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Author Topic: ooy can draw? what a suprise!  (Read 9172 times)
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Guineapig Trick

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Im so glad you haven't ginin up on me, remember kids, never gin up!!! Nah, I hate you ooy.

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god, give it up GT!

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::BUMP::if anyone has any requests, ill be glad to.

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my fanfic:
It is the year 3020, and so, Fry & Leela tell their son [Rhys, who has 1 eye and Purple hair] & daughter[Lilah, 2eyes and Orange hair] This story: Fry is getting depressed, Leela suggests to go to the "pleasure palace"[as mentioned in the "Jurassic bark" commentaries] but turns out as a hoax, comes out brainwashed. can they get him back afore Leela cannot tell him how much she loves Fry?

OPENING SEQUENCE: CAPTION: A ripoff parody of Red Dwarf! Cartoon: Strong Sad of homestarrunner.com looking at the edge of the film go up from experimental film'
[EXT. of Robot Arms APTS. cut to INT where they are looking bored, then Rhys[the son] talks]
Rhys: Dad, this all my circuits episode is boring.
Fry: aw, but Rhys, calculon is crying like he has for the past 15 seasons.
[cut to TV, calculon is on his knees, in the rain, yelling]
Rhys: but this has been on EVERY EPISODE I KNOW!!!
Fry: thats untrue, remember--
Lilah, oh dad, just tell us a GOOD story for once
Fry: Fine, you wanna good story? I'll give you a good story--
[cut to flashback]
Prof.:good news everyone!
prof.:was that suppose to make sense? oh well.[he leaves]
Fry:That seemed too FAMILY GUY to me....[fry sighs]
Leela:What's wrong fry?
Fry: I'm just depressed...
Amy: for what reason?
Fry: you know me, Amy, I'd be lucky if i remember what i had for breakfast!
Bender:you didn't even HAVE breakfast!
Fry: thats my point. oh, wait, now i remember!
Amy: well, what is it?
Fry: its private. with me & leela
Leela: well, instead of talking to  me, just go to the....PLEASURE. PALACE![DRAMATIC TONE]
Fry:OK then...
Fry:So, what is this "pleasure palace"?
Amy:It's a place where you can forget about your troubles & come back fine.
Fry    :oh, is that it?
Leela:Pretty much.
Fry:seems nice.
[CGI: SHIP LANDS AT "PLEASURE PALACE", a pleasant looking palace, obviously. INT of it, see a nurse of some kind]
Nurse:hi, I'm nurse nancy.
Nancy: Whom is the depressed?
nancy:[thinking] why do i always get the ugly ones?
[LATER....... WE see Bender & Leela reading magazines. Benders reading an operations manual & Leela is reading "boot world". fry comes back, with a slight zombification on his eyes.
Fry:[zombieficated]Hello generic 1 eyed female character.
Bender: man whatever they do, they do it good.
Leela:Bender, arn'et you the least bit worried that Fry sounds like an obsolete robot?
Leela:[smug grin,knowing his 1  weakness...]who will make you waffles now he doesn't even know who he is?
Bender:[shocked look on his face] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO![end of act off actI]
Rhys: Oy, thats gotta suck.
Leela: Trust me, for your father at the time it was
Lilah: hey, when did you come home?
Leela: I've been here all the time.
Lilah: i guess we should start looking to the left more often.
Leela:Well, after we got back to earth...
[INT. of PEX the whole PEX crew are talking, Fry is in the background just starring while drooling]
Amy: so once he got back, he just drowned on like a robot?
Amy[ticked off]:if you wernet old, i would have pummelled you.
Bender: so what if he sounds like an obsolete robot I think its an improvement! [lights a cigar]
Leela: You wasn't like that when i told you he couldn't make waffles.
Bender:Eh, i can get over that. plus, i don't have a sense of taste
Leela's mind: i guess, the part of the when i was in a coma was false about benders waffles.
Amy[so clear its slow & loud] FRY, I NEED TO KNOW IF YOU FEEL DEPRESSED.
Fry:No, Sexy Female character.
Amy: isn't that nice he thinks I'm--wait, gotta think of kif, gotta think of kif.
Fry:Silence Female. i not need your pity
Amy: but I'm not--
Fry: nooo. pittty.
[Amy slowly backs away]
Hermes:anyways, cause of dis deliemma, were 5 minutes late for our next delivery. Take fry with you, and amy]
[INT. COCKPIT(heh, cockpit!)]
Leela: so this planet were going to, where is it
Amy: i thought YOU knew
Leela: sh--[fast cut to leela on phone with Hermes]
Hermes: yes the Planet is Brain Restorers 5, you are to deliver the mind restorer devices to there.
Leela: OK thanks
[a beat]
[Cut o cargo hold, find 1 case open. fry sitting on desk.
Leela: and thats how your mother got me back to normal.
Rhys: wait, you left out the details
Fry[sigh]: fine...
Leela: Fry, are you alright?
Leela smiles
fry[still normal looking]generic 1 eyed Female character.
Leela[sigh]:at least he looks &  sounds normal, now the brain needs adjusting.
My: Thats easy, just my right tone of voice turns men into dopes
Amy[putting on the charm:Hello there.
Fry: seems to snap out of it
Fry: oy, where am i?
Leela:welcome back Fry
She kisses him, then they retire into leela's bedroom...
Fry: and thats the end.
Rhys: thats it? man, that was the weakest story I've ever heard, and I've read Garfield story's--
Leela    :oh, stop it,now put on some good clothes on, were going to elzars for a special day.
[SCENE, LATER AT ELZARS EVERYONE IS THERE. Amy kinda looks the same, save for age. zoidberg excosceleton is starting to wrinkle, Hermes hair line is receding and is gray, Labarbara looks different too. Cubert looks like he's in his 20's, kif looks the same.
they all celebrate Leela & Fry's 17 year anniversary.
_____________________________ ___________
Authors notes:
Yes, it was a too easy ending. dont annoy me about it. but i bet my next fanfic will be better. also, iactually DO like garfield, it was the original cartoon i liked.

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i have some bookmarks:


« Reply #85 on: 08-15-2004 23:26 »


and bookmarks:
On The Job Bookmarks


« Reply #86 on: 08-20-2004 16:54 »

art time!!god, sombody post a response, im getting up to 5 me's at a time!


Bending Unit
« Reply #87 on: 08-20-2004 16:58 »

Love the art OOY the hand drawn ones are realy koool, the bookmarks are really kool also, i like the first leela one the most cause of the line very funny, if only i had a printer that worked  :D, anyway keep up the class artwork, also i duno why no one else has replied

« Reply #88 on: 08-21-2004 17:52 »

some of me art is on The Leela Zone and this is the entry for it:

Don't laugh, it could happen to YOU! It seems that someone is a fan of the Constanza Falcon stuff. Not only that, but that someone has decided to inflict this condition upon Futurama characters.  As you can see with Bender, he's been turned into some sort of stick insect robot. This can't be too good for his health.  Anyway, this work, and eleven others, are featured in Ooy's page in our Fan Art section. Ooy's also made another Costanza Falcon-type picture featuring Leela and Fry, too, so it's not just Bender who's suffering. However, he's also supplied ten other hand-drawn images of the Futurama crew, which don't involve them suffering from stickitis, so there's no need to feel guilty that you're watching our favourite crew suffering when they have to eat an apple, orange, pea, etc. Well, there's a lot to see, so enjoy

« Reply #89 on: 08-21-2004 22:51 »
« Last Edit on: 08-22-2004 22:00 »

another fic:
The future Dielemma
fic by Rhys 'Ooy' Marshall.

