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: The Short Fan-Fic thread  (Read 1144 times)
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Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« : 03-29-2009 23:34 »

This thread is for the PEEL community, but only short stories are allowed in this. Either one parts or two parts. I'm currently working on my first fan-fic, so feel free to deposit your own short fictions.
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« #1 : 03-30-2009 09:08 »

I’ve finished my first fan-fic. It’s set in between Benders Game and Into the Wild Green Yonder. The middle movies pulled away from the ending of BBS, and the meaning of this story is to put it back in time for ITWGY.

The Bistro

The past few days had been hectic for Leela: being sucked into a different world where nobody was who they were. She needed to unravel from this experience.

“Leela, uh…”

Fry had come behind her and surprised her. “Fry, don’t sneak up on me,” Leela said. “I have to come back to my senses from what happened.”
The Planet Express Ship, being towed by tens of Nibblers, stopped abruptly, throwing everybody on the floor. Leela got up and shook her head. What could make me feel better? She thought.

She couldn’t talk with Professor. The coot was still mad at her for wasting the dark matter.

She couldn’t chat with Amy, she’d insult her style, which she usually did out of discussion, so talking to her would be a big risk.

Not Hermes. Definitely not Bender.
She looked at Fry, getting up from the floor. Of course. Fry was something real to her. He probably was what reminded her she was in the right world. Something about him just made her the co-worker she remembered most.

“Leela, uh, I-“ Fry was stuttering, trying to speak to her again. Leela knew what he would say before he said it. It was so obvious. “Sorry for sneaking up on you.” Then he walked away.

Leela knew he didn’t ask, because he knew he would get rejected again. It had happened so many times, so maybe he had come to live with it. But then again, he had had a hard time. He had been stabbed by Walt and Larry, that couldn’t have been good. And weird things had happened that affected them both. Why couldn’t they both help each other?

“What did you want to say?” asked Leela. Fry turned and looked at her. “I think I just said it.”
“Fry, what was it?” Leela was talking softly.

“Would you go out with me tonight?” Fry asked. Leela thought it must have taken guts to just ask the question in front of her, and just straightforward like that. “Well,” said Leela. “I think I need to calm down tonight. So, yes.”

Fry couldn’t help but grin tremendously. He needed time to take it in, so Leela waited. After a while, he spoke. “Thanks,” he said. “Where would you like to go?”
“There’s a new restaurant down the street called New Cork Bistro.”
“Sounds great,” said Fry.

Leela took a brief stroll down the path. At this time of night, the mozzies came in, so she got out a small jar, opened the lid, and within five seconds, black dots were seen on the pavement.

She saw the illuminated lights of the bistro up ahead. It was relatively fancy, it didn’t have kids running amok, it was very neat, and she was glad it wasn’t a café.

Fry was at the counter, pointing to a dish of caviar. He was dressed in a black jumper, it was cold out there. “Hello, Fry,” said Leela. “Can I order?”
“Leela!” exclaimed Fry. “It’s amazing to see you actually come here!”

Fry wasn’t acting like it was a fast food outlet; he was like a very mature person. It was a five-star restaurant, and Fry wasn’t embarrassing her. This was starting out to be fun. Now that they were on an actual date, Fry was taking it seriously.

“Maybe the cottage cheese,” said Leela. “And a salad.”

Fry looked at the menu again, and said, “A dish of caviar, with camembert and a hot dog.” They sat down at a table, and to pass the time, they talked.

“Leela, I wonder if that world we went into was actually real.”
Leela realised he had chose an appropriate topic. Have I been wrong about him all this time, she wondered. Fry was mature, and he could have showed it if I’d given him a chance. “Professor said it was real,” Leela said. “But I doubt he knows about it without taking any tests or samples or whatever.”

“The restaurant seems to be helping your anger issues,” Fry said.

Normally Leela would tell him off for talking back, but she felt no urge to. She was completely calm.

They received the cottage cheese and hot dog. Leela ate it, but it seemed a bit bland.
“Fry, could I have just a bit of your hot dog?”

