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Author Topic: My First Fan Fic (and thread)  (Read 920 times)
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« on: 01-06-2007 04:06 »

Well I have been floating round PEEL for awhile reading things here and there and I especially like the Fan Fics, so today I thought I'd regester myself and post my own. Constructive critisim excepted but please don't beat me to a pulp with put downs!  ;)

So here goes... This is the prologue.

All is quiet in the Planet Express hanger until Hermes brings his usual cheery whistle into the deserted area. Every day, at exactly 8:00am, Hermes unlocks the PE building and does his routine check that everything is in place ready for the crew to deliver a hoard of packages to vile planets of no return with high a level of unsanitary conditions not fit for human survival. As he checks off the list of items on his clipboard, he hears a strange, loud, banging and crashing from within the ship.
“Now what seems to be goin on in dere?” he says to himself as he walks into the ship. The noise continues to get louder as he travels to the front of the ship. When he reaches the front room, the noise is unbearable loud with no obvious source what so ever, only now the not only is there banging and crashing sounds but there is a hiss and a slight gurgling to it. Hermes cautiously walks toward the pilots chair.
“WAAAUUGH!!!” Hermes cries as we see the chair spins round to reveal…. Fry, trying to get a packet of crisps open by banging them on the dashboard, trying to rip them open with his mouth and ‘hissing’ in frustration.
“Oh Fry, you scared me,” Hermes comments, then suddenly turns cautious, “How’d you get in before me? I locked the place up last night and I saw you leave…”
“Oh I got in through a window, I left my, uh, chips in here.” He grins sheepishly.
“Oh, yeah, right,” Hermes turns to leave, “I’ll just be finishin my check list den, be sure not to be late for da daily meetin, seein as you’re alreade here…”
As he leaves down the ships ramp he is tackled to the ground, “WAAAUUGGHH!!!” He cries again only this time for real. During all this Fry has mysteriously disappeared from the scene…

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #1 on: 01-06-2007 05:09 »

ooooooo, interesting, me likes me likes!

« Reply #2 on: 01-06-2007 05:18 »
« Last Edit on: 01-06-2007 05:18 »

me thanks ye!! I shall continue on with just one more comment.... Just one tinsy little comment.

EDIT *glares*
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #3 on: 01-06-2007 20:22 »

Don't glare at me like that!
Please continue, you've got me interested.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #4 on: 01-07-2007 08:17 »

Very strange........... do continue...

Urban Legend
« Reply #5 on: 01-07-2007 12:32 »

A Hermes fanfic!  Cool!  Please continue! 

« Reply #6 on: 01-07-2007 23:16 »
« Last Edit on: 01-07-2007 23:16 »

Sorry about my unkonwn whereabouts, but I've been sleeping and cleaning the car (the whole car not just the outside). And more bad news!!! THEY (parents) are going to take away my precious computer (okay it's the family computer) for repairs!!! And I won't get it back for about 3-4 weeks!!!! ARGGGGHHHH!!!!! How can I live without a steady supply of Internet?!?!

I'll post the rest of story that I have written but it will probably take awhile to hear the ending, (school starts in 4 weeks) but still feel free to post comments and advice because I'll read it when I get back on (duh...)

Anyway heres the rest for now (sorry it's not much but I'm not a fast typer):

Chapter 1:
The morning meeting started as usual at 9:00am; only today there were two empty seats.
“Sorry, I’m late,” Fry says as he wonders in, “I over slept.” He sits down at his usual place next to Leela and Bender.
“Confound it!!” Cries the Professor, “Where’s that blasted Hermes?!” He waves his fists in the air.
“Yeah, where is he? He ALWAYS the first here!” Amy said.
“Well, maybe he just overslept too?” Suggested Fry, making a useful contribution for once.
“But he’s a beaurocrate, already; it’s practically his job NOT to sleep in.” Zoidberg replies back.
“All I know is that I was know where near here when it happened.” Bender says nonchalantly, leaning back on his chair. Everyone looks at Bender, “What?”
“Where is he Bender?!?” says everyone except Fry who has lost interest and is looking at his nails.
“I ain’t talking, I wouldn’t rat on my best friend, Fry, even if he did decide to murder Hermes at exactly 8:02am this morning.” Bender says, and then falls off his chair realizing what he just said.
“FRY DID WHAT?!?!” Leela cries, standing up and looking aghast. Every else is just staring at Fry who is now sleeping, “He wouldn't do such a thing, you’re a liar Bender, you’re lying, don’t lie!!” she says fretfully while everyone except Bender, being a robot and probably having committed the same kind of crime at one point in time, has just turned pale while they stare at Fry.
“We have to him get behind bars!” Amy whispers so as not to wake Fry up.
“You’re being stupid Amy, why would he do such a thing?!? We can’t even prove he did!!!” Leela shouts back.
“SSHHHHH!!!” everyone says to Leela, who sits down, and looks anxiously around. 

