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Author Topic: I got 2 ideas for a fan fic, just wondering something...  (Read 1518 times)
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Space Pope
« on: 07-25-2004 17:48 »
« Last Edit on: 07-25-2004 17:48 »

I have 2 pretty good horror stories that I thought of, one of them based on this:


Ok I just want to know if Drainpipe (who did that art) has already done this as a fan fic or not. Cause if not I hope he wouldn't mind if I wrote something based on that.   :confused: And my other one is a vampire story. I'm just gonna start this vampire story.

The night was a fog. The spirits were whispering to each other. This graveyard was well alive as it was dead. Than like any mid summer's night the shadows came. A stencil in the moon's reflection grew as it swhooped down into the New New York's graveyard. 3 vampires landed. The first one was taller than the others, his fangs were the longest and a drop of blood fell from them. *splat to the earth*. The second one was also a man of the dead drapped in his black cloak as the third one. She was but a vampira. Her hair was long and black. With along two thick blood-red streeks in the front. The leader know as Vismic knelt down at a grave hidden behind some old willow trees. Every graveyard had this grave for it was Satin's. Vismic and the others were starved for they had little blood for so long, they had been feasting off dead hobos and animals like vultures.

Vismic: Great Lord, for we three are ashamed at are failure to find food for ourselves and have come crawling to you but we need you. We must have morsels of blood to drink or we shall become one of them! You gave us this second life and Lord, we need you once again. We beg that you shall have found some humans who have a depth of blood. For if not Zycore and me but for Lady Ryvix. She needs it most or there will not be any child vamps for this summer. Do you have an answer Oh Great Lord?

The fog began to smear heavidly, The three vampires stood without moving waiting for a reply from their leader of Hell. Than the fog vanished. Vismic stared at the ground as did the others, he had left them a message. In the earth's dirt and soil there was a note, Vismic again knelt to read it to his fellow mates:

Your pleads of blood does not please me Vismic! I gave you a new life! And you have to ask me for norishment every damn time you can't live of a pack of wild cats?! I shame you three, but so help me that I understand Ryvix's needs you and Zycore shall starve for as long as Ryvix needs until her children are born. Than I shall feed you all. But for Ryvix, there is a man that walks these streets. He has disgaurded the Robot Devil and he is like a brother to me. You can kill this man Ryvix tomorrow. The mortals are having festivties to celebrate your kind and mine. He'll be there. Look for him! Look for the man known as Phillip J. Fry...
What do you think? I've really worked hard on that intro so I hope it suits you.   :)

Bending Unit
« Reply #1 on: 07-25-2004 19:22 »


lol great story

Space Pope
« Reply #2 on: 07-25-2004 19:28 »

Thanks, I'll right more in a sec.

Space Pope
« Reply #3 on: 07-25-2004 20:08 »

Ok next scene!
The following morning at Robot Arms Apt. Fry and Bender are getting ready to go to work. Bender is quickly sweeping his closet and Fry is pulling his shirt over his head and putting his jacket on.

Bender: Let's go meatbag! I gotta stop at the costume shop for tonight's fair!

Fry: Geez Bender, why are you so excitied about this *picks up a flyer* Haunted Mascarade Festible at the St. Maryweahter *giggles* Park?

Bender: Cause, I can pick up at least 10 chicks tonight and it won't matter if they're butt ugly cause they'll all be in costume until we wake up. By the way you still need to pick out your costume.

Fry: Oh c'mon Bender. Does everyone wear a costume to this thing?

Bender dully: Yes. If you don't I'll have no shame into punching you until you do.

Cuts to the costume shop which oddly enough is a block from Planet Express.

Clerk: Here you go Mr. Bender, a perfectly clean and stylish layout of Zorro 4.0. I hope you enjoy.

Bender: Thanks, it so happens that I have been practicing my Zorro act,

Clerk: That's fine sir would you pay now-


Clerk loudly: Sir just pay and get the hell out of my store!

Bender: Fine, Fry have you found your costume yet?

Fry: Well uh I was thinking of going as Rocket Boy-

Bender: That's lame. Give me your best vampire costume.

The clerk walks to the back room, he returns with a black cloak, a set of fangs, and the rest of it.

Clerk: Now I don't care who pays but that'll be $25.99 sirs.

Fry gets his wallet out and slams down a twenty and a ten. They exchange money and Bender takes Fry's costume.

Fry walking out of the store: You know I never was a vampire for halloween when I was a kid. My dad always grounded my brother and me if we even thought of going out on that night Him and his superstitions...

Scene cuts to the PE lounge. Fry and Bender are on the couch as Amy and Leela are at the table talking about their plans for the following evening. Suddenly Leela and Amy get up and walk over to Fry and Bender.

Leela: So we were talking, and we thought that we would all go together including Kif. And I guess until Amy and Kif go off and Bender and his gang of hookerbots leave and the Proffesor and Hermes and Zoidberg all go their own ways it'll just be you, me, and Drew, Fry.

Amy: By the way, where is Drew?

Suddenly the door opens and Drew is standing there panting,

Drew: Sorry I'm late, I forgot that Bender stole my alarmclock so I didn't wake up till just 45 minutes ago.

Bender still watching T.V.: I didn't take your alarmclock you dope.

Everyone is silent as a beeping noise from Bender's chest goes off.

Bender: What?
Ok I have a picture of Drew if you'd like to know. But she is my character that I have made up. And I'll have to email it personally cause imageshack is on the frizt right now but just to let you all know.

Bending Unit
« Reply #4 on: 07-25-2004 20:47 »

lol, wow thats great work!

Urban Legend
« Reply #5 on: 07-25-2004 21:13 »

Did you write a story introducing her yet? Cause i don't remember how she came to be with the crew. and does her presence screw up the shippy?

Space Pope
« Reply #6 on: 07-25-2004 21:16 »
« Last Edit on: 07-25-2004 21:16 »

I made her up, I just throw her into my stories whether anyone likes it or not. See here,


Does that help?

Bending Unit
« Reply #7 on: 07-25-2004 21:37 »

wow, thats interesting
I always thought as drew to be a boys name but I guess it could be a girl's

nice picture btw

Urban Legend
« Reply #8 on: 07-25-2004 21:38 »

i know you made her up, my question was have you written a story that formally introduces her or does she just appear randomly, and does she mess with the Fry/Leela dynamic.

