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: Good Ideas for Futurama Episodes  (Read 1285 times)
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« : 08-02-2014 09:40 »

If you've got ideas for Futurama episodes, feel free to share them, because personally I think the fans are good at thinking of them. The real problem I had with the last few seasons of Futurama was that it was a lot of the time very confined to Earth, and they didn't make all these interesting deliveries. So please, try to be more creative than the real creators.

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Episode #1 - What Time is it?

The crew are hired to make a delivery of construction materials to the Candy Kingdom on Planet X. However, these aren't normal construction materials, they're made out of candy. When the Crew arrive to make the delivery, they find themselves in the middle of an epic battle between the heroes of the Candy Kingdom, Finn and Jake, and the evil Ice King who has been possessed by the Lich to become more powerful than ever. In seeing their planet in danger, the Planet Express crew reluctantly join in on the battle for all humanity, with Bender finding a new friend along the way.

Episode #2 - Futurella!

The Professor calls everyone to the Planet Express building to announce that they have been requested to make a  delivery to the year 4000. However, when they finally reach the year 4000, they find themselves out of their comfort zone, their delivery having a much bigger influence than they anticipated.

Episode #3 - The Olympus Torch

The crew are hired for a delivery to Greece, strangely requested to deliver the package to Mount Olympus. Up on the mountain, they discover the Greek Gods battling the Titans to no fruition, being evenly matched and both being immortal. Bender suggests they decide superiority through a God-scale Olympic Games, and if the Titans win they threaten to burn down Mount Olympus itself and storm the entire world.

Episode #4 - I Have Strong Feelings on the Subject

Zapp, finally so sickened by the Neutrals, captures the leader and brainwashes him to have an opinion. The Neutral now seeing the world through judgemental eyes, sees that people are so horrid, and sometimes neutrality will not be able to solve everything. In a desperate attempt to fix things, the Neutral leader decides to mobilize his army against the most vile of all planets: Earth.

Episode #5 - Follow Me There

The Planet Express Crew are hired to make a delivery to the planet Morphos. When they arrive, they are fooled into believing that they are there to deliver a package, but are themselves the delivery. The planet is inhabited by beings with the ability to morph, and they fool Fry into following them into their city by changing into his parents. Once there, Fry discovers more about himself than he ever knew before.

Episode #6 - Curse my Butt!

When making a delivery to the hostile planet of Cannibalon, the crew are attacked and while they're making their escape Bender is speared in the ass, causing for him to explode. Fry is distraught, but remembers the time travel that he used during the escapade with the scammers. The only problem is, the code is on Bender's memory chip; all the way back on Cannibalon.

Episode #7 - Well Hello From the Neck Down

While on an interplanetary patrol, Zapp and Kif find the wreckage of an old ship. Inside is a beautiful alien woman, reluctant to tell them what happened. Originally, Zapp just fancied the alien girl, but as they spend more time together, he begins to develop feelings he does not understand. This makes him completely unprepared from the secret that this enigma has been hiding from him.

Episode #8 - Give 'em Hell

The Planet Express crew have been hearing stories of a growing conflict between the rock people from the planet Earthicans call Neutopia. The crew are hired to make a delivery to Cylon 7, a mysterious crate. When they arrive at Cylon 7, they find themselves surrounded by rock people. Inside of the crate they discover an arsenal of weapons and the message "Give 'em hell"

Episode #9 - Don't Throw Out My Universe

The crew discover that they've been robbed, though don't panic because there isn't that much to steal. There is cause for concern, however, when it is discovered that Professor's Parabox has been taken. It's up to the Planet Express crew to find their universe and ensure its safety before it's destroyed.

Episode #10 - Let's Kill the Smart Guy

The Professor is sick and tired of the crew going on their adventures, as it is costing him. On their next mission, the Professor accompanies them to ensure it doesn't happen again. On their delivery to the planet Ozega X, they discover evil versions of themselves, which the Professor is fine with. However, the Professor discovers that his evil self is smarter than him, and he has to rid himself of that shame.

Episode #11 - Pirates of the Terrilium

It's what you've all been craving in this new episode of Futurama. In this episode the crew find themselves flying a pirate spaceship right into the heart of the Terrilium, a strange space phenomena. Inside this phenomena lay their quarry, the infamous Davy "Space" Jones, who has stolen the Planet Express ship and taken it to the Pirate planet. To get back their beloved ship Bessy; Fry, Leela and Bender will have to disguise themselves as pirates and battle Davy for its freedom.

