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: New Toynami toys  (Read 82266 times)
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Gonzo the Grape

Delivery Boy
« #760 : 03-10-2011 01:29 »

 I really don't mind the various Benders.  King Bender is cool, as is Wooden Bender.  Chef Bender is pretty good and will be great if/when they release Elzar.
 The previous re-release Bender was mainly for those that missed the original release, he wasn't anything new for those of us with a Bender already.  This up coming Bender is pretty cool with various heads and more eyes.  He isn't a must have if you already own a Bender, this is a side release.  One that I think will help Toynami continue making the figures.  I like the idea of having another Bender with more variation so I'll probably pick this one up.  It's not taking up a slot for an upcoming figure, it's in addition to the regular figure releases, so I'm not sure what the issue is, why some don't like it?


Bending Unit
« #761 : 03-10-2011 05:40 »

Yeah, I have no problem with re-releases generally, as you say they don't take the place of new figures and they help grow interest in the line for people who couldn't get the core characters the first time around.

Some toy lines (Star Wars for instance) keep reissuing previous characters with each new line and as long as there is demand for them, why not. It doesn't even bother me if they contain BAF parts as it's a shame all the parts kicking around out there that can't be completed into figures.

What bugs me about reissuing a figure with new accessories - in this case Bender with different heads and eyes - is that I'd like the accessories, but don't really want to pay to get another figure of one I already have.

And the fact that Flexo is Bender with just a goatee accessory (or let's say with a variant head), it seems a bit cheeky to me to release two plain Benders this year that people have to buy just to get the new heads and eyes.

If Toynami were to combine this into one release though - so a Bender body, with a new Bender variant head and a Flexo head, along with new eyes, then I think there'd be enough value there for people who already have Bender, while also those who still need him.

Starship Captain
« #762 : 03-10-2011 08:58 »

I hope we'll  find that one of the (two?) alternate heads is Flexo. The picture shows that one of them is Bender talking. Presumably the other is the default. Eye options include at least one of the defaults, i.e. the three kinds of eyes found on all but Chef. I don't expect many new options.

If this Bender isn't Flexo, I'm not getting it despite the cool new mouth(s). Unless there's something even cooler hidden away in the box.

I really hope this is Flexo, that way this is a deluxe Bender/Flexo figure and they can triple box the entire Robot Mafia together.

Bending Unit
« #763 : 03-10-2011 09:37 »

One upside though to hooking up another regular Bender is that I could use the body as a permanent one for Nixon's head, while using the alternate head and eyes on my current regular Bender. Hmmm.


Liquid Emperor
« #764 : 03-10-2011 10:36 »

I'm not really fond of the character of Nixon but that looks awesome :)

« #765 : 03-10-2011 17:32 »

just found this on Entertainment Earth:


Futurama Bender Action Figure: Coming in July 2011

    * The Robot with an attitude- Bender!
    * Fan-favorite of Futurama re-issued, but with more expressions!
    * The robot with exquisite charm!

Take home this 6-inch tall Bender action figure as he comes to you with even more facial expressions that no other robot can have! The action figure features a couple different heads to pop on, depending on your and Bender's mood.

so original Bender will have been released 3x, yet no reissue of Zoidberg yet. :/

Of *course* this happens just after I pick one up. :p

Haha, I just picked up one too! Life is ironic sometimes. Here's hoping they re-release Zoidberg already!

So I'm new to the forums; I just completed the entire PE crew --still holding out for Scruffy!-- and I want to put them into a display case. I was wondering if someone might point me in the right direction for loose figure stands and a nice acrylic case to fit seven or eight figures.



Bending Unit
« #766 : 03-10-2011 21:03 »

I'm a mint in the box man myself
Gonzo the Grape

Delivery Boy
« #767 : 03-10-2011 22:34 »
« : 03-10-2011 22:42 »

Welcome aboard!  I have no answer for you though.  Sorry.  All the figures stand pretty well on their own, so I don't have stands for them.

