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: Why did my thread get closed???  (Read 659 times)
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Bending Unit
« : 10-20-2003 18:47 »

I know that i may not have the most popular opinions, and i know i should not be makinga thread like this, but the mods i have mailed to the proper way either do not check more than once a week, or just do not care to respond to anything.

the fry and amy fan fics thread was closed by paul for reasons that this never happens in the show, but then again, it's not fan fiction unless it doesn't have a possibility of happening in the show right?

i thank kryten for re-opening it, and then magarita posted something in it, but then it was closed again by somebody for no apearen reason.

no like i said, i do not have the most popular of opinions, but i tend to confine myself to what, one? two threads? i deem worth my time to look into.

now, since you all seem so in need to know why i like to post my opinions that go against the general conform of the board that futurama=best show ever, i will tell you all the final notice on this once and for all:

I"M BORED!!!! OK!!! I like debate and find it exhilarated in an otherwise boring a$$ web design class. since i have a differing opinion, i can have fun. what's that? you think that my idea of fun is stupid? well, good for you, you have an opinion. and i respect that, in an individual.

however, i don't want to sound paranoid, even though i will, do you guys have something against me personally? i know i'm already not liked from my actions a few months ago, but if you are going to close my thread for no reason, trying to deter me or whatever from posting, at least have the dignity and honor to come out and say it. i know those two things are dead these day and must seem comical to you all, but at least i try to have them.

i don't like writting a thread like this, but since the "proper" channels seem to have no effect, this is my only action that will get my message across right now.

until this board has a private messging function, or the mods check their mail more than once a week/actually respond/actualy take action/actually care about their e-mails, this will be the only way.

sorry if i took up a precious half inch on your screen and a coupld KB of data on the server with this thread. but i only do these things when i care, and that is not often.

i am serious about my fan ficiton work, it is a release for me of creative energies i lack the funds and rescourses to use elsewhere more productive. i do not have much of a feel for what people want in a fan fic, that is why i made that thread, without a feel i will most likely write a crummy fan fic like my laster series *shudders* man it was horrible so say anyone who read it.

that is why the thread is important to me, and so that is why i care. sorry for taking up your time with having to read this rant, but there are few things in the net i care about. there is a thin line between me caring and not caring and whomever closed my thread without reason crossed that line.

please open my thread.   

Urban Legend
« #1 : 10-20-2003 18:58 »

Why in God's name did you make this thread? You know you can't win.
1 of the gang

Starship Captain
« #2 : 10-20-2003 19:02 »
« : 10-20-2003 19:02 »

This is not only a bad thread and a stupid question but this is in the wrong section.
Just lettin' ya know!

Space Pope
« #3 : 10-20-2003 19:03 »
« : 10-20-2003 19:03 »

<n00b makes a thread>
<thread get closed>
<n00b makes another thread  "y did u close my tread1?!!?!?!">
<the thread get closed again>
<n00b makes "y r u all hateing me?!?!111" thread>
<n00b gets banned>

solution - get over it. you already got banned once, so it wont be a problem to ban you another time.  if you dont like PEEL - leave it. that's it.
PCC Fred

Space Pope
« #4 : 10-20-2003 19:04 »
« : 10-20-2003 19:04 »

Does it matter what other people want in a fanfic?  PEELers will like the fic i'm working on about as much as Ayatollah Khomeini liked "The Satanic Verses", but I don't care, I'm writing what I want to.

Urban Legend
« #5 : 10-20-2003 19:06 »
« : 10-20-2003 19:06 »

you irritate us cause your bored? yeah. that's really gonna convince us of your worth here. This is a Futurama forum. For Futuramam fans. Which means if you're not a futurama fan and all your gonna do is trashtalk the show or us for watching the show then expect lots of enemies here. You have a bad attitude. That's why you get flamed so much. Stop acting so surprised.
J.P. Diddy Wow

Bending Unit
« #6 : 10-20-2003 19:16 »

why not write a Fry and Amy fanfic yoursefl?

Bending Unit
« #7 : 10-20-2003 19:32 »

Why not just shut the hell up?!?! People are only going to have things against you personally if you waste the precious little amounts of time we have left in this life!

Starship Captain
« #8 : 10-20-2003 20:28 »

See what happens when assholes like me get banned, we need more culling damnit!

Space Pope
« #9 : 10-20-2003 20:36 »

Hey, I was gonna reopen the thread, but then you had to go and start whining. Nothing annoys me more than whining.

The thread stays closed, and this one's getting closed too. Continue to whine and all will be laid to banination.
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 Topic locked! 
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