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Author Topic: I'll make a picture of you  (Read 17626 times)
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Liquid Emperor
« Reply #240 on: 11-05-2003 05:59 »
« Last Edit on: 11-05-2003 05:59 »

@ davierocks: Of course I'd like to do a futuramsized picture of you.   :) (futuramasized is, for no reason I could remember, my word for "in futurama style"   :D)
Any special wishes? I mean, like: A picture of you and Amy? You and Leela? You and Hookerbot 5000?   ;)
@ Nurdbot: I've already drawn more PCP art   :) It's amazing how easy it is to change a Mao-propaganda-poster into a PCP-poster   :D

Originally posted by Nurdbot:
I like being drawn.
Who does not   :D ?

TotP-Dawn of a new PEEL-dance  :D

« Reply #241 on: 11-05-2003 09:21 »

Hmm. How abouts me and Fry?  ;)

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #242 on: 11-05-2003 14:18 »

I have a request: Check out the PEELcraft Thread and draw Nixoranus getting nugged by Capper The Grey and.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #243 on: 11-06-2003 16:43 »

Originally posted by davierocks:Hmm. How abouts me and Fry?  ;)
Done and ready to be send ...  :D
Originally posted by Nurdbot:
I have a request: Check out the PEELcraft Thread and draw Nixoranus getting nugged by Capper The Grey and.
and ... ?
Whatever, ... I'll have a look and will ses what I can do. Hmm, PEELcraft - like Starcraft? My brother played that game for hours ... years ago.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #244 on: 11-07-2003 00:27 »

Yay! Thanks for your trouble.

« Reply #245 on: 11-07-2003 21:02 »

I can't put the picture on here Daniela, my crappy PC isn't allowing it.  But it was awesome, thanks!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #246 on: 11-14-2003 10:10 »

LL can you do a Futurama pic of me maybe....?
My pic is on Melllvar's PEEL page last I looked....

If you could make it similar to my old Cubert avy (hands on head screaming) that would be cool....if not I'd be happy with anything.... :D

I know you're probbaly busy so no hurry.... :)

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #247 on: 11-14-2003 10:35 »
« Last Edit on: 11-15-2003 23:00 »

@Nurdbot: Can you send me a picture of one of this Starcraft Paladins or whatever? I didn't found a good one at Google.
@Gleno: Hands on head screaming? Can do ... that picture    :) I'll do it when I do find some free minutes    :)

I still need a picture from this Starcraft paladins, since I have no idea how they look like. Please e-mail it to me.
Gleno's picture is done and send.
In other news: I have done a picture of Leela, Amy and Kif in 1980s style (1980s as I remember they 80s: peace deomstrations, cold war, grey skryscrapers, radical feminists, news speaker with big square glasses, etc ... also Party Cola)
The shading work is by talented Paul from FSAC   :)

Bending Unit
« Reply #248 on: 11-16-2003 12:49 »

Hi Daniela,

this picture is awesome. It fits wonderful in this time.


DOOP Secretary
« Reply #249 on: 11-16-2003 13:13 »

That is really cool Daniela  :cool:

Urban Legend
« Reply #250 on: 11-16-2003 13:24 »

Hehe, that's really cool.  :)

Also good job shading Paul.  :D
PCC Fred

Space Pope
« Reply #251 on: 11-16-2003 17:09 »

Fantastic picture Daniela!  :)
The Names Nick

« Reply #252 on: 11-16-2003 17:34 »

That's a great picture TLL. I really like Leela's radical feminist look.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #253 on: 11-16-2003 18:11 »

The pic is brill  :)

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #254 on: 11-16-2003 20:44 »

Thank you all for your nice words.  :)
I love you all  :love:

By the way: NamesNick, have an eye on your mail-box. You'll probably find there a bomb ... ehem ... a picture.  :D Plus: An avatar. I hope you'll like it.

P.S.: Ophah Winfrey for President.
The Names Nick

« Reply #255 on: 11-16-2003 21:32 »

I really like the pictures TLL. I like the avy you made for me, more then the one I am using now. I am going to send Drippy an e-mail asking him to add the avatar picture to my custom. Thanks TLL!   :love: I would draw a picture for you as well, but for me to draw a picture of anything is like committing a crime against humanity.
David A

Space Pope
« Reply #256 on: 11-16-2003 22:43 »

Hey, cool!  Kate Bush!

Nice work, Daniela.  That's a lovely picture.

« Reply #257 on: 11-23-2003 11:05 »

 Just read the Dawn of Peel, I gotta say Lesbian Wanky is one of the hottest cartoon lesbians Ive ever wanked to.
I like the sexual tension between lesbian Wanky and Lesbian Leela like a lesbian timebomb waiting to go off in an explosion of hot lesbian orgasmic action, its the role I was born to play.