Fry took the knife, and cut off a neat section, but he slammed it down and it cut the table.

The noise startled everyone in the bistro. Leela tensed, but the audience looked away from them, and she wondered why. He’d just made the sound of a knife in the wall!

He had quickly sat down and put the knife back where it was. It looked so convincing to Leela she was sure she’d pass him by looking for a suspect. He passed her the cut off hot dog.

A waiter came to re-check their orders. Fry quickly covered the table gash with his arm.

“So,” he said, “Missus ordered the camembert, no?
“No, but we’re sharing it,” Leela said.
“Ooh, sometin tells me dis is no business convoisation!”
“Are you going to re-check our orders, sir?” Fry said firmly.
‘Sorray, sir,” the waiter said. “And ze caviar, ze salad-“
“Yes,” said Fry. “That’s it.”
“Okay, sire,” the waiter said.

Leela was impressed that Fry handled the situation nicely.

The camembert came, a neat round cheese which you can cut up and put on biscuits, it tastes very squishy and nice. Fry started carving it from the middle, making pie-piece shaped bits, only cheese-piece shaped, and he gave one to Leela, who put it on a biscuit. The next one she didn’t bother with the biscuit: the cheese was the bomb.

Fry slipped the knife, catapulting the rest of the cheese up on the wooden ceiling. The waiter came over and looked at it. “Sire, our ceili- I polish that dratted thing each day!”

“I’m sorry,” said Fry, lifting his arms of the table. The waited saw the mark in the wood. “Aah!” he screamed. “Priceless wooden artefacts special for ze bistro!”

Everyone was looking, and with the waiter as proof, their eyes stayed there. Leela put her head in her hands: she should have known Fry would screw up again – but how could you blame him, it was an accident.

The caviar came next, after the waiter went off and told the manager. Fry slipped while holding it, and all the tiny bead-like edibles rolled onto the floor, but most flew into everyone else. It was also unlucky that most of them thought caviar was disgusting, they knew what it was by reading Wikipedia Britannica.

Fry picked up remnants and put it on the table. Leela was frowning. Fry wondered if he should just run out of the restaurant and not annoy Leela more, or stay and try not to screw up. If he stayed, he’d mess up, and Leela was already annoyed enough. If he ran out, Leela would think he was a total wimp.

He was still contemplating this when a waiter came with the salad. The cheese on the ceiling lost grip and fell toward the waiters head. Fry wasn’t thinking properly; he jumped out to catch it, but fell on the waiter. The bowl flew up in the air, and tomato, lettuce, beans, celery, kiwi fruit, it came out like an explosion and landed on the precious walls and ceiling, all the precious tables, and every single person in the bistro, including Leela, who sat in her seat in shock.

Fry got up and looked around. Everyone was running around, yelling, the waiter was yelling at him, cheese splattered all over him. Leela looked at him, staring at him. She growled as she wiped away the lettuce from her face. She stood up and walked out of the restaurant. Fry ran after her.

“Leela! Leela!” the voice behind her came.

Leela kept walking, Fry had ruined her night, and she just wanted him to rack off and leave her. “Leela, wait!”

Leela turned to face him. “What!” she yelled. Fry stood there, frozen, completely speechless. He quietly stuttered “I-I-I” but he never continued.

“I am gracious enough to go out on a date with you,” yelled Leela, “and you totally mess it up! I never said ‘Yes’ because I knew it would be disastrous!”
Fry stood there, helpless. He looked as if he were about to burst into tears.

“When I finally go out with a stuff-up like you, the chances of you actually acting your age are one in a thousand! I should have known you’d ruin it all!!”

She kept on, and she finally walked away. Fry ran the opposite way. There was no point saying sorry to her.

Leela looked back. Fry stood dejected on the path. She knew she’d been overreacting. She went back to Fry. ‘Keep away from me!’ said Fry. “I’m sorry I yelled at you,” said Leela. She’d hurt him bad, was this enough.

