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heres the first couple parts of my next fic, it takes place shortly after my last one which can be found here - http://www.futurama-madhouse.com.ar/fanfic/accidentaltrip.shtml

anyway here it is - feel free to comment!

The Great Interglatic War

   This is my third fan fiction.  This one it’s mostly background, about the rise of the Fourth Reich, and its leader or Fuhrer, the clone of Adolf Hitler, remember him? And is going to part of an epic war series, that may include the one and only Chuck Norris, and of course all of our wonderful Planet Express employees, and yes the newly engaged fry and Leela, which happened in my last fic. Any comments can be sent to me here alexthehammer87@yahoo.com.

   In the middle part of the 20th century, there was a war that had engulfed nearly the entire planet of Earth. That war is known as World War Two, which lasted from 1939 to 1945. The war was fought between to major alliances, the Allies that included the United States of America, France, the Soviet Union, and the British Empire. The other was the Axis, which included Nazi Germany, Italy (until allied invasion), and the Empire of Japan.

   The leader of Germany was one Adolf Hitler. He was elected chancellor in 1932, and in 1934 was named “Fuhrer” and held this until the end of the war in 1945. It was widely believed that when the Russians were taking Berlin, he had committed suicide in his underground bunker. That was mostly true. You see, what happened was some of top Nazi scientist had taken a variety of both tissue and blood samples from Hitler to make a clone of him. They were not successful in their attempts, since cloning in the Stupid Ages was still primitive. Since the public opinion of the Nazi party and its followers was that it was the source of all evil, the ones left in charge of Hitler’s remains and the task of cloning him left Earth around the 2500’s, along with the hard-line communist who had preserved the remains of their great leader – Joseph Stalin.

   They had both left to form their own societies and form their old leaders clone to their image of a perfect leader. They had a vow to return to conquer the universe, once they have reached their goals of military power and formed the necessary alliances needed to take on the DOOP, they would have a plan, to undermine the DOOP, causing its break-up leaving individual planets and to fend for themselves. And the time has almost come for that plan to be put into action…

Chapter 1 – A Little Surprise
Apartment 1l, New-New York
December 16, 3005 9:00 AM

   The past week was quite an adventure for both Fry and Leela. They had got sent to the Pacific during World War Two by one of the Professor’s inventions, during which they both grew closer to each other. In the process, while recovering in post-op after receiving wounds to his back Fry had popped the question to Leela. She had of course said yes, and Fry couldn’t be happier than he was now. Amy and Bender had come to their rescue and had brought them back to the 31st century, While on their way back the decided to not tell the crew about the news right away and surprise them the next Monday.

   Fry and Leela had spent the last couple of days at her place, resting from their ordeal. They also decided that now since they were engaged that Fry should move in with her, since they couldn’t stand to be apart anymore. Fry Willingly did this and moved his stuff into Leela’s apartment. They were both in bed, and both sound asleep when Leela slowly opened her eye and looked at the clock, which read 9:00 AM.

“Fry, its time to get up. It’s nine o’clock.” Leela said as she gently shook Fry.

“Just five more minutes, mom.” Fry mumbled

“Well then I guess I’ll have to take a shower all by myself.” Leela said as she got out of bed and walked to the shower. Almost immediately Fry jumped out of bed and followed her into the bathroom.

   A half hour went by before they were out of bathroom and getting dressed. They were both wearing their usual outfits – Leela in her white tank top, black pants, and boots. Fry was wearing his red jacket over a white T-Shirt with blue jeans and sneakers. This time there was something different they had on, Leela had on her engagement ring, (Fry’s wedding ring from the time-slips) and Fry had pinned two medals to the left breast of his jacket, one was the Purple Hart, and the other was a Bronze Star.

“Fry are you sure want wear those right now?” Leela asked

“Yea, I probably should wait to get we get work.”
Fry then took them off and put them in a small box, which he put in his pocket.