Glad to see you have the same lesbian fantasies about me that I have about you, we should hook up in real life, we would be the sexxiest lesbian couple ever.
Anyway good work Daniel keep the hot lesbo action cummin.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #258 on: 11-23-2003 14:12 »

Thanks for the nice words Wanky.  :)

By the way, I just want to mention you have forgotten the "a" at the end of my name. It's "Daniela". Anyway ... my name seems to be difficult for most English-speaking people, so you may use my second name insted of. It's "Laverne".  :)

Originally posted by iliketowankalot:
I gotta say Lesbian Wanky is one of the hottest cartoon lesbians Ive ever wanked to.
Thank you.  :)

the sexual tension between lesbian Wanky and Lesbian Leela like a lesbian timebomb waiting to go off in an explosion
At least someone noticed it  :rolleyes:

Glad to see you have the same lesbian fantasies about me that I have about you, we should hook up in real life, we would be the sexxiest lesbian couple ever.
*looks around and notices that no-one is listening* Will you be at the next PEEL-meeting in Amsterdam?  :rolleyes:  ;)


Some links to art-work:
Wild West Futurama
Leela with Baby  :love:

Bending Unit
« Reply #259 on: 11-23-2003 14:44 »

Hello Daniela,

it's great to find your artwork finally here. I think i can remember when you have started with this work. Wonderful

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #260 on: 11-23-2003 20:01 »

Part 2 of "The Dawn of a new PEEL" goes on ...
Following the wishes of the fans - now with more anarchy and erotic!

Meanwhile, in the PEEL HQ room.
Moderator Juli stands up and goes to the repaired coffee machine. With one hand she longs in one of the pockets at her suite just to look very surprised in the next moment. She searches in all her suit's pockets. "W'eres my wallet, damnit!" She looks angrily at SpiderFry. "Was dat yo'u?"
SpiderFry glares at her. "I don't stole anything and Iv I am not made holostrator soon, I'll join ProvSpelli!"
[maRrrc] laughs slowly and amused. "As if that would change anything."
In that moment two young men do enter the room. The one, wearing regular jeans and a T-shirt, is PC[fred].
The other young man has his long dark hair as a ponytail. He does wear a blue suit.
MailBee looks at him wondering. "Who are you?"
"Cleano, the janitor", he answers with a Scruffy-like slow voice, but he can not hide a slight grin.
"Anyway", [maRrrc] goes on, holding his holostrator stick in the air. "I've send SargeIC to search for a certain poster to be PEEL's general. That's why you are all here right now."
"Is it me?", asks PC[fred] happily.
Slowly the main-door opens and a well known PEELette enters the room. She does wear an army-uniform, but it is obviously that she is not that happy to wear something like that. The blond hair, the smile ... the chocolate-cookie she is holding in one hand: It is her ...
"PEEL", announces [maRrrc], "that is general cookie1!"
Cookie1 looks on gasping people. The PEELette, formerly known as Aleel, smiles in a most friendly way. "Anyone wants a chocolate-cookie?"
Cleano raises his hand, along with PC[fred], MailBee and Juli.
[maRrrc] stands up and takes the chocolate-cookie. "So, I hope I have your full attention now." He takes a bite of the chocolate-cookie. "Hmmm, tasty. Anyway: Cookie1 is our general against ProfessorSpelli's army... She can feel free to recruit everyone."
Both cookie1 and [maRrrc] do leave the room through a grey door with the sign "military conference room" at it.
SpiderFry leaves the room through the main door. He has an angry look on his face.
The other poster can hear him mumbling "... revolution..." before he's gone.

