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Author Topic: My Fanfic (Untitled)  (Read 1069 times)
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Bending Unit
« on: 01-27-2007 17:17 »

Well, I posted the first chapter in my Fanart thread, but I would have to double post to update it, and it is less confusing this way. Anyway, here's chapters 1 and 2!
(It's quite weird at first, but dont worry, everything will become clear...  :evillaugh:

Chapter one

A young man walked along a street late at night. He looked around. It seemed like everything reminded him of his brother. He wished he had just one more chance to say goodbye, that he missed him; maybe even that he.... loved him. But there was no chance now. He stopped and leant against a wall, thinking of what could have happened, where his brother could be. This was the 10th time today that he went searching, and the tenth time there was no luck. He felt like crying, but he knew what his father would say. He took a crumpled piece of paper out of his pocket and read it. Every word was like a slap in the face, stinging more every time.
He read the page out loud
"I know what you did".
"What!!!" yelped a voice from next to him
"Oh, nothing" the boy whispered as
The person stormed off. He got himself up, dusted his coat off, and left for home.

He crept quietly up the steps, being careful not to wake his mother. He put his hand on the knob, but before he could open it, it was flung open. He looked at the unattractive figure of his mother, her dirty red hair, with the two spikes that annoyed him, although they reminded him of his brother. Her pink dressing gown, with the cigarette burns and patches sewn everywhere, threatening to fall apart and leave her naked. And her brown loafers, that she had kept from when she was about... 16?
"YANCY! What were you doing! You canít just walk around New York at night! Do you know what kind of people you could run into?"
"Sorry, I was just looking for...."
The mother sighed. "Phil ain't comin' home Yancy! Get inside and go to bed."
"Mum, I might find him if I try!! Doesnít anyone in this family care about him!!"
"I care, but he ain't comin' back! You canít change the future!"
"The future?" Yancy slipped into a daydream, where his brother was in a big green spaceship, traveling to some unknown planet, to deliver a package to big green monsters! "Phil would love that" Yancy blurted out
"Love what?" asked his mother.
Yancy sighed and went inside to bed.

"Good news everyone! Youíll be traveling in a big green spaceship, going to some unknown planet, to deliver a package to big green monsters!"
"Oh boy! Great!" exclaimed the red headed boy. "I love stuff like that! Iíll get my coat!"
His captain sighed, got up, and followed him to the locker room

End chapter one.   

Chapter 2

Philip J Fry bounced happily into the planet express locker room. He opened his locker, dug deep into the huge pile of magazines, socks, garbage and slurm cans, and pulled out the same red jacket he had worn for the past eternity. Slamming the door closed, he walked up to his two best friends, and reluctantly started a conversation
"Uh.... so... are you looking forward to the mission?"
"Eh" replied the robot, taking a can of beer out of his chest cabinet and drinking the lot in one gulp.
"Sort of" replied his captain, fishing through her bag for the keys to the ship, and throwing them in her pocket.
"Well, letís get going. If we're going to die, then I want it done quickly"
"What makes you think we're going to die anyway, Leela?" aksed Fry suspiciously
"Oh..... Nothing" said Leela, a hint of fear in her voice
Yancy lay on his bed, the crappy clock radio on his bed playing music that was so distorted, it sounded as if someone had made a dance remix of a dance remix. Soothing. He took the note out of his pocket and read it one more time;
I know what you did
He could barely remember what it was he did but he knew it was bad, and he knew it had wrecked his brotherís year..... It had something to do with that stupid seven leaved clover, something to do with one of Philís best friends, Hannah. He still couldn't remember clearly, so he turned off the radio and tried to fall asleep.....
End Chapter 2

Urban Legend
« Reply #1 on: 01-27-2007 19:50 »

Interesting fanfic so far.  Hope you can think of a title.  I'll bet some fans wonder what it would've been like if Yancy came to the future. 


Starship Captain
« Reply #2 on: 01-29-2007 12:14 »
« Last Edit on: 01-29-2007 12:14 »

Very interesting, I'm looking forward to the next part!
Bending Unit
« Reply #3 on: 04-01-2007 03:43 »
« Last Edit on: 04-23-2007 22:00 »

Hello, I'm sorry it took so long to update this! i've had a LOT of school work and other stuff, but I promise to update a lot more. So, Here's part Three!

