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Author Topic: I'll make a picture of you  (Read 25781 times)
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Liquid Emperor
« Reply #200 on: 02-05-2003 10:05 »
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PCC Fred

Space Pope
« Reply #201 on: 02-05-2003 13:33 »

Classic, absolutely classic.  :evillaugh:

Urban Legend
« Reply #202 on: 02-11-2003 14:02 »

This is a picture of me as a Jedi Knight, although I forgot they had hoods on their cloaks  :D


Urban Legend
« Reply #203 on: 02-12-2003 14:10 »

Excellent artwork as always Imp  :D
Its fantastic, definately 2 thumbs up  :)

Urban Legend
« Reply #204 on: 02-12-2003 15:33 »

Jedi's are cool  :cool: that pic is also cool :cool:  ;)

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #205 on: 07-21-2003 09:19 »

Originally posted by Nurdbot:
Do the PEEL Comics!!!..do the PEEL comics!!
TLL PEEL comic 1 is  ready to be posted here today/tomorrow.  :)

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #206 on: 07-21-2003 16:00 »

If it's good, I wanna have your babies.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #207 on: 07-23-2003 18:00 »

My first PEEL comic ever!
Enjoy  :)


DOOP Secretary
« Reply #208 on: 07-23-2003 18:28 »

That Pretty cool

Space Pope
« Reply #209 on: 07-23-2003 18:32 »

nice comic  :)

Delivery Boy
« Reply #210 on: 07-25-2003 09:35 »

I just have to show my self!!!  :)
TheLesbianLeela has really made a great work!

Me I.R.L

Me in Futurama Style!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #211 on: 07-25-2003 09:37 »
« Last Edit on: 07-25-2003 09:37 »

Thank you that you like my first PEEL comic/artwork.   :)
Comic #2 will hopefully follow next week. I think so. I have already an idea about the story.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #212 on: 07-25-2003 10:19 »

That was cool Daniela  :cool:

Glad I get to star  :D

Rectum Favourist
Urban Legend
« Reply #213 on: 07-25-2003 11:01 »

That's a very cool comic Daniela, love how you did Nurdy!
Bobby King

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #214 on: 07-25-2003 11:07 »

that comic rocks

Bending Unit
« Reply #215 on: 07-25-2003 13:01 »

Hello Daniela

Well, you understand yourself very well in the tradtition of the other Futurama comics. Your Work is great, even if Nurdbot looks like Bender.



Liquid Emperor
« Reply #216 on: 08-12-2003 15:59 »

TLL PEEL comcis #2 will follow after the heat wave  :)
Please be patient  :)
Vintage Dave

Bending Unit
« Reply #217 on: 08-12-2003 19:18 »

#1 was wonderful, Daniela.  What a sly sense of humor you have.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #218 on: 10-15-2003 09:50 »

TheLesbianLeela: I've finished part 1 of a PEEL-parody
Tweek: yes?
TheLesbianLeela: you are there too
Tweek: oh, ok, you know they are banned now? :P
TheLesbianLeela: nope  :cry:
The LesbianLeela: and ... what about my fan-art thread?
The LesbianLeela: it's a fan-art, so ... why not?
Tweek: I guess so  :)

And now: Part 1 ...

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #219 on: 10-15-2003 09:53 »

(multiple post because part 1 has much text. please excuse my grammar/spelling errors)

The Dawn of a new PEEL
A holographic message board in 2017!
by: TheLesbianLeela (Daniela Schad)


Welcome to the world of 2017.
A technological, sociological and environmental revolution with never-before thought power has changed our world, since 2007.
The whole world is connected with the whw3-net, which also did replace the old www-net. The new internet, the holonet, is basing on 2D and 3D techniques: Old fashioned websites, shown on screens, but more and more holographic web-rooms. Message-boards turned into real-life-like chat-rooms.
Computers are cheap and easy to use. The holonet does not cost anything and is available for everyone.
New inventions were made also in other areas of science. New ideas in the biological science made everything possible, from "letting plants grow on sand" to "children who have three genetically parents".
Welcome to the new world!

