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: Rubus- A new fanfic by FL  (Read 5972 times)
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Futurama Llama

Starship Captain
« : 01-31-2008 16:32 »
« : 02-01-2008 23:00 »

Hey everybodies. I am here to present to you my newest fanfic, Rubus. It is a teeny bit darker than the show, but hey. I guess I'm just a teeny bit darker.

Rubus- Prolouge

   The Earthican sun glared brightly, and Captain Nemo didn't appriciate it.
"Durn sun!" The scruffy, purple, four-armed alien cursed. He was hauling a derelict oil-tanker to DiMaggio IV to be recycled.
How had he ended up as a recycler? Well, he had been jostling for the Top Chef Award at Cook U, but his younger brother beat him to it, going on to be a world-renowned chef and owner of a critically-acclaimed restaurant. Why did life work like this? He assumed he'd never know.

"Captain?" A squeaky voice interrupted his reflections.
"What??" He bellowed at the tiny alien manning the radar center. The pink alien trembled.
"S-Sir, I'm picking something u-up on The Good Chef's sensors!"
Grumbling, Nemo stomped over to the panel the alien was gesturing at.
'Welll, bam my cuisine! It looks like we got us some pirates!"
A stockier alien at the weapon controls spoke up. "Sir, what would pirates want with our tow? Seriously, it's an empty oil tanker with a huge gash in one side! Who could possibly want that??"
The captain locked his jaw and considered this.
"They could want us, not our tow. So...", Nemo tilted his head, "Make 'em scrap."
The stocky alien nodded, and rapidly pressed a couple of buttons. After a moment, the alien turned to Nemo and said,
"All weapons primed."
Nemo smirked. "Open fire then, laddie."

If anyone had been watching, they'd have seen a hellstorm of laserfire explode from The Good Chef.

If anyone had been watching, they'd have seen the lasers stop in mid-space just before striking the small, black pirate ship then vanish.

If anyone had been watching, they'd have seen The Good Chef fly sideways into the sun, vanishing with a piff! on its surface.

...But someone was watching.


Thus ends the prolouge. Chapter one coming soon! (and I'm going to need a beta)

Space Pope
« #1 : 01-31-2008 17:23 »

Elzar's older brother as a space outlaw. Interesting concept. Keep it coming.
Futurama Llama

Starship Captain
« #2 : 01-31-2008 17:30 »

Indeed I will, Kryten. But... he's dead now. Or is he?? No. He's dead. Maybe not???
Futurama Llama

Starship Captain
« #3 : 01-31-2008 18:43 »
« : 01-31-2008 18:43 »

Okay, here goes-

I would like to note that all the characters and show name and the settings and all the like belong to Matt Groening and the Futurama staff.

Rubus- Chapter One- "Slurm n' Chow"

Not someone who would care, really. At least not yet. And that person was delivery-boy extraordinaire, Philip J Fry. he sat atop the PE building, sporting some sweet shades and drinking Slurm from a local 12-pack. Ten of these Slurm cans could be seen floating, empty, in the river below. Another joined their ranks as he pitched his current can. Being the Slurm addict he was, however, the last can was open before number eleven had even hit the water. Sighing in contentment, he looked across the river and over the cityscape on it's other side at the sky.
The three o' clock sun blazed brightly, but that didn't matter to Fry. His shades eliminated the glare, so it was to him just like staring at a pale yellow ball. Because of this, he could see the outline of two ships in the distance, between him and the sun. One was large, like some kind of carrier or tanker, and one was smaller. He watched them for a moment, taking a swig from his can of Slurm. Another small ship pulled up behind the tanker/carrier and stopped. He sat up as a dim flash of red erupted from the small ship in front of the bigger one.
"What is that? Laserfire? Distress flare?" he wondered aloud.
He whipped around to see Leela standing, hands on her hips.
"L-Leela, you startled me! I was just watching these ships and-"

He stopped and looked at the sun.
There was just one little ship there now...

