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: Your DVD collection?  (Read 15279 times)
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Space Pope
« #40 : 03-26-2003 11:00 »
« : 03-26-2003 11:00 »

Originally posted by Melllvar:
  Yes, because it was cut & pasted from a list I have elsewhere, and I'm lazy.     :p

EDIT: Plus, I don't keep them in the boxes, they're kept separate.

Hehe, that's acceptable, since I would have done the same.

*Digital TOTP Dance*

Lost Belgian
DOOP Secretary
« #41 : 03-26-2003 11:14 »

Futurama season 1
Futurama season 2 (acquired before season 1)
Akira (Special edition, has an extra DVD with the making of)

Starship Captain
« #42 : 03-26-2003 21:31 »

Originally posted by LittleMiss:
Fromage, I *love* your collection!   :D

I love it too!  :P

Three years ago, before I was dating my girlfriend Caroline, she wanted to watch a movie at home with me. So I said "it's perfect! I just got a DVD player!"

But as a man, I was unable to deduce that she wanted to see a romantic movie. So we watched Full Metal Jacket!

So long for the romantic mood!

And now we refer to Full Metal Jacket as "our movie".


Urban Legend
« #43 : 03-27-2003 23:02 »

In no order:

Simpsons seasons 1&2
Futurama seasons 1&2
Super Dimension Fortress Macross
Macross Plus vol 1&2
Macross DYRL
Macross Flash Back 2012
Macross Zero episode 1
The Man With No Name Trilogy
Stargate SG-1 season 1
The Matrix
For Your Eyes Only
Live and Let Die
Better Off Dead
Blazing Saddles
Time Bandits
Robotech series

Space Pope
« #44 : 03-28-2003 02:49 »
« : 03-28-2003 02:49 »

The Matrix
Star Wars ep1
Star Wars ep2
LOTR: FOTR Extended
The Fifth Element
Pulp Fiction
Fight Club
12 Monkeys
Requiem For A Dream
The Blair Witch Project
Mulholland Drive
Blue Velvet
Terminator 2
Apocalypse Now redux
Dr Strangelove
Full Metal Jacket
A Clockwork Orange
2001: A Space Odessey
Chasing Amy
The Black Adder
Blackadder II
Blackadder The Third
Blackadder Goes Forth
The Young Ones series 1
Monty Python & The Holy Grail
Monty Python's Life Of Brian
Monty Python's The Meaning of Life
Futurama Series 1
Futurama Series 2

That's not counting the movies I have spread across VHS, VCD and divX rips on my hard drive. That would be a long list.

Space Pope
« #45 : 03-28-2003 04:19 »

Is that a mix of R1 and R2 DVDs, Ben?

Space Pope
« #46 : 03-28-2003 08:50 »

Futurama season 2 is R2, the rest are R4.
Just Chris

Urban Legend
« #47 : 03-28-2003 20:08 »

My friend got a ton of anime DVDs as hand-me-downs from his older brother. Man, I wish I was that lucky.

Honorary German
Urban Legend
« #48 : 03-31-2003 23:02 »

My list is woefully short:

Star Wars 1
Star Wars 2
Royal Tenenbaums
Get A Life volume 2

I fully expect to have Futurama's first season in a few days.
Spice Weasel

Liquid Emperor
« #49 : 03-31-2003 23:26 »

Wow alot of people here have Shrek.  :laff:  I'm big into animation, and am wondering what Lilo & Stich is like.  I've heard good things, but Dizznee makes my want to puke more often than entertains me.  I'd rent it to check it out, but since my local Blockbuster, well...busted.  I have nowhere to rent movies.  I've got a Rogers Video in my 'hood but any other Canadian on this board would probably agree that Rogers is fucking evil and I won't rent from them on principal.

Any thoughts on Lilo & Stitch?

Starship Captain
« #50 : 04-01-2003 03:35 »

I have not seen Lilo & Stitch but it looks like a kinda stupid movie.

Shrek was a good movie becasue it was accually funny and aimed at a older audience then the Disney movies. Also it made fun of all the other animation movies. I am going to be buying the Shrek DVD very soon. :)

Space Pope
« #51 : 04-01-2003 03:41 »

Not to mention the Star Wars reference in Shrek!

Urban Legend
« #52 : 04-01-2003 04:15 »


I didn't actually see Shrek until it was on Sky last week, but it didn't seem that great to me. It may be that I just got over-hyped by the sheer number of people who recommended it, but I still prefer Toy Story 2. There were quite a few moments where I laughed out loud (the "Babe" reference, for one  ;)), but I guess I just prefer Pixar's style.

