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« on: 09-25-2010 17:35 »

This is something I've been working on for weeks.  its my first fanfiction and I want to know what you, the general public of futurama fans think of it. 
also there is a lot more of it than what i posted here :p


Chapter 1

Callania 7

A dark tower spirals into red clouds above a mountainous landscape on a planet unlike earth in every possible way.  The tower houses a spaceship hanger teeming with cargo ships and warships and a bounty of chambers brimming with every kind of weapon imaginable.  Finally, sitting in a dimly lit room is the lord of the tower. 

“Tell me, why must I help you again?”  The Callanian studied the hazy nude figures over his videophone.

“Because . . . well . . . . um¬¬¬---I can guarantee full control of the Mighty One, who in one mysterious way or another saves the universe from perilous doom.”  One nudist blurted stupidly.

The Callanian thrummed his fingers on the dial pad of the videophone, annoyed. “Why must I care about this oh so great, Mighty One?  I don’t want someone to save the universe; I want someone who can command full control of it.”

A companion of the Nudist stepped out of the shadows and before the videophone “Great Lord of Callania 7, we do not aim to use the Mighty One, but to destroy him and his friends.  Many months ago they defeated scammer colleagues of ours you might know, Nudar and his ilk, we seek vengeance, and possibly control of one or two planets.”

“Why then, come to me?  Are you foolish enough to think I’ll just do your dirty work for you?  That I’ll do everything for you?!  I don’t care about this Great One or whatever you called him, I have my own agenda to attend!” The Great Lord of Callania 7 roared in a furious outrage, the shadowy depths of his tower suddenly filled with tendrils of dark smoke.

“We do not expect so much from you, even after what my lazy friends have implied.” The third nudist glared at his companions, who shuffled their feet uneasily. “We seek to destroy the Mighty One to avenge the deaths of our fellow scammers, you seek to control the entire universe, of which can only be saved by the one we wish to destroy.  Thus, there is a chance where we can simply help each other out, you help us destroy the Mighty One and his friends and we help you take control over the universe, everybody wins.

“I see, at least one of you speaks of something logical, I will send coordinates for a meeting where we can discuss what moves should be placed next.”

The third nudist nods “Very well.”

The Callanian Lord breaks off the transmission.

“That went rather well.”  One nudist scammer said.

The third scammer stared at him “That did not go well in the slightest you fool!  We had to agree to his terms instead of him to ours.  That Callanian Lord is making all the moves and we have no choice, but to follow until we can assume power of the playing pieces once more.”

The second scammer snorted “and you know all this, Gudan?  We’ve talked to this guy once.”

“Orin, if you were as smart as I am, you would understand that we’ve just made a deal with a Callanian Lord who will use us to get what he wants and give very, very little back.

Callania 7

The Callanian Lord sat for a moment, thinking, the scammers had revealed interesting news, the existence of the Mighty One, the only one with the possibility of saving the universe.  Before now, the Callanian Lord believed him to be just a myth made up by the gerbil-like Nibblonians, but this changed everything.  The Callanian Lord dialed a number and this time a new figure surrounded by a tropical background appeared on his videophone.

“Yes?” a static voice answered.

“It’s me. I’m setting a bounty. Be subtle.”

“As you wish.  Who do you want?”

“Have you heard of the Mighty One?”


“I don’t want him, but someone close; we need to lure him into the open.”

“Same meeting place as before?”


In another part of the universe the fabled Mighty One travels to the planet known as Earth after a mission of uneventful package delivery


“What? Fry! I told you not to bother me! We’re about to go into orbit and I need to check our landing coordinates!”

“But this time it’s really important!” Fry yelled again

Leela sighs, Fry’s version of important usually ranged from being able to chug five slurm cans in less than three minutes or a comet colliding with a piece of space debris.
Fry runs onto the bridge “it’s gone”

“What’s gone?”

Boom!  The Planet Express ship rocks violently, Fry and Leela grab onto anything securely tethered to the ship.

“Fry.”  Leela grinds her teeth and the ship enters earth’s atmosphere. “What’s gone?”
Boom!  This time something solid rammed into the ship, making it shudder and rock, Fry and Leela were tossed like leaves in a tornado, the ship was flung out of control.  The last thing Fry saw was the Planet Express building coming into view, and then out as the ship crashed into the river beyond, sinking beneath the waves.

