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: My Fan fiction ~ Fry, Leela and Bender's journey thrugh parenthood  (Read 1804 times)
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« : 12-07-2008 16:55 »

Okay so i finally finished this fan fic. I dunno if there should be a sequel.  tell me below! ;)

Surprises that surprise back

Scene: Inside the Planet Express ship Fry is sitting in his chair. Leela is sitting in her chair with Nibbler. Bender is drinking beer and reading a magazine in his chair.

Fry: Bender, how many times do I have to say, you canít leave old bottles n the ground!

Bender: Itís not my fault you meatbags have fleshy mutable skin.
(Drinks beer and throws bottle on ground, bottle smashes into pieces.)

Leela: Stop fighting you two. When we get back to the station, we will all have a surprise waiting for us. The professor just sent us an e- mail.

Fry: I wonder what itíll be! Maybe a space ship or slurm!

Leela: Fry your in a spaceship and your holding a can of Slurm

(Fry notices)
Fry: Well, im happy!

Bender: Hopefully booze or money

Leela: Well, letís find out
(Puts ship into maximum overdrive and starts heading into earthís atmosphere)

Scene: At the Planet express conference room. Professor walks out with a covered up dolly that looks like it has a cage underneath it. Fry Leela and Bender have their eyes blindfolded.

Professor: Well you three have left a lot or skin cells and robot fillings behind. I accidentally put them into my new invention.

Bender: wait so youíre going to show us an accident?

Professor: indeed

Fry: Will it do anything to me?

Professor: Maybe

Leela: Here we go

Professor: take your blindfolds off

(They take their blindfolds off simultaneously and the cage is uncovered.

Bender: Hey they are little clones!

(Camera zooms in on two little beings. A baby boy with a tuft of purple hair like fry(when he was a baby) two eyes leelas nose and he was only wearing a diaper. A second being was a little robot with a tiny antennae and a body like benderís but smaller.)

Leela: Aww they are so cute!

Fry: he looks like me! Aside from the purple hair, and weird nose
(leela smacks fry)

Professor: Yes since I couldnít combine a robot and human together I decided to combine two human together!

Bender: so where did the robot baby come from?

Professor: Ahh you see a robot came by and I decided that she looked perfect for the role as second banana in this whole thing, so I killed her, took some filings from her and brought her back to life without her noticing and combined her fillings with yours bender.
The little boy is also a combination of fry and leelaís skin cells.

Leela: Well he sure is a cute little guy.
(Picks up baby)

Fry: So does this mean im a father?

Professor: yes you are the father

Leela: that means-

Bender: youíre a baby momma!

Bender: oh no, that means im a father too!

(bender, his son, leela and her son all start crying)

Fry: im down with it

Scene: Leela is at the conference table with the baby in her arms and fry is playing with the baby. Bender is drinking beer using the babyís antennae to open the beer caps

Amy: Well, lookey here two babies and three clueless adults, my this wonít be good

Leela: Im thinking of naming him Andrew.

Fry: I like it I can call him Andy
(Andy looks over at bender; Bender looks at his son)

Bender: Ill call him bender junior. Catchy and itís a name thatíll take him places

Fry: your names bender and it hasnít taken you places.

Bender: It will eventually

Leela: well I think heís cute, but heís half naked

Fry: so, whatís wrong about that

Leela: he needs proper care

Bender; send him to the orphinarium

Fry and Leela: No!

Leela: Heís got my DNA in him

Fry: not to mention mines too

Amy: then go to the baby store

Fry: Oh great, the baby store I hate babies, except for Andy

Leela: Lets go, bender are you coming?

Bender: No ill take this time to bond with my son
(Pops another beer cap off of his sons head; his son laughs)

Scene: At Babies 4 You
Leela is holding Andy and Fry is following them. There are rows of baby stuff and little alien babies walking around .

Leela: I love babies; they are so innocent and gentle

(camera points to fry who is being dogpiled on by tons of babies)

Fry: Help me!

Scene: Planet Express building
Bender is watching all my circuits on the couch. Bender junior is n one end while bender is on the other.

Bender: Whatcha lookin at
(turns away from son)

Bender junior crawls to bender and lays his head on Benderís lap

Bender: Aww your still ugly though

Scene: Fry and Leela are in the street, Andy is in a carriage sleeping

Fry; So uhh Leela

Leela: Yea Fry?

Fry: We have a son now

Leela: I guess so

Fry: he will sleep in your apartment right?

Leela: Sure

Fry: Well since I have a son now I guess ill be waking up all night thinking about himÖ.

Leela: Fry you can stay over my place if your that unconvincing

Fry: Great!

