even faster!

SUBJECT 3: (He is holding a giant pair of spiky tongs) Quick! They are getting away! Arm the BIG guns. (A giant cannon on wheels trundles up to the army of subjects, and they make themselves busy by loading everything they can into its barrel)


A massive boom emanates from the cannon, blasting a large cluster of different objects at Zoidberg and Leela

LEELA: Keep running, Zoidberg!

ZOIDBERG: I can’t, I can’t, I’m all wooped out! (Suddenly, a sink flies straight into the back of his head, knocking him unconscious)

LEELA: Zoidberg! Can you- (A bar of metal hits Leela’s leg, making her sprawl forwards on the floor)

SUBJECT 3: Hold your fire, boys! We got them! (Leela tries to get up, but the subjects quickly surround her and the unconscious Zoidberg)

Suddenly, there is a loud whooshing sound, followed by a large crash, as an unidentifiable object blows off the front of the palace. As the dust cloud gradually rises, everybody looks on and watches in awe.

SUBJECT 4: What, the heck?

SUBJECT 3: Quick, shoot the captives! Then we can escape to a foreign country, where happiness and bigamy are the only two legal requirements!

SUBJECT 4: What about gambling?

SUBJECT 3: Yes, that’s one too.

Just then, the dust finally starts to settle, and a vague outline of the Planet Express ship is seen sitting on the rubble of the front of the palace, landing gear still up in the hold. Fry appears, walking out of the dust cloud.

FRY: Hey, sorry about the palace, guys. (He realises that the subjects are holding Leela and Zoidberg hostage. He walks towards the group of subjects surrounding Leela and Zoidberg) Not so fast! (He points a gun at one of the subjects) Nobody move! Except Leela and Zoidberg.

LEELA: Where in the name of all that is holy did you get that?

FRY: (Smiling) Lets just say that Bender hasn’t been telling us the whole truth lately. Now! All of you! Hands on strangely swollen pulsating heads! Except you Leela, oh, and Zoidberg, whereever he is.

LEELA: He’s on the ground, knocked out.

FRY: Oh…

Then a voice is heard.

NP12 LEADER: Stop! I never died! The good (Fry laughs when he mentions ‘good’) doctor here simply punctured one of my many blood sacs. I was going to spare your lives, but, as you have so ably demonstrated your need for needless destruction, by destroying my palace, injuring most of my crew and causing general panic and chaos, I sentence- (He is interrupted. Fry is holding the gun to the leaders head)

FRY: YOU to death. (He shoots the leader, and chucks the gun away.)

SUBJECT 2: He killed our leader! Get him!

FRY: Leela! Run!

LEELA: I can’t, my leg, it’s broken!

FRY: Okay, come on then, I’ll just have to help you.

LEELA: But you will get yourself killed! Just go yourself, leave me here. Don’t sacrifice the two of us!

FRY: It’s a chance I’m willing to take for the woman I love.

LEELA: What was that?

FRY: It’s a chance I’m willing to take for the- (An explosion of gunfire stops Leela from hearing the last part of the sentence declaring Fry’s love for her)
LEELA: Don’t forget Zoidberg! (Zoidberg has rolled into a ball, so Fry rolls him towards the ship)

FRY: (Going back for Leela) Come on, we can make it! (He and Leela hobble off towards the ship, Leela leaning on his shoulder with one arm)

Zoidberg finally wakes up, and opens the hatch on the badly damaged Planet Express ship for them. They climb into the ship under a hail of gunfire, and the ailing ship speeds off into the night sky.

Int. Planet Express ship. Leela is lying down on a bed, and Fry and Zoidberg are standing over her. The ship is on autopilot, and Bender is still knocked out.

FRY: So, as the doctor, you can fix her up, right?

ZOIDBERG: Ummmmm….

 FRY: Right?

ZOIDBERG: That’s funny; I can’t remember a thing about before I was knocked out. Maybe me being knocked out wiped my memory as a doctor. Now I should be back to normal. I think.

FRY: (Desperately) Do you have ANY books on how to operate on people? Please say you do!

ZOIDBERG: Yes, by chance I think I do have a book on surgery. I’ll go get it for you.

He returns with a book, entitled ‘Basic brain surgery and how to heal other broken bones-for dummies’

FRY: Lets see, broken arms, nope, fractured spines, nope, aha! Here we are, broken legs and ankles. It says I need some anaesthetic, a scalpel, and two pieces of stiff material to act as splints. Do you have any of those items, Zoidberg?

