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: Something I think is pic worthy (but I can't draw) Marcus however can, and did!  (Read 1317 times)
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Starship Captain
« : 10-31-2008 17:28 »
« : 11-02-2008 01:29 »

I made a post in the fanfic release thread about a story I stumbled upon on fanfic.net. "My Ship" by Deb - H. It's a great story by the way, really needs to be read!

One specific image from the last chapter stuck out in my mind, based of this description of Amy:

I was sitting in front of the mirror, just trying out hairstyles. I tried tying it all into a little ponytail. I tried brushing it back. I tried parting it. I even tried a bun, which looked as gl'orky as it sounds.

In the end I just let it all hang down and had the cutbot shorten it to just above chin level, and I think that's when you came out of the shower and saw me.

It's not like I did it just for you, but I was really hoping you would like it. I just didn't count on you not noticing it.

Remember that? I said to you, "So... what do you think?"

And you were just like, "About what?"

And I was like, "My hair, moron."

And you said, "Oh, yeah, I guess it is different, isn't it?"

Actually, now that I think about it, you were just messing with me, weren't you?

You told me, "I think I liked it before."

I said, "But that was when I was trying to be cute."

And you aksed me, "You don't want to be cute any more?"

I was like, "No. I think the cute me is dead.


Anyway, talking about my clothes, I never really got a chance to explain my shirt to you, did I?

We haven't talked about it. Maybe the symbolism was just that obvious, but if you didn't figure out what my shirt meant, Fry, I guess I'll just tell you now.

I like the cargo pants because of all the pockets. I've had to carry around a lot of stuff lately, and I always hated purses. Cargo pants are way better. When I first started to wear them, the only pair I had was olive green. So that's why all the pairs I have now are that colour.

And I don't really like tight pants, so I always let them hang loose. So, they tended to ride low and show my panties. You might have liked that, but really, I didn't care if people were seeing my panties. What the hell difference would it make, anyway?

The shirts I've been wearing are programmable. I could put different designs on them if I wanted, but I wound up putting the same thing on all of them.

They're black, for obvious reasons. You might have thought it was odd that I was still wearing shirts that expose my midriff, after what I said about not wanting to be cute any more. But I just like it that way. And it's not like it's that cute with cargo pants anyway.

There's those four thin horizontal stripes running across, just above chest level. With the small number four on the front and the bigger one on the back, you might have thought it was some team's jersey. I put in those numbers to make it look like that, but that's not it.

The number means the four of us, and so do the stripes. The top one's pink, for me. Then the purple one, for Leela. Then the red one for you, and the silver one for Bender.

I even gave some thought to the order. You and Leela are next to each other, of course. Bender's next to you, and then I'm next to Leela.

Actually... you know what I just thought about?

It's funny. I've worn those shirts for a few months now, and I only realised this just now.

That's the order we'd be standing in were standing in at your wedding.

Bender on one side as your best manbot, then you and her, and then me as her maid of honour.

I always liked the friendship that Fry Leela and Bender had in the show, but felt that Amy should have been included more. This fic is from Amy's point of view, and does an amazing job including her in the original trio! I just picture Amy like this as a near perfect way to represent what Planet Express means to the four of them. It is darker than the show (from the plot of the story) but a cheery version of the picture could just be Amy dressed like that with her old hair.

I started on some character models in max, but haven't had enough time to work on them. Even then could take ages to get the same result from 3d as someone with any kind of art skill what so ever could do 2d. (Anything past drawing graphs and I'm SOL)

So if any artists out there happen to have some time, I encourage you to read the story, and if you see this as something that might be worth your talent and time take a shot at it!

And if you enjoy the story tell the author, she's done an amazing job but the story is 3 years unfinished! Not abandoned though, she did say that 1/2 year or so ago.

Heh it just occurred to me she is either Canadian or British... she uses colour!
Starship Captain
« #1 : 10-31-2008 21:46 »
« : 11-04-2008 22:14 »

What a pure motive :) I bit.

Not amazing, and I doubt the expression/pose is in keeping with the story, but gives an idea of the image.

Starship Captain
« #2 : 10-31-2008 22:19 »

4 hours later a full pic! Where'd I go just now?

Great job!!! It works perfect with a more upbeat / happy pose too. Feels like something Amy could wear going into ITWGY: 4 against the universe, the universe doesn't stand a chance.

I actually cant get over that that just happened. Definitely owe you one.
Starship Captain
« #3 : 10-31-2008 22:29 »

Heh, not a bit of it, you're welcome! It was a fun draw :) (though I regret cropping the pic - her boots sucked - 'cos now it looks like her left leg's badly broken) Thanks for the challange and the compliments ;)

Space Pope
« #4 : 11-01-2008 10:11 »

I don't care what she says, it's still cute. :)

DOOP Secretary
« #5 : 11-01-2008 15:06 »

It certainly is fantastic and in such a short time too.
Starship Captain
« #6 : 11-02-2008 14:16 »

Cheers guys :) Very kind of you to say!

Bending Unit
« #7 : 11-02-2008 19:12 »

Kick-a$$ picture! And I agree, 'My Ship' is one of the best Futurama, and indeed one of the best fanfics from any fandom, I've ever read. I really hope that the author finishes it.  :)

Urban Legend
« #8 : 11-02-2008 19:58 »

Wow someone is being prolific recently. Nice pic for a nice fic.

« #9 : 11-13-2008 00:37 »

Thats really good, I wish I could draw like that, but all powerful Atheismo didnt bless me with such gifts.

Starship Captain
« #10 : 11-13-2008 18:09 »

Kick-a$$ picture! And I agree, 'My Ship' is one of the best Futurama, and indeed one of the best fanfics from any fandom, I've ever read. I really hope that the author finishes it.  :)

I was basically crushed when I finished the last chapter and noticed the update date. Way, way  too good a story to go unfinished :(
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