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Author Topic: i was bored  (Read 3927 times)
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Liquid Emperor
« Reply #40 on: 06-10-2004 17:18 »
« Last Edit on: 06-10-2004 17:18 »

Originally posted by Dr. Morberg:
I think that your jokes are a little too non-Futuramaish. And they don't use such language as "saggy tits" or "bitch". Also, it makes no sense to have a Futurama merchandise store.
Exactly. It's not too bad, but it just doesn't seem like Futurama.

Edit: and now, the cutest TOTPD ever (thanks to GermanFryFan):
Guineapig Trick

« Reply #41 on: 06-11-2004 20:45 »

well, now Im taking requests. Got any, if so I prefer you decribing a scene to me rather than a scene from an episode, just because thats how I work, and I still have like 3 finished things to scan in and show but no right now. My current project is a lesbian leela/amy scene (fully clothed mind you). but one im done with that (almost done) I'll start on any requests.
Guineapig Trick

« Reply #42 on: 06-16-2004 17:02 »
« Last Edit on: 06-16-2004 17:02 »

More work please post

Futurama: Till death (or FOX) do us part

(opens to scary door)

You are now boarding a domestic flight into the unknown,
the unknown that is the human mind. After finishing your second
bag of peanuts you look on the wing and see a gremlin,
or prehaps William Shatner, maybe it's both. You make for the
emergency exit only to find its really... the scary door.

Announcer: This is Will Gates, he has boarded an unknown

Will: So, where are we headed.

Man: That planet over there, the third planet from the sun.

Will: We have to find a way out, I do not wanna go!

Man: Don't be a baby.

Will: That's rude, I don't like you when you're rude

(Will turns the man into a jack-in the-box)

Will: Why won't you let me use your bomb shelter?!

Man: I think you've had enough Vodka for now.

Will: I am a fugitive from aliens.

(Zoom out so far out you see it was all in Will mind, who
is sleeping, he wakes)

Will: Whoah, where am I, where are we going?

Man: We're headed to that planet there, it's called Earth.

(Will looks out the window, sees a gremlin, looks at camera,
shrugs, screams)

(Fry turns off TV)

Fry: Oh, Leela!

(Leela comes from kitchen, skimpy swimsuit on)

Leela: Yes, my big french fry.

Fry: Give me a massage.

Leela: Yes, Sir! (starts massaging)

(Zooms out, so far, you see it was all in Fry's mind, who is
and starts drooling, zoom back in)

(theme starts, caption: cut short due to those cheap FOX
bastards, then you still hear music but on a black background)

(Picture is back)

Farnsworth: Good news everyone, and by everyone, I mean Fry
you are supposed to go to a reading of your cousin Cluck's will
reading, and by your cousin, I mean I injected some of your
blood into a chicken and then released it into las vegas where
somehow he got 600 grand and television network.

Fry:That would explain that night bender took that blood from

Bender: Yes, that would explain it. (backs away)

Hermes :(walks through door) Hey mons, yoll gunna be makin'
a delivery to Las Vegas, but it'll take all day so yoll mons better
be leavin'.

Fry: Why will it take all day?

Farnsworth: Well, Las Vegas was moved from earth to the most
illegal galaxy in the universe, Nevada 12, because Vegas was too
real, for you young folks.

Leela: well, we better be leaving.

Fry: looks at package (return adress: Hermes Conrad, warning:
shake as much as possible, to: a sewer somewhere in Las Vegas)

box: (voice muffled, zoidy) help me friends, a ham sandwhich
tricked me.

Farnsworth: Ill come, so that incase anything is for me.

(hermes shoots a dart inside of the crate)

(ent will reading)

neutral: and all of young cluck's possesions go to his cousin
Fry and his something or other Farnsworth.

Fry: Yes, score.

Farnsworth: yay.

neutral: no emotion either way.

Farsworth:wait a second, the inherited network was FOX,
it'll take that sweet 600 grand just to pay off their huge
debt to all the other network's it stole from, Im out, if you
need me Ill be in a casino.

Fry:whoo, I own a tv network, oh the possibilities (drools)

special thanks to grim for the begining of trhe scary door!, have a cookie!
Guineapig Trick

« Reply #43 on: 06-19-2004 09:50 »

Birdbot, could you take out the Scary door part of your grammar-atized version of the first part of my fanfic, people got mad, because i ripped off JBERGES.
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