"Whatever, Fry, they're just ships. Big whoop."
Fry turned back to face Leela. "Yeah... I guess you're right."
Leela nodded curtly. "Of course I am. Now, why I came up here is because I heard you and Bender had a paper-eating contest in Hermes' office-"
Fry cut her off, "Oh, yeah! That was a blast! Bender won, of course. By the end of it I was throwing up paper everywhere, and-"
This time it was Leela's turn to cut him off. "Yes, well, you two ate all of the employee records and our salaries." Fry took the last swig of the Slurm and threw it over his shoulder.
"Is that bad, Leela?"
Leela gave him a "must-I-explain" look, then continued, "Yes. Hermes doesn't remember what was on those papers, so he just "assumed" that we were getting paid the lowest amount that is semi-legal." Fry scuffed his shoe on the roof.
"Well, that sucks. I didn't think we could get paid even-"

He was cut off by a low, thundourous hum.

Fry and Leela covered their ears and looked around. Things seemed to be vibrating around them- what was going on? The answer came almost immediately. A hovering streetlight whizzed by, heading towards the sun. Fry and Leela looked back the way it had come, and immediately ducked. An entire building whipped just above them, shaving the PE building's dome down to the railing's level. Fry looked up from where he was crouched and witnessed something incredible. The sky was darkening with all sorts of metal objects- hovercars, some with people still inside them; thousands of robots and several builings. As he watched, a sunken ship erupted from the river and joined the metallic ranks heading towards the sun.
A sudden thought hit Fry.
"Bender!" He shouted.
He grabbed Leela's hand and pulled her into the PE building. The hum was dampened by the thick walls of the building, so speech was now audible.
"Fry! What's going on??" Leela asked, obviously shaken.
Fry shook his head. "I dunno, but it seems to me that was all metal stuff. So that means Bender is in trouble!"
Leela gasped. "You're right, for once!"
The duo rushed into the hangar to witness something horrible. The meeting table ripped itself from the floor and whipped towards the wall facing the river, punching a hole through it. The next event horrified Leela the most. The hanger door ripped off of the building and flew into the metal oblivion. The PE ship then began to skid towards the wall facing the sun. It tipped and the wall crumbled.
The PE ship flipped into the air, spiraling sideways into the sky.
Leela stood there, frozen to the spot, watching through the hole in the building as her beloved ship was pulled away.
Fry recovered quickly, and ran into the living room. Bender was pressed against the wall, garbled folk songs emanating from him. Fry sighed in relief. His friend was safe.
That's when the wall saving Bender from the magnetic oblivion began to crack.


Whew! I typed all that from the paper I wrote it on. Not fun.


DUN DUN DUNNNN! What's gonna go down??

Stay tuned! 

Space Pope
« #4 : 01-31-2008 18:46 »
« : 01-31-2008 18:46 »

If I could make a suggestion, it would be a lot easier to read if you broke up the dialogue a little. The basic rule is, if a character starts to speak, you go to a new line, and if you're doing a lot of action after they speak, you go to another new line.


He watched them for a moment, taking a swig from his can of Slurm. Another small ship pulled up behind the tanker/carrier and stopped. He sat up as a dim flash of red erupted from the small ship in front of the bigger one.
"What is that? Laserfire? Distress flare?" he wondered aloud.
He whipped around to see Leela standing, hands on her hips. "L-Leela, you startled me! I was just watching these ships and-"
He stopped and looked at the sun. There was just one little ship there now...
"Whatever, Fry, they're just ships. Big whoop."
Fry turned back to face Leela. "Yeah... I guess you're right."
Futurama Llama

Starship Captain
« #5 : 01-31-2008 18:58 »
« : 02-01-2008 23:00 »

Ah. I shall do that. Thanks, Archonix.
And, I'll do that with the next installment as well....

Futurama Llama

Starship Captain
« #6 : 02-02-2008 12:41 »

The next exciting installment!!

Rubus- Chapter Two- "Well, I guess the Earth is boned."

