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Author Topic: USA Volume 8 Blu-ray/DVD  (Read 14208 times)
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Just Fan
Starship Captain
« Reply #120 on: 12-14-2013 06:44 »

*The scene where Fry and Bender find out where Leela is was gonna be longer, with Leela dropping pebbles out of her cage spelling out that she needs help.
Kurt will absolutely "love" that tongue.

Thanks for info, Box Incorporated.

« Reply #121 on: 12-14-2013 20:01 »

Well Whaddya know. G.I Zapp was written in one day, and everybody favors that one the most. That's pretty funny when you think about it.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #122 on: 12-14-2013 21:30 »

Thanks for the info, Box Incorporated. big grin

« Reply #123 on: 12-15-2013 00:03 »

Fun Fact: An original animatic shows Zoidberg losing his hand/claw in "Meanwhile" as well as Leela.

« Reply #124 on: 12-15-2013 02:43 »

Was Zoidberg in a claw-plach match, Ado?
Box Incorporated

Bending Unit
« Reply #125 on: 12-15-2013 04:10 »
« Last Edit on: 12-15-2013 06:48 »

Game of Tones

 *Tone uses devils interval.
 *Inspired by Close Encounters and Inception.
 *Fry’s neighborhood inspired by where Eric Kaplan grew up in his childhood.
 *Monkey Fracas Jr. a Ken Keeler joke. (from Space Pilot 3000).
 *There was a version of this episode where the aliens on the ship were not the Nibblonians, and the aliens lost a treasure room with walls made of ruby’s, which turns out to be the elevator in the cryogenics lab building.

 Murder on the Planet Express

 *David’s bugged by Farnsworth’s line about seeing someone about ground beef since cows are extinct in the future.
 *The hitchhiker eating Dan McMasters from behind is inspired by the movie Deep Blue Sea where Samuel Jackson makes a big inspirational speech and is suddenly eaten from behind.
 *Things like the panic room and some hallways were added to the PE ship for this episode, while things like the game room (right outside the panic room), were revamped from their original appearances.
 *Originally, the mouse that Hermes and Zoidberg find in the ships air vents was Nibbler, who made a speech and said some opinions on the whole thing, but was cut out for time.

 Stench and Stenchibility

 *There was a cut out opening where the crew was watching a parody of the honey badger video with Hypnotoad, with Randy making a comment saying “He don’t care”, but their Internet bandwidth gets used by Zoidbergs video date, making them get mad at him.
 *After David said the Zoidberg storyline might not cover enough time for a full episode, he suggests what Bender is doing while this is happening, followed by Ken Keeler blurting out tap dancing.
 *Originally was gonna have each of the tap dancers introduce themselves and say why they’re there, but was just cut to a pan.
 Tanya’s name based on ice skater Tanya Harding.
 *Scenes like the montage of Zoidberg giving nice smelling things to Mary Ann and the tap dancing at the end with Tanya and Bender were cut out, but were put back in for the final edition of the episode.
 *Randy was originally drawn as an old man back when first used as the angry man in the mob, but later changed when John did that sassy voice.
 *Dr. Cahill accidently drawn first with her flat chested Neutopia design.
 *If this is the end of the series, then this is a happy ending for Zoidberg.


 *Kens written thoughts about the finale (was in Kentucky at the time of recording). Leela should’ve never slept with Zapp. Fry should’ve had the meeting with Leela at sunrise. In Jurrasic Bark, Bender should’ve spent more time swimming in the lava. He misses all of the voice actors and writers. And he can’t wait to be here again in another few years.
 *The time button came from an idea from Matt Groening about a time machine that could go back 10 seconds.
 *A first draft thought for the episode was for Fry to ask Leela on a date 50 times, failing at the first 49 times, but succeeding at the 50th time, rewinding with the time button for each time.
 *Ken wrote a 10 page explanation of the button in the script, with the Professor explaining why the time shelter doesn’t move back after the buttons pressed.
 *Ken wanted the meeting with Fry and Leela to be at sunrise mainly because it’s called the vampire state building and to keep them alive.
 *David disagreed with this, saying it’d be weird for the building to open 5 in the morning, a sunset would be a more romantic setting, and the lighting would be difficult with the sun just rising, so forced Ken to change it to sunset.
 *In an earlier version of the script, instead of running with the time shelter for 10 seconds at a time, the crew would dig up a tunnel made of time mud under the shelter 10 seconds a time, taking them weeks to make it to where Leela and Fry are.
 *In an animatic, after Fry splats on the ground, Leela is covered with Fry’s blood. Also, a lot more blood comes out of her hand when her hand is cut off by the clam.
 *There wasn’t a table read for the last act of Meanwhile.
 *Suggested shot for Fry and Leela’s honeymoon was they walking through a tunnel of snow.
 *They can walk on water, but when they drink it, it moves like normal water.

 Writers Room of Tommorow

 *Their office is located by the writing room for shows like New Girl, Homeland, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
 *Plots for episodes on cards:
 *Bender’s Plot to Steal God’s Treasure. “Bender, you killed God.” “He was coming right at me, you saw it!”
*Delivery to New Year Eve’s Planet Where a Year is Just As Long As “Auld Lang Syne”.
 *Mobius Strip Club. Neverending Nudity. Infinite Drink Minimum.
 *Has 2 screens, 1 for looking at finished animation, other looking at the script for it.
 *Matt Groening sometimes signs his name as Mike Groening to fans who annoy him.

