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Author Topic: An Xmas to Remember  (Read 2574 times)
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Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« on: 12-26-2006 17:10 »

An Xmas to remember.
Written by Tastes Like Fry
Edited by coldangel_1
Illustrated by coldangel_1

A light, mildly acidic snow drifted lazily across the urban sprawl of New New York, dusting the towers and parapets of the city with unhealthy yellowish powder. Along a street beneath the monolithic skyscrapers, an orange-haired human and a silver robot shuffled hurriedly along.
‘Five hours till nightfall, we’d better get back to Planet Express,’ the robot said.
‘Wait, one more shop. I gotta get Leela…’ The young man snapped his fingers in agitation.
‘Look, meatbag, you got Leela that fluffy thing, she’ll like that, let’s go already.’
‘But I need the nice smelling thing to go with the fluffy thing, quickly, I know which one she likes.’
‘You know too much about her.’ Bender reluctantly let Fry drag him into a scented store, it was decorated with shiny tinsel, fairy lights and prison bars on the windows.
‘Season’s warnings!’ The overly cheery store owner welcomed them.
‘Less chit-chat, more transactions,’ Fry said with irritation, ‘Rose cake and that purple flower nice smell stuff.’
‘Beg your pardon sir?’
‘You know… soap, perfume, the normal girly stuff,’ Fry snapped. The store owner looked at him in confusion and then looked at the robot in search of explanation.
‘I’m not here,’ Bender said in a mechanical monotone.
‘That stuff!’ Fry yelled making the store owner jump. He bounded over to the other side of the store to a display where there was soap that looked like cakes and confectionary. He stopped at the pink section and tentatively sniffed each one.
‘Strawberry… cherry… lilac… transmission fluid… ah rose!’ He held the decorated soap out to the shop owner.
‘This one.’
‘Excellent choice, sir! Is that all?’
‘Fry, Leela keeps sending me text messages aksing where we are…’
‘Don’t tell her!’ Fry said hurriedly. He glanced about the store before lunging across the room again to a different display. There were stacks of guns, each filled with scented perfumes.
‘Oh, I can’t remember which one…’
‘How about I aks her?’
‘No! Don’t tell her!’
‘Which one did you want sir?’
‘I dunno… all I know is that it was purple and a flower.’
‘Well that’s easy, only one of them is an actual flower.’ She reached up and grabbed the last dark purple one. Fry gave a sigh of relief, everything seemed to going his way for once.
‘Yo, pork-pie, Leela wants a word with you.’ Bender had his hand cupped to the side of his head like one would do on a headset.
‘Tell her I’m busy.’
‘Fry’s busy… She says to put you on holophone right now.’
‘Tell her I’m not here.’
‘Fry’s not… oh, ok, don’t get your panties in a knot…She says she can hear you.’
‘Tell her…’
‘That’d be $25 dollars.’ Fry blinked in confusion at the shopkeeper.
‘Oh, money, right.’ He dug through his wallet and produced the money.
‘Alright, he’s coming he’s coming…’
‘Bender put me on holophone right now!’
‘Wait, wait!’ Fry snatched the gifts from the counter and shoved Bender outside.
‘Why the hell aren’t you here?’ Leela stood; her hologram intimidating even though it only stood a foot high.
‘Uh, last minute Xmas shopping,’ Fry said holding the bag behind his back. He grinned nonchalantly. ‘No look-see.’ Leela’s expression softened.
‘You got me a present?’
‘We’re going to be home in five minutes.’ Bender said, not wanting another flirt session over his radial receptor.
‘Well hurry up, or professor will lock you out.’ The hologram of Leela faded.
‘Let’s roll.’ Fry and Bender hurried to the nearest transport tube.
‘Planet Express,’ Fry said clearly before the tube whooshed him out of sight.