Far away, LesLeeTLL, Wanky and VJV have entered another room of PEEL. Around them is a room full of expensive looking carpeting and red light-bulbs are everywhere at the ceiling.
Some poster (all male) do sit around some tables and read (porn) magazines. On a stage some holographic gogo-girls are dancing along to slow music. Also it's very hot in the room. It's the r-rated room.
On another stage ProfessorLightning (looking good in his tuxedo) is singing dirty songs. As he notices the three PEELettes he shrugs. "Hey, I did lost a bet so I have to do this." He has a sour look on his face.
LesLeeTLL shakes her head. "Wrong room, ladies..." she is about to say as Wanky storms into the room.
She looks back the VJV and LesLee. "Hey, since we are already here we could ... I mean ... evacuate the room, yes. That's ...", she blushes, "... what I wanted to say."
The PEELer in the room look up from their magazines.
"Everyone ... you better should leave this room now and ..." begins VJV to explain.
Silence is following her words. LesLee whispers to her. "Try to tell it careful to them."
VJV goes in the middle of the room and yells. "PEEL is about to crash! Run for your life!" While the PEELer run out of the room screaming, VJV smiles. She looks back at LesLee. "Was that careless enough?"
"Careless ... careful ... anyway, it did work", says the German Lesbian diplomatically.
"Anyway", interrupts Wanky the two. "We should also warn the people in those rooms there." She points at some pink doors. Behind them are rooms where PEELer and PEELettes can 'meet' from some ... ehem ... 'intimate hours'.
Wanky and LesLee are going to the first door. With the administrating-codes they have got from the ban-stick guards, they can easily open the door. Meanwhile VJV is opening another room.
As Wanky and LesLee do enter the room they find a couple there. After a few words they take their clothes and leave the room.
Now alone in the room Wanky lays her arms around LesLee's shoulders. With a warm voice she whispers "Now, since we are already here we could also ..."
LesLee blushes and tries a fake grin. She fails. "You know what you ... we're doing ..."
"Yesss...", is the only answer.
Meanwhile in LesLee's brain her logical mind yells "We have to save PEEL!".
The libida (that's the female libido, d'uh!) answers "Look at those shoulders ... they are covered with things that could be muscles."
Rational Mind.: "We have a mission!"
Libida: "Isn't it hot here?"
Rational Mind: "We have no time to lose!"
Libida: "And look at this ..."
In that moment LesLee can save herself from her inner dispute. She looks up, just to realize that her skin-thight suit is ... It is where? ... and Wanky, standing thight next to her,  is about to ...
In that moment VelourJesseVoices enters the room. She blushes in the same moment.
Wanky whispers in LesLee's ear. "Let's just wait ... Soon enough we'll have another chance."
Rational Mind: "Arghhh!"
Libida: "Yeah!"
VJV acts as if she is not interested but with a slight look she watches as the two other women dress up again. "Now we can go along with our mission, right?" She tries to smile, but it looks more like a grin.
"Of course we can", says Wanky with her warm and deep voice. She winks at LesLee. The German Lesbian blushes and tries again a fake grin.

Meanwhile ... in the HQ room of the new PCP (official "The Golden Nixon", TweeK's pub).
Nervously TweeK is looking at the PCP meeting in his pub. He looks under the bar and feels good as he can see that there his DOOM-stick TM, the legendary one ....!
There was just once made one single DOOM stick TM (which looks like a light-saber) and TweeK owns it.
'Honestly', he thinks to himself, 'there were made two, but the other one got lost'.
He stands up and looks again to the PCP meeting.
!teh one! concludes his (grammar free) speech. " ... and zo we couhld win tat patr of PEEL."
The party members, 10 regular poster and several n00bs do nod in agreement.
"Everyone does agee with te party programmm?" asks !teh one!.
Again all party member do nod.
In that moment !teh one! raises his arm and to everyone's surprise there is something in his hand that could not be there. A DOOM-stick! Its lightsaber is as black as the space with a blood-red shine on it.
!teh one! goes to TweeK. He speaks in a deep and rough voice. "So we meet again, old man."
In the background, MadCapCap shakes his dragon-avatar-head. "Please not a movie parody."
TweeK takes his DOOM-stick. This lightsaber now is from a bright color, just as the sun at the sky.
Both men do look at each other and then ... the fight begins.
They jump as fast as light through the room, always trying to hit the other without being injured while doing that. So, the fight goes on and on till suddenly a bright green light surrounds TweeK.
From one moment to the other he disappears.
Some time later he wakes up in a cold cellar. He sits on the ground along with several other PEELer and PEELettes. Then he can hear a well known voice. ProfessorSpelli! "Mwhahahaha! Another hostage! And this time the machine worked and brought me ... TweeK! My master will be happy about that!"
TweeK is about to ask after 'the master' as a dark cloud does appear in the room.
An ice-cold voice begins to speak. "Very well done, Spelli. You will get that super-radiation-telescope next week." The shadow makes a pause. "And for you, my little hostages, I have a special use ..."
The shadow laughs. Slowly the shadow effect disappears and a person appears instead of: It's ... Mom! Mom, owner of Mom's Friendly Robot Company!