Space Pope
« Reply #9 on: 07-25-2004 21:42 »

Well (in my world) she's a regular on the show. Drew is the machanic and she acts like Fry a lot. And in some situations she really takes a liking to Fry. Which would really make the Leela likes Fry situtation better.

Urban Legend
« Reply #10 on: 07-25-2004 21:57 »

If you're going to have her in your stories you should probably post a detailed biography of her. In your world she is a regular whose been there the whole time (apparantly) so you already know everything about her, but for us as readers it's kinda hard to accept a new random person who is never actually introduced to us yet is treated by all the characters in the story as if they have always known her.

Space Pope
« Reply #11 on: 07-26-2004 17:30 »

Ok Venus I'll agree with that. Let me just lay it out here:

Name: Drew Ivy Vixen
Age (starting in season 1): 25
Occupation: Machanic for Planet Express
Hometown: Red Rose Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
Lives: In the day-time she hangs out at Fry & Bender's apartment but sleeps at her own (like a puppy)
Moment of Truth: When her father died and she found out that her mother was hidding in the witness protection programm all of her life. (I'm working on making that a fic)
Fact: In high school she dated the leader of the Globetrotters Bubble Gum Young.
Goals: To earn respect in her old home, to find her soulmate, to not have any of her friends killed along the way.  ;)

Here is a scene from Bendless Love that I've made up with Drew in it. It's when Bender calls Angleyena and pretends to be Flexo at the apartment. Fry is trimming the hedges and Drew is on the couch reading a magazine.

Fry: That's thinking like a man!

Drew: Wait! Let me get this straight: You're gonna call your girlfriend up and pretend to be Flexo?

Fry: Yep,

Drew: And take her to a place where Flexo wouldn't be caught dead taken her and persuade her off her feet?

Bender: Yeah,

Drew: And than catch her two-timing with yourself?

Bender and Fry: Yeah,

Drew confused: But that doesn't make any sense.

Fry: It doesn't have to.

Drew steamed: Yes it does! What if Angleyena falls back in love with Flexo?

Bender: See the thing is, I'll come out clean and Angleyena will be mine! You just worry too much cause the chances of you ever finding your true love are slim to nothing. *smirks*

Drew glares at him as he dials Angleyena up.


Urban Legend
« Reply #12 on: 07-26-2004 18:03 »

mmkay. that helps a bit. But the shipper in me still doesn't know what to make of her. I wanna know more details on her relationship with Fry and Leela.

Bending Unit
« Reply #13 on: 07-26-2004 18:32 »

Is drew sappost to be a cartoon version of you?

Space Pope
« Reply #14 on: 07-26-2004 18:33 »

Ok I'm impatient. I'm gonna go to the next part of my story. Everyone is at the PE meeting table and Hermes is showing how the work hours are too short.

Hermes: So, I have taken the liberty to have us start an hour earlier so dat we can get our work done. Starting today.

Everybody moans.

Leela: Wait, have you had this passed by the Proffessor?

Hermes: As a matta a fact I have.*everyone moans louder* He has signed the forms and such.

Drew: Crud. Does this mean we're gonna be an hour late for the fair tonight. I have to leave early so I can get my costume.

Hermes: Das not my problem. And we will only be a half hour late but tommorrow it'll be da full hour. And why didn't you pick up your skimpy lil' costume dis morn'n?

Drew: It's Bender's fault! I woke up late cause of him!

Bender: Yeah ya whine but that not gonna help.

We see Drew role her eyes as she kicks Bender from under the table.

That night everyone walks into the fair. Amy is a princess (G'uh!), Kif is in his uniform (it counts), Farnsworth is a scientist (too easy), Hermes is in a limboing suit, Zoidberg is Godzilla, Leela is a black fairy, Drew is a vampira, Bender is Zorro 4.0, and of course Fry is a vampire.

Drew whispering to Fry: This is akward. Why did you let Bender pick out your costume?

Fry: I dunno. He always does that kinda stuff for me. And why is it such a big deal that we have the same kinda costume?

They walk past The Tunnel of Love as a man introduces it.

Man: Step up! Don't be shy, every who enters The Tunnel of Love must some resemblance! Witchs and Wizards, b****'s and lizards! And Vamire's and Vampira's step up!

Drew pointing at him: That's why. *Looks back at him* GET A JOB!

As an hour passes Hermes, Farnsworth, Zoidberg, Amy, Kif, and Bender go their own pathes. It just leaves Fry, Leela, and Drew. As they are all eating hot dogs on a bench.

Fry looking around: You know this hasn't been as bad as I thought it'd be.

Leela: See. This has been fun.

Suddenly a man in a Superman costume walks by. He spots Leela,

Man: Leela? Is that you?

Leela starring: Derek? Hi! How've you been?

Derek: Fine. Is that dracula coupke with you?

Drew muttering to Fry: This is also why.

Leela: Yes, these are my friends Drew and Fry.

Derek: Nice to meet you. So are you two a couple.

Drew laughing: Not unless you want this hot dog stuffed down your throat.

Leela leering at Drew: Ah, she gets tempted when people asked about her. She's a little coo-coo *winks*.

Drew looking down: You liar...

In a minute or two Derek and Leela stroll of for their of amusement. Fry and Drew walk into the arcade and pick up some comics.

Fry: Oh! The new issue of Rocket Boy!

Drew flipping through an issue of Spider-Man: Please Fry, Rocket Boy is for well boys. You're way too old for him.

Fry: Yeah, like your too old to have a poster of Tobey Maguire in his Spidey spandex in your closet.

A group of little boys were standing by giggling. As Drew blushes heavidly. She stuffs the comic back on the shelf and grabs Fry by the collar and drags him out of the arcade. They begin to walk on again. Drew notices one of her fangs has gotten lose and she runs to the bathroom to fix it. As Fry waits by the door a women strolls by. She pauses as she notices Fry. She turns back around. Fry too notices her and stares at her. She was at least an inch shorter than he was and she had long black hair. She wasn't in a costume just in a red tank-top with a leather jacket and in jeans. Fry was suddenly startled by the way her hair had 2 thick, blood red streeks going down the front of both sides.

Woman: Hi.

Fry nervous: Uh, hi.

She stares at his costume: You supposed to be a vampire?