Part 1:

Somewhere in Great Britain. Somewhere, at a holonet-connector in a small room.
Now, you're prepared to enter another world!
The address whw3.peelieholo.org is entered. Connection is ready.
You laugh. They will not be prepared for you. "Teh revoluti0n is neer!"
You check again your Siemona-X100-Holo-Glasses, the suite and now ... you are ready to push the big yellow button ... wait! ... not that one! That one is to restart the computer. Also not the big red button. That's the one for a nuclear strike ... in online-games. Yes! The green button, d'uh!
The room around you, as you can see it through the glasses, slowly disappears behind light blue fog. A small flashlight shocks your eyes, before you appear in a long hallway with several doors. You can hear the Futurama theme playing a few seconds, just to welcome you. A great and colorful sign at a wall near to you shows you, that you've found your goal: Planet Express Employee Lounge Holo-Version 2.09 ...

A grayish shadow appears in the great hallway of PEEL. It looks around itself and finally finds its way to the registration-room. There, a warm and nice sounding voice welcomes the shadowy being. "Welcome back to PEEL. You were registered as Nurdbot in the 2D PEEL. Would you like to change your name?" Nurdbot has to think for a few moments. "I'll be ... !teh one!"
A small screen shows his new name. He has to grin as he notices the spelling errors, but he don't worry. Spelling errors made him popular once and popularity is all he can need now.
As he leaves the room, laughing, his shadowy look-a-like changes. Now he looks like a red robot, a Bending-unit to be precise, wearing an old looking Russian army uniform and a general's hat.
He laughs again and with joy. Then he notices the young woman standing in the hall. She looks like around 20, but that is not from importance, since it is just her holographic appearance. She does wear dark blue and tight jeans and a light pink modern top.
!teh one! does not know who the young woman with red-golden hair and dozens of freckles on her face is, but she does look familiar to him. "I ahm bak after some yeers ... back at PEEL, but I nevr saw you bef0r. Woh ahre yo?"
"I'm VelourJesseVoices. I've picked the nicknames of my parents and put them together. If you was here once years ago, you may have met them." She strokes through her long hair, giggling.
As !teh one! realizes, who that PEELette is, he shows a small grin on his face. "Yeh, I knew tem. And, hey, why not join mee drinking ah cofeee. Ten I cold tell yo about old PEEL and a fantastc thing calld PCP."
VJV smiles happily. "Oh, clool! That would be great. Come, I'll show you the way to the pub "The Golden Nixon".
Both do leave the hallway through a door. One of more than 100 doors to holographic rooms.