VelourJesseVoices turns on a small radio. Meanwhile she, Wanky and LesLeeTLL have entered another room: a communication central.
"Here speak Radio PEEL! My fellow PEELicans, in this hour of doom, I - your holostrator - will speak to you directly. Directly to everyone of you! Exactly 4 minutes ago I got a instant-letter that SpiderFry and several n00bs have joined the separatist army of ProfessorSpelli. More and more rooms are under their control. And, to be honestly, that is not all: Only a few of you know it already, but PEEL is in great danger. I please you to not fall in panic soon. Army groups of general cookie1 will look for your security. Just enter a save room with the PEEL-sign."
[maRrrc]'s voice in the Radio makes a pause. "Anyway. That terrible danger mentioned above is that the center of PEEL starts to emit radiation and is about to collapse. Now, only three poster can enter the area around the center. Only those three PEELettes are able to save PEEL. God save you, God save you all!"
The three women go along and enter the next room. Here everything is destroyed. The ground is covered by thin ash and the air is full of ash too.
This room was destroyed by soldiers.
Coughing, the three PEELettes leave the room fast and enter another one.
This time it turns even worse.
All three do fall in an long and dark tunnel. Wanky can hear the other two screaming loud. Also a third voice who's also screaming loud. She needs a while to realize that it is herself who is screaming in panic.
Moments later the tunnel is gone and all three do awake on an endless soft and reddish ground. Everywhere around them is reddish 'ground', like in the inner side of a ball. Just a gloom of red light is in the 'air'.
The three women are on the inner side of a ball and directly in the middle of it is hovering a silver door. Several feet high above the women.
Without thinking about it, VJV jumps and hovers automatically to the door. Wanky and LesLee do follow her on the same way.
"Wow, look at all this!" VJV gasps. "Form this perspective it looks like a gigantic ..."
All three women shake their heads. "... like a gigantic ..." tries VJV again.
Wanky looks at her nervously. "What?"
Finally VJV can say what she's about to say. "It looks like a gigantic uterus!"
All three, hovering around the silver door, do gasp.
In that moment a small white ball hovers to the place were they are. It is much faster then the three PEELettes and after a few moments they all sit on the ''surface'' of that white ball. "If that room is symbolic an uterus, then this may be the symbolic projection of an ..." begins LesLee to say as she notices that she sinks into the white ball. Same with Wanky and VJV.
Then all three do 'fall' into the empty room in the white ball and ... and ... and ...
LesLee tries to open her eyes and fails.
She feels like a nothing. Slowly she gets back the feeling to have an own body. She feels a heartbeat.
She feels a very clumsy body. Then she feels arms and legs.
She feels that her hands are big and clumsy as well as her feet. Next to her she feels the clumsy hands and feet of two other beings.
Slowly she feels less clumsy. Then she can open her eyes. She can see two ... two beings: a little clumsy feet and hands, small body and big heads. All around them is dark red gloom. Everything is warm and tender and soft.
Very fast all three are growing. All three ...
Then she notices that some power is moving her to a soft wall. A tunnel ... pain ... light and she awakes in the real world. Around her everything is metallic silver and bright light is shining from the ceiling.
She lays next to a silver door. She looks at her body. A grown up woman. Next she notices that her suit is gone.
Carefully she looks around herself and does find the dark-blue and very tight suite.
While she is dressing up, she notices Wanky and VJV next to her. Both are also busy with dressing up.
Then they all look at each other.
Wanky: "We ..."
LesLee: "... were ..."
VJV: " ... born."
They all walk slowly through the room: The PEEL center?
In that moment VJV notices a small radio in the room.
"Look here", she turns it on.
The women can hear [maRrrc]'s voice again. "... and we will survive and PEEL will survive! My fellow PEELicans, this is not the end and ..." In this moments his speech is interrupted by Russian march-music.
A well known robotic voice starts to speak. It's !teh one!. "Comrades! Party members! Soldiers! Poster! The day has come were the voice of the people is speaking again!" A pause follows.
Wanky looks surprised to LesLee. "Uhm, sugar ... since when has Mr. Commie-robot a that good grammar?"
LesLee shrugs.
VJV shakes her head. "Since when are you Wanky's "sugar"?"
The radio speech goes on. "Today we have stormed the HQ of the old PEEL and just a few people could escape. Now, the people rule over PEEL! All power to the poster! ... Also I'd like to thank Zed3k for writing that nice speech! ... hmmm ... End of message!"

Some rooms away SlimmyAtack (still with dark ban-guard mask), Juli and MailBee are running along a long hallway. They run into a navigation-room. Here are some internet-ships parked. As they enter the room they can see a person standing in the room, obviously confused. It's Fry!

Meanwhile in the PEEL center.
"So, again ... since when is LesLee your "sugar" or sugar-babe, Wanky?"
Wanky, working at some computer-like machines, looks up angrily. "Ask sugar", she says and goes on working at the machines.
"Well, since she called me "sugar", that's when", LesLee whispers to VJV. "I guess we should accept that for now. I mean Wanky is the only one who can repair that machines there and so we should let her call everyone ... how ever she likes."

In LesLee's brain ... Libida: "Isn't it hot here again ... Also she promissed we get a second chance to do ..." Rational Mind. "Hmrrr, nerving something you. We have to fight for thousands of lives here. Got it?"
In Wanky's brain... Libida: "What a hot girl!" Libida 2: "What a hot girl!" Libida 3: "What a hot girl!" Rational mind: "She is fascinated about your computer-knowledge. Go on working at those machines and you will impress that girl."
In VJV's brain ... Libida: "Where might be sprite'n'cola? That guy's sooo hot! Rational mind: "Uhm, wasn't there a blue flash behind us?"

