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Author Topic: At Long Last Leave! - The Simpsons  (Read 29242 times)
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Space Pope
« Reply #280 on: 07-29-2013 02:59 »
« Last Edit on: 07-29-2013 03:05 »

Haha, believe it or not Bart Carny snuck it's way onto my top 20 list. Guess there's no accounting for taste. But don't forget guys, carnies built this country (the carnival part of it anyway), and while they may be rat-like in appearance, they are truly gods among men.

I guess I'll forgo the explanations for each episode for now and just post the list in it's almost completely aribitrarily-ordered glory and simply let you guys bicker about how certain episodes I picked are among the worst ever in your eyes (there's a few from the later seasons I put in that I KNOW are going to raise eyebrows...I'll defend them later, although it's probably a futile exercise), and why I'm a total idiot for not including classic episodes like Last Exit To Springfield or Homer At The Bat (which are fantastic episodes that I love...they just aren't on my list) or any other number of episodes which are clearly better than the shitty ones I included on my list. wink

Seriously though, this is so subjective and inaccurate even by my tastes it's not even funny. I'll have to work on this a bit, either by expanding the list or by replacing episodes in order to include ones it hurt me to exclude. The order means absolutely nothing as well, except that I did put my very favorite episodes closer to the top of the list. That said, I do very much love all the episodes I listed above.

20) Trilogy Of Error
19) Bart Carny
18) Homer To The Max
17) Miracle on Evergreen Terrace
16) The Blunder Years
15) The Computer Wore Menace Shoes
14) Treehouse Of Horror V
13) Brother From Another Series
12) The Joy Of Sect
11) Homer's Enemy
10) Lisa's Substitute
9) Homer Goes To College
8) Homerpalooza
7) Homer's Phobia
6) Deep Space Homer
5) The Mysterious Voyage Of Homer
4) Marge Vs. The Monorail
3) In Marge We Trust
2) Homie The Clown
1) You Only Move Twice

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #281 on: 07-29-2013 04:59 »

I think The Principal and the Pauper is a fantastic episode - though the reasons I love it are the very same reasons it's so universally hated among Simpsons fans. I mean, the whole thing was just a meta commentary on the contrivances of television; the way writers will ret-con a character's backstory on a whim and then the convoluted ways everything returns to the status quo. It was taking a giant dig at the fans who are so invested in an animated ten year old's principal, despite the fact that the reset button gets blatantly hit at the end, with the script even calling attention to that. I mean, really, what does it matter? It doesn't contradict anything we'd heard about Skinner's past up until this point, and hasn't had any bearing since (although I DO hate the occassional nods to this episode that have risen since it aired... THAT destroys the joke way more, in my opinion). Whether or not you choose to let that annoy you is one thing, but the episode is still consistently funny and full of fantastic quotes/moments, so I don't get why it would STILL be held in such low regard, with so many episodes of the past few years having equally-as-bad plots (only, not being done ironically) AND are devoid of any laughs. Also: "Principal Skinner is an old man who lives in the school."

Space Pope
« Reply #282 on: 07-29-2013 05:02 »

Yeah, I'd go 1-8 personally. I actually think season 2 is maybe the best season. 3 and 7 are very close.

I think seasons one and two are often overlooked by fans; admittedly, there's some definite weirdness in terms of tone and comedic sensibility and characterization (not to mention voice acting and animation) in those two years, but I personally think season two is among the best of the series. Season one has a larger number of oddball episodes, but it also has a few that hit all the right marks stylistically and could easily fit in amongst episodes from later classic-era seasons. To me, the show hit its stride between seasons six and eight--though obviously the preceding seasons have some truly amazing episodes that are worthy of my best-of list.

Principal is a bad episode

I really like "The Principal and the Pauper." Skinner is one of my favorite characters ("Sweet Seymour Skinner's Badasssss Song" and "Skinner's Sense of Snow" are two of the greatest episodes of the series, in my opinion), and after giving it much consideration, I am not particularly bothered by what is done with his back story in this episode. I think listening to the commentary for this one definitely went a long way towards restoring my opinion of it, which had previously been less than glowing.

Also, what Beamer said.

classic episodes like Last Exit To Springfield

Don't feel bad for not including that one in your list; I recently showed it to Tedward for the very first time, prefacing it with some big spiel about how it is considered in many circles to be the Best Episode Ever, and he was thoroughly unimpressed with it. For my part, I think it's perfectly amusing (if not a bit manic, in a way similar to "Cape Feare")--but there are many, many episodes that I would rank ahead of it. To be honest, I don't even think it would crack my Top 50.

On that note: I truly find it impossible to compile a list of my fifty favorite Simpsons episodes. I can, however, list my five favorite episodes for each season (up to the fifteenth, which is when I stopped watching); that is not quite the same thing, of course--my actual Top 50 would probably be weighted heavily towards seasons six through eight, with a handful of episodes from the earlier and later seasons thrown in for flavor--but it's the best I can do right now.

