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Author Topic: Futurama episode I just came up with  (Read 1086 times)
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Do The Bender Uh Ah

« on: 05-22-2009 10:30 »
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"A thrilling tale of robbery and framing. Introducing Robot eating Wolves and Fry meets Derick in prison! Does Leela tell Fry how she really feels?"

Futurama Episode SM#1- "Oh wait I do need you"

-Fry's School 1997-

Fry is sitting in the back of class trying different non effective ways to attract the attention of a pretty girl sitting next to him.

Teacher: "Now class Can anyone tell me the name of the 16th President?"

A younger looking Fry Raises his hand and supports it with enthusiasm. The Teacher rolls his eyes fearing whats to come.

Teacher: "Fry?"...The Teacher said reluctantly

Fry: "Whom is Bill Clinton"....Fry said with a cocky demeanor

Teacher: "Absolutely not"...The teacher expressed in a monotone voice

Fry Interrupts Hastily.

Fry: "Neil Armstrong, uh i mean Buzz Lightyear!"...Fry Rambled on trying to come up with the answer as a disgusted look found the young girls face.

Teacher: "Fry, please stop..."

The pretty young girl scoots her desk away from fry toward a young hansom athlete. Fry rockets out of his seat with a look of anger on his face~

Fry: *with his hand raised* "This was a trick question!"....Fry complained

Teacher: "And how have you come up with that?"...The teacher asked non interested

Fry: "Because it tricked me"...

Opening credits......

FUTURAMA - Just like momma use to make.
Do The Bender Uh Ah

« Reply #1 on: 05-22-2009 10:32 »
« Last Edit on: 05-22-2009 22:39 »

Scene One - Robot Arms Apts

Frys sitting in his underwear and socks drinking a Slurm watching reruns of a popular High School T.V. show

Fry: "School sucked, and not just because i sucked at it because it sucked at me"..... 

Bender crashes through the door breathing heavily with loads of woman's jewelry on and bags of money in his hands.
Fry swings his head around and towards Bender.

Fry: "Cool stuff.....who's is it though?...asked Fry

Bender: "Yo momma's!, AHAHAHAHA no....but seriously stop asking questions like some kind of thing that asks a lot of questions"...Bender said

BANG BANG BANG! Someone pounded on the door

Old Woman's voice: "You Thieving robot open up!"...Yelled the Old woman from behind the door

Bender: "Oh yeah i forgot fry this cool stuff is yours!"....Bender said as he threw everything at fry and knocked him off the couch

Fry: "Aww thanks Bender"....Fry muffled from underneath a pile of loot

Bender: *in a distant voice* "FRY YOU IDIOT YOUR SUPPOSE TO BE CHEESING IT, WHAT ARE YOU AN IDIOT!"....Yelled Bender

Fry uncovers himself to see the window open and a rope dangling out of it.He struggles to get his pants on hopping on one foot toward the escape route.

BOOM!...The door blows open.

URL: "Stop in the name of love baby!"....Exclaimed the cop soulfully

Smitty: "Yeah and stop because we have guns and the ability to fire many shots until you are dead"....He added

URL: "In slef defense of course"....He pointed out

Fry reaches the window and sees Bender catching a cab

Fry: "Bender!"....Yelled fry in distress

Bender: "Oh yeah right..Fry...the robbery...its all coming back to me"...Bender said to himself

Bender: "Quick throw down the money Fry and then ill save you!"....said Bender

Fry climbing down the rope with several pearl necklace's and gold bracelets on chucked the two bags of money down to bender.
The two cops climb out of the window and start to descend down.

Smitty: "Hurry! Before he gets away like everyone else does"....Smitty said while climbing on URL's back

Bender grabs a near by kid with a red balloon and throws him in the way of the bags to brake their fall.

Bender: "Thanks Fry i didn't have any money for the fair...or beer".....exclaimed Bender

Bender jumps in the cab and it takes off down the road.

Bender: "To the nearest Liquor store adjacent to a stripper joint please"...asked bender with fist full of dollars to the cab driver.