Scene: The planet express building
Fry and Leela walk in to see bender and his son sleeping together with their heads resting on each others; bender has his arm around his son and a beer in the other hand. A blanket is covering his son.

Leela; Lets not wake them
(Suddenly Andy starts crying Bender and son wake up startled)

Bender: Uhh I was taking a nap

Fry: Comeon bender, admit it you love your little guy

Bender: oh alright I do. Just cuz heís a great accessory and is also very therapeutic

Leela: Well Andy has calmed down and is very sleepy

Fry: Bender, me an leela are sc\hacking up tonight so your son could sleep in my room

Bender: Fine.

Scene: Leelas apartment
(Fry is sitting on the floor watching his son play with toys he had bought him. There are obvious signs of pizza beer and milk bottles. Leela is setting up the babyís crib)

Fry: Im growing to love this little guy
(Leela picks up Andy and places him in a newly built crib)

Leela: Time for bedtime

Fry: Do I hafta?

Leela: Not You

(Andy falls asleep and Fry turns off the lights)

Leela: Heís so cute when heís asleep

Fry: Yea

(Time passes Fry is leaning over Andyís crib watching him; Leela walks up to him)

Leela: couldnít sleep?

Fry: No

Leela: Fry youíve become more responsible.

(Leela kisses fry for a long time)

Fry: Wow well, ive always dreamed of becoming a father or a space ship captain

Leela: Well tomorrow, we can fulfill your second dream

(They both go into separate room)

Scene: Benders apartment

Bender: Well little bucket of bolts, you can sleep in fryís room.

(Bender junior grabs benders foot and looks up at him sadly)

Bender: Oh come on that wont work on meÖ. Ahhh. Well, fine you can sleep with me

Scene: Planet express building
(Andy and Bender junior are sleeping in their parentís arms
Fry, who is asleep, has one arm around leela and the other on Andyís head Leela is half asleep with her head on fryís shoulder and Andy is resting comfortably between them. Bender J.R is sleeping in his dadís arms Bender is holding a Playbot in the other hand and he is asleep too. The professor and Zoidberg walk in)
(The professor sounds an air horn waking everyone up and making the babies cry for a moment)

Leela: professor that could damage Andyís ears!

Professor: Zoidberg needs to check the babies because they could die at any moment!
(They all gasp)

Bender: Why?

Professor: Well the babies must have a special type of cell or in benderís case, a chip that would allow them to live.

Leela: So that means, Andy would die?

Professor: without the cell, yes
(Leela runs out of the room crying holding Andy, Fry goes after her)

Bender: Well junior it looks like (his voice starts breaking up) your boned.

Scene: Fry and Leela are in the lounge with Andy holding him tight. Leela has a tear in her eye while Fry is trying to hold back tears himself. Bender is holding on to his son and drinking at the same time. He is not crying but has a look of worry on his face. Zoidberg walks in

Zoidberg: Let me see the tiny human and the robit.

Leela: No! I donít trust you with Andy

Zoidberg: Fine let him die then

(Leela thinks for a moment, she hands him over)

Zoidberg: My, he looks just like Fry! Aside from the purple hair and weird nose

(Leela hits Zoidberg)

Zoidberg: Ill be back (rubs wound)

(Andy starts crying, Leela tries to get him, but Fry holds her back)

Fry: Its for his own good

Bender: My son wonít be taken away from me by no-

(Farnsworth walks in)

Professor: Bender give me your son so I can implant a chip

(Bender gives Junior away, although he seems to be sad)

Scene: In Zoidbergís Lab. Andy and Bender J.R are sitting on the table and Zoidberg grabs two needles, the two boys grab each other in fear. They start shaking and whimpering)

Zoidberg: Itís okay little ones; you are safe with uncle Zoidy!

(He sticks a needle into Andyís arm, Andy screams, which Leela hears)

Quick cut to: Lounge

Leela: I hear Andy! Heís in pain!

Fry: Calm down Leela, itís probably a needle inch

Leela: Youíre right

Back at the lab: Zoidberg is finished and there are 3 empty needles next to Andy

Zoidberg: It seems that you are gushing little blood my good friend, here letís put some crŤme on you now.

(Zoidberg applies the superhero crŤme Leela and Fry got (superhero episode)

Zoidberg: Now for my next trick my assistant Hubert Farnsworth with help with the implanting of the chip!

(Professor walks in, with a hammer and playdoh)

Professor: And now, I will put this chip into Bender J.R!

(Bender J.R, freaks out and screams, which Bender Hears)

Quick Cut to: Lounge

Bender: Did you guys hear something?