Season 1
Bart the General
Moaning Lisa
Life on the Fast Lane
Homer's Night Out
Krusty Gets Busted

Season 2
Simpson and Delilah
Dead Putting Society
The Way We Was
Brush With Greatness
Lisa's Substitute

Season 3
Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington
Lisa's Pony
I Married Marge
Bart the Lover
Colonel Homer

Season 4
A Streetcar Named Marge
Itchy and Scratchy: The Movie
Lisa's First Word
Mr. Plow
Whacking Day

Season 5
Treehouse of Horror IV
Marge on the Lam
$pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)
Sweet Seymour Skinner's Badasssss Song
Secrets of a Successful Marriage

Season 6
Treehouse of Horror V
Sideshow Bob Roberts
Homer Badman
Fear of Flying
Lisa's Wedding

Season 7
Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily
Bart Sells His Soul
22 Short Films About Springfield
Bart on the Road
Summer of 4'2

Season 8
You Only Move Twice
Lisa's Date With Density
The Mysterious Voyage of Homer
Homer's Phobia

Season 9
Lisa's Sax
The Cartridge Family
Lisa the Skeptic
Lost Our Lisa
Natural Born Kissers

Season 10
Lard of the Dance
The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace
Bart the Mother
Simpsons Bible Stories
Mom and Pop Art

Season 11
Beyond Blunderdome
Take My Wife, Sleaze
Last Tap Dance in Springfield
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge
Behind the Laughter

Season 12
Skinner's Sense of Snow
Hungry, Hungry Homer
Trilogy of Error
Simpsons Tall Tales

Season 13
The Parent Rap
She of Little Faith
Half-Decent Proposal
Little Girl in the Big Ten
Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge

Season 14
How I Spent My Strummer Vacation
Bart vs. Lisa vs. Third Grade
I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can
Three Gays of the Condo
Moe Baby Blues

Season 15
The President Wore Pearls
Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Catch 'em if You Can
Simple Simpson
The Way We Weren't

There are probably a lot of weird (or even unpopular) episodes in the preceding list--"Marge on the Lam," for example, is not an episode a lot of people seem to have a strong opinion on; to me, it's the sleeper hit of season five, with some great uses of Lionel Hutz and Chief Wiggum, not to mention one of my favorite flashbacks ever (Homer whacking the weather station and then telling Marge she has real pretty hair)--so feel free to dispute them as you see fit, folks.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #283 on: 07-29-2013 05:36 »

I'm probably going to revise this later (or, at least the order, anyway), but for now, here's something close to my top 25:

1. You Only Move Twice
2. Marge vs the Monorail
3. The PTA Disbands!
4. The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show
5. Behind the Laughter
6. Homer's Phobia
7. Summer of 4 Ft. 2
8. Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment
9. The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson
10. Trilogy of Error
11. Bart on the Road
12. Brother's Little Helper
13. Homie the Clown
14. Weekend at Burnsie's
15. The Book Job
16. A Fish Called Selma
17. The Springfield Files
18. Mother Simpson
19. The 138th Episode Spectacular
20. Homer Badman
21. Lisa the Simpson
22. Lisa's Wedding
23. Homer's Enemy
24. Bart vs. Australia
25. The Day the Earth Stood Cool

Avatar Czar
DOOP Ubersecretary
« Reply #284 on: 07-29-2013 06:57 »

Also the Springfield Files is great.  Leonard Nemoy is hilarious.  The whale subplot is humorous.  And it has voice work by Scully AND Mulder!  And also the solution, though completely silly was fantastic.  So I'm invincible?  No, a small breeze could probably kill you.  INVINCEABLE!!!

It is an X-Files episode of the Simpsons though... it's a best X-Files episode of anything though, and also it's great.  Like Urkel....  I just torched a building.... well let me just type that up on my invisible typewriter right here.

Space Pope
« Reply #285 on: 07-29-2013 07:00 »
« Last Edit on: 07-29-2013 07:23 »

Hm...apparently You Only Move Twice is a clear favorite among people on this board. I wonder why it doesn't place higher in most lists from mainstream publications. In fact I'm hard-pressed to find it high up on most lists that show up on a quick Google search. It's not even in Entertainment Weekly's list. This list only places it at 26, and this one at 20. At least this list has it at #8...although Burns Baby Burns and A Fish Called Selma are odd choices for 2 and 3.

After a bit more digging, it's #2 if you check the best rated episodes on IMDB, and finally, #1 on this list informed by votes from readers. Both these lists seem to be the best and most objective as well...maybe more publications should just let the real fans do the talking for them.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #286 on: 07-29-2013 07:26 »

Most of the hardcore fans I've met (both in real life and online) normally cite it in their top 10, if not top 3. Likewise for Marge vs. the Monorail (my former roommate would have the same top 3 as me if you switched my #3 and #4 around... but I effing LOVE The PTA Disbands for its shockingly dark humour).

