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: FFOR Volume1 Issue1  (Read 1245 times)
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Liquid Emperor
« : 08-14-2001 11:59 »

This is a test post for people who dont know FFOR (shame on you). also see this post to see why this is here.


Liquid Emperor
« #1 : 08-14-2001 11:59 »

The unofficial newsletter of the 31st century.

  • Note from the Editors:
    Hey, all!  We would like to thank every one of you for graciously joining our
    club!!  Everybody who receives this letter is on our mailing list.  Feel free
    to ask any questions; just write Cayt at invalid@cs.com or Marissa at
    invalid@cape.com. We would like to thank everybody who helped us get this
    started, including the Futurama Chronicles, Katey aka GurlFromTheFuture, and
    everyone who subscribed!  I hope you like our very first newsletter!!

    - - - - - - - - - -

  • FG`s page!

    Hi! I`m FG! In case you don`t know me (and I doubt that there are too many
    of you who do) I am known as FuturamaGirl and Girl of the 31st Century
    on the fox.com message boards or just by Marissa. I am nothing less than
    a Futurama expert and HUGE fan. Got a Futurama question, I`m the one to ask!
    E-mail me at invalid@cape.com, put the subject Hey FG!
    If your question can`t be answered and makes a good point, I will put it in
    the unanswered questions section. If I can answer you question and like it,
    It will become part of my trivia challenge.

    Now that that`s out of the way, I`d like to welcome you all to the first
    of the Futurama Fan-o-Rama newsletter! With any luck this will get to be
    very popular. (Hey, a girl can dream!) So tell your friends!

    Futurama was started as being a dream show for Simpsons creator and Sci-fi
    fan, Matt Groening. That became a reality when Fox decided to take it
    for a test drive season. With great ratings, Futurama is about to
    enter it`s second and first full length season. If you`re reading this, then
    I know for a fact that you can`t wait for the 26th! Let`s just hope that given
    it`s chance, Futurama will take off and might still be on 1,000 years from
    now! (Okay, bad joke. But you get the picture.)

    - - - - - - - - - - - -

  • Cayt's page!!!

    Hey, everybody!  I'm Cayt, better known as LoneGungirl on the Futurama
    message board.  I am pleased to announce that this is the first issue of the
    Futurama Fan-o-Rama newsletter!!!!  I am just as happy as all you guys are! 

    Anyway, we've got a lot coming up for all of you.  Lots of updates, episode
    guides, trivia, polls, anything having to do with Futurama.  You name it, we
    can have it!!  Feel free to suggest subjects for us.  Or send us articles. 
    You can e-mail me at invalid@cs.com.  Just put in the subject box,
    Suggestions for Cayt!

    Also, look for us on the Futurama Chronicles on the main page (at
    futurama.simplenet.com) thanks to Dave of the Futurama Chronicles and the
    main page of There's Something About Futurama (at futurama.onlytoons.com)
    thanks to our very own Futurama Girl!!!

    - - - - - - - - -

  • FG`s trivia quiz!

    Good luck to all! You can just try to guess the answers, but if you think
    you`re a trivia master, e-mail me your answers and if you get the most right,
    you will have your name here in the next edition of the Futurama Fan-o-Rama!
    (invalid@cape.com put the subject: FG`s trivia!)

    In episode 2, what does the farmer on the moon`s hat say?

    According to Fry`s speech, who was the first emperor of Trisoil?

    What was the first thing Bender said when he first met Fry?

    Fill in the blank: "Better _______ than you have tried!"

    Easy question: What is Amy`s last name?

    In this part, I`ll put a Futurama question that can`t be answered. It is
    NOT part of my quiz, it`s a goof by the staff of Futurama. If you have one,
    drop me an e-mail!

    Unanswerable question: If Bender doesn`t breath air (there are many examples
    of this in Futurama) then why does he always pant when he runs???????

