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Author Topic: Cast Futurama in other TV shows and movies!  (Read 9869 times)
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Urban Legend
« Reply #80 on: 10-01-2008 19:44 »

Batman Forever:

Bender - Batman/Bruce Wayne
Fry - Robin/Dick Grayson
Angelyne - Chase Meridian
Farnsworth - Alfred
Poopenmeyer - Comm. Gordon
Fry's parents and Yancy - The Flying Graysons
Calculon - Two Face
Roberto - The Riddler
Morgan Proctor - Sugar
Mom - Spice

Batman and Robin:

Bender - Batman/Bruce Wayne
Fry - Robin/Dick Grayson
Leela - Batgirl/Barbara Wilson
Farnsworth - Alfred
Poopenmeyer - Comm. Gordon
Zapp - Mr. Freeze
Michelle - Poison Ivy
Lrrr - Bane

Sorry I couldn't find any parts for Hermes, Amy, or Zoidberg.

Delivery Boy
« Reply #81 on: 12-31-2008 05:29 »

   I had some time to really mull this over during the 2 1/2 hour trip between my girlfriend's house and mine. Here's how I'd cast KIll Bill vol.1:

   (I'm not saying my idea is beter, just that I'd cast it a bit differently)

Beatrix Kiddo/the Bloody Bride - Turanga Leela
O-Ren Ishii - Inez Wong
Gogo Yubari - Amy Wong
Sofie Fatale - Morgan Proctor
Elle Driver - Mom
Vernita Green - LaBarbara Conrad
Budd (Bill's Brother) - Zapp Brannigan
Bill - Phillip J. Fry
Hattori Hanzo - Hermes Conrad
Kenji Oba (Hattori's bald helper) - Dwight Conrad
Buck - Alcazar
Johnny Mo - Bender B. Rodriguez
Texas Ranger Earl McGraw - URL
Edgar McGraw (son #1) - Smitty
Boss Tanaka - Dr. John Zoidberg
Proprietor of The House of Blue Leaves Nightclub - Michell (Fry's 20th century gf)
Charlie Brown - Kif Kroker
The 5,6,7,8's - The Heads of the Beastie Boys in jars
Trucker - Sal
Tokyo Businessman - Bolt Roland
The Crazy 88's - The New New York Police Dept.

Delivery Boy
« Reply #82 on: 12-31-2008 05:37 »

....and here's why I cast Fry as Bill:

   Fry and Bill are central characters in their respective stories. Bill loved Beatrix and Fry loves Leela. Beatrix broke Bill's heart just like Leela has done to Fry. Beatrix physically hurt Bill as Leela has done to Fry ( more than once).

   The only thing that bothers me is, I don't see Fry ever being able to shoot Leela in the head, or being able to be the evil mastermind of a gang of international assassins. 

« Reply #83 on: 12-31-2008 06:08 »

I see Fry more as Budd...the slacker guzzling beer in a trailer park somewhere. The Professor could be Bill.

And Lucy Liu Bot as O-Ren, of course. wink

Delivery Boy
« Reply #84 on: 12-31-2008 06:31 »

   I see your point, Nasty, the Robot Lucy Liu would be an easy choice to play O-Ren. But, if you cast Inez as O-Ren, and then cast Amy as Gogo (O-Ren's personal body guard), then, to me, its a better fit. It seems Amy would be as eager to protect her mom from Leela as Gogo was to protect O-Ren from Beatrix.   smile

Urban Legend
« Reply #85 on: 01-01-2009 01:17 »

Dirty Harry:

Bender - Harry Callahan
Fry - Al Bressler
Hermes - Chico Gonzalez
Farnsworth - The Mayor
Roberto - Scorpio Killer
Zoidberg - The Chief
Leela - Frank DiGiorgio
Labarbra - Mrs. Russell
Amy - Norma
Kiff - Bus Driver
Scruffy - William T. Rothko
Zapp - Liquor Store Owner
Barbados Slim - Judge Bannerman

Do yourselves a favor, watch a Dirty Harry movie! 