NOTE: I'm Australian, but I'm using the term mom for the more bigger american audience, plus, it sounds right. This fic is set 20 somthing years into the future, it joins up with events that happened with 'The day the earth stood stupid' and 'The Why of Fry' if you havnt seen them, i dont advise you to read this.
Distrubution rights, this Fan fiction is only to be distributed to the people i send it to, if you want it on your site, email me @ futuramaooy@hotmail.com.
Copyright Laws: I did not make Futurama, It was the genius work of Matt Groining & David X Choen and all the others who worked on the show. sadly, Futurama is owned by the bastads at 20th Century Fox.This is a non-profit fanandom thing, i do not intend to sell this. All rights reserved. however Matthew T Fry & Jennifer L Fry belong to me. And The Nibblonians names are from the Dave Vincents Fanfiction "Backgroung Noises" because i cant really think of names, i hope i dont get sued by using them David.
Authors notes: My 2nd fanfic,another Leela & Fry shippiness.this is what happens when you read to many fics at The Leela Zone    ;) please Read & Review. if you can't at this website, Email @ futuramaooy@hotmail.com.Sorry for any typo's, this ws made in an AlphaSmart 3000 whic is a text computer laptop thing which doesnt have enough memory to think that the word 'amy' is a real word. >;(. well, stop reading this garbage, read the fic!!!!

----------------------------------------[cut to Leela and fry's apartment, Jenifer is a 16 year old girl with 2 eyes & Orange hair, Matt is a 15 year old boy with 1 eye & purple hair with Orange highlights, Fry & Leela are snug on the couch with their son & daughter watching The TV, the room is dark and the only light is coming from the TV
Announcer: And thats the Homestar Runner TV Marathon! good night!
Leela: OK, Time for bed you two.
Matt: OK, 'night mom.
Jenifer: yeah, 'night.
[they leave, Fry leans in cloaser to Leela...]
Leela: well, time to hit the hay, i guess.
[Fry & Leela leave, as they leave, we pan to Nibbler in his basket, he springs to his feet and goes towards Matts room]
Matt:[sleepy] hey Nibbler! wanna snuggle in my bed?[cluches stomach]oh..
Nibbler: I do not wish to at this pont, there is something more importaint.
Matt:[has a shocked look on his face]
D-D-Did you just Talk?
Nibbler: yes, i need you & your sister--[Matt runs out of the room to get his sister]
Nibbler: somthing tells me i should've put it to him easily...
[Matt comes in tugging on her sisters hand into his room.]
Matt:[shaky]I'm telling you Jenifer, Nibbler talked!
Jennifer: we'll see about that, Nibbler, can you talk?
Matt:shhh! you'll wake Mom & Dad!
Nibbler:come on, we need to save the universe.
Matt: aww, why us!? why not someone else?
Nibbler: Because you to are the the chosen one & 'the other's Children.
Jennifer: who?
Nibbler:just come.
------------[END OF ACT 1]--------------[cut to the alley to where Nibbler keeps his ship, nibblers getting it out, Jennifer & Matt are looking confused]
Matt: how are we suppost to fit in that?
[cut to them all in the ship, they are all squashed, it liffted off and they are in space, then they land in Eternium, then enter the Hall.]
Nibbler: Greetings Lord LovyDovey.
LoveyDovey: Lord Nibbler.
Nibbler: I bring you, 'The Chosen Ones' Children.
LoveyDovey:[wispering to the girl one] just like their father...
Jennifer: anyway,why did you bring us here?
LoveyDovey:Well, we belive someone is out to change this future, and we need to stop it.
Matt:wait,, what does this have to do with us?
LoveyDovey: we feel, your future is going to change.
[cut to Matt & Jennifer gasping]
Matt: what are we gonna do?
Nibbler:well, we need to go back to earth & see how bad it is, then we do the rest.
[Back to earth where they are wearing Leela-like wrist-a-majiggers and are going to their parents Apartment. they get up to the apartment and open the door and gasp, we see that Leela is their, but Fry is replaced with a brown Tall man.]
Matt: what the crap happened here?
Leela:Matt! watch it!
[Cut to Jennifers' room, Jennifer is talking into her communicator]
Nibbler:hmmm, we need to find out exactly where this interjected.
Matt: OK, Jen, lets ask...
any suggestions? ideas? Send them to me @ futuramaooy@hotmail.com

« Reply #90 on: 08-23-2004 01:37 »

last installment of my fic:
The Future Dielema. part 2

[Matt and jennifer come into the room with nevous looks on their faces and are trying to smile]
Matt: [throung gritted teeth] at least they live in the same house.
[They approch Leela]
Jennifer: Oh, mom...
Leela: Yes Jen?
Jennifer: Well, I was just wondering if you could tell us how you & er, Dad met eachover?
Leela: OK, Jennifer. [shouting, but not too loudly] oh, Allen!
Jennifer: Er.. without dad.
Leela: fine [shouting] nevermind!
[cut to them looking at photo's]
Leela: and thats how we met.
Jennifer: But, er, mom, what about Fry?
[Leela shoots her a mad glane]
Leela: [angry, but contained] i tought we wouldn't talk about him young lady. and frankly, i did'nt think youd remember him.
Jennifer:err, yeah, we were to young to remember, can you tell us--
Leela: NO!
[Leela leaves]
Matt: oy! that took guts Jen.
Jennifer: no prob Matt.
Matt: well, now we tell nibbler--
NNibbler:[O.S, mono-ish] i heard thje whole thing
Nibbler:now we kow how awful this is, we should  find your true father..
Matt: But he could be anywhere!
Jennifer:[looking outside] or maybe, he's right outside!
Matt: [not catching on] no, he-- [Jennifer takes his brother to show him he's right there]
Matt: c'mon,quickly!
[Cut to Leela, who's doing somthing or other in the kitchen, Matt & Jenifer zoom past, both are wearing Sun glasses & Blernball caps]
Jennifer:[fast] heymombyemomgoingoutmombackby dinermom. bye!
Leela: OK, I love you Jennifer.
[Cut to NNYC Street and our two hero's are trying to catch up with him, the finally get him into an alley]
Fry:[comfused & scared] are you mugging me? i dont have anything! i swear!
[We actually see his right, he looks like he hasnt shaven in weeks and has 5 o'clock shadow. Matt & Jennifer take off their glasses & hats]
Fry: you both look familiar, and yet...different... who are you?
Matt & Jennifer: were your kids!
Fry: is this scam?
Jennifer: nooo! were you and Leela's kids.
Fry: Thats impossoble! Leela and me  havnt seen each over in 18 years! how can I--When did--Ohhhh[faints]
[a beat]
Matt:...That coulda gone better.
-----------[ End of act 2 ]-------------[close up of Fry's face, hes just woken up and makes groggy noises he gets up & sees Jen & Matt]
Jennifer: calm down dad.
Fry: but im not your dad & Leela cant be the mom...
Jennifer: Dad, if I wasnt You & Leela's kid, why do I have 1 eye? AND Purple hilights in my Orange hair?
Fry:err, its not really orange anymore...
[We see that Fry's right again, her has changed Blonde [cuz of Allens] but Matts is the same thanks his Voilet hair.
Jennifer:[totally freaking out] OH MY GOD! MY ORANGE--MY ORANGE--MY BEUTIFUL ORANGE--
Matt: [calming her down] hey sis, dont freak out--[yells] STOP IT!!
[Stops, but notices his shrinking in height and is getting younger]
Matt:[whos 13 by now] whats happening??!!
Nibbler: i think the problem is Leela & Allen only had sex once to  produce you, therefor, Matts suffering and getting younger until he un-births
Jennifer: wait, how come this is only happening now and Mom knew Matt when we came back?
Nibbler: Leela only talked to you, Jennifer, its like only the rest of the world can only see him.
Jennifer: well, I have an idea...to Cubert!
Matt[12]:what are we waiting for, lets move! i dont wanna be 1 again!
Jennifer:[bursting throuht the door] Cubert! Cubert! its improtaint!
Cubert: Jen? is that you? your hair is blonde--[notices Matt is 12]--and what happenedto Matt?
Jennifer: Someone has tampered the timeline, Allen is now my dad, not Fry.
Cubert: well this is extrordinarary.
Matt[12]:wait, how come your not effected by the time change?
Cubert: hmmm, i gues clones dont change no matter how much the timelie is damaged...any way, whats up with Matt?
Matt[11]:crap, i'm 11 now, anyways, Leela and Allen musta had only 1 kid, so im getting younger till i get un-birth
Cubert: hmm so you want a time macine, eh?
Matt[11]:that'd be great. all we need to do is go to 3005 and stop him
Jennifer: dad better come to.
Jennifer: someones gotta look after you when you get younger...
[they enter what seems to be a cryno tube]
Cubert: now, just go into here and it'll send you to any year.
[they set it to 3-0-0-5, a whirl of specil efects and there gone.
[cut to 3005 where they get out [Matts now 10 and Jennifer is looking a tiny  bit different with the hairstyle
Jennifer :oh no! my hair! its different and Matt, your 10?!
Matt[10]:and i think the childness Kicking in...
Jennifer:[to Old Fry] OK,Lets find mom, get you together again and boom, were OK.
Fry: now, I'd be--[hear younger fry yelling]
3005 Fry: oh bender! why did i have sex with that Morgan again when i was so close with Leela?
Matt[10]: Jennifer, you go in and talk to him.
[Later, Jennifer Is finished and is now taking Fry to see Leela. outside where Leela is Jennifer goes in and sees Leela flirting with Allen]
Allen:[thinking] C'mon, just 1 kiss and you'll be mine, I'm Glad Morgan was able to make a deal...
[Breaks the kiss and tells fry to get in while Leela gets up]
Fry:Leela! thank god i found you, That man was, er, gonna poison you! i got you in time.
[cut to Matt who is 6 running into the room]
Matt[6]:finawy, Mommy & Daddy are togethew!
Jennifer: Matt! get back here!
Matt[6]: but mommy & daddy back, Jennifwa!
Jennifer:[to Fry & Leela] look, i'll explain ererything...
[Cut to later Matt is now 2 and is being held by Jennifer, old fry is sitting down with his younger
counter-part and Leela is listening to it all]
Jennifer:--and so thats why you have to kiss and then go to--well you get the rest.
Leela: I'm not sure Jennifer, Fry did--
Jennifer: look, i dont care unless you to kiss and get back together, ill look like this which i SO don't want to and Little Matt here will ceast to exist.
[cut to matt who has turned 1]
Jennifer: see! now he's 1 please you have to kiss the do the you know what...
Leela: well, if you think so
[they kiss and Matt goes back to 15 as Jennifer gets back to normal Jennifer lets go of Matt and he hits his head]
Jennifer: so, how did it feel like being a kid again?
Matt:ehh, nothing much...
Jennifer:[not buying it]a-HUH.
Matt: well now,c'ya mom
Nibbler[on the wrist-a-magigy]: oh, and I'll have to block your memorys
[zap and they are back to marks room at night]
Jennifer: Matt, what am I doing in your room?
Matt: i dunno, lets hit the hay.
            ((THE END!))
So, did you like it? feel free to do a picture of your favorite scene.