« #53 : 04-01-2003 10:21 »

Farscape Season 1 sets 1-5
Farscape Season 2 sets 1-3
Futurama Season 1
Futurama Season 2
Alien 3
Alien Ressurrection
Star Wars Episode 1
Star Wars Episode 2
Mystery Men
Terminator 2
Ghost in the Shell (have yet to watch it!)
Time Bandits
The Perfect Storm
South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
Groundhog Day
Titan A. E.
Music DVDs:
Dream Theater: Live Scenes From New York
Spock's Beard: Don't Try This at Home

One of my sisters has Shrek. It's a great film for kids but it's those superb adult jokes that the kids never get. Like the Duloch song...

"Keep your feet off the grass,
Shine your shoes, wipe your...face!"

DOOP Secretary
« #54 : 04-01-2003 12:56 »

Originally posted by Carbito:
Since there is no other topic asking this: What DVD's do you own and what do you think of them?  :confused:

We did have a DVD review thread.

My personal collection
Jurassic Park
The Lost World: Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park III
Ghostbusters II
Men in Black
Men in Black II
The Fugitive
U.S. Marshalls
Minority Report
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
The Matrix
Star Trek: First Contact
Tomorrow Never Dies
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
The Rock
Godzilla 2000
Monsters Inc.
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
The Truman Show
Double Jeopardy
The Sum of All Fears
Killer Klowns From Outer Space
The Usual Suspects
Loaded Weapon 1
Muppet Christmas Carol
My family's collection:
Rush Hour
The Tuxedo
Love and War
Almost Famous
The Family Man
Lawnmower Man
Long Kiss Goodnight

All mine
Law and Order: The First Year
The Simpsons Season 1
The Simpsons Season 2
Futurama Season 1

Bending Unit
« #55 : 04-01-2003 13:43 »

I dont have any  :( but i am going to get all of the futurama and Band of brothers

Liquid Emperor
« #56 : 04-01-2003 14:50 »

Simpsons 1& 2, Futurama 1 & 2, West Wing (complete), Red Dwarf 1 & 2, Citizen Kane, Matrix, assorted music DVDs (mostly Jazz, plus both Best of U2 DVDs).

Starship Captain
« #57 : 04-01-2003 15:44 »

Futurama Season 1
Men in Black
Men in Black 2
Monsters, Inc.
The Time Machine
TLotR: TFotR
TLotR: TFotR Extended Version

Honorary German
Urban Legend
« #58 : 04-03-2003 20:56 »

By me:
I fully expect to have Futurama's first season in a few days.

Not that anyone cares, but here's an update: I have them! And they were a dollar cheaper than what walmart.com had listed. Rock on.

In other, not as sexy news, my Attack of the Clones dvd has a scratch in it or something. It freezes up in the first scene, and then skips to the next chapter. Sigh... stupid technology. That never happened to my good old vhs tapes.

DOOP Secretary
« #59 : 04-03-2003 22:20 »

Originally posted by FishyJoe:
In other, not as sexy news, my Attack of the Clones dvd has a scratch in it or something. It freezes up in the first scene, and then skips to the next chapter.

Stick it in the microwave for a few seconds, that should improve the entire disk.

« #60 : 04-04-2003 19:55 »


U know those CD repair/ scratch fillers work on DVDs too, give that a go
Just Chris

Urban Legend
« #61 : 04-04-2003 23:11 »

Tack on Naruto (first 16 eps) and the whole Outlaw Star collection to my DVD list. I may also get the first Family Guy when it comes out here.

Goose Patrol
Space Pope
« #62 : 04-06-2003 06:21 »

DVD's are too expensive, but:

U2 - Elevation Tour 2001
U2 - The Best Of 1990 - 2000 Videos
Futurama - Season 1 (3 Discs)
Bon Jovi - Crush Tour 2000
Jamiroquai - Live In Verona
John Safran's Music Jamboree (great Aussie shoe that was on SBS)
The Calling - Live In Italy
I'm a big one for music DVD's you see

Space Pope
« #63 : 04-09-2003 07:17 »

minor update to my collection:

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
The Fugitve
Lilo & Stitch
US Marshals

Starship Captain
« #64 : 04-12-2003 17:45 »

Here's my collection:

