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Author Topic: Lost In Futurama: Opening....  (Read 914 times)
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Lee Roberts

Liquid Emperor
« on: 04-14-2004 08:47 »
« Last Edit on: 04-14-2004 08:47 »

Yes, I know i had anohter thread abou this site but i can't find it due to the fact that since i renewed my perferences all threads before that are gone!!! Anyway, Lost In Futurama is my new Futurama website... it's small but as i do IT'LL GROW!!!  Enjoy....

Lost In Futurama: Just a Click Away



Bending Unit
« Reply #1 on: 04-14-2004 10:09 »

Cool layout lee!

Space Pope
« Reply #2 on: 04-14-2004 11:20 »
« Last Edit on: 04-14-2004 11:20 »

Originally posted by Lee Roberts:
Lost In Futurama: Just a Click Away

Can you stop getting URLs wrong? I seem to get forwarded to Microsoft.com clicking that! When doing a PEEL link you do it like this:
[URL=http://www.angelfire.com/dragon/leeroberts/]Lost In Futurama: Just a Click Away[/URL]
No double http,  no " ".
Starship Captain
« Reply #3 on: 04-14-2004 12:12 »

Oh. My God. We have a new champion in the bad website league.

Please don't use images for text, seriously. Also, why is there a huge space at the top of the page? It looks like there is nothing on the page except ads. Also, you know that over half the page is JavaScript, I'm sure that it all can't be from angelfire and is do I suggest you get a new host.

I'd coment on the content but like all fansites there is pretty much none. Unfortunatly what little is left of fan art/fiction is taken by the big sites, I tried it once...

« Reply #4 on: 04-14-2004 13:40 »
« Last Edit on: 04-14-2004 13:40 »

Fry - Phillip.J: Fry, 25 frozen from the year 200 to the year 3000 has leanrt to fit into "The World of Tomorrow!" His best friend is a robot and he is a Delievery Boy for Farnsworths's 'Plant Express'

Wow, Fry's from 200? Plant Express? No wonder the ship smelled like roses.

Leela - Turanga: Leela, 24, is a cyclops and has discovered that she isn't a orphan but a mutant. Deemed the only human-like mutant ever born. She currently a Starship Captain for Hurbert Farnsworth's 'Planet Express'

Try 'the least mutated'. Plenty of humaniod ones around.

Professor Hubert Farnsworth: Farnsworth, 161, a senile amerial crackpot is owner of 'Planet Express'. He used to date Mom and work for her at 'Mom's Friendly Robot Company'. He lied about his age, he said he was 150 when he really was 160! He is the great nephew of Fry... the amount of "great is unknown".

Try 30x great nephew.

Amy Wong: Amy, 22, a klutz from Mars works at 'Planet Express' and did attend Mars Univerisity. She has a rich background but wears a sweatsuit because she doesn't want to be too 'lady like'. She used to be chubby when she was a teen but now is slim dating Kif Krocker.

Slim Dating? Also: University

Plus after Bender, when you click on the bio, you see Fry. Also, proofread.
Lee Roberts

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #5 on: 04-14-2004 14:00 »
« Last Edit on: 04-14-2004 14:00 »

lol. Okay, about the URL thinkgy I didn't notice that, i think it's where i had "" is added and extra http://..  and I've edited the bio pages, I'll get rid of the image navigation for you tomorrow.

Helpy McHelphelp
DOOP Secretary
« Reply #6 on: 04-14-2004 14:11 »

Added to The Links Zone

Okay, while it's nice to see that fans still want to create fansites, there are a few critiscisms.

First and foremost: check your spelling and grammar. Although I'm not native to the English language I caught more spelling and grammar errors than I have the energy to list. That's your #1 priority. People wont come back to a site that demand serious effort to understand/read.

secondaly (as already mentioned by Allen) proof-read your character bios, there are some mistakes in there. Leela is older than 24, for one.

Get content! I know you're in a starting phase, but without original content people will only stop by one, maybe two times.  That's why it's a bad idea to announce sites before they're at least 3/4 complete., and even then it's a bit iffy.

6*9 already touched this, but as a new site you can't rely on fan-submissions to grow, you have to create the content yourself. People send their work to the big sites because they are exactly that: big and have many repeat visitors, in other words they'll reach a wider audience. The thing is the big sites today didn't start out like that. Sites like TLZ, FSAC, TFP and CGEF started out with their own, homwgrown content. They steadily grew in size and traffic, by offering unique content. And that's the way you have to go too.  Once people start noticing your site, submissions will come on it's own. I think Xmpel's Farnsworth site is an excellent example of a site that offer unique, homemade (with a little help from PEEL  ;) ) content.

That said, good luck with your site. I hope you suceed with it.  :)

« Reply #7 on: 04-14-2004 17:08 »
« Last Edit on: 04-14-2004 17:08 »

added your site to my links in my site now! see it here! (p.s could you link to  me? not now, because i dont have a proper button. i'll tell you when i have a new button to use!
non-clickable signature below!

i am still the only PEELer who loves costanza falcon

Starship Captain
« Reply #8 on: 04-14-2004 19:10 »
« Last Edit on: 04-14-2004 22:00 »

Nice to see a new Futurama website, and I like the layout, you made a good job with that Lee.

About the spelling. I think I found some mistakes, but hey! I'm not gonna judge you because I'm not an expert writing, speaking and reading english   :hmpf: (in fact, maybe what I am wrote here has some errors!)

The graphic menu looks OK for now, but if your site grows quickly, you should use text instead.

Use the critics you've received here to improve your site and skills... and please don't give up.

EDIT: am... You see!!!!
[ TFP :: The Futurama Point ]

Avatar Czar
DOOP Ubersecretary
« Reply #9 on: 04-14-2004 20:57 »

I think it's a lot better than your last incarnation LFP.  I think you're just improving Lee, keep up the good work...
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