« Reply #91 on: 08-25-2004 03:33 »

new art:
amy on a buggalo:

leela, confused, in spaceL:

And a few things from my 2nd fanfic The Future Diellema:


« Reply #92 on: 08-25-2004 23:19 »
« Last Edit on: 08-25-2004 23:19 »


Operation: Lost Parents
Written by: Rhys 'OOY' Marshall
----------------------------------------Author notes: this fic is set in the same timeline as my 2nd fanfic "The Future Diellema", so i suggest you read that.if you don't know Homestar Runner go straightly to www.homestarrunner.com   Please R&R
Copyright laws: Homestar Runner and all characters belong to Matt & Mike Chapman A.K.A The Brothers Chaps, i did not invent Homestar. Futurama copyright & tm of Matt Groining, David X Choen, The Curiosity Company And :shudder: 20th Century Fox. i did not make Futurama, nor do I intend to sell this, this is a non-profit fan material done for fun. However, Matthew P Fry & Jennifer L Fry belong to me.
Distribution Rights: If you want this on your website, don't hesitate to E-mail me at futuramaooy@hotmail.com.
Now, onto the story.....

[opening sequence: Caption: Now available in Utah! Cartoon: South Park
[Ext of Planet Express, cut to Int. of lounge, where Matt, Jennifer, Fry, Leela & Amy are watching TV. Leela, Fry & Amy are on the couch while Matt & Jennifer are on the floor TV is showing "The Scary Door"]
[Opening Montage of TSD]
Narrator: You are in a complex instrument called the human mind, you find a window, but it wont budge so you choose to enter....The Scary Door....
[cut to a woman in a bed just waking up, he sees a man in their and creams]
Narrator: The woman in Joan Citizen, and she found out a horrible tragity
Joan: who are you?
Man: i'm your husband
Joan: I'm not married...
Man: i know, your a Butt head
[cut to woman who DOES have a face like a butt]
Joan:[screams] mom! help me!
[see her "mom" is the gremlin and screams and we cut back to the lounge]
Matt: is it just me or is this show just getting old ideas and putting into a show again?
[cubert comes in]
Cubert: come here you lazy scumbags!
Fry: at least it's better than the professors phrase.
[Bender comes in]
Bender: did i miss something?
Bender: awww, crap!!
Cubert: now, you need to make a delivery to Homestar6, The Homestar Runner Planet!
Leela: what's the package?
Cubert: 4000 pounds of Fluffy Puff Marshmallows...
Fry: K, lets go
[just realizing there going]
Matt: can me & Jen come?
Leela: Look, we'd love to, but not today, K?
Matt:[sadly] OK...
Leela:We'll be back soon.
Fry: i wish i could do something for ya kids, but, your moms not the one to persuade easily.
Fry: Man, i can believe that a whole Society was based on Homestar Runner, in 1999, he was hardly anybody.
Bender: yeah, but that was before he got off the ground.
[int. of house]
Matt:[pacing] what do we do fer fun now?
Jennifer: well, since I'm the oldest we'll--
[Fast-cut to Jennifers' room, Matt is bored to the bone, while Jen was doing something Girls do, i dunno....]
[see ship landing at A planet shaped like Homstars head.
[CGI: Ship Landing]
Leela: OK, lets get this and go!
[see them walking around to find the place, in the background, see alot of Homestar characters with slight differences. cut to a big door]
Leela: this must be the Place...
[They enter and see the King is Homestar and the Queen is Marzipan]
Fry: errr, Your Highness, we err, have your marshmallows you ordered...
Homestar: Finawy! We have ow pweciose comoddity back!
Marzipan: Homestar, do you even know what a commodity is?
Homestar:[looks happy then turns sad] no
Fry:[coughs] well, if you'll sign here...
Homestar: Hey, wait a minute! theirs ownly 3999 pounds of marshalaides!!!
Strong Bad: GET HIM!!!!
Fry: [smallish] eeep!
------------[End Of Act 1]--------------[back on earth, Matt is worried about his missing parents.]
Matt: why arnet they home yet?
Jennifer: you know them, their always late on a mission thanks to Bender...
Matt: yeah, your probably right...
[the next morning, Sunday,
Matt groggily gets up from his bed and tries to find his parents in their bed, they aren't!]
Matt: [through Jennifers door] Jen! their not back yet!!
Jennifer: huh? where are they? [gets an idea] wait! were did they say they were going?
Matt: I 'unno, lack of brain cells...
Jennifer: i know maybe Kif got a message!
Matt:...and so we were wondering if you got any message from them?
Kif: well--[bathroom door opens up to see Zapp is there]
Zapp: Kif, who are these two Kids.
Kif: Leela & Fry's kids.
Zapp; Leela--Fry--kids? when?
Kif: ->sigh<- 17 years...
Zapp: err, whatever, what do they want?
Kif: they were wondering if we got a message from leela, she's missing...
Zapp: Leela's missing! we have to put wave and wave of men to her disposal!
Matt: what about Fry.
Zapp: ehhh, Leela's the only one.
Jennifer: [slyly] you know Zapp, we could tell you all of their secrets if you help us find Leela AND Fry
Zapp: fine! ->sigh<- the things i do for Leelas kids...
[cut to Planet Express, int of The Lab]
Cubert: What i  don't understand is WHY you didn't come to me first
Matt: Hey! i cant help it if im not smart!
Cubert: anyway, their at Homestar6.
Kif: Homestar6??!!
Zapp: why, what's wrong?
Kif:That place is level 7 on the dangers-o-meter! they thrive by brainwashing others into their own!
Matt: Quick!! to the ship!
Jennifer: we don't have one.
Matt: yes we do.
[Cut to unknown part of PEX, We see A handbuilt ship, could fit 6 at A time.
Jennifer: when did you make this?
Matt: what else am i suppose to do when i was bored?
Jennifer:[impressed] well, i must say, Matt, cool!
Zapp: it's a beautiful ship, but can it hold me
Matt: ->sigh<- yes
------------[End Of Act 2]--------------