Back at the lab: Professor is finished and Bender J.R is disoriented

Professor: And now for the robot medication, gives him a little wine and a wire in his body cavity that gives him super strength

(scene: The lounge, Bender is reading Play bot, Fry is sitting on the couch with Leela who is waiting for the doors to open, Door opens dramatically and smoke comes out. The professor walks out)

Professor: Zoidberg you moron let off with the air freshener!

Leela and Fry: Andy

Bender: Junior!

They all rush to the carriage where the babies were sleeping and shaking

Professor: Its just a side effect from the injections and wire placement

Bender: What did you do

Professor: Come you three, Iíll discuss matter with u three

(They all exit and Cubert comes walking in)

Cubert: Hey itís the little idiots!

(Since he has super human strength, Andy grabs a pipe and hurls it to Cubert, Cubert ducks away in time)

Cubert: What the?! How did you!?

(Bender J.R grabs a ray gun and points it a cubert he fines and cubert has his hair burned off)

Cubert: Hey my hair!!

(Fry Leela and Bender rush in)

Leela: Kids are you all right?!

Cubert: Yea except for my hair

Leela; Not you

(They pick up the kids and walk out of the room, bender J.R and Andy do a high five behind their parents back and give Cubert a funny face. Cubert stand in awe and is left with no hair in the middle of the lounge)

Scene: That night. Fry and Leela are at Leelaís apartment. They are washing Andy in the sink. There are signs of beer, milk and cookies on the ground

Fry: Leela, now that we have a kid, I feel like Iím more attracted to you.

Leela: Yea me too

Fry: What?

Leela: I said I am too

Fry: Yes! I knew you always loved me!

(Andy watched in awe as they start kissing, he splashes them both, soaking them in water, but they continue kissing. Leela breaks off the kiss)

Leela: Fry, I know I never wanted to Ė heck yes I did, letís go snu- snu.

Fry: Alright! Iíve prepared for this moment forever!

(They dry Andy, put PJs on him and leave him in his crib, they both go into Leelaís room and audible noises can be heard)

Nibbler: And now Andrew Fry, your time has come to fulfill the age out prophecy.

(Andy turns around to see a shadow in the night)

(Nibbler steps out of the smoke in the kitchen)

Nibbler: Brr the freezer is cold, now son, comes

(Nibbler picks up Andy, but he is too heavy for him. He instead pushes him off the crib, making Andy Cry)

From the bedroom

Leela: What was that?

Fry: Itís Andy

Leela: Iíll go check on him

(Quickly Nibbler pushes Andy under the couch and places a purple haired doll under covers in place of Andy)

Leela: Heís asleep

(She goes back into the bedroom. Nibbler then breathes a sigh of relief and rolls Andy to his mini space ship)

Nibbler: Next stop, Robot Arms apartment

They ride off into the night

(Scene: Nibbler and Andy are flying through New New York.)

Nibbler: Andrew, you are the blood relative of the mighty one.

Andy: (makes baby sounds)

Nibbler: Oh yes I forgot, you can not speak. Well, this counts for my invention, the baby to English translator!

(Pulls out a collar and places it around Andyís neck)

Nibbler: now lets me fine tune it to a voice

(Tunes to leelaís voice

Nibbler: thatís not right

(Tunes to professorís voice)

Nibbler:  no thatís not right either

(Tunes to zoidbergís voice)

Nibbler; thatís the last voice, weíll have to leave it like that. Now say my name

In Zoidbergís voice

Andy: Nibbler

Nibbler: Perfect

(Scene: They reach Robot Arms Apartment)

Nibbler: Weíre here. Wait here while I get the other juvenile

(Nibbler leaves, leaving Andy in the ship. Andy pushes down on a button and the ship goes flying down.)

Andy: Hooray! Iím flying!

(The ship stops in time and Andy pushes another button which brings him back to the apartment. Nibbler, who is completely oblivious, comes out with Bender Jr.)

Nibbler: Looks like youíll be a fine space captain Andrew

Andy: Thanks. Can Bendy Talk too?

Bender J.R: Of course I can you moron

Andy: Bendy!

Bender J.R: I like swearing, my daddy does it a lot. Hey man I always wanted to ask you sometiní

Andy: Go ahead

Bender J.R : Why is your nose weird?

Cut Away to Leelaís Bedroom

(Leela smacks Fry)

Fry: What was that for?

Leela: I felt a disturbance in the force

Cut back to Nibbler Andy and Bender J.R

Nibbler: Now you two, it is almost midnight. We must-

(Heís interrupted by two snoring babies.)

Nibbler: I have some competition on my handsÖ. Weíll see about that!