Another room: Some room-plants and a glass wall, with an open door to a friendly garden, do make the conference room of PEEL a nice looking place.
A refrigerator and a coffee machine are around a big, old and wooden desk. On one side of the desk is a red telephone. Next to the telephone [maRrrc], the holostrator of PEEL is sitting on a great and dark leather-chair. His face, in its holographic appearance, is covered with robotic machines, as well as his arms and hands. He does wear a PEEL-F-Shirt - with one extra arm at the shirt for his laser-pointer-arm - and dark jeans. He looks on some notepads, reading.
Then he looks up and to a box next to him. He knows that the box contains some glowing noses, collector items, basing on a Farnsworth-invention. [maRrrc] is a great glowing noses-collector. He actually does wear a classical light green one.
Near to him some PEELer and PEELettes are sitting around a long table with a holographic PEEL-sign in its center.
DiscOrbo is looking like John Travolta with a glittering disco-suite, but with red hair and big, black glasses. Everyone in the room remembers his former name, Nixorbo, but for all n00bs he is just DiscOrbo.
MailBee is wearing a long, dark-as-the-night dress. A silver crown in her light blue hair let her look like a queen. And really, she is. She won several times the Miss PEELified polls.
Juli, looking like the real Juliet, just with dark red hair and wearing a dark MIB-like-suite, is opening the meeting. "Sou, avaryone's heere? Fine, then let us begeen now an'" ... she is interrupted as SpiderFry, LesLeeTLL and SargeInCommand enter the room. SargeIC is holding SpiderFry, the new junior moderator, in the air and places him on one chair.
LesLeeTLL, best-selling author and feministic guard of PEEL, does shake her head. "Sorry for being to late, but this youngster there", she does point at SpiderF, "was too busy with playing Futurama Wars, so we had to search for him between Andromeda and Omicron Persei."
"Okayyyy", mumbles [maRrrc]. Then, with stronger voice: "Moderator Juli, go along."
"Goud", she just answers. "D'e pouints of toudays meetin' are: D'en: N00bs claim to have more rights. Nine: ..." she goes a list along with ten points to finally reach its top. "Wone: A 'new room for virtual enter'dainment."
"Ey! And vhat's vith me?" SpiderF, who's wearing his usual neon-colored Spider-Man like costume, yells at her.
"Oh, dear goddess", Juli says. "Poin'd El'even: SpiderF claims to be a ... holostrator."
DiscOrbo laughs amused and LesLee grins while she is writing the meeting-report.
Not all moderators and other poster with important ranks are at the conference. Some are busy moderating chat-rooms.
To have a full idea how all people at the meeting look like, we should not forget two: LesLeeTLL is looking like she looks offline, but with purple hair, which fits good to her dark green shirt and jeans. She's wearing her John-Lennon-glasses, as usual.
SargeIC, who looks a lot like James Dean (dark leather clothes and sunglasses), is drinking coffee from an advertisement-cup. Not a PEEL-cup, but a cup showing TweeKs face. TweeK, an old moderator, is not at the meeting today, because he manages the PEEL pub / coffee house "The Golden Nixon".
"I'll be a holostrator", says SpiderF with strong voice. "Now listen to me telling you the ten reason vhy I should be ..."
In that moment the door opens and a young woman does enter. LesLee blushes as she sees the young, attractive woman.
The new PEELette in the room goes straight to the coffee-machine and there goes on her knees. She takes a bag full of mechanic tools and begins to work at the coffee machine. Then, after a few silent moments, she looks up to [maRrrc] and strokes through her just an inch short dark hair. By the way - she's wearing jeans and a very tight shirt.
"Sorry, to interrupt your meeting friends, but it seems as if your coffee machine does not work right."
Hearing this, SargeIC turns pale.
"It seems as if someone programmed a virus called "diarrhea 3.5" in the machine."
After this words SargeIC is standing up fast and running to the toilet-rooms.
Juli is speaking to the young, obviously butch-lesbian, woman now. "Thanks Wanky, for repairing i'd."
Wanky, formerly known as iliketowankalot, just smiles friendly for an answer and then again working at the coffee machine.
"Now back to me", says SpiderF angrily. "That's vhy I should be a holostrator!" He reaches some sheets of paper to [maRrrc] who does look nerved at them just to gasp then. "535 n00bs behind me. I have control about them!" explains SpiderF, looking on surprised faces.