The first thing Fry noticed when he came to was his missing can of slurm, which he had misplaced, it now rested under the chair for the navigational controls.  Fry groaned and sat up, Leela wasn’t the best at landings, but this had to be one of the worst, even after her inability to avoid giant TV screens weekly.

“Leela?” for the second time that day, Fry called the name of his captain.

“Fry, if we lost anything that was direly important to the ship and you didn’t tell me I swear I’ll-”

Fry smiled as his captain revealed herself, after being thrown halfway across the bridge. 
“Nothing was lost, besides my slurm can, but I found that.”

“That is what you lost? A slurm can! And here I thought the ship was in some kind of peril!”

“Oh, I think you are in peril.” A new voice belonging to a shadow spoke, Fry and Leela turned to the figure. “And in danger as well, we need to talk.” The bounty hunter stepped forward.

Chapter 2

Inside the Planet Express building

“Bender mon, weren’t you going with Leela and Fry on the delivery?”  Hermes cornered the robot on the lounge couch.

“Nooo! I have um . . . . important things! Yes that’s it; I have important things that need to be done! So you can bite my shiny metal ass!”

“Ok.” Hermes shrugged; ignoring Bender’s last remark he left to file papers in his office.

“Leela landed in the river again.”  As Hermes left the lounge Amy entered it, bringing with her the news of the return of Fry and Leela.

“Oh mon, we’re going to have to fish them out again aren’t we?”  Hermes sighed heavily, “all that paperwork that needs filing. . . . . . oh well, I’ll get the professor, Amy go get the keys to the boat.”
Bender remained on the couch as Hermes and Amy went off to do their respective tasks.  He heard a few crashes and Amy cursing in Cantonese before the intern returned to the lounge with the keys to the boat.  Not far behind her was Hermes, then five minutes later the Professor shuffled in and the entire group, including Bender made their way to the boat.

In the River

“Who’re you? And how did you get on this ship” Leela stood soon followed by Fry

“No, I guess you wouldn’t know me, but I know you, and boarding your ship was rather simple, you might have heard loud bangs when reentering the earth’s atmosphere, which was my ship attaching itself to yours and caused it to sink in the Hudson, then it was a simple task of forcing open your airlock.”  The bounty hunter spoke in a smooth unrecognizable monotone.
“How do you know us if we don’t know you?”  Fry scratched his head.

“That doesn’t matter, what matters is I need something done and I won’t go until I have it.”  The bounty hunter walked forward into the bridge.

“You won’t get anything from us; we have you outnumbered, two to one.”  Let’s just hope Fry won’t try anything stupid.  Leela’s thoughts contradicted her words.

Leela actually counted me!  She counted me for a fight! Score!  Fry’s thoughts celebrated a small victory. 

“That is where you are wrong. I outnumber you.” Behind the bounty hunter, five hired body guards walked onto the ship, buff and well armed.  “Now which one of you is the captain?”

“That’s Leela” Fry blurted. 

“Fry-----!”  Leela started to snap, but a signal from the bounty hunter to a body guard silenced her when she was bludgeoned in the head.  Her world fell to darkness.

“Now, we can talk about my business here.” The bounty hunter stepped over Leela’s body to Fry.

Fry argued “I can’t talk business!  Leela always handled that stuff!”

“That doesn’t bother me very much.  Seeing as I won’t be talking very long about very much.  This is all I have to say, you crashed in the river and blacked out with your friend here, none of this ever happened.”  The bounty hunter turned to his body guards before leaving, “wipe his memory and deliver the message.”   

That was the last Fry saw before a blinding flash, a taste of purple, followed by a thump, and an ache in his head before he fell unconscious.

Blurry shapes stood overhead when Fry first woke up, it took him a couple of minutes to adjust and for the waking world around him to come into any sort of focus.  The shapes turned into Amy and Hermes, along with Zoidberg and Bender all staring down at him.

“Wha---what happened?”  Fry mumbled

“You don’t remember?  Leela landed the ship in the river, you and her fell unconscious. We had to fish the ship from the bottom of the river and tow it to shore before we could get you out.  Leela woke up almost immediately, but you’ve been out for forty minutes.”  Hermes informed the delivery boy.

“Well I’m fine now.” Fry stretched “If Leela’s alright, then everything is fine and the mission wasn’t a complete failure.”