Fry: Uh yeah. It wasn't my idea it was my friend's.

Woman: Whatever, it suits you.

Fry: Whaddya mean? It's a costume I mean it's suits me as good as it suits, *Drew walks out and approaches Fry* her.

Drew: Who's the blackie?

Woman: Oh excuse me, my name is Roxanne. I was just telling your boyfriend-

Drew: My friend,

Roxanne: -your friend how much I liked his costume.

Drew: Oh. Well Fry what do we say when we are given a compliment?

Fry: Uh thanks?

Drew: Good boy.

Fry: Well Roxanne,

Roxanne: Please call me Roxie.

Fry: Uh Roxie, it was nice meeting you.

Roxanne: Like wise.

The 2 begin to walk off. But Roxanne stops them.

Roxanne: Um, I'm going to a party now.

They stop.

Roxanne: Would you two like to join me?

The two stare at each other.

Fry: Sure.

Drew: Fry!

Fry: What? It's a party.

Drew mummbling: Yeah I guess.

Roxanne: Good! Uh, please follow me.

Drew and Fry begin to walk behind her. Roxanne gives a smile, a wicked one. This party was one neither Fry or Drew could forget.   

Space Pope
« Reply #15 on: 07-26-2004 18:41 »

Originally posted by Venus:
mmkay. that helps a bit. But the shipper in me still doesn't know what to make of her. I wanna know more details on her relationship with Fry and Leela.

Ok she knows that Leela really does love Fry. But sometimes Drew wants Fry and needs him like Leela. And that Drew is nicer to Fry than Leela is. Most of the time. She and Fry get along better and she and Fry have more similarites. Drew also knows that if she ever fell for Fry she knows he'd never love her the way he loves Leela. She's a good character. In way on a chain or standards,

Leela (on top)

Amy than


Dat Help?

Urban Legend
« Reply #16 on: 07-26-2004 18:57 »

you had me until you said Leela was on top than Amy than Drew. i have no idea what you meant by that. Although it did give me a rather odd mental image.

But basically what you were saying was Drew knows she has no chance so she doesn't even go there? So the Fry/Leela ship is exactly where it should be?

Space Pope
« Reply #17 on: 07-26-2004 19:01 »

Yeah although (this too shall be mentioned in one of my upcoming fan fics) Drew has slept with Fry. And what I mean, I guess I should re-word it, with the chain was the girl who relates to Fry the most. And I guess it'd be like this,




So the Fry/Leela ship is where it should be but it has been rocked a little because of Drew. But she never means any harm.

Urban Legend
« Reply #18 on: 07-26-2004 19:08 »

Drew and Fry slept together? What 'season' was this in? Was it before or after Fry started persuing Leela in earnest (season 3)?

Space Pope
« Reply #19 on: 07-26-2004 19:10 »

I guess Season 3 or 4. I think that this makes Fry and Leela's relationship better. Makes Leela relize how much more she loves Fry. But do you like her or what? I'm getting bad vibes from you...

Urban Legend
« Reply #20 on: 07-26-2004 19:22 »

i still havn't decided yet. i dislike anyone who threatens the ship. Although her sleeping with Fry after he has made his feelings for Leela public does not help her case any. I can't even imagine season 4 Fry doing that. By that point in the series he was All About Leela. So was it like a drunken accident and the next morning they were all "um...oops." How did Leela react? And how does it help their relationship? Wouldn't Fry being all over her for a date one minute than sleeping with someone else the next push her away? I always thought one of the reasons Leela never went for Fry was because she was unsure of his sincerity. I need more details.

Space Pope
« Reply #21 on: 07-26-2004 19:35 »
« Last Edit on: 07-26-2004 19:35 »

Ok for starters they were both drunk. In the morning it was like this:

The next morning, Fry rolls over on his stomach and his hand lands on Drew's back. They both open their eyes and look at each other. Bender peering in at them,

Bender: and in 3...2...1...


See? They didn't mean for it to happen. It's just Drew got deprest and drunk the night before and Fry comforted her and got drunk too. It was an accident.

And what I mean by helping her is making Leela jealous towards Drew. The fact that she slept the night with Fry and Leela didn't would make her mad. And it wouldn't be a good "I love Fry" reaction but it would be one. I'll give you as much details as I can but dude I'm running out.
David A

Space Pope
« Reply #22 on: 07-27-2004 05:25 »

Originally posted by Spacedal11:
Occupation: Machanic for Planet Express

I think that you mean mechanic.

Fact: In high school she dated the leader of the Globetrotters Bubble Gum Young.

I think that you mean Bubblegum Tate.

Originally posted by Venus:
you had me until you said Leela was on top than Amy than Drew. i have no idea what you meant by that. Although it did give me a rather odd mental image.

It gave me the same mental image.  I rather enjoyed that.   :p

Originally posted by Venus:
i dislike anyone who threatens the ship.

Personally, I think anything that threatens the ship is a good thing.  It just makes it that much better when Fry and Leela end up together in the end.

Originally posted by Spacedal11:
The next morning, Fry rolls over on his stomach and his hand lands on Drew's back. They both open their eyes and look at each other. Bender peering in at them,

Bender: and in 3...2...1...


 :D  That's great.  Bender's line is genius.

Starship Captain
« Reply #23 on: 07-27-2004 05:58 »

Cool story so far! I want to see what happens next!  :)

Delivery Boy
« Reply #24 on: 07-27-2004 10:41 »

very good  :) I like the drew idea as it makes the fry and leela relationship a whole lot more interesting.

Space Pope
« Reply #25 on: 07-27-2004 17:59 »

See Venus! Everyone else gets what I mean. Why don't you? By the way David A. glad you liked that Bender quote! And thank you everyone for your liking to this story. And also congrats Zomit! I just noticed that you're now a starship captain! So I shall fufill your dreams and contiune.

As Drew & Fry enter the party Drew gets a very scared feeling looking at these people who were all gothic like.

Drew: Fry lets go. So you lose the only gothic who'll like you and lie to you in your life. You'll live.

Roxie overhearing her, ignores it. She stops as do Fry and Drew. They had walked into a cave like hole. It was sandy and a large fire was in the middle. Drew nervous as hell noticed that Roxie was the only girl at this party despise herself. Fry on the otherhand go nervous as to that some of the boys were drinking something that looked liked blood.