Urban Legend
« Reply #287 on: 07-29-2013 17:45 »


Urban Legend
« Reply #288 on: 07-29-2013 20:31 »
« Last Edit on: 07-29-2013 23:44 »

I like this top 5 episodes of each season idea.

Here's mine:

I tend to rate episodes of Futurama on a "by Futurama's standards" scale, on this forum. The ratings I've given these episodes of The Simpsons are just by overall TV standards, so a 6/10 episode of The Simpsons is pretty poor compared to what the show should be doing. Hell, in the golden years, a 7/10 was a really weak episode. Also, don't for a second get the impression that I give every episode a 6/10 in the newer seasons. It's usually about 5 or so 6/10 episodes that represent the very best of the season, a handful of 5/10s and then loads of 4/10s with some even lower ratings peppered in there.

Edit: In order to show what I mean, I've also included what I consider to be the worst episode from each season with a rating.

Season 1

Worst: Moaning Lisa - 7/10

5. Bart the Genius - 8/10
4. Bart the General - 9/10
3. The Crepes of Wrath - 9/10
2. The Call of the Simpsons - 9/10
1. Krusty Gets Busted - 9/10

Season 2

Worst: Dancin' Homer - 6/10

5. Dead Putting Society - 8/10
4. Bart Gets an F - 8/10
3. Blood Feud - 8/10
2. Treehouse of Horror - 8/10
1. Homer vs. Lisa and the Eighth Commandment - 9/10

Season 3

Worst: Colonel Homer - 8/10

5. Black Widower - 9/10
4. Separate Vocations - 9/10
3. Homer at the Bat - 9/10
2. Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk - 9/10
1. Flaming Moe's - 9/10

Season 4

Worst: So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show - 6/10

5. Mr. Plow - 9/10
4. Lisa's First Word - 9/10
3. Homer the Heretic - 10/10
2. Marge vs. the Monorail - 10/10
1. Last Exit to Springfield - 10/10

Season 5

Worst: Bart's Inner Child - 8/10

5. The Boy Who Knew Too Much - 9/10
4. Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song - 9/10
3. Deep Space Homer - 9/10
2. Cape Feare - 10/10
1. Treehouse of Horror IV - 10/10

Season 6

Worst: Another Simpsons Clip Show - 5/10

5. Homie the Clown - 10/10
4. Bart of Darkness - 10/10
3. Homer the Great - 10/10
2. Lemon of Troy - 10/10
1. Who Shot Mr. Burns?: Part 1 - 10/10

Season 7

Worst: Bart the Fink - 8/10

5. Home Sweet Home-Diddily-Dim-Doodily - 9/10
4. Lisa the Iconoclast - 9/10
3. Bart Sells His Soul - 10/10
2. Bart on the Road - 10/10
1. Who Shot Mr. Burns?: Part 2 - 10/10

Season 8

Worst: The Old Man and the Lisa - 7/10

5. Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala-Annoyed-Grunt-cious - 9/10
4. Mountain of Madness - 9/10
3. In Marge We Trust - 10/10
2. Brother from Another Series - 10/10
1. You Only Move Twice - 10/10

Season 9

Worst: The Principal and the Pauper - 7/10

5. Trash of the Titans - 9/10
4. The Cartridge Family - 9/10
3. This Little Wiggy - 9/10
2. Lisa's Sax - 9/10
1. Natural Born Kissers - 9/10

Season 10

Worst: Monty Can't Buy Me Love - 7/10

5. Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo - 8/10
4. Mayored to the Mob - 9/10
3. Treehouse of Horror IX - 9/10
2. Viva Ned Flanders - 9/10
1. Homer to the Max - 9/10

Season 11

Worst: Saddlesore Galactica - 6/10

5. Beyond Blunderdome - 8/10
4. Take My Wife, Sleaze - 8/10
3. Days of Wine and D'oh'ses - 8/10
2. Pygmoelian - 8/10
1. Bart to the Future - 8/10

Season 12

Worst: The Computer Wore Menace Shoes - 5/10

5. Children of a Lesser Clod - 7/10
4. Lisa the Tree Hugger - 7/10
3. A Tale of Two Springfields - 8/10
2. HOMR - 8/10
1. Trilogy of Error - 8/10

Season 13

Worst: The Lastest Gun in the West - 4/10

5. Weekend at Burnsie's - 6/10
4. The Blunder Years - 6/10
3. Jaws Wired Shut - 6/10
2. Little Girl in the Big Ten - 6/10
1. Treehouse of Horror XII - 7/10

