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Author Topic: A Meaningful Dialogue-- my only ever finished Futurama fanfic  (Read 1355 times)
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« on: 07-09-2003 20:25 »

Wanted to post it here so I could get feedback...

Anyway, description: Fry and Leela had a date. But... it was a horrible date. Short, and mildly shippy (meaning that I use only relationships that have been on the show, but it is about Fry and Leela--still, I don't actually throw them at each other or anything). Based on a song of the same title by The Flash Girls.

Fry is in the employee lounge, watching TV with a big grin on his face. Leela comes in.

LEELA: Hey, Fry.

FRY: Leela! Hey, now that we’re dating, do you think we should start coming in together in the mornings?

LEELA: Dating? Fry… we’re not dating.

FRY: Okay, we’ll keep going on normally, but if you change your mind you let me know.

LEELA: Um, Fry… about last night…

FRY: (excited) Wasn’t it great? I bet it was the best first date ever!

LEELA: Excuse me? What date were you on? It stank!

FRY: I know, it was great! Do you think we could get in the book of world records for the best first date ever? Or maybe our second date will be even better!

LEELA: There isn’t going to be a second date, Fry. We went out. It was horrible. We’re not dating.

BENDER: (pops his head in) Who’s dating?

FRY: Me and Leela!

LEELA: We are not!

BENDER: Finally! It’s about time you two organ sacs woke up and smelled the pheromones.

FRY: I know! Hey, Bender, if I ask Leela to move in with me, is that okay?

LEELA: What??

BENDER: Hmmm… I don’t know… no, I don’t think I want to listen to you meatbags procreating all the time. You go move in with her. Or better yet, don’t anyone move anywhere.

LEELA: Fry, we’re never moving in together because we’re NOT DATING!!

FRY: (ignores her) Well, I’m sure we’ll come up with something when the time comes. I mean, we just had our first date. We don’t want to rush into things. (leans close to Bender and whispers) But just between you and me, Leela had better go shopping for a wedding dress before the end of the month!

Bender is largely not paying attention anymore, and is watching TV.

LEELA: I heard that, you know.

FRY: Oh, no, now the surprise is ruined!

LEELA: Fry. Listen to me. I want you to pay close attention to every word I say, okay?

FRY: Okay.

LEELA: Last night was… awful…

Fry suddenly covers his ears and starts humming loudly.

LEELA: (talking louder) It was the worst date I’ve ever been on. We are not dating! Frankly, you’re lucky we’re still friends!

FRY: (sing-song) I can’t hear you!

LEELA: Fry! I can’t believe you won’t even listen to me!

She stalks out of the room angrily. Fry stops making noise and cautiously lowers his hands.

FRY: Well, that went well. I think I’ll ask her out again for tonight when she comes back.

*The main room*

Leela stomps in angrily. Amy, who is tinkering with some machine on the desk, looks up.

AMY: Leela, what’s wrong?

LEELA: Nothing. (sits down at the desk)

AMY: Okay. (goes back to the machinery)

LEELA: It’s Fry. He’s driving me crazy! We went out on a date last night.

AMY: (gasps) Really? Oh, that’s great, Leela, I’m so happy for you guys!

LEELA: No! It’s not like that! Okay, so we went out, but it was a rotten date. Fry and I are NOT dating. But he thinks we are, and he won’t even listen to me!

AMY: Oh… well, Leela, do you have any idea how long he’s waited for this?

LEELA: About three years?

AMY: Uh, I think so… Anyway, Fry’s been totally in love with you for like, ever. It’s what he’s always wanted… for three years, anyway.

LEELA: I know, and I feel bad about it, but honestly--! He took me to Fishy Joe’s for dinner.

AMY: Eh, I’ve had worse.

LEELA: He made me pay.

AMY: (gasps) Oh, my god!

LEELA: And that’s not even the start of it. Look, I don’t want to talk about that… date. Just tell me how I can get rid of Fry without leaving him a broken mockery of the human condition. And you know, without actually getting rid of him.

Amy stares at her.

LEELA: Just tell me how to break up with him.

AMY: Well, you could ask him out on another date and break up with him then.

LEELA: Won’t that just encourage him?

AMY: Not if you do it right.

*Elzar’s, the next evening*

FRY: This is so exciting! Our second date! Hey, do you wanna move in with me?

LEELA: Uhh, maybe later. I don’t think we’re ready for that.

FRY: Oh. Okay. So, how many dates is it gonna be before we can make out?

LEELA: A lot. Listen, Fry. There’s another reason I asked you out tonight.

FRY: Really?

LEELA: I like you, Fry. You’re really a sweet person, even if you are dumber than some trees. That’s why this is going to be hard for me. On the other hand, remembering our first date just makes it that much easier.

FRY: Uh…huh…

LEELA: Fry, I don’t think we should…

FRY: Wait a second, I almost forgot! There’s something I wanted to say to you.

LEELA: Uhm, make it quick.

FRY: In my whole life, there’s only been one thing I’m sure of, and that’s how I feel about you. You’re beautiful, and smart, and you kick butt, and you don’t run away from me screaming.

LEELA: (under her breath) Not yet, at least… why is he being so nice?

FRY: You’re one of my best friends, but I’ll always see you as more than a friend. Leela, I—

LEELA: No, don’t you dare say it!

FRY: I love you!

LEELA: Stop that! Stop being sweet! I’m trying to break up with you!