Chapter 2:
“Leela is right though, we can’t prove he did do it because the only witness we have is… Bender…” Amy again whispers, becoming the sensible one of the moment, “We still need to contain him though just incase it WAS him.”
“Bu-” Leela starts again, but everyone glares back at her.
“Sruffy knows a place in the depths of the sewers where we can keeps him.” Says Scruffy coming from nowhere.
“Where?” Asks Leela, anxiously.
“Com’on, I’ll show yu, take Fry with yu.”
“How?” Amy replies.
“AH! Now the ball is in Farnsworth’s court!” The Professor chimes in, who had been in a light doze himself until this point, “I had been working on a containment device to study the strange inhabitants of the planet Urectum (know to us as Uranus), and I needed something suitable to restrain them, so I build my own, to their own peculiar needs. One of those needs being enough knockout gas, built into the filters, to kill 2000 elephants in one breath if released all at the same time.” He says proudly, to no-one in particular because everyone, except Fry, who is asleep, has left to find the containment device.

When they had gently put the sleeping Fry and his chair into the containment device, which travels in much the same way as a hover-car, Amy, Leela, Bender, Zoidberg (who had not said much to contribute to this charade, and didn’t plan to), Fry and Scruffy went out to the nearest manhole and clambered in (having Bender hold the hover container up with one hand and climb in with the other.

While Scruffy lead them through the winding mazes of sewerage system Leela lent over to Amy and whispered, “How do you think he knows he way around so easily?”
“I dunno,” Amy replies, “There’s lots about Scruffy we don’t know, all we do know is he’s a janitor, and he likes reading porn…”
“What’s this about porn?” Bender states loudly, as he catches up to the women. They both put on innocent little angel faces when Scruffy turns around to see what the commotions about.
“We were, uh, just saying you look at too much of it Bender, now get in front of us and push Fry faster or you’ll get left behind!” Leela shouts.
“Lousy stinkin, meatbags. Thinking they know what I look at too much…” Bender grumbles as he pushes between Amy and Leela to get ahead of them. As the amble along the hover container makes an eerie hovering sound in the echoing sewers. Amy and Leela look around uncomfortably, as if expecting the real (as Leela thinks) or another (as Amy thinks) murderer to leap down, from one of the many sewer ladders surrounding them, and get them all.

Chapter 3:
When Scruffy finally stops everyone looks around. There was just bare sewerage tunnel except for a cell with with rotting bars.
“This place is scary, it is!” Zoidberg whimpers and hides behind Bender, “My good robut friend, you would protect me in my time of need?”
“Get off me you stinkin lobster! I only protect one person and that person is me, Bender!” Bender says shaking Zoidberg off.
“Com’on, let’s Fry, here, into the thu cell.” Scruffy motions towards the door and opens it with a key with he produces from his jacket.
Bender and Leela lifted Fry (still asleep on his chair) into the cell, and locked the door. After all this, the clang of the door was what brought Fry around.
“Hunnh? What happened? Why am I in a cell? Leela? Bender?” Fry questioned groggily, yawning.
“Zoidberg?” Zoidberg added hopefully.
“We know what you did to poor Hermes, you dirty scoundrel!!” Bender announced.
“What!?” Fry exclaimed.
“We don’t KNOW that Bender!!” Leela slaps him, and his eyes fly across the sewer and smash. Bender grumbles and gropes around in his chest compartment to find a new set.
“Now Leela, since you’re most at home here-”
“Hey!!” Leela cuts Amy off, but she continues, ignoring Leela.
“Since you’re most at home down here Leela," Leela glares, “You will stay guard with Fry, while Bender, Zoidberg and I gather evidence for or against Fry’s innocence’s in this ordeal.” Amy says in a as-a-matter-factly way.
“What ordeal? What's? happening? What did I do?” Fry wails.
“Nothing, Fry, you didn’t do anything.” Leela says soothingly.
“Right, now what do I gots tu do?” Scruffy adds.
“You can, uh, go back and look after the Professor!” Amy says it in a way as if it’s something that has to be done on pain of death. Scruffy shrugs and heads back the way they came.
“Right so we’ll go back to the place where Bender saw it happening, which was…?” Amy trails off hoping Bender will fill in the blank but he’s just staring forward at Fry, who’s getting nervous from Bender just staring at him.
“Somebody make him stop!” Fry whined, covering his face with his hands. Leela shakes Bender until he stops looking at Fry.
“Yeah, it was… in the hangar, I was looking in the open window, for no reason whatever... and I saw it happen, and like I said it was exactly 8:02am.” Bender said as if he was telling a judge.
“Right, well we’ll check it out and be back here in an hour. Now let’s synchronize Wrist Thingies, just in case.” Amy leant over to see what time Leela’s Wrist Thingy had. And then with that they were off down the same track Scruffy had just been.
I Scruffy I

Bending Unit
« Reply #7 on: 01-09-2007 14:50 »

especially liked the fact Scruffy was in it!
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