    Thanks all! C-ya soon! FG

    - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  • Deathmatch!

    Hermes Conrad vs. Zapp Brannigan
    The results are in! Five seconds into the
    match Zapp was crying and hiding behind his favorite wicker chair.
    Hermes Conrad wins by a landslide! Thanks for your votes!
    Next week`s deathmatch: Leela vs Pamela Anderson`s head-in-a-jar
    Get your votes in! (invalid@cape.com) Also, feel free to vote on the Futurama
    message board at bbs.foxworld.com!  Just click on Futurama!! 

    - - - - - - - - - -

  • Character spotlight:

    Name: Phillip J. Fry
    Typical outfit: White t-shirt, red-orange overshirt, blue jeans, black
    Likes: Anchovies, Sci-fi stuff, any show of the genre "World's Blankiest
    Best friends: Bender, Leela
    First words on the show: "Space, it seems to go on and on forever."

    Phillip J. Fry (Or Fry as he prefers to be called) is a pizza delivery boy
    from 20th century New York and is not the brightest crayon in the box.
    He had a cruddy job, he was broke, and had a girlfriend who cheated on him.
    But that all changed on Midnight January 1st, 2000 when he was accidently
    frozen and wakes up 1,000 years later. He now works for Planet Express,
    a delivery company owned by his great, great, etc., etc., nephew, Professor
    Farnsworth. Although he`s kind of lost in the Future, he gets by with Leela's

    Next week: The Bender Unit 22 story.


    - - - - - - - - - - -

  • Episode 5: "Fear of a Bot Planet"

    Rating: TV PG V
    Opening joke: Featuring Gratuitous alien nudity
    Futurama Milestones!:
    Among many other things, we find out in this episode that Bender can
    be used as a popcorn machine.
    Futurama`s first commercial cue.
    For once Leela screwed up instead of Fry when she sneezed.
    Bender actually says a few not so bad things about humans.

    Summary: It starts off when Bender gets in an argument with Fry and Leela
    because he
    thinks that they don`t respect robots. Soon after they are called away to
    deliver a package
    to Chapek 9, a world where humans are killed on sight by the robots
    that inhabit the planet. While delivering the package, Bender
    gets kidnaped because it was discovered that he worked
    with humans. While trying to rescue them, Fry and Leela are also
    caught and put on trial by the robots of Chapek 9. Bender must either
    risk death to save them and go back to earth, or kill them and live a
    life of stardom on the robot planet.

    Leela: Now remember, you don`t know humans, you don`t work with humans,
    and above all you don`t like humans!
    Bender: I`ll try to keep that in mind.

    My notes:
    FG: Okay, I liked this episode! Especially the part with the robot
    porn and the scene in the end with the robot elders. FG`s grade: B+
    Cayt: This is one of my fave episodes, despite the bad publicity given to it
    by the media.  Especially the screwed-up baseball part.  Cayt's grade: A-

    - - - - - - - - - -

  • Futurama goes into its second season!!

    Season Premiere Preview (Courtesy of the Futurama Chronicles)
    [1ACV10] A Flight to Remember

    Premieres Sunday, September 26th!!!

    Summary: The crew takes a voyage on the largest space cruise ship ever built,
    the Titanic, where romance blossoms as Captain Zapp Brannigan attempts to
    navigate the ship through a swarm of Icy comets.

    A brief summary from David X. Cohen: "Fry, Leela and Bender go on a
    well-deserved space cruise, not knowing that Zapp Brannigan has been made
    honorary captain of the ship for its maiden voyage. He makes the ship go
    through a swarm of comets which he refers to as 'icebergs of the sky.' Then
    the rest of the episode is like The Love Boat, and all our characters have
    romances. It's pretty crazy."
    -One of the plots is a love story involving Bender and a robot Countess.
    -Leonardo DiCaprio's head in a jar christens the Titanic.
    -Kif also returns for another appearance.
    -Mayor Poopenmeyer makes another appearance.
    -New characters to be introduced include Amy's parents Leo and Inez Wong,
    Hermes' wife LaBarbara, and a lady named Hattie.