Fry: So you're a vigin?

Roxie: No. We have virgins over to dinner lets say but not often.

It was than that Drew was desprite to leave. How could she not know what a vigin was?
A guy strolled over to them, he was tall with black hair and a jacket with a punk tone, his name was Zach. Drew was drawn to him.

Zach in a sexy voice: Hi.

Drew with an awe: H-hi.

Zach: You're cute. What's your name?

Drew: Uh, Drew.

Zach's eyes widened, something was wrong but Drew was too ga-ga to notice. Roxie's eyes also grew. Zach calmmed himself, he was going to do something.

Zach: Um Drew, do you like magic?

Drew: Well I don't know. I mean back in Vegas my dad never hired a magicion to come for the shows. I mean I don't know why, that one guy was really nice, really pretty in pink, and he really liked my dad-*pauses*-ohhh! Now I understand...

Zach: Well would you like to see a trick?

Drew: Yeah sure why not? *mutters* now that I know why dad had such a queer-phobia...

Zach turns to Fry: Now uh Fry right? *Fry nodds* Who is your idol of love?

Fry: Wha?

Roxie: He means who is the one girl you love most...that you'd kill yourself for?

Fry: Well I guess Leela. But she doesn't think much of me.

Zach: Ah good. Now Drew what were you and Fry doing before you came here?

Drew: Well my fang felt lose so I went to fix it in the can *stares at man* but before that, we were looking at comics in the arcade.

Zach: Perfect. Now picture yourself there.

Drew closes her eyes: O...k...

Zach begins to chant some un-translationalbe (not that that was hard to say) words and flicks his hands. In a flash, in Drew's place stood Leela. Drew flashes back to the arcade with her memory whiped flipping through the issue of Spider-Man that she had earlier. Leela too had her memory whiped and acted as though she had been there the whole time. Fry amazed and not saying anything did not have his memory whiped.

Zach slowly: Good. Now would you like to come in?

Fry: Yeah sure.

Fry & Leela walk in towards the fire, as Zach takes Roxie by the hand into a corner off by themselves.

Zach hissing: You had the wrong person!

Roxie: Does it matter? We have all of their memories whiped and the 2 who count are here now.

Zach: Fine. But if they have the slightest idea of what we did, it will be harder for us to kill him!

Roxie nodds as teh two walk out into the open again to join Fry and Leela. Roxie sits close to Fry.

Roxie: So Fry, do you believe in the dead?

Fry: Yeah I suppose.

Roxie smirking: You must seeing you are a vampire.

Fry: Yeah. I mean is it wrong? Does it offened you or something?

Roxie quietly: No...but it will.

Fry: What?!

Suddenly the fire shot upwards as a shadow casted upon it. When the fire returned to it's norman height a man with a long face and a p***ed expersion walked up to Fry. Leela became nervous. Although she had never admitted it much, she did care for Fry. The man grabbed Fry by the collar and yanked him up.

Man: Is that a joke?

Fry gasping: No it wasn't my idea...

Man: Than whose was it? Hers?! *gives a glaring shot at Leela*.

Fry serious: No! It was not her fault. She didn't do anything to you.

Man wickedly: You're right, she didn't but you will.

He dropped Fry and he landed hard to the ground sending the sand and bits of ashes everywhere. Leela stood up and grabbed Fry to pull him up.

Leela whispering to Fry: We should leave Fry. This guy is serious.

Fry muttering: Yeah Leela, I'm fine thanks.

The two back up as Roxie, Zach, and the rest of the gruop stand.

Roxie hissing: You said it yourself Fry, You believe in us!

Roxie raises her hands as large claws emerg from them and as everyone else including her show the surprise inside their mouths. Their fans.

Leela shaking: Oh my god Fry! V-v-vampires!
Good no?  :confused:

Bending Unit
« Reply #26 on: 07-27-2004 20:25 »
« Last Edit on: 07-27-2004 20:25 »

I finished your pictures:
Drew: http://img60.exs.cx/img60/660/330002.jpg
Dog Leela: http://img60.exs.cx/img60/5240/dogleelahckysoscan2.jpg

I think I have to redo Drew

Urban Legend
« Reply #27 on: 07-27-2004 20:53 »

Wow, that's a great story!

Space Pope
« Reply #28 on: 07-27-2004 22:01 »

I really like those! Thanks Chunks! Ok Next Part.

Both scared out of their minds, Fry grabs Leela by the hand and they run out of the cavern. The vampires begin to run after them. Meanwhile at the arcade Drew is still there. She gets an akward feeling like something is really wrong. She turns around quickly as though someone was there. But no one was. No one was in the intire arcade.

Drew quietly: What the?

She runs out of the arcade to find that the whole fair has been deserted. Drew suddenly becomes scared and begins to walk to the exit.

Drew scarce: H-hello? Anyone? Proffessor? Hermes? Amy? Zoidberg? Bender?!

Suddenly she hears a faint scream. She turns back and sees Fry & Leela running for their lives with dark shadows hovering over them. They both see a confused Drew in a distance.

Fry: What's Drew still doing here?

As they all approach Drew sees what Leela & Fry are running from.

Drew slowly: Oh my god!

As they approach Fry grabs Drew's arm and yanks her to run with them.

Drew: What the hell did you do?

Fry: Don't you remember Roxie?

Drew: Who?

Fry: Nevermind.

Leela: Can you two shut up!? We're trying to run from blood sucking psychos here!

They all run out of the park screaming for mercy. As they run they pass people who are staring at them in confusion. For they didn't see anything chasing the three. Only Drew, Fry, & Leela saw them. For about 4 miles they ran. When suddenly Robot Arms Apt. Appeared. The vampires were farther from them.

Fry: In here! We can hide in here for now!

Drew: I dunno Fry, I've been to your apartment you don't have a wooden stake anywhere in there or I would have seen it!

Fry: We can make one!

They run into the doors and fly up to Fry's floor he fumble with the keys and unlocks the door. As they run in everyone notices that Bender has turned their apartment into a hippie love cruisor. Bender is in his room and we can see cirtic fuses sparking for under the door.

Leela hammering his door: BENDER! We're being chased by vampires you have to make a wouldn't stake!

Bender opens his closet: *Begins to laugh* No way! I'm busy here.