Wanky is trying again and again to restart the systems, but always the word "Error" does appear on the screens. LesLessTLL is standing next to her, holding one of the reparation-tools. She feels a little too passive and hums a melody.
Suddenly VelourJesseVoices shakes Wanky at her shoulders.
Wanky looks up angrily. "What ... is it this time?!"
Unable to say a word, VJV just points at a wall of the room. As LesLee and Wanky do look in this direction, they do see what scared VJV that much: A person does enter the room through a shiny blue door. That is not the fascinating part of this, but the identity of the person!
All three PEELettes do know that they are the only three poster who can survive in the damaged PEEL center. The other person, who is standing in the middle of the room now, couldn't be there, but is!
It's a robot. A robot from meatllic color and from the type 'bending unit'. It is obviously that it can't be a poster from PEEL.
"Dear goddess!" LesLee gasps. "That is ... that is the real Bender!"
"Yeah, meatbags ... but who are you?", asks Bender.
To be continued ...

In the next part:
Where are cookie1 and [maRrrc]? What is Mom planing to do with her hostages? Can Wanky, LesLee and VJV save the PEEL center? Why does ProfSpelli need a super-radiation-telescope? What's happening with our universe and why are there suddenly Futurama characters everywhere?
Be aware for ... Part 3!
1 of the gang

Starship Captain
« Reply #261 on: 11-23-2003 20:24 »

TheLesbianLeela, I love your art!Tis great!I really like your 80's style characters above. And I hate to ask people for favors but could you do me a huge favor and please do an 80's style Fry? That'd make my day!
*Thank You!!*

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #262 on: 11-23-2003 20:43 »

Originally posted by 1 of the gang:TheLesbianLeela, I love your art!Tis great!
Thank you  :love:
By the way: Like everyone else, you can call me Daniela. (you know, like my nickname at TSE).
could you do me a huge favor and please do an 80's style Fry? That'd make my day!
*Thank You!!*
You're welcome.
I'm thinking since weeks about a good idea for an 80s-Fry. I'll try what I can do ...  :)
1 of the gang

Starship Captain
« Reply #263 on: 11-23-2003 22:56 »

Originally posted by TheLesbianLeela:
Originally posted by 1 of the gang:TheLesbianLeela, I love your art!Tis great!
Thank you   :love:
By the way: Like everyone else, you can call me Daniela. (you know, like my nickname at TSE).
could you do me a huge favor and please do an 80's style Fry? That'd make my day!
*Thank You!!*
You're welcome.
I'm thinking since weeks about a good idea for an 80s-Fry. I'll try what I can do ...   :)

Sorry Daniela.
I didn't know.
But once again thank you!
  :D   :D   :D

Urban Legend
« Reply #264 on: 11-24-2003 10:52 »

Heh, Dawn Of A New PEEL is really good. I'm looking forwar dto the next part.  :D

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #265 on: 11-26-2003 14:16 »


I love it. Apart from having to scroll, it was perfect. And you mean Warcraft Paladin. Here's a Image for the thread and I'll E-Mail you it.

One of these days I'll complete PEELcraft. Also: Zed85 deserves a lot of thanks for being the work horse for The PCP.


Liquid Emperor
« Reply #266 on: 12-01-2003 05:10 »

@ 1 of the gang: "1980s Fry" is drawn and ready to be colored.
@ Nurdbot: Aha, Warcraft, not Starcraft.
Okay, that'll be the next art-work after "1980s Fry".

Originally posted by Nurdbot:
Also: Zed85 deserves a lot of thanks for being the work horse for The PCP.
Yes. Therefore ...
Originally from The Dawn of a New PEEL:The radio speech goes on. "Today we have stormed the HQ of the old PEEL and just a few people could escape. Now, the people rule over PEEL! All power to the poster! ... Also I'd like to thank Zed3k for writing that nice speech! ... hmmm ... End of message!"

« Reply #267 on: 12-03-2003 12:00 »
« Last Edit on: 12-03-2003 12:00 »

Anyone wanna make a Futuramaized picture of me?  Please?       :D

just take out the http://  to view the pictures!

I know there are brunette pictures, but can you make one of me with Blonde hair?  ty!!!

Rectum Favourist
Urban Legend
« Reply #268 on: 12-03-2003 12:49 »

Welcome to PEEL, BU22! Hope you enjoy it here. Order our butler Jeremy around, it's fun.

I think that Daniela (TheLesbianLeela) would be more than happy to make a Futuramaized pic of you (as long as you present yourself as a strong feministic warrior  ;)) and she does excellent work. Case in point:


Oh, Daniela, I love your 80s pics. Are there any more forthcoming?

« Reply #269 on: 12-03-2003 13:00 »

thanks for the welcome sam!  Your pic is cool!

Should I email Daniela and ask her or do you think she will eventually read this?

Rectum Favourist
Urban Legend
« Reply #270 on: 12-03-2003 13:03 »

It's her own thread, so she'll get to it in her own time.

Which is German time.

« Reply #271 on: 12-03-2003 13:05 »

Lee Roberts

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #272 on: 12-03-2003 14:41 »

Sorry about this TLL, but I too have done a scan of myself...

Space Pope
« Reply #273 on: 12-03-2003 15:23 »

Originally posted by BendingUnit22:
Anyone wanna make a Futuramaized picture of me?  Please?        :D

just take out the http://  to view the pictures!