ZOIDBERG: Yes, yes I do. (He gets out a scalpel, a cylinder of laughing gas, labelled ‘warning: not suitable for prolonged use on humans or cats’, and two planks of wood from his bag)

Caption: One hour later

FRY: There! Finished! Now I’ve just got to wait for the anaesthetic to wear off. (He sits down and twiddles his thumbs) Oh, hey Bender! (Bender walks past, still with two large dents in the top of his head) Are you back to normal yet? I’m really, really sorry about what I had to do to you earlier.

BENDER: Oh, yeah, I’m fine. Back to my good old lovable self. Except that ever since you hit me with those iron bars, I have been able to pick up radio broadcasts on my aerial.

Bender walks out, humming to a tune on the radio. He fiddles with his aerial, and it switches to a classical station, playing ‘Hanson- Doo wop’

LEELA: (Beginning to wake up) Fry, is that you? What happened? That anaesthetic was really strong stuff.

FRY: Well, your leg kind of got broken, but it is fine now.

LEELA: Anything else?

FRY: Well, Zoidberg lost his memory after being knocked out, so I had to operate on your leg, to reset the bones. Oh, and I saved you from a planet of aliens after they tried to kill you and Zoidberg.

LEELA: Thanks for saving me Fry, (she leans over, and kisses him lightly on the cheek) I don’t know what I would have done without you.

Fade to black and end credits.

By mookie427


Liquid Emperor
« #6 : 01-18-2006 14:26 »

Cheers jim! For putting up my futurama!
Ice Cube

Delivery Boy
« #7 : 01-18-2006 14:27 »

Wow! Its fantastic! Took a while to read... but oh well it was worth it  :) Well done dude!

« #8 : 01-18-2006 14:32 »

thanks ice! 'preciate it!

no probs mookie

Urban Legend
« #9 : 01-18-2006 15:24 »

havent had a chance to read the second one yet, but the first one was terrific!  It felt very much like i was watching an actual episode.

« #10 : 01-18-2006 15:38 »

i'll have to disagree with you there. i'm not happy with the start of my one at all. also it doesn't focus on one character enough. as most of the good episodes do.

you just get into the swing of things though. heck i've watched enough futurama to know their style!

theres another coming! i'm not too far in yet but i'll post what i got if you like.

I really appreciate the praise orange, especially from one such as yourself. i read some of yours and it threw my writing to the ground. then stood on it. then deposited a turd on it. then kicked it.

Liquid Emperor
« #11 : 01-18-2006 15:42 »

^ :D^

« #12 : 01-18-2006 16:22 »


« #13 : 01-18-2006 17:49 »

oh. ta.

Urban Legend
« #14 : 01-18-2006 18:50 »

 :eek: My writing did WHAT?  umm I'm deeply sorry, I'll try and keep it on a leash from now on  :D

Urban Legend
« #15 : 01-18-2006 21:37 »

I really liked that first one. The second one was good too but the first one was both shippy and funny.

DOOP Secretary
« #16 : 01-19-2006 00:00 »
« : 01-19-2006 00:00 »

Fry: how could he just replace us with hyper efficient robots who do our jobs hundreds of time better than us? He should be ashamed. Very ashamed. So ashamed that he eats his damned robots and come crawling back to us, giving us praise and money. I’m mad! I’m really mad!
That's like so many unions' mission statements it's scary.

I see in you're profile that you're 15 and from England, so I'll assume that's your primary language (English, not 15ish).

Good work.  The shippy in both stories was a little more overt than I tend to enjoy, but it wasn't "bad" by any stretch of the imagination.  I liked reading it a great deal.

I agree the first one was better.  The jokes seemed a little more polished and the story was a bit better.  Things that caught my fancy were gold ponies, sleeping on hobos, and the various perils to be faced on the deliveries.

I don't know how intentional it was that you changed running gags when the story changed gears from regular to maximum overship.  Had you kept the same running gag throughout the story, it would have imparted a sense of overall comedic cohesiveness.  It's not that the shippy didn't belong in the story, it's just some major developments in the shippy were sort of glossed over.  The only other faults were minor, technical imperfections that could easily be remedied with proofreading.

Among other things I didn't quite understand about the second story, I'm not sure why the second one was entitled "Zoidberg and Leela's Big Adventure."  It involved the other crew members too.  The story was also a little choppy.  Maybe that's just my interpretation, when you have two chronologically concurrent storylines that intersect and become one, it would be better arranged if the script alternated between the two whenever relevant and possible.  That story seemed to be set up so there is a Zoidberg section, a delivery section, and then a "together" section.  It just felt lopsided when I read it.