[on Homestar6]
Homestar: Stwong Bawd... get out [dramatic] the Rendo ray!
Strong Bad: what?
Homestar: ->sigh<- the Rendo Ray!
Strong Bad: oh, OK. [Yells] HEY DUMB-WEINER! get the rendo ray!
[Strong Sad comes in]
Strong Sad: OK, OK, I'm coming...
Fry: now what?
Homestar:[dramatic]you will be brainwashed to be one of us!
[meanwhile in the ship]
Matt: Homestar6 coming up.
[they land, they then run to where Fry & Leela are]
Jennifer: MOM! DAD! are you alright!?
Fry: I think so.
Leela: c'mon Jen, help us..
Jennifer:  were coming!
[see that Kif, Matt & Zapp are there
Leela: great, its captain moron! why are you here?
Zapp: I've come to rescue you my sweet dove!
Leela:->sigh<- im married, you know!
Homestar: enough tawk! stawt the bwain washing!
[pulls a lever, nothing happens, tries again, nothing.
Homestar: damn these innafective swiches!
[while he tries, Matt & Jennifer get their parents out of the area their in. they then escape and get Matts ship into Planet Express Ship. and leave]
[INT. of ship]
All: whoo! yeah! alright!    :) Fry: phew, I'm gettin' too old for this.
Bender: [coming into the bridge] too old fer what?
Fry: BENDER!! where were you?
Bender: sleepin'
Fry: oh, OK.
Fry: what?

Thanks for reading. Feel Free to draw your favorite scene.

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i know, editing a post dosnt seem to put it to the "todays topics"
I'm bored... i havta draw more...


"The Whole Story"
By:Rhys "Ooy" Marshall


Notes: In this fic, there are 2 characters called Matthew P Fry & Jennifer L Fry. these charactore are in my last 2 fics "The Future Diellema" and "Operation: Lost Parents", but they are younger in this fic than the rest. This fic is set in 3004 and Leela & Fry are not in a relationship in my fic timeline yet. the "what-if" part may sound alot like "The Family Fry" by BumbleBeeTheta. but it changes.


[Opening Sequence. Caption: Yes, I'm bored. Cartoon: Garfield.]
[Cut to INT. of lounge.
Fry: man, i need some more slurm.
[vut to basement and Fry is searching for a 6-Pack. he opens a cuboard and all the stuff in there falls down.]
Fry: OWW! Stupid Professor...wait, whats that?
[he spies the "What-If" Machine, he pickes it up he sees that there is a cable attached to it, It's conected to a net-suit]
Fry: this is probably why the "What-If" Machine has been out for a long time...
[he puts the suit on.]->ahem<-"What if I and Leela were-- [Sees Leela.]
Fry: Leela?
Leela: what is this?
Fry: It's the "What-If" Machines' newest rennovation, you can actually go into the "What-If" sequence!
Leela: and what were you about to ax?
Fry: [not sure how to say this] Well, err, i axed it... "What if...Leela and I were married"...
Leela: Why?
Fry: well, Leela...

------------[End Of Act 1]--------------

[Fry & Leela when we went to break]
Fry:...I love you.
Leela: [touched] Really?
Fry: yes.
[Hands Leela another suit and are about to go in]
Fry:What if...Me & Leela were married?
[Leela & Fry smile at eachover as they go in. cut to them in bed, Matt is 2 and Jennifer is 3. Leela & Fry smile at eachover]
Leela: Wake up Fry...
Fry: Good morning...
[Jennifer comes in and once again, its Xmas]
Jennifer: come own Mommy & Daddy, wake up! I wanna open pewsents!
Leela: go downstairs, honey.
Fry: so you know, Jennifers the girl, Matts the Boy.
[scene:Matt is in Leelas arms and Jennifer is watching TV,whlst playing with A new Malibu Stacey, Matt has a Garfield plush]
fry: beutiful, isnt he?
Leela: he has your looks...
Fry: and your hair[pause]Leela, when we get out of here, you wanna try for marriage?
Leela: yes.
Fry: thats all i need to hear...
[This is what happens when you read too many fics at The Leela Zone  ;)]
[cut to real world]
Leela: we cant tell anybody about the what if.
Fry:OK, I agree.
[a beat]
Fry: sooo, your place or mine?
Leela: mine, bender wont snich that way...
[later that night, Leela & Fry are in bed and we've missed the-as BumbleBeeThea calles-"the big event", Leelas awake, watching Fry sleep]
-----------[End of act 2]---------------[cut to their wedding, see Fry getting ready for the big day. Cut to Leela who's getting dressed with help from Amy.]
Leela: Thank you My for your parents to rent this place for our wedding.
[Cut back to Fry, who is with Bender]
Bender: congrads, Fry, your gonna get married, your gonna have kids.
Fry: And you'll have to live on your own.
Bender: WHA?
Fry: Bender, I'm getting married to Leela, I'm moving in with her, I'm sorry.
Bender: OK, Fry. i understand. will you still visit?
Fry: Of cource!
Bender: I love ya, buddy!
Preacherbot: I know pronounce you man & wife! you may kiss the bride!
[they kiss for a long time and everyone cheers]
[back to the year 3020, where Matt is 15 & Jennifer is 16, they are looking at the "What-If" Machine.]
Matt: So thats what it would be like if Dad know about us. weird.
Jennifer: I know.
[hear footsteps, they hide the "What-If" Machine, Leela walkes in]
Leela:What are you doin'?
Jennifer: Nothing
Leela:[unsure] OK then...
            ((THE END))

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Its been a day, and another fan fiction:
Note: In this fic, It'll be in story form instead of script form, i just wanna do something different. This is is set in "The Future Dilemma" or my fic timeline, so it has Matt P Fry and Jennifer L Fry with their original ages [Matt, 15. Jennifer, 16] in it. I didn't create Futurama blah blah blah... read the fic]
"And then there was 3" By:Ooy
3020, Autumn, scene is a park, Leela and Fry are on the bench looking at eachover, Jennifer & Matt are looking on.

"No wonder they had 2 kids..." Said Matt.

"Shhhh!"Replied Jennifer, "They'll hear us!"

She looks at them for a while.

"Oh, no, i remember that look" Said Jennifer.

"what "look"?" Questioned Matt.

"Lets just say we might have a brother or sister in 9 months"


They later go back to their home, Leela and Fry go to their bedroom.

"Their going to bed early..." Matt wondered.

Jennifer sighed,"Didn't you hear what i said in the park?"

"...no" said Matt, quietly.

Jennifer sighed and went into her room. Matt sighs and goes into his room.

Later, Leela calls her kids into the room for some news, Fry is also there.

Leela starts "kids, when 2 parents--"

"Your having a baby aren't you?" interrupted Jennifer.

"...yes, yes we are" Said Fry.

"It's obvious where Matt got his personality..."Thought Jennifer.

"woah, with a baby in the house, I won't be the youngest. but it will keep us up all night and--"started Matt before being hushed by his dad.

"slow down Matt, that wont be for another 9 months." Said Fry.

"Wait, if theirs another kid, that'll mean, ill be the middle kid!" exclaimed Matt.

"Don't worry Matt, we'll both be unloved when the baby comes" said Jennifer.