Meanwhile !teh one! and VJV have reached "The Golden Nixon", a comfy, old looking, English pub. TweeK himself, looking like his real himself,  is standing behind the bar.
Just a few PEELer and PEELettes are in the room, in real-life look-a-like or with avatars. The atmosphere is comfy and friendly.
OctoJames and BondSean are discussing about the new Bond movie ("James Bond - Fear of the Ice Meteor" ). MadCapCap, using a dragon-avatar, is explaining some n00bs how to have fun at PEEL and what the ban-stick guards are.
TzlOkay and Pubbelgian are sitting along at the bar, playing cards.
As VJV and !teh one! do enter the room, the other poster first just greet friendly, but then notice that VJV is not alone.
"Nurdbot?" asks TweeK surprised. Then he notices with his moderator-view Nurdbot's new name. "Oh, !teh one! now. What can I serve you? Water, coffee, ..."
"Vodka, pure, for me. And vhatevr tat lady vishes, for hr."
"A Candy-and-fruit mix as usual?" asks TweeK and as she nods, a tropical drink appears on the bar. TweeK adds some Candy and fruits to it. Then he lets appear a glass of all his finest vodka.
"Cheers!" says MadCapCap and his n00bs do the same.
"To the PCP!", says !teh one!.
TweeK shakes his head in disbelieve. "You mean your old communistic party? You know that it was forbidden after the revolution of the n00bs in 2010! Be careful." He raises an eyebrow.
The man, formerly known as Nurdbot, shakes his head. "I meen PCP - te PEEL Canada-travel Program."
OctoJames and BondSean applause.
MadCapCap grins. "Can I own a gun in the new PCP ... for ... fish-hunting?"
"Qof, c0urse. Dynamiz is alzo welcme. PCP is teh firzt revo... eh, travel-program aloving taht." !teh one! learned much about PropIntern (the old GDR Propaganda system) in Moscow. And obviously he learned good.
MadCapCap raises his hand. "Then I'll join". He looks commanding at the n00bs around him. They nod in agreement.
TweeK, a loyal royalist, just shakes his head and slowly drinks a coffee, while OctoJames and BondSean do stand up and go to !teh one!. Both are interested in information about the new PCP.
VelourJesseVoices does clean her glasses with an handkerchief. Then she looks up and smiles.
Realizing that something is happening, TzlOkay and Pubbelgian are looking curious to the crowd around the red robot.
!teh one! laughs amused. His plans are going well by now.
Suddenly a PEELer, with ripped clothes and fear in his eyes, storms into the pub: Godocad ...

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #220 on: 10-15-2003 09:54 »

... and ...
Some rooms away SpiderFry does laugh amused too. His plan goes well, but he can not know that some other people do have also their plans. !teh one! for example. And even someone really unexpected ...a certain scientist!
SpiderF managed it to shock the conference and now is listening smiling to the other reports to Juli's ten-point-list.
After the ten points, the holostrator [maRrrc] takes the telephone and uses some buttons on it. He just says "Report" into the speaker and then ends the connection. Suddenly the room is full of silence. Everyone knows, what will happen now will be very important. [maRrrc] used the red phone!
Following the phone-call a dark door appears next to the holostrator. It opens and a man appears. He is wearing a long dark coat and a dark hat. His face is covered with a dark mask and dark gloves are on his hands as well as dark shoes at his feet. A ban-stick guard! To be precise: The Commander of the ban-stick guards. Everyone can see the golden ban-stick he's holding.
"Report", repeats [maRrrc]. He is the only not-guard knowing the secret identity of the ban-stick guards. He knows who's their Commander: SlimmyStrike!
The ban-stick guards are an mysterious elite-unite at PEEL: The security of the holo-board, armed with ban-sticks. The only not-guards armed with ban-sticks too, are [maRrrc], who owns the unique holostrator ban-stick and ... TweeK, who is the possible owner of the legendary DOOM-stick.
The dark clothed SlimmyStrike begins to speak with a very deep voice. "Report for May 2017: 5 n00bs banned. Hard punishment for 23 n00bs. Light punishment for 45 n00bs and 12 regular members." He reaches an envelope to the holostrator. [maRrrc] does understand and just nods.
SlimmyStrike goes through the black door and disappears along with it.