In actuality, both storylines could exist separately.  Zoidberg's rise and fall from fame and fortune would make a great story by itself.  The shippy was sort of rapidly introduced at the end, and, with care and finesse, could easily be worked into a standard "oddball delivery to an oddball planet"-story.  It was a good read, and certainly a good first effort by, what I presume is, a 15 year-old.

Keep writing, dudes.  Practice makes BERGfect.

Liquid Emperor
« #17 : 01-19-2006 00:25 »

cheers for feedback on my story-i really had NO idea what to call it, is was called something completely different before, but i have to agree with you. The story line is a bit iffy in some places, but it was my first, so i think it's OK

« #18 : 01-19-2006 09:38 »

can someone tell me what shippy is?

sorry, i'm just not "down" with all this "funky lingo"

« #19 : 01-19-2006 09:46 »

Originally posted by Venus:but the first one was both shippy and funny.

sorry, i'm probly the only person on this forum who doesn't understand what it means!

Thanks for all your praise! i'll post more soon!

also, check out mookie427's second piece of fic. its got its own thread now.
Ralph Snart

Agent Provocateur
Near Death Star Inhabitant
DOOP Secretary
« #20 : 01-19-2006 10:04 »

Spacecase and Venus are probably the best to describe the terms shipper, shippy and shippiness.

The best that I can explain it (and they will correct me) is a story that has an emotional connection between Fry and Leela; they usually end up with Leela forgiving Fry for whatever stupidity he has done, and the two being closer friends, or in some cases, being more.

Liquid Emperor
« #21 : 01-19-2006 10:30 »

Originally posted by Ralph Snart:
The best that I can explain it (and they will correct me) is a story that has an emotional connection between Fry and Leela; they usually end up with Leela forgiving Fry for whatever stupidity he has done, and the two being closer friends, or in some cases, being more.

Ralph has it essentially right.
"Shippy," "Shipper," and related words derive from 'relationship'.
"Shippy" pertains to a story having a strong emotional component between two characters. For Futurama, it could be Fry & Leela, Kif & Amy, and so on.

Sadly I've yet to read the above fic's.  :hmpf:


« #22 : 01-19-2006 12:42 »
« : 01-19-2006 12:42 »

try one. they're fat free.

Now i understand. i see what your getting at. my next episode can either have more or less. shall we have a vote?

i gotta poll going. please inform be before i blow the next installment!

Ralph, what did you think?

« #23 : 01-19-2006 16:02 »
« : 01-19-2006 16:02 »

Sorry everyone, i don't mean to keep double posting but...

anyways, i'm working on a second one already! i appreciate the feedback already given but keep it coming. Mookie427 has moved on to his own topic and this is entirely mine:

Music not annotated. Use your imagination.

Caption: Note to invading aliens. Switch on shield… now!
Titles etc.

Open onto PE building
All sitting round conference table.

FARNSWORTH: I’m afraid I have some bad news everyone!

ALL: (concerned whispering)

FARNSWORTH: government legislation requires that I am to send you on a free holiday.

ALL: Hooray!

BENDER: wait, that’s good news. What’s going on? No way are you sending us to France again.

FARNSWORTH: Of course not. Even I’m not that evil.

FRY: then what’s the bad news?

FARNSWORTH: do you have any idea how much this weekend will cost me?!

HERMES: Yes. (pause. Puts down calculator) Exactly $20 594 and 4 cents.

FARNSWORTH: stupid liberal society! (Punches desk with a crack)

HERMES: (puts down calculator) $21 594 and 5 cents.

AMY: you still haven’t told us where we’re going.

FARNSWORTH: (now holding broken hand in other.) I’ve booked us in on a hotel in niceland on planet nice.

TEAM: (excited muttering)

FRY: sounds nice.

AMY: Guh.

ZOIDBERG: And fancy too. Many a starlet has moved there.

LEELA: yeah, if by many you mean one and by one you mean none. Apparently it’s quite nice. Nothing special though.

FRY: what’s the landscape like?

FARNSWORTH: yes, its ok. I suppose one could call it nice.

FRY: How about the locals?

FARNSWORTH: yes, they to are nice.

FRY: The food?

FARNSWORTH: Garbage. Absolute garbage.

New scene.
Outside shot of PE Building. Back inside ship bay all sitting on suitcases. Fry loading bags on to ship.