Cab Driver: "Sure things"

Fry: "Bender you traitor!"...Screamed Fry as he watched the cab turn the corner and out of sight

Fry continued down and the rope. He reached the sidewalk and immediately the two cops fell crushing him into the pavement

Fry: "I'm innocent!"...Fry said gasping for air

URL: "Innocent like the head of O.J. Simpson is sucka!".....URL exclaimed

Smitty: "Yeah and he murdered half of the heads on the shelf he was on at the head museum, you human head murderer!"....Smitty yelled

Fry: "Did he get let off the hook like last time?"...Asked Fry
URL: "Of course he did. Hey what are you an Idiot?"....URL asked

Do The Bender Uh Ah

« Reply #2 on: 05-22-2009 10:32 »
« Last Edit on: 05-22-2009 21:13 »

Scene two - New New York State Prison

Fry sits in a dark,damp, cold cell surrounded by a swarm of criminals playing cards and shooting dice. A man in woman's clothes walks up to Fry

Man: "Hey there young thang, you looking for a good time?"....Asked the man in a feminine voice

Fry: "Not now..but maybe later"....Fry said

Leela: "Fry you bozo!"....Said Leela

Fry's eyes lit up as he saw Leela and zoidberg on the other side of the bars. Fry rushes over as fast as he can run to greet them.

Fry: "Aww man....AM I GLAD TO SEE YOU TWO!"....Fry said with relief

Zoidberg: "Really me Zoidberg?....you?...glad? about me?"....Zoidberg asked in broken sentence

Fry: "Eh"...said fry with a lack of enthusiasm as he shrugged his shoulders and motioned his hand out and tilted it side to side

Leela: "Fry, I wouldnt be shocked if this was Bender in jail, as a matter of fact I'm shocked its not him, but you, what are you an idiot"...Leela said

Fry: "STOP ASKING THAT!"....~Leela and Zoidberg look confused~....it should be Bender Leela! Honestly its his fault im in here, just like its his fault i cant move either of my pinky fingers anymore"....Fry argued

Zoidberg: "I can fix that in a jiffy"....exclaimed Zoidberg with confidence

Fry/Leela: "No you cant"...they both remarked

Fry: "Leela you have to get me out of here, I'm too weak and pretty"...Fry pleaded

Leela: "yeah...too pretty"...Leela said with a smirk

Man: "Hey Fry, who's that sexy looking thang your talking to"....asked the feminem man

Fry: "That thang is Leela...and for your information she is not sexy back off!"...Fry said aggravated

Leela: *sigh*

Man: "No i mean that lobster thang"...The man corrected

Zoidberg: "Two people today glad to see me, what is today my funeral or something?"....asked Zoidberg

Do The Bender Uh Ah

« Reply #3 on: 05-22-2009 10:33 »
« Last Edit on: 05-22-2009 22:43 »

Scene Three - Planet Express

Bender's in the kitchen baking a cake whistling one of his favorite tunes and singing "I'm Bender I'm great!" as Leela and the Professor enter in.

Bender: "HEY! Whats the meaning of the barging in and such!"....Asked Bender

The Professor: "Bender once again your responsible for the incarceration of another employee and I'm hot mad about it, I think...I'm not really sure, QUIT BADGERING ME ABOUT IT ALREADY!"...Screamed The Professor

Bender: "Oh yeah the framing of innocent fry....the getaway....the booze and broads, its all coming back to me now"...Said bender

Leela: "Bender even though getting away scott free from a crime is cool,bold and daring"...Said Leela as Bender interrupted her

Bender: "Some of my best qualities were contained in that sentence"...."I like where this is going you may continue in this manner of celebrating my life achievements"....Bender said bluntly

Leela: "UGH"...."Bender you put fry in Jail and its wrong and you have to do something to get him out or else"...Leela said with authority

Bender: "Or else what you sack of organs?"...Bender said

The Professor pulls out a large magnet with a sinister grin on his face, Bender Starts to sweat profusely.

Bender: "Listen guys I'm sure we can work this thing out now!...like adults....in my favor of course"...Bender said neverously

Leela Grabs the magnet and moves closer to Bender.