I know there are brunette pictures, but can you make one of me with Blonde hair?  ty!!!

soon all male PEELers will be all over you...

Rectum Favourist
Urban Legend
« Reply #274 on: 12-03-2003 15:26 »

"All" is a bit of an exaggeration, Margie, as some male PEELers are taken.

For example, I hear that Wanky's quite taken with his right hand...

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #275 on: 12-03-2003 16:01 »

There's a new hot PEELette?

Out out my way!

Daniela: Please hurry up with the next part!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #276 on: 12-04-2003 13:26 »
« Last Edit on: 12-04-2003 23:00 »

For unknown reasosn I do get error #500 messages all the time.   :hmpf:
All pictures will be done soon.   :)
PEEL/Futurama fan-story part 3 tomorrow.   :cool:

Part 3:

Mom laughs in a very sarcastic way. "You, my little hostages ... you will be from very great us for me ... in my army of super-mutated radioactive assassin-zombies! Mwahahahaha! Anyway, I have to look for my company in the other universe. I'll be back soon."
Both, ProfessorSpelli and Mom do leave the cold cellar.
The PEELer and PEELettes are now very confused.
MellyIshtar: "Other universe?!"
MurderFox: "Radioactive assassin-zombies?!"
TweeK thinks about his situation. Again and again his thoughts are interrupted by the confused poster around him.
"Would you please be silent!", TweeK yells. "I'm trying to think!"
The poster do stop talking and look curiously at him.
"Wait...", TweeK mumbles. "Wait! Go on with talking, but this time talk nonsense. Chat and spam like you never did before!"
VelouRfrog shakes her head. "You know what you are doing TweeK?"
"Indeed I do", he answers. "Remember the Mod-Maniac program?", he whispers to her.
The woman turns pale. "Not ... that program ..."
Meanwhile the poster are going on with talking spam and chat-talk. They are talking about sexuality, cars, hamburger and what ever else. They are speaking in chat-language.
They don't notice what is happening to TweeK. Deep inside his holographic appearance a program yells for punishing the spammers, but TweeK is bond and unable to move his arms and legs. Therefore the program initiates "Mod-Maniac".
A red light fills the whole room. Slowly TweeK stands up. An mysterious fire is burning in his eyes. The metallic chains fall from his arms and legs. He raises his arms and yells wildly and loud "I have the Moderating-Power!"
MellyIshtar shakes her head and looks to HelpyTeral. "Cheap H-Man copy."
"I agree, my queen", he answers.
While they are talking, TweeK rips his jacket and shirt to pieces. Screams of female delight fill the room as the PEELettes can see TweeK's muscle-covered body.
"I'll be back soon to safe you, but now I have a fight to complete." He looks very aggressive now. "!teh one!, I'll find you and then ..."
With unbelievable power TweeK runs through a wall of the cellar.
VelouRfrog looks to MellyIshtar. "That was maybe a cheap movie-copy, but at least one which is good on the eyes."

Meanwhile Juli, MailBee and SlimmyAtack are in the hangar-room, starring at another person: Fry!
All four are unable to say a word, as suddenly the room's door falls on the ground.
Through the open entrance 20 n00bs in communistic uniforms storm into the room.
Moments later, a gigantic dragon, obviously MadCapCap, is flying into the room.
SlimmyAtack looks at the army, then at his ban-stick and then at his "army": one moderator, a beauty queen and ... a Futurama character.
"People, I'm smart enough to know when I'm beat and that's now ..." SlimmyAtack never wanted to say this words, but now he has to.
"Bud commandah, we ... we ... ah, nver mind." Juli looks sad to the ground.
Meanwhile communistic soldiers have surrounded them and do force the four to follow them.
Very confused looking Fry goes along MailBee and Juli. "Who are you ... and what are those army-people here? ... and where am I?"
"You are at a holographic internet-message board and those army-people are a communistic revolution here", MailBee answers him.
"Uh ... my father always warned me that once the commies will start a revolution and ... Anyway, what's your name? I'm Fry."
"I'm MailBee", she smiles and looks directly at Fry.
"For the case that ... whatever, can I have your phone-number?", Fry asks hopefully.
"Quiet, you all!", yells a well known voice through the room.
Meanwhile the soldiers and their hostages have entered the PEEL HQ.
!teh one! is standing near to the table that was once [maRrrc]'s.
He goes to Fry. "Hmmm, yo ar noht a n0rmal posta. You are ... real! ... Guards! Do ve hawe a pris0n?"
"We don't have one", answers a n00b.
"Ten ... the ktschen room is te neew prison", !teh one! yells at the n00b.