Bender coughed, and then shot a glance at Amy and Hermes.   Zoidberg scuttled out of the room.  Amy crossed her arms and glared at Hermes.

“That’s the thing, mon.  Leela woke up, but she disappeared right after.”  Hermes spoke again

“Huh?”  Fry didn’t get what was happening, “couldn’t she have just left?”

“No.  How to explain this subtly. . . . ” Bender scratched his chin “oh well, guess I can’t, Leela didn’t leave Fry, she disappeared.  Poof!” 


“I’m afraid it’s true Fry, Leela is gone.”  The professor had entered the room when Fry wasn’t paying attention.

“How----but-----how?”  Fry stuttered.

“I’m afraid only I can answer that” a new voice spoke.


Meanwhile in exceedingly deep space . . . . . .

One of the scammers, Gudan bowed, “Lord of Callania 7.”

The Callanian Lord mirrored the gesture “Gudan, scammers of the highest order.  This meeting place meets all of your needs as I see.  There is something I need to tell you, there’s been a little change in plan.

Orin the scammer blurted “but there was no pla-----” Gudan cut him off with an icy glare.

The Callanian Lord continued “You were never a part of any plan that I’ve mentioned so far, I’ve made, let’s say arrangements.” He pauses “what kind of revenge do you seek on this Fry, the Mighty One.”

The third scammer Rex answered “Something big!  Something to be remembered!”

“Shut up Rex,” Orin growled.

“We want to make Fry feel the same pain that was felt by Nudar when he was defeated.” Gudan informed the Callanian Lord ignoring his associates.

“That can be arranged sooner than you think” the Callanian Lord rubbed his hands together, “Much sooner.”

In some other part of the Universe that’s not earth or where the Callanian Lord is meeting with the scammers.

“The transporter and the memory eraserssss worked perfectly, my masterrrr, they do not remember anything at allsssss.” A snake-like alien spoke to the bounty hunter.

“What about her?”

“Nothingssss, sirrrrr, does she rememberrrr, not even her own namesss.”

“Very good.  Set course for Embrita.”

“As you wishhhsss”

The bounty hunter left the snake-like alien to set the new course.  The transporter he planted on the captain of the ship of the Mighty One worked better than he could have hoped. She had been zapped onto his ship, then a simple use of the same memory eraser he used on the Mighty One turned her into a blank droid.  The bounty hunter entered the holding cell “how are you?”  He asked the prisoner there.  Leela just stared at him blankly.

On Earth
In New New York City
Planet Express


“Yes, I am known to you as Nibbler.”

“You can talk” Fry said dumbly.

“Yes I-----hold on for a minute.”  Nibbler did a few quick movements, and then everything tasted purple to everyone for a second.  “There, I have restored your memories, so I do not have to explain my mission and lose even more precious time that could be used saving the universe from certain doom.”

“Certain doom?”  Amy gasped.

“Yes, the very existence of everything everywhere hangs on a thre------“

“Hang on a minute, da last time you warned us about the end of existence, it turned out that an anomaly opened and our universe became engaged to Yivo.”  Hermes cut the Nibblonian off.

“That is true, but this time the situation is much worse!  Leela is destined to destroy the universe!”  Nibbler screeched.

Everyone gasps.

Fry chokes “Wait! . . . What?”

Nibbler continues “Yes, I’m afraid it’s true, Leela will be the cause of the destruction of the universe.”

“How?  wait! . . . .but . . . but!”  Fry stuttered.

“We need explanations, ye cute gerbil!”  Hermes growled.

Nibbler nodded “yes, it is very simple, Fry is the Mighty One, destined to save the universe if or whenever it is threatened, and this has been prophesized then proven to be true with the attacks of the brainspawn.  In the great myths of the Mighty One, there is also a whisper of another, the Other.  No one knew what the purpose of this “Other” when it came to the Mighty One.   It wasn’t even decided this person existed, until recently, very recently.  The Other is the opposite of the Mighty One in every way, thus pointing to Leela.  Wherein Fry has two eyes, Leela has one, also Leela is a woman, when Fry is a man, and finally Fry gets himself and those around him into trouble, Leela get them out of it.” 

“No shpluh, even if Leela is the Other than how can she destroy the universe?”  Amy cut it.

“I do not know, but I do know Leela is the Other, who is the opposite of the Mighty One, and when he saves the universe, the Other must destroy it.”