Bender: "Alright alright!...LISTEN!...that's why I'm making this cake with a file in it to give to Fry"....Bender said apologetically

Leela: "Bender..why don't you just use the money you stole to pay his bail....or grease a judge"...Leela asked

Bender: "Cause i already spent all of the money towards making this cake"...Bender replied

Leela: "You spent two bags of money on a cake?"...asked Leela

Bender: "Yeah the file is solid gold"....Bender said

Bender whips it out lets out and evil laugh as Leela and The Professor look at Bender with disappointment.

Bender: "WHAT?...I like to do things big....you should know this about Bender already"....remarked Bender

Do The Bender Uh Ah

« Reply #4 on: 05-22-2009 10:33 »
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Scene Four - New New York State Prison

Fry lay next to the Feminine man in bed with bloodshot eyes and messy hair.

Fry: "UH!....Move over Derick your hogging up all the non lumpy side of the bed"....Cried Fry

Derick: "Why do you have to take that tone with me?".....Asked Derrick in a sad feminine voice

Fry: "Ah I didn't mean too, its just I'm working overtime making license plates and the boss..hes always riding me and well...that's no excuse
How about i take you out tonight to see tear drop and Mike Tyson's head fight behind the basketball court? there's two to one odds someone loses an ear".....Fry said

Derick: "Awww really? Your the best Fry"....Exclaimed Derick in a comforted feminine voice

Bender: Pist Fry...FRY!!".....Bender said Secretly from behind the barred window above

Fry: "BENDER?"...Fry asked surprisingly as he sat up out of bed

Derick: "Oh nuh uh who is he Fry"....Asked Derick with a temper

Fry: "Uh its not what it looks like he...Fry said as Bender interrupted

Bender: "I'm his X coming to take him back...now scram meat bag"...Bender teased

Derick: "Fry....How could you"....Said Derick sobbing with a pillow over his face

Fry: "Good job Bender we just made up"...exclaimed Fry

Bender: "HAHAHA im just joshin ya...Say fry...whats gotten into you? I thought you liked the other human life form with bumps on the front"...Bender asked curiously

Fry: "What Oh uh nothing, nothing happened....i swear"....Said Fry

Bender: "Yeah yeah its OK i had a cousin who had gay chip installed"....Bender said

Fry: "Whatever Bender, and what are you doing here anyway I'm mad at you right now....your the reason I'm stuck in here in the first place"....Fry said with discontent

Bender: "Well besides saying hello to some of my more exciting prison friends I'm here to rescue you with this delicious cake. Baked by yours truly....Bender"....Said Bender

Fry: "Why did you sneak into prison to give it to me, couldn't you just have came to visit and gave it to me then?".....Asked Fry

Bender: "Yeah but this way is more Illegal....and fun...what are you an....Said Bender as Fry sprung out of his bed

Fry: "If you say idiot i swear!"....Fry said with intensity

Bender starts to smash the cake through the bars, fry runs over and starts to scarf the cake up.

Fry: "Num Num Num...I haven't had anything to eat worth eating in forever!"....Rejoiced Fry

Derick: "HEY GUARDS FRY'S TRYING TO BUST OUTTA HERE!"...Derick said out loud through the cell bars

Fry/Bender: "Snitch"...They said together with squinted eyes

The Prisons Alarm system starts to ring out and armed guards come running toward Fry's cell.

Fry: "Bender what do we do?"....Asked fry in a frantic voice

Bender: *in a distant voice* "Were suppose to be Cheesing it how many times do i have to tell you this you idiot!"....Yelled Bender as he ran through the jail yard

Fry Grabs the solid gold file and files through the 5 bars and falls down to the ground with a huge thud.
Bender already a great distance in front of Fry busts through the prison wall.

Bender: "Maximum security my shinny metal ass, Ive busted outta day care centers that were harder than this!"....Bender boasted as he darted for the dark woods as the sun was setting

Fry Darts as he gets chased by dogs and barely makes it through the wall before it collapses to the ground blocking the dogs from catching him.
He catches up to bender who has stopped in the woods and is already making a fire and opening a bottle of beer.