Futurama Seasons 1 & 2 - R2
The Simpsons Seasons 1 & 2
Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain - R2
American Beauty
A Beautiful Mind
Best in Show
The Big Blue
Billy Elliot
The Blair Witch Project
Chasing Amy - Criterion Collection
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Edward Scissorhands
8 Femmes Edition Deluxe - R2
The End of the Affair
Fight Club
La Femme Nikita - R2
La Haine - R2
Leon: The Professional
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Le Pacte des Loups - R2
Quasimod d'el Paris - R2
Rabbit Proof Fence - R4
Run Lola Run
Shakespere in Love
The Silence of the Lambs - Criterion Collection
The Sixth Sense
The Spanish Prisoner
There's Something About Mary
The Whole Nine Yards
The Usual Suspects

Space Pope
« #65 : 04-12-2003 18:10 »

I have a very faint idea of the DVDs i have, here's a few:
24 Season 1 Boxset
Back To The Future Boxset
Father Ted, The Best Of
Futurama S1 Boxset
Futurama S2 Boxset
James Bond: Dr. No
James Bond: Goldeneye
James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies
James Bond: The World is Not Enough
The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
« #66 : 04-12-2003 18:47 »

Die Hard 3
The Road Home
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Legend of Zu
Blood: The Last Vampire
Road Trip
Enter The Dragon
Game of Death
Seven Years in Tibet
Tomb Raider
What Dreams May Come
Replacement Killers
Long Kiss Goodnight
Cool Runnings
City of Angels
Final Fantasy
Fight Club
Good Will Hunting
Feris Beulers Day Off
Get Shorty
Mission Impossible 1&2
The Usual Suspects
Gone in 60 Seconds
Spaced Series 1
The Green Mile
Shawshank Redemption
American Beauty

Plus loads more, but those are the ones I can remember... I'm adding these to my collection this week:

- Signs (omg, awesome movie... saw it 2nite)
- The Bourne Identity
- Resident Evil
- Road to Perdition
Otis P Jivefunk

DOOP Secretary
« #67 : 11-24-2003 15:44 »

Since it'd be such a long list, and lists get boring after a while, I took a photo of my DVD collection instead...

Also, just cut off the sides of the photo, on the right is the Alien Legacy. And on the left is Alice in Wonderland, Shrek, and Prodigy's 'Baby's Got A Temper' DVD  :)

Special thanx to Teral for hosting it  :)
M Jackson
« #68 : 11-24-2003 15:51 »

I can't be bothered to make a list now becasue i'm around the 200 DVD mark and I don't have enough patience. I'd take a picture but I don't have a host. Can I email it one of U and you post it for me?
Evil Fox Exec

Bending Unit
« #69 : 11-24-2003 15:58 »

My small DVD collection:
Futurama, S1
Futurama, S2
The Simpsons, S2
The Lion King II:  Simba's Pride
If I actually had a lot of money, I'd have a lot more DVD's.

DOOP Ubersecretary
« #70 : 11-24-2003 16:02 »
« : 11-24-2003 16:02 »

Originally posted by ~FazeShift~:
Recent additions:
Stargate Ultimate edition, 2 disc, lovely DVD box, all hologrammy     :)
Grosse Pointe Blank

Also have:
Shawshank Redemption
Fellowship, 4 disc
Holy Grail, 2 disc
Matrix, 2 disc
Gladiator, 2 disc
Star Wars episodes 1 & 2
The Big Lebowski
South Park Movie

TV series:
Blackadder 2, 3 & 4
Futurama 1 & 2
Family Guy 1 & 2
Fawlty Towers 1 & 2 and 1 extra features disc.
Movie Additions:
The Two Towers (4 disc)
Fatal Instinct
Monty Python: Life of Brian
Matrix Reloaded
The Animatrix
This is Spinal Tap

TV Additions:
Simpsons 2 & 3
Father Ted 1, 2 & 3
Family Guy 3
Futurama 3 and 4 (in the post)
Alias (R1)

The Job (Dennis Leary)
Malcolm in the Middle (R1)
Phoenix Nights 1 & 2
Band of Brothers
All the Stargate series
All the Angel series
All the Red Dwarf series
Dirty Harry Box Set
And complete the big three: Star Wars, Matrix and LOTR.    :D

« #71 : 11-24-2003 16:11 »

Futurama 1, 2 & 3 (+ 4 soon, I hope)
The Matrix
The Matrix Reloaded

And that’s it, so far. But I’ve got to get Alien & Aliens: I’m fed up with the cuts when they’re shown on the box.
Mr. Potter

« #72 : 11-24-2003 16:14 »
« : 11-24-2003 23:00 »

