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: Futurama poetry/lyrics contest  (Read 767 times)
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Starship Captain
« : 04-20-2007 21:17 »

This is a contest where you create poems or song based on futurama.  You can write a parody based on other futurama songs or a sonnet about Fry and Leela, etc.  Please, keep it on Futurama.  If you post stupid crap about chocolate yarn, or something, This will be closed.  I will judge the first contest.  The winner will judge th second.  That winner will judge the third, etc.  Ready, go!

« #1 : 04-20-2007 22:15 »


Wears a red jacket
Has orange, spikey hair and
Never takes showers.

Urban Legend
« #2 : 04-20-2007 22:33 »

there once was a captain named Zapp
both arrogant and full of crap
with a suit of velour
and his mind in the sewer
I'm guessing he'll soon get the clap
Bending Unit
« #3 : 04-21-2007 06:06 »

Hehe, I like your poems tyraniak & SP
Heres a song I wrote at least 6 months ago, Which I posted on a futurama lyrics thread I started [which has sunk to the 6th page  :(] I apologise for capitalisation etc, I hope you like it!


When I saw you, my heart took flight
thats why I dreamed of you again last night
you send blood rushing to my head
but you turned me down
so i'd rather be dead

So here we go again
walking alone again
i wish you were here
but youre slippin' through my fingers
i'm losing you......

I dont know why I love you
I can't even tell if I do!
so whats this feeling where my head is spinning
and I cant think things through
its an illness, I know it
but I cant show it
the cure:
ME AND YOU!  :love: 


I told you what I thought of you, one night in the pouring rain
but you laughed it off, turned away,
took my thoughts in vein

I promise I wont hurt you,
im terrified, guess that makes two
I just want you here, with me
in my arms


You want me to understand
that I will never hold your hand
but that will never change the way
that you make me feel

I tell you that its fine
I tell you I'm ok
then I go home
thats where I cry
and bender calls me gay


I guess ill never be with you
but know that i love you
thats so true

Chorus x2

Im Losing you..........

I hope you liked it!

Liquid Emperor
« #4 : 04-21-2007 08:33 »

Leela's inner feelings

Everynight I fight my feelings,
Afraid of what might change,
I know you say you love me baby,
Even though I'm strange,

But I've heard it oh so many times,
Can this time really be for real,
What can be in this for you,
Wheres the string hung on this deal?

I wish I had the strengh you think I do,
The power to move on,
But I been through this so many times,
I'm scared it might go wrong,

Oh how can you really love me,
When I only have one eye,
I'm scared to know the answer,
But I have to find out why,

Were you speaking from you heart,
Or were you having a joke,
Did you really mean it,
Or was it a mistake you spoke?

I have to hide the truth,
Because I can never be quite sure,
If the minute that I give you a chance,
Will be the minute you walk out the door,

Everynight I fight my feelings,
Afraid of what might change,
I know you say you love me baby,
Even though I'm strange.

Starship Captain
« #5 : 04-21-2007 12:26 »

Nice poems/ songs, people! I'm no good at this sort of thing though.  ;)

Liquid Emperor
« #6 : 04-21-2007 12:30 »

Nice songs and poems everyone, me I'm pretty emotionless so I can't write meaningful music.

Congrats on your new rank RDR! :D

Urban Legend
« #7 : 04-21-2007 14:44 »

there once was a robot, who called himself Bender
who just wanted to put his booze in a Blender,
but unfortunately it was broke by a doctor
who, believe it or not, was really a lobster
Bender then asked the lobster to kiss his rear end,
and cooked the poor doctor to feed to his friends
Bending Unit
« #8 : 04-21-2007 18:45 »
« : 05-06-2007 22:00 »

 :Deleted by me because I hate it:

Starship Captain
« #9 : 04-22-2007 08:40 »

Originally posted by MrBlonde:
Congrats on your new rank RDR!  :D

Thanks!  :p
Sine Wave

Liquid Emperor
« #10 : 04-22-2007 10:04 »

Leela, Leela,
Give me your answer do.
I'm half crazy,
All for the love of you.
It won't be a stylish marriage,
I can't afford a carriage
But you looked sweet out in your seat
At the opera I wrote for you.

Starship Captain
« #11 : 04-24-2007 15:42 »
« : 04-24-2007 15:42 »

I forgot I made this thread until just now.  I'm gonna have to give this to jle1993.  It must be my inner shipper.

I would like to add that you can post however many as desired, but this should be based on quality, not quantity.  Also, songs about PEEL are accepted.
Fame. Fortune. Trombones!

Did you know that hell has it's own website?

From my #1 fan

To my #1 fan: I want to tell him what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit he is! Hallelujah! Holy shit!!

Liquid Emperor
« #12 : 04-25-2007 14:07 »

Whooo, I love you Tronbonist!
*does a dance*
So I judge the next lot right?

« #13 : 04-25-2007 16:55 »
« : 04-25-2007 16:55 »

The Poem of Bender

I know an evil robot.
Who's color is dark gray.
He's he kind of robot
who drinks alcohol every day.

His name is Bender.
He told me so. It's true.
Be careful or he will steal
your valuables from you!

I heared that he once went
and robbed a bank.
His girlfriend went in the black hole
when the Titanic sank!

He's a bending unit who has
bended more than you can count.
I don't know how much he's bended
but it's probably not a small amount!
Bending Unit
« #14 : 04-27-2007 00:30 »

Here's another song.. It didn't take long to write, so I apologise for any general crappyness :P

When you were mine:

You know, I still remember
The first time that we met
Something I would never change
Something I still regret.

I thought it would last forever
I thought I loved you
But by the end, you canít pretend
That you love me too

I know that in time, things can change
I know that nothing stays the same..
But I know that we enjoyed our time...
When you were mine.

Count the times you've left
Count the times you've returned
Count the times you've broke my heart
And left me longing for you

Deep, deep down I know you tried
But I was nothing in your eyes
I guess that in the end....
All we could be was friends.

Chorus X2
When you were mine......

Starship Captain
« #15 : 04-27-2007 14:15 »

Yes, you do.

Liquid Emperor
« #16 : 05-27-2007 09:43 »

I give it to ZoidFryLeelaAmy, just because I love songs

« #17 : 07-17-2007 12:30 »

All the poems are nice.
You are making a good work.
Nicky boy

Bending Unit
« #18 : 07-17-2007 13:08 »

poems,songs,haiku's looking good! but im terrible at making songs or poems up! i might try another time!
Bending Unit
« #19 : 08-31-2007 03:58 »

Huh? I don't even remember writing that!
Thanks Jle.
... Where are all the poems????

Bending Unit
« #20 : 02-22-2008 21:49 »
« : 02-22-2008 21:49 »

Wrong thread. Oops.

Starship Captain
« #21 : 02-25-2008 12:25 »

Shit, this thing is old.

Bending Unit
« #22 : 02-25-2008 13:02 »

I'm impressed; there is some really good material here. "Leela's Inner Feelings" is a particular favourite; I can't hear a tune for it, but those are some great lyrics. Keep 'em coming!  :D
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