Bender: "Another impossible mission accomplished by the greatest"....Bender remarked as he burped out flames and throw the beer he just chugged down

Fry: "Bender i cant believe you would leave your BEST friend twice like that"....Fry complained with his hands on his hips staring down on Bender

Bender: "I did not leave you twice Fry"..... ~Fry looks at Bender with piercing eyes~ "OK so i left you twice Fry, but hey look at the bright side"....Bender argued as he opened up another beer

Fry: "Whats the bright side?"....Fry asked with his hands out

Bender: "I'll tell you when i make it up"....declared Bender as he stoked the fire sending smoke and ash into Fry's face

~Fry rubs his eyes~

Fry: "I'm so out of here".....Fry said

Bender: "But who's going to eat these weenies i got for rosting and drink all these beers i brought along?....well i was going to drink most of the beers and flick the weenies at you for fun but still, Fry?....
who am i going to flick the weenies at if your not sitting there not looking?....Bender asked pitifully as his face became long and he opened up his compartment slowly

Fry walks off into the dark mysterious woods murmuring things under his voice.

Bender: "Fine then I don't need you anyways!....exclaimed Bender as he shook his fist

Bender reaches in his compartment and pulls out a book titled "101 funniest pranks to pull on humans while camping"

Bender: "Oh wait Fry I do need you".....Yelled out Bender

Do The Bender Uh Ah

« Reply #5 on: 05-22-2009 10:34 »
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Scene Five - Planet Express

Amy,Hermes and scruffy are watching the news in the lounge.

Morbo: "....and that is why my race will invade earth and devour each and everyone of you puny humans!".....Boasted Morbo

Amy: "BLAGH!....hes only been telling us this for like ever!"....Stated Amy

Hermes: "I wish he would get it over wit it already"....Hermes said annoyed

Leela walks in the room with a concerned look as she walks up to the P.E. crew on the couch.

Leela: "Hey have Bender and Fry come back from breaking out of prison yet?...Usually Bender commits multiple felonies faster than this"....Said Leela

Amy: "Yeah where are they?"....asked Amy

Hermes: "Yeah, there not getting paid to brake out of prison that's for sure!"....exclaimed Hermes as he stood up in protest

Breaking news scrolls across the T.V. screen.

Morbo: "One Extremely criminally active robot...  *Leela/Amy/Hermes: "Bender"*  an one puny little human *Leela/Amy/Hermes: "Fry"* Escaped From Prison Tonight."....yelled Morbo

Morbo: "Prison Officials have stated the two fugitives are most likely lost in wolf infested woods surrounding the prison and doomed to a bloody death"..."In other news IF I WAS THE WARDEN I WOULD HAVE DESTROYED THEM!"....Yelled Morbo as he slammed his green fists on the table 

Leela/Amy/Herems: "GASP!"

Scruffy: "Looks like Scruffy's gettin a promotion"....declared Scruffy with no expression on his face

Leela: "You guys load up it looks like we have to go save dumb and dumber again"....Leela said reluctantly

Amy: "Which one is dumber?"....Asked Amy

~A collective pause~

Leela/Amy/Hermes/Scruffy: "Fry"....They all said in unison and with confidence

As Leela was going through her locker to change clothes for their mission to rescuse Fry and bender, she noticed Fry's locker was opened.
She Peaked inside it a little bit and saw Fry's holophoner sitting on the top shelf next to a Video Chip. Curious she grabbed the Video Chip and crammed it into her wrist computer.
It began to play, it was a homemade video of fry playing the holophoner. It starts out with a crude yet pretty version of Leela flying the Planet Express ship, it continues
with Fry coming behind her and surprising her with flowers. He try's to hand her the beautiful Pink Roses but she refuses them and then song turns very sad. Leela's eye tears up as she realizes the times shes been mean to Fry in the past.

Leela: "Fry....I'm coming"....Leela said in a low voice as she grabbed her coat and rushed to the Planet express ship and took off!

Do The Bender Uh Ah

« Reply #6 on: 05-22-2009 10:35 »
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Scene Six - Wolf Infested Woods

Fry is walking through the dim, spooky woods filled with scary shadows casting down jagged edges on the ground.

Fry: "How am i suppose to navigate through this damn forest when all these damn trees look the damn same".....Complained fry

Fry: "I know!....wait..no"....Said Fry

Fry hears wolves in the distance howling at the moonlight.