Far away, somewhere in PEEL, in the historical-events rooms, some minutes ago:
Godocad bows down before his queen. He stands up then and reaches a bowl full of fresh grapes to MellyIshtar, the 1st, of Holo-Assyria.
Both are in a great hall with stone walls, covered with ancient Assyrian art. MellyIshtar sits on an soft and comfy looking throne. She does wear a long colorful robe and a golden crown. Godocad is in the usual clothes of an Assyrian minister, which also do look like an long robe, but just white and with a golden patterns on it.
"Have you looked for the sivatheriums, minister Godocad?" MellyIshtar smiles friendly.
The minister nods. "Oh yes, my queen. The sivatheriums ... and also the giraffes in your highness palace's garden."
As he says this words, HelpyTeral enters the room through a door. He does wear the same minister-robe as Godocad.
HelpyTeral bows down, just to stand up again and open the curtains of a large window in one of the stone walls. All three can see several giraffes and sivatheriums, ancient deer-like giraffes, wandering around in a paradise-like garden.
"Who's that?", asks MellyIshtar surprised as she can see a man, wearing an uniform, running through the garden to the palace. Before someone could have answer her, some more soldiers run out of a near forest and through the garden.
As the queen and her ministers realize, that they are in the middle of an invasion, the first soldiers do storm already in the palace. Moments later, a heavy armed soldier, with a well known hairstyle and beard, does open the door of the queen's room.
He just grins in an ironic way as he goes directly to the queen.
"You may remember me, your down-ness. I am SamuelYGold." He makes a dramatic pause. "In the name of The Empire of true Wisdom, this web-rooms are now property of our emperor. Tremble in fear of his groin!" He laughs even more ironic, just to calm down then and to ask friendly "Excuse me, where are the bathrooms here? I need to refresh my deodorant."
As HelpTeral is about to explain SamuelYGold the way to the bath-rooms, Godocad uses this moment to run as fast as he can and to jump through a window at the other side oh the room.

Some minutes later, back in the PEEL conference room:
[maRrrc] opens the envelope and reads the letter that was in it. He shakes his head. "People, Security conference! Someone hacked the registry-files. The Commander of the ban-guards saved the system and changed the codes, but ... some poster are out of our control now. That are a lot unknown n00bs as well as ... SamuelYGold and ... the moderator ProfessorSpelli!" The conference members do gasp.
"Oh, and by the way: Nurdbot is back from his 5 years long stay in Moscow. He promised not to start or to support another n00b-revolution. He looks okay. I do worry more about ProfSpelli and ... ", [maRrrc] points at SpiderF, " ... you!"
MailBee does shake her head. "Could that mean ... civil war in PEEL, in the end? Okay, Nurdy seems to be "okay" as you said, but thinking about what ProfSpelli did, that could lead to a ..."
"Revolution!", yells VJV as she storms into the room, followed by !teh one!. "ProfSpelli has conquered more than five rooms already and ... declared it the "Empire of true Wisdom!"
"That's it!" SpiderFry gets angry. "I claim to be a holostrator and to have the ... the rights to lead an army against the revolution!"
[maRrrc] takes his special holostrator ban-stick. "Calm down, you!" he yells.
!the one! just laughs silently. Everything works good for his plans.
LesLee does look shocked to VJV and Wanky, who are standing next to her. "Will that be the end of PEEL .. or the dawn of a new PEEL?"
"Who knows, sweet girl, who knows ..." Wanky just shakes her head.
In that moment [maRrrc] commands all to be quiet. He takes the letter from the ban-guards Commander and does read loud the real Red-Alert message. Shocked silence is following his words. Deadly shocked silence.

In a mysterious room, the ban-guards do meet. SlimmyStrike, PowerAsylum, KrytenAtack and all the other ... all in dark clothes and with masks.
SlimmyStrike begins to report. "Bad news, people. The virtual PEEL-center seems to be ... damaged! The logout-ways of PEEL does not work anymore, as well as the ban-function of our ban-sticks. We're trapped. If the PEEL-center should collapse totally ... you know what will happen then, right?"
LaVaXtrmeLaDy raises her hand. "I'm new here, so, what exactly will happen?"
"Either way our minds will be cut from our bodies and we will turn into ... some kind of ghosts, but ... with a much higher possibility ..."
"Yes?", asks Control_Hil.
SlimmyStrike just moves his finger along his throat ...
All gasp in death-panic.

To be continued ...

