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: Keela (Kif's one eyed daughter.)  (Read 739 times)
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Delivery Boy
« : 06-26-2007 23:40 »

Ok, folks i am sorry i never finished this story and the ending kinda sucks but i came upon this site and felt like i abandoned it so here is ALL of my story of Keela, enjoy.

   Keela sat nervously in her chair waiting for the final test.  Keela wanted to be like her DNA mother, a space pilot.  She remembered the first time she had a space lesson with Leela, thinking back she realized what a horrible pilot she was then.  “The final space piloting test is today.  If you past this you will be given a pilot license if not then you will have to retake the course,” her teacher, Mr. Wernstrom Jr., boomed.
Oh no, I can’t fail this test, I can’t stand the pressure, Keela though.  But when she got her test she realized they were simple questions, such as how many light-years from a railroad you have to be when a space train is coming. She was doing great until she got to question 32.  It read as follows, When you are being chase by the robot mafia do you A) Shoot them with your lasers 2)Fire torpedo 3 at full speed 3)Rub cheetah blood on the engine and hope it works. Explain why.  This is easy, she thought, but right when she was about to fill in the explanation her pencil broke.  She got up went to the pencil sharpener and tried to sharpen her pencil but the sharpener blew up in her face.  “DOESN’T ANY THING WORK AROUND THIS HELL HOLE WE CALL EARTH?!?!?!?” She screamed at the top of her lungs.
“Ms. Kroker I’m going to have to ask you to leave.  This will give you an automatic F on your test,” Mr. Wernstrom replied.  What how could I get an f, how am I going to face dad.  I know I’ll tell him I quitted because my teacher tried to abuse me, yea that will work. Keela though.

Keela got on her bike and rode home.  When she got home Kif, her dad, said “Keela I just got off the phone with your teacher.”  Oh no Keela thought, he knows about my outburst in class.  “I’m very disappointed in you, me and your mother are going to have a talk about this.”

“Talk about what honey,” Amy said as she steeped in through the door.

“Keela got an F on her test today because she screamed about Earth being a hell hole,” Kif replied

“I see, Keela why don’t you go see you aunt Leela and your uncle Fry while me and your dad talk,”

“Ok mom,” Keela replied she loved seeing her aunt and uncle.  Maybe Leela could give her more advice on how to kick a guys but when he makes fun of your eye.  So with a sudden burst of energy she hoped on her bike and headed for the Planet Express building down on Nixon Street.

To be technical, Fry and Leela were there last names well Leela was her aunt’s maiden name.  Anywho, she also liked to hang out with her cousin Yancy.  She had another cousin named Sally, but she was a little baby.  Yancy, unlike her had 2 eyes so they would ask how it was to have 1 eye or 2 eyes.

She got to the building and headed inside. “Hi Keela,” Leela said. “How are things at home?”

“Well I failed the final exam today at school,” Keela said weakly.

“What happened, did some boy make fun of your eye?”

“No the pencil sharpener blew up in my face.  Man then I got an F for yelling about Earth being a hell hole.”

“Oh, ok. Did any shards land in your eye?”

“No, but thanks for asking.  Anyway where is everyone?” Keela asked looking around the empty building.

“Well, Fry and Yancy are taking Nibbler for a walk, the professor is taking a nap, and so is Sally.”

“Where is Scruffy?”

“Present,” Scruffy said as he walked by the room.  A few short seconds after that a handsome young man walked into the room, at that point Keela knew she wanted him.

“Who is that?” Keela asked, jaw down.

“That’s David, he never talks and all we know about him is he is Scruffy’s nephew.” Leela replied.
Fry and Yancy came in just seconds later with a very hyper Nibbler.  “How was you walk honey?” Leela asked as she went to welcome home her son and husband.

“Ok I guess,” Fry said.  He looked around and noticed Keela. “Hi Keela.”  Just then Yancy started to run towards Keela.

“Sup Keela,” he said with a grin on his face.  “How did your test go today?”

“Well, um…” Keela started.  “I failed.”  She though Fry and Yancy would gasp but Fry just went on with life and Yancy just stared.

“What happened?” Yancy asked.  “Wait I bet it was the pencil sharpener.”

“How did you know?” she asked in amassment.

“Well I work with electronics and in the buiz you know every thing.”

“Hey do you know anything about him?” Keela whispered pointing to David.  There really was no need to whisper Fry and Leela already left and David was just listening to music.

“David? Nobody knows anything about him except maybe Scruffy but nobody ever sees him.” Yancy replied.  Then David got up, took off his headphones and went by them.

“Be there,” he said tossing a piece of paper towards Keela.  She picked it up and read it.

“What does it say?” Yancy asked.

“It says; 7:00Pm, Elzar’s, tonight, be there, Signed David.”