Fry: "Maybe that's just a dog that's confused and thinks its a wolf"....Said Fry trying to comfort himself

Fry: "I wonder what Bender is doing right now"...Fry asked

Bender, in the same spot as before, swallows the last swig of beer he has.

Bender: "I don't understand humans....one minuet you hand them a bag of money the next minuet their in prison"..."what the hells wrong with them!?"....asked Bender

Bender: "I guess i treated Fry a little bit awful....but is that enough to make someone mad at someone?...... probably!"...said Bender

Bender: "When i treat most humans awful i laugh and do it again and take pictures of it and mail them to the their house and laugh some more.....not with fry though"...Bender said

Bender: "I wonder what hes doing right now

Bender hears a pack of wolves coming closer and close. The Wolves appear in the darkness with there yellow glowing eyes and there bright white
teeth sticking out of their drooling mouths. Bender raise's up and try's to settle the Wolves down.

Bender: "Nice Robot eating wolves....Its ol Love able Bender your pal in crime!".....Bender said tentatively

The wolves lunge out at Bender forcing him to run wildly further into the strange forest.

Bender: "Oh man i hate running...AHHHHHH!!!!!"....Screamed Bender with his hands flying over top of his head.

Fry picks his head up as he hears the wolves barking and growling and Bender screaming.

Fry: "Its Bender!....And hes bringing rottweilers to fight off the wolves".....Fry exclaimed

Fry: "Wait that doesn't even make sense"....Fry said

~Fry snaps his fingers~

Fry: "There Pitt bulls!"....Fry Yelled

Leela, Amy, The Professor and Zoidberg Fly low at a rapid speed along the tree lines with a huge spot light shining down trying to locate Fry and Bender.

Zoidberg: "I don't think i can go on living anymore, not with Fry and Bender Dead and gone...*Cries*....Wait with them being dead would i get the food that would be for them?"....Zoidberg asked hopefully

The Professor: "No!...Now shut up you!"...The Professor raved

Zoidberg: "Oh the humanity!"....Cried Zoidberg

Leela: "Would you be quiet I'm trying to find Fry!....She yelled..."Oh i hope we find him"....Leela said sounding worried

Amy: "Gee Leela Ive never seen you this upset about Fry before"...."What gives"....Amy Asked

Leela: "Oh nothing, its strictly professional, he's a good delivery boy"....Leela replied

Amy: "But you once said he was the worst delivery boy of all time and that an empty Slurm can could do a better job"...Amy said

Leela: "DID NOT!"....Yelled out Leela

Leela: "Look lets just all focus on finding Fry and Bender!"....Declared Leela

Amy: "Leela Loves Fry, Leela Loves Fry"...Amy Sang

Leela: "Amy I'm serious!"....Said Leela

Amy/Zoidberg/The Professor: "Leela loves Fry, Leela Loves Fry"...They All Sang

Leela: "OK so i care a little about Fry am i the only one on earth that cares about........OK OK i get your point".....Leela Agreed

Fry sees Bender being chased off in the distance but gaining ground quickly.

Bender: "Fry!...RUN!"...Bender Yelled as he approached Fry

Fry: "Why are your Pitt bulls chasing you and why do your Pitt bulls not look like Pitt bulls and why do they look like wolves *Gasp*

Fry and Bender Run side by side through the woods for their lives.

Bender: "Fry!....I'm Sorry about abandoning you twice fry....I only did it to save myself!".....Bender Yelled while he was being chased

Fry: "Its OK Bender I understand, I'm sorry about abandoning you in the woods like that, i know how much you like to flick things at me when I'm not looking".....Fry Cried out

Bender: "This is all my fault!"....Bender yelled

Fry: "No its not Bender, Its societies fault for frowning down on robbery!".....Fry yelled back

~Bender spots out a tree~

Bender: "Quick Fry up this tree!"...Bender said

Bender Throws Fry up into the tree and smacking Fry against several thick branches. Bender extends his arms to the top and springs out forward just in the nick of time.
The wolves below start to gnaw fiercely on the trunk of the tree shredding bark off, inches each bite.