Leela activated autopilot, a wave of Guilt rushing through her. "What the professor was right, what if the space gremlins really ARE Deadly! I would kill the two best friends Iíve ever had! I shouldn't have accepted this mission...
"Good news Leela! Tomorrow you will be making a delivery to the galaxy of the big green monsters! I can guarantee you that this mission will be the safest yet!"
"Sounds great! I'll be looking forward To I..." "LISTEN YOU PURPLE HAIRED IMBECILE"! The professor suddenly remarked. "This is a very dangerous Mission! If you anger the big green Monsters at all, for the smallest thing, theyíll suck your blood, crush your Bones, and eat your kidneys! Those Idiots! I NEED THOSE KIDNEYS!Ē The professor stated. "Uh, Professor... I thought you said this mission would be safe!" "What mission? Who am I Talking to?" the Professor Cried before falling asleep. Leela sighed, tried to reassure herself, and walked away
Why did this have to happen? They were lucky to survive the bees, who Knows what could happen with these Hideous green things! She felt tears pricking her eye, but she fought it. She was determined not to cry while Bender and fry were right there... "Hey, Leela, Is something wrong? You seem a little...ĒAnd with that, she burst into tears and Ran into the next room...
Yancy stared vacantly at his bedroom Ceiling, too lazy to get up, too awake to Go back to sleep. He picked up the Piece of paper on his bedside table... But decided against reading it again.  He dragged himself out of bed and Made his way to the kitchen. Just as he sat down to eat breakfast, His mother Slammed a newspaper down in front of Him
"Yancy...Ē she sighed, "Youíre 28 and still living with your parents! You need
A job so you can get off your lazy Ass and earn some money of your
Own" she then stormed off, mumbling something sinister as she went.
Yancy read all his choices, each one being quite deadly. "Working
With blood sucking squids!?!?!" he Exclaimed, shaking his head. It was
Almost half an hour later when he finally found a well paying job that
Would not involve his vital organs being sucked out. It was perfect! Just the Right job....
A job at Applied Cryogenics.

I hope you enjoyed it! And also, if anyone is bored and crazy enough to want to illustrate it, you may!
xoxo    :love:
Writer unit32

« Reply #4 on: 04-01-2007 04:48 »

Nice fan-fic,looking forward to more.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #5 on: 04-01-2007 05:22 »

Nice story! i like it! I can't wait for the next update!
Bending Unit
« Reply #6 on: 04-17-2007 00:01 »

Thank you all  :love: Here's the next chapter:

Fry jumped up suddenly and chased after Leela. When he finally found her, she was sitting in the corner of the ships dining room. She seemed to have stopped crying, but tears were still running down her face. Fry hesitated to talk to her, but he went and sat next to her. After a few minutes of awkward silence, Leela finally spoke up.
"Fry, what is it?"
"Why did you run off?"
Leela sighed...
"Something about this mission really bothers me; I just canít put my finger on it!"
Fry stayed silent.
"Listen, the professor said this mission is extremely dangerous... and you know he means that."
"Leela, we've been on so many dangerous missions, and we're still in one piece, right?"
"Ahem" coughed Leela, sarcastically "does "spleen donor" mean anything to you?"
"Oh, right. Well, Iím sure if we stick together we'll be just fine...Ē
Leela felt guilt rush through her again...
"Look, after that incident with the bees, I donít want to take any risks!"
It was Fry's turn to sigh.
"The Leela I know would never say that...." Fry said, trying to slip his arm around Leela's shoulder. Astonishingly, she didnít try to avoid him. "Weíll be fine" he whispered, a triumphant look on his face.
"Ok fry, I guess we'll make it...Ē she finally admitted.Ē Just go up and keep Bender company. I will be back in a second.
As soon as fry stood up, his wallet fell out of his jeans' pocket. A few space moths flew in one direction, some expired credit cards in the other, and an old, yellowed photograph flew right towards Leela. She picked up the photo before fry could and looked at it.
It was of a young girl in a school uniform. Her hair was a shocking shade of blood red, with a huge black streak in it. She had an absent look on her face, but you could still see a cheerful sparkle in her eyes.