Season 14

Worst: Dude, Where's My Ranch? - 3/10

5. The Great Louse Detective - 6/10
4. 'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky - 6/10
3. I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can - 6/10
2. How I Spent My Strummer Vacation - 6/10
1. Treehouse of Horror XIII - 7/10

Season 15

Worst: Bart-Mangled Banner - 3/10

5. Today, I Am a Clown - 5/10
4. Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore - 5/10
3. The Fat and the Furriest - 6/10
2. Diatribe of a Mad Housewife - 6/10
1. I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot - 6/10

Season 16

Worst: Sleeping With the Enemy - 3/10

5. Home Away from Homer - 5/10
4. A Star is Torn - 5/10
3. Don't Fear the Roofer - 6/10
2. Thank God It's Doomsday - 7/10
1. Future-Drama - 7/10

Season 17

Worst: The Italian Bob - 2/10

5. Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play - 6/10
4. Million Dollar Abie - 6/10
3. The Monkey Suit - 6/10
2. Homer Simpson, This is Your Wife - 6/10
1. The Seemingly Never-Ending Story - 6/10

Season 18

Worst: You Kent Always Say What You Want - 3/10

5. Stop or My Dog Will Shoot - 6/10
4. The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer - 6/10
3. The Boys of Bummer - 6/10
2. Revenge Is a Dish Best Served three Times - 6/10
1. Springfield Up - 7/10

Season 19

Worst: E Pluribus Wiggum - 2/10

5. The DeBarted - 5/10
4. I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings - 5/10
3. He Loves to Fly and He D'ohs - 5/10
2. Any Given Sundance - 5/10
1. Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind - 6/10

Season 20

Worst: Treehouse of Horror XIX - 2/10

5. Coming to Homerica - 6/10
4. Waverly Hills 9-0-2-1-D'oh - 6/10
3. Take My Life, Please - 6/10
2. Eeny Teeny Maya Moe - 6/10
1. Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes - 6/10

Season 21

Worst: The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed - 4/10

5. The Color Yellow - 6/10
4. Million Dollar Maybe - 6/10
3. Postcards from the Wedge - 6/10
2. Homer the Whopper - 6/10
1. The Bob Next Door - 6/10

Season 22

Worst: The Ned-liest Catch - 3/10

5. Loan-a-Lisa - 6/10
4. MoneyBart - 6/10
3. Donnie Fatso - 6/10
2. Homer Scissorhands - 6/10
1. Angry Dad: The Movie - 7/10

Season 23

Worst: Lisa Goes Gaga - 3/10

5. How I Wet Your Mother - 6/10
4. The Falcon and the D'Ohman - 6/10
3. The Book Job - 6/10
2. The Food Wife - 6/10
1. Holidays of Future Passed - 7/10

Season 24

Worst: The Fabulous Faker Boy - 3/10

5. Penny-Wiseguys - 5/10
4. Hardly Kirk-ing - 5/10
3. Changing of the Guardian - 6/10
2. Adventures in Baby-Getting - 6/10
1. Dark Knight Court - 6/10

Avatar Czar
DOOP Ubersecretary
« Reply #289 on: 07-30-2013 02:15 »

Also, you forgot The Springfield Files.  Your list is pretty good other than that though probably.  I don't know any of the episode names and can barely remember any of the episodes.

Space Pope
« Reply #290 on: 07-30-2013 03:28 »
« Last Edit on: 07-30-2013 04:31 »

I love The Computer Wore Menace Shoes, I think it's just a solidly funny episode. I feel like a lot of people hate it for how ridiculous and nonsensical it is (and especially the fact that it ends in a decidedly non-canonical fashion despite there being no other indication earlier on that it wouldn't be canon), but that's part of what I find so endearing about it. It's one of the few episodes from that era that did something completely ridiculous and yet it pays off because they do it in a very funny way (I think another good example of this in my opinion would be the ending of The Great Money Caper...surf's up!).

I think the parody of The Prisoner, while definitely overdone at the time, is probably the funniest I've ever seen. The entire segment after he wakes up in the room with all of the other prisoners and until he escapes on the raft is chock full of some hilarious lines and gags. Some of my favorites:

"What number are you?" "I am not a number, I am a man! Oh wait, I'm Number 5. In your face, Number 6!" "Yes...well done."
"Wow, so who brought us here?" "I don't know." "Did you bring us here?" "No."

Then the whole scene with him talking to Number 2, with Homer throwing the saucers at his head, and "I want answers now, or I want them eventually!"...and my favorite gag, when he gives Homer the ice cream with the syringes and Homer says he won't be drugged, and then after Number 2's long speech it cuts back to him with the ice cream and syringes in his face having not listened.

Also "Why did you think a big balloon would stop people?" "Shut up, that's why!" is cheap but effective.