"JENNIFER! How could you say that, we'll love you even when the baby comes"

9 months later, Matt & Jennifer are staying at home to stay with their mom so their there when the baby comes. Fry come in.

"Fry, have you got the cell phone on you?" She asked.

"Yep." he replied.

"Added the ambulance to the speed dial?"


"Told Cubert we all can't come to work until the baby is out?"


"FRY!" And then, suddenly, her water broke.
Dramatic, huh, don't worry, the 2nd part is also here.

And then there was 3. part 2
Leela is rushed to the hospital in an ambulance with Fry by her side, Jennifer & & Matt are behind their father sitting down. They are then rushed into the maternity ward, Leela on a bed and then asked to pushed, the Planet Express crew came in also and Wanted to be there when it was out.

"C'mon Leel, you can do it!" Fry said, encouraging her.

Rushed. That was the word, Rushed. Thats was was going in Matt's mind. he didn't know what to do, and he just stood by Amy's side, with Kif.

"It's almost out, Mrs. Fry" exclaimed the doctor.

"C'mon, mom" said Jennifer to her mom.

With what she could manage, she finnaly had one more try and... it was over.

Everyone clapped and Leela showed a weak smile to Fry.

"Whoo, mom!" said Matt, finally.

"It's A Boy, and WHAT A BOY!" exclaimed Fry.

"Sir, It's a girl, thats the umbilical cord" Said the doctor.

"oh." said Fry quietly. [Yes, I know i stole that from The Simpsons, so sue me!   ;)]

"Did you tape it all, bender?" said Leela weakly.

"Every gross human second. The human reproduction cycle is sickening" Said Bender with disgust and walked off.

"Mom, the doctor said you'll have to stay in the hospital for a few days" said Jennifer. She was much like her mother, take charge and fearless,But also didn't have alot of friends, because of the 1 eye.

While Matt was like his dad, not too bright, but fitted in.

"What do you want to name her?" Asked Leela.

"I dunno, uhhh, how about Samantha?" Asked Fry.

"OK" Said Leela.

Later at home, Fry was going pretty well without Leela to help, and Matt and Jennifer agreed. He cooked pretty well. He washed up, and spent time with his kids.

2 days later, Leela was allowed out of hospital with her new baby Girl. Fry had got a new baby seat and Matt & Jennifer looked their new Sister. Fry took a quick glance at Sammantha in the rear view mirror, at took off. Leela was glad to go home after being stuck in the Hospital.

Afterwoods, Leela got inside and realized the baby's room was finished with a cot, change table and decorated.

"Matt and Me did the decorations" Jennifer said.

The only remark she could make was "It's beautiful"

Leela put Samantha to bed and went out to the living room with the others.

"She sure is quiet" Jennifer remarked.

"Lets hope she stays this way through nights." Said Matt, Quietly.

3035 and Samantha is 15. Matt is now 30 and Jennifer is 31. so Leela & Fry would be 54.

"Hey, Matt!" Said Samantha.

"Hey, Sam" Said Matt. "Good day at school?"

"Yeah. Why can't i live with mom & dad?" Asked Samantha.

"You always ask that question. You can't because mom & dad are getting old, so we have to look after you" Answered Matt, when his wife, Aura, came in.

"Hi Samantha, good day i hope?" asked Aura.

"Yeah" Said Samantha, cheerfully. She liked Aura alot.

"Hey Samantha" Said Aura's Son, James who's 5.

"Look Sam, if you miss mom & dad, we'll visit them, OK?" Asked Matt.

"YEAH!" Said Samantha cheerfully.

We see the old house and Aura, Matt, Samantha, James, Jennifer, Zack [her husband] and Liz [who's Jennifer's 6 year old Daughter. into Leela & Fry's house.

"Hey Dad!" said Samantha, running to her dad.

"Hey, Sam, Man, How ya been?" asked Fry.

"Yes, what have you been up to?" Asked Leela.


And then we fade out to  THE END.
Thanks for reading. this might be the last fic I do with the "TFD" timeline, but, who knows, i might go on with this timeline. But, only time will tell.-From: Teh Ooy.

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another fic
Notes: My first Homestar Runner Fan fiction, bu kind. This is a Homestar/futurama crossover. R&R.
If you dont know who Homestar Runner is, go to www.homesrarrunner.com.
Distibution Rights: This fic is only to be put on websites i send it to. if you want it on your site e-mail me at futuramaooy@hotmail.com

Copyright laws: Homestar Runner and all that are copyright & tm of homstarrunner.com's founders, The Brothers Chaps. futurama copyright & tm of Matt Groining, David X Choen and Fox.


[cut to Marzipans house. Homestar is in there too and they are talking]

Marrzipan: Homestar, I want you to get a job.

Coach Z:[O.S] A jorb?

Marzipan: Coach Z, Shut up! [to Homestar] so will you?

Homestar: Uhhh, I don't weally know Mazipan. I think I'm better off jobless.

[Fast cut to Homestar hetting a Job as a pizza guy.]

Man: Welcomes aboards Weirdy.

Homestar: Whu? Who are you again?
[Opening sequence which is obviously a parody of the Futurama one it pretty look the same with "everybody!everybody" in the place of the Futurama theme. so, the Caption is:Seriously, The Homestarama.
Cartoon: Futurama.
[Cut to strong bad playing "Duck Guardian" [The "Latest" Videletrix video game on the Ol'Faithful Compy 386]
Strong Bad: OK, lets see here. [Trys to type something] Save all ducks...

[Presses Enter button several times, but he finds out It's not a text-and Graphics adventure game and looses]

Strong Bad:Oh, well, worth a shot...


Strong Bad: Hey, i dint order any pizza's did you The Cheat?

The Cheat:[angry noises that sound like]No, but i did kinda knaw Strong Sads Face off...

Strong Bad:[Laughs] Oh, man! I wish i was there to see that. Anyway, Strong Mad?


Strong Bad: Ok, Well noone must've ordered a pizza...

[Strong Sad comes in]

Strong Sad: Is that my pizza?

Strong Bad: No dumb-weiner. go back to doing what you do

[Homsar comes in]

Homsar:Strong Saaaad! I Think I need help in the bakery section! wwauuugh!

Strong Sad: I harldly know what you talk about sometimes. [Wals out]

Strong Sad: You know, even though i'd normally ignore the door, pehaps Strong Sad made a payment already...

[opens door, Homestar Is waiting outside as if the past few minuites never happened]

Homestar: Your pizza sew! Alweay been paid for!

Strong Bad: Yeah, Yeah, jusst gimmie the pizza and get out.

[Scene: Homestarwalking back to work, he kicks a tone and is looking bored]

Homestar Runner: This job is weally getting me tired.

[Spots a cryno office]

Homestar: [Squinting while reading] Cwy-no-getics office? what did Strong sad tell me about that again?

Strong Sad: [If think cloud] Crynogetics is where people go to sleep for a long time until maybe their brothers who pummel someone i know are dead, and [goes on rambling]

Homestar: Ehh, sounds pleasent.

[Goes into office spys a tube]

Homestar: I guess thats it.

[Goes in and lies down, the dial goes to 1000 YEARS.]

[Freezes and see ciziliation recreate itself åla Space Pilot 3000,  wakes up.]

Homestar:[streches] well, thats was good. Well, time to go back home to [suductivly] Marzipan.

[Walks across window and sees Its the future.]

Homestar: Thats weird, i dont remember that building being--[notices another being gets out, its Fry!]

Homestar: [thinking it's a giant TV] Man, the future has TV so high-tech, it seems so weal!

Fry: AAGH! W-who are you?

Homestar: Allow me to intoduce mysewf! My name is Homestar Wunnor!

Fry: But, arnet you a fictional character on the Internet?

Homestar: I dunno, Stwong Bad has a pretty bad computer...

Fry: But-- but--

[He runs out, Homestar follows him]

Homestar: Fwy! Stop wunning! Its hard to catch up!

[they finally stop at an alley.]

Homestar: Hey, Fry, I've always wondered... hows Leela like?

Fry: Who's Leela?

