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Author Topic: Shocking (and sad) news regarding possible return of Futurama  (Read 1735 times)
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Delivery Boy
« on: 07-13-2004 03:59 »

I was informing someone from the Adult Swim messageboards about our AFF campaign, when he told me something disturbing: "There was word of new eps,late last year but Matt G. backed out." Having always thought that Matt loved his creation as much as we, and would do anything to see it continued (and given the conclusion he envisioned), I was shocked. Here is everything from our conversation. Make what you will of it.

frylock187: There was word of new eps,late last year but Matt G. backed out
sirdudethe10th: go on
sirdudethe10th: I doubt Matt would do that
frylock187: they were going to run them at 7 and Matt wanted the 8 spot
sirdudethe10th: FOX, huh?
frylock187: yeah fox wouldnt bump the simpsons tp 830
sirdudethe10th: Dammit Matt!!!
sirdudethe10th: The series needs to be wrapped up, not given a bigger following
frylock187: Matt wants to end the Simpsons soon so he figured he would ease Futurama back into the public
sirdudethe10th: *grinding teeth*
sirdudethe10th: this...can't...be
frylock187: hes working on the movie for the Simpsons soon, this will be the end of them
sirdudethe10th: Last I checked, Matt just wanted to give Futurama a proper wrap-up
sirdudethe10th: hence his push for a Futurama movie
frylock187: no the demand for the show was pretty big
frylock187: this is just going to feed the fire to bring the series back
sirdudethe10th: Well why not just agree to 7 pm?
sirdudethe10th: what is going to feed the fire?
frylock187: the NFL screwed that up every week if u remember
sirdudethe10th: FUCK FOOTBALL :[
sirdudethe10th: why not 8:30 then?
frylock187: thats the worst time on fox
frylock187: thats 530 west
frylock187: coast that is
frylock187: football is still on there
sirdudethe10th: I live in CA and simpsons comes on at 8
frylock187: oh they do?
sirdudethe10th: yes
sirdudethe10th: not 5
frylock187: so i see it before you then
sirdudethe10th: I guess so
frylock187: my 8 is ur 5
sirdudethe10th: I know, but the shows are shown at the same time both sides
sirdudethe10th: you get it 3 hours earlier
frylock187: oh so that cant be the case then
sirdudethe10th: 8:30 is a fine time
frylock187: y doesnt he do it then hmmm.....
frylock187: whats on at 8:30 there
sirdudethe10th: I don't know, I don't watch crap
frylock187: Method and red?
sirdudethe10th: Where did you hear about this?
sirdudethe10th: Matt turning down the offer?
frylock187: I was still at fox then, they send the line-ups for the station and that was a memo to not show Futurama no more
sirdudethe10th: what would new episodes have to do with that?
frylock187: I can probably get that memo for u
sirdudethe10th: are you aying that FOX doesn't show the reruns anymore?
frylock187: fox dropped the series
frylock187: at least here they did
sirdudethe10th: Why would they tell you about Matt refusing an offer for new episodes when all they want you to do is stop airing reruns?
frylock187: i got booted
sirdudethe10th: what, so they were somehow compelled to let you in on a company secret? I thought you said it was a memo not to show Futurama reruns anymore.
frylock187: what secret
sirdudethe10th: nevermind
frylock187: it was a post that was with the station about new eps for the existing shows or the new shows coming
sirdudethe10th: uhhuh
frylock187: i can get the memo i'm pretty sure
sirdudethe10th: but you said it was there as a notice to take futurama reruns off the air
frylock187: itll take a day or so but i can try
sirdudethe10th: well that would be nice
frylock187: yes the network dropped the show instead of showing the reruns for another season
sirdudethe10th: but what would that have to do with new episodes?
sirdudethe10th: why would they be in the same memo?
frylock187: they replaced it with reruns of KOH for some reason
frylock187: the memo was to take Futurama off the post was about new eps
sirdudethe10th: ok, they're seperate
sirdudethe10th: that makes more sense
frylock187: the post comes out a month before the fall season
frylock187: the memos come the same week as the show is to air
frylock187: line-ups and that sortof thing
sirdudethe10th: why would they care if you know about the chance of new Futurama episodes?
sirdudethe10th: I mean, isn't that kind of thing not of your concern, job-wise
sirdudethe10th: ?