In any case, the crazy plot works for me, but I think even if you find it to be just the kind of farce The Simpsons was degenerating further into at the time (which is certainly valid), I don't think you can deny that it is much more consistently laugh-out-loud funny than most of the other crazy episodes of that era, and in my opinion definitely not the worst of the season...I'd probably have to give that title to Simpson Safari.

Avatar Czar
DOOP Ubersecretary
« Reply #291 on: 07-30-2013 04:09 »

Good points Josh.  I remember those jokes and they're solidly humorous. 

Also The Springfield Files is a really good episode, and I remember Grandpa walking through the woods and the mysterious things that occurred.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #292 on: 07-30-2013 04:24 »

Agreed, The Computer Wore Menace Shoes is a genuinely funny episode, and definitely a stand-out for that season (not that it's got much competition... I'd still rank Trilogy of Error and Hungry, Hungry Homer ahead of it, though). I still actually love the first act more than anything though... "My hit counter's going down!"

I don't mind The Simpsons' "relentlessly crazy episodes" when they're consistently funny. Granted, season 12 was a different tone/style of humour to earlier classic "relentlessly crazy episodes" (still nothing holds a candle to Marge vs the Monorail and You Only Move Twice), but so long as it's keeping you laughing, the show's doing its job as a comedy. The unfunny "relentlessly crazy episodes" are just fucking painful to sit through.

Urban Legend
« Reply #293 on: 07-30-2013 04:28 »

A lot of scully episodes have realistic first acts that get progressively wackier as the episode continues

Space Pope
« Reply #294 on: 07-30-2013 04:32 »
« Last Edit on: 07-30-2013 04:35 »

I actually think I like season 12 better than season 11. Anyone else agree on that? In any case I think they're pretty close...season 13 really seems to be where it took a dive in terms of not having enough good episodes to balance out in my view.

Avatar Czar
DOOP Ubersecretary
« Reply #295 on: 07-30-2013 04:35 »

Well... the Springfield Files is a pretty good episode to be honest.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #296 on: 07-30-2013 04:59 »

I actually think I like season 12 better than season 11. Anyone else agree on that? In any case I think they're pretty close...season 13 really seems to be where it took a dive in terms of not having enough good episodes to balance out in my view.
The bad episodes of season 11 are a little worse than season 12's, other than that they're pretty much equally ranked.

Season 13 and 14 blend into the same sort of "meh" category for me. I actually thought the show significantly picked up quality again during seasons 15-16 before going way the fuck off the deep end after that point (seriously, 15 is almost on par with the classics, with the exception of a few stinkers).

Space Pope
« Reply #297 on: 07-30-2013 05:04 »

I actually think I like season 12 better than season 11. Anyone else agree on that?

I really like seasons 11 and 12. I think I'd also put season 12 slightly above season 11, if only because it has a few truly awesome, classic-feeling episodes--"HOMR," "Trilogy of Error," and "Hungry, Hungry Homer"--that would probably rank high on my list of all-time favorites. That said, season 11 is still pretty good. Its main problem, to me, is its Homer-centric nature; I think there may only be three or four episodes in the whole season where the story does not in some way hinge on his participation. But it certainly has its share of amusing episodes ("Take My Wife, Sleaze" is endlessly quotable to me for some reason), and I like it quite a bit.

So, yeah, I've never really understood the hatred some fans have for those two seasons--season 11 in particular. I personally think season 10 is the weakest of the Scully years, and perhaps the worst season of the show's first fifteen years (season 14 would be a close second for that dubious honor). It starts off really strong--what with"Lard of the Dance," The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace," and "Bart the Mother"--but after that there are only two or three other episodes that I would consider worth watching. In fairness, though, I am kind of unfamiliar with season 10 as a whole; it never aired much in syndication 'round these parts (seasons 11 and 12 did), and I have only seen most of the episodes once or twice. Still, overall I was unimpressed-to-actively-displeased with them all.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #298 on: 07-30-2013 05:28 »

The hatred of the Scully era derives from a number of things; too many whacky, over-the-top episodes (in particular, trends of "surprise crazy ending" and "Homer gets a new job" episodes were VERY prevalent during this time), a complete lack of the heart that the early run had, a general lack of wit/clever humour, too much detachment from reality - ie. JOCKEY ELVES - Homer being far too much of an insensitive asshole, too much parading of guest stars, etc.

I don't hate the Scully era as much as I once did, seeing how bad the show has gotten since, but you can definitely feel the shift in tone quite early in season 10 (although Scully was in charge for most of the 9th season, I still consider it part of the classic era, though admit it's got a few episodes I could definitely take or leave). It feels like a completely different show by the time we're up to season 11.

Also, I can't stand HOMR. I really do think it's one of the most overrated episodes ever (especially so soon after the utterly brilliant "Lisa the Simpson" covered the subject of Homer's idiocy and his relationship with Lisa so well).