Delivery Boy
« Reply #86 on: 01-01-2009 04:49 »
« Last Edit on: 01-01-2009 04:53 »

While we're on the subject of San Francisco crime movies...


Bender - Bullitt
Angleyne - Cathy
Farnsworth - Capt. Bennet
Roberto - Johnny Ross
Nixon - Sen. Chalmers
Smitty - Inspector Stanton
URL - Sgt. Delgetti
Zoidberg - Albert Renick
Clamps + Joey Mousepad - hitmen

Fry - Robert Graysmith
Bender - Paul Avery
Roberto - Arthur Leigh Allen
Leela - Melanie Graysmith
Smitty - Insp. Toschi
URL - Insp. Armstrong
Hyperchicken - Melvin Belli
Farnsworth - Sherwood Morrill
Kif - Mike Mageau
Amy - Darlene Ferrin

Bending Unit
« Reply #87 on: 01-01-2009 11:23 »
« Last Edit on: 01-01-2009 11:26 »

The Pokemon anime:

Phillip J. Fry - Ash Ketchum (well, they're both pretty dense, aren't they?  Aad they both have that "chosen one" thing going for them!!)
Nibbler - Pikachu (can't think of anyone else who could play Pikachu  ^^;)
Michele - Misty
Bender - Brock (Brock likes to hit on the girls, and Bender loves dating as many fem-bots at one time as he can! XD)
Leela - Jessie
Kif - James
Dr. Zoidberg - Meowth (Hehe) XD
Professor Farnsworth - Professor Oak (obviously) XD
Amy - May
Cubert - Max

Pushing Daisies:

Fry - Ned
Leela - Chuck
Nibbler - Digby
Bender - Emerson Cod (hehe)  XD
Amy - Olive

National Treasure (the first one):

Fry - Ben Gates (Fry may not be smart, but he IS from the past, so he has a direct connection to his particular time period)
Cubert - Riley Poole
Leela - Abigail Chase
Bender - Ein
Hermes - FBI Agent (I forgot his name)
Professor Farnsworth - Ben's father


Urban Legend
« Reply #88 on: 01-01-2009 23:53 »
« Last Edit on: 01-03-2009 00:12 »

The Magnificent Seven:

Bender - Chris Adams
Fry - Vin
Hermes - Bernardo O'Reilly
Zoidberg  - Lee
Scruffy - Britt
Kiff - Chico
Lars - Harry Luck
Barbados Slim - Hilario
Zapp - Calvera
Farnsworth - Old Man
Leela - Petra
Amy - Sotero
Cubert - Miguel

Pink Panther:

Zoidberg - Insp. Clouseau
Hermes - Insp. Charles Dreyfus
Bender - Kato
Fry - Alec Drummond
Other characters would depend on movie.

One, Two, Three:

Bender - C.R. MacNamara
Fry - Shlemmer
Leela - Ingeborg (The blond secretary)
Hermes -  Fritz
Amy - Scarlett
Morbo - Otto
Zoidberg, Zapp, and Wernstrom- The Russians
Leo Wong - Scarlett's father
Inez Wong - Melanie
Farnsworth - Dr. Bauer
Angelyne - Phyllis MacNamara
Kiff - Reporter

I liked the Bullitt one!  As for the Pokemon one, why would Leela be Jessie? 