FRY: (cont’d) I’ve never loved anyone but you. And now that we’re dating, I can finally show you what that means to me.

Leela covers her ears and starts humming loudly.

FRY: (talking slightly louder) Our relationship will last a really long time! I’ll never look at another woman! I’ll propose whenever you want me to!

LEELA: (sing-song) I can’t hear you!

FRY: (starts yelling) And no matter what we end up going through, I’ll ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!!

Leela stares at him, then bursts into giggles. Fry looks at her confusedly for a little while, then joins her.

FRY: Why are we laughing?

LEELA: Look at us! Some couple we make. We can’t even listen to each other!

FRY: (defensively) We’ll fix that with time!

LEELA: Fry, no. You know we aren’t really dating.

Fry looks downcast.

FRY: But… I really want us to be. And I know we could make it work, if we just—

LEELA: Not this time, Fry.

Fry looks depressed.

FRY: Well, can’t we just pretend we’re dating?

LEELA: No! (pause) How about this: We go back to normal. You and I are friends. Just friends. But maybe, someday, we could try this again. Okay?

FRY: Well, I guess that’s better than you hating me for getting all clingy…

LEELA: I know you meant well, but I just don’t think we’re ready for a relationship together. And tonight proved it.

FRY: Yeah, but… there’s still a chance that maybe… someday?

LEELA: Yeah. Someday.

Fry nods.

FRY: I can live with that.

Opinions, please! I can post song lyrics if anyone wants.

(sarcasm) No, I'm not desparate...

« Reply #1 on: 07-09-2003 21:11 »

False hope is the mother of all torture. It's so... sad. I like it!

« Reply #2 on: 07-09-2003 21:54 »

This was fun, let's do it again sometime. Nice dialogue. Not much more than that though.

Urban Legend
« Reply #3 on: 07-10-2003 09:19 »

Good short story.  If you wrote a, you know, an actual fan fic rather than a short story it'd be good.

Bending Unit
« Reply #4 on: 07-10-2003 09:59 »

that was quite funny, I liked it!

Bending Unit
« Reply #5 on: 07-11-2003 06:55 »

I enjoyed that. By the way, what's a fan fic if that isn't one (I'm not being sarcastic - I really don't know)?

Bending Unit
« Reply #6 on: 07-11-2003 11:30 »

can i animate it in flasH?


« Reply #7 on: 07-11-2003 11:37 »

  :)   ;)   :cool:   :D really nice fanfic! eight tentacles up.

Bending Unit
« Reply #8 on: 07-11-2003 22:02 »

I have this thing where I read things that people wrote and I can hear the voices, like it's on the TV and I'm not looking.

Aside from expecting some sort of flippent "spluh!" from amy during her cameo you've got the way they speak down pat.  It was quite good.  In fact if I may suggest you may want to toy with the idea of splitting that story and putting a longer plot arc in the middle, something involving the whole cast, only to return to the fry/leela problem in the epiloge.

Just an idea

Bending Unit
« Reply #9 on: 07-14-2003 12:21 »

hay Seraya,
please give me an answer!!!


Bending Unit
« Reply #10 on: 07-17-2003 10:40 »

Hey Futurama_Hil, give ME an answer!

Bending Unit
« Reply #11 on: 07-17-2003 14:21 »

i also got no answer,
but i started animating in flash,

i hope she allows me to do that,


« Reply #12 on: 08-01-2003 10:10 »

You can do it! I just haven't been to this site in a while, nor checked my e-mail. But, go ahead!

Urban Legend
« Reply #13 on: 08-01-2003 10:25 »

Bofr@, I would like if someone could help me with flash animation for the tralier for my next fic.  would youlike to help ?

Bending Unit
« Reply #14 on: 09-20-2003 09:00 »

okay, thanx seraya,
and Futurama_Hil,
when there are no new characters i have to draw,
and the story is not to long,
i would like to try it,

thanx Bofr@

Urban Legend
« Reply #15 on: 09-20-2003 09:32 »

If you want to help, email me. Use the address in my profile. Thanks. Currently someone else is helping me, but I need all the help I can get. I'm very helpless!  :)

« Reply #16 on: 09-20-2003 09:40 »

Seraya awesome story!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #17 on: 09-20-2003 09:49 »

Aw, how sad.
1 of the gang

Starship Captain
« Reply #18 on: 09-29-2003 22:55 »

I love the dialoge and the general idea of them but its like slow tourcher seeing her turn him down like that. Over all great story!!!If u actually wrote the rest or it could u send it to me?If u need my e-mail talk to me ...somehow.

Bending Unit
« Reply #19 on: 11-18-2003 14:57 »

perhapps if you haen't noticed
i have put the voices into a flash file http://www.mitglied.lycos.de/demboard/leela.swf
i am only missing bender so if someone could do a decent bender it would be great,
because the i could start animating ;-)

se ya

Bending Unit
« Reply #20 on: 11-18-2003 15:09 »

Originally posted by Yorokobi:
I have this thing where I read things that people wrote and I can hear the voices, like it's on the TV and I'm not looking.
It's called imadgination....or were both insane.
Nice fan fic, i liked it.  :)

Bending Unit
« Reply #21 on: 11-20-2003 06:26 »

what do you think of the sounds???

Bending Unit
« Reply #22 on: 11-22-2003 20:22 »

Has anybody listened the voices???
the may be not that good, but it was hard
to find some people who speak the voices
for me in ENGLISH.
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