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Author Topic: Does Family Guy's return help or hurt Futurama?  (Read 868 times)
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Delivery Boy
« on: 07-09-2004 05:42 »

First I thought the question of Family Guy's revival has no impact or direct tie-in to Futurama's future, since I thought that new Futurama episodes are more expensive...


Get this...they both cost the same (about a million dollars) That means that it could have that been Futurama in FG's spot! And which do you think has made more profit in it's lifetime? Futurama, obviously (Just look at the number of seasons compared to FG). You could argue that Family Guy has a stronger fanbase, but is that really true? Also, if you want to consider which is truly better from an objective stance, remember what the Emmy's have to say on the

It's enough to get pissed off over, But even though FG came out ahead of Futurama at this time, what impact will it have on the remainder of Futurama's existence? Good or Bad?

PROS of FG coming back:

-FOX renewing a cancelled show proves that those jerks are capable of doing it
-It also may prove to FOX that going back on their decisions can be profitable

-FG may fill FOX's only spot for "Animated Prime Time Series Revived for the Fans" (but remember, when there's a demand for something, close substitutes usually trail in after it. Remember how all those crappy Simpsons knockoffs came in a wave?)

Aside from the question of whether or not the return of FG will harm or help Futurama, or have no effect other than inspiration for us, Do you think that if FG never existed, or Seth McFarlane died a few years ago, or whatever, would we be seeing Futurama returning now? I mean, if they cost the same...

In the end it makes me say to myself, keep buying those Futurama DVDs! That's all Family Guy had going for it...DAMN IT!


Liquid Emperor
« Reply #1 on: 07-09-2004 05:46 »

I don't see any logical reason why Family Guy's return would hurt Futurama.  If anything it would unprecented: a cancelled show brought back because of strong dvd sales and cable ratings.  Family Guy (as opposed to Futurama) is being brought back partially because the dvd sales were so strong, but if the return is successful, I can bet you Futurama will at least be considered for a revival.  If Family Guy's return isn't successful though, that might kill its chances.

Delivery Boy
« Reply #2 on: 07-09-2004 06:13 »

So despite my animosity...I must support Family Guy? this is very confusing. Man I've got to buy those DVDS and support Futurama!!! But I need money  :(

« Reply #3 on: 07-09-2004 09:05 »

The question is this - is it logistically possible to get the crew back together after all the time thats passed? It's been over a year now (as far as I understand, can be wrong for better or worse) - and people in the TV industry get involved in other projects quickly enough.

Urban Legend
« Reply #4 on: 07-09-2004 09:05 »

Actually, I think the main effect Family Guy's return had on Futurama is that fan's saw a path to possible revival. i.e go nuts with the DVD buying already.

I doubt Fox has got a spot specifically reserved for revided animated programs the only Family Guy could fill.

And trust me when I say when I say the Family Guy's DVD sales have been huge (at least in the US, where it really matters). It's got no small fanbase.

Futurama's DVD sales have been excellent (at least as far as that FOX earnings report shows us), but smaller then FG's. So the question remains: will it be enough?

And don't buy FG DVD's in some misguided attempt to support Futurama won't help much. What D_T_B means is that if FG's return to TV doesn't get the ratings it needs, then Fox won't consider reviving anything else. FG's current fanbase will probably ensure its' survival, at least for the time being...

So, in conclusion, I wish I had Nix's Boba Fett link.
Buy those Futurama DVD's.

Urban Legend
« Reply #5 on: 07-09-2004 12:58 »

I think it's helping. One show people really want to see, and there's another show on before or after?(depending on the schedule) Hmm...I think I'll watch this show too...hey, it's pretty cool! We've got a one-eyed girl, a moronic guy from my time, a trash talking robot, a mad professor, a starving lobster...

That's how I got into Futurama. It was on before Family Guy and I decided to watch it to kill time, and it turned out the show was pretty cool. So here I am.

« Reply #6 on: 07-09-2004 13:42 »

If Family Guy gets good ratings on its return, I think that Futurama won't be far behind (I hope).  It'll prove that a revival can be successful...and maybe that's what Fox is waiting to see.

As far as the cast returning, the only one I'd worry about would be Katy Segal (sp?).  Billy West voiced half of the main characters, and he always seems to be available.

Delivery Boy
« Reply #7 on: 07-09-2004 14:03 »

If TFG revival proves to be profitable, it helps Futurama.  If it doesn't, it hurts Furutama.
Cloud 9

Bending Unit
« Reply #8 on: 07-09-2004 14:07 »

But, if Family Guy fails, they might try Futurama as a last resort. (Though it humbles me to think of it that way)

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #9 on: 07-09-2004 16:00 »

The crew part has no impact on the shows revival. Family Guy was off the air for almost 2 years and production was stopped in 2001. I like Family Guy I hope it succeeds but I also hope Futurama comes back too. These 2 shows are equal to me. Also Ouch I think Futurama made more money than Family Guy because it did better overall ratings and it lasted longer on TV but Family Guy beat out Futurama in Dvd sales.

I'm sure its been mentioned here before but it sounds like MG (Matt Groening) is in talks with Cartoon Network on a possible come back so the show is not totally dead.
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