Fry scared and mad: Bender! Unless you want your best friends to be killed you'd better listen to Leela!

Bender through the closet: I'll get over it!

Fry: Fine Bender! Let us get killed! Let the only person who'll actually pay for your cable just die!

The door opens immeditly and Bender grabs two brooms and a knife. As Bender carved Fry took the girls into his bedroom (the only one with a look on the handle from the inside). Moments later Fry returned with garlic strands for each of them. Drew turned green for a second.

Drew: God I don't even want to know how old those are!

Leela holding her nose: Perfect!

Soon the vampires came. Fry and Bender were out in the living room collecting "anti-vampire" stuff.

Ryvix hissing: Oh Frrry!

Bender and Fry scream they run into his bed room where Drew has take her costume off and is just in black pants and a bra.

Drew: What? No way am I dying looking like the killers!

Soon, they began to ram on the door. Bender handed everybody a "steak".

Leela: Ok we have one chance at living so either will die because of them or will dies because of the garlic. Now on my mark, 3...2...*gulps*1...

Everyone runs out of the room armed and as ready to fight and kill the vampires as they'd ever be. But an odd thing happened as they all charged the vamps, they all vanished. Soon the tall one who had threatend Fry, Zach, and Roxie were the only ones that didn't.

Bender: What the?

Roxie: Ha! Stupid mortals can't tell an illusion from the actual thing.

Leela: You mean you had us run for 4.2 miles just to face you three?

They all nodded.

Zach: The dead always wins Leela. If you'd just let Fry hand himself over to us than we'd be happy.

Leela: NO! Fry is our friend and we won't!

Vampire 1: Fine we'll take him by force.

The three vampires charged as did Fry, Leela, Drew, and Bender. As soon as the kicking and fighting began screams were heard. The fighting stoped. Zach had a steak droven through his right arm, the other two were bloody and bruised. But as Leela and Bender looked downthe biggest fear in their hearts drove through them. On the floor lyed Fry & Drew, dead.


Urban Legend
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Guineapig Trick

« Reply #30 on: 07-27-2004 22:52 »

Yay, something thats almost a parody of my favoorite crappy 80's horror movies series. It's ok so far, and when I saw the drew pic, I was watching Drew Carrey.

Space Pope
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That's funny. And I like the old 80 crappy horror films. But anywho, I'll continue if you so like it.

Bender dropped his stake. Leela fell to her knees beginning a uncontrolble sob. As Drew and Fry laid their they both had their heads turned over where an easy veiw of the vampire's bite marks. The two were as pail as the vampires themselves. Leela began to tremble and Bender stood in silence (Shocker). Leela leaned onto Fry and hugged him. She than shoot up at the 3 vampires and began barking.

Leela shaking her fist: You killed them...

Zach: Pardon?

Leela yelling: YOU KILLED THEM!!!

Vampire 1: Ryvix, Zycore, take off. I'll join you two later.

Ryvix and Zycore nod their heads and turn to walk to the window. Zycore opens it and helps Ryvix leap out. As soon as they leave their wings spread out and fly away.

Leela: Who are you?

Vampire: I am known as Vismic in the underworld. 

Leela: That's good to know. *She pauses* I'LL KILL YOU!!!

She begins to charge him but Bender quickly pulls Leela back.

Bender: What are you nuts? You can't kill something that's already dead.

Vismic: I understand your pain Leela. But you must realize that we weren't even expecting her to die in this. Only him. The dead always win the fights Leela, it was bound to happen no matter how bad you prevented it.

Leela trembling again: N-no. You c-can't.

Vismic: We did Leela. We did. I'll leave you two to greve as you mortals do with lost ones. I shall return for them when you are finished.

He turned off and flew out the window. There stood Leela and Bender first looking at Vismic fly away than again at their two dead friends.
_____________________________ _____________________________ ______________

Drew: Fry where are we?

Fry: I don't know Drew. But why can't I see you?

Drew: What are you talking about? I'm right here.

Fry: But Drew we're dead. I can't even feel myself.

Drew: I've heard about this on The Discovery Channel-

Fry: The wha?

Drew: Don't start Fry, we're already dead. Anyway, they did a special on where we go when we die. And I guess when you die we just become voices and spirits, so we don't have our mortal form.

Fry: This is weird Drew. I want my fragial pink body back.

Drew: Yeah. But Fry, this happened so fast. How did we die?

Fry: All I remember is trying to jump in front of Leela cause one of them was trying to bite her. Next thing I know, I'm dead with you.

Drew: Right, Leela.

Fry: What's that supposed to mean.

Drew: Nothing Fry. *Pauses* Do you hear something?

Fry: How can we? We're dead, we don't have ears.

Drew: Well that's just stupid. If we couldn't hear anything than how could we be having this converstation?

Fry: Maybe we're beginning to form into ghost or something.

Drew: Spirits Fry. Ghost are the dead that haven't made it to the other side. Spirits have. And we are obviously not in New New York.

They stopped talking for a second and began to have a weird feeling.

Fry: What's happening?

Drew: I know as much as you!

They began to twist and turn as a ghostly form of Fry & Drew become visible spirits.

Fry: Hey my body!

Drew: Mine too! *Looks down* Wait, where are our feet?

They both look down and just see a spiritual tail.

Fry: Hey! We have tails now?

Drew trying to move hers: I dunno. I can't move mine. It's just like a cheap hair extention.

Fry: Damn! The one chance I get to have a tail and I can't use it!

Drew stops trying to move her tail, she hears a noise that sounds like a subway. Fry stops to and hears it.

Drew confused: Wait, are we ghosts? Is this a subway in New New York?

Fry looks forward at the bus like transportation.

Fry: It doesn't look like a normal subway.

Drew looking forward too: What do you mean?

Fry: Well, the fact that it's invisible and it's coming up real close!

The subway zooms right next to Fry & Drew. As it passes, a ghost hand pops out and grabs Fry's jacket. Quickly, he grabs Drew by the shirt. They both are dragged along the path and are very nervous.

Drew: What are you doing with my shirt? When I formed back to life they didn't give me a bra!

Suddenly Fry & Drew are pulled into the subway. They fall on the floor and are met by a conductor.

Conductor: Welcome! *Stares at them* Hmm, you two are kinda young to be dead. Oh well everyone dies younger these days!