“Whoa, are you going to go?” Yancy asked like an overwhelmed school girl.

“Of course,” She said with a grin on her face.
“Mom I’m home,” Keela announced as she entered the through the door of there home.

“Keela,” Amy said.  “Your father and I found a punishment for you.  You are grounded for exactly 1 day.”

How ironic Keela thought.  When I get a date I’m grounded for that 1 day and that day only.

Later that night Keela got ready.  I’ll just sneak out and go to the restaurant, she thought.  She opened her window and climbed down the tree.  Again Leela had taught her this.  But what’s this she left the slip of paper on her nightstand.  “Keela I want to talk to you” Kif said as he headed up the stairs.  She went into her room and he saw the window opened and the slip of paper.  “7:00Pm, Elzar’s, tonight, be there, Signed David.  Keela you’re in so much trouble.”

“Thanks for bringing me here tonight,” Keela said.  David just nodded.  “Do you ever talk?”  Keela asked.

“Yes, yes I do talk,” David replied.  David’s voice was like… well he had a great voice.  “What do you do for a living Keela?”

“I uh… I was a starship captain put I quitted to become a...”

“What can I get for you lovely couple?” Elzar interrupted.  Just then there was a crash in the Kitchen.  “I’ll be right back.”  Minutes later… “Get out of here you no good stinkin robot,” just then Bender came running out the kitchen doors and out the restaurant.  “Sorry about that.”  “What can I get for you?”

“I’ll have a steak.” David Replied.

“Ok, and for you?” Elzar questioned Keela.

“I’ll have a chicken sale... OH NO.”  Keela saw her dad’s car pull up to the restaurant.

“Keela where are you?”  Kif said bursting into the restaurant.

“Oh so I’m outrages?  Who’s the one bursting into a restaurant in there Pajamas?  Not me, it’s you dad,” Keela shouted.  She knew she had just blown her cover.

Keela saw out of the corner of her eye that her dad’s car was still hovering which meant if she could get pass him and get to the car she could drive away safely.  I gotta try Keela though. While her dad started to run for her she thought now’s my chance, run Keela run.  Why can’t I move, oh no I’m to scared.  She looked and saw David then her fear went away and she bolted for the door trying to avoid her dad.

She jumped through the Restaurant doors and headed to the car. She was running to the car when a mysterious white van pulled up and men in black grabbed her then brought her into the van.  “KEELA!!!” Kif screamed as he watched the van that contained his daughter drive away.

“Who the hell are you and why did you kidnap me.  Are you from Nappster?” Keela asked.

“Negative,” one of the men said.  We captured you so you can help us with a mission.

“It appears that you’re the daughter of Turanga Fry, Yes?” the other man asked

“Well she is my DNA mother I guess so yea.  Why are you asking me this?” Keela replied.

“It appears here that on her record she has assisted in the safety in this planet as a women who leads, MR. Philip .J. Fry and MR. Bender .B. Rodríguez, is this also true?” the other man asked.

“I guess, I heard stories about them but I thought they where just made up.  Why am I here though?” Keela started to get annoyed.

“We have brought you here because it seems you may be Earths last hope.  Turanga has been kidnapped by an evil scientist and he has launched a nuclear bomb that will destroy the Earth in a few days,” explains one of the men.

“So do you have any cool gadgets to show me that I get to use?”  Keela asked

“Finally she asked, oh Al you owe me $5 now,” said one of the men.

Keela looked through the window to where the driver would be.  “Why is there an eye on a stick driving the car?”  Keela asked.

“Oh we are so sorry,” said Al.  “These are just mere disguises.”  Then after that she heard a mechanical noise, steam rose from the men, and then, out of the “men” came little creatures.

“Why… you look like Nibbler.” Keela said.

“Yes, we are the nibblonians,” said the one who wasn’t Al.  “This is Al,” he said pointing to the other nibblonian.  “And I’m Jason.”

“Are those your real names?” Keela asked.

“No but in the time it would take to pronounce one letter of our true name, a trillion cosmoses would flare into existence and sink into eternal night" said Jason.

   “So… how am I supposed to stop him?” Keela asked.
   “Why, you can’t stop him on your own,” Jason said
   “Why not?”
   “Because,” Al said. “You need the help of Phillip and Bender.”
   “All right, to the robot arms building,” Keela said.
   “Um… we’re already inside,” Said Jason,
   “Oh, then to Bender’s room,” She said.

   “What do you wa… oh it’s you, Fry, Keela’s here,” Bender said.
“Hi Keela, why are you here.” Fry said
“Oh Uncle Fry it’s…”She was cut off.
“Wait,” Fry said. “You’re the nibblonians, why are you here?”
“Your wife has been kidnapped” Al said.  “Your three have to go through a series of mazes the kidnaper set up.”
“Let’s do it,” Fry said.
“Wait,” Bender said. “I need a beer.”
“OK, then we shall depart” Fry said.
“Indeed,” Jason said.