    Thank you to the Futurama Chronicles (futurama.simplenet.com) for letting us
    use their summary!

    Other Episodes This Season

    Fry and the Slurm Factory: This episode was inspired by "Willy Wonka and the
    Chocolate Factory," according to Matt Groening.  The episode reveals the
    mysterious contents of Slurm, the soda that makes you smarter, as Fry finds
    out as he tours the factory.  These contents have not yet been announced, so
    hold your breath.

    Mars University: Fry decides to go to Mars University and is roomed with a
    super smart monkey, named Guenter.  Of course, we will witness Fry's
    stupidity (again) in this episode.

    Election Year: Richard Nixon's head decides to run for President of Earth. 
    Matt Groening comments; "That's the greatest thing about science fiction.  We
    can still do Nixon jokes."

    Oh, Unholy Night: "Christmas has turned into a holiday of fear" in the year
    3000, or so Matt Groening says.  Never turn your back to a chimney on
    Christmas eve, lest the evil robot Santa Claus get you.

    Note: The names I have given these episodes aren't necessarily the names they
    will have.  Except for the Christmas episode and the season premiere.   


    - - - - - - - - - -

  • For all you British guys...

    I realize that a few of our members are British, so here's a special section
    for you.  I'm sure you've heard a lot about Futurama.  That's great!  Watch
    it all you can!  Futurama starts on September 21st in Great Britain.  Sorry:
    I don't know what channel or what time; all I know is that it starts this
    Tuesday.  So here's a preview of the first episode:
    [1ACV01] Space Pilot 3000:
    Fry is a pizza delivery boy in the 20th century, with practically nothing to
    live for.  His job is a drag, his girlfriend ditched him, and he seems to be
    the target of everyone else's pranks.  He makes a delivery one day to the
    Cryogenics lab in New York City.  As soon as he realizes it's a prank, he
    settles back to feast on the pizza on pop provided by the prank callers, and
    tumbles into a cryogenics tube and is frozen for 1000 years.  He awakens to
    find a completely different New York City...
    Stayed tuned next week for the summary of episode 1ACV02 and the preview of
    1ACV03 in the British Futurama section.  Thanx for watching!

    Also, we have a few members from even MORE exotic places.  I'm sorry to tell
    you that I have absolutely NO idea when Futurama is going to show.  But
    you'll probably get it if you get cable.  Thanx again for subscribing!!


    - - - - - - - - - -   

  • Awesome Futurama Websites! *Links*

    The Futurama Chronicles: futurama.sipmlenet.com
    There's Something About Futurama: futurama.onlytoons.com
    The Futurama Message Board: bbs.foxworld.com
    The Official Futurama Website: bbs.fox.com/futurama

    - - - - - - - - - - -

  • Survey:

    This would really help us out, so please fill it out and send it to Cayt
    (Lone) at
    invalid@cs.com or Marissa (FG) at invalid@cape.com. Thanks!!!!

    How did you sign up for The Futurama Fan-o-Rama?

    a) The Fox.com Message boards
    b) The Futurama Chronicles
    c) There's Something About Futurama
    d) Heard about it from a friend
    e) Other (if you choose this, tell us how you heard about it)

    What would you like to see in future editions?

    How are we doing? Comments?  E-mail us!!

    -From the editors: Marissa and Cayt

    - - - - - - - - - -
    "Futurama" TM copyright Fox and the Curiosity Company. All rights reserved. 
    This document and it`s contents is neither authorized or endorsed by Fox.

    "Futurama Chronicles."  The information taken from the Futurama Chronicles
    was taken with permission, though the contents of the Futurama Chronicles are
    neither authorized nor endorsed by Fox.  http://futurama.simplenet.com
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