Fry landed uncoordinatedly on his feet and carefully steadied himself before moving out of the way in time to avoid being crushed by Bender who ejected from the tube. They quickly crossed the deserted street and dove for the door as the military-grade blast barrier began to roll out of its recess and armor the building. They wouldn’t have made it if it were not for the pair of hands that reached out and grabbed Bender by the antennae and Fry by the collar.
‘Oi! Hands off!’ Bender swatted at Leela’s hand, ‘You can’t just grab a guy’s item like that!’
‘Sorry.’ Leela straightened Fry’s jacket. ‘Are you guys ok?’
‘We’re fine.’ Fry took Leela’s hands to stop her fussing. ‘Where’s the rest of the crew?’
‘Decorating the tree, we’d better go help.’ Flustered Leela turned and disappeared down the hallway. Bender and Fry looked questioningly at each other.
‘What’s got her panties in a knot?’
‘Dunno.’ Fry shrugged it off and followed Bender down the hall. Fry almost ran into Leela who had started to come back to see what was taking them so long to come out. She blushed and busied herself with Nibbler.
Holding his bundles tightly he made his way over to Amy who was taping up presents with Zoidberg.
‘What’s the matter with Leela?’ Fry asked Amy quietly after a moment of wrapping his gifts up.
‘Spleesh, isn’t it obvious?’
Fry shook his head in response.
‘Well, it will be soon.’ Amy said ducking her head avoiding his gaze.
‘What do you mean by that?’
‘Fry?’ Fry gave a start; Leela had been standing behind him,
‘Leela! For cripes’ sake, don’t creep up on me like that!’
‘Sorry… Can I have a word with you for a moment?’ Fry stared at her suspiciously, he didn’t want to be caught up in a conversation where the blame or her personal problems was laid on him.
‘Alright… as long as it’s not about the ship’s main collaborator, cause that was Bender… and he kinda asked me not to squeal…’
‘Relax, it’s not about… what did Bender do to the collaborator?’
‘Nothing.’ Fry’s lips closed and his expression of discomfort changed to one of terror under Leela’s sudden menacing glare. She sighed angrily and seized his wrist and with a glance around to make no one was looking when she dragged Fry into the cupboard.
The cupboard was dark with the exception of the lines of light creeping in between the cracks in the door.
‘Listen to me,’ she said in a harsh whisper, ‘I don’t want this to happen, I don’t want you to go, I command you not to go.’
‘Go where?’ Fry said fearfully, Leela had him by the collar and pushed up against the wall. Normally he wouldn’t have minded, but Leela seemed to be out of her mind. Her grip loosened and expression softened at his question.
‘You don’t know?’
‘Know what?’ It was Fry’s turn to seize her by shoulders; he was feeling frustrated and confused at what she had been saying. ‘I don’t understand, where do I have to go? Or not go? Wha…’ He trailed off when tears burst unexpectedly from Leela’s pristine eye.

‘Hey… don’t cry,’ he said, horrified that he’d done or said something to upset her. ‘Shush, stop, please?’ He cupped her sodden cheeks and tried to wipe clear her tears. She gasped for breath and retightened her grip on his collar.
‘Zapp Brannaigan had the stupid idea to rally together an army to kill Santa as soon as he comes to Earth tonight.’
‘That doesn’t sound like a stupid idea,’ Fry said encouragingly, ‘That’d be good ‘cause then we won’t have to worry about Santa blasting us… Leela?’
‘He’s ordered all the men of New New York between the ages of 16 and 30 to join the program or you’ll be convicted of incompetence and they will arrest you.’
Fry turned pale and gaped at her.
‘That… wha… I…’
‘You fit in that age bracket Fry.’
‘So do you.’
‘But I’m not allowed to go, they only want men.’
‘Well…’ Fry cleared his throat nervously, ‘I guess it can’t be too bad, I mean, with hundreds of other men, and the others?’ Fry looked in the direction of where the Planet Express crew would be huddled under the tree. Leela tearfully shook her head.
‘The professor and Hermes are too old and officially Bender’s too young, the only other person who fits into that age bracket besides us is Amy.’ Leela sniffled. ‘She can’t go, and she would happily pay her way out if she had to.’
‘I’ll go by myself then, don’t worry Leela, I can look after myself.’ He put on a brave face, trying to put her mind at ease.
‘Fry, you can’t, Zapp told me the top secret plan, there’s no strategy, they’re just going to send wave after wave of men at Santa; and you’re positioned center front.’ Leela let out a wail and shook him.
‘I won’t let you die, not again. Tell me you won’t go. Please tell me…’
‘Leela, what choice do I have?’
‘I can’t live… I mean…’ She shut her eye, lost for words.
‘They’re going to take me away anyway. Where do I go?’
Leela looked at him incredulously, he surely wasn’t serious.
‘Where do I go?’
‘I won’t say!’ Leela voice was shrill.
‘Where do I go?’ Fry’s voice and resolve was stronger and in a rare moment, Leela cowered at his tone.
‘Madison Cube Garden… Please…’
‘I’m going, whether you want me to or not. I’d rather die for you than be sent to jail and be taunted by the muscled crims who’d beat me till I bleed from the ears…
‘Oh Fry…’
‘…and mmmphf.’
Leela had practically pounced on him and pushed her lips roughly against his cutting off his rambling words. The kiss was passionate as quivering lips were sealed for a full minute.
Fry felt giddy, it was longest kiss she had graced him with and he found that even a few seconds left him breathless and was exceptionally glad he pressed up against a wall for fear that is legs would buckle from underneath him.
‘Oh my god.’ He breathed as their foreheads rested against each other.
‘Shhh.’ He pushed a finger to her lips. ‘I need to go.’ He embraced her in his goodbye. ‘I love you.’ He breathed in her ear, and then he was gone.
(to be continued...)
Bending Unit
« Reply #1 on: 12-26-2006 17:18 »
« Last Edit on: 12-26-2006 17:18 »

Great story and great illustration!
The Professor should invent something to age Fry so that he doesn't have to go!!!!!

damn you Zapp Branigan   :mad:  :finger:   :puke:

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #2 on: 12-26-2006 18:00 »

Hehe, who's that sexy illustrator you've got working for you? I like his style.