Mine's short (for now):

Sleepy Hollow
Spirited Away
The Lord of the Rings (animated)
The Nightmare Before Christmas Special Edition
Star Wars Episode 1 :The Phantom Menace
The Pianist Limited Edition
X-Men 1.5
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Thumb Wars The Phantom Cuticle
National Geographic Beyong the Move: The Lord of the Rings
The Simpsons: The Complete First Season
The Simpsons: The Complete Second Season
Travis- Live in Glasgow
And the crown jewel:
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Special Extended Edition


Bending Unit
« #73 : 11-24-2003 16:26 »

Oh I have only a few DVDs (but uncountable VHS):

In not particular order

Simon & Garfunkel: The Concert in Central Park
Bowling for Columbine
Manitou's Shoe (Der Schuh des Manitu)
Good Bye Lenin
The Perfect Storm
The London Rock & Roll Show (Concert Movie with Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and others)
Slurm Guy

Starship Captain
« #74 : 11-24-2003 23:09 »

I don't have time to list them all, but I have 124 of them. They're all either comedies or sci-fi action.

Goose Patrol
Space Pope
« #75 : 11-25-2003 01:52 »

Hmmm, time for my updated list...

Futurama Season 1
Futurama Season 2
The Goodies
Family Guy Season 1 + 2
John Safran's Music Jamboree

8 Mile
Empire Records

U2 Go Home: Live At Slane Castle
U2 - Rattle and Hum
U2 - Elevation 2001
U2 - Best of 1990-2000
Coldplay - Live 2003
Coldplay - Clocks
Travis - Live In Glasgow
Bon Jovi - Crush Tour 2000
Jamiroquai - Live In Verona
The Calling - Live In Italy

Terminator 3
U2 - ZooTV Adelaide
U2 - ZooTV Sydney
U2 - POPMart Mexico
U2 - POPMart Johannesburg

Urban Legend
« #76 : 11-25-2003 20:22 »

I could swear I already posted a list in this thread, but I don't see it (probably in another, similar thread), so here's mine (listed in order of purchase):

Monty Python & The Holy Grail (Spec. Ed.)
Young Frankenstein
Raising Arizona
LOTR: Fellowship Of The Ring (Ext. Ed.)
Futurama: Volume One
Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones
X-Men 1.5
Futurama: Volume Two
The Last Starfighter
The Iron Giant
LOTR: The Two Towers (Ext. Ed.)

Rectum Favourist
Urban Legend
« #77 : 11-25-2003 20:57 »
« : 11-25-2003 20:57 »

Let's have another easy notch on my post-count.
I mean, "let's look at my DVD collection". Yeah.

In no particular order, other than how they're stacked:

Donnie Darko
Violence Jack: The Collection (Impulse buy at AGI)
Army of Darkness (Double-disc)
Rush Hour (1 & 2)
X-Men 1.5
A Clockwork Orange
Steve-O: Don't try this at home 1
Austin Powers (1 & 2)
South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
Mick Foley: Hard Knocks and Cheap Pops
Airplane! (1 & 2)
American Pie (1 & 2)
28 Days Later
The Animatrix
The Smashing Pumpkins Greatest Video Hits
Monsters, Inc
This is Spinal Tap
The Smashing Pumpkins - Viewphoria
Blade (1 & 2)
Lee Evans: Live at Wembley
South Park vol. 4
Fight Club
Analyze This
Three Kings

And, the collections:
Simpsons Series 1 & 2
Futurama Series 1 - 3

And I plan on getting the next set of each when i'm not poor.

EDIT: Oh, and I also have both non-extended LOTR films. But they're downstairs, so weren't visable when I was making the list. Damn.
El Zilcho

« #78 : 11-25-2003 22:27 »
« : 11-25-2003 22:27 »

I only have like 15 DVD's, but my brother has 100-some. To see the whole list, click here.

And I sooo want "Donnie Darko".

Starship Captain
« #79 : 11-25-2003 22:47 »

I was just looking at my DVD collection... and it is quite pathetic.  It pretty much consists of Futurama Seasons 1 and 2, Simpsons Season 2, Titan A.E., Matrix Reloaded, and The Arrow (CBC miniseries from a few years back). That's it.  If you add in the rest of the family's DVDs, though, the collection is a far bit bigger, most likely because I try to convince others to buy DVDs with their money before I am willing to put up my own cash.  The family collection has stuff like Monty Python and the Holy Grail, both LOTR extended editions, a bunch of Pixar and Muppet movies, so on and so forth.
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