   Fry looked around frantically, trying to find something that would save Bender from certain doom.
"Leela!" Fry shouted over the hum. He didn't notice it was beginning to decline.
Leela snapped out of her shock and rushed over. He merely pointed at the boned bending unit and the breaking wall. Leela's eye widened in urgency.
"Fry! We've got to find something that will stop this!"
As if on cue, the Professor and Hermes appeared.
"De Professah just invented someting that might help Bendah!" Hermes shouted. The hum was beginning to pick up strength. A building flew by going an immeasurable speed.
Leela put her hands on her hips and yelled, "How did you know Bender was in trouble??"
Hermes answered, "We had Scruffy spy on you!"
Fry and Leela looked over, and, sure enough, Scruffy pressed his left ear and said,
"Scruffy's been seen. Scruffy's movin' out."
He backed slowly out of the livingroom.
Everyone stood there for a moment, the hum gaining and losing decibles sporatically.
The professor broke the silence with
"What the hell are we doing? We're trying to doom that Bender from save!"
Then, forgetting everything instantly,
"Good news, everyone! I just invented a magnetic raygun that uses miniature EMPs to capture the desired object or objects! Conveniently, it's made of plastic!"
Fry snatched the gun and ran up to the railing that overlooked where the PE ship used to be, and pointed the raygun at the middle of the hangar.

Just then, the wall broke.

Bender beelined right for the hole in the building, singing "O can ye sew cushions?" as he went,

O can ye sew cushions and can ye sew sheets, and can ye

The rest of the song was reduced to unintelligible garble when Fry fired the magnetic raygun. Bender hovered, about three-fourths of the way between Oblivion and the livingroom-hole, caught between two magnetic forces.

Suddenly, the hum stopped.
Bender was pulled to the hangar floor with a metal-on-metal clang! by the fading magnetic effects of the raygun. The partial PE crew heard several other objects hit pavement nearby, and many splashes.

The PE crew, now fully assembled, (Amy was found in the bathroom, totally oblivious to all of the goings-on; Zoidberg was found in Pottery Barn's pottery-made dumpster, and thus was saved.) climbed down into the hangar. Bender stood up and held his metal head between his metal hands.
"Oooogh... What happened? I feel like my shiny metal ass was bitten... and hard!"
Fry spoke up first.
"Well, there was these three ships then there was only one ship then there was this big hummm noise then tons of metal stuff flew towards the sun and you almost did but we saved you."
Leela sighed and rolled her eye.
"...anyway, whatever that thing was, it seems to have robbed Earth of everything metal..."
Amy piped up. "It seems to me like just the man-made stuff was taken."
The professor nodded. "Indeed. There are plenty of deposits of natural iron under the river, and none of that was magnetized."
Fry was the one who posed the question they all had on their minds:
"Who or what did this?"
Hermes paced back and forth for a moment, then addressed the PE crew.
"I suggest we start rebuilin' our lives as quick as we can. Zoidberg, start cleaning up the building while Scruffy watches. Everyone else, lets talk about dis."
Zoidberg sighed and grabbed a broom.
The rest of the crew went into the livingroom and sat down in different spots.
Bender asked nonchalantly, "Who has a beer?"
"Me flask was taken." Hermes whined.
"I only drink lady drinks. Leela might have some." Amy said.
Leela scowled.
Farnsworth started pacing. He turned to face his employees, concern showing on his wrinkled face. He began to say something, when...
"Everybody! Come look! Come look!" Zoidberg's voice rang from the professor's observatory.
No one got up.
"Hurry! It's getting bigger!!"
No one got up.
"What are you guys doin-"
He was cut short by a tremendous explosion.
That got them going. They rushed into the hangar and looked up at the observatory through the gap in the ceiling.

Or what was left of it.

There was a black ship jutting from the middle of the tower, red brick clattering against it's still-vibrating hull.

Bending Unit
« #7 : 02-03-2008 19:52 »

Neat! Roll on the next exciting section!

And I guess that black ship is the new PE ship; until then can fish the old one out of the Hudson, or wherever it is now.  :)
Futurama Llama

Starship Captain
« #8 : 02-04-2008 17:45 »

Thanks, THM. I'm working on it. Maybe. Nemo may return.
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