In the next part: ProfessorSpelli, controlled by a dark power, takes hostages! SpiderFry longs for holostrator-privileges and threats to join ProfSpelli otherwise! [maRrrc] does build an army with cookie1 as general! !teh one!s plans begin to fulfill as the new PCP grows! Wanky, VelourJesseVoices and LesLeeTLL are on a special mission to the center of PEEL, to stop ... a system-crash! And someone will discover ... the whole truth why a certain PEELer has to sing dirty songs in the r-rated room!
Be aware for ... Part 2!
Bobby King

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #221 on: 10-15-2003 10:05 »

i cant read all that, but i did read your first post, very good  :)

Urban Legend
« Reply #222 on: 10-15-2003 15:40 »
« Last Edit on: 10-15-2003 15:40 »

I like it very much, I want more!   :D

Btw, Sprite's picture looks very cute.  ;)

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #223 on: 10-15-2003 15:54 »

Heh. Very nice, LL.

Bending Unit
« Reply #224 on: 10-16-2003 11:11 »

Dear Daniela,

your story is really funny and thrilling. Well you're going to much into details in the middle of story when you explain what happened in the Golden Nixon pub. That's a little disturbing. But in general your story is really nice. Go on. I'm thrilled.

« Reply #225 on: 10-16-2003 12:58 »

awsome stuff Daniela!!! I like it.

do go on please, although i think it may be a while scince you dont have much free time
Vintage Dave

Bending Unit
« Reply #226 on: 10-17-2003 00:02 »

That was wonderful, Daniela, I laughed out loud many times!  This deserves a special place on PEEL so it does not get forgotten when this thread goes quiet for a while.  Is there a place for... what shall we call them?  PEELFics?  PEELodies?

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #227 on: 10-17-2003 03:44 »

Thanks for all the nice words.
I'm happy about you all enjoyng "The Dawn of a new PEEL".  :)
It really took some time to write all this, read it, re-read it, correct errors, etc ... but Part 2 will be posted in a not so far future.

Also, I've added the URL of this site to my signature, as well as the URL of another site, you can find clicking on the picture.

« Reply #228 on: 10-20-2003 18:18 »

awsome siggy Daniela!!!
pretty good

wow a leela board!!!! interesting

Space Pope
« Reply #229 on: 10-20-2003 18:32 »

wow 3 people are linking to scared eye already..i dont think marc will like that  ;)

Urban Legend
« Reply #230 on: 10-20-2003 18:39 »
« Last Edit on: 10-20-2003 18:39 »

Well, I wanted to help out with TSE, I think maybe I'll change back soon if that's the case.   ;)

Your siginature picture is awesome! I love the "remake" of the holophoner scene, good job- it looks like it was in there from the start!   :)

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #231 on: 11-02-2003 16:00 »

Part 2 is not finished yet, but here you can have the first lines of it for your enjoyment.
As usual, please be friendly when noticing spelling and grammer errors.  :)
Enjoy...  :)
Part 2:

The deadly shocked silence in the PEEL HQ room is broken as a certain black door appears again. SlimmyAtack goes through the open door.
"[maRrrc]", Slimmy does look directly at the holostrator, "the ban-stick guards have decided what to do." He makes a dramatic pause.
[maRrrc] stands up and does look in the room. "I told everyone in this room about the damage of the PEEL center, so ... go on."
"Very well. The guards need three certain posters of the crowd in this room for a very special mission. Because of their special signatures, they are the only three who may be able to enter the damaged PEEL center." The commander of the ban-stick guards makes again a dramatic pause. "Those certain three are ... Wanky, VelourJesseVoices and LesLeeTLL. If you please would follow me through the door. The rest of you: Do everything to prevent panic at PEEL."
He looks strong at the three woman he mentioned and then points with his ban-stick at the black door. "Ladies firts. Go on. Not that slow."
As even [maRrrc] points at the door the three PEELettes go through the mysterious entrance and diappear. Then SlimmyStrike also walks through the door. As well known, the door turns invisible.