At this point, the guy disapeared off into nowhere. I admit, his vanishing and lack of coherent communication skills have me in question, but then again, there really is no reason why he's be making this up. From the AS messageboards, it is very clear that he is a long-time Futurama fan, and wouldn't want to stifle the hopes of any movement to bring the show back. As for me, I am waiting to see this memo, and I am in a state of shock and uncertainty. I wonder what Cohen thinks of this. I always thought the shows creators were on our side. Everything they ever said in interview pointed to them being strong advocates of continuing the show and giving it a proper shipper's ending. Now I just don't know. I don't even know if I can protest without the support of Groening. I mean, sure Groening wanted it back in this story we hear, but he was willing to throw it away for a timeslot. A bad timeslot is unimportant, as long as FOX takes responsibilty for the resulting blow to ratings. This story just doesn't sound right. If FOX was willing to do new eps, wouldn't they also be willing to do a movie? Or has Matt also betrayed us in that area too? I thought he was willing to do anything to keep Futurama alive. Appaarently, he's more concerned with getting his way than compromising for the life of the show. That is, if what I've been told is true.

Bending Unit
« Reply #1 on: 07-13-2004 04:21 »
« Last Edit on: 07-13-2004 04:21 »

I can't wait to see that memo. I don't know what to think now.
EDIT: I emailed DXC nicely asking him if there was any truth to that. He's answered me once before, he might again. Maybe we'll get some answers.
Starship Captain
« Reply #2 on: 07-13-2004 05:01 »

Well if the note is in regard to the reruns getting shown, that is old news. Frylock187 seems to be a bit mixed up. If the crew were about to get back together and write new shows then that is new to me.  Since he doesn't know what times the different shows get shown and how the airing in different timezones work(I don't either since I'm from the UK) I'm skeptical...

Bending Unit
« Reply #3 on: 07-13-2004 05:15 »
« Last Edit on: 07-13-2004 05:15 »

....hmmm....it kind of sounds to me that frylock187 is just trying to sound like a big shot, unjustly dismissed for being exposed to a secret that was never meant to leave the board room. I must say, I have doubts. "not to show Futurama no more", I'm afraid (s)he lost my confidence after that.

Now, as far as Mr Groening dismissing new episodes due to the lack of a decent time slot, I kind of get the idea that it's some kind of tactic; an obscure strategy if you will employed for the sole purpose of getting the best result for the shows loyal fans. Hopefully. In any case, here is what I envision to be the conversation between MG and a very uncool fox exec member, enjoy:

VUCFEM: Now, Mr. Groening, I think you'll find this offer to be most-heh heh- "generous"

MG gives the VUCFEM an odd look when he actually makes quote signs with his fingers.  He grabs a piece of paper that the VUCFEM has slid across the table.

MG: (reading the note) Would you take your pants off and dance around a little?

VUCFEM: Oh, I'm sorry! That's a note to my secretary.

MG just stares with disgust.

VUCFEM: Fine "administrative assistant". God, everyone around here is sooo pc!

MG takes a moment to shake off his repulsion.

MG: Sir, I came here today to do serious business with the company I've remained faithful to *God knows why* for a large chapter of my life. Together we emerged from obscurity and into the depths of unbridled success.

VUCFEM: Really? And the company in question...

MG: Fox

VUCFEM stares vacantly for a few moments before jolting as if suddenly waking up.

VUCFEM: Oh...OH! Okay! NOW, we're getting somewhere.

MG: Sir, dose to company, fox, have any real offer for me-or was I just called down to perform some kind of man dance sans pants.

VUCFEM: Ha ha ha! That was clever!

MG: Thanks, I'd been working that out since the note thing earlier-but that's not important! The reason I came here was to see if there is any possibility of getting Futurama renewed.

VUCFEM: Fu...?

MG: It was an animated, science fiction sitcom

VUCFEM: ...ur...?

MG: It won both Emmies AND Annies

VUCFEM: ...am...?

MG: It was on this network, fox, for FIVE air seasons.

VUCFEM: ...a?

MG: The one with the smoking robot

VUCFEM: Oh, THAT show. What ever happened to it?

MG: You people let it rot in the 7pm spot on Sunday, then cancelled it!

VUCFEM: And you're here because...?

MG: I want it back

VUCFEM: How does 7pm Sunday sound?

MG: Not great, actually, that was the problem in the first place-

VUCFEM: *finally realizing that MG neither fears/respects him* YOU, SIR HAVE NO RIGHT TO SUCH DEMANDS! YOU ARE NOT GOD! GET OUT!

MG: But, you asked-


So, there you go.