Fry glared at her in the face. “Look, it’s very obvious now that you and I are as much of a match as Zoidberg and Hermes! So we can both shove our dreams down the drain, well, you get to keep yours, you’re free of me now.” And he walked away.

Leela decided not to follow him. She wished she could apologize properly. She had loved Fry as much as he once loved her, and now it may never happen.

She watched the shadows go over him as he moved out of the light.

Someday, Fry, she thought. Someday.


Urban Legend
« #2 : 03-30-2009 09:26 »

Wow, that was actually really good. The short stories are good.
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« #3 : 03-30-2009 09:36 »
« : 04-04-2009 08:31 »

Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« #4 : 03-30-2009 12:11 »
« : 04-04-2009 08:32 »

There'll be more stories soon.
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« #5 : 03-31-2009 10:53 »
« : 03-31-2009 10:54 »

Just remember this thread is for the public so you can put your short stories here too.
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« #6 : 04-04-2009 02:42 »
« : 04-04-2009 06:07 »

The Adventures of Zoidy
Part One

"Stop snoring, ya stupid lobster!"

Hermes whacked Zoidberg with his clipboard. Zoidberg got off the conference table and decided it was time to retire to his trash can. He was very hungry and he hadn't had anything to eat for days. Everyone was mean to him for some reason, but he couldn't figure out why. Hermes had thrown his new trampoline into the garbage, and Zoidberg had saved up for it, it had taken him months.

He jumped in and desperately searched for food. “Why, oh why?” he said to himself. He found a fish skeleton and sucked on it, but it was dry and completely lacked of nutrition.

He rummaged through it for about an hour, in search for food. He then collapsed onto a pile of cardboard boxes he had gnawed through but found only cutlery. He went into a deep sleep, and the vibrations of the can helped him to relax…

Zoidberg woke up. At first he couldn’t see a thing. Clouds were in his eyes. They cleared, and Zoidberg saw things scattered on the ground. At first he had a bad feeling about this, but he saw it was salmon. His pupils went wide, and he jumped into the pile of fish.

He ate 49 of them before wondering, “Where is this?” He looked around his surroundings. There was salmon, cod, herring, and food of all sorts of kinds but it w as vast, and what was missing was people.

Zoidberg was scared. He nibbled on a cod, but couldn’t eat. He started walking through the vast landscape of food. He didn’t feel any appetite when he passed a big bowl of pork scattered with 20-dollar bills.

Then the place he was in started to vibrate. Zoidberg fell over onto a pile of lettuce, which all of a sudden under him it felt like it had turned into tissues, boxes and discarded food, and he looked around him, and it had. There were no clouds above him, it was a metal crate surrounded with things more disgusting then a trash can, he would never had rummaged through it. It was a garbage truck. Zoidberg got up, but it went over a speed bump, and he fell over onto a dead mouse.

He looked at the side, but he saw hard, concrete road under him. If he jumped, he’d be crushed. He was travelling on a freeway. Tens of cars were behind them, the front section holding their noses. Zoidberg watched the scenery go by, and it turned to country.

He was going to the state garbage incinerator.

Part 2 will come soon.
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« #7 : 04-04-2009 06:21 »

It’s good that different parts to short stories come pretty quickly.

The Adventures of Zoidy Part 2

Zoidberg had heard that garbage was put into a large fire in the countryside in New New York state. He had to find some way out. The road was going way too fast under him, so he couldn’t jump out.

The truck started to slow down, and all the rubbish was heaved out the back toward a large fire that was burning an entire rubbish tip. Zoidberg had to hold his breath, but a fan at the front of the truck started to spin, pushing Zoidberg and loose garbage closer to the fire. His claws couldn’t hold on to the railing, and he let go, and went squealing into the fire.