Fry standing up: Well sir, we were killed by vampires and we just happened to be in your way.

Everyone gasped as he said that sentence. Everyone in that part of the train scooted away from Fry & Drew. The conductor stares at them.

Drew looking around: Was that a bad thing?

The conductor gets up close to them and whispers: Being bit by a vampire is a terrible fate! You're dead now but you know what happens when you change to your spirit form?

Fry & Drew shake their heads "no".

Conductor hissing: You come back to life. You are given a new identity and you live being starved for human blood. Betraying your loved ones. *He pulls a cord*

The subway immeditily stops slamming Fry into the window. Drew is staring at him for she put her tail on the ground. The doors open and the conductor pushes Fry & Drew out. They fall to the ground an as they look up they see a face that they wish they hadn't, Ryvix.

Fry: Ah! You!

Drew stands up glaring at her.

Ryvix: It is time. Follow me.

They don't move. She points her finger in the directon she is walking to, they follow by force.

Ryvix: It is time for you to regain your like again.

The 3 walk out of the spirit subway sation on to a world that Fry & Drew would have never imagened. It was the world of the dead. Zombies, Spirits, and creatures walked along the roads as though there wasn't anything different about their world from the real one. Drew steped behind putting her hands on his shoulder. She looked confused and scared. Ryvix covered her head with a hood. They followed her until they stopped at what looked liked an abondoned house. They walked in, seeing their own coffens lying on the floor. Ryvix takes her hood off.

Ryvix: The only way for you to live again is to drink your blood.

Fry: What? No! This is twisted and freaky enough I ain't drinking nothing.

Ryvix hissing: You have no chose.

Two shadows appear from behind Fry & Drew and grab them. Ryvix returns with a wine bottle with a lable that read "Fry". She poured some of his blood into a cup. She walked over to him trying to sturggle from Zycore's arms.

Ryvix: Open up Fry.

She points her finger at his mouth and it opens. She takes the cup and slowly pours his blood down his throat. While Drew watching Fry's expression go from disgusted to calmmed and please get frightened. Ryvix returns with a cup just for her. Drew knowing that she won't win this fight barely opens her mouth. She again pours her own blood into Drew's throat. At first Drew can't stand it's taste, but than a calm feeling overcomes her. When the cup is all empty Vismic & Zycore drop the two and walk over to their coffens. They open both of them. Drew looking at herself gets her backbone working again.

Vismic: We shall put you in your mortal forms and you will be reborn again. You have no chose.

Drew & Fry walk forward to their own coffens. They stare at one another for a moment.

Fry: Well, I guess I'll see you on the other side Drew.

Drew trying to make a cheap smile: Likewise. 

Fry Leans in towards his body, as he does he's sucked into it. While a faint scream trails from him. Drew also leans in and is sucked into her own body. It's painful. Getting sorted in and all the organs and blood flowing back to where it was. After continueus mintues of being born again it all stops. Weakly, Drew & Fry open their eyes, they're were looking at the ceiling of the house. It was like in the dead world only reality again. It was still old and broken but it was in the world that was alive.

Fry to Drew: Why don't I feel normal?

Drew: Because Fry, w-we're vampires now. We're *weakly* vampires.

Starship Captain
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Originally posted by Spacedal11:
 And also congrats Zomit! I just noticed that you're now a starship captain!
Thanks, Sapcedal11! Congratulations to you too for becoming a Starship Captain (although you've been one for a while now)!
I'm intrigued (sp?) as to what happens next. When will the next part be here?

Space Pope
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Right now! And actually Zomit, I'll be a Professor in just 3 more posts! (2 after this one).

Vismic, Ryvix, & Zycore all gathered around Fry & Drew. They pulled them up.

Vismic: Welcome back to life.

Fry: Thanks, I guess. *To Drew* Are you ok Drew?

Drew: I'm fine.

Fry smiles with his teeth. Drew's eyes open wide as she sees his fangs. She quickly covers her own mouth after forgetting that she too had fangs.

Ryvix: Don't be afraid. After your first meal it'll all seem natural to you.

Fry: What will happen to us now?

Vismic: You'll first have to attened your funeral. We will than take you on and teach you our ways.

Drew: What? How are we going to attened our own funeral.

Vismic: Simple, we will contuct something that'll make you fall into a slumber. Thus, after the mortals launch you into space, we shall come for you.

Fry scratching the back of his head: I dunno. What do you think Drew?-

Zycore: NO! You cannot call each other your past names. It is forbidden.

Drew: Why not?

Ryvix: Because you have been reborn! And when you are born you have a name, a different name.

Vismic turns to Drew, he places his hand on her forehead.

Vismic: What is your name?

Drew: Um, Drew Ivy Vixen.

Vismic: Ivy?

Drew: Yeah.

Vismic begins to chant something and than speaks english again: Rene Ivy. (That's Rene with a little suiqgily on top of the 1st n).

Drew's eyes shut for a second. Soon, they open rapidly.

Vismic: How are you feeling Rene Ivy? (It's all one name).

Rene sexy: Fine Vismic. *Stares at Fry* Who's the mortal?

Fry's eyes gape in amazement. In a few seconds of time Drew became a whole new person. And soon would he.

Vismic: He is one of us Rene. But first I must turn him into us.

Vismic walks over to Fry. He also places his hand on his forehead. Again, he speaks in English: Zade.

Fry's eyes shut like Drew's and rapidly open again.

Vismic: How are you feeling Zade?

Zade: Fine. *Looks at Rene* Why are you in mortal clothes Rene?

Rene: I should ask you the same question.

Vismic smiles wickedly.

Vismic: Now you two, stand together.

Rene & Zade agree and walk side by side. Vismic chants something again and they both fall to the floor. Vismic flicks his hand and levitates them to their coffens. He shuts them in. What they now knew was they had control over these two, without having them have second thoughts. It was the new rath of vampires. It was an evil doing for blood.
_____________________________ _____________________________ _______________________

Scene is at Orbiting Medows. Leela is sobbing in her tissue and Bender is using her little whippers to clean his eyes. The Reverned Bot rolls over to the podium staring down at Drew & Fry's coffens.

Reverend Bot: Beloved friends and family, we are gathered today to drown our sorrows for the rememberence of Mr. Phillip J. Fry & Ms. Drew I. Vixen.