Episode #12 - The Frytrix

What if I told you that the future was all just one big computer simulation? Fry discovers that his whole world since entering the year 3000 has been just one big simulation, and that the cryo-tube that he fell in is actually one of the rising machines. A stranger called Morpher, with the ability to change his shape, helps Fry back to the real world to fight the evil race of robots responsible. But when Fry confronts the head robot, he discovers something that he did not expect.

Episode #13 - Verminator

When the crew to the Planet Express visit the local library, they did not plan on being attacked by space vermin. When they are, they learn that Fry's amazing importance is the reason for their presence, and they seek to take him down should he fulfil the prophecy and end their termination of the human race.

Episode #14 - Verminator 2: It's Judge Yo' Ass Day

Following the events of "Verminator" humans have been forced to live in bases underground as the vermin destroy the remnants of mankind. While doing this, they continue the hunt for Philip J. Fry and his little piece of resistance. Fry does not realise his importance, however, and how he shall be the key to mankind's restoration.

Episode #15 - Ten Little Packages

Fry, Bender, Leela and the Professor are all invited to a mysterious house on an uncharted planet, where a party is being held to honour their services to package delivery. Once there, they also discover Judge Whitey, Petunia, Smitty, URL, Leo Wong and Harold Zoid have also been invited under similar circumstances. Everyone is confused until people start disappearing to the sound of the little rhyme "Ten Little Packages". From there on, its up to the Planet Express crew to find out who is the killer before their time is up.

Episode #16 - Dr. John A. Zoidberg

Dr. Zoidberg is asked what his middle name is, but doesn't know himself. With his mother having died long ago, all hope seems lost until his Uncle Zoid informs him that there is one man on the planet Decapod 11, far from Zoidberg's homeworld, who knows the origin of the names of all Zoidberg's. Fearlessly, Zoiberg travels there in an attempt to find out his name, but first finds out that he is a small fish in a big ocean.

Episode #17 - Cheese It No More

While waiting for Fry to come out of the bathroom in a shopping centre, Bender inadvertently trips a handbag thief and ends up being hailed a hero. Realising that being the good guy is actually very satisfying, Bender gives up crime and trains to become one of the most elite crime fighters in the world: The Robot Krypteia.

Episode #18 - Conception

When Bender seems to fall into a permanent coma, it is up to Fry to enter his mind digitally to try and find his subconscious. Once inside, he finds that Bender's dream state has created the world where he was built, and it is up to Fry to navigate the deadly machinery to find his best friend through the madness of creation.

Episode #19 - Memento

Leela gets hit on the head while escaping from a deadly planet and loses her memory. The only way that she can keep track of everything is by photographing everything new she sees, and relying on these she has to find a way to regain control of her memory. However, unknown to her or anyone else, there are forces at work that will stop at nothing to prevent her from remembering under any circumstances.

Episode #20 - Do You Philip J. Fry

On their wedding day, Fry and Leela are assigned a delivery to the planet of the Hexapods, Nylar 5. When they get there, they are surprised with a wedding ceremony in the splendour of the planet. However, when it comes to their "I do's" the world freezes and Fry is left alone with one of the Hexapods. With his special day losing focus, Fry is once again dragged into a prophecy whereby he will liberate the Hexapods from their most dangerous enemy yet: the Brain Slugs.
Two Liters of Slurm

« #2 : 08-02-2014 23:37 »

Great ideas, FS!

The only one I have a (nitpicky) problem is the episode about Zoidberg finding the origin of his middle name. Seems too stale but hey, it's a concept idea. I shouldn't nitpick too much over an idea.

« #3 : 08-02-2014 23:45 »

Yeah, that is pretty nit-picky, but I wanted a Zoidberg-based one in there somewhere. I've always wanted to know his middle name, and I thought they could go like with the Simpsons. Except this would be on a larger scale because he could travel to a whole new planet.

« #4 : 08-03-2014 00:09 »

What about something like this:

Episode #16 - Decapodian

War has erupted in the universe of Futurama once more. Earthicans are locking horns with an enemy that they were once bested by: the Decapodians. With Loyalties being called into question and people being conscripted into joining, Zoidberg must make the decision where his loyalties lay. Will he choose Earth, where he has known true Freedom? Or will he choose Decapod, his home-world?
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