In another room of PEEL: A labory, full with strange looking-lika machines and glasses on boards, containing toxic-green liquid.
Near a cold stonewall several PEELer and PEELettes do sit on the ground, bound with metallic bars.
They all look up as a door does open and a young man does enter the room. He does wear a lab-coat and weird big glasses. His hair is orange and without a real style. He slowly laughs. "Hwahahaha. My plans are going so dam straight well! I'm ... what was the text again? Ah yes, ... the greatest!"
VelouRfrog, one of VelourJesseVoices mothers, looks angrily at the obviously mad scientist. "ProfessorSpelli! I should have knew that! Who else then you could..." She stops speaking as ProfSpelli takes a package with candies from on of his coat's pockets. Slowly and grinning, he does open the package and does eat more and more of the candies.
"Aaaah! Seeing how someone else is eating candy is cruelty to me!" VelouRfrog turns pale and tries to look away from ProfSpelli and the candies, but the scientist is already looking at his other hostages.
Another person does enter the room through the door.
It's SamuelYGold, holding a board with two coffee cups on it, in one hand. "Spellieeee! Coffee is ready. Also in five minutes there'll be "Bingo!" in TV."
ProfSpelli nods, smiling. "I'll be there, Sammy!" He looks again at his hostages and notices that MurderFox and HelpyTeral do grin. "Do not laugh you!", he yells.

Meanwhile at the ban-stick guards HQ.
VJV, LesLee and Wanky do follow the commander of the ban-stick guards through a long and grey hallway.
Finally they do enter the ban guard's HQ.
A ban-guard, his real name is PaulyPaul, speaks to them. "You have to be prepared for your mission." Another black door appears. PaulyPaul does work at it. Then he looks up and nods. "Go through this one. We can't give you more informations how it will be near the PEEL center, ... so ... good luck."
Unsure how to react the three PEELettes do go again through a door.
Seconds later they do appear in a mysterious room. It's like an infinite blue-green ocean, populated by silver rivers and chat-room-islands.
They do sit on the half open door to a room.
VelourJesseVoices giggles.
"What's the matter?", asks Wanky.
LesLeeTLL shakes her head. "Our new clothes. That's it, right?"
Now the three PEELettes realize that their clothes have changed to very thight and dark-as-the-night suits.
Wanky smiles at LesLee. "Now, that looks that good, that I have to think ... Has anyone a camera?"

With this ... ehem ... fascinating moment, I do say "see you" till the next lines are ready.  :)

« Reply #232 on: 11-02-2003 16:17 »


great story LesleeTLL  ;)

keep on going  :D

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #233 on: 11-02-2003 17:52 »

Awesome, I want more. It sounds like PEEL is about to topple into anarchy.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #234 on: 11-03-2003 04:00 »
« Last Edit on: 11-03-2003 04:00 »

Here a little spoiler of future events. You can read it, but you don't have to do yet.   :)

This could be from interest especially for moderators. It shows that "The Dawn of a new PEEL" isn't just a PEELody or so. It's a Futurama-fan-story!

Read below ... (Spoiler!) ... the end of Part 2:

Edit: Has anyone 140 kb free webspace? I realy could need them for hosting the pictures to "The Dawn of a new PEEL".

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #235 on: 11-03-2003 06:13 »

Ask Melllvar. He host's all sorts of stuff.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #236 on: 11-04-2003 14:37 »
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And here is the art to "The Dawn of a new PEEL".   :) Very much thanks to Melllvar for hosting it.   :)
1.) It is ... the Dawn of a new PEEL!
[maRrrc], !teh one! (sitting), LesLeeTLL, SargeInCommand, Commander of the ban-stick guards (SlimmyAtack), Wanky and VelourJesseVoices
2.) (Spoiler!) Three PEELettes at work!
VelourJesseVoices, Wanky and LesLeeTLL ... the one in the background is ...
3.) The DOOM Stick TM!

DOOP Secretary
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Heh, I look great in my Soviet Officer suit.

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Hey, if you are still doing this, it would be cool if you did a futurama style picture of me.  I have posted my picture on the Mr. Peelified thread.  :D

DOOP Secretary
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Draw some more of the PCP, please!

I like being drawn.
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