Fry: "Thanks Bender"....Fry said Painfully with sarcasm

Bender: "Sure thing what are friends for....plus once they gnaw through the trunk were going to die a sweet death anyways"...Bender remarked adverse to the apparent doom

Fry: "This is the way i always pictured death"...."Me...my best friend....a tree....wolves"....its all here.....Fry said somberly

Bender: "Yeah I'm sorry i know this living thing is more important to you humans seeing as you all have emotions and that crap"....Bender said

Bender: "Fry I'm sorry i asked if you were an idiot"......bender sobbed

Fry: "Bender I'm sorry i asked to borrow your toothbrush".....Fry sobbed

Bender: "Its OK....i forgive you"....Bender said

The Wolves had chewed off half of the tree trunk and show no signs of stopping.

Bender: "My only regret is that i didn't steal more things"....Bender said

Fry: "My only regret is i never got the one girl i always wanted"....Fry said sadly

Bender: "Who?"....Bender asked

Fry: "The only woman i ever loved......Leela......LEELA????".....Fry Cried out as he saw the Planet Express ship come swooping in

Bender: "ALRIGHT I'M SAVED!....I mean We!".....Said Bender

Fry: "I knew she would come and save us!".....Yelled Fry

Just as Leela and the crew arrived, the Wolves sent the tree plummeting towards earth with a loud cracking sound.

Leela: "NOO!....I have to save FRY!...I mean Fry and Bender"....Leela Cried out

Leela: "Zoidberg man the controls i have to jump out"....demanded Leela

Zoidberg: "Me???...a Captain....what and honor... I never thought I would see the day me Zoidberg would get....

Leela: "Hermes man the controls"....Demanded Leela

Hermes: "Sure thing Leela"....said Hermes

Zoidberg: 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!".....He Cried Out

The Planet Express ship zoomed in just as the tree was falling and right has Fry and Bender Hit the ground Leela Jumped out of the ship
Tumbling onto the forest floor.

Fry: "Leela!"....Fry Said

Leela: "Fry!"....Replied Leela

Bender: "Uh excuse me?"....Bender said

Leela: "BENDER!"....Yelled Leela

Bender: "That's better....what do you want?"...said Bender

Leela/Fry: "LOOK OUT!"....They Yelled

Three Wolves Jumped on Bender and Began to Maul him. Their teeth piercing through his metal exterior.
Leela Charged in kicking and punching Wolves one by one. Fry lay on the ground in a fetal position.

Bender: "Save yourselves!".....Bender Yelled

Leela: "Really?"....Leela Asked Astonished

Bender: "HELL NO!....SAVE BENDER!".....He cried

Leela Jumped on the Wolves trying her hardest to fight of the unrelenting beasts trying to kill her friends. Leela was out numbered by too much and the biggest wolf of
them all sunk his teeth into Leela's Leg cause her to scream out in pain! Which in return made Bender scream out in fear.

Fry: "Oh no....LEELA"....He said as he got up and took off towards her

Fry ran as fast as he could and jumped on the wolf and began to wrestle it. Fry said "I might not have learned much at school, but what i did learn is i can put
myself in tremendous danger without thinking twice about the consequences" fry gave it a good fight for about 4 seconds before the Wolf pinned him to the ground leaving Fry

Leela: "No Fry why?...It will kill you!"...She cried Out still in pain

Bender: "Yeah your too weak!"....added Bender

The Wolf plunged its huge canines into Fry's throat, choking him.

Zoidberg: "look everyone Zoidberg help!......Zoidberg celebrated as he threw Leela a gun

Leela Caught the gun and blasted the wolf disintegration it into a million peices.

Leela: "Oh Fry no!"....she cried out in dis pare when she ran to his unconscious side.

Leela,Bender,Zoidberg,Amy and The Professor all circled around Fry's mangled, bloody body.

The Professor: "Zoidberg quick your a doctor aren't you, do something!"....The Professor demanded

Zoidberg: "Alright alright already, you act like someone is dying".....exclaimed Zoidberg

A few tense moments passed as Zoidberg pull out all sorts of medical instruments and preformed numerous tests on Fry's seemingly lifeless body.