Great writing, Tasty.  :D

« Reply #3 on: 12-26-2006 21:04 »


Um, I mean... Awesome story (as always). Post the next part soon!

Bending Unit
« Reply #4 on: 12-27-2006 03:42 »

Awesome story! Can't wait for more!

Bending Unit
« Reply #5 on: 12-27-2006 09:39 »

yay! Fry and Leela in small places again!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #6 on: 12-28-2006 09:36 »

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Leela cares about Fry, Leela pounced on Fry and kissed him! If it wasn't for the fact that Fry faces certain death I'd be happy *re-reads Fry and Leela kiss* Ah to hell with it *throws party in joy then explodes from exictment*
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #7 on: 12-28-2006 16:32 »

‘Ah, Philip Fry, I was wondering when you might join us.’ Zapp grinned evilly, ‘I do believe you should join the front line.’ He pointed down the scores of young frightened looking men.
‘All the way to the front? Wouldn’t it be better…?’
‘I’m the Captain we do it my way!’ Zapp snapped at him. ‘Get in line soldier!’
Kif stood silently beside his chief and Captain, he felt pity for Fry as he was anxiously glanced around the men as he walked to the front, but it was short lived as Zapp turned back to him.
‘Tell me Kif, am I clever or what?’
Kif sighed and he heard a soldier from somewhere behind him say the latter, but thankfully Zapp had not heard.
‘Once Santa hits these shores he won’t know what’s hit him… our missiles!’ Zapp laughed, ‘And then I shall go and claim my bosomy swan’s approval when I survive the battle and her scrawny boyfriend has been blasted to smitherines.’
Kif gasped.
‘Sir, surely…’
‘Yes, yes, there’s an 80% chance the men in front will survive and a 99.9% and a third chance I will survive… make that ten fifths.’
Kif sighed.

Fry slipped into line at his place, the exact center at the front. He glanced at the man beside him, he was much younger and he was shaking in fear making the metal objects he had rattle.
‘Are you ok?’ he asked the boy.
‘I want my mummy,’ He said tearfully.
‘How old are you?’
‘Sixteen.’ Fry stared at him horrified.
‘Why the hell are you at the front line?’
‘Because I called Zapp a brutal pansy.’
‘This is stupid, putting a sixteen year old in the front line for telling the truth.’
‘Get me out of here!’ The boy seized Fry, ‘I want out,’ the boy burst into tears and ran for the area supervisor. Fry watched, feeling slightly inclined to do the same thing, but he watched as the boy was arrested he thought he was better off where he was.
‘Don’t let him put you off,’ an accented gruff voice said to his right, Fry turned to see a conscripted soldier that was about his age, perhaps slightly younger, but he definitely looked more suited to battle. Unlike the soldiers around, there was no fear in his eyes, just a grim and almost apathetic determination.
‘I-I’m not.’ Fry gripped his weapon, feeling the strength return.
‘Good-o; Santa’s arse needs kicking.’
‘Yeah,’ Fry said, suddenly feeling the need to impress the stoic shaven-headed guy next to him. ‘We tried to get him a couple of years ago, but he had para-somethings in his head so we couldn’t destroy him.’
‘You took on Santa?’
‘Yeah… well, sort of.’
‘Man, I wish I could’ve been there, oh well, I’m here now.’ He searched the skies and tapped his weapon impatiently before turning back to Fry.
‘Oi, you haven’t seen Zapp’s website have you?’
‘I don’t particularly want to,’ Fry said darkly, the soldier didn’t notice Fry’s tone and gave a soft wolf whistle.
‘How can a pudgy wanker like that score with such a… oh jeez.’ The soldier made a wistful face before sighing sadly. ‘Poor gal, Leela I think her name was. I wonder how she’s doing these days.’
‘Better than she used to.’ The soldier missed Fry’s warning in the tone of his voice and laughed.
‘Oh, you’re a joker!’ he clapped Fry on the back. ‘Do you think she’s free now maybe?’
‘No.’ Fry glared. The soldier stared at him in surprise. ‘She’s not available.’
‘And how do you know about Zapp’s ‘bosomy swan’ girlfriend?’
‘She’s not Zapp’s girlfriend, she’s my girlfriend and I would appreciate it if you shut the hell up,’ Fry fumed, clutching his weapon, wishing all the more Santa would hurry up. The soldier gaped at him.
‘Your girlfriend?’
‘That’s what I said isn’t it? Or did you not hear me.’
‘Oh, well that explains everything.’ The soldier fell silent, for a moment anyway.
‘You miss her?’
‘Of course.’ Fry bit his lip to prevent tears from escaping.
‘I can respect that. Stick with me and I’ll make sure Santa won’t dismantle you.’ Fry looked at him in surprise, the soldier shrugged.
‘I’ve had worse excuses for fighting… and sometimes no excuse at all. The love and respect of a hot alien babe makes a lot more sense; don’t choke up mate, I’m sure she misses you too.’