Homestar: You know, the 1 eyed chick who showed you... you. Opps! I changed the timeline compleatly. QUICK! To the Cryno building!

[At the building]

Homestar: OK, ill fweeze you for a minuite and call Leela to come.

Fry: how can i trust you?

Homestar: Do you belive me?

Fry: Well... i've done worst.

[fry goes in, later, Homestar goes into Leelas office]

Homestar: Excuse me, miss Leela, uh, a guy told me he weally likes you, but he's too shy to admit it.

Leela: Are you alright, sir?

Homestar: Yes! i'm not cwazy!

Leela: No, I'm talking about your missing arms.

Homestar: Oh, i have arms. there just invisible!

Leela; OK, Show me the guy.

[Scene: Later, Fry is already out and is waiting for Homestar Leela and Homestar come in]

Leela: Hello sir.

[Homestar wqispers something to Fry]

Fry: Hello, Leela, uhh, I love you?

Leela: You do?

Fry: Uhh... [Looks at Homestar, who's nodding.] yeah. your... sweet, good looking, and I wanna go out with you.

Homestar's mind: I never told him to say all that.

Leela: OK, i'll go out with you.

Homestar: BENDER!

Fry: Who?

Homestar: No time, be back.

[cut to Bender getting kicked out of the suicide booth]

Bender: Hey! I wanna die as much as you do, Jerk!

Homestar: Excuse me, but i need you ugently, uhh, there giving free beer & cigars at the Cryno Center!


[Cut to the cryno center, Leela and Fry are making out and Homestar and Bender go into the office.]

Bender: Eww! thats gross.

Fry: Homestar?! Your back?

Leela: Lets go back to my place.

Fry:[nevous] Uhhh, K.

[They leave]

Homestar: Oh man, I've messed up the show compleatly!

Bender: Ah, buck up no hands! Its cool when Benders around.

Homestar: although, this could be good for the shipper fic weaders... I've got it, i'll freeze myself and go back.

Bender: Does it work that way?

[Bender sees that Homestar has set it to -1000 YEARS]

Bender: I guess it does.

[Back to Free Country USA, Homestar is looking on the old Tandy 400 and it acts like the "What-if" Machine]

Homestar: So THATS what it would be like if i went into the future...

[pan out to see that the whole Futurama Crew is watching]

Homestar: Can that Professor NOT do anything?

Leela:[holding hands with Fry, they seem to be engadged] Thats was nice wasn't it Fry.

Fry: Yeah, especially the making out part.

[Everyone sighs in anger]

[Pan out to the Exterior of Planet Express]

Fry: [OS] What?

[Cut to starting credits]

Fry:[Still OS] what??

[Roll the credits]
I know, itsucked out load, but, I'm bored, and have nothing better to do.
Coming soon to a TLZ near you It's my next fan fic, THE EVIL FRY!
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more art? no way:

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more art:


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hello? does anyone come here anymore? oh well, more art:


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They're not that bad....better than what i could do.....

*goes off to corner to cry*

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If anyone thinks my drawings are total crap, prepare to be wrong, i found these pictures from 2002 in my archive!

and here are some oooold ones:

some new ones:



Urban Legend
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The Leela isn't too bad  ;)

I think Zoidberg is my favorite

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update at TLZ:
RIP Mandrake 9.1! Seems that Bender isn't too pleased that I've upgraded my Mandrake Linux 9.1 to the 10.0 version, which I'll soon update to 10.1. Actually, I'm sort of sad, simply because 9.1 was a great, solid version... at least for me it was. Anyway, I upgraded to 10.0 via urpmi, which worked a treat. With a little fixing here and there, all is well again. Decided to avoid the 2.6 kernel and wait till 10.1 before installing it. Wait, I'm not here to talk about that, I'm here to introduce some work! Shut up, Graham!  Anyawy, today's work comes from Ooy, who's done some work for our Fan Art and for our Fan Fiction sections. The artwork you can see shows Bender feeling upset about the death of Fry. Ooy has also got a picture of Fry feeling angry - probably due to my rambling about operating systems - and another of Leela, who also looks quite angry. Boy, I must be in trouble today.  His fan fiction work is called And Then There Was Three, which deals with Fry and Leela deciding to go for a third child, years after conceiving Jennifer and Matt. Children? Jennifer and Matt? What the...? Better read the other fiction works by Ooy to find out.

ahh, good ol' Graham...

also, did I mention I'm a Professor?

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Originally posted by ooy:
did I mention I'm a Professor?

1) We can tell
2) Theres a thread for that

...but congrats anyway  :) Don't forget to pick a subject  ;)

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2 fics:
Copyright Laws: Futurama is copyright & trademark of Matt Groining, David X Choen and 20th Centuary Fox.

Distubution Rights: This fic is only to be seen on the sights i send it to. If you want it on your site, emai me at futuramaooy@hotmail.com

EVIL FRY: By:Rhys "Ooy" Marshall.
[OPENING SEQUENCE: Caption: Reccomended by Dr. Zoidberg. Carton: Weebl & Bob cartoon "band"]
[Scene: Pizza Place. Fry, Leela, Bender & Amy are sutting at a table eating various slices of pizza. Benders has his soaked in ,motor oil. Fry's is Meat, Leela has Hawian and Amy's is buggalo.]

Fry: [Oviously enjoying his 3 slices] MAN! Thats good pizza. thanks for showing us this place, Amy.

Amy: No prob, Fry! This place makes the best buggalo pizza's anywhere.

Fry: and the best meat-lovers around!

Leela: shhh! we cant say that because its a trademark. we have to spill 10,00 bucks just for you to say that!

Fry: Well, after that, I'm off to some planet.

Bender: Why?

Fry: I 'unno

[fry's in space in the PE ship.]

Fry: Hey! thats a planet i've never seen before! wonder what it is...

Computer: Pefect Planet5

[They Might Be Giants' song "Experimental Film" plays while he lands]

Fry: Er, hi. whats cool on this planet?

[2 thugs "escort" Fry to some where]

[much later, like, 2 days on earth Leela is watching somthing on the net.]

Leela: Man, this is serious, Not even Homestar Runner's antics are cheering me up.

Morris [Leela's dad]:[OS] But I thought that kind of humor was behind you.

Leela: Hey dad! what are you doing.

Morris: You really shouldn't be scared. but if I were you, when he gets home,he'll need company if you know what I mean.

Leela: Thanks dad...I think.

Munda [Leelas mom]: [OS] IS THAT LEELA, MORRIS?

Morris: Yes, come up here.

Munda: Hello sweety. How are you?

Leela: Not good, Fry hasn't come home yet.

Munda: Do you have a "thing' for Fry?

Leela: Man have YOU been outta the loop! I have for a year.

Munda: Oh.

[Door opens and hears fry's voice]

Fry: Turunga!? Are you home?

Leela: Gotta go, love ya both!

Fry: Turunga!

Leela: Since when do you call me Turunga?

Fry: Wel, It IS your name. Anywho, I thought it might be delectable if we went out for dinner and then go to the BumbleBeeTheatre to see "Krytens Revenge."

Leela: Fry? are you OK? Your acting really weir--[ but before she can finish, Fry kisses Leela]--lets go.

Fry's mind[but not his voice]: Thats right Fry, get Leela to be one of us!!!

DUH DUH DUUUH! Part 2 coming whenever the hell i feel like it.

The Evil Fry. Part 2
By: Rhys 'Ooy' Marshall

See part 1 for disclamers.

Let the show begin!

[Leela & Fry are walking back from the BumbleBeeTheatre. (I know, lame pun  ;)]

Leela: I had a great night, Fry. The remake of"Kryten's Revenge" was better than the original.

Fry: I Know.

[Cut to her apartment]

Leela: [Starting to act like herself when she first met Zapp] Umm, err would you like some coffee?

Fry: I'd love to, Turunga, in fact, let me make the coffee.

[Kitchen: Fry is seen with an evil look and is pouring a satchet of powder into Leela's coffee. He comes out and gives her the coffee.]