Space Pope
« Reply #299 on: 07-30-2013 05:49 »
« Last Edit on: 07-30-2013 05:55 »

Gonna have to definitely disagree with season 10 being a weaker season than 11-15...I like it much more than any of those seasons honestly (especially 13-15), hell I think I even like it more than season 9. The Wizard Of Evergreen Terrace, Bart The Mother, When You Dish Upon A Star, D'oh-in In The Wind, Kidney Trouble, Mayored To The Mob, Viva Ned Flanders, Homer To The Max, Screaming Yellow Honkers, Make Room For Lisa, Maximum Homerdrive, Simpsons Bible Stories, Mom And Pop Art, They Saved Lisa's Brain, and Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo are all fantastic, classic episodes in my opinion. And I don't think I'm being generous here...I really do feel that strongly about those episodes that I felt the need to list them all.

Gorky, I thought you had that season on DVD? I'm surprised you're not more familiar with it. If you really view it so much lower than the seasons after it, maybe you should revisit it. That said you're totally entitled to your opinion...I know a lot of people aren't big fans of season 10.

As for HOMR...I like it. That is all.

Space Pope
« Reply #300 on: 07-30-2013 05:56 »

Gorky, I thought you had that season on DVD? I'm surprised you're not more familiar with it.

Oh, I do have it on DVD. There are a few episodes from season 10 that I have seen a lot of times (my aforementioned five favorites from that season, for example, all of which I truly enjoy) and I did a full rewatch of the season when I first got the DVD set a few years ago. And, overall, it just doesn't impress me much. That's not to say it is outright atrocious or anything-- just that, of the first fifteen seasons, season 10 is definitely the one I'm least likely to turn to when I need a Simpsons fix.

you can definitely feel the shift in tone quite early in season 10

I daresay you can feel the shift in season nine. Even an episode like "Realty Bites," which is still pretty good, is saddled with a stupid Homer subplot. I mean, there are plenty of classic-era episodes that have stupid Homer subplots--like the sugar thing in "Lisa's Rival" or the auto-dialer thing in "Lisa's Date With Density"--but the "Realty Bites" subplot is just emblematic of what the Scully seasons so often did: give another character (for example, Marge) a strong story, and then resolve that story in part because of some wacky thing that Homer does. I've never been a fan of that particular story construct.

That said, however...

The hatred of the Scully era derives from a number of things...a complete lack of the heart that the early run had

...I've heard this complaint before, and I don't much understand it. I think the Scully seasons have a number of truly well-written, character-based, somewhat emotional stories. Even if you want to disregard "HOMR"--I personally dig it, but I can see why others might not be so fond of it--there are a number of episodes from seasons nine through twelve that have a genuinely heartwarming quality to them. "Lisa the Skeptic" is one of my favorite Marge/Lisa episodes; "Lost Our Lisa" is a sweet Homer/Lisa story; "The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace" and "Hungry, Hungry Homer" show Homer doing something he is genuinely passionate about, and portray him as very sympathetic; and Bart gets some nice character development in "Bart the Mother." There are also nicer, smaller character interactions within larger, wackier episodes--Lisa helping Homer with his reviews in "Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner?", for example, is pretty cute, and I've always liked episodes like "Grift of the Magi" where Lisa and Bart team up--so I wouldn't say that the Scully years are just these gag-driven messes where every other character takes a backseat to Jerkass Homer.

I mean, there is certainly a higher concentration of warm-and-fuzzy-inducing episodes in the first eight seasons than there are in the following four seasons--but I wouldn't say that the Scully years are completely without heart.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #301 on: 07-30-2013 06:12 »

No, but most of the examples you cited are from season 9 and early season 10 - the "lack of heart" issue definitely became more prevalent as the Scully era progressed. This might actually be part of why I feel the shift in tone is there. Hungry Hungry Homer may be the only episode from seasons 11-12 where I actually LIKE Homer as a person.

And yes, Realty Bites had a stupid Homer sub-plot, but it can at least pass for something out of the classic era (a few gags aside - Kirk getting his arm cut off by Snake's wire in particular just felt completely out-of-place... I often felt like the over-the-top moments of violence in the Scully era were trying to compete with the stylised violence of early-era South Park, which was basically the popular new kid on the block at the time). HOMR feels like a lesser episode of a different show trying to imitate The Simpsons. I can't even articulate my unease about HOMR... It just never sat right with me.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #302 on: 07-30-2013 06:40 »
« Last Edit on: 07-30-2013 06:43 »

Heh, with one or two minor exceptions I really truly hate most of the Scully episodes being mentioned with a passion. Like, even seeing Lisa the Skeptic (the JTS episode for Lisa's character) mentioned as a heartwarming episode actually really really bothers me, and that's not even nearly as bad as dreck like Computer Wore Menace Shoes or Wizard of Evergreen Terrace that really represented the show's overall low-point.