Leela sat and silently cried in the darkness of the cupboard where Fry had left her.
She cursed herself for telling him anything at all. She thumbed the locket her father gave her before opening it; a hologram switched on showing her parents. She clicked a button and it showed her beloved pet Nibbler. She pressed it once more and there was Fry; posing in his Captain Yesterday outfit, looking all the more ridiculous, but there was not a care in the world. She changed to the next picture and there he was again, this time with his arm around Clobberella. Leela smiled, she had been reluctant at the time to let Fry even touch her, but now it was becoming more difficult to keep her own hands off him.
Her musings were interrupted by a soft knock at the cupboard door. She glanced up in surprise at the robot that stood in the opening. Her gaze found the floor.
‘Leave me alone, Bender.’
Bender completely disregarded her wish and joined her on the floor.
‘I take it he went?’
Leela remained silent, she didn’t know what Bender was up to. After a moment, Bender lit up a cigar, inhaled then exhaled filling the small space between them with smoke. Leela found herself not caring.
‘He’s more of an idiot than I thought he was.’
Still he got no answer.
‘Look, he’s no Romeo or anything but…’
‘Bender, please be quiet.’
‘No, you shut up!’ Bender snapped. They sat in smoky silence before Bender found himself trying to break the ice again.
‘Drink?’ he offered Leela a Lóbrau from his chest cavity. Leela hesitated before taking the bottle and swallowing it in nearly one gulp. She tossed the empty bottle aside before standing. Bender quickly copied suit.
‘Where are we going?’ he asked. Leela gave him an odd look.
‘Why are you following me?’
‘I’m not following you, one-eye, what gave you that idea?’ Bender followed her closely out of the cupboard and over to the couch by the palm tree as he spoke.
Leela curled up in the corner of the sofa, Bender non-chalantly slid in beside her. ‘Hot mug cocoa?’ Zoidberg offered pushing a warm mug into her cold hands which she clasped gratefully.
‘Present time!’ Amy said cheerfully and deposited a package in Leela’s lap. The label was scrawled hurriedly, but Leela had grown accustomed to Fry’s sloppy writing style and she had barely read the small note of greetings before tearing the rough packaging open. She gasped at the spoils.
‘How did he know I needed a new towel… and more soap… and ooh, my favourite purfume!’ she squealed and clutched the laser gun shaped bottle.
‘Speaking of presents, I made Fry make a new will before he left,’ Hermes said cheerfully handing the form to Leela, ‘He said he wanted to give half his stuff to you and half to Bender, he had no time for specifics so he left most of it blank for you to fill in.’
Bender squealed in delight as he looked over Leela’s shoulder at the empty but signed will. Leela looked at the paper, her face pale and taunt.
‘Dibs on his MP3 player!’ Bender tapped the paper, ‘You can have his holophoner, he kept me up all night with the stupid images… hey what are you doing?’ Leela crumpled the will and threw it at Hermes feet.
‘Fry’s not going to die.’
The clock across the town struck five o’clock and it sent a creepy ripple through the air. Hermes shifted uncomfortably under the brunt end of Leela’s death glare. The second chime echoed in the air. Bender glanced out the window and let out a worried moan. By the third chime the entire city had fallen deathly quiet. It wasn’t until the fourth chime that Leela’s glare wavered and she closed her eye and tears cascaded down her cheeks.

‘Five o’clock, right on time.’ The soldier grinned as the last chime fell and a small sleigh appeared on the horizon and they heard jingle bells, the bells of doom.
‘Bring it on.’ Fry gripped his weapon, the last pep talk had made him all the more determined to come out on top. ‘By the way, I never got your name.’
‘Drake,’ The soldier said, briefly grasping his hand, ‘Now focus Fry, we’ve got some shiny metal arse to kick.’ Fry felt a pang of homesickness, but he shook the feeling from his head and instead focused on the metallic being bearing down on them.
‘Wait for it, wait for it!’ Zapp’s voice came from far away, proud and commanding. Fry aimed his gun, Santa was in his sights.
‘Come on, come on ya sonofabitch!’ Drake hissed impatiently.
‘Sir!’ Kif’s warning voice rang out.
‘Fire Fire!’ Fry fired, his skill not going to waste as his laser struck the weak spot of the neck of one of the reindeer as Drake shot the other one.