« Reply #89 on: 01-03-2009 03:37 »
« Last Edit on: 01-07-2009 18:46 »





Fry: Kenickie

Frenchy: angeline


« Reply #90 on: 01-03-2009 03:46 »
« Last Edit on: 01-07-2009 18:44 »

Mario (All the video games)

Mario: Fry

Luigi: Cubert

Peach: Amy

Bowser: Calculon

Yoshi: Zoidberg

Daisy: michelle

Birdo: La barberra

Dry Bones: The proffessor

Petey the Pirannah plant: Hermes

Rosalina: Leela

Lumas: all the orphans

Delivery Boy
« Reply #91 on: 01-04-2009 08:28 »
« Last Edit on: 01-04-2009 08:29 »


Fry - Pvt. Taylor
Leela - Sgt. Elias
Lrrr - SSgt. Barnes
Kif - Sgt. O'Neil
Roberto - Bunny
Zapp - Lt. Wolfe
Bender - King
Hermes - Big Harold
Southern DOOP soldier - Tex

Full Metal Jacket:

Fry - Pvt. Joker
Igner - Leonard Lawrence (aka Gomer Pyle)
Morbo - GySgt. Hartman
Bender - Sgt. Cowboy
Zapp - Animal Mother
Zoidberg - Doc Jay
Leela - Rafterman
Amy - hooker
Roberto - door gunner


Urban Legend
« Reply #92 on: 01-06-2009 00:29 »

Shanghai Knights:

Bender - Chon Wang
Fry - Roy O'Bannon
Waterwheel Robot - Chon Lin
Cubert - Charlie Chaplin
Zapp - Lord Nelson Rathbone
Leela - Insp. Artie Doyle
Hermes - Wu Chow
Roberto - Jack the Ripper
Mayor Poopenmeyer - The Mayor
Amy and Labarbra  - Debuteantes
Zoidberg - Street Preacher

Face In a Crowd:

Bender - Larry 'Lonesome' Rhodes
Leela - Marcia Jeffries
Fry - Joey DePalma
Hermes - Mel Miller
Farnsworth - Gen Haynesworth
Calculon - Macey
Zoidberg - Beanie
Amy - The cheerleader
Mayor Poopenmeyer - Senator Worthington
Scruffy - Jim Collier
Zapp - Mr. Luffler
Kiff - J.B. Jeffries
Angelyne - Mrs. Rhodes
Walt - Sheriff Big Jeff
Larry - Abe Steiner

As for the Pink Panther one I did, changed my mind, Fry can be Hercule instead.


« Reply #93 on: 01-07-2009 18:25 »
« Last Edit on: 01-07-2009 18:42 »

How the grinch stole christmas (Or in the Future Xmas

The grinch: Bender

Max: Nibbler

Cindy lou who: Suzie the three eared girl

Mayor of Whoville: Proffessor Farnsworth

The smurfs

Papa smurf: Proffessor Farnsworth

Smurfette: Amy

Brainy Smurf: Hermes

Vanity: That gay guy

Greedy smurf or Chef smurf: Bender

Gargamel: Nudar

Sassette: Cubert

hefty smurf: Leela

Nanny: Nanny Bot 2.0

Smoogle: Zoidberg

« Reply #94 on: 01-07-2009 18:41 »

sorry for the double print but i couldnt resist

Its a Wonderful life

Yancy:George Bailey

Leela: Mary Bailey or Mary Hatch

Fry: Harry Bailey

Ma Bailey: Fry and Yanceys mom

Ert: Bender

Bernie: Roberto

Aunt Tilly: Amy

Uncle Billy: Zapp

Mr. Potter: Proffessor Farnsworth

Peter Bailey: young Adalay

Tommy: Phillip J Fry Jr.

Janie: Young Leela

zuzu: Suzie

Potters goon: Hermes


Urban Legend
« Reply #95 on: 01-07-2009 20:10 »
« Last Edit on: 11-06-2009 19:20 »

Do yourselves a favor and see this movie!

The Rundown:

Bender - Beck

Zapp - Travis

Fry - Mariana

Leela - Declon

Hermes - Harvey

Zoidberg - Manito

Lrrr - Billy

Robot Mafia, Walt, Larry, and Ignar - The jungle natives

Roberto - Hatcher

DOOP Soliders - Hatcher's army

I know I put Fry in a female role and Leela in a male one, but that don't matter.  See the movie and you'll see why.