Hermes: Sooth us with sweet lies. (Ok it's a The Sting rip-off so sew me!)

Reverend Bot: I'm sure to many of you, Fry & Drew were great friends and that in times of need they were there for you all...And now as we end this serination by sending the two of into space where they are free to dreft for the rest of their after-lives.

Scruffy is playing bagpipes (Walking on Sunshine). As the two coffens float off into space. Later that night at Robot Arms Apt. Bender is looking at the Robonuka pictures from FOTBP. There is a knock on the door. He opens it and there is Leela.

Bender: What do you want meatbag?

Leela: Bender, I'm scared. I really am. I thought I'd be able to fight this fear of those vampires but I can't.

Bender: SO what you expect to move in with me till things "settle down"?

Leela quickly: Really? Great!

She walks off and returns in a second with Nibbler in one arm and a suitcase in the other. Bender doesn't say anything but just mutters things to himself.
_____________________________ _____________________________ _________________________

Back at the old house. Vismic is staring down at Zade & Rene. He talks to Ryvix for a moment and than turns back to them.

Vismic: You need to get out of those clothes and into these.

He holds out 2 leather jackets & red shirts, Rene stares at herself looking down.

Rene: Well I'm already in a black top.

Ryvix walks over to Rene and rips her sleve off. She also points and watches as the black tank goes red.

Rene: Hey!

Ryvix: Oh shut up. You'll get over it. Besides, it give you more of a spunk look.

Ryvix walks over to Zade: Loose the jacket.

Zade: I dunno it's kinda confortable.

Ryvix: Take it off now!

Zade leers but obeys.

Ryvix: And the shirt.

Zade sighs as he pulls his shirt over the top of his head. Rene stares at him in amazed as though she had never seen instent abs on someone before.
(Hehe). Ryvix throws Zade a black shirt. He puts it on and puts on his jacket as does Rene.

Ryvix: Now you have to change your hair.

She sits Rene in a chair and cuts most of it off. All that's left hangs from her head to the tips of her shoulders (Kinda like Jenny McNeal's style). She points at her hair and it instently goes black with the 2 big red streaks in front. Ryvix picks up a large piece of a broken mirror and shows her.

Rene: Hmm, not bad.

Ryvix quickly: Good, now you Zade.

Zade walks over to the chair and sits. All Ryvix does is change the color to black. (We know what Fry looks like with black hair too!) She hands them both sunglasses.

Rene: What are these for?

Ryvix: If you go out there with the mortals with nothing protecting your eyes, you'll go blind.

Rene & Zade put on the glasses. Vismic is over at the door and he opens it.

Vismic: Welcome to the new world.

They all walk out of the house. Vismic in front, Zycore & Ryvix in the middle, and Rene & Zade at the end. Zade looks back at the house. He cocks his head and has a feeling that some part of him is missing. But he turns back looking forward at the street to all the unexpecting victems.

Zade: Do you know what it tastes like?

Rene: Do I know what tastes like what?

Zade: You know. *Rene shakes her head no.* Blood.

Rene: No. I don't. But I'm sure it tastes like anything else the mortals drink.

Zade: Right.

Rene: Are you ok?

Zade: What do you mean?

Rene: You're acting like you're forgetting something. And you keep staring at me.

Zade: So?

Rene looking forward again: If you keep staring at me the way you do, I'll hurt you.

Zade: Sorry. I guess there's something about you that reminds me of something.

Rene: Yeah? What?

Zade: I don't know. But I bet it was nice.

Rene: Oh. Have you ever seen that building before?

Zade: Which one?

Rene: That one. *She points* The one that reads-Robot Arms Apt.

Zade: Hmm, it does seem familiar.

Rene: Maybe I saw it in a dream or something. I don't know.

Zade staring back at it: Yeah I guess your right.

Delivery Boy
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more more more

Starship Captain
« Reply #35 on: 08-01-2004 15:50 »

Yeah, I want to see what happens next (and by the way, congratulations on becoming a Professor)!  :)

Space Pope
« Reply #36 on: 08-01-2004 21:10 »

Thank you Zomit. You got a ways to go before you're one but it took me awhile too!  ;) Ok next part.

At Planet Express. Leela & Bender are getting ready to leave for their mission to Catinaz 12.

Professor stopping them: Oh by the way you two,

They turn around.

Frofessor: I have found and hired a new delievery boy! Everyone please meet Clyde.

A guy walks in. He has brown hair, a green tee, jeans and a stupid looking grey vest. He eyes Leela in nervousment.

Clyde: You're the captain? Why do we have a captain with just one eye Farnsworth?

Leela: Because I'm secure & could kick your ass without any shame!

Farnsworth: Oh my, yes. Now get going, that giant ball of yarn isn't going to deliever itself you know.

The three get on the ship. Bender sits down where he usally is and Clyde sits in Fry's seat. Her stares over at where Drew would have sat.

Clyde: Who's seat is that?

Leela: Drew's.

Clyde: Oh the mechanic?

Leela sadly: Yeah.

Clyde: Hm, where is he? It's not professional to not go on the mission.

Leela mad now: She is dead! If the professor told you anything about why you're the delievery boy than he'd of said that Fry & Drew are DEAD!

Clyde: Whatever. So robot,

Bender: Bender.

Clyde: Right, so Bender what are you here for?

Bender: If you were Fry I think I'd have sanity to tell you. But I don't know you that well so I'm not going to.

Leela sits there driving through space grinning to herself that she wasn't the only one who thought this new guy was gonna be an ass.

Clyde: So how did this Fry guy die? (Ha ha! That rhymed).

Leela: He ws killed. Drew was killed with him.

Bender: Yeah I hope those damn vampires are burning in hell!

Clyde: Vampires?

Bender: Yeah what were you expecting a hovercar hit them?

Clyde: Well I'm sure that's the truth!

Bender stands up: They were killed by vampires! And you will be killed by me if you don't drop it!

Leela: Bender calm down! We're almost to Catinaz 12.

Clyde goes silent and finds a picture of Fry, Leela, Bender & Drew at Space Martigra.

Clyde: These them?

Leela: Yes.

Clyde: Hmm, Fry look's kinda stupid to be a delievery boy and Drew looks like a tramp.