The sleigh tilted as the deer exploded and it all fell from the sky plunging into the sea.
‘Alright!’ Fry punched his fist into the air, the soldiers around him cheered.
‘Well done men!’ Zapp said as he made his way to the front. ‘Though it’s cowardly that you didn’t die for your planet.’
Fry felt rather inclined to take a swipe at the man before him, it was like he was speaking directly to him. His fist clenched, but before he could do anything another hand grabbed his wrist.
‘That was easy, way too bloody easy.’ Drake narrowed his eyes at the spot where Santa had fallen. Almost instantly Santa emerged and surveyed the men before him. The cheers became cries of fear. Santa’s eyes narrowed.
‘That was very naughty.’
Bending Unit
« Reply #8 on: 12-28-2006 17:07 »

aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm scared now  :(

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #9 on: 12-28-2006 17:15 »

The pic of Drake reminds me of Coldy, but I degress. Great update, I like the way Fry and Leela are reacting to things in the plot, its running very smoothly as far as I can tell and I'm enjoying it. Keep it up.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #10 on: 12-28-2006 18:13 »

Good going. Although 'Drake' is the lamest character ever  :p I do hope something kills him. He reminds me of someone I hate.

« Reply #11 on: 12-28-2006 21:49 »

Awesome new chapter! Post more! =D

(Drake = Coldy in disguise =O)

Bending Unit
« Reply #12 on: 12-29-2006 07:57 »

nice!!! post more!!!!

Bending Unit
« Reply #13 on: 12-29-2006 16:07 »

Great update! Is drake supposed to be based on coldy or is that coincidence?

Urban Legend
« Reply #14 on: 12-29-2006 17:54 »

Great story!  Like your pictures to go with it, Coldangel. 

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #15 on: 12-29-2006 19:36 »

Originally posted by Cyberphobia:
Great update! Is drake supposed to be based on coldy or is that coincidence?

It wasn't my idea.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #16 on: 12-30-2006 22:27 »
« Last Edit on: 12-30-2006 23:00 »

‘Leela, where the hell are you going?’
‘Out, don’t follow me.’ Leela started to climb the stairs to the ship.
‘Like hell I won’t.’
‘Look Bender, only one of us is going and unless you want a boot upside your face…’
‘You can’t scare me with that---ahh!’ Bender fell back when something hard impacted his cranial casing.
Leela lowered her foot, fists balled. ‘There’s more where that came from,’ she said.
‘Up yours chumpette,’ Bender said feeling the new dent in his head. ‘I’m coming whether you like it or… ah!’ Bender ducked as a boot punctured the air.
‘That’s it you’ve crossed the line.’ Metal connected with Leela’s shoulder and she hit the floor.

Leela stared dazedly at the robot who studied his hand.
‘Eww, you got blood on me… ow!’ Leela’s fist smacked him directly in the eye, shattering the glass. Bender scrambled for his spare and glanced at Leela whose fists were balled despite bleeding from numerous cuts.
‘How dare you hit me?!’ Leela spat.
‘How dare you hit me first?!’ Bender evaded Leela’s next attack and caught her on the hip. Leela clutched her side and stumbled but didn’t fall. Bender laughed evilly, but he was so busy laughing that he didn’t see Leela’s boot coming straight at him. He buckled under the blow.
‘Oh crap!’ The dinted door fell off as he clutched his tummy and groaned.
‘Give up?’ Bloody and sweaty, Leela stood above the robot with a smirk on her face. Bender’s eyes narrowed and he thrust his foot out and Leela found herself on her stomach with Bender pinning her down.
‘In your face chuummmpette!’

‘Fry! Fry you tit, get up!’ Fry’s vision was blurry, hands raised him to his feet. Lasers were raining down all around him.
‘Oi, you still with us bro?’
‘Didn’t think I’d leave did ya?’
‘Santa’s in the thick of the soldiers, we’d be dead if it weren’t for the element of surprise. Zapp actually did something useful, I’m surprised, but we’re running out of time, we can’t hold the bastard off forever. You said you nearly got him last time?’
‘Yeah, but that was a bit of luck, and Leela helped.’
‘Well she ain’t here, but we could use some of that luck.’
‘Hohoho! Well if it isn’t the snipers who took out my reindeer!’ Fry gave a cry as he whipped around to see Santa standing over them.
‘You two are the naughtiest of all.’
‘Fry, fire!’ Drake shot at Santa, dinting the casing, but it did not penetrate it. Drake and Fry stepped back, using their weapons to shield them.’
‘What now?’ Drake whispered.
‘Usually? Leela comes up with a plan to save us.’
‘We’re buggered.’

