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Author Topic: My Idea for an Erotic Fanfiction  (Read 444 times)
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SpaceGoldfish fromWazn

Urban Legend
« on: 07-10-2020 00:56 »

I was writing some fun Rick and Morty spin off comics, but then the fandom became really annoying so I started watching Futurama again.

And I realised over time how much I like Fry, I love all the characters, but there's something about Fry that makes me wish he was real, mainly because he's so sweet, caring, friendly, affectionate, innocent and playful and so much fun to be around, and now that I think about it, when I was much younger and before I realised I was gay and had to come to terms with that, I actually had a big crush on Fry without realising it.  He seemed like the fun big brother I always wanted,  but with lovely red hair and a surprisingly nice ass.   What would have been fun if hew as real was because how much he would annoy my mother at first, but I know how similar he is in some ways to the one boyfriend of one of my sisters my mother did like, in that he had a huge heart, but was full of so much untapped potential,  and my mother was very much a big fan of My Fair Laddy type stories,in turning unrefined but goodlooking young men into charming gentlemen.

The thing is, Fry is very similar to Homer in that he is extremely intelligent in his areas of expertise.   I also think Fry's emotional understanding is actually quite high, albeit in a very childlike way, but Fry is very sensitive to the emotions of others, and will always try to cheer up someone whose sad, even if this person isnt very nice to him or he doesnt know them at all.   I find that very attractive in a person, but I find it most attractive of all in a potential boyfriend.   

Anyway I always loved making up Futurama screenplays in my head or making fanart, but I never thought of actually creating a character that I could use as an avatar and say what I want to say to the characters.  So I got very drunk and stoned the other day and I thought, why not try pitching an idea for a spinoff or a reboot or an alternative continuity?

So here is my Original the Character Donut Steel


Fry has just turned 27.  His relationship with Leela seems to be goingnowhere but "another break from each other" and he can't help but think if he made the wrong decision in choosing Leela and letting Amy get away from him.   Kif and Amy seem much happier.   He's even stopped playing Catherine because of how much it hits close to home sometime.

And then Fry makes a new friend.

A bromantic friend

Micky Mazzitelli is a 23 year old biology student dropout from MU, but is now making ends meet as Dr Amy Wong's assistent and the au-pair/manny for the Conrads.   Micky is a "mutt" or "mongrel" in that he is a mostly human with mixed alien ancestry and cybernetic implants, granting him super strength, catlike pupils and ears, and mild abilities related to water, from weak hydrokenetic abilities and the ability to breathe underwater.     Micky and Amy are very close friends, but due to similar interests such as animals, cartoons, music and junk food and getting drunk in their underpants, Micky and Fry soon become inseperable and enjoy an intenesely passionate bromantic friendship where they do everything from cook, make music, watch tv, play videogames, read to each other and practice french kissing on each other.... while wearing eachother's underwear.    It turns out that Amy has a strong yaoi fetish, and writes erotic friendfiction about the two of them and subtly and not so subtly manipulates them into satisfying her specific itches, such as buying themed outfits and tricking them into acting out her dialogue.

At first Leela and Bender are absolutely disgusted and jealous, until it turns out that Leela actually knew Amy from their awkward teen years from the same yaoi fanficiton website, and Leela soon starts illustrating Amy's fanfic, while Bender publishes and markets the books and comics, of course taking most of the profit.   

Fry and Micky have a big brother little brother type friendship, with Fry taking it upon to teach the younger guy how to have fun and help him find dates and is very protective of him, while Micky sees him as a big brother, and constantly cooks him dinners and encourages Fry to take better care of himself, in terms of grooming, etiquette, diet and cultivating talents and areas of interest, and tries to play wingman as best as he can.  There are hints that Micky might want to be more then just friends with Fry, and vice versa.... which is makes it fun.

One young guy, with two bachelorettes and a bachelor to choose from....

with sexy results

I've written a few episode scripts out and done some concept art if anyone wants to see

ty x
transgender nerd under canada

DOOP Ubersecretary
« Reply #1 on: 07-11-2020 08:25 »

Wait, wait, wait, you're writing erotic Futurama fanfics when you could be writing erotic crossover fics featuring Rick Sanchez and Hubert Farnsworth hitch-hiking across the universe and performing sex acts on each other in exchange for enough ningis to pay for a ticket back to the nearest Federation starbase?

In all seriousness, this sounds like something that somebody eventually scratch out the Futurama set-dressing from, insert some more normal names, places, and generic science-fiction technologies, then peddle on Amazon as a $2 erotic pdf that caters to the gay sci-fi tween crowd. If there is such a subculture.

I'm not saying don't do it. But I'm close to suggesting that you don't share it.
SpaceGoldfish fromWazn

Urban Legend
« Reply #2 on: 07-11-2020 17:17 »

"Wait, wait, wait, you're writing erotic"

No, I personally find writing sex scenes too weird to write, weird to read and awkward to watch in films and tv shows especially if they suddenly happen when you are watching with your family and all you hear are hoarse grunting and horrible wet slobbering kiss sounds, like two people are trying to eat the sand sandwich without using their hands.

"Futurama fanfics"

More comics.  I really do want to try animating my original work someday, and I figured what better way to pracice then drawing fan comics?  A comic is basically a fancy storyboard really, especially if its a manga where a lot of thought is into put into the flow of a scene. 

"when you could be writing erotic crossover fics featuring Rick Sanchez"

No, the first two seasons I enjoyed so much beause they felt like a cynical continuation of Futurama's humour but they are allowed to get away with a lot of things the Futurama team couldn't in the early 2000s. 