Bending Unit
« Reply #126 on: 12-15-2013 15:30 »

Thanks for the info, Box Incorporated!

I would've liked to see an episode where Bender kills God

« Reply #127 on: 12-15-2013 17:06 »

Thanks, Box.

« Reply #128 on: 12-15-2013 18:41 »

Was Zoidberg in a claw-plach match, Ado?

No, his claw left the time shelter (while Fry was using the button over and over) to get a half eaten kit-kat and it was time shredded.

Beyond Zoidberg's claw loss, the joke was the kit-kat actually turned out to be a half eaten cat named Kit.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #129 on: 12-15-2013 19:15 »

Thanks for all of this information, Box. I, and likely many others, really appreciate it.  smile

Starship Captain
« Reply #130 on: 12-15-2013 23:42 »

Yeah, this is truly awesome that you'd post the details Box Incorporated.  How are the deleted scenes?  Are any of the scenes mentioned in these commentaries present? smile

Bending Unit
« Reply #131 on: 12-17-2013 03:33 »
« Last Edit on: 12-20-2013 18:14 »

Great info, Box Inc.

Now that I've watched all of Vol. 8 several more times,
this last season seems to be a strong wrap-up of the series.

Better to go out on top, eh?
(... as for The Simpsons? Meh.)

A Very Merry Kwanzaa-Honakka-Christmas, To Ya'all!  big grin
(p.s. - forgive my sp.)
Box Incorporated

Bending Unit
« Reply #132 on: 12-18-2013 01:23 »
« Last Edit on: 12-18-2013 01:24 »

Thanks for the appreciation guys.  smile

Yeah, this is truly awesome that you'd post the details Box Incorporated.  How are the deleted scenes?  Are any of the scenes mentioned in these commentaries present? smile

They were mostly just extra lines and scenes that would've been nice to have had in the episode, with a few really interesting one's here and there. Here's the most notable ones:

*The scene in T: The Terrestrial with Hermes acting like an Omicronian (Hrrr) and asking Zapp to board Omicron Persei 8. (really funny scene).

*In Leela and the Genestalk, when the trio escapes the giant, they go into a giant mouse hole where they meet 2 mutated humanish rats, before going into a sewer hole inside. Also, the giant rips off one of Leela's big tentacles, which she shrugs off.

*The original Shazaam scene from the Game of Tones animatic posted a few months ago was put in the deleted scenes, which was fully colored and animated.

*The Zoidberg giving nice smelling things to Mary Ann parts of Stench and Stenchibility's montage was originally just them going on random dates (kiss in the middle of traffic, have a date on the beach and Zoidberg is bounced on a whales nose). The tap dancing parts remained the same.

*Like Much Ado already said, Zoidberg had his arm cut off. Apparently in the original script, you could actually leave the time shelter while the button was being pressed without being shredded like human coleslaw, just as long as you actually go back into the shelter, so he put his arm out to get the dollar Farnsworth threw and had it shredded off him.

*The original scene with the crew building a tunnel out of time mud to the Vampire State building had them get out of the shelter, build a mud tunnel for a few seconds, then rush back in.

And now, the bonus animator commentary for Game of Tones.

Animators Commentary

*70-80 designers for the show at Rough Draft, 100s more artist at Korea.
*Has 6 directors who work in a rotation, sometimes changed for persons specialties.
*1999 made more duller in color than the future, has a lot of snow globes put into Fry’s apartment.
Chris Gram and Roy Comacho storyboarded this.
*Decided to fix up Fry’s house since it always bothered them that it looked uninhabitable. Were always asked by the writers to make it look worse and worse in each appearance.
*Scene with everyone wearing diapers not in written script.
*Like Much Ado said, Digby originally had a mustache, first a goatee, then a pencil mustache.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #133 on: 12-18-2013 22:25 »

I thought this was a brilliant review of Volume 8 on Blu-ray, presentation-wise too.

Starship Captain
« Reply #134 on: 12-20-2013 05:12 »
« Last Edit on: 12-21-2013 05:46 »

David X. Cohen shows off a card that reads "Fry Eats Bugs".  I hate to bring it back up, but I think you all know what I thought of.   tongue

Bending Unit
« Reply #135 on: 12-20-2013 18:20 »
« Last Edit on: 12-20-2013 18:21 »

Was hoping for more inserts, like the neat postcards that came
with the direct-to-DVD movies... Just one super-mini poster saying:
'Everyone Needs More Space'

Not bad, but had hoped for more -- especially as this may be
the very last new FUTURAMA DVD season/volume ever...  mad

Starship Captain
« Reply #136 on: 12-21-2013 06:12 »

LOL I want to know what the Inside cover is, like how Vol 1 was Leela looking at Fry in the Cryo Tube ect
It's a giant tentacled Leela holding Scruffy & Fry in her tentacles.

Delivery Boy
« Reply #137 on: 04-04-2014 03:00 »
« Last Edit on: 04-04-2014 03:06 »

This info makes me want to get the DVDs!   The only products I do get. 

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