“OK, then you want to make breakfast? Cuz I gotta feed Nibbler.”  Leela said

“Sure thing honey.” He said, they kissed as the walked out the bedroom towards the kitchen where Nibbler was anxious for his breakfast of Kibbles N’ Snouts. Leela opened the huge can and Nibbler stood ready to eat. “There you go Nibbler, now mommy’s got to go work, we’ll be back.” Leela said as sat down with Fry at the table and they hurriedly ate their Archduke Chocula and ran out the door. It was already 9:45 and lucky for them, the tubes weren’t bad and they made it to Planet Express a little after 10

Planet Express, New-New York
December 16, 3005 10:15AM

   Everyone was gathered around the conference table waiting for Hermes Conrad, the Jamaican PE accountant/bureaucrat.  Seated at the table were Professor Farnsworth, who owned the company, engineering intern Amy Wong, she was barely able to stay up, and Dr. Zoidberg, and Bender.

“Are we ready to start da meetin yet?” Hermes said in his Jamaican accent

“Where’s Fry and Leela?” asked Amy

In reply to her question, Fry and Leela came waltzing in, holding hands and proceeded on to sit next Bender. Without delay Hermes started his meeting. It went on approximately 45 minutes, with mostly everyone not paying attention, except Zoidberg.

“Dat concludes the mettin, is there anymore announcements?” Hermes said.

“We do” Fry and Leela said together. Everybody immediately looked at them in shock; even the professor was jolted awake.

“We’re engaged!” Leela said with excitement and joy, Fry just grinned with happiness. Everyone about fell off their chairs and a bang came from bender as a brick fell out of him.

Chapter 2 – A Delivery For Chuck Norris
Planet Express, New-New York
December 16, 3005 11:25AM

“Well dat is intrestin, now on to the days deliverys, of which there is only one. You have to take dese  crates to the planet Norris 1.” Hermes said

“Where’s that at? And how come I haven’t herd of it?” Leela asked

The Professor then called up a holo-display that showed a planet that was about the size of Earth, but had one distinguishing feature- there was a mountain that was shaped like the face of Chuck Norris – complete with the beard.

“You see after the third Omicronian invasion was defated, Earth had decided to reward that person with anything he wanted. That personwas the almighty Chuck Norris.”

Everyone stared in awe, as the screen changed to show a biography page of Chuck Norris with a photograph and a biography. 

“Well anyway what Earth gave him was his own planet, they named it Lone Star 1. It’s a mecca for Chuck Norris fans. Now off you go.” The Professor said as he waved the crew off and shuffled back to his lab.
Planet Express Ship,
Enroute to Lone Star 1
December 16, 3005 7:00PM (NNY time)

They had left Earth’s atmosphere about an hour ago and were now on their way to deliver the package. Leela was at the controls and Fry was at the engineering station, and Bender was in his and Fry’s quarters in sleep mode. Leela put the ship on autopilot and turned to Fry.

“Fry, I put the ship on autopilot, be in my quarters in ten minutes.” She said with grin on her face.

“Yes Captian!” Fry said, his voice almost cracking.  Thinking to himself wow, I still cant belive that she’s my fiancé, and soon to be wife. Fry waited anxiously for the ten minutes to go by, and it seemed like an eternity. Finnaly, time was up and he went towards Leela’s cabin. He knocked on the door.

“I’m here, ready and willing!” he said as the door opened to revel Leela on her bed in black negligee. Fry soon was taking off his clothes as he walked/stumbled over to the bed. He made it, and you can guess what happens next.

Several hours later, Fry and Leela were both in the bed nearly exhausted by what had just happened, and both of them were still amazed by what just happened.

“Leela, I love you” Fry said as they both cuddled.

“I love you to Fry.” She replied “You know once we get back from this delivery, we got a bunch of stuff to do”

“We do?”

“We got to plan for a wedding and find a new apartment.”

“Oh, ok well then why don’t you get some sleep and I’ll take the night watch ok?”

“You sure?”

“I can handel it.” Fry then got off the bed and put his clothes on and left, blowing Leela a kiss on his way out. She similed and was soon fast asleep.