Fry scratched his head “I still don’t get it; Leela disappeared, so she can’t destroy the universe.”

“That’s exactly why she will destroy the universe!”  Nibbler yelled


“Something will happen in the near future that will end with Leela destroying the universe.”  Nibbler sighed.

“Oh. . . . Crap!”

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hi there :)  Glad to see you decided to post it.

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« Reply #4 on: 09-27-2010 22:44 »

Great fanfic!  Email it to Futurama Madhouse! 

« Reply #5 on: 09-29-2010 21:49 »

Thank you  :D

there was a glitch when I tried to submit Revenge to Madhouse, of which im still figuring out.   so it won't be there for a while, but I will submit it.  until then . . . .

Chapter 3

Exceedingly Deep Space

“What are you saying that we can obliterate Fry?”  Gudan glared suspiciously at the Callanian Lord. 

The Callanian Lord nodded “Yes, and I have the perfect person to do it.”

“And why cannot we be the ones to do the honors?”  Orin stammered.

“It will be more painful for him and his friends if they are destroyed by someone they think is their friend.”

“Fine, who is this person that you’ve picked for our job?”  Gudan grumbled.

“Here she is now.”  The Callanian Lord turned as the bounty hunter walked to the group, flanked by a blank-eyed Leela and one of his minions.

Gudan snarled “This . . . . this Cyclops! Will be the one to take our revenge?!”

The Callanian Lord whirled on him, “you were the ones who came to me for help.  This is my plan.  If you do not like it, get out before I decide your lives aren’t worth existing and have my friend here do what he did to her”, jerks his thumb at Leela “to you.”

None of the scammers moved. Orin asked tentatively, “What did he do to her?”

“I wiped her memory and gave her a new life of my choosing.  Now she will do anything she is commanded, for example, she could take the lives of those you wish”, the bounty hunter growled.

“That’s useful, we send one-eye here in to do the dirty work and see what happens.”  Gudan rubbed his palms together.

“Very well” the bounty hunters turned to Leela “destroy Philip J. Fry and the Planet Express crew; don’t come back until they are . . . let’s say . . . . exterminated!”

Leela nodded, cocked a gun, and left.

Thoughts of the Assassin once known as Leela

Death.  Must bring death to. . . .  . Planet Express . . . . . orders say I must . . . . .  gun . . . . Shoot . . . . . boom . . . . . end of the universe . . . . . must save endangered animals . . . .  huh? . . . . .  . . Boom . . . . . death . . . .  Kill Planet Express crew . . . . . no! They friends!. . . . . . No, they enemies, hunter says as much . . . . . . Be assassin . . . . . cock . . . . Fire . . . . Boom . . . . . end of everything there ever was . . . . . .no! . . . . . Shut up! . . . . . . Can’t remember anything but orders . . . . . kill Planet Express.

Somewhere deep inside the assassin the real Leela fights at the shackles that hold her down in a dark forgotten part of herself that once was inhabited by impulse.

The Planet Express building, in the Council Room

The silence lasted for minutes, then Bender lights a cigar, puffs, and leaves the room “so long meatbags!  I need to loot before the end of the world . . .again.”

“This is not the end!  All those other times giant brains decided to destroy existence everything worked out fine.”  Fry argued.

“Because you saved us with your superior and somehow inferior mind.”  Nibbler jumped on the table.

Fry glared at the Nibblonian “So, I can still save us. . . . . . somehow”

Nibbler simply raised a paw “No, you cannot.  This time you will not be able to save the universe with your jumble of brain waves.  There are no brains who make everyone dumb.   To save the universe you would have to kill Leela.”

“Well that’s not so--------huuuaahhh?”  Fry choked and gasped.

“This is all moving so fast, let’s review: Leela crashed the ship, disappeared, and now will be responsible for the destruction of the universe ever since approximately . . . . . . 2 hours and . . . 35 minutes ago. That’s a short time, mon” Hermes commented, “And she and Fry are like Harry what’s-his-name and the really evil guy from that ancient literature that made millions.”

“Also, one will have to kill the other.  The fate of the universe depends on it.”  Nibbler added.

“Really!”  Amy chimed “but I thought they were . . . you know, dating? Spleesh.”

Ring! Ring! RING! The doorbell rang just then.

“I’ll get that.” Fry leaves. “Hi Leela!”
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