A bouncy thing made hard contact with his back, and Zoidberg’s old trampoline sprung him back into the truck. The truck zoomed away, but Zoidberg had jumped up in the air when it had, and Zoidberg had not gone with it. He fell to the ground, and ran away from the burning tip. He watched the truck go around the bend, and he sighed. “Awww,” he said as he sat on the ground. “I’ll never get back home.”

He walked along the road for a bit, but didn’t get even half the way to where the road came off the freeway. He lay on the ground, and went to sleep. He was tired, and if his senses were right, he would have known to keep going.

Zoidberg woke up in a cloudy room with plates of delicious food scattered around him. He lunged for a plate of mandarins but the food disappeared, and he was standing outside the Planet Express building.

Through a window he could see a pile of herrings. He wub-wub-wubbed for joy, but remembered he was in a dream, and he would probably wake up before he got there. He sat on the pavement, and watched other people go by. They were holding plates of food. As they walked by the plates seemed to get bigger, and the food got bigger as well. Zoidberg watched it and suddenly he got up.

He was on the side of the road. He immediately ran the road back to the freeway, and found the giant overpass. He watched the cars go under, and he jumped off the overhead railing and onto a car. He scrambled for a hold on the roof, but clawed onto the side railings.

As he watched the scenery, he felt relaxed as he was going home, but something was making him feel very daunting. Something wasn’t right. The scenery just wasn’t the same. After a few hours, he went across a river, and he knew he had never seen it before. There was more settlement then he remembered, and it was not the same as he had seen before. Then he looked at the landmarks, and saw a giant tower. He recognized that from one of Leela’s magazines.

He was in Toronto.
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« #8 : 04-04-2009 08:30 »

The Adventures of Zoidy Part 3

Zoidberg stared up at the tower. He was supposed to be at home.

“I’m in Canada!” he squealed. “I’m supposed to be back home with the robit and the Planet express crew!” He was devastated now that he was even further away from New New York.

He lost grip of the car railings and flailed his arms. He grabbed onto the bumper as the car sped along the Gardiner Expressway. His claw was slipping; soon he’d be flat on the road and he’d be served at the nearest Toronto café, the Harbour Sixty Steak House. Lobster would be their special.

He managed to grab the bumper properly, and he made his way around the side of the car, avoiding the wheels. He pushed off and landed in the median.  He then jumped onto another car coming the other way.

It started to turn off back into the city, so Zoidberg leapt onto another car, which was still going on the expressway. He kept doing this until Mississauga, when he saw the people in the car holding a map, with a Toronto-New York route highlighted. He tied parts of his clothes onto the top railings of the car, and fell asleep, exhausted.

Zoidberg woke up. He was parked outside the Empire State Building, and a woman and two police officers were looking at him.
“What are you doing up there?” said a police officer. “And second question, same again without the “doing up there”.”

Zoidberg didn’t answer.

“It’s illegial to take a ride on someone’s car, cheapskate,” said the second cop. “You could go to jail for that.”

“I don’t have a car!” exclaimed Zoidberg.

“But you’re a doctor! You’re wearing doctor clothes, you’ve got a thermometer in your pocket-“

“Don’t judge me!” said Zoidberg. “Just because I am a doctor doesn’t mean I’m good at it! Now let me go!”

“He’s been up there since we left Toronto!” the woman said.

“We’re gonna arrest you for illegial hitchhiking, doctor impersonation, and somehow annoying me!” said the cop. Zoidberg tried to untie himself from the car, but his knots were extra tight. His claws couldn’t break the clothing.

The policeman lunged for the lobster with a pair of handcuffs, but Zoidberg quickly got out scissors he used for cutting open paper for simple anatomy, and dislodged his clothes. Small white cloth remained on the car.

Zoidberg jumped into a taxi, and it sped away. The policeman got in a nearby cab and sped after them. Zoidberg swerved the taxi on a road leading to the waterfront. He saw the Planet Express building, and jumped off. He scuttled up to the front door and went inside.

The Planet Express crew were leaving the building because it was dusk. Zoidberg came in.
“Jah!” said Hermes, who nearly fell off his chair when he saw him. “Where have you been dese past two days?”