"Whoís this?" Leela giggled
Fry snatched the photo from her and gasped...
they had always been inseparable. Even as grubby little 5 year old, they just didn't seem as alive without the other. They met when they were four. The boy was at the playground with his brother and his grandpa. He had never been to a place like this before! He picked himself up and waddled around the area, wondering what to do with all the equipment. As he was walking down the path, he suddenly slammed into a small girl carrying an ice cream. All the stickiness was in his hair. The girl picked herself up and kicked the boy in the shins... but then helped him up too.
"You stupid!" she laughed, "whatís your name?"
"Philip" the boy announced sheepishly
The girl giggled. "Funny name!" she pointed to herself "Hannah." she said proudly, before kicking the boy again and running off. The boy looked startled, vanilla stickiness running down his head. It was from that point on they were friends....
They were always together... no matter what. It didnít matter what anyone said, it was as if they were the only two people in the whole world. However, the boy's brother thought different. He was always looking for a way to break them up, always trying to turn them against each other. The boy had no idea this was happening....
One day, when they were both 16, the boy's brother decided to fix them once and for all. He waited by the girls locker until she finally emerged from the classroom, carrying loads of books.
"Oh, Yancy! Hey! How are you?" she exclaimed.
"Uh... Hannah? Can I talk to you?" the boyís brother whispered solemnly
The girls face fell.
"Uh...ok. Whatís wrong?"
"Itís about Phil."
The girl looked even more worried.
"What happened? Is something wrong? Where is-"
The boyís brother cut her off.
"No, listen. Heís been... uh... well... saying stuff about you. He said you were never friends... and he only hangs out with you because he has nobody else to be friends with. I just thought I should tell you."
When the boyís brother looked up, he could see tears in the girlís eyes. He didnít know whether to tell him that he made it up, or just leave it. Then he remembered how long he'd waited for this day. He remained silent.
"Are you sure? Weíre best friends!" she screamed
The boyís brother sighed
"Think twice, Hannah" he said, placing a hand on her shoulder.
The girl dropped all her things and ran. She ran around the whole school, past the technology rooms, past the gym, and past the junior science block, which happened to be on fire. She didnít seem to notice.
She stopped running when she reached the boy.
"You bastard! How could you!" she screamed.
"What?" he said, quite surprised
"How could you do that? All this time I thought we were best friends. 14 years Phil, count 'em. You could have at least said you hated me!" her face was covered with tears.
"Hannah, I never said that!"
"You did. Your brother told me!"
"Jesus Hannah, how many times have I told you not to listen to Yancy!" he screeched angrily.
"Well, Iím listening to him now." she whispered sinisterly. Before he could even explain himself, she ran off. The boy felt horribly angry. He tore a piece of paper off a page of his dictionary, took out a green texta and scribbled five words...
Later, as he was walking past his brotherís locker, he pushed the note through a vent. He hoped it would stay with his brother for life.
Later that year, the girl dropped out of school. Not a soul knows where she went...

"Oh, itís just... no-one" Fry said sadly before wandering out of the room.

I hope you liked it..   

« Reply #7 on: 04-18-2007 11:36 »


« Reply #8 on: 04-19-2007 10:22 »

@Phillip J Fry: How many times have you posted that? Oh, and, this is a fanfic... by someone else... so please make your own thread for art. We'd love to see more!
But for now... Great fanfic Zoid!
Bending Unit
« Reply #9 on: 04-20-2007 02:49 »

Thanks very much FuturamaPac! [Yay! another nickname!] and Philip.J.Fry, I like your artwork, but trust me, you will attract more attention by posting in your own thread..
Professor Zoidy

Urban Legend
« Reply #10 on: 04-22-2007 08:20 »

Good fanfic. It seems more talented writers are showing up around her lately, or are just gaining the courage to attempt one.  :cool:
Bending Unit
« Reply #11 on: 04-27-2007 05:01 »
« Last Edit on: 04-27-2007 05:01 »

@Professor Zoidy: Yeah, that would be me. i've had this idea for over a year now, but i never wrote it because I thought people would hate it. ( Hopefully that is not the case    :(    :)   :p )
Here's a short update

Yancy pulled on the black leather jacket of his new uniform, admiring himself in the mirror. At least he had something to look forward to after all this. He grabbed his bag and dashed out the door.
He took in the crisp morning air as he walked into the city, gazing at the calm blue sky, littered with clouds. He straightened his jacket as he approached the cryogenics lab, trying to look confident. As he walked through the door of the lab, a woman dressed in a shocking pink pants suit and bright purple lipstick sauntered up to Yancy.
"Hi, you must be the new employee! Can I take your name?" she said in a voice that was a sickly sweet as a sack full of puppies
"Uh... yancy" he replied
The woman flashed a fake smile
"Right this way!" she sung, leading Yancy towards an elevator and handing him a security pass ďgo and see the manager on the 6th floor. Have a fun day" she exclaimed in the same sickly sweet voice as before.
Yancy stepped out of the elevator on the sixth floor, admiring the view of the city out the window. He knocked quietly on the door of the manager's office.
"Come in!" bellowed a deep male voice.
Yancy opened the door gingerly, peering into the room. Sitting at the desk was a morbidly obese man, wolfing down a big Mac. Mayonnaise ran down his 5 chins, his fat face wobbling as he chewed. Yancy had to fight the temptation to scream.
"Take a seat" he burbled between mouthfuls of burger "My name's bob." he held out his greasy palm, which Yancy shook hesitantly. "Now, for your first bit of work, Iíd like you to check that the temperatures in the freezer room are stable. Can you do that?"
"Yeah, yeah, sure" Yancy mumbled, dashing out the door. He was sure he had been scarred for life.
He opened the next door to find a large room full of 100 or more freezers, with a large window at the back with an absolutely spectacular view of the city.
"Whoa" he breathed.
"Meh" replied a man from next to the door. "You'll get over that. The names Harry."
"Uh... hi. Iím Yancy"
Harry smiled "So... I'm assuming you've met the walrus," he whispered, narrowing his eyes
Yancy thought for a second
"Oh... you mean" Yancy said gesturing towards the office.
Harry winked "Oh, I mean!" he replied, laughing loudly. "I'm guessing he sent you here to check the freezer temperature, right?"
Yancy nodded.
"Pfft. pathetic. He makes all the newbies do that. Well, Iíll leave ya to it. Nice meeting you, Yancy" Harry bounced out the door happily.   
Yancy took a look around the room, grabbed the clipboard Harry had left behind, and promptly set to work
Professor Zoidy