Leela: Hey, how come you don't have one?

Fry: I chose not to.

[Leela takes  big sip of it and suddenly drags Fry to the bedroom]

Fry's Mind that absoloutly doesn't sound like him: Thats it Fry, have sex with Leela, your kids will come to evil greatness! As long as theres no one who can use telaphaphy.

Munda's mind: [Looking on in the vent] OH MY GOD! Thats not Fry!!

[Cut to next morning. Munda calles Leela to the sewers. INT of Munda & Morris' house]

Leela: Good morning mom, why did you want me?

Munda: Well, since I have telapathic powers, i kinda peeked into Fry's mind, and well, he didn't sound like himself. Literally.

[Munda, seeing Leela confused goes on]

Munda: A voice in his mind was saying somthing like "Thats it Fry, Once you  have sex with Leela, your and Leela's kids will rule the world evily". Also, your father saw Fry putting somthing in your coffee, maybe a sex drug.

[Leela is trying not to freak out]

Leela: That explains it. but what caused it?[flashback to the pizza place, Fry eating pizza] THERE MUST HAVE BEEN PARASITES IN THE PIZZA!!!

[Amy, Leela, Bender, Zoidberg, Hermes aand The Professer are all in Fry's colan. The worms are not there.]

Leela: Poo!

Amy: Wait, he went to a planet, to the ship!

[their back to the real world.]

Planet Express Ship[female]: Yeah, I know where he went!

Amy: Where?

Ship: Perfect Planet 5. Quite a hoax really. It's OK until Fry gets Leela pregnant with sex.

Amy: Thats a relife, Leela has self control.

Leela:[shamefully] I already had sex.

Bender: Oh-HO!

Leela: Now this plan will set in motion, and it's All my--WAIT! The kids will only turn evil if I teach them to be bad, and I'd never--[suddenly has an evil look on her face she also seems gritty through her eyes and has dark clothes on]--teach them to be good!

Amy: [Curses in cantonese] Leela, are you alright?

Evila [evil Leela]: Yes Amy, I AM! When the babys come out, we will rule the world!

Amy: What about all that on raising them good?

Evila: Screw that. like i WOULD!

Prof.: Hmm, apparently the item in the sex drug ust have had evil in them.

Hermes: how's that possible.

Prof.: It'a pretty simple, it--

[But before The Professor could finish, Evila has tied them all up.]


[Leela shuts him off]

Evila: Fry?! The coast is clear, now lets get the chronotons to speed up the birthing process!

Fry: [With evil on his face, looks like Leela, you know, Gritty look in his eye, dark clothes] With PLEASURE!!

[They leave and then Zoidberg speaks up]

Zoidberg: Is it just me or are they just evil?


[Cut to space where Evila & Evil Fry are getting chronotons from space. then they get back to earth]

Evila: Did you miss us?

Hermes: C'mon Leela, this is higly uncalled for and secondly--

[A time skip happens and Leela is holding 2 newborn baby's 1 a boy & 1 a girl]

Evila: Ok, Fry, get me the chronotons and lets grow these baby's!

Fry: Ai Ai cap'n!

[feeds The babys chronotons through bottles and they turn 18, though Leela & Fry are still the same age. The teens seem rebellious and goth-like, without the personallity.]

Boy: OK, Sis, lets kill these no-goodniks!

Bender: [wispering to the planet express crew] Dont worry, I have a plan. [To the teens] err, wait guys, you don't wanna destroy me, i wanna kill humans more than you 2 combined, lets kill them.

Girl: I dunno if we can trust you. [To Fry] Can we.

[Fry looks at Bender, he has a look on his face which meant "kill"] Yeah, you can.

Bender: OK, Th' first thing we gotta do is--[uses some kind of ray to make them young, like 6, and sweet]

Hermes: [to The Professor] Him helpin' out humans? whats wrong?

Amy: He's definatly going to make us pay.

Boy: [Now sweet] Daddy, why are you so mean?

Evil Fry: you bastad!

Evila: I'll kill all of you!!

Bender: Oh no you wont! [uses the same thing he used on the kids to make Fry & Leela both 1 and un-evil] there, leval 10 helpin' humans, 500 bucks apeice!

Zoidberg: I have no money!

Bender: I'll pt it on ya tab!

[Everybody Pays Bender and turns Leela & Fry right again. also, the kids are new-born again]

Zoidberg: Cant you feel the love?

Hermes: Beat it ya wimpy barnical!

[Zoidberg groans]

((ITS OVER!!!))
Now tell me THAT wasn't cool. then i'll break your legs! No seariously, thanks for reading, feel free to draw your fave scene, then show them to me, and i will make fun of them, i mean, thank you!

another fiction, i officially have no life:

Zapp's Revenge.
By: Rhys "Ooy" Marshall.
Authors notes: This story is the 2nd fiction done in non-script form.

Copyright Laws: Futurama doesn't belong to me.I am not getting money out of this.

Distribution Rights: This fic is only to be put on the websites i send it to [So far as of writing this, the only sites I send them to are PEEL & The Leela Zone] If you want it on your website, email me.

Start Show!....
It was a chilly November as Fry was walking across the street to go to Planet Express. But the main reason he went there was Leela. Leela, the person he loves...

Meanwhile at the same time, Leela, huddled in a coat & gloves, saw Fry. Fry, the person who loved him for who she was, no, no, she doesn't have any feelings for Fry...Or did she?...

"GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! I have a new invention to show you!" Said the Professor. He then went comatose.

"Wake up Professor!" Shouted Leela.

"Ooh! Who are you strangers! And why are you in my house?!" Yelled the Professor.

"Professor, you were going to show us your new invention!" Corrected Leela.

"I don't have a new invention! But I'll need you all in my lab to see my new invention!" The Professor said and led them all to the lab.

"I call it...The Brainer! Ooh, i need a better naming machine! You punch in the details on what you want to change, who you want to change & your done!"

"I'll never understand your weird inventions for dominating the world" Replied Hermes and Amy, Hermes, Zoidberg, Bender, The Professor & Leela leave, leaving Fry to look to look at the device.

"Hmm..." Said Fry as he rushed out the door and Went back home and putts the set down and is about to use it on Leela when guilt grows on him.

"Wait, I don't want Leela this way! It wouldn't be right! Although...LIVING with her would be within my standas..."
He punches in the info and finds himself on Leelas couch with Leela resting her head on his chest.

"Thanks for agreeing to protect me,
Fry. I appricite it." Said Leela.

"Hey, thats OK, Cuz i love you and don't want anything bad to happen to you." Replied Fry.

Leela then went to bed while Fry was on the couch. It wasn't perfect, but he wasn't taking advantage.

Meanwhile, In the Nimbus.

"In 2101 war was begining."

"What are you talking about sir?" Asked Kif.

"I saw on the news that it's 2101 and war was beginning! He also said somthing like, ""All your base are beling to us."Take off every 'Zig" and all that!" Replied Zapp.

"That was a game from the Stupid Ages"

"Damn, I already sent out men. Now what?"

Kif sighs and leaves. As soon as Kif left, Zapp lookes around to see if the coast is clear then pulls down the screen TV seen in "Kif Gets Knocked Up A Knoch.

"I don't really favour acting stupid in front of people, but i have to if i want to keep this a secret" Said Zapp. He then turns the TV on to see Fry & Leela on the couch.

"I'll get you Turunga Leela. And i know just how!"

Back on earth Fry has woken up and is getting breakfast for him & Leela. Leela wales up and goes into the room.

"You didn't have to make breakfast for me Fry" Said Leela.

"Eh, I'm bored. I needed somthing to do" Replied Fry.

Meanwhile, A shadowy man is walking through NNY and comes to Planet Express. He sees the Professors new invention and heads off.

Later the Professor calles everyone in to the Conference room.

"Have any of you stole my new invention?"

"It's missing?" Said Fry with fright.

"I'm affraid so."

"You mean, someone could be using it? Fry, what are we gonna do?" Said Leela.

"Hmm, who could have the means to do such a thing?"Said Fry. Everyone looked at Bender.