Conan the Destroyer:

Bender - Conan

Leela - Zula

Fry - Malak

Hermes - Akiro

Michelle - Princess Jennah

Farnsworth - Toth Amon

Mom - Queen Taramis

Walt - Grand Vizier

Larry - Togra

Robot Devil - Dagoth

Barbados Slim - Bombatta

I wish this thread would continue.   It's a lot of fun!

Urban Legend
« Reply #96 on: 10-16-2010 22:27 »

These are some of new TV Shows I got into:

The Good Guys:

Hermes - Jack Bailey
Bender - Dan Stark
Fry - Hodges
Leela - Ana Ruiz
Labarbra - Liz
Barbados Slim - Frank Savage
Amy - Cynthia

Hawaii Five-0 (the new one):

Bender - Steve McGarrett
Fry - Danny Williams
Leela - Kono
Hermes - Chin-Ho Kelly
Labarbra - The Mayor
Amy - Grace Williams
Michelle - Danny's ex-wife

No Ordinary Family:

Bender - Jim Powell
Angelyne - Stephanie Powell
Fanny - Daphne Powell
Tinny Tim - JJ Powell
Fry - Dayton King
Leela - Katie Andrews
Hermes - George St. Cloud


Bending Unit
« Reply #97 on: 10-17-2010 21:31 »

To the star wars part .  I think the. Professer sould be darf wather" can remember how to spell it" curse then when fry loses his arm it cut be just like this

The prof: fry im am your kursin...
Come join the dark packet delivori

Fry: no... No ..... Noooooo it cant be true its imposible!!

"fry falls down the hall"

Space Pope
« Reply #98 on: 10-18-2010 07:03 »
« Last Edit on: 10-18-2010 20:21 »

I can't believe nobody's done the Venture Brothers yet.

Dr. Venture: Prof. Farnsworth
Hank: Fry
Dean: Cubert
Brock Samson: Bender
Dr. Orpheus: Calculon
Triana: Amy
Peter White: Kif
Master Billy Quizboy: Zoidberg
Seargeant Hatred: Zapp
21: Fatbot
The Moppets: The two Glermos
Phantom Limb: The Robot Devil
Baron Underbheit: Santa
Shore Leave: Randy
Dr. Henry Killinger: Henry Kissinger
Col. Hunter Gathers: Yancy Fry Sr.
Molotov Cocktease: Leela
Herr Trigger: Roberto
Alchemist: Smitty
Jefferson Twilight: URL
The Sovereign: Number 1.0

More as I come up with them...

Bending Unit
« Reply #99 on: 10-18-2010 17:37 »

Terminator 3 rise of the machines

Terminator: bender

John Connor: FRY!

Kate Brewster: Leela. !

T-X (the evil terminator) : Amy

Robert Brewster : morris turanga.

Urban Legend
« Reply #100 on: 10-20-2010 18:53 »
« Last Edit on: 02-13-2013 15:30 »


Bender - Tallahassee
Hermes - Columbus
Leela - Wichita
Amy - Little Rock
Fry - the zombie that had the piano drop on him. 
Zoidberg - Bill Murray

Support Your Local Gunfighter:

Bender - Latigo Smith
Leela - Patience Barton
Farnsworth - Taylor Barton
Zoidberg - Jug May
Fanny - Goldie
Fry - Morris
Lrrr - Col. Ames
Hermes - Bud Barton
Scruffy - Doc Shultz
Amy - Jenny
Larbarba - Abigail Ames
Petunia - Mrs. Perkins
Zapp - "Swifty" Morgan
Kiff - Ez
Calculon - Colorado

The Rockford Files:

Bender - Jim Rockford
Calculon - Joesph Rockford
Fry - Evelyn 'Angel' Martin
Leela - Dennis Becker
Hermes - Gandolph Fitch
Zoidberg - depends on episode
Amy - depends on episode
Fanny - Beth Davenport

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