"and Hubert Farnsworth hitch-hiking across the universe and performing sex acts on each other"

there goes my appetite forever, along with my binge eating disorder, so.... thank you?

"in exchange for enough ningis to pay for a ticket back to the nearest Federation starbase?"

I was thinking Amy or my OC could do that as they are the sluts of the team, but no, not with hideous sociopathic elderly men. 

"In all seriousness, this sounds like something that somebody eventually scratch out the Futurama set-dressing from, insert some more normal names, places, and generic science-fiction technologies, then peddle on Amazon as a $2 erotic pdf that caters to the gay sci-fi tween crowd. If there is such a subculture."

I'm sure there is a gay sci fi tween crowd subculture and I am sure they are very annoying and all my references to classic british sci fi and 60s soul music would go over their heads anyway.  The horrid youth of today don't even know who Diana Ross let alone Florence Ballard or Mary Wilson is and probably couldn't name more then four beatles songs, and I'm going to go off on a Le Wrong Generation rant about my aggressive distaste for modern pop culture and the decline of genuine talent and craftsmanship and....

"I'm not saying don't do it."

Are you trying to use reverse psychology on me? 

 "But I'm close to suggesting that you don't share it."

Yes and that is why I am posting my proposal pitch on here and not.... reddit. 

It's really a fan comic as an intellectual exercise that has along and pretentious rhambling set of reasons on why I am doing it, but I have to admit, if I could write for any recent animated sitcom or tv show in general, it would be Futurama, and ever since I was little I would mimic the characters and recite the jokes to anyone who would listen, and I used to write ideas for fan episodes, and now that I think about it, the characcters make me feel feelings in a way very few fictional works do, and now that I think about it, the character I have always felt the strongest about is Fry.   When I was a child, I wished I had a goofy big brother or fun uncle like him.  I didn't have any male role models as a child, and now that I think about it, Fry gave me the first glimpse into how fun and sad and lonely and exciting adulthood could be, and that reality could change for the better when you least expect it, and just because you are unappreciated now, doesn't mean you won't be later.

When I was a teenager I had a ccrush on him without realising it, I guess because I found his personality so much more appealing then the other kids who made fun of me and made me feel left out all the time, and the teachers who would often unconciously or concsciously encourage my place in the student pecking order.   To me Fry never felt like a loser, even though everyone around him, including his best friend, his family, his girlfriend... would constantly tell him so.   Fry never felt like a loser to me because he never gave up on what he wants or to help others, has surprising depths of untapped talent and potential, and even though women would often make it clear how undesirable he was, I always thought he was very good looking, and the best friend or romantic partner you could ever want or need.   It made me realise on some level that just because everyone around you tells you you are nothing, doesn't mean you are and you may already have the potential inside you jto prove them all wrong. 

I guess the other thing that has made me feel like I know this character like an old friend even though he is not real and a bunch of thoughts of different people jammed together into a narrative device, because I know what it's like to lose pretty much your entire family and deal with your grief being totally disenfranchised.   I watched Game of Tones.   I had last watched it several years before my mother died, and watching it several years after I lost her, I just cried my eyes out.  I've felt sad watching Futurama for a number of reasons and maybe got a bit damp eyed, but I've never cried.  And I did cry.   For a number of reasons.  It just made me wish so many things at once, some I can describe and some I can't.   I know what it's like to dream about loved ones who have died and desperately try to stay in the dream because when you wake up its like youve lost them all over again.

I am doing a ton of creative work, as I have a lot of emotional baggage, but one thing I like doing is imagining a character I can play, and what kind of character I would be if I was in Futurama.  Mom was a huge fan of Futurama, and I suppose writing a character I can play, and him forming a friendship with a character who means a lot to me, and mining my own heartaches and mistakes and flaws and weird quirks for comedy,and getting to imagine myself interacting with a character who would be like a brother to me if he was real, well... that makes some very sad things less sad.  I guess when I really really really strip down my long tldr thoughts about what I'm working on, is... well.   I suppose goofy fun Fry and his antics and how nice he is to everyone, well... it felt like I had a fun big brother friend as a child and a teenager and a young adult when I didn't have any friends at all.   So it's actually theraputic in some way to imagine what kind of friendship I might have with Fry and the PE team if I was a character in their universe.   There have been many times when I wish I could have hopped into the freezing tube and woken up in New New York and made friends with my favourite characters, but who doesn't think that at some point when they watch the show? 

But I think your advice about not sharing it is fantastic advice.  I personally like to share as little of my art, writing and music online as possible.   I've stopped sharing my piano and singing practice with people I know, as their reactions were never constructive or helpful or confidence building.   Now the only person I share my music with are my teachers.   I don't need strangers on the internet to tell me how to think: I let other people in art school and drama school dictate how I felt about my own work, and that just led to me quitting things before they started.

Generally I prefer now to show finished work, as sometimes I find it easier to just show you what I'm going to do rather then tell you.  I'm not good at editing and tend to go off on random tangents. 

I don't have a scanner, but I'm doing lots of fun fanart of my OCs and Futurama characters.  I really like the designs of Bender's girlfriends like the Countess, Fanny and Angelyne.

I guess another reason why I actually feel like even though he's a fictional character, Fry is someone I think would understand me, because well.... I was watching the Comedy Central episodes recently which suprrised me with how much I enjoyed rewatching them
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