"Hey! Don't look at me! I dont need that hunk 'o crap! It's not even valuable. I cheked" Retorted Bender.

"Well, If Bender didn't Who did?" Wondered Fry.

Later at Leela [& Frys] apartment. Leela ws still wondering where the thing was. She suddenly herd someone knock at the door at went to get it. It was Zapp.

"FRY?! It's Zapp"

"Dont worry Leela, I'll escort him out." Said Fry.

Zapp then held out the invention.
"What are you gonna do with that, You Jackass?" Asked Leela, brutfully.

"Nothing you'll regret when I'm done with you. Let me just get rid of the hairball first" Zapp said, and then pointed a ray gun at Fry. Instead of a lazer killing him, it stupefies him.

"Now Leela, to do what I've been waiting for ever since i met you" He then turns the Invention to Leela and fires it at her. She then goes into her bedroom dragging Zapp behind her. Zapp then puts the Invention down on a table.

Then, Fry gets up and gets the invention and heads toward the bedroom, Leela comes out of the bathroom where she was to a waiting Zapp, and is dressed in the garment she wore in "Parisites Lost". She then gets in bed and is about to you know what when Fry comes in with the Brainer and zaps it at Leela, she then kicks Zapp hard, and I mean HARD. Leela then goes up to Fry and hugs him.

"But how did you get out of that stupication thingy?" She asked.

"I guess it only works on the Delta Brainwave. I dont have it." He replied.

They look into eachovers eyes and then passiontlty kiss, while Leela is taking off Fry's clothes.

Later, we see Fry and Leela asleep, Fry wakes up and sees Leela sleeping and smiles.

1 year Later, Leela has already given birth to a baby girl called Daniela and a 1 month old baby boy called Brad. Daniela had 1 eye like her hother and Purple hair with ornge hilights, she also had Autism. Leela was feeding Daniela while Fry was working up somthing on the computer called "Compy 3000".

"Fry? Can you put Daniella to bed?" Asked Leela.

"Sure. Come here ya cutey!" And Fry took Daniela upstairs. Leelathen goes to the Compy 3000, and sees a card for Daniela 7 Brad, but also had a kind of scrap book full of pictures.

Fade out to 3021 where Daniela is 17 & Brad would be 16. Daniela is in her room looking in that scrap book,she then closes it and puts it on her bedside table, she puts the main light off and Snugges into her bed, dreaming about her parents "before Me" and fell asleep insantly.

((IT'S OVER!))

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my copy of Futurama comics #11 came in the mail yesterday, so you know what that means...NEW ART!

clickable signature below!

They Use Computers...To Make Video Games. Scoot over to here for more pixilated madness
Capīn Skusting

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #107 on: 10-01-2004 14:43 »
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You may have a long way to go to develope your art
(and no artist ever fully developes - its a continuing thing) but even your
ealiest pieces I've seen here have a
whimsical quality to them that is hard to
ignore and even harder to not like.
Your work may look very childish to some,
but your perserverance and consistancy are
definately going to pay off in the long run.
(Should you choose to take your art to a "paying off" kind of route)
Keep it up!
One of these days when I get to be not so lazy,
I'm going to start reading everybody's fan fics!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #108 on: 10-01-2004 18:26 »

Wow, Skusting. For a second there, I thought that was a really bad song.  :eek:

Nice art, ooy. I like the one of Leela nude. Now do one where she's facing the other way.  :p

Urban Legend
« Reply #109 on: 10-01-2004 18:33 »

Your Leelas are getting better each time you draw her ooy...nice work  :)

« Reply #110 on: 10-02-2004 01:27 »
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Originally posted by leelaholic:
Nice art, ooy. I like the one of Leela nude. Now do one where she's facing the other way.    :p

i made the Leela nude one especially for you man! facin' the other way eh? hmmm, thats an idea.....

Originally posted by Jicannon:
Your Leelas are getting better each time you draw her ooy...nice work    :)

Thanks man.

oh, and thanks Cap'n Skusting for that speech.

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Notes: The alternate realities were originally from Fryfan's story "Leela is the one"

Copyright Laws: Futurama is copyright & trademark Of Matt Groining & Fox. anything else are copyrighted to their "Respected" Owners.

Distribution rights: This fic has been sent to The Leela Zone & PEEL. If you want it on your site, please email me at futuramaooy@hotmail.com

Take A Generic Story And Make Your Own. part 1.
By: Shipper-master Ooy.

Leela opened her eye after some heavy drinking from new years last night. She then tried to move, but felt she was wraped around somthing soft & warm, she soon relised it was Fry. Leela smiled as she saw Fry sleeping with a cute look on his face, hugging onto Leela tight. Fry then woke up, looking at the non-daily sorroundings then saw Leela.

Fry: Leela?

Leela: Hey, Fry.

Fry: [Giggles] Your naked!

Fry's Mind: Real smart Fry!

Fry noticed that Leela was out of bed & getting into the shower. Fry didn't know what to do, so he just stayed on the bed. Leela then poked her head from the door.

Leela: Don't you want to come in with me?

Fry rushed to the bathroom. Later, at Planet Express.

Bender: All your base are belong to us!

Amy: Bender, no one will get that joke. It's too obscure.

Bender: [Mumbles] YouHaveNoChanceToSurviveMakeY ourTimeJerkwad!

Bender then notices Fry & Leela coming in.*together*.

Bender: Oh HO!...

Fry: Bender, if your gonna rip-off games from my time, you could at least pick somthing better than 'Zero Wing'.

Bender: Shut up, Fry. *I* have dirt on you an' Leela!

Fry: So?

Bender: Damn you Phil Argus! Er, i mean, Fryyyyy!

Leela & Amy are in the lounge talking about...I dunno Girl stuff, and Leela talks about how she slept with Fry.

Amy: You slept with Fry? Wow. how long did that take?

Leela shot her a dirty look.

Amy: sorry, congradulations, Leela.
When do you think he'll ask the question?

Leela: Any time now.

Fry then comes in.

Fry:[Sly grin] Hey, Leela. You wannna go out with me? not hang out, like last time

Flashback to Fy's apartment, Leela is looking bored as Fry plays Pac-man on an Atari 2600.

Back to the present

Leela: Hmmm, Ok.

The Professor comes in

Prof.: No time for that now! We have a delivery!

Part 2 coming soon

References [for those of you not internet-geeky enough to get the inside jokes:
"All Your Base Are Belong To Us" is from the 1989 Toplan video game 'Zero Wing'.

"Damn you Phil Argus". Phil Argus is a charactor from an internet cartoon "Bonus Stage" [www.bonusstages.com]

Also, i did a picture for GFF bonus stage-ified:

« Reply #112 on: 10-13-2004 04:29 »

[homestar]Oh, No, its the stwong baaaaaaad![/h]

« Reply #113 on: 10-15-2004 15:10 »

More art! Huzzas are in order!

i think some people will know who this is.


Urban Legend
« Reply #114 on: 10-15-2004 22:00 »

Your Strong Bads are getting better ooy. Keep it up  :)

« Reply #115 on: 10-16-2004 04:12 »

thanks man!

« Reply #116 on: 10-16-2004 15:38 »

more art!
new series of art called "Pregnancy"

and Amy & Strong Bad:

clickable signature below!

They Use Computers...To Make Video Games. Scoot over to here for more pixilated madness

Bending Unit
« Reply #117 on: 10-16-2004 15:46 »

I don't understand why I haven't replied to your stuff yet, but what can you do..?
Anyway, nice pictures, ooy! Your drawing style is so cute  :D Leela's hair looks very cool in the "Pregnancy"-pictures!

« Reply #118 on: 10-16-2004 15:50 »

thanks man,er gal. whatever...
Benderfan 1230

Bending Unit
« Reply #119 on: 10-16-2004 15:53 »

I cant believe I never looked at this thread*kicks self* All your pictures are very cool ooy. I like when people have thier own style :) I wonder....what inspired this pregnancy series? Was it that fic where Leela becomes pregnant?
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