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Author Topic: pojys futurama story (first attempt)  (Read 821 times)
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Bending Unit
« on: 10-27-2005 12:34 »

this is my first attempt at doing a futurama story please tell me if there are any faults

(in the starship express)

fry: So where we delivering the package?

Leela: nebulon 4

Fry: isnít that where all the crazy space elephants with rabies went loose?

Bender: who gives a crap, rabies canít affect me im made of metal!

Fry: what is the package anyway?

Leela: I dunno I havnt looked,

Bender: what you waitin for then?

Fry: yeah leela open it!

Leela: why donít you two open it?

Fry: I got an allergy to the box with the package in

Bender: yeah and it might contain radio-active waves,  which will kill me!

Leela: but the professor said not toÖÖ.

Bender: shut up and open it you big wuss!

Leela: I am not a wuss!

Bender: prove  it!

Fry: yeah go on leela

Leela opens the crate but to her surprise theres nothing inside. Then suddenly she feels something fly past her. It was much to fast to be human. She turns around and asks:

Leela: hey did you guys feel that?

Fry is on the floor shaking wildly with spit coming out of his mouth

Leela: bender whats happened to him?

Bender: I dunno but there was a gust of wind that knocked him down, I felt it and then he started shaking and stuff

Leela: we need to head back to earth!

Leela goes into the cockpit and turns the ship around she hears an electric buzzing and she hears bender shout:

Bender: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!!

Leela: bender whats wrong????

Bender: I spilt my last beer on the electric panel!!! My last beer!!! Oh god why have you done this to me!!!

Leela: well hows fry doing?

Bender: heís still shaking but not more spit is coming out of his mouth

The ship lands

Leela: professor, theres something wrong with fry

Professor: did you deliver the package?

Leela: no we opened it and then fry started to have some sort of fit

Professor: oh my!! You opened it! That was an invisible mutant with no remorse designed to kill anything, in this case the rabified space elephants! Get out of the ship and shut it down all electricity. The mutant is to big to get out of the door. It probably was scared because it was supposed to be on the planet as soon as it left the box, not in your ship. As the space elephants are 1 foot tall they die instantly, fry is much bigger and much stronger than them so he has about 3 hours to live!!!!!

Leela: what about the monster?

Professor: gas the ship. Once the mutant dies it shrinks to the size of a peanut and dies!

Leela: bender!

Bender: what???

Leela: gas the ship!

Bender: aw crap! I mean  ď yes sirĒ

Leela: professor is there an antidote to save fry?

Professor: oh my, yes!

Leela: how do we get to it? Do we have to climb mountains? Fight off wild beasts??? Please tell me ill do anything to save fry!!

Professor: you donít have to do anything, when we got sent the mutant we also got sent the antidote in case anything like this happened. But there are some side affects!
Leela: what side affects?

Professor: ordinary bad gas

Leela: is that it?

Professor: this is no ordinary bad gas!! This is the worst case of gas ever!

Leela :okÖ.. how do you stop the bad gas?

Professor: shove a cork up his ass or feed him one yeti hair, which can only be found in the ice palace of varconious.

Leela: bender, come on lets go!

Bender: ok  I just finished gassing the monster anyway.

Bender and leela go to the starship express and 10 minutes later they land on the planet varconious. They walk up to the gate of the palace. In front of the palace there are two guards leela asks the guards:

Leela: may we come through?

There is no answer, so she pokes the guards and he falls over backwards and shatters into pieces!

Leela: oh my god, the must be frozen solid

Bender pulls the frozen arm off of the second guard and smashes the gate down with it

Bender: I could write a book, I would call it 100 uses for a frozen arm, hehehe.

Bender: lets go!

They enter the palace, and they enter this arena place, the gates shut behind them

Leela: whats happening?

King freezius:  ah we have some unwanted visitors!

Bender: who the heck are you?

King freezius: I am king freezius, and welcome to the tournaments!

Leela: what tournaments

King freezius: a tournament against yetis, if you lose, you die, if you win, you get the golden yeti hair

Leela: alright, then, deal

King freezius: let the tournaments begin:

A big f**king yeti comes out, and bender goes up to his foot and takes a hair.

Bender: leela, lets get the hell outta here!

Leela:I cant I donít have a jet pack!

Bender: hold on to my feet then!

Bender presses the button on his jet pack, and he carries leela out of there
Leela: thank god for that:

They get into the starship express and the yeti grabs a boulder and chucks it at the starship express leaving a dent in the side.

10 minutes later the arrive, but the bad gas has already started, but fry is feeling better apart from that.

He walks up to leela and says

Fry: pull my finger

Leela: uhÖ no thanks, and whats that stink?

Fry: you donít wanna know

Leela: hurry up and take this eat this

Fry: but itís a hair!!!

Leela shoves it in frys mouth

Professor: so everything turned out for the best!!

The next day!

Professor: I forgot one of the side affects with the yeti hair!!!

Leela: what is it?

Professor: you grow hair everywhere but it only lasts a few weeks!

A hairy ball comes out of frys room bender pins it to the ground and says:

Bender: what have you done with fry!!!

Hairy ball: I am fry!! Its one of the yeti hair side affects!

please tell me what you think of it!


Urban Legend
« Reply #1 on: 10-27-2005 14:17 »

I like it it was funny.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #2 on: 10-27-2005 19:02 »

  • Are you under 15 years old?
  • Is English your primary language?

Bending Unit
« Reply #3 on: 10-28-2005 02:35 »

im 15 on the 30th of october

im half french
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