(he pulls Bender J.Rís antennae and Andyís hair)

Andy: Whatís the big idea?!

Bender Jr.: Yea what the hell!?

Nibbler: We have a big meeting to go to with the other Nibblonians in the hall of Forever. Now sit still, we have a lot of flying to do.

As they leave, we hear from the spaceship

Andy: Stop touching me Bendy!

Bender J.R: N your touching me you meat bag!

Nibbler: Quiet you two!

(Scene: Leelaís Apartment. They are both in bed, covered in sheets, resting from snu- snu

Leela: Iím so sorry Fry. I never knew that you could be such a good man

Fry: Iím sorry I couldnít be a good man

Leela: No really Fry. All of those times I deceived you and ignored your love, I was being a complete Jerk and Iím sorry

Fry: Leela, youíve apologized already and to show my love for you (He gets off the bed, still naked, gets down on one knee) will you marry me Leela?

Leela: Oh Fry! You have made me so happy! YES!

(She jumps into his arms and they start kissing passionately)

Scene: The hall of forever. Nibbler pushes a carriage with the two kids in it. They meet with the other Nibblonians)

Nibblonian: Lord Nibbler, You have brought upon us the seeds of the chosen ones

Andy and Bender J.R : ewww

Bender J.R : Did you hafta say it like that? Gag!

(Time lapses, the kids are explained their place in the world)

Andy: So thatís where toothpaste comes from..

Nibbonian: Exactly

Andy: Eww

Bender J. R: Hold on, so this is our destiny? I canít Be a bulldozer or anything like that? Damn. My daddy told me never to sccept a job wthout pay or easy people to steal from. But since this could effect the whole universe and everyone in it, I guess I could make a small exceptionÖ

Nibbler: My gosh! Itís almost 6 a.m! We must get you kids back homeÖ but first.
(he takes off the voice  translator and the kids just start talking jibberish)

Nibbonian: Why did you take the young oneís collars off?

Nibbler: I couldnít stand to hear that ignorant lobsterís voice anymore

(Scene: They have dropped off Bender J.R at the Robot Arms Apartments; they quietly sneak back into the house and get into their beds. Suddenly the light turns on in the living room where the crib was)

Leela: Andy, baby? You awake?

Fry: Hey little man, its morning!

(Leela pick up Andy)

Fry: Buddy, if you could understand me, me and your mommy are getting married

(Andy just smiles and claps his hands)

Leela: Heís happy!

Fry: He understood me!

(Fry and Leela kiss and Andy reaches over and hugs his Daddy)

Scene: Robot Arms Apartment

Bender: Hey little bucket of blots! Wake up, itís time to do my daily stealing run, you could help too

(He picks up Bender J.R and takes him outside to the park)

Bender: Okay buddy, the key is to pick and easy target, particularly a fat person
(He points to an easy target and whispers into his sons ďearĒ. He lets his son crawl up to the fat woman and pulls on the womanís pants leg. The woman picks up J.R and  and puts him on her shoulder. J.R takes the opportunity and takes he earrings without her noticing. He swallows them and starts to ďcryĒ)

Bender: Hey lady, give me back my son!
(he takes his son and runs Bender smiles at his son and his son smiles back)

Song: The Rose by Bette Midler plays
Zoidberg Voice over, videos of the events are show corresponding:

Months later a wondrous thing happened.  The final Marriage of Phillip J. Fry and Toronga Leela.  Oh how happy everyone was. The food, oh the delicious food, no matter. Many months later, two little copies of Fry and Leela arrived and were named Max J. Fry and Emma May Fry. Big brother Andy was ecstatic, as were the parents. Bender finds his sonís mother and they also marry. They are actually a good couple and bender is getting help for this stealing problem. A little robot joins their family named Callie. The two couple move to the countryside and live peacefully with Kiff and Amy living in a house on their farm with their 2 girls, Me Zoidberg, living with a mate, without kids and Hermes and his family and the Professor and Cubert. We all live on the huge farm in the countryside with the two great couples and Bender J.r and Andrew are best friends but developing crushes on the kids of Kiff and Amy. Oh if only all shows ended with an ending like this. We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.

The final image is of The whole cast with their families and Fry and Leela kissing


Urban Legend
« #1 : 12-09-2008 18:18 »

Great story!  That's exactly what would happen if Fry, Bender, and Leela had kids!  Awesome! 

« #2 : 12-09-2008 20:06 »

I agree with Kurt, it is great! I think you incorperated most of their personalities into it, and I love how you put in a thing about Nibbler and "the prophecy."

I liked the part with Andy having Zoidberg's voice, I can just imagine it.
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