Scene shows Clyde tied up in rope and is surrounded by cat-people waving "thank you" to Leela & Bender.
_____________________________ _____________________________ ______________________
Out behind the alley of a meat store, Vismic is holding a bloody fresh chopped beef in his hands.

Zade: Why are you making us eat this?

Vismic: It is to train you how to bite a mortal. Now you take this beef *Hands Zade some beef* and you have this *Hands Rene the rest*. NOw you don't have to eat it. But you must suck into it.

Rene holds the beef up to her mouth she opens it and takes a large bite. She begins to suck and drink the blood. She stops suddenly and spits it out.

Rene: Oh god! Geez how can you make us eat dead live stock? It tastes like crap!

Vismic leans over her leering: Your first meal tonight will taste better than this. But for now you must learn the basics of sucking blood! Now stick your fangs into the meat and suck!

Rene leers back at him but resumes sucking the blood off of the beef. Zade being quite quickly follows.

Later that night...

The moon had risen and the clouds blocked the stars. A shot of five winged things moving across the night sky land back in the cemetary where this all began.

Vismic: You two have trained well. We shall watch for aside here as you take your first victim. Luck.

Zade: Don't you mean good luck.

Zycore: Good luck is a sign of disgrace to us, there is nothing good about killing mortals for the others.

Rene and Zade nod and walk out of the cemetary. They spot two hobos in an alley and walk down it. The two hobos look up from the ground. Rene smiles wickedly showing her fangs. Zade too smiles. The hobos stand up beginning to run in fear. Rene flicks her hand and they freeze in mid-run. Zade & Rene walk over to them, the hobos shaking and beginning to scream as they are both having the blood sucked out of them. Soon they drop the boodies to the ground as they are now dead.

(And in lamence terms, they don't become vamps. Zade & Rene are trained to kill and only kill humans. Vismic and the others can kill someone with them coming back to life or not. That's what happened to Drew & Fry.)

Rene & Zade begin to flap their bat-like-wings and fly back to where Vismic and the other 2 were.

Vismic: Not bad. I'm impressed by you two. But how did it taste?

Zade licking his lips: Good.

Rene smiling wickedly again: When do we have more?

Ryvix: Soon. But we three must find our diners and than we shall take our leave.
_____________________________ _____________________________ ____________________
Scene's go back and forth of the vampires killing & drinking peoples blood to Leela & Bender at Planet Express. (Bring Me to Life is playing in the background.) As it happens days go by and it all finally leads to next summer. Zade & Rene have gotten stronger & more ruthless. And like a wolf pack, it is time for a new leader. For last summer Ryvux was not able to have her children, so therfor if said thing happens a new leader must comence. Zade was getting tired of being the omega. he wanted respect. He wanted Ryvix or Rene to like him more than the underdog (Although Rene saw more in him than just that). It was time for someon to step down for him. Tonight he was going to become the leader even if it killed him....

Space Pope
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Cause I feel like it, I'm gonna continue.

It was a lonely night. Zade had treated Rene to human blood that he caught by himself, they were eating in a cemetary (Not the same one a different one) Zade was telling Rene about deciding to challenge Vismic to become the leader of the vampires.

Rene with concern: But why? I mean I thought you were fine with what you were.

Zade: Well I'm not. I always get pushed around, I'm always the last one to find or get blood, and I have no respect towards anyone-

Rene: What, I don't respect you?

Zade: Yeah you do. But no one else does.

Rene continuing sucking blood: You're lying to me.

Zade: What?

Rene: You're lying to me.

Zade: I am not.

Rene: Yes you are. You do that things with your eyes whenever your lying to someone about something. You don't think I give you respect.

Zade quickly: Ok, I don't think you respect me that much-

Rene: Still doing the eye thing.

Zade: Ok fine! I don't think you respect me at all.

Rene: What makes you think that?

Zade: Cause, you are always beating me to get food & I don't know you seem to like you want to over rule me or something.

Rene: You think I want to over rule you? *Zade nodds* No. I want to over rule Ryvix. She's just a pain in my ass that's all. *Stands up and walks over to Zade* I think you are
very kind to me and I hope you think that way of me someday. *She leans in and kisses him on the cheek* Cause I don't want this relationship to blow up in our faces just because you're being paranode.

Zade: I am not.

Rene just stares at him for a moment in confusion. Zade may have been her boyfriend (Dramtic music plays) but sometimes she didn't understand him.

Rene: I'm gonna head back. You coming? Or do I have to fly alone tonight?

Zade: I'll be there in a mintue, I just need to think.

Rene: Whatever.

She flaps her wings once and than takes flight. Zade sat there thinking. Previously that day he was dreaming about and alien. To be specific, a cyclopes with purple hair. She was pretty. And then there was a robot in his dream, a bending unit robot. He enjoyed the dream but he didn't know why he had it. Oh well, his girlfriend was waiting for him to fly home with her. He really cared for Rene. Like in some way he knew her in a past life. From what Zade concluded, before he was a vampire he and Rene were a couple. (Buzzer goes off, "WRONG!" ) But he didn't know. Zade sighed and stood up. He flaped his wings and also flew up in the air. He never did catch up with Rene though.
_____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________
Leela was flying the PE ship through space. She was in moarning that a year had past since Fry & Drew were killed.

Leela in her head: Those damn vampires. Why did this happen? Why can't I get over this?

She stopped the ship. She put on her space suit and opened the door to the outer space. There was Fry's coffen. Drew's had floated somewhere else and she couldn't find it. When she approached the coffen her whole gut fell to the ground. Leela opened it slowly holding her breath. As it open Leela's jaw dropped. The coffen was empty. And from the imprent of the cushion, it had been empty for a very long time.

Hey guys! I just want to show you the promo picture sone by FemJesse that inspiried thiis story!  http://img59.exs.cx/img59/9933/vampbw.jpg

Urban Legend
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Spacedal, i just read your new story at TLZ. I liked the concept but i don't think Fryfan will appreciate you using the name Jynx. He has been using that name in his fics for a long while. I would recommend getting permission before continuing.

Space Pope
« Reply #39 on: 08-31-2004 17:36 »

I know! I feel bad that I'm using the same thing as FryFan but I've had this idea for a long time. Originally Jynx was just suppose to be a comic that I made up but than I thought I'd put it with Futurama. I am really sorry FryFan if it offends you! But I did change the spelling. So at least you can tell them apart.
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