Zoiderg: "I'm sorry, there's nothing i can do here...."....Zoidberg said

Leela: "NOOOOO FRYYYYY!!!.....Why did i always reject Fry time and time again?"...What was so wrong with him?"....Leela asked as she cried

Bender: "Well for starters you said he was a wuss bag and his breathe stunk and he wasn't tall enough and..."

Leela Punched Bender right in the gut.

Bender: "OUCH!"...Forgive me for having an excellent memory Leela"....Yelled Bender

Leela: "I cant believe Fry is dead.....how could i have let this happen".....why didn't i ever tell him how i felt?"....cried out Leela

Zoidberg: "Dead?....no i meant i couldn't do anything because i don't know how".....said Zoidberg

Leela: "So Fry...hes...hes alright!!!?....."....Leela asked

Fry: "I'm alright Leela...Fry said struggling to smile

Fry: "Although I've lost 8 pints of blood and 2 toes....I'm just like i was before.....except for the pints and toes"...fry said in a soft voice as he came to

Leela: "Oh Fry i thought you were dead!"....cried Leela

Fry: "No Leela i cant die, I'm from the past remember"....Fry asked

Everyone just looked at each other with confused faces on.

The Professor: "Good news everyone!.....All of this is coming out of your pay checks!".....Said the professor

Bender: "WOOOHOO....aww wait...that's not good news in the slightest"...Said Bender

The Professor: "Well i suppose your technically correct....I guess we can put this all on Zoidbergs tab"....The Professor proposed

Zoidberg: "What did somebody so Zoidy's name?"....Zoidberg asked as he was huddled over the ashes gobbling them up

Everyone returned back to the ship, Leela and Fry Lagged behind as Leela tended to Fry's wounds and helped him walk along.

Fry: "Did you really mean what you said?"....Fry asked

Leela: "wait what?...you could hear all that?"....asked Leela

Fry: "A mixture between that and Bender saying DUN DUN DUN!"...Said fry

Leela: "I guess i never really thought about it but.....well.....isn't it just beautiful out here Fry?.....Leela said as she moved in closer to fry and clasped his hands

The Sky was full of stars that night and the moon was full and shone brightly down onto the forest trees below.

Fry: "Yea...It sure is"....Fry said as he looked into Leela's eye

Fry: "Leela... i...."Fry started to say

Leela: "Shh Fry"....Leela said softly as she moved in to kiss him

Amy/Zoidberg/Bender/The Professor: "Leela loves fry, Leela Loves Fry,"....They sang out of one of the ships window

Leela: *Sigh*...as she opened her eyes at looked at fry

Fry stood their still with his eyes closed and his lips still out.

Leela: *Sigh*

Bender: "Hey Fry do you still have that solid gold file, i have an idea to bust someone out of jail....its fool proof!....first I'm gonna bake a cake then.."...Bender Started to say

Everyone: "BENDER!!!!"

Bender: "What?....seriously what could go wrong you guys?"....Protested Bender

Ending Credits....

Do The Bender Uh Ah

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Wow lol...i didnt realize how long that was......i just sat down and started writing for hours on end....i know its extremely long and full of spelling errors but if anyone does read the whole thing i hope you like it

Urban Legend
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I liked it.  It was really good.  You should post it to TLZ/Futurama Madhouse.  Only one criticism here:  You called the police characters 'Human Cop and Robot Cop'.  The human is called "Officer Smitty" and the robot is called "URL".  Just thought I'd clear that up. 

Other than that, great story!  It was fun to read about Fry getting wrongfully accused! 
Do The Bender Uh Ah

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I liked it.  It was really good.  You should post it to TLZ/Futurama Madhouse.  Only one criticism here:  You called the police characters 'Human Cop and Robot Cop'.  The human is called "Officer Smitty" and the robot is called "URL".  Just thought I'd clear that up. 

Other than that, great story!  It was fun to read about Fry getting wrongfully accused! 

Thanks bro....Yea i couldn't  think of their names at all last night so i figured if i just called them that people would know....thanks for the heads up ill rem that in the future.....

I'm going to try to write better when it comes to describing the scenes i was more into the dialogue last night.
Do The Bender Uh Ah

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Updated the errors
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