I haven't watched the show in a while, but Scully's seasons (more so 10-12, though 9 is still mediocre) are still easily the worst of the worst to me. 13+ at least saw some kind of initial upswing, even though it was never really enough to make the show great again.

Though, at this point I haven't touched anything past season 8 with a 50 foot clown pole in many years, and would never put anything from past that point in my top 50 in a million years.

Space Pope
« Reply #303 on: 07-30-2013 17:30 »
« Last Edit on: 07-30-2013 21:30 »

After giving it a lot of thought, I'm gonna have to go full iconoclast here and say that season 10 is one of my favorite seasons of the show to watch.

Here's my ranking of the seasons (through 15), not in terms of which I think are classically "best" but merely in terms of which I enjoy watching the most:
8, 6, 10, 7, 5, 4, 12, 9, 11, 3, 2, 1, 13, 15, 14

I feel like I'm definitely gonna catch some flack for that, so here's a more objective ranking of how I think they rank in terms of popular fan opinion to chew on:
8, 4, 6, 5, 7, 3, 2, 1, 10, 9, 12, 11, 13, 15, 14
(Edited due to Quantum's good eye.)
Quantum Neutrino Field

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #304 on: 07-30-2013 20:02 »
« Last Edit on: 07-31-2013 18:30 »

^ You forgot season 12 from latter.

Here's my rough list of seasons, but I really can't remember so well that I could rank them properly. After I've watched them, I'll try again.
4, 5, 8
6, 7
9, 10, 11, 12
2, 3
13, 14
15, 16

Bending Unit
« Reply #305 on: 07-30-2013 20:14 »

My list of seasons is probably controversial.

Also, seasons 1-10 are the only ones I care about, so here's my ranking of the first 10 seasons:

8, 9, 7, 6, 5, 10, 4, 3, 2, 1

Space Pope
« Reply #306 on: 07-30-2013 20:52 »

Here's my ranking of the seasons (through 15)

Ooo, I wanna play:

6, 7, 8, 4, 2, 3, 5, 12, 9, 11, 15, 13, 1, 10, 14

As far as your own (first) list goes, Josh, if you swapped season ten for season two I'd have little to disagree with in terms of your ordering.

Avatar Czar
DOOP Ubersecretary
« Reply #307 on: 07-31-2013 18:10 »

Now everybody do a list of seasons 16 to today, so I can figure out where to start watching.  I'm pretty sure they didn't make a sequel to the Springfield Files. frown
Quantum Neutrino Field

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #308 on: 07-31-2013 18:23 »

I suggest starting from the end slowly approaching 8th season until you reach the high point of Springfield Files. That should satisfy your need.
Mr Snrub

Urban Legend
« Reply #309 on: 08-01-2013 23:56 »

What's this? A party where everyone's tired and about to go home? Sounds like my cue!

I personally find the worst period of the show to be season 16-19. 4 Seasons in a row that are all probably in my bottom 6 seasons. Here's 1-15.
6, 3, 8, 4, 7, 10, 5, 2, 9, 11, 13, 1, 12, 15, 14.

And from then on, it's
24, 20, 22, 17, 19, 23, 18, 21, 16

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #310 on: 08-02-2013 02:08 »

My order is something like:

2, 7, 3, 4, 6, 1, 8, 5

And that's it. The others aren't worth ranking or mentioning.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #311 on: 08-02-2013 04:03 »

Seasons 7 and 8 are probably my favourite. Though 4-6 aren't too far behind.

Snrub - you really consider 16 to be just as bad as 17-19? I think it was a significant step down from season 15, but there are enough good episodes in there (Midnight Rx, There's Something About Marrying, Future-Drama, Don't Fear the Roofer, The Heartbroke Kid, Thank God it's Doomsday) to at least put the season on a different plain to what followed. Particularly seasons 18 and 19, which were just awful. Husbands and Wives and The Boys of Bummer are just unwatchably terrible (in my opinion, the former was probably the worst episode the show had ever produced up until that fucking one about Moe's bar rag last year).
Mr Snrub

Urban Legend
« Reply #312 on: 08-02-2013 17:21 »

The only one of those I think is actually good is There's Something About Marrying. The rest are mediocre, except Don't Fear the Roofer, which is terrible. Also there's The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star, Sleeping With The Enemy, Pranksta Rap, Fat Man And Little Boy & Mommie Beerest are all generally bad, while On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister, A Star is Torn, Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass and All's Fair in Oven War are all in my bottom 10-15 episodes ever.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #313 on: 08-03-2013 04:40 »

I genuinely liked Don't Fear the Roofer. The explanations for WHY some of the characters couldn't see Homer's friend were fucking hilarious (especially when the show already wrote in solid-enough alibis for it). And I found Pranksta Rap enjoyable, terrible guest appearance aside. The Heartbroke Kid is probably my favourite S16 episode though - Al Brooks absolutely killed it (as usual).