4 beers later

“Let’s roll meat bags,” Bender said.
“Ok, are we all ready?” Keela asked.
“Let’s just go… who needs to be prepared.” Fry mumbled
“Follow me,” said Al.

They were driven to a high-tech building in Kyoto, Japan.  “Wow, that’s big,” said fry
Just then a big Plasma screen TV popped out and on it was a man… Wernstrom Jr.  “MUWAHAHAHAHA,” the evil scientist laughed.

“Hey Keela, wasn’t that your teacher?” Fry questioned
“Silence fools,” Wernstrom Jr. said.  “Dad, what shall we do to these imbeciles?”  Just then Wernstrom came up in a bio suit that kept him alive.
“OH YOUR GOD,” bender said staring at the crazy old man.
“Buh-bye,” Wernstrom Jr. said.  Just then a trap door opened and Keela, Fry, and Bender fell into a hole.  After that the nibblonians just left.

After a long falling through a hole.

They landed on a mattress.  “That was weird,” Keela said.
“So now what?” Fry asked.  No reply, “come on guys what do we do now?”
“Me no know where we are?”  Keela babbled.
“BRAINSPAWN!!!” Fry yelled.
“Bee bob boob” Bender said.
Fry saw Leela tied up, she couldn’t talk because she had a cloth over her mouth, but wait, it got untied.
“FRY RUN,” Leela shouted.
“No,” Fry said.  “This is my battle.”
“Actually it’s Keela’s, but this part is yours.” Leela said.
“Silence woman,” Wernstrom Jr. said.

“This is it,” Fry said.  He pulled from out of nowhere his all mix rush tape and a 3 liter bottle of Shasta cola.  It was an intense battle. Fry traveled through countless books trying to stop them.
He ended up getting caught in a trap.  They brought him to the room they had started in.  Wernstrom was laughing.  “It seems you get an A-,-,”
“Nobody gives me a good grade,” Fry yelled escaping the trap.  He forced Alka-Seltzer down there mouth.  They exploded like seagulls.
“How, how did you know Alka-Seltzer was their weakness?” Wernstrom Jr. asked.
“Well I realized that every story I was in the brains flew in the sky like seagulls so I tried the Alka-Seltzer and it worked” Fry said with a grin on his face.
“Uncle Fry you did it!!!” Keela exclaimed jumping up to hug her uncle.
“Good job,” Bender said to Fry.
“Don’t think this is over,” Wernstrom said.
“There are more challenges my enemies,” Wernstrom Jr. said.

“Foolish fool, you think you can defeat me,” Wernstrom said
“Shut your pie hole, if I know anything about something it’s that you can bight my shinny metal ass,” Bender yelled.
“Hey there are two doors here,” Keela exclaimed.  She tugged at one of the doors, it had a sigh over it that said “MAZE” it was locked.  She then tried the other one with a sigh that said “SECRET LAB” this one was opened.
“You, how you get in here?” Wernstrom Jr. asked.
“You locked the wrong door you dumb ass!!!  Oh Hubert was right, clones never work.” Wernstrom yelled at his clone.  “Oh well your still no match for me.”
Just then Hermes came in and filed a document to Wernstrom for a limbo contest.  When all was ready to go a funky fresh beat came on and they started to limbo.  Hermes went down about 3 inches from the ground and went under the stick.  Come Wernstrom’s turn he disincarnated the stick, along with his clone.  Bender took his wallet out of the ash.  “Hey there’s a card on how to kill Wernstrom in here.  It says to unplug the cord.  Well that’s simple enough,” Bender said.
“NO, DON’T DO THAT!!!”  He exclaimed while bender walked over and unplugged him.  “Nooooooooo!!!”


“Woah, wait,” David yelled at me.
“Yes, what is it David,” I replied
“What happens to me?”
“You, um,”
“Exactly I get nothing” he yelled at me.
“Wait, you, um, get your own story, ah, about, what something after Elzar’s?”
“YES, take that world,” he yelled.

Check out my next fanfic when (and if) I make it, it will be called David.

« #1 : 06-27-2007 08:37 »

Hey this is great! can't wait for your next fanfic!
Nicky boy

Bending Unit
« #2 : 06-27-2007 11:32 »

hay not bad!  :)

« #3 : 06-29-2007 13:32 »

its cool  :)

Delivery Boy
« #4 : 07-04-2007 09:26 »

Anything with kif in it is cool in my book.  :p

Bending Unit
« #5 : 07-06-2007 17:13 »

what will u do with it?
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