 Bigbadtoystore has also offered up the new Bender figure with a release of more eye examples:

 They list the new eyes as angry, tired and crazy.
I wonder if he'll come with just those 3 NEW versions, or a couple re-uses too.  I'd hope he'd come with six eyes, re-using 3 of the more expressive eyes.
Anteater #1

Delivery Boy
« #768 : 03-11-2011 04:37 »
« : 03-11-2011 04:43 »

I was admittedly pretty bummed when I found out that there would be no more BAF pieces in this series.  But I will take big Morbo, bigger Lrr, and giant Destructor over a BAF any day, and willingly pay more for them.  Also, I think that the fact that they have yet to release the figures that they know we want, (i.e. Scruffy, Elzar, Hypnotoad) means that the line will continue past this next wave.  And that is what we all want, even if we are being strung along to wait for those characters.  

The new bender is mostly for new fans, but they've made it just different enough that they'll probably get most of us collectors to buy it anyways.  

I always thought the donbot when/if it was released would make an awesome figure.  However, the one shown here is a bit bland...

If he doesn't come with his hat, coat, and a machine gun, i'll be pissed

Starship Captain
« #769 : 03-11-2011 08:47 »

The angry eyes are far from new. All but the chef and king have them.  Also the tired eyes look very similar to chef's, uh... scheming(?) eyes. Looks like they're only previewing one type of mouth...

Bending Unit
« #770 : 03-11-2011 14:45 »

with there being no BAF, i'm thinking they should release the mafia as a three figure pack.

i too, like anteater, will be buying Lrrr, Destructor, Morbo regaurdless of price.

Delivery Boy
« #771 : 03-11-2011 16:07 »

Last year I decided to buy an encore Bender figure to combine permanently with Nixon's head (like jabalong), but they were all out of stock. So, I have pre-ordered the new Bender now, hehe.
I'm agree with Bender figures and variants because they provide money to help the series go on and so, we could see some minor (but great) characters.

Delivery Boy
« #772 : 03-11-2011 20:06 »

Good news that Bender is going to be re-re-released. Prices on ebay are very expensive even for the encore version. I want to buy 2 more Benders, 1 for my car and 1 in order to paint him gold ( I aint gonna give a fortune for the glorious golden Bender especially since he is taller than regular Bender).

 I also think Toynami must re-release Zoidberg asap ( and of course any other figure that's limited supply). I hope that they'll include the robot devil head and not those stupid encore versions without the robot devil parts. That would be great for us who started recently buying the figures and want a complete collection of the series without bankrupt.

Now some thoughts on the new figures:

Morbo - Lrrrrrr:

Amazing both of them! Especially Lrrrrrrr seems to be fantastic! Can't wait to hold him! Faster Toynami!

Joey Mousepad - Clamps:
Great figures also.  Can’t wait to get them too!

Flexo – Donbot:
Choice for Flexo really let me down since there are so many important characters that aren’t released yet. Perhaps if he has different sets of eyes (excellent post there jabalong!) it would be more attractive but nevertheless Toynami seems to be a bit lazy… Flexo is definitely the most boring figure ever, thumps down on this…
Donbot is great BUT he really should be with his coat AND hat! Please don’t release him like this, he reminds me of Nudar!

…and then I said: “See you at the fight!”hahahahahaha
Well, what can I say…  Destructor is fucking awesome! I shitted bricks when I saw him!

As for future releases I would really like to see characters that participate in many episodes instead of Bender variations , with the exception of Pharaoh Bender which I think we all agree it would make an amazing  figure.

So... (Otto take notes!  :p ) :
 Scruffy and Flexo are on the top of my wishlist.

Then Sal is a must I think.


 with Barbados Slim

Ethan "Bubblegum" Tate


and don't forget Dwight Conrad

with cubert

I'd also love to see Mom's 3 sons in a special release together:


If the above get released then Toynami can make any Bender variation wants untill aliens come to Earth  :laff:

Last but not least I also liked the tineez figurines.


« #773 : 03-12-2011 01:45 »
« : 03-12-2011 01:50 »

Hang in there, its on crutches, but I'm trying my best!

« #774 : 03-12-2011 01:52 »
« : 03-12-2011 01:55 »


Bending Unit
« #775 : 03-12-2011 06:10 »

Otto, for Donbot's hat how about doing the magnet in the head/hat thing that you had for Robot Devil's hat, which worked pretty sweet. For his overcoat, detachable would be cool, though I wouldn't be bothered if he was permanently wearying as he really looks naked without it. 


salutatory committee member
DOOP Secretary
« #776 : 03-12-2011 08:33 »

This has gotten very interesting! Let's continue this in the next thread.
* futurefreak commences mod summoning power
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