Urban Legend
« Reply #314 on: 08-03-2013 15:16 »

"Every sign is wrong"

Urban Legend
« Reply #315 on: 08-03-2013 16:19 »

Even I, as someone who detests everything post season 12, think that season 16 is one of the lesser of many evils. It contains two episodes that I don't hate ("Future Drama", "Thank God It's Doomsday") which is two more than most of the crappy seasons. And I hate "Don't Fear the Roofer" a whole lot less than I hate most of the "newer" episodes.

Urban Legend
« Reply #316 on: 08-03-2013 16:49 »

I hate when uber fans try to defend the current show by saying something along the lines of "It's still better than 90 percent of everything else"
Boxy Robot

Starship Captain
« Reply #317 on: 08-03-2013 17:09 »

I hate when uber fans try to defend the current show by saying something along the lines of "It's still better than 90 percent of everything else"

I just hate the fact that they use it even though it's completely untrue.
Quantum Neutrino Field

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #318 on: 08-03-2013 17:28 »

I just hate the fact that they use it even though it's completely untrue.
Yes, it's more like 88%. tongue

I noticed a possible reference in two season 1 episodes. Could be a coincidence, though.

In 3rd episode (Homer's Odyssey), Mrs. Krabapple warns pupils in bus:
"Now class, remember, don't stick any part of your body out the window. We all know the tragic story of young man who stuck his arm out the window and had it ripped of by big truck coming from other direction."

And in 5th episode (Bart the General), Herman tells Bart, why he has no arm:
"My arm? Well, let me put it this way: next time your teacher tells you to keep your arm inside the bus window, you'll do it."

Bending Unit
« Reply #319 on: 08-03-2013 18:07 »
« Last Edit on: 08-03-2013 18:15 »

I'm gonna use cyber-turnip's format to rate my top 5 from every season, as well as my least favourite, with scores out of 10. I'm only going up to season 10 though. Take it all with a pinch of salt though, as my memory is hazy on a lot of these.

Season 1

Worst: Moaning Lisa - 5/10

5. The Crepes of Wrath - 6/10
4. Life On The Fast Lane - 6/10
3. The Call Of The Simpsons - 6/10
2. There's No Disgrace Like Home - 6/10
1. Krusty Gets Busted - 7/10

Season 2

Worst: Dancin' Homer - 5/10

5. Principal Charming - 6/10
4. Simspon And Delilah - 7/10
3. Treehouse of Horror - 7/10
2. Brush With Greatness - 7/10
1. Two Cars In Every Garage, Three Eyes On Every Fish - 7/10

Season 3

Worst: Colonel Homer - 3/10

5. Black Widower - 7/10
4. Stark Raving Dad - 7/10
3. Saturdays Of Thunder - 8/10
2. Flaming Moe's - 8/10
1. Homer At The Bat - 9/10

Season 4

Worst: Kamp Krusty - 4/10

5. The Front - 6/10
4. A Streetcar Named Marge - 7/10
3. Last Exit to Springfield - 7/10
2. Mr. Plow - 8/10
1. Whacking Day - 10/10

Season 5

Worst: Secrets Of A Successful Marriage - 6/10

5. Homer The Vigilante - 8/10
4. Cape Feare - 8/10
3. The Boy Who Knew Too Much - 8/10
2. Burns' Heir - 8/10
1. Deep Space Homer - 9/10

Season 6

Worst: Another Simpsons Clip Show - 5/10

5. Round Springfield - 8/10
4. Homie The Clown - 8/10
3. Bart Of Darkness - 9/10
2. Who Shot Mr. Burns?: Part 1 - 9/10
1. Bart's Comet - 9/10

Season 7

Worst: Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily - 6/10

5. Summer Of 4ft. 2 - 8/10
4. Bart The Fink - 9/10
3. Bart On The Road - 9/10
2. King-Size Homer - 9/10
1. Homer The Smithers - 10/10

Season 8

Worst: The Canine Mutiny - 7/10

5. You Only Move Twice - 10/10
4. Hurricane Neddy -10/10
3. Brother From Another Series - 10/10
2. Mountain Of Madness - 10/10
1. Homer's Enemy - 10/10

Season 9

Worst: All Singing, All Dancing - 5/10

5. This Little Wiggy - 9/10
4. Dumbbell Indemnity - 9/10
3. King Of The Hill - 9/10
2. Das Bus - 9/10
1. Simpson Tide - 10/10

Season 10

Worst: Viva Ned Flanders - 3/10

5. Maximum Homerdrive - 8/10
4. Mayored To The Mob - 9/10
3. Lard Of The Dance - 9/10
2. D'oh-in In The Wind - 9/10
1. Homer To The Max - 9/10
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