‘I’m glad I got that out of my system,’ Leela said.
‘Me too,’ Bender replied.
Leela sighed and leant her head against the robot’s metal shoulder.
‘You alright meatbag?’
‘Eh…’ Leela dismissed him with a wave of her hand.
‘I’ll be okay. It’s Fry I’m worried about.’
‘Me too.’
They paused in thoughtful ponderings.
‘So, shall we go get him before Santa makes mincemeat of him?’ Leela said, getting to her feet.
‘Yeah, might as well, got nothing better to do.’

‘Your weapons are no use against my laser proof casing.’

Fry and Drake pelted Santa with lasers, slowly falling-back to maintain a safe distance should he fire something at them.
‘Oh for crap’s sake!’ Drake’s weapon gave an unhealthy jolt. ‘I need to charge up - cover me.’ He ducked quickly behind Fry. Fry gripped the weapon with sweaty palms; he had been in a similar position before, and then he had chickened out, he tried to stand bravely, but it was kind of hard when Santa produced a laser gun of his own.
‘Setting ‘wreak havoc’ to ‘kill’.’ Santa cocked his gun. Fry blinked as he realized that his gun had more than one option as well. Without thinking he jarred the gearstick into a different mode, but he moved too slowly, Santa’s shot smacked him in the shoulder and he stumbled. The pain seared down his arm, but he used what strength he had left to raise the gun and take aim, Santa cocked his gun faster, but suddenly a fresh wave of lasers rained from the sky.
‘What the…?’ Santa looked up at the Planet Express ship as it swooped from above.
‘Leela!’ Fry cried joyfully, but then his cry became one of fear; Santa started to shoot upwards. Narrowing his eyes, Fry cocked his gun and lined the sights on Santa. He pulled the trigger. The weapon didn’t fire straight away, it roared as it lit up, brighter than a normal laser, but Fry’s aim remained steady. Santa noticed the weapon and turned to shoot back at Fry. The weapons went off at the same time and both lasers hit their targets.
‘Right, I’m ready.’ Drake stood up and blinked, Fry lay at his feet where Santa stood completely immobilized.
‘You sodding bastard!’ He ditched the laser and pulled out a revolver and shot at the robot. The explosive-tipped 10mm rounds pierced Santa’s casing and penetrated the electronics causing an explosive chain reaction.

‘What happened?’ Bender pressed his face to the window.
‘I think they got him, we distracted Santa long enough.’
‘Alright!’ They high-fived. Leela carefully brought down the ship in a clear patch before she and Bender ran out of the ship.
‘Fry! Fry!’ she called.
‘Over there!’ Bender pointed to the remains of a blackened Santa.

‘Fry, you did good, lad,’ Drake said, kneeling beside a barely-conscious Fry.
‘Where’s Leela?’ he mumbled through bloodied lips.
‘She’s safe, she’s coming for you.’
Fry closed his eyes. ‘Tell her that I love her,’ he whispered.
Drake stood sadly and watched the colour drain from the man’s face as he fell into unconsciousness.

‘Sir? Private, we’re looking for…’ Leela paused, looking at the impassive stranger.
‘Fry’s right here, he gives you his love,’ Drake said, clasping the surprised cyclop’s shoulder. “But I gotta split now. Good luck.” Before Leela could say anything, the man turned and disappearing into the wafting smoke.
Leela looked down and saw Fry’s blood-spattered body. She gave a cry and fell to her knees, and through tear-blurred vision she carefully removed Fry’s helmet. A cut above his eye had caused half his face to be covered in blood and Leela tried to wipe it away; it was still warm, there was a faint pulse, the breathing rasp, but he was dying. Leela took him by the shoulders.
‘Wake up,’ she said in her best captain’s voice. She gave him a slight shake. ‘Philip J Fry…’ she trailed off and took her left hand off his shoulder; it was shining crimson with blood.
‘No…’ she whispered, ‘Fry, you can’t…’

Her eye scanned his limp frame desperately; the wound in his side was still smoking. She gasped and planted her hands over the wound.
‘Bender, call the hospital!’ she cried urgently.
‘Can do little lady.’ Bender turned and hurried for the ship, but before he got there an ambulance pulled up, and Bender instead ran for that.
‘Hello soldier? We’ve come to tend to Zapp’s wounds.’
‘No time for that - the actual hero, besides the great Bender, is in peril and will reward you greatly.’
‘Alright then, we’ll go help him.’