Planet Express Ship
On appraoch to Lone Star 1
December 17, 3005 9:32 AM (NNY Time)

Fry was still at the controls, when Leela walked in through the door. She was in the process of putting her hair in a poney tail,
“Leela, we’re on approach to the landing site, you wanna take over?” Fry asked, as he turned toward Leela.

“Sure I’ll take over, you wanna go wake Bender up?”

“Already did, I sent him to check the cargo.” Fry said

He got out of the captains chair as Leela got in. he then went to his spot at the engineering console.

“Fry, how about a Xmas wedding? The day after of course.” Leela asked looking at Fry.

“I like it, and you know then before you know it, we’ll be Mr. and Mrs. Fry.” Fry said.

“You know what, I like the sound of it.” Leela said.

There was soon a knock at the door and Fry and Leela looked at each other, knowing who it was.

“Hey skintubes! Unlock this door!” shouted the robot Bender.

The door opened and Bender came through smoking a cigar  and holding a beer. “Hey Fry, I get to be your best man right?” Bender said looking at Fry

“Bender, you’re my best friend why wouldn’t I?” Fry said

“And we might let you play your banjo at the reception” Leela said, winking at Fry

“Hey I found out what was in package, it’s a workout thing, something called ‘Total Gym 3000’. And I used my x-ray sunglasses, so I didn’t open the crate.” Bender said crossing his arms.

“Get ready for landing.” Leela said, Fry and Bender then put their seatbelts on, and soon the ship landed on the planet and the legs extended.

“Fry, you can deliver the package, and Bender will help you load it on the hover dolly. It needs to go to a ‘Mr. Chuck Norris’. Got that?”

“Yea we got it. Come on Bender lets go.” Fry said, they both left the bridge and headed towards the cargo bay. Leela joined them after they had loaded the dolly and were on the surface.

Landing Zone Alpha, Lone Star 1
December 17, 3005 12:32 PM (NNY Time)

After they had met up and began walking, a black HoverBurban came up to them and on the sides of the doors was painted a gold star and a circle on around it, the inscription in the circle read ‘Texas Rangers’. It approached the crew and out came two humanoids both dressed in Texas Ranger uniforms. Both were tall and had an average build. Around their waists was a web belt with a .357 Magnum. One the senior of the two offers stepped up to the crew.

“Welcome to Lone Star 1, My name’s Officer Jones, and that’s my partner Officer White. Who here is the captain?” He asked with a noticeable southern drawl

“That would be me officer, we’re from Planet Express Delivery Co. and we have a delivery for a Mr. Norris.” Leela said

“OK, may have names please, for our records.” Jones asked, he was holding a PDA-type device.

“My names Turanga Leela, Captain, that’s our delivery boy Phillip Fry, and our robot Bender Rodriguez.” Leela said as she gestured to Fry and Bender.

“Thank you miss Leela, and if you and crew will ride with us we’ll take you to the ranch were Mr. Norris lives.” Jones said, he nodded and went over to talk to his partner.

“Thanks for the ride, but where are we going to put this crate?” Leela asked

“Bring it around to the back and it should fit in there.” Jones said

“You heard him Fry, Bender you can lift the crate in.” Leela said

“Yes Captain” Fry said and he and Bender pushed the hover dolly around to the rear where the hatch was opened. Bender then picked up the crate and put in the back.

“Thanks Bender, you can go back to the ship if you want, Leela and I will take care of the package.” Fry said.

“See ya skin tubes, I’m gona go and recharge.” Bender said and went back to the ship, beer in hand.

Fry then walked backed over to where Leela was talking with Officer Jones.

“It’s loaded are we ready?” Fry said

“Mr. Fry, you and Ms. Leela here can  ride in the back with us and we’ll take you two to the ranch, its  quite a ride.” Jones said

They then proceeded to get into the SUV with the officers in front and Leela and Fry in the back seat. Soon they were headed away from the landing pad and out towards the desert. 
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