Moments later TweeK have reached ProfSpelli's laboratory. ProfSpelli and SamuelYGold are sitting on a pink couch, watching TV.
TweeK storms into the room. "Where is my DOOM-stick TM! Tell me Spelli, or else I'll ..." He jumps through the room to the couch. He begins to rip the pink couch in pieces.
SamuelYGold stands up. He looks at TweeK's muscle-covered body and smiles. Then he notices the destroyed couch and falls on the ground, knocked out by the shock.
TweeK holds ProfessorSpelli at his lab-coat a feet above the ground. "Where ..."
"In ... on the table there." ProfSpelli points at a nearby table. "Anyway, TweeK, you can not do anything at all anymore. The end of PEEL is just a question of days now. Not even two weeks from now ... all will end."
TweeK let ProfSpelli fall on the ground and goes to the table where he takes his DOOM-stick TM. He opens a board and takes a suite-in-a-can from there. While he is about to replace his ripped jacket and shirt, ProfSpelli stands up and laughs.
"You ever wondered what was behind the internet-revolution a few years ago? You ever thought about why every person on this planet has a permanent internet-connection now?"
TweeK shakes his head. "Everyone you say?"
"Yesss", answers the scientist. "Look!" He takes a flashlight and turns it on. Green light is emitted by it. ProfSpelli holds it at SamuelYGold who is about to wakeup right now. For a moment TweeK can see a red light at SamuelYGold's head.
Now ProfSpelli holds the flashlight at his head and again TweeK can see a small red light for a moment.
"That, what the Spelli-Ray-Flashlight ... my invention ... shows you, is a chip every person has in his or her head. Thanks to that chip the whole population of Earth is now trapped in the internet!"
SamuelYGold stands up and ProfSpelli whispers something to him.
He goes to a keyboard on a table and uses it.
Moments later a holographic picture appears in the room. It does show a pulsating star in a colorful galactic nebula.
"This, moderator, is a very rare species of star. A Hyper-Nova! Well, it's not exploded yet, but soon the star will collapse and then ... with the power of billions of stars ..." ProfSpelli laughs nervously.
The star on the holographic picture explodes. Now the picture shows how a shock-wave rolls through the whole galaxy. As it reaches Earth, our planet seems to burn for a second.
Then a cold, dark and lifeless Earth is left in a life-less galaxy.
"That was a simulation of course", explains ProfSpelli. "Now the plan of Mom and me is to ..."
He is interrupted by a person storming into the room.

Meanwhile near the PEEL HQ.
A man and a woman. Both are well armed and ... alone.
Slowly and silent they crawl through a dark and long tunnel.
They two poster are cookie1 and [maRrrc].
The General and the Holostrator. The two last soldiers of the once so great PEEL-army.
They were not prepared for a communistic revolution and their army was forced to join the revolution.
They are maybe the last free poster.
We are maybe the last free poster, thinks cookie1.
"You know ... We are maybe the last free poster", whispers [maRrrc] to her.
"Quit saying my thoughts", she mumbles angrily.
A few crawled moments later they enter a small room, just with an old light-bulb at the ceiling.
In the few light they can see a person sitting in a corner of the room.
It's a PEELer. His shirt is torn and his jeans are covered with dust and dirt.
It's [PC]fred.
"Good to see you, Fred", says cookie1. She hugs the PEELer and then she takes a chocolate cookie from one of the pockets of her uniform.
"Awww, that so nice from you." [PC]fred takes the cookie carefully. Then he eats it.
cookie1 smiles. "Very well, Fred. As you will notice now, that cookie was ... a recruiting-file."
[PC]fred notices how his old clothes change to a uniform. Now he is also wearing a first-aid-bag on his back.
cookie1 explains. "You are now an officer of our army ..."
[PC]fred smiles happily.
"... and the "nurse" ..."
[PC]fred smiles even more.
" ... and my personal assistant."
[PC]fred has now a from-ear-to-ear smile on his face.

SpiderFry storms into ProfSpelli's laboratory. "The commies! The commies!"
"What?!", yells ProfSpelli angrily at him. "What's with the hundred of n00bs in my army you are commanding."
SpiderFry shakes his head. "Avter the red robot promised tzem all vree porn, they all joined the revolution."
ProfSpelli uses a big red button. "Hah, who needs an army when you have a big-ass automatic-defense-system. Laser-guns, bombs, ..."
TweeK runs to the main door of the room. "I have a fight to complete", he says and then he disappears in a blue light.

Meanwhile in the PEEL center.
LesLeeTLL, VelourJesseVoices and Wanky are looking very confused at the fourth person in the room. It's Bender.
"Hey, don't stare at me, meatbags!"
"Queen Wankalot", "LesLee Daniela" and "VJV Magarethe" the PEELettes introduce themselve.
Wanky looks wondering at VJV. "Magarethe? You never said that this is your real name."
"Well", VJV blushes. "Honestly: I have not two biological mothers, but three..."
"Boooring", comments Bender. "As well as you are too ... if you don't have any money, booze or porn."
He is about to leave the room, but the blue door is disappeared.
"Bender", LesLee looks directly at the robot, "we need your help. This whole ... world is going to collapse soon when we don't get it to repair this machines here!"
"And ... ", asks Bender bored.
"That includes the R-rated room with all its porn, money and hooker-bots!", the PEELette yells at him.
Bender shakes his head. "Why didn't you said that earlier", he says and goes to the computer-like machines.
Moments later Wanky and Bender are busy with repairing the machines.