Urban Legend
« Reply #12 on: 04-27-2007 16:42 »

Ohhh, he's gonna see Fry!!! Will he freeze himself, or wake Fry up? [Bender]I wanna know....[/Bender]
Bending Unit
« Reply #13 on: 04-27-2007 17:10 »
« Last Edit on: 04-27-2007 17:10 »

Ohhhhh... You'll find out [wink-wink]  ;)[/wink-wink]
EDIT: Yay! I just realised this was my 200th post :P WhoopWhoopWhoop! *dances*

Space Pope
« Reply #14 on: 04-28-2007 09:52 »

Great story. He's gonna see Fry. I wonder if heíll unfreeze Fry or freeze himself. Update soon! I want more. It's very good
Professor Zoidy

Urban Legend
« Reply #15 on: 04-28-2007 16:38 »

Congrats. Someday, you'll be a liquid emperor.
Bending Unit
« Reply #16 on: 05-02-2007 00:31 »

Yay! I can rise above my Enemies and drink them!  :p
I've been on school camp since monday, but I'll try to write the next chapter tonight.
Professor Zoidy

Urban Legend
« Reply #17 on: 05-02-2007 14:10 »

What's school camp? Never heard of it (according to my friend I really don't listen to anything...because I don't...)
Bending Unit
« Reply #18 on: 05-03-2007 03:32 »

Hehe.. You go somewhere for a couple of days with your school and do stuff. Haven't you ever been on one?  :p
I'm busy until Friday, but I'll have chapter 5 up by Sunday
Seriously, if I don't, please kill me.
Professor Zoidy

Urban Legend
« Reply #19 on: 05-03-2007 14:34 »

ACtually, no. We used to go on field trips...but not anymore. We're "too old" or "it's too costly to the distrcit" to go anywhere, and we did have to pay to go to the holocaust museum that one time in my English class this year. I went to get outta school. But it was sad and disturbing.
brainslug angel

« Reply #20 on: 05-09-2007 03:34 »

mmm...yes, holocaust museums are disturbing.
"SNAP OUT OF IT!" *slap!*
ahem, i'm sorry. i lost control of my host for a second there. it was close, she nearly spontaniously combusted. as you probably gathered, she likes your fanfic.
Bending Unit
« Reply #21 on: 05-23-2007 02:55 »

Uh.. Hi. Sorry about the lack of updates, but lately I've had barely any time to do anything
 :( Maybe I'll get back to it sometime, but it wont be anytime soon.

« Reply #22 on: 05-23-2007 18:03 »

I loved your Fan Fic
Please update more
I'm your fan  ;)
Bending Unit
« Reply #23 on: 05-25-2007 20:04 »

I have a fan?? :P Wow, Thanks!

« Reply #24 on: 05-26-2007 15:39 »
« Last Edit on: 05-27-2007 22:00 »

You're welcome!!
Continue this Fic 'cause it's very cool
Bending Unit
« Reply #25 on: 06-09-2008 05:50 »

Hi Everyone, First of all, I'm sorry to bump such and old dead thread. Second, I'm sorry that I never finished this fanfic, I think I either ran out of time or just couldn't be bothered. So.. Does anyone want me to keep going? Most of the people who posted here seem to have disappeared, So I don't know if it would be worth it. Also, I was 12 when I wrote this and now I'm nearly 14, So it's going to different, and may not follow on properly, But hey I'll try!
(I also haven't been here in years, So introduce yourself so I don;t feel awkward.)
Apologies again for the bump.
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