“I’ve been to Toronto!” said Zoidberg.

Leela came in. “Zoidberg!” she gasped. “Where have you been?” Fry came in and saw him too.

“I went to a rubbish tip, but I was left there, then I-“

“Zoidberg,” said Leela. “Aliens aren’t allowed on country roads anymore, remember?”

“Oh, yeah!” Zoidberg said.

Leela looked at him firmly. “What happened?”

Zoidberg was about to confess, when police officers broke in. “Freeze!”

Everyone in the room put their hands up. “You,” said a cop gesturing to Zoidberg with his gun. “Get over here!”

Zoidberg slowly went over, and the police put his claws in handcuffs.

“Stop right dere!” said Hermes. “What gives you the right to stop a police officer from doin’ ‘is duty,” said the police officer.

“Well, for one thing,” said Hermes, “I am a bureaucrat from the Central Bureaucracy.”

“What?” yelled the officer. “Ah, dammit,” said the other.

“Apparently, according to the newly regulated laws,” said Hermes, getting a folder out of a shelf, and placing it on the conference table, “any person, or alien who inadvertently gets lost may travel without permission from the driver.”

The police officers looked at each other, and released the handcuffs.

“Fine, you can go,” said the police officer. “But if I find my duty’s against some new law, I’ll so file a complaint!”

“Actually,” said Hermes, “that would take about 58 years.”

“Stuff you,” said the cop, and slammed the door.

Zoidberg looked at Hermes. “Why did you help me?” Hermes looked at him. “Could I let a co-worker just go if it wasn’t right?”

“Oh, thank you!” said Zoidberg. Everyone cheered. “Welcome back, Zoidberg!” yelled Fry.

That night Zoidberg was thrown a feast of salmon and pork. It was fun, but Zoidberg couldn’t help but think, “I must be dreaming.”

The End!

Space Pope
« #9 : 04-04-2009 22:43 »

Dude I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. On each post you can find the EDIT button. This enables you to go back to an older post and add more content. Because in a thread with 8 posts, only 1 other person besides yourself has actually commented. 

Nothing wrong with adding more stories, but when you post one


and another one

There'll be more stories soon.

and another one

Just remember this thread is for the public so you can put your short stories here too.

That's spamming up the board.

Bottom line: stop double posting!
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« #10 : 04-05-2009 00:48 »
« : 04-25-2009 01:45 »

OK, thanks for the tip.

Near Death Star Inhabitant
Urban Legend
« #11 : 04-12-2009 20:58 »

Great writing FutureShock. If people only read this they might have a different view of you.
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« #12 : 04-12-2009 22:06 »

1. Thanks for taking thread up to top of fan-fic page. If I do it it'll be double-posting again. Only 3 other people have commented on this thread.
2. You're right. Some people don't know that even though the abstract personality of the person, they might actually be rather artistic.
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« #13 : 04-24-2009 13:05 »

Amy and the Hair

Amy was in her dressing room. She had a date with Kif and she didn’t want to look bad.

She put cream and rubbed it on her face, making it all smooth. Then she got out her hair dye, and put It in her hair to make it sparkly blue. She had forgotten the sink incident a week ago, and her hair came out green.
‘Eeek!’ she yelled. ‘I can’t let Kif see me like this!’

She ran down the hall, but heard the doorbell. ‘Amy?’
She messed around with the blue, but it didn’t come out.
‘Coming, Kiffy!’

I can’t let him see me like this, she thought.
It was starting to dry. She tried to rub it off but it wouldn’t come off.
Kif came in the room. ‘Hi, Amy.’
Amy turned around in shock.

‘Kif, aren’t you surprised I have this haircolor? Spleesh!’
‘No, it’s fine.’
Amy looked at him. ‘It’s fine?’
‘Well, I’m green, so why would it matter?’
‘Oh!’ They both laughed.

There we go. Short, but entertaining. Now you go ahead and give your own. (Maximum 3 Parts)
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