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #17 on: 12-30-2006 22:37 »

YAYAY update, and Fry's a hero! Qait a minute...he's dying? Awww crap! But he's gonna be saved right? The ambulence will be able to help him right?
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #18 on: 12-31-2006 17:13 »

*whistles innocently*
Writer unit32

« Reply #19 on: 12-31-2006 17:18 »

Awesome story!And Happgy New Year!

DOOP Secretary
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Wicked cool.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
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*bangbang* Santa shot him down *bangbang* he hit the ground *bangbang* that awful sound, Santa shot him down.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
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‘Ma’am, it’s been two weeks, he’s shown no sign of improvement or responded to any of the treatment. It’s either let him live forever on life-support and waste lots of money, or we do everyone a favor and let nature take its course.’
The doctor stood by Leela’s side as she looked in on Fry in his room. He looked unnatural hooked up to so many things. Bender sat beside him, obviously talking to him, what about Leela didn’t know.
‘I need to think about it.’
‘I’m afraid you don’t have much choice, his closest relative has to make that decision.’
‘Farnsworth will kill him,’ Leela said spitefully.
‘I’m afraid it’s the humane and unselfish thing to do.’ Tears pricked Leela’s eyes. ‘Fine… do it.’
‘Yes, yes, get it over and done with.’ The Professor shuffled in. ‘And as closest relative I get the healthy organs yes?’
‘We should’ve filled in that will,’ Bender walked out shooting a glare at Leela.
‘Huhh… unselfish.’ Leela said distastefully. ‘Can I be with him? He’d like that.’
‘I don’t see why not,’ the doctor said.

Leela crawled onto the bed beside Fry. He lay, and yet Leela could tell he wasn’t comfortable, his breath was raspy and forced by the breathing machine, the heart rate monitor showed only just below fatal point.
The doctor flicked the switch and the life support system died. Fry immediately flat-lined and exhaled what breath was left in him. Most of the tubes were removed and he didn’t look so awkward anymore. Leela wrapped her hands around his shoulders and her tears splashed down her cheeks and pooled at Fry’s neck.
‘I liked your present Fry, it was really sweet. But the best thing you gave me was your love, and I-I don’t want you to die, you can’t die, I need you Fry.’ She lifted her head and rested her forehead on his and watched his closed eyes, the eyes that could see the beauty in hers. ‘You can’t be dead, because I love you.’ Leela said each word and knew it was true. It was all true.
‘Hear me Fry? You’re not dead, you’re not going to give up because I… Love… You.’ She pushed her lips firmly to his.

Leela gently broke the kiss and opened her eye to see Fry’s eyes open and gleaming.

Fry gasped his breath and suddenly the heart monitor sprung into life.
‘Leela…’ Fry whispered, his voice rasp and barely there.
Leela gaped in astonishment and delight at Fry’s unexpected turnaround, then reached down to gently restrain him when he tried to sit up.
‘Save your strength,’ she said.
‘You are my strength,’ he whispered. Leela blushed.
‘Oh stop with that… really?’
‘You know it, babe.’ Fry grinned at Leela’s embarrassment. ‘I think you may have to kiss me again,’ He said tucking his uninjured arm behind his head to prop himself up.
‘Why’s that?’ Leela asked, her brow raised in skepticism.
‘Zapp’s about to come in to pay you a…mmphf!’

