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: A Futurama-M*A*SH Crossover  (Read 854 times)
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Here's my next fic, just an idea had in my head for the past few weeks. anyway here it is, comments and suggestions are welcomed!


Well as promised here is my next fan fiction.  This one has nothing to do with my other fics, and it is set a couple of months after Fry’s opera. Fry and Leela have been dating a few months now, and it’s been the happiest months in Fry’s life.

When the Professor invents a new time machine, he installs it on the ship so as to use it on deliveries. While testing this new invention, as always something goes wrong. The crew ends up getting sent back to 1952, where they find themselves in the middle of the Korean War (1950-1953), and they just so happen to run into the personnel of M*A*S*H 4077.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this work; all rights belong to respective parties. This purely for fun, the author is making no profit from this.

Now on with the show!

Chapter 1

Apt. 1I, NNYC
October 1, 3003

In the bedroom of Apartment 1I, the sleeping forms of a man and a woman could be seen. The woman started to stir, and began to get up, ready to start the day. She was nude, since they had been making love the night before. She had an athletic body, and was a beautiful sight to see, except if you didn’t notice the purple hair or the single eye.  Her name was Truanga Leela, and the man that she  was with was her current boyfriend and coworker, Philip J. Fry.

As she was stretching, she thought to herself.

 I never thought that Fry would be that good. It really is better when you love the person your with. I guess he’s actually good at something. 

Leela got up and walked over to her closet and got a robe on. After she had secured the robe, she walked over to Fry’s side of the bed and gently rocked him.

“Fry, its time to get up, we have to get to work.” She said calmly.

“Aw come on just five more minutes.” Fry moaned

“Well I’m going to get in the shower,  and you better be up by the time I get out!” Leela said as she walked into the bathroom.

She was in the shower when she herd the door open. She stopped showering, and said “Fry is that you?”

She was answered by the sound of the shower door opening, and Fry stepping in.

“I thought you might need some help.” Fry said, as he began to wash her back.

A half hour  later, they were both dressed and were headed out the door, toward Planet Express.

It was a cool fall day, the leaves were starting to change colors, and so Leela had on her green jacket, while Fry wore his usual outfit. They walked hand in hand down the sidewalk, not caring about any of the stares they were getting.

Planet Express, NNYC
October 1, 3003

It took them about twenty minutes to reach the building that was the headquarters of Planet Express Delivery Co. They walked into the building together, since everyone knew they had finally got together.

As they walked into the building, a fog hat gray bending robot met them at the door. He was of course Bender Bending Rodriguez. He was in the process of drinking a beer, and he greeted the couple.

“Hey skin tubes! Fry how come you didn’t come home last night? I thought you going to watch the  All My Circuits marathon?”  Bender said sadly

“Oh sorry Bender, I spent the night at Leela’s.” Fry said, he then pulled Leela close to him.

“You know what Fry, ever since you and bossy lady her started dating, it seems you never have time me, Bender.” Bender replied

‘I know, but how about the three of us go for a drink after work today?” Fry suggested.

“Ok I guess.” Bender said, his head down.

The three of them then entered the building, wondering weather not if one of the day’s deliveries would end up being their last.

The three of them walked into the conference room, where they saw that Bureaucrat Grade 34, Hermes Conrad, was about begin his daily meeting.  The only other people present was engineering intern Amy Wong, and the staff doctor, a Decapodian by the name of Dr. John Zoidberg.

Fry, Leela, and Bender took their seats at the table, all three of them sitting next to each other.

“Now dat da rest of da employees are present, I can began da meetin.” Hermes said with his thick Jamaican accent. He adjusted his glasses and began to read from an electronic organizer.

“Ok da first order of business is dat someone has been eating all da food from da owl traps.” Hermes said, glaring in Zoidberg’s  direction.

“Vhat? Always blaming Zoidberg! How do you know it wasn’t the robut?” Zoidberg said, pointing a claw at Bender, who had his feet up and was casually drinking a beer.

“Well lobster boy, I don’t need to hunt for food, since I can afford to buy food if I so chose.” Bender replied

The meeting continued on for another hour, with Hermes droning on discussing various points. By the time he was finished, the only one paying any attention was Zoidberg, everyone else was zoned out and not paying the least bit  of attention.

Once Hermes finished, the crew was woken from their day dreaming, when the founder and CEO of Planet Express, Prof. Hubert  J. Farnsworth, shuffled into the room, he wore a wide grin on his wrinkled face.

“Good news everyone!” Farnsworth said, clasping his hands together. He continued to move slowly over to his spot at the table.

Everyone moaned, since those three words usually meant that they either had a delivery to another hostile planet, or he had invented another apparently useless invention.

“What is it professor? Do we have another potentially life-threatening delivery to make?” Leela said slightly sarcastically.

The old man had finally ,made it to his seat and sat down.

“A  wha?” he said, turning to Leela with slightly confused  look.

“The ‘good news’ professor.”  Fry spoke to his great x40 nephew.

“Oh my yes. Good news everyone! I finally completed my time machine!”

Everyone looked at the old man, wondering if his statement was in fact true.

“You mean we can now time travel?” Amy said
“Oh my yes, you I see I installed it on the ship as to be used ONLY when you three are late for deliveries.”  He said looking at Fry, Leela, and Bender.

“What do you mean when we’re late for deliveries?” Leela said, with a slight bit of anger.

“Well we have got several complaints from da customers saying dat dere packages have been arriving late.” Hermes said.

‘Hey professor, wouldn’t going back in time cause those time paradoxes you talked about?”  Amy asked.

“Hmm, that thought never occurred to me. But I suppose if you don’t mess up history to much, there shouldn’t be a problem.”  The professor said, scratching his chin.

“What about when we back to Roswell and Fry here became his own grandfather?” Bender said, gesturing to Fry.

“What I don’t remember going back to Roswell!” the professor said with a senile tone.

“Have you tested it yet professor?” Fry asked

“Oh my no, that’s why we’re doing it today! Everyone to the ship!” the professor said, he got up and walked, more like shuffled, down the stairs to the ship. Fry, Leela, Bender, and Amy grudgingly got up and quickly walked past him.
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