ZOIDBERG: I feel wonderful! A holiday! Oh joy!

FRY: don’t you have any bags?

ZOIDBERG: no, everything I own is in here. (Holds up small mouldy looking purse. Bottom falls out and a single marble drops onto the floor) Wait, how did that get in there?

Amy desperately tries to push large suitcase. Shoulder to, scrabbling on ground.

FRY: here let me try.

Takes handle and tugs. Case remains unmoved. Fry goes “click”

FRY: aw my back! (Walks away, leaning forwards with hands on back)

BENDER: Out the way. I don’t call myself “Bender the magnificent” for nothing.

Rolls up “sleeves” and grabs handles. Heaves and his arms fall off. He topples backwards.

LEELA: oh lord. Here. (Pushes button on top. Handle pops up.)

ALL: (intake of breath)

Leela wheels suitcase on to ship.

BENDER: This is the work of Satan!

LEELA: Actually its common sense.

BENDER: Same thing.

LEELA: what the hell is in that bag?

AMY: Guh, do you really think I’d go without all my clothes?

BENDER: But it’s just a weekend.

AMY: A whole weekend without all my outfits?

FRY: (still bent over) Can I have some help here? I’m actually in a lot of pain.

BENDER: (still no arms) sure thing buddy. (Walks up behind him and kicks fry in the ass.)

FRY: ow! (Straightens with another click) thanks I guess… (Rubs ass)

BENDER: it was a pleasure. That’ll be 50 bucks please.

FRY: What?!

HERMES: can we get a move on? My wife thinks this is a business trip.

AMY: Jeez, calm down Hermes. Fry stop messing around and lets go!

LEELA: hey, take a chill pill bill. Anyway it’s all Benders fault. Quit yelling and get a move on!

BENDER: what? I find that offensive! Especially when its obviously all fry’s doing. And who’s yelling, yelling lady? Quit yelling! Don’t make me yell at you!

ZOIDBERG: Quit your quarrelling and get on the ship! Zoidberg refuses to get left behind (does that strange gargling yodel and crouches snapping claws.)

FRY: I expect we’ll all feel less tense once we get going.

Take off and flyby of PE ship.

LEELA: (at helm) you were right fry! I suddenly feel so much better!

BENDER: it’s like a huge weight has suddenly been left behind me. Or maybe that’s just because I sorted out my rat problem.

HERMES: as they say in the commercial: “thank Christ for planet nice”.

All together:
AMY: thank god
FRY: I’ll drink lots to that.
LEELA: definitely.
ZOIDBERG: who’s Christ?


LEELA: wait where’s the professor?

Cut to Farnsworth standing in ship bay, open roof. Shaking fist at disappearing ship

FARNSWORTH: come back here! I am not walking!

Cut to PE ship
Crew sitting as before only with Professor. Crew looking annoyed again.

FARNSWORTH: I’m bored. I need the toilet. The ship is shaking too much. I’m cold. Did you pack my spare teeth? I want a drink. I’m tired. Are we nearly there?

BENDER: hey, I want to kill you, but do you see me complaining? No sir!

LEELA: if you two aren’t quiet then I’ll put you in the air lock.

FARNSWORTH: I’m paying for all this. Don’t make me “loose” my digi chequebook!

BENDER: you already have. (Opens compartment and waves chequebook)

FARNSWORTH: aww. I’ll be quiet.

PE ship flyby into land.
All climb down stairs.

FRY: (stretching) now I know what its like to be a piece of Spam trapped in a can with another really annoying piece of Spam.

LEELA: Bender, go and get the bags.

BENDER: What?! Why do I have to? The professor’s old, make him go.

LEELA: Just do it!

BENDER: (walks off grumbling) stupid Leela, with her stupid bags. I’ll show you all one day…

AMY: ooh it’s so warm! I’d better loose some of this. (Takes off top to reveal identical one underneath. Then removes bottom to same effect. Repeats twice)

HERMES: you know, I gotta’ good feelin’ bout’ dis’ holiday.

BENDER: (from inside ship) watch out! (Bags fly down the stairs)

LEELA: Cut that out! (hit by rucksack)

BENDER: sorry, I was aiming for Fry.

AMY: be careful I didn’t pack to well.

BENDER: (from inside ship) not listening!

Amy’s suitcase is pushed down stairs.

AMY: no! (Case rolls down stairs slowly crew wincing on each step. As it hits the floor it shakes and a huge pile of clothes explodes from the case and covers the crew entirely.)