‘I am the Captain of the assault, I need to see my dead soldiers to award them the dying award of death and to comfort the sexy women I…’ Zapp trailed off as the scene before him was revealed to him.
‘Leela! How could you? He’s a dead man!’ Leela flipped her hair back over her shoulder, but some of it still fell across her reddened cheeks.
‘You wish!’ She said triumphantly.
‘What she said,’ Fry said groggily still dazed from coming out of consciousness as well as from interfacing with Leela and now the spectacular view he had clear down her tank top from the way she had propped herself on his torso. Zapp’s jaw figuratively hit the floor.
‘You’re supposed to be dead! And Leela’s supposed to be all over me!’
‘Well tough luck Zapp,’ Leela said sitting up and spoiling Fry’s view. ‘He’s alive and he’s no longer yours to kill.’
‘Sir, I’m afraid you’re going to have to leave.’ The doctor addressed Zapp.
‘Fine, but if the chance arises…’
‘You’ll what?’ Leela wrapped her arms Fry’s head giving a threatening glare at Zapp who was silenced and walked out glowering.
Fry whimpered, he was half pushed in Leela’s cleavage and even though it was warm and comfortable, he was being suffocated and he could feel his shoulder and stomach wound starting to throb.
‘Yes? Oh.’ Fry gasped for breath as Leela released him, and pushed him into the pillows.
‘You need rest.’
‘But the pink bubbles…’ Fry’s eyelids flickered tiredly.
‘Sleep Fry, you’re becoming delirious.’
‘And that proves my point, sleep hun.’ Leela planted a soft kiss on his forehead and his eye fluttered until they closed.
‘Snoo-snorezzzz.’ Fry fell into a light snore.
‘Awww.’ Leela jumped and whipped around to see Bender behind her.
‘What is the matter with you?’
‘I wanted to be part of the moment.’
‘Santa destroyed, now the world is in peace.’ Linda said cheerfully.
‘Yes, it is a sad day for our kind. Congratulations to the two brave soldiers who unfortunately disposed of the mechanical monster.’
‘Both of the soldiers are unable to appear on our screens, due to the fact one has been relocated back to his home country and the other is currently in hospital undergoing treatment, however we have their leader Captain Brannigan.’
‘Can we turn this off now?’ Leela moaned.
‘You’re not even watching, what’s your problem?’ Amy leant back on her chair and glanced over her shoulder at Leela and Fry huddled on the bed. Leela blushed, making her already pink cheeks scarlet.
‘Mind your own business,’ Fry snapped, ‘Leela, hun, don’t listen to the hot Chinese girl, I…uh-oh.’
‘Uh-oh is right.’ Leela pressed her hand to his forehead. ‘Someone’s a little overdosed on morphine.’
‘How can I be overdoozed on morefee?’ Fry slured.
A loud snapping noise caught the attention of Leela.
‘Bender!’ The robot was leaning over Fry’s leg with a needle.
‘What? This isn’t what it looks like!’
‘Put it away before I make you put it away.’
‘Leela, get a load of this!’ Amy tugged on her ankle. Leela’s attention was diverted to the television.
‘We have an incoming transmission from the battlefield where Santa was witnessed to be destroyed; it seems that there’s been a change of events.’
‘Yes, it seems that the remains of Santa’s body have been removed and rumor has it that it has been restored to the full original menacing robot.’
‘Oh my god,’ Bender shuffled up next to Leela on the bed and watched the familiar red android loom onto the television screen.
‘Tremble in fear puny earthlings as Morbo’s favourite season is back!’
‘Thank you Morbo,’ Santa said. ‘I was merely immobilized by an inappropriately-set weapon .’
‘Well, the gun was reset to stun,’ Zapp interjected from the TV studio, ‘I can assure you that it wasn’t my fault in the end as I always preset the guns to ‘kill’ which ever fool set that gun to stun…?’
‘I saw who it was, and next Christmas I will dismantle the red-headed fool!’ Santa laughed before the television was reduced to static. The planet express crew gasped and turned to see Fry’s reaction. Fry was fast asleep.
‘Maybe it’s better if he doesn’t know… at least not until next year,’ the professor said thoughtfully.

The End...?  :p

Thankyou coldy for your help! *luffluffluff*

DOOP Secretary
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No worries, luv.
Good going.

Liquid Emperor
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Awwww, Fry's alive! and Leela loves him, so I'm haaaaaappy!!! *hugs everyone in the surrounding area*

Bending Unit
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Aww I got a hug! *is glad*

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Ehhh, the ending was too obvious to happen. It would've been better if he died.

DOOP Secretary
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Pfft... yeah, sure Sonic.
What's the old adage... suggests what you should do if you haven't got anything nice to say... what was it? I think it's 'go fuck yourself', but I could be wrong.

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That's the one my mom taught me. I've heard some people say "then don't say anything at all" instead. But really, that one's just way too rude.

Bending Unit
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I loved this story. You should do a sequal where Robot Santa gets Fry for next year.

Liquid Emperor
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aww that's such a sweet story! you need to get started on the sequal! and do it for valentines day! I can't wait till next x-mas!
Professor Zoidy

Urban Legend
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Violent graphics *is shcoked*. The pic tells the story as well, though I read bits and pieces. Really pretty good. Too short though.  ;)
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
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I wasn't planning for an epic. It's episode-length.
Besides I'm currently chipping away at my writer's block for the other story Im supposed to be writing.
Professor Zoidy

Urban Legend
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Don't worry. I got a lot writer's block. I'd watch TV, then get ideas.  ;)

DOOP Secretary
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Originally posted by Professor Zoidy:
Violent graphics *is shcoked*.

My bad. I'm a disturbed man.
Professor Zoidy

Urban Legend
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It's not a shocking as somethings, trust me...but still a bit shocking.
power girl07

Bending Unit
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it's good but the language is a bit strong for Futurama and I don't think that Bender and Leela would fight, apart from that it was great! Well done!

Liquid Emperor
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Welcome to PEEl, keep in line and we'll get along fine.

Bending Unit
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Aww..This story was great!!!!
I read the first post but then couldent stop xD
gah, ive been looking at the screen so long i see those pink bubbles..
anyways, nice work tasteslikefry and coldangel1
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