Meanwhile, near the walls of ProfSpelli's laboratory.
The communistic army could not storm the laboratory in the first try but surrounded it.
!teh one! is sitting in the generals tent and is explaining Zed3k his plans as a blue light hovers through the room.
An arm appears in the light takes the red robot. "You are back Tweee..." he starts to say as he disappears along with the arm and the light.
Now alone in the tent Zed3k takes the plans. He reads them.
He leaves the tent and commands some officers to increase the bombardment at the laboratory.

Blue-green light everywhere. Here and there the doors of some rooms and silver data-file-rivers everywhere between them.
It's the mysterious "room" between the web-rooms: The internet!
Both, !teh one! and TweeK are hovering in the strange ocean. They look angrily at each other. Both do raise their DOOM-sticks TM.
"I knew we will meet gain, old Mod", says !teh one! laughing.
"You foolish, you ...", TweeK yells at him. "Soon an hyper-nova will destroy all life on Earth and ProfSpelli is about to find a way to save humanity, but you are just interested in your revolution!"
"Nice try, TweeKer, but ... you failed. A funny story, you told me there, but not real. Anyhow, you can not stop my mission to free the poster of PEEL!"
With his mental power he takes a test-thread-room and throws it at TweeK.
With a fast jump TweeK can escape the room.
He runs to his enemy. Both turn on their  DOOM-sticks and two light-sabers light up.
Both try to reach each-other, but always the light-saber of the other one is fast enough to stop the attack.
The bright sparkles of the light-sabers fills the area around the two poster.

Meanwhile in the PEEL center.
Bender looks up from the machines. "There ... this world shouldn't collapse anymore. Me and Queen Wankalot here have saved the day. So, what did we won, money?"
VJV cheers. "So we can go offline again?" She smiles, bright sparkles appear around her and disappear again. "Ahya! The log-out still does not work!", she yells.
"Yes, honestly we could not repair that. It seems as if it's not the PEEL center this time." Wanky shakes her head. "After all PEEL is not collapsing anymore, so we are more or less save for now."
In that moment blue lights hover fast through the room. First VJV disappears in one blue lights, then Bender too.
Wanky jumps to LesLee and hugs her tight. "Sweetie, what are those lights!", she asks scared.
"I am not ..." starts LesLee to say as a blue light touches her and Wanky.
Moments later they have leave the PEEL center and fall through a long and blue shining energy-tunnel.
Both women scream as the feel a small pain in their heads. Seconds later everything is okay again.
Wanky still hugs LesLee. "Since this could be the last moments of our lifes we may do something very nice together..." Wanky speaks with a very seductive voice.
LesLee tries a fake grin. "Uhm, yes ... a ... a game. What about chess?"
Wanky laughs amused. "Okay, I'll be the black queen and you'll be the white queen." She laughs again. "Erotic chess ..." she whispers, while she is about to undress.
LesLee just hopes that their fall in the energy-tunnel might be over soon.

[maRrrc], [PC]fred and cookie1 are running along the great main hall way of PEEL. After some moments they do storm into the PEEL HQ ... just to run into an empty room.
In that moment a blue light flashes up for a moment. Along with the flashlight, TweeK does appear in the room.
"Yes!", cheers [PC]fred. "Now we are four."
TweeK shakes his head. "Again I had to interrupt the fight with !teh one! ..."
"Is it just me", asks cookie1 wondering, "or are the room's walls about to turn transparent?"
All four poster are looking shocked at the walls and see that cookie1 was right: the walls are about to disappear!

Far way and in the same way very near to all the events:
Leela is sitting at the big table in the meeting-room of the Planet Express building. Bored she is reading in today's Space News.
Suddenly a shining blue light does appear near to the table. Leela stands up, surprised, and looks at the light.
To be continued ...

In the next part:
What is Wanky about to do with LesLee? What is the meaning of the blue lights? What is ProfSpelli's secret plan? What will happen to the hostages of Mom? Where are !teh one! and Bender? Where ...is PEEL?
Be aware for ... Part 4!

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Sexxy stuff LL, you deserve a peelie for this under the best Lesbo erotic fiction writer category.
 The  Erotic lesbo chess is a good idea, I wouldn’t mind forking your bishops, anyway good work keep it cummin

Urban Legend
« Reply #278 on: 12-22-2003 12:23 »

Heh heh, more great stuff- one of the few PEEL stories I actually enjoy/ enjoyed reading  ;)

Liquid Emperor
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Soon you can enjoy here some new art by me.
A very drunken Amy :P (for the Amyholics: also available as wallpaper and signatur!) ...
Leela in a wonderful place with mountains, trees, etc ... with a background made with chalk!   :love:
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