FRY: ahh! I’ve got a pom-pom in my mouth!

HERMES: sweet minibus of Atticus! I’m surrounded by garish yet expensive clothing!

This is still a work in progress and feedback on all three would be appreciated. stay tuned! next installment promises to include tonnes more slapstick and a windows joke! its got to be good!

Urban Legend
« #24 : 01-20-2006 00:21 »


« #25 : 01-20-2006 19:19 »

ta venus! i'll post again when i get to a decent stopping place.

just a reminder to check out Mookie427's stuff. not a lot of posts there...

Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« #26 : 01-21-2006 11:22 »

Not a bad start, I'm currious to see this "planet nice" more. There's tons more slapstick coming? Seemed like quite a bit of slapstick already!  :) It was pretty funny, though, so I'm not complaining.

From the tone so far, I'm guessing the rest might be very shippy, which will no doubt please many readers around here. Even though nobody's voting in your poll, I'm pretty sure if they did that "more shippy" would win.

« #27 : 01-21-2006 11:41 »

slapstick will always make me laugh even if no one else finds it funny.

there will be more planet nice. but mainly their individual stories on it rather than about it.

the shippy will be moderated slightly since my first one but i do enjoy writing it in!

as for the poll, its only been going on for a while so we'll just have to wait and see!

ta for the feedback gopher! i enjoyed reading your fiction to!

« #28 : 01-21-2006 19:01 »
« : 01-21-2006 19:01 »

sorry, another double post. Rest assured that its not deliberate. just an update on the story. continues from where i left off:

BENDER: (sticks head out of door) oops, heheheh.

Hotel porter sidles up to mound of clothing

PORTER: Carry your bags madam?

BENDER: she’s with me.

PORTER: And you are sir?

BENDER: err. Professor Farnsworth.

FARNSWORTH: (from inside lump of clothes) Hey, that’s my name. What’s going on?

BENDER: (undertone. Kicks lump) shuddup.

PORTER: how do you intend to pay for parking sir and madam?

BENDER: You have to pay to park? What kind of dump is this? Oh, wait. (Pulls out cheque book) heh heh, how much my good man?

PORTER: $20 and a suitable tip.

BENDER: (shocked outburst.) twenty bucks? Well seeing as it’s not my money… (Opens chequebook and finger extends into pen.)

Cut to bender’s point of view. Green and black display. We can see the book. Zooms in on signature space. Dropdown menu appears and Bender selects paste from the list. A chuckle as Farnsworth’s signature appears. Dialogue box appears with typical windows “bing”. Box claims, “An image was placed on the clipboard. Do you want it to be available on other programs after exiting?”
BENDER: aw. Stupid third millennium edition.

Show swimming pool outside hotel

FRY: wow…

Panoramic shot

LEELA: I think I’m gonna catch some rays.

AMY: me to.

FRY: oh, oh! Watch me dive!

LEELA: (long suffering) okay but only once.

FRY: yeah! C’mon Bender.

BENDER: I don’t know, I’m not so good in the wate… (Cut off by Fry dragging him towards diving board.) Hey easy!

We see from a viewpoint just behind Leela as Fry climbs up ladder, Bender behind him. Bender hangs back. Fry goes to the end of diving board. Waves at Leela. Bender jumps on the board behind Fry. Fry looses balance and falls into the pool.
Switch view to top of diving board.

BENDER: (doubling up with laughter) hahahahahahahaha! (Looses balance and topples in but makes a muffled clang as he hits the bottom.)

Bender surfaces after walking along the bottom with a cigar in his mouth. As soon as his head is above the waterline he lights it. Walks up to Leela. Opens compartment and covers Leela in water.

LEELA: ahh! What did you do that for? I’m trying to relax!

BENDER: just smoke like me. It’s relaxing and cool. (Blows smoke in Leela’s face.)

LEELA: (coughing) Grrrrrr.

more is on its way!

Liquid Emperor
« #29 : 01-22-2006 15:00 »

wooo! windows joke......last line could be better, though   :)

« #30 : 01-22-2006 15:02 »


Liquid Emperor
« #31 : 01-22-2006 15:11 »

it just....could...you know what i mean ;D, i mean...d'oh, never mind....it just feels...empty

MY opinion, you need pay no heed to my ramblings.....

« #32 : 01-22-2006 15:12 »
« : 01-22-2006 15:12 »

good, i wasn't intending on paying anyone anything.

I'm skint.

might change it. you are right it does feel a bit empty.
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