Edit: Yay, I feel loved! *Forms a giant group hug with KAH and ouch*

Bending Unit
« Reply #4 on: 07-13-2004 05:22 »

I love you, Mallzie.

Space Pope
« Reply #5 on: 07-13-2004 05:29 »

I'm skeptical.  First, someone working for a TV station or broadcasting company should understand that all timezones see shows at their respective times, with the exception of Central, and live broadcasts like sports. 

Second, we've all seen the Simpsons episodes from last season, where Futurama was referenced as a great show.  Matt was introduced as "the creator of Futurama", and in another episode, a teen flung himself off a cliff, shouting "Why did they cancel Futurama?"

I think Matt is more on our side than that conversation would lead us to believe.  I've always understood that he was very bitter ove the cancellation of the show, and holds a lot of discontent with FOX.  Hopefully KAH can get us some answers.

Delivery Boy
« Reply #6 on: 07-13-2004 05:30 »
« Last Edit on: 07-13-2004 05:30 »

yeah. I wonder if he'd scan it or type it up. I doubt anyone low enough to make something like this up would be capableof writing a realistic fake document. I have posed the question on Billy West's messageboard, where the most up to date glimmer of hope can be found in this quote:

 Funny that you should be talking about this.I was out last night with a buddy in LA and I ran into Matt Groening.We talked about the cartoon network and he seems to get the impression that the CN is very interested in new stuff but FOX still calls the shots.We shall see."

If the story I got from frylock187 (Ooh, a murder and aqua teen hunger force enthusiast...the girls must be all over him) is true, the there is still a glimmer of hope. Matt may not want to deal with FOX, but there is a chance of CN buying the rights to Futurama, removing all FOX/Matt interaction. FOX is no longer airing Futurama reruns, so one must wonder why they are holding onto the rights -- Once they release season 4 on DVD, it will be the final yank of cash out of Futurama for them. After that, they are far more likely to surrender the rights than in any other case.

If frylock187's story is untrue, that doesn't change the likleyhood of FOX holding off on making any Futurama realted decsions until seeing how the final season does on DVD. Make no mistake, Futurama is a hot topic.

And, despite whatever horrible blows to my confidence in Futurama's future I endure, I will be still running AFF as if nothing ever happend. Frylock187 is an unreliable source and he won't influence hte nature of our campaign. To keep the campaign strong I will spread any news of doubt no farther than PEEL, so that I may confide in you guys.

P.S. once the AFF site is done, I am emailing as many people involved in the show as possible to inform them of what we're doing. Billy West has proven himself responsive to fans, that's for sure...
Zoidberg: All good points. Not to mention he came from the AS board. You never know what you might drag in from there. Also, how is KAH able to confirm these things? does he have an inside conenction, or is he a damn good finder-outer?   ;)

Bending Unit
« Reply #7 on: 07-13-2004 05:39 »

I'm not particularly special, I write lovely emails though and DXC has written me back before, he seemed very friendly and interested in the show's return from the little he said to me. You can email me if you want, Ouch.

Delivery Boy
« Reply #8 on: 07-13-2004 05:59 »

KAH, that's lovely of you!  :)
And Mallzie, I love you too. Expertly written stuff. Alot of Futurama fanfic writers should learn how to crack jokes from you.

Of course, keep in mind, that if FOX wanted to renew Futurama, we wouldn't have to worry about them using the 7 pm timeslot's inferiority as an excuse to cancel the show, since they would only do that if they hated it (like before). And I don't think they'd want to bring back a show they hate. Of course, the story is probably all flubbed up to begin with...

Urban Legend
« Reply #9 on: 07-13-2004 06:06 »

KAH is our conduit to the Divine!  All hail the Goddess of Speaking and stuff!

One friendly reply from the geek that all man-geeks want to be and the geek that all fem-geeks want is proof enough for me!
(Don't believe me about the fem-geeks want him part? We've got a thread about that somewhere...)

Though that's kinda depressing if true, but... this IS the internet we're talking about here, and an unofficial source, at that. I wouldn't trust such random rumours until there is some sort of evidence to back it up... and even then, I'd check the evidence very carefully...


Bending Unit
« Reply #10 on: 07-13-2004 06:14 »

haha Thank you, SJM. I happen to be one of those fem-geeks who worship that adonis DXC. However I had to restain myself from writing like a fan girl and limit myself to drooling on the keyboard.

« Reply #11 on: 07-13-2004 06:51 »

I'm both excited and worried from this thread. Everything that came up around here got me confused. From certein quotes it seems that Futurama's return could be a very realistic dream.. on the other hand...

Urban Legend
« Reply #12 on: 07-13-2004 08:02 »

hm...don't know what to believe

I hope DXC responds to you KAH (KAH happens to by my initials  :))

Delivery Boy
« Reply #13 on: 07-13-2004 09:24 »

I agree with Jicannon becasue I don't know who to believe but I hope Futurama does make a return

Starship Captain
« Reply #14 on: 07-13-2004 09:28 »

I'm still kind of skeptical.  This Frylock guy could be anyone, and he might not know enough.  Maybe he's just jumping to conclusions about stuff.  And good luck to KAH for getting some of the bare facts from DXC.

Starship Captain
« Reply #15 on: 07-13-2004 11:12 »

sounds utter bullshit to me.
Otis P Jivefunk

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #16 on: 07-13-2004 11:39 »

With a few flies hanging around, sniffing it up...

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #17 on: 07-13-2004 11:56 »

i agree. definately bullshit.

however, what's DXC's email address, KAH? i'd very much like to get some facts "straight from the horses mouth," as they say.

« Reply #18 on: 07-13-2004 13:34 »

Agreed with Zeep. If DXC gets oodles of fan letters requesting a return, mayhaps he will take it to a higher authority. Better than sending anchovies.

Urban Legend
« Reply #19 on: 07-13-2004 14:30 »
« Last Edit on: 07-13-2004 14:30 »

hm...or if we e-mailed him pictures of anchovies.....muahaha   :evillaugh:

Urban Legend
« Reply #20 on: 07-13-2004 14:31 »

Bah! You're going to trust a guy you talked to on an instant messaging program? Are you on crack cocaine or something? Dumbass.

Bending Unit
« Reply #21 on: 07-13-2004 16:08 »

I hope he doesn't get too much mail, he might start ignoring it.

Space Pope
« Reply #22 on: 07-13-2004 16:22 »

TLI, lay off.  If you had actually read the entire thread, you'd know there's skepticism all around.  Something like this is especially confusing, specifically when you think it might be coming from an insider (Frylock stated he worked for FOX (or at least an affiliate) at one time). 

I don't think any of us believe what Frylock had to say, but it does certainly throw a wrench in the works... there are so many rumors surrounding Futurama.  It is hard to know what to believe.

Urban Legend
« Reply #23 on: 07-13-2004 16:38 »

I know there's skepticism all around, and there should be if someone's so dumb as to believe that a guy from IM could POSSIBLY EVER bring light to a project. I don't believe for one second that the guy ever worked for FOX, I don't believe for one second that Matt Groening was offered to make more episodes, I don't believe for one second that he would want to turn down such an offer. Believe that it's dead, enjoy the memories. And don't cross my path again.

Bending Unit
« Reply #24 on: 07-13-2004 16:50 »

C'mon, Lampy, lighten up. No one's insulting you. It probably is all crap but at this point it's worth finding out. Hope's really all we have and any news is good news so be skeptical, that's wise of you, but don't rain on our parade.

Bending Unit
« Reply #25 on: 07-13-2004 17:16 »
« Last Edit on: 07-13-2004 17:16 »

Originally posted by KAH:
C'mon, Lampy, lighten up. No one's insulting you. It probably is all crap but at this point it's worth finding out. Hope's really all we have and any news is good news so be skeptical, that's wise of you, but don't rain on our parade.

I coldnt agree more, but it douse make sence that Matt could be using the simpsons movie to end it once and for all, so that he can bring futurama back. The simpsons is getting old for everyone and i think Matt feels the same.

Bending Unit
« Reply #26 on: 07-13-2004 17:41 »

KAH is right.  Be skeptical, but don't lose hope.  Anything could happen.
El Pazoozoo

« Reply #27 on: 07-14-2004 01:16 »

Settle down Lampy and wish for the best possible outcome.  I would!

Urban Legend
« Reply #28 on: 07-14-2004 01:28 »
« Last Edit on: 07-14-2004 01:28 »

Leave Lamp alone, people. He's better at abusing shit then you are. (Unless certain ultra sacarstic/smartarse old school Peelers decide to show their faces' here. Which they won't, ugly bastards.)

And in any case, he's right. That thing is BS, Matt's done all he could to help the show, and if he accepted the crappy timeslot before, there's no reason who wouldn't do it again, just to see Futurama on the air. And the chances of our show making a return ARE miniscule, if not non-existent.(Doesn't mean I don't have hope, just that I acknowledge that it's a fools hope.)
In anycase, wait for our Avatar of Mercury (KAH) to show up and confirm that statements falsehood. Or better still, just look at facts and realise how dumb it actually is.
Fry´s Girl

« Reply #29 on: 07-14-2004 10:40 »

I've been on the AS boards, and it is my opinion to not believe anything you read.  Although the name says Adultswim, many of them are in fact teens trying to ruffle feathers.
Evil Abe

Bending Unit
« Reply #30 on: 07-14-2004 20:31 »

I don't think this guy is for real.  First the time zone thing.  Second the Simpsons have been renewed until another 2 years for a total of 16 seasons.  There is even talk that the Simpsons is going to go the title of longest running show ever (in the US) and try to out run Gunsmoke and that was on for 20year.  http://www.eonline.com/News/Items/0,1,11136,00.html?newsrellink
Digital Dragon

Bending Unit
« Reply #31 on: 07-14-2004 22:06 »

I rather doubt there is any credibility to this but I’m interested by some of your reactions, such as: “I always thought Matt was on our side!” an “Or has Matt also betrayed us in that area too?”

There are no sides to it, Matt Groening isn’t some sort of cuddly figure trying to get what’s best for fans and he can’t betray you because he doesn’t owe you anything. He’s just a guy who came up with two very good animated shows, and if he thought he was going to get screwed by the network on timeslot he might very well drop the project. This is the way the business works, it is a business and Matt Groening is a businessmen.

Space Pope
« Reply #32 on: 07-14-2004 22:10 »

In the immortal words of Dr. Weird...

Nasty Pasty

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #33 on: 07-14-2004 23:17 »

i really hope this stuff Frylock is saying is comming straight out of his ass. I really dont think that Groening would back out of new episodes just because he couldnt get them a slightly later timeslot. He wants Futurama to come back as much as we all do. And I think he would settle for a 3:30 PM timeslot on Wednesday mornings if he could get our beloved show back on the air.

Urban Legend
« Reply #34 on: 07-14-2004 23:41 »

yeah, if the guy worked for FOX, he would have known that the episodes are shown at different times for different time zones.....but, as everyone keeps saying, we can always hope.

« Reply #35 on: 07-15-2004 00:18 »

*cries and bangs fists on the floor*

Hope, er, that's right. And everybody knows what Fry thinks about hope.

Although I suppose there is the possiblity that, just say, all of that frylock stuff is bull shit, and that Futurama <i>was</i> coming back - what if it sucked? That would be more disappointing, I think.

But it wouldn't suck. It wouldn't suck.

It wouldn't suck!

Perhaps we can start a mass stalking project of all the cast/crew and then of the Fox people (I call not stalking FOX) until they put it back on.

But ouch, how you play around with my feelings - just don't talk about those things! *covers hands over ears*
Hedonism Bot

Bending Unit
« Reply #36 on: 07-15-2004 06:32 »

At least if Futurama returns on a later timeslot it will mean that the jokes won't have to be watered down and censored. It's bad enough when "ass" is cut out of regular shows, but when it is cut out of jokes such as "Harpoon my ass," it it like a file across an exposed nerve.

Bending Unit
« Reply #37 on: 07-15-2004 17:15 »

I think that what Matt says from credible sources paints truer colors. But if what Frylock is saying is true, then I'd have to agree with Mallzie, that it's probably just his strategy.
Cloud 9

Bending Unit
« Reply #38 on: 07-15-2004 18:33 »
« Last Edit on: 07-15-2004 18:33 »

I certainly hope that isn't true, but knowing what I do about Matt's personality, I think that Mallzie's scenario was more realistic than whatever that Frylock guy was saying. But if he is wrong, it might not be that he was making it up or trying to show off, it could just be a mistake...(I'm being too nice again, am I not?)

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #39 on: 07-15-2004 19:23 »

Argh.  Seriously people, just don't bother with this story.  Even if this guy worked at a Fox affiliate (which is doubtful, considering he couldn't grasp the concept of time zones, which is one of the first things someone who works at a tv station should know), so what?  He got a "memo" saying not to show Futurama anymore (when the affiliates don't choose whether to show it anyway, unless a particular affiliate decides to pull a show)?  So what?  What authority would he possibly have to find out what Groening or the network bigwigs were in talks about?  He doesn't say anything beyond that he recieved some memo